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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1871)"

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H. KNABE 4fc ©i>. 

^«ii^. M 

Warerooms, o. ; vV ''altimore St. 

» J* BAMB 



Cl)t|r|j^^ ^ ^t'-r^Nuii* Sif^ iP'OinV^. 

DVEING DRUGS, OIL OF VITF'-:; , iHEf <i<.j!iLS, ACIDS, &.C. 

36 <£ 38 S. 0^^arl($s-st. 


Manufacturers of Book ^^ws Papers, 


oir-o, 1$. <'<>Ai>K. 

a\':m. p:. .'MOT71?!!-;. 

E ^ 

at lit?* 


. 5€« ^;-.Jk i.ri:i.ii' 



HA*^TF' .-■ w '»^^" ' ^ .s, :<,c=^4,000. 

HOME INooSfA CE CO., Ncv. \oik, - - A-sf^Ts,. 4,576, COC 

NORTH BRITISH AlfO MERCANTILE INS. CO.. Assets, $lf,866,000, Cof .. j 


OFFICE JSc*. lO SOUTH srrREi^::r i 

/^1^'Crf< ^(TCMi. ceiL^^c^^u rr 


F] '^ 




crrunttic fibrarn ^ssoniitron 


Extract from the Regulations. 

,y^^\L^^- -^.^ ^lember shall retain any book, or get. longer 
than tliree weeks tor a folio, quarto or octavo, or ten days fo? a 
duodecimo or volume of less size. No iiouk shall be reserved bv 
the Librarian for any member reservea oy 

on^'\vcek^'""°*'''^. ''" '■ '''^" " ''^*" »"* ^^ retained longer than 

thL^i'h''.)^' "^"7 °ie??b?«" who shall retain a Book, or set longer 
L <.^'^^*-°"'.^^-°/? ''mited. shall forfeit Jor every day a volnme 
in!?.,o''^^'f ^-~'* '^ ^^ * f"'*o- fo^'- cents: a quarto three centT 
ItT^^^Z- *"'° '^H!f = ""'^ '*' " ^'^ * duodecimo, or volnme of ^ess 
power tfeoC"'- °"' '='''°t-^^''*<='^ ^he Librarian°s"an havl 
RvLE XVI Extra Books or sets, not desianated as •' Mew •' 
may be issued to Members fer a period not exceediu "one month 
upon payment of ten cents for first seven day f for e"ach Book or 
set, and two cents per day for each day thereafter 

The late imbViQutlons cannot be renewed. 


. P 1 T A L 

000 00 

'1\ 51. Its. 
,000 00. 




i.'S 111 \Y JL V^J-V 

Baltimore Retort and Fire Brick Works. 

Office, No. 3 S. Holliday Street, 

Clay Retorts for Gas Works, 


Tilet!» of* all Hlifipess and Siicesj!;, 


Fire Mortar, Ground Fire Clay, 


And >Ianiiractxxi-ei»s <>r Clay in general. 


.MA.\rFA('TrRKI! (.iF 


A N 1 1 



Adapted for the .Sture, tlu' Waie- 
liouse, the Residence, the Hospital, 
the Hotel, and any and evciv \>h\re 
where a simple an<l reliable means 
of transferring Merchandise, J^ag^ ^1 
gage, Invalids, &(,'., to the iliiferent 
stories of buildings is retpiired. j 
There are some hundreds in use, for^ 
which see Cirrular for nuiiifs. 


A N 1 1 




Scieiililic FrliiclDles, 


JAMES BATES, Iron Founder, 

Cor. l*i'att and l*resid€nt-8ts., Balthnore. 


AV^VHiii> c>^ro> Ht 11^1>1 > c^?s. 






T isT S 'CJ 3=?. JE F3 

Warehouses and Contents, Dwelling and Fnrnitnre, Vessels and Carpes, 

Factories and Machinery, Mills, Lumber, Merchandise, 

Ami :ill kimls of Goods siiV)ject to Loss or Damage Ity F IRK, in lioth Town and Country, 
on the most Favorable Terms. 

BOJ^^^ID o:f nz)i:RD3CTOi2,s. 

AuuuslUK .). Alliril. 
Charles I). SlinKlufl', 
Tivderick Achey, 
Thomas \V. Leveriti;;, 
<ic;()rge J. A lipoid, 
.lushua Dryilfn. 
.lohn CusliiiiK, 
Ceorse W. I'lark, 

Merifli.'S I. Colien. 
• Jeorgp S. (Vtl)son, 
James M. Ari(l<»r.<OM. 
Samuel Unit. 
1'. W. Beiineti. 
Hugh Rolton. 
Jog. Jus. Taylor. 
John O. Rcanev. 

Austin Jenkinc. 
fJarrett Bronrii. 
Jolin M <^;a!t. 
-tjcnry K. I,ou<li;niiJiii. 
('a|.;b Parks, 
(ri-org« Kranck, 
.rolin A. 5;hriv.r. 
.lamis Lu'-.iK, 

Herman J. Reitz. 
\Vm. Siramn. 
Wm. II. Stran, 
.fohn Boyd, 
.!.(;. Ramsay, 
•Tameii Myers, 
.Iara<'s M. Jackson 

HENRY P. DUHURST, President. 

Through Fast Passenger & Freight Line. 


Steamers Leave Pier No. 2 LIG-HT-ST. WHF. 

W 0) K 








R. FOSTER, Agent. 

OlTice i)0 Lio^ht Street Whf. 


]Sr. "VV. SL^-^^IIE cVL- CO, 

No. 172 W. Pratt Street. 



Improved Double and Triple Screen Grain Fans, j 

Farm Mills for Grinding all kinds of Grain, j 

Horse Powers, Thrashers and Separators, for Wheat & Rice, j 

'111© S#iitlierii IJIait Ciier Mill. j 

Improved Straw Cutters, 

Superior Corn Shelters with Separators, 
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, &c. 

E. W. UOBINSON. C. A. CrNXINrillA.M. ' 



Mouldings, Brackets and Building' Materials 

<i r V. V K u V 1) !■: s c i; i r r i n x. 
Sash Weights, and ai! Kinds of Building Castings, 







Store, No. U North Charles Street. 












Goustantly on liaiul the best qualities of Pure Curled HoiiSK :uul Cattlk Haiu: Mixek 
and Hog Hair. 

All orders received through the I'ost (Jflice or Agent will be jironiptly attended to. 
The highest prices paid for Cattle and Horse Tails and Hog Hair. 


anufacturing |ttompany, 

oip TJEiiE CXTY o:f n3A.LTi:ivi:oE,s, TyiJD. 

Nos. 15, 17 and 19 N. EUTAW STREET. 

This Company having been organized and chartered in April, 1864, in conjunction with tlie well known 
firm of GAEHLE & CO., a? a Joint Stock Company, composed exclusivel.y of practical Piano .Makers, who 
liave held prominent positions for many years, in some of the best Piano Forte Establishments in this Coun- 
try and Europe, and having now one of the largest and most successful manufactories in operation, are able 
to furnish an instrument which, for durability and elegance of workmanship, volume and sweetness of tone, 
can find no superior 

In consequence of their organization, the Company is enabled to sell at lower jirices than any other fac- 
tiiry in the country, giving at the same time a guarantee for five years and the usual privilege of exchange. 

Repairing and Tuning promptly attended to. 

a^The public is respectfully invited to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. 





All orders in my line, sn^-h as Monuments, 
Head Stone?, Curbing lor Lots, will be filled with 
promptness and on the most reasonable terms. 

Dancing and Waltzing Academy, 


At CE^TUAL HALL, cor. JiffffiiHoir (titff C/nfrhs-sfs. 

1>AV. -Ji'.i r-i.Vl{.V"r*)C«.V. 

Willi increascLl facilitifs of affbrJiui: to Vouiig Ladies, Missos. Master:? and Gentlemen, 
a thorough and i)ractical knowledge of the above elegant acooni]ilishnient, his eonrse of in- 
struction is thoroughly systematic, ami embraces all the new and fashionable Dances. 






Miiglneei^s and liacMiiiist^ 


.MaiiiifiiLluieis nf fLOlR. GRIST AXD GUANO Mll.l.S, l.otli l^rtahle and Stationary. Alsn, CIRCULAR, 
SIN'(;I,F; and GANC SAW MII.l.S. All other Macliinerv and Models to order. 

Nos. 40, 42 and 44 York-st. near Light. BALTIMORE, MD. 

I^-RLACKS.MITHIXG in .tII its Ijianolns. RKfAUilXi: ].rom|>t!y attended u<. 

lili) ri iiiiiif s, 



OFFICE, - - - 


BARLEY MALT, RYE MALT and HOPS as required by Brewers, Bakers and Distillers, 

constantly on hand. 


Weigh-Lock, R. R. Track, Depot. Hay, Coal. Dorniaiit, Warehouse. Platform, 
Counter, Union, Family, Butchers', Drug-gists', Jewelers" and Bark Scales. 

H.ecsfi'ij'iDd file iFirst Fremmms^ 



1'A1UBAM<S *l- f f>., \(K Ui(> V, . i;«ilthitor<~s.t. 

ARBLE Building, (^d Floor,) 

Corner Charles and Fayette Streets, 
B A. L T I IVl Q R E 









Tin- STKAMERS of this COMPANY leave 
<l»ily, (SunJay? exceptnl.) 


At ." r. M.. frnm 

Wharf corner Light & Pratt-sts. 

Tl.p-e StfMiners Iiave l>cen ENLARGED 
.111(1 RKFL'RNISHEn, havin- comfortable 
Stateroom accoinnioilations for Passengers, 
Miirt raHke Landings at BARXARD'S, BET- 


J. ALEX. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 Liglit-st. Whf, Bait. 

|®"Steamers leaYe PniLADELPHiA Daily, :it 4 P. M.. from Wharf foot of 
Chestnut Street. 


luland Route via Heliiwavf and Raritaii. and t iL-_'sa|».Mk'' and Ot'an-are Canals. Comprising eighteen 
Steamers and Barges of average capacity of l-'iO tons cacli. ihi; cinveyance of Merchfindisf. Produce, 
P'tckapfs, rinrnes. Calllr. Carriniji--;. Furniturr nnd O-inds nf nH soc'.s-. a/ ivry loirralfs. 


FOR >>:KA\^ YORK, 

A Stcamlx)at leave? Baltimor'- Pailt. except .Sundays, from .Vo. :; LKJHT STREET WFIARK. at 4 P.M. 


-V Stcaml'uat leaves in like manner for Baltimore, D.^iLv, except .Sundays, from NORTH RIVER. Pier 
7, at .5 P. M. 

^r^* Goods destined for places beyond Baltimore or Xew York, forwarded immediately with care — F'ree 
of all charges for commission. 

The safety, regularity and dispatch of this line, together with the moderate rates charged, commend it 
to the public as a desirable medium for conveying every description of Freight. 

J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-sL Whf., Bait- 
W. DALZELL, Agent, Pier 7 North River, N. Y. 

Flooring, Planing and Saw Mill, 


SiK : — Your altcuiiou is invited lo ilic (litieienl stvlcs of PvOPK or .'^IMRAL MOULDINGS 
annexed, which can be used to si'cat advantage tor orriiiincnlin;; Houses, Stores. Ships' CRbins. 
(\abinet-work, Picture Frames, Stair HaUistors. Cars, kc. 

These MOULUIXCiS are manufactured hv New Machinery, and are verj superior to Hand-work, 
and can be furnished for about one-h:ilf the priie for hand labor. 

Sizes varying from .'')-8 incl) lo 1 inches, of different styles, always on hand or worked to ord^'r. 



Chesapeake Moulding and Turning Works, 

X. /;. Cor. PliATT AXl> Flil/MOXT-STS, 
OALTIMOI^Ji;, 3I1>. 

All kinds of straiu'lu or Irregular Mouldings, Sawed and Carved .Mouldings, Scroll Sawiuj; 
Turning and Hand Rails, XcAvels and Balusters, Plain, Octapon, Carved and Fluted. 


Sawed Balusters and liarge5, and all kinds of Ornamented and .Moulded Door-frames and 
Trimmings, Plain and (Ornamented Window ('aps and Mnntle?;, at the shortest notice and on the 
most reasonable Terms. ^^^All Work Delivered. 






5 » 
*^ > 

o " 






- o 



CHAS. RUPP, Proprietor. 

J-iiiUes anil (lentlcmcii can now l)e acjoinninflKkd witli vor.v siiiierior (,'iuriage.s and Riding Horses at all 
hours of the day ur night. Orders ix-speclfuUy solicited and promptly attended to. 

"buckskin gloves & GAUNTLETS, 

¥aritB, Hosiery., G-eitts' FwrmisMig^ 


Between Fayette and Lexington, Lovejoy's Old Stand, 



Umbrellas, Xeck Tie.s, Collar?, Suspenders, Hiindkerclii(^fs, Worsteds, Canvass, Embroidered Silk, Chenille, 

l^atterns, Afachinc Silk. Spool Cotton, Threads, Needles, Pins, Wool Jackets, (Jum Cloth, 

l''ancy Soaps, (.'oisets, Xotions, ic., &c. 

.:. P. riiK.\(;i;i;. 






The cheapest BURNINC4 FLUTl) evcf di.scoverecl. ar/uiot be ex})locled. 
Call and see it tested by fire. 
J|@°'AGENTS for the Vesta Burnei', and celebrated Lard and Fruit Presses. 


^ 1^: ^v I > 

.■\iid cn-r.v de.«ci-iptioii r,i 

' # 





Furnished in tiie very 
best manner- 

Br.Did Hill JLireiineynear Eataw St., 







stitched, (Hand-Made,! to Order for $8, in Store for $7 50. 


48 W. FAYETTE-ST.. bet. North and Calvert.-BALTIMORE. 



tgsi®ii ii©r©M«Bii 



Oysters, (jrain, Fruit and Produce, 







Plating & Wholesale Room, 12 Bank Lane: Factory, 46 N. Holliday Street, 


Successors to J. W. Harper & Co. 

Jarvis Building Basement, No. 12 North Street. 

y^^Wc' havo over 300 l>i!I Doards ou the principal corners iu the; city, 
and on all the Walls and Fences. 



m '-^^ 

5^ CT'jo 

-X .5 :== 

9 -X" o 

^ = ? 

■- o 

gl ^'^ 

S r;[]j 

^ ^^ 


^'5 = 

S3 -,^ 


^ o- 






-— 1 












^ ■' 










Q r^ 


m % 



1^ oc s -- , 

M = 















From Baltimore to New Orleans, 

^^*"*%©rn AtlnmMe Bimtes^ 



To Alexandria, Harrisonburg, Staunton, White Sulphur Springs, 
Lynchbukg, Bristol, Knoxville, Ciiattakooga, Nashville, 

Grand Junction, Miss., Memphis. Vicksburg, New Orleans, 
iMoBiLE, Pensacola, Chattahoochee, St. Marks, Cedar Keys, 
•Tacksonville, Fernandini, Brunswick, Savannah, 


And all Inlermediale Stations. and Connecting Points, 

Some of the principal to which Through Tickets are sold, are 

Allauhi. (ia. Ciiliiepcr. ^■.^. Holly Sinings, Miss. Orange C. II. 

Augusta. Ga. Danville, Va. Hot Springs, Va. Raleigb, X. e". 

Calera. Dalton. Ga. liiintsville, Ala. Hockbiidge, A.S..Va. 

Canton, Jliss. Decatur, Ala. .lafk.«on, Miss. r.ome, Ga. 

Charlottesville. Va. Klytoii. Lexington. Va. ."^ehua. Ala. 

Charlotte, N. C. Front Itojal. \ a. Manassas. Va. Siraushurg, Va. 

Columbus, Miss. (Joldslioro'. N. C. Meriiiian, Miss. Sweet Springs, Va. 

('olnmbus, C4a. (Jrecnsboro". N. C. .Muuigoniery. Ala. \Varm Springs, Va. 

Columbia. S. ('. Grenada, Miss. .M;uou. Ga. Warrenton. Yn. 

Corinth. Miss. Gordonsviile. Va. .Mount Jackson, Va. Weldon. S. C. 

Covington. W. Aa. Healing Springs. Va. Gxford. .Miss. Woodstock, Va. 

jj@"Trains for this All-Rail Route, leave Baltijiore from Camden Station, 
Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, double daily. Tickets sold at the Ticket 
Office, Camden Station, B. & 0. R. R., or at tlie Ticket Office, 149 West 
Baltimore Street, corner of Calvert. At this Olhce orders can be left for 
Baggage, which will be called for and checked from residence. 

WM. E. GASKINS. Agent, 

Office 149 West Baltimore Street. 

All Rail Southern Fast Freight Line. 


Krei"l!t received dailv at Camden Si.ition, Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, and, WITUOL'T CH..\NGI'; (»r 
CARS^via the ORANfiK, ALF.XAXURL^ A.\'D MANASSAS R.VIt, ROAD, transported in 21 hours to 
CORDOVSVILLE. connectinR with tlie CHKSAPEAKE A.VH OHIO RATI, ROAI), for Charlottesville, 
Staunton. Covington, Wliite Sulphur. RICH.MOND, and all stat-ons on the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail Road, 
and to LYXCHBl'RG in 31 hours from Baltimore, connecting with the VIRGINIA AXP TEXN'ESSKK 
RAIL ROAP. v.hich forwards promptl.v for Bristol. Knoxville, Dalton. Chattanoojca. Atlanta. Rome, 
(Calera. Selraa, Meridian, El.vton. Stevenson, Nashville, lieeatur, Corinth, Grand .hinclion, .Memphis, 
Grenada. .Jackson, Vickshuig, .Mobile. New Orleans, and intermediate stations. 

Freight also received and promptl.v forwarded to AVarrenlon. Harrisonburg, and all stations on the Orange, 
Alexandria and Manassas Rail Road ai;d Branches. 

For-RATES and further information, inquire at the Ofilce of the General l'rei{;ht Aj;ent. l^ailinioie and 
Ohio Rail Road, the Freight Oflire of 

J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, 

Camden- Station . 

Or, for both Freigiit and Travel, al the Otiice of the Great Southern -Mail Route and Fast Freight I.ine. 

140 WERT BALTIMORE RTREKT, 8. E. Corner Calvert. 

WM. E. GASKINS, Agent, 

O. A. k M. R. R. CO. 






1^ «♦ 


\o. 11 :i /f(fHorrr Sf. 


alt House^ 



^J-j\fj'^\^:^jr^-j' j*'_rJ»-j* 


^^^^^^S: SflODEZIii 





N.Eutaw Street 




A. & H. J. ALBERT, 

No. 18 N. Eutaw Street, N. W. Cor. Fayette. 


Window Shades, Cornices and Bands, 

A^enitian Ulincls niLtKle to Oi'clei*. 





Cor. North & Monument-Sts., Baltimore. 



liiittf mk Siflttf ^ 

^v L L ?s I y: i: s , n i !< <> , 




Extract Works, Bridges, Shafting, Pulleys, &c. 

m f iiiMf M. W) » WW aim 4 w 


Strieker Street near Presstman. 

«^(*Oi*d.ei*s pi»oiiiptl>' attended to. 






ImmcM ^dk I0 



And ail kinds of Iron Fence Raiiings, &c. 


Oof. Jasper and Saratoga^-StB. 

t*!»eii<l I'oi* lllii!^ti*iitecl Oii-cixlai*. 


Patronize Heme Industry. The only Factory South of New York. 


3 O ^ ^'*^\^''^'"~ OPPOSITE 

E. FAYETTE STREET, ^^ "^M^" Jackson Square, 


Every descriptioa of Bent Pipes; Fancy ,'111(1 Common V\"hite do.; Fiincy GlaEed Bowls 
and Heads with Fancy Stems ; Fancy Pijies in assorted colors, put up in 1 doz. and 3 doz. 
paper boxes; Oomraon White and Glazed Crook Pipes, packed carefully in I erross assorted, 
in 8 jialterns. Dealers are subject to a much sm sllrT per cent.-ige of breakage than in the 
imported g;oods. A liberal discount on largre purchases. 




?,:^l"KB^Wir'' No. 44 N. HOLLIDAY ST. 







Between Mulberry and Saratoga, 



Cotton and Wool Machine Cards, 


Also, a general supply of 


Orders for Cotton and Wool Machinery Promptly filled, 




a^ H. W. COMBS & CO., 





AB. mww 


IGO W. Lombard-st. 






Six States, or Twenty-two Cities and Towns, 


Bound in Cloth and sent to any address, on receipt of 

$5 OO. 

WIGGINS & WEAVER, Publishers, 
Cleveland^ Ohio. 

Established 1836. 

rsm TMV0Y f^mimu. 



X, .3 



Always on 3ia3iii, or Frintei to orier. 






Engraved Map of the City, 

A Street Directory, 

4nd aij Appendix of njuch Useful Information. 




Over Farmers and Planters Bank. 

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1871, by John W. Woods, in the Office of the Librarian of 

Congress at Washington. 



ADAMS & DREXEL, importers glassware, 24 

s Sharp 
Aikin Dr. Wm. E. A. 173 w Baltimore, dw 

Howard co 
Alden Mrs. Mary A. 40 Lexington 
Amoss Charles F. agent. 49 Hanover 
Amoss AYm. W. carpenter, 49 Hanover 
Atkinson George G. clerk, 67 w Centre 
Atkinsi'n Israel S. conveyancer, 43 Valley 
Bach Henrj' W. clerk, 6 n Ann 
Baker Wm. M. (Griffith, B. & Bryan.) 147 n 

Baltimore Chapter of American Inst, of Arch- 
itects, 46 Lexington, J. C. Neilsoii, prest., 
N. H. Hutlon, sec'ty 
Barkley John C.(Stuvvart, B. & Co.)27 Hollins 
Beatsun D. A. map publisher, 7 St. Paul, dw 

Mansion honse 
Birch ChMrles. (Hough & B.) Barnum's hotel 
Blick T. H. asst. svi|it J. M.Bradstreet & Son's 
]\Iercantile Agency, cor South and Water, 
dw 362 e Baltimore 
Belles J. N. 130 Orleans 
Bould Joseph, horse collar factorv, 55 German, 

dw 193 Dolphin 
Brent R. J. attorney, 29 Lexington, dw 41 

Bryan F. ('. (Griffith, Baker & B.) Balto. co 
Burgess Charles R. merchant tailor, 169 w 

Lombard, dw Greene and Mulberry 
Cairns James, (Ellis ^ C.) 14 s Gay 
Cole k Gilpin, (L. H. (,'ole, A. G. Gilpin, J. 

-Merchant.) wholes, fruits, &c. 30 Hanover 
Combs H. W. (H.W.C. ^- Co.) Fountain hotel 
COMBS H. W. & CO. (H. W. Combs,) teas, 
cotfees and spices, 160 w Lombard — [See p. 
20 Advertisements .^ 
Cook J. M. & Co. (J.M.,W.L.and T.F.Cook) 
wholesale grocers and com. merchants. 15 
Easter Charles E. (H. E. & Sons,) Balto. co 
Egerton S. E. & Co. (S. E. Egerton, W. M. 
Powell,) grocers and liquors, 37 Cheapside 
Elliott H. A. apoth'y, 286 Lexington, dw 284 
Ellis Robert, clerk, 615 Light 
Equitable Life .\ssurance Society of the United 
States, Thomas & Long, gen'l agents, room 
6, 22 S'.uth 
Findlay, Roberts k Co. (R S. Findlay, J. B. 
Roberts, R. R. Chew,) hardware. 9 s Calvert 
Fisher & Denison, (A. J. Fisher, T. H. Deni- 
son, ) booksellers and publishers, 64 and 276 
w Baltimore 
way, C. E. Waggner, ) com. merchants, leaf 
and manufactured tobacco, 70 Exchange [)1 
Ga:laway Wm. (G. & Waggner,) Gilmor ur 

Getty James & Son, (J. and George A. Getty, 
S. Childs,) wholes, drv goods, 67 n Howard 
Gibbons &Son, (J. H.S.'and J. H. S. Gibbons, 

jr.) cum. merchants, 2^ Camden 
Greenleaf A. (H. C. Henshaw & Co.) s w cor 

Lombard and Sharp 
fith, W. M. Baker, F. C. Bryan,) agricultural 
irnplts, fertilizers and seeds, 41 and 43 n Paca 
Griffith John M. (G., Baker & Bryan,) Balti- 
more CO 
Haney F. M.(M. H. Kerner & Co.) 121 Conway 

Hanson P. W. (P. W. H. & Co.) 73 xMcCuUoh 
HANSON P. W. & CO. (P. W. Hanson, R. D. 
Yost.) prop'rs Md. Pearl Hominy Mills, 400 
and 402 Cathedral 
Harrison N. S. & Son, (N. S. and G. H. Har- 
rison,) hardware, 167 Lexington 
Harvey Wm. (Sticknev 4- Co.) 147 Park 
Henshaw H. C. (H. C.'^H. & Co.) s w cor Lom- 
bard and Sharp 
HENSHAW H. C. k CO. (H. C. Henshaw, A. 
Greenleaf,) Baltimore Nickel Plating Works, 
Lombard nr Sharp 
Hill N. S. gen'l manager Life Associatioa of 

America, over 15 South, dw 70 w Centre 
Hurarichouse C W. (H., Bayliess & Co ) 42 

Humriehouse W. H. (H., Bayliess k Co.) 42 

Hurst, Purnell & Co. (J. E. Hurst, L. B. Pur- 
uell, A. Maddux, L. Jackson,) wholes, dry 
goods, 241 w Baltimore 
JOHNSON REVF.RDY, JR. attorney, 43 St. 

Paul, dw 122 Park 
King Wm. H. & Co. white lead and colors, for- 
merly 52 Light, now s e cor Charles and 
J. F. Lewis & Co. book and Directory publish- 
ers, 30 Second 
Litile B. F. (Zoller k L.) 196 w Lombard 
LONEY F. B. & CO. (F. B. Loney, Irvin 
Neale, J. W. Price, R. B. Gunn, B. G. Thom- 
as. J. J. HoofF, ) hardware, cutlery, &c. 240 
w Baltimore 
Long John R. (Thomas & L.) 81 Bolton 
Lucas Wm. G. (Thomas & L.) 293 Aisquith 
McKaig Thomas J. jr. attorney, 48 St. Paul, 

dw 109 n Charles 
McNeal & Knaufif, (I. J. McNeal,Wm. Knauff.) 

carpenters, 20 s Frederick 
Minor John, map publisher, 7 St. Paul, dw 

Mansion house 
Moore B. P. jr. attorney, 47 St. Paul, dw 

Charles and Lexington 
MOORE ROBERT k BRO. (R., Cbas. J. and 
John Moore,) imprs. cloths, 233 w Baltimore 
Morris John B. jr. 88 Franklin 
Newman Benj. (Seliger & N.) 27 w Baltimore 
Norris & Baldwin, cottons and woolens, for- 
merly 18 Hanover, now 28 s Sharp 
Princt' L. L. clerk, 59 s Gav 
PEYTON & CO. (H. E. Peyton. H. C. Mad- 
dux,) gen'l ins. agents and managers Globe 
Mut. Life Ins. Co. 5 German, Consolidated 
SEYMOUR WM. D. supt. Olive Dairy, cor 

Penna av and Hoffman 
Seliger Leon, (S. & Newman,) 27 w Baltimore 
Seliger & Newman, (L Seliu:er, B. Newman,) 

wholesale drv sroods, 18 Hanover 

coffees, sugars and spices, 29 w Baltimore 
Thomas J. Hanson, (T . & Long,) cor Mount 

Vernon and Washington places 
THOMAS k LONG, (J. H. Thomas, J. R. 
Long,) gen'l agts. Equitable Life Assurance 
Society of the U. S., room 6, 22 South 
Varley T. P. j)hotogra[iher, 155 w Baltimore 
Young Miss F. P. agent Allen's Washing Com- 
pound and People's Literary Companion, 
110 w Baltimore 


The new edition of the Baltimore City Directory, for 1871, is presented 
herewith to the public, with the congratulations of the Publisher on the pros- 
pect before us. We regard our City as regularly progressing in population 
and in every department of improvement and industry. 

In the issue of this work for 1860 the number of householders was stated as 
53,025 ; the population then was estimated on the basis of four to each house- 
hold, which yielded a total of 212,100; the census for that year reported the 
whole population as 212,418 — a difference of 318 — thus showing that the 
approximation attained by taking the above 'mode of estimate is accurate for 
all practical purposes. In 1864 the number of householders was 54,345, which 
multiplied by four would make the whole population 217,380. In 1867-8 the 
total of householders was 72,948, which quadrupled gave 291,792 as the aggre- 
gate of persons. Adopting the like mode of estimate, we state the number of 
householders in 1871 as 82,483, making the present population 329,932 — being 
46,557 more than is reported by the Police Commissioners, and 62,333 more 
than is reported by the United States Marshal. Twenty-five per cent, of the 
entire inhabitants is embraced in the Directory, and after making fair alloAV- 
ance for all errors, we venture to claim that accurately ascertained the total 
population of our city exceeds 300,000. 

We advert again to the present defective and very objectionable mode of 
numbering our houses. The evils of the present system yearly become more 
glaring and more productive of confusion and embarrassment, and we reprint 
now from our preface to the last next preceding edition the comment then 
made and now repeated, because of the earnest desire felt by us and by many 
of our fellow-citizens for a remedy, such as is obvious, easily adopted, and which 
will be found efficacious now and for all time to come, let the number of our 
houses be never so greatly increased: 

"We are yet behind some of our sister cities in our modes of designating 
places of abode and of business: the opening of new, and the extension and 
widening of old streets, aggravate the necessity, heretofore existing, for a more 
methodical, uniform and accurate method of numbering our houses. The 
process of preparing a Directory exhibits, glaringly, the defect alluded to; 
and, inasmuch as the work of renumbering must be resorted to, inevitably, th'e 
occasion is presented fairly for considering the most efficient mode of doing that 
work ; experience establishes the superiority of the Decimal system above any 
other hitherto tried; and every consideration of expediency and convenience 
dictates an early resort to that system. The Consecutive plan involves ever 
recurring changes, which serves but to derange and confuse ; and as time rolls 
on, and improvements multiply, that confusion becomes more obvious, more 
perplexing, and needlessly adds to the labors of the municipal authorities, as 
well as to the difficulty found by private individuals in exploring our streets. 
All our streets, Baltimore street not excepted, exhibit duplicate and triplicate 
numbers, and wanting numbers." 

We respectfully tender our thanks to all classes of our fellow-citizens for 
their prompt and satisfactory responses on the call of our canvassers, thereby 
evincing a due and enhanced appreciation of the importance and utility of the 
work about which we were engaged. 

Very Respectfully, 


Januaey, 1871. 


Corrections, Additions and Alterations, 
back of title. 

Adjutant General State Militia, . . 889 

Advertisements, Index to, . . 5 

Aged Men's Home, .... 909 

Aged Women's Home, . . . 909 

Almshouse Trustees, .... 894 

Appendix, . . . from 889 to 916 

Athenaeum, ...... 909 

Baltimore Association for the Improve- 
ment of the Condition of the Poor, . 908 
Baltimore Chapter, American Institute of 

Architects, 908 

Baltimore Gymnasium, . . . 908 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, . . . 910 

Banks, 899 

Bells — Fire Department, . . . 893 

Board of Trade, .... 909 
Board of Public Works, . . .889 

Board of State School Commissioners, 889 

Boys' Home Association of Baltimore, . 910 

Boundaries of the Wards, . . . 915 

Building Committee of New City Hall, . 890 

Business Directory, . . from 759 to 852 

Cadets of Temperance, .... 907 

Catonsville and Ellicott City Railway, 905 

Cemeteries, .910 

Children's Aid Society, ... 908 

Churches, 911 

City Government, .... 890 

City Commissioner, .... 890 

City Council, 890 

City Passenger Railway, . . . 905 

City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, 893 

Colored Persons, ... 667 to 757 

Commissioners of Public Schools, . 891 

Commissioners for Opening Streets, . 890 

Concordia Club, .... 908 

Consuls and Vice-Consnls, . . . 898 

Corn and Flour Exchange, . . 909 

Coroner, 889 

Courts, 897 

Custom House, ..... 894 

Dispensaries, . . . . . 910 

Express Companies, .... 904 

Fire Department, .... 893 

Gas Light Company of Baltimore, . . 909 

German Society of Maryland, . . 907 

German Orphan Asylum, . . . 910 

Germania Club, .... 908 

Government of the United States, . 889 

Government of the State of Maryland, 889 

Grand Army of the Republic, . . 910 

Health Department, .... 891 
Heptasophs, or S. W. M. . , .907 

Hibernian Society of Baltimore, . . 908 

Home of the Friendless, . . . 909 

Home for Disabled Soldiers of Maryland, 908 

House of Refuge 908 


Infirmaries, Hospitals, &c., . . 910 

Inspector of Gas Meters, . . . 890 

Internal Revenue, .... 909 

Judges of Appeal Tax Court; . . 890 

Knights of Pythias, .... 906 

Legislative Districts, .... 916 

List of Names of Residents, . from 17 to 757 

Magistrates, ...... 891 

Managers of the Poor, . . . 894 
Map of the City of Baltimore, corrected 
to date, in front of . . . .17 

Markets, 888 

Maryland College of Pharmacy, . . 910 

Maryland Club, 908 

Maryland Gas Works, .... 909 

Maryland Hospital for the Insane, . 910 

Maryland Institute, .... 908 

Masons 905 

Merchants Exchange and News Rooms, . 909 

Notaries Public, .... 902 

Odd Fellows, (I. 0. 0. F.) . . .905 

Park Commissioners, . . . 890 

Peabody Institute, . . . .909 

People's Gas Company, . . . 909 

Police Organization, .... 889 

Portable Gas Light Company, . . 909 

Port Warden, 890 

Post Office, 894 

Preface, .3 

Public Schools, Locations and Teachers, 891 

Railroads, 902 

Red Men, (Improved Order,) . , 906 

Red Men, (Independent Order,) . . 906 

Registers in Bankruptcy, . . . 909 

Resident Commissioners, . . . 909 

Safe Deposit Company, . . . 901 

Schuetzen Park Association, . . 908 

Societies, 905 

Sons of Temperance, .... 907 

St. Andrew's Society, . . . 907 

St. George's Society, . . . .908 

St. Peter's (Epis.) Orphan Asylum, . 909 

St. Vincent's Infant Asylum. . . 909 

Stages, 904 

Stamp Duties, 896 

State Normal School, . . . 889 
State Department of Labor and Agricul- 
ture, 839 

Steamers and Steamboats, . . . 902 

Street Directory, .... 855 

Tax Department, 890 

Telegraphs, 904 

Union Club, 908 

United Ancient Order of Druids, . 906 

United Brothers (I. 0.) . . . 906 

Union Orphan Asylum, . . . 910 

Vaccine Physicians, .... 891 
Water Department, . . . .890 

York Road Railway, .... 905 



R. J. Baker ^ Co. (see front cover) 

Agricultural Implements. 

N. W. Slade & Co. 6 


L. D. Dietz Jf Co. (lines top pages) 

Bill Posters. 

A. T. Houck ^ Co. 12 

Bone Dust Manufacturers. 

Joshua Horner i^' Son, (lines top 

Joshua Horner, jr. & Co. (lines top 


Boiler Makers. 

Denmead & Son, 17 

Murray, Clark & Co. 7 

Geo. Page & Co. 13 


F. Bandelet ^- Co. 15 

Boots and Shoes. 

J. S Lewis. 12 

Bristle Dealers. 

Wm. Wilkens ^ Co. 6 

Britannia Ware. 

^Yil]iam Holmes. 12 

Building Materials. 

W. W. Maughlin ^ Sons, back cover. 
Robinson ^' Cunningham. 4 

Carpenters and Builders. 

R. W. Gray. 17 


Murray, Clark ^ Co. 7 

Murrill jf- Keizer. 19 

Cement, Plaster, &c. 

J. Henry Giese, (lines side pages) 


R. J. Baker & Co. (see front cover) 


E. F. Namuth, (lines front cover) 

Noah Walker ^ Co. 2 

Coal Tar Products. 

Baltimore C-)al Tar Mannf "g Co.. 

lines fionf cover and p. 35 

Commission Merchants. 

Daiger ^ Brurable, 12 

J. Henry Giese, (lines side pages) 
Joshua Horner, jr. ^ Co. (lines top 

L. D. Dietz ^- Co. (lines top pages) 

Curled Hair Manufactory. 

Wm. Wilkens & Co. 6 

Dancing and Waltzing Academy. 

Charles L. Spies. 7 


Wiggins & Weaver. 20 

Dumb Waiters. 

James Bates. 1 

Dye Woods. 

R. J. Baker & Co. (see front cover) 

Engravers— Wood. 

Marx M. Hart, (first page inside back 

J. H. Parks. 8 

Engineers and Machinists. 

Denmead ^ Sou, 17 

Murray, Clark ^- Co. 7 

Murrill ^- Keizer. 19 

George Page & Co. 13 

Fancy Goods. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 11 


Joshua Horner Sf Son, (lines top 

Joshua Horner, jr. ^ Co. (lines top 



R. J. Halliday. S 

Flour, Grain, Seeds. &c. 

J. Henry Giese, (lines side pages) 



Purniture, &e. 
U. A. Pollack. 

Hand & McSherry, (opp. inside back 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 

Hat and Cap Manufaetux'ers. 

B. L. Hopkins, 

Hoisting Machines. 

James Bates, 

Robinson & Cunningham, 

Hosiery, Yarns, Gloves, &c. 

Jacob Knipp, jr., 


R. J. Baker & Co. (see front cover.) 
TJlman ^ Co. (inside back cover.) 


Allmand & "Williams, (top lines front 

Atlantic Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
(cards top pages.) 

George B. Coale & Morris, (see front 

Firemen's Insurance Company of 

Hartford Fire Insurance Co. (front 

Home Insurance Co. of New York, 
(front cover.) 

Maryland Life Insurance Co. of Bal- 
timore, (bottom lines front cover.) 

Merchants' Mutual (Marine) Insur- 
ance Co. (front cover.) 

North British and Mercantile Insur- 
ance Co. (front cover.) 

J. G. Proud & Sons, (inside front 

Iron Fence Railing. 

A. Merker & Krug, 

Iron Works. 

Denmcad & Son, 
Murray, Clark 4- Co. 

Lamp Fluid. 

J. P. Creager & Co. 

Leather Belting and Hose. 

J. H. Haskell, 


Ulman & Co. (inside back cover.) 








Livery Stables. 

Charles Rupp, 11 

Machine Cards. 

J. H. Haskell, IS 

Machinists, &c. 

Denmead & Son, 17 

Murray, Clark & Co. 7 

Murrill ^ Keizer, 19 

Malt and Hops. 

Boyd ^ Ricketts, 7 

F. Bandelet & Co. ' 15 


R J. Baker & Co. (front cover.) 
Rand 4- McSherry, (opp. inside back 

George Page & Co. 13 

Joshua Horner, jr. & Co. (lines top 


Manufacturers' Supplies. 

J. H. Haskell, 19 

Marble Workers. 

Alex. J. Abrams, 7 


Wm. H. Read, (lines bottom pages.) 


Murray, Clark & Co. 7 

Mineral Water. 

Wm. H. Read, (lines bottom pages.) 

Notions, Hosiery, &c. 

Jacob Knipp, jr., 11 

Nurserymen and Florists. 

R. J. Halliday, 5 

Oyster and Fruit Packers and 

Daiger & Bramble, 11 

Paper Warehouses. 

Wheelwright, Mudge <^ Co., front 
cover, and 16 

Paper Hangings and Window 

A. &H. J. Albert, 17 

R. H. Sinclair ^ Co. (card on back, 

under monument.) 
Howell ^ Bros, (front edge.) 


Joshua Horner <fc Son, (lines top 




Gaeble's Manufacturing Co. 

Wm. Knabe & Co. (see front cover.) 

Planing Mills. 

W. W. Maughlin k Sons, (back cover.) 
Robinson & Cunningham, 4 

Harrington Bros. 10 

Produce, &q. 

Daiger ^ Bramble, 12 

Retorts and Fire Brick. 

George C. Hicks k Co. (inside front 

Railroad and Machinists' Supplies. 

Morton, Reed & Co. (top edge.) 

Sash. Factories. 

Robinson & Cunningham, 4 

W. W. Maughlin k Sons, (back cover.) 

Saw Mills, Stationary and Portable. 

Denmead & Son, 17 

Harrington Bros., 10 

W. W. Maughlin & Sons, back cover. 
George Page k Co., 13 


Fairbanks k Co., 8 


R. J. Halliday, 5 

Silver Plated Ware. 

6 William Holmes, 


I H. W. (jombs & Co., 



Tailors (Merchant.) 

E. F. Namuth, side lines front cover. 
Noah Walker c?- Co., 2 

Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer. 

Wm. Kelman. 19 

Transportation Lines. 

Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat 
Company, 9 

Richmond and York River Railroad 
Line, 4 

New York and Baltimore Transporta- 
tion Line, 

Great Southern Mail Route, 


Jacob Weaver, 


Rand & McSherry, opp. inside back 

U. A. Pollack, 

Yarn, Gloves, &c, 

Jacob Knipp, jr. n 






Adjusters of Averages, . 

Agencies — Commercial and Mercantile, 

Agencies — Immigrant, 

Agents — Advertising and Publishing, 

Agents — Book and Subscription, 

Agents — Claim and Pension, 

Agents — ■General, .... 

Agents and Managers — Insurance, 
Agents — Property and Collectors, 
Agents — Real Estate, 
Agents — Steamers, Rail Road and Pas 
senger, ..... 

Agricultural Implements, . 
Antiquarian Books, &c.. 
Apothecaries, Druggists and Chemists, 
Aquariums and Bird StufFers, 
Architects and Civil Engineers, 
Artists, ...... 

Artists' Materials, .... 

ArtiScial Flowers. : . . 

Artificial Limbs, Trusses, &c., 
Attorney's at Law, 

Auction and Commission Merchants, 
Bacon Dealers, .... 

' Bag Manufacturers and Brokers, 
Bakers, .... 

Bankers, .... 

Banks, ..... 

Banks — Xational, 

Banks — Savings. . 

Barrel Dealers, . 

Basket Makers, 

Bell Founders, . 

Bell Hangers, 

Bellows Manufacturer, 

Bill Posting and Distributing, 

Billiard Saloons. 

Blacking Manufacturers, 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, 

Bleachers and Pressers, 

Block and Pump Makers, . 

Boarding Houses, . 

Boat Builders, 

Boiler Makers, 

Bolting Cloths, . 

Bonnet Frame Manufacturers, 

Bonnets. Ribbons, Silk and Straw Goods 

Book Binders, .... 

Booksellers, Stationers and Publishers, 

Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactur 

ers — Retail, ..... 

Boots and Shoes — Ladies, 

Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactur 

ers — Wholesale, 
Boot and Shoe Upper Manufacturers, 


Box Makers 








Brass and Bell Founders, . . . 773 

Brewers, 773 

Brick Manufacturers, . . . 774 

Bridge and Wharf Builders, . . - 774 

Britannia Ware Manufacturers, . . 774 

Brokers — Exchange, Bill and Stock, . 774 

Brokers — Insurance, .... 774 

Brokers — Merchandise and Shipping, . 774 

Brokers — Real Estate, . . . 775 

Brooms, Baskets and Wooden Ware, . 776 

Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, . 776 

Building Materials, . . . 776 

Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers, . . 776 

Butter Dealers, 776 

Cabinet Makers, . . . . 776 

Cards— Machine, 777 

Carpenters and Builders, . . . 777 
Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c., . . .779 

Carpet Weavers, .... 779 

Carriage and Coach Makers, . . . 779 

Carriage Goods, Hardware, &c., . 780 

Carvers and Gilders,' .... 780 

Cattle Dealers 780 

Cement and Plaster, .... 780 

Chair Makers, 780 

Chemists and Dealers in Chemicals, . 780 

China, Glass and Queensware, . . 780 

Chiropodists, .• ... 781 

Chronometers and Nautical Instruments, 781 

Cloaks, Shawls and Mantillas, . . 781 

Clocks ■ . . 781 

Clothiers— Children, . . . .782 

Clothiers— Retail, .... 781 
Clothiers— Wholesale, . . . .781 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &c., . 782 
Coal and Wood Dealers, . . .782 

Coal Oil, 783 

Coffee Renovaters, . . . .783 

Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders, . 783 

Collar Makers, 783 

Commercial Colleges, . . . .783 

Commission Merchants, . . . 783 

Commissioners of Deeds, . . . 788 

Companies — Miscellaneous, . . 787 

Confectioners and Fruiterers, . . 788 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — wholesale, 788 

Consuls and Vice-Consuls, . . . 789 

Conveyancers, 789 

Coopers, 789 

Coppersmiths and Works, . . . 789 
Cork Cutters and Dealers, . . .790 

Corset Makers, 790 

Cotton Brokers, 790 

Cotton Dealers and Factors, . . 790 

Cotton Duck Manufacturers, . . . 790 

Cotton Yarn, &c., . . . . 790 

Cotton and Woolen Goods, . . . 790 


Cuppers and Leecbers, 
Curled Hair Mimufacturers, 
Curriers, Leather and Findings, 
Cutlers and dealers in Cutlery, . 
Dairies, .... 

Dancing Academies, 
Dental Depot and College, 


Die Sinkers and Engravers, . 

Dispensaries, .... 

Distillers, .... 


Druggists — Wholesale, . 

Dry Goods — Retail, .... 

Dry Goods — Wholesale and Commission 

Dyers and Scourers, 

Dve Woods and Dve StuflFs, . 

Edge Tools, . ' . 

Elastic Sponge Goods, 

Embroideries and Laces, 

Engineers — Civil and Mechanical, 

Engines and Boilers, 

Engravers, ..... 

Express Forwarders, 

Fancy Goods and Notions — Retail, 

Fancy Goods and Notions — Wholesale 

Fertilizers, .... 

File and Rasp ManuHicturers, 

Fire Brick Manufacturers, 

Fish Dealers, .... 

Fishing Tackle, Twines, &c.. 

Flag Manufacturers, . 

Florists and Nurserymen, 

Flour and Feed Dealers and Millers, 

Forwarding, .... 

Fresco Painters, 

Fruit Dealers, .... 

Furniture Dealers and Manufacturers, 

Furriers and Fur Dealers, 

Gas Fitters and Fixtures, 


Gas Meter Makers, 
Gaugers, ..... 
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Retail, 
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Whole 

sale, ..... 

Glass and Glassware Dealers, 
Glass Manufacturers, 
Glass Stainers, .... 
Gloves, Hosiery, Worsted, Yarns, &c 
Gold Beaters, .... 

Gold and Silversmiths, 
Gold Pen Manufacturers, 
Grain and Flour Dealers, . 
Grinders and Polishers, 
Grocers — Retail, 

Grocers — Wholesale and Commission, 
Guano Dealers, ... 

Gun Manufacturers and Dealers, 
Hair Dressers and Goods, . 
Hardware — Ret.iil, 
Hardware — Wholesale, 
Hat and Cap Manufacturers, 
Hats, Caps, Furs, and Straw Goods-^ 


Hats, Caps, Furs, &c.— Wholesale, 
Hay and Straw Dealers, 
Hermetically Sealed Fruits,' &c. ' 
Hide and Leather Dealers, ' 
Horse Dealers, 
Hose Manufacturers, , 




Hosiery, Yarns, Worsteds, &c 



Horse Shoers, 

House Furnishing Goods, 

Ice Cream, 

Ice Depots, 


India Rubber Goods, 

Instrument Makers, 

Insurance Companies, 

Intelligence Offices, 

Iron Fence Railing, 

Iron, Steel and Metal Dealers, 

Iron Founders 

Iron Furnaces, 

Japanners and Ornamenters, 

Jewelers, . 

Jui.k Dealers, 

Ladies' Furnishing, 

Lamps and Oil, 

Last Makers, 


Leather Belting, 

Leather and Oil Dealers, 

Lightning Rods, 


Linen Goods, .... 

Liquor and Wine Dealers— Retail, 

Liquors and Wines— Wholesale, 

Lithographers, .... 

Livery, Hack and Sale Stables, . 

Locksmiths and Bellhangers, 

Looking-Glass and Picture Frame Man 

ufacturers, ..... 
Lumber Dealers, 

Machinists, ..... 
Maltsters, . 

Manufacturers, . , . . . 
Manufacturers' and Machinists' Supplies,' 
Marule and Stone Workers, . 
Mattress Manufacturers, 
Merchant Tailors, . 
Millers — Merchant, 
Millinery, ..... 
Millinery Goods, 
Millwrights, . Water, . 

Morocco Manufacturers and Dressers, 
Music and Musical Instruments, . 
Music Teachers, .... 
Naval Stores, 

Newspapers, ..... 
News and Periodicals, 
Nickel Piating, .... 
Notaries Public, 
Notious — Wholesale, 
Nurses and Midwives, 
Oil Companies, 
Oil Dealers, 

OptlClaliS, ..... 

Organ Builders, . 

Oyster and Fruit Dealers and Packers" 

Packing (.Provision) Houses, 

Painteis — House and Sign, . 

Paints, Uils, <&c., 

Paper Bags, ..... 

Paper Bu\ -Manufacturers, . 

Paper ii..ugings and Window Shades 

Paper Stuck, .... 

Paper Warehouses, 


. 807 

. 808 

, 808 


, 813 



Passe Partouts, ..... 


Patent Articles, . . . . . 


Patent Medicines, .... 


Pattern Makers, . . . . . 


Pavers, Graders and Contractors, 


Pawnbrulcerg, . . > . • 






Photographers' Stock, . . . 


Physicians, ' 


Piano Dealers and Manufacturers, 


Picliling and Preserving, 


Picture Frame Manufacturers, . 


Plane Makers, .... 


Plaster Mills, ' 




Pocket Book and Jewelry Case Manufac- 





Printers— Book and Job, 


Printers — Copperplate, 


Printers' Inks, 


Produce Dealers, .... 


Provision Dealers, 


Provision Merchants — Wholesale, 


Pump and Block Makers, 




Railways, (Marine,) . . . . 


Ranges and Furnaces, 


Regalia Makers, 


Restaurants, ..... 


Registers in Bankruptcy, 


Riggers, ...... 


Rolling Mills, .... 




Rope Makers and Dealers, 


Saddle and Harness Makers, 


Saddlery and Coach Hardware, 


Safes— Fire Proof, .... 


Sail Makers, 


Salt Dealers, ..... 


Sand Dealers, . . . . » 


Sash, Door and Blind Manufacturers, . 


Saw Manufacturers, 


Saw and Planing Mills, 




Schools, Academies and Colleges, 




Sewing Machines, .... 


Ship Builders and Marine Railways, 


Ship Chandlers, 


Ship Joiners,. . . . . . 


Ship Smiths, .... 


Shipping Masters, 


Shipping Merchants, .... 


Shirt Manufiicturers, . . , . 


Shoe Findings, . 

Show Case Manufacturers, 

Show Cards, 

Silk Weavers, Manufacturers and Deale 

Silver Platers and Plated Ware, . 

Silversmiths, .... 

Slaters, ..... 

Smokers' Articles, .... 

Snuff Manufacturers, . 

Soap and Candle Manufacturers, . 

Spices, ..... 

Stamping, Pinking and Fluting, . 

Siaten Island Dyeing, 

Stationery, Blank Books, &c. 

Steamship and Steamboat Lines, 

Steam and Water He;iting, . 

Stencil Cutters, .... 

Storage, ..... 

Stove Dealers, .... 

Sugar Refineries, .... 

Surveyors, ..... 

Taihus' and Clothiers' Trimmings, 

Tanners and Curriers, 

Tea and Cotfee Dealers, 

Telegraphs, .... 

Tin Plate and Metals, 

Tin Ware, Can and Sheet Iron Man 

facturers and Workers, 
Tobacco and Cigars — Retail, 
Tobacco Dealers and Manufacturers 

Wholesale, .... 
Toilet Articles, Perfumery, &c. 
Trimmings Laces, <|'c. . • . 
Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, &c. , 
Turners, ..... 
Type Founders, .... 
Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers 
Upholstered Furniture, 

Variety, .... 
Veterinary Surgeons, 
Vinegar Makers, 
Watches and Jewelry, . 
Watch Case Makers, . 
Weighers, . . . 
Whips and Canes, 
Wig Makers, . 
Wire Workers, . 
Wood Dealers, 
Wood — Sawed and Split, . 
Wooden and Willow Ware 
Wool Dealers, 
Yeast Makers, 
Miscellaneous, . 


. 842 

, 842 

. 842 

. 842 

. 842 

. 842 

. 842 

. 843 

. 843 

. 844 

. 844 

. 844 

. 845 

. 845 

. 848 

. 848 

. 849 

, 849 

. 849 

. 849 

. 850 

. 850 

. 850 

, 850 

. 851 

. 851 








n. north; s. south; c. east; w. west; st. street; ct. court; av. avenue; al alley; la 
lane ; dw. dwelling ; cor. corner ; ext. extended ; rd. road ; nr. near ; L. P. Locust Point. 
Note: The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers. 



Aaron Augustus, carpenter, 106 Battery av 

Aaron Mrs. Bertha, 123 w Madison 

Aaron Chas.F.( Porter & A.)216 Montgomery 

Aaron Geo. clerk, 106 Battery av 

Aaron Geo. W. lieut. police, 147 Bank 

Aaron Lewis M. sec. hand goods, 44 Columbia 

Aaron Marcellus, carpenter, 106 Battery av 

Aaron Mary J. 216 \lontgomery 

Aaron Wm. shoemaker, 1 West al 

Abbes Francis H. collector, 250 e Pratt 

Abbot Chas. (Southerland & Co.)273 n Eutaw 

Abbot F. brushmaker, 171 n Spring 

Abbott Alexander, 329 e Baltimore 

Abbott Cornelius F. manager Asbury Life 

Ins. Co. of N. Y. 41 Postoffice av, dw 210 

Abbott Dauiel E. R. carp. 106 McElderry 
Abbott David M. carp. 34 Constitution 
Abbott Edwin A. 113 s High 
Abbott Mrs. Elizabeth J. 143 Battery av 
Abbott Emma, cook, 179 Hanover 
Abbott Mrs. E. B. 13 Mulberry 
Abbott Geo. T. puddler. First av nr Toone 
Abbott Henry J. engineer, 253 s Chester 
Abbott Horace, (H. A. & Son) Baltimore co 
ABBOTT H. ^ SON, (Horace Abbott, JohnS. 

Gilman, ) 8 s Gay 

prest. cor Burke and Hudson, Canton 
Abbott James A. boilermaker, 102 Henrietta 
Abbott James F. 156 Jefiferson 
Abbott James L carpenter, 191 Montgomery 
Abbott James W. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John, mariner, 114 Mullikin 
Abbott John, mariner, 114 York 
Abbott John F. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John N. carpenter, 293 e Fayette 
^Abbott J. Walter, clerk, 143 Battery av 
Abbott Mrs. Julia, 60 s Sharp 


Abbott Mrs. Julia, 125 n Front 
Abbott Mrs. Margaret, 138 Battery av 
Abl)ott Samuel, laborer, 16 Armistead la 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wra. H. iirickmoulder, 163 Hamburg 
Abbott Wm. H. H. clerk, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. W. mariner, 279 Hanover 
Abbott Wm. W. mariner, 52 Lee 
Abel Conrad, huckster, 409 e Fayette 
Abel Dorothea, 355 e Lombard 
Abel John, laborer, 418 Canton av 
Abel John, tailor, 357 e Lombard 
Abel John, baker, 71 n Pine 
Abel Joseph, cooper, 357 e Lombard 
Abel Louis, baker, 71 n Pine 
Abel Wm. gilder, 257 Mulberry 
Abell A. S. (A. S. A. & Co.) 83 Saratoga 
ABELL A. S. & CO. (A. S. and George W. 
Abell) prop'rs and pubrrs of the Sun, Sun 
Iron Building, s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell Mrs. Catherine, 177 Pennaav 
Abell Chas. S. law student, 83 Saratoga 
Abell Chas. T. printer, 58 Preston 
Abell David T. printer, 47 n Howard 
Abell Edward M. butcher, 48 Centre and 32 

Lexington markets, dw 178 Peirce 
Abell Mrs. Eleanor, tailoress, 10 Rock 
Abell Franklin M. butcher, 24 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw 164 Penna av 
Abell Geo. W. (A. S. A. & Co.) 83 Saratoga 
Abell Ignatius, sergt. police, 164 s Paca 
Abell Walter R editor, 83 Saratoga 
Abendschein Andrew, barber, 168 s Bond 
Abendschoem Rudolph, shoemkr, 16 Bevan 
Abendschoen Clement, carpet weaver, 232 

Abendschoen Geo. tailor, 200 Montgomery 
Abendschon Philip, pocketbook mkr, 16 Be 
Aber Henry, cigarmaker, 118 Raborg 










Dnst and Phosphates, 


18 ADA 





• I— I 



Abercrombie Mrs. Christian, 81 Chew 
Abercrombie David, treas. Bait. News Co., 
Ill w Baltimore and 5 South, Sun build- 
ing, d\v 78 Chew 
Abercrombie John, sec'ry Bait. News Co. 252 

e Baltimore 
Abercrombie Wm. H. dair}', 338 n Eutaw, dw 

232 w Hoffman 
Aberle Anthony, boilermkr, 794 w Baltimore 
Aberle Mrs. Elizabeth G. millinery, 794 w 

Abey Alex, clerk, 51 s Chester 
Abey George T. hatter, 16 n Ann 
Abev .Joseph C. (J. H. Freberger & Co.) 326 

Abey Michael H. caulker, 25 William 
Abey Mrs. Sirah, seamstress, 29 Randall 
Abey Mrs. Sophia, trimmings, 105 s Ann 
Abey Wm.H. grocery, 144 William 
Abey Wm. tin and sheet iron worker, 144 

Abhau Chas. H. carpenter, 90s Howard 
Abigail John N. brakeman, 837 w Pratt 
Abraham .Mrs. Caroline, 113 s Wolfe 
Abraham Geo. F. plasterer, 166 e Madison 
Abraham John Charles, mariner, 113 s Wolfe 
Abrahams Barnett, cigarmkr, 45j e Baltimore 
Abrahams Joseph (Johnson & A.) 286 e Bal- 
Abrahams Simon, driver, 302 e Monument 
Abrahams Wm. H., 286 e Baltimore 
Abrahams Woodward, (Cochran & Co.) 22 s 

Abrahams Woodward, Jr. (A. A. Johnson k 

Co.) Port Deposit 
ABRAMS ALEX. J., marblecutter, Green- 
mount av opp cemetery. [Seep. 1 Adver- 
Abrams Mrs. Eliza, 277 Canton av 
Abrams Jacob D. builder, Broadway n of 

Abrams Jas. K. P. carpenter, 277 Canton av 
Abrams John T. carpenter, 277 Canton av 
Abrams M., 340 Madison av 
Abru John, shoemaker, 326 Eastern av 
Abt Mrs. Christina, boarding, 378 Eastern av 
Abt Frederick, laborer, 378 Eastern av 
Abt Htr-nry, brushraaker, 378 Eastern av 
Abt John', moulder, 378 Eastern av 
Aburn Charles H. clerk, 583 Belair av 
Aburn Mrs. Emily J. boarding. 232 n Broadway 
Aburn John, grocery, Thames and Philpot 
Aburn Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 583 Belair av 
Aburn T. Harry, clerk, 232 n Broadway 
Aburn Wm. R. sparmaker, 61 Block 
Academy of the Holy Cross, 108 s Broadway 
Achenback Henry, butcher, Belair, Centre and 

Hanover markets, dw 145 Greenmountav 
Achenback .Fohn H. plasterer, 4 Walsh 
Achenback Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 4 Walsh 
Achey Chas. F. (F. Achey &Son) 132 German 
Achey Frederick & Son, (F. and C.F. Achey) 

curriers, 22 s Liberty 
Achey Frederick, (Frederick Achey & Son) 

129 German, 
Achey Thos. S. currier, 194 Walsh 
Ackels John, brakeman, 417 w Lombard 
Acker John, driver, 4u n Spring 
Acker Peter, watchman, 282'Aisquith 
Ackerman Andreas, tailor, 27 Siiakspear 
Ackerman Chas. silverplater, 255 Aliceanna 
Ackerman Chris. H (Hehl &Co.) 10 Park 

Ackerman Mrs. Frances, grocery, 100 n Dallas 
Ackerman Geo. jr. tailor, 152 s Castle 
Ackerman Geo. sec. hand store, 63 Harrison 
Ackerman Geo. sawyer, 152 s Castle 
Ackerman Henry, laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Ackerman J., n w cor Eutaw and Camden 
Ackerman John, cabinetmkr, 30 New Church 
Ackerman John, tailor, lOO n Dallas 
Ackerman John, silverplater, 255 Aliceanna 
Ackerman Mrs. Mary, confect'y, 167 s Wolfe 
Ackerman Mrs. Mary, grocery, 255 Aliceanna 
Ackerman Nicholas, clothing cutter, 167 s 

Ackerman Nicholas, jr. laborer, 168 s Wolfe 
Aches Nicholas, (Sisson, Loane & Co.) Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Ackler Jacob B. bootmaker, 321 Saratoga 
Ackler Wm. F. confectionery, 140 Aisquith 
ACQUIA CREEK LINE, C. P. Irvine, agent, 

Piers 8 and 9 Light-st whf 
Acton Elijah, blacksmith, 113 Vine 
Actual Business College, B. K. Losier, pres't, 

over n e cor Baltimore and Charles 
Adair Harry H. clerk, 49 Mt. Vernon pi 
Adair John, machinist, 6 Oxford 
Adair Robert, clerk, 6 Oxford 
Adalman Christo[ih, shoemaker, 56 Portland 
Adam Aug. cooper, 160 s Regester 
Adam August, laborer, 339 n Central av 
Adam Fred, carpenter, Bolton Depot 
Adam Fred, car builder, 160 s Regester 
Adam Stephen W. police, 56 Harford av 
Adaman Andreas, tailor, 27 Shakspear 
Adams Adam, oysters, 85 n Durham 
Adams Albert, shoemaker, 99 Druid Hill av 
Adams Ann E. seamstress, over 3 Barre 
Adams Ann M. tailoress, 2 Green ct 
Adams Benjamin F. police, 98 Warner 
Adams Benj. F. jr. carpenter, 90 Warner 
Adams, Bowen & Co. (P. A. Bowen, E. T. 
Jackson, ) wholesale liquors and grocers, 
57 w Pratt 
Adams & Buck, (Wm. H. Adams, Irving A. 
Buck,) china, glass, &c., 337 w Baltimore 
and 52 German 
Adams Capt. Cadmus, mariner, 112 s Eden 
Adams Mrs. Caroline, 1 Abey al 
Adams Catherine, York rd nr Huntingdon av 
Adams Catherine, tailoress, 25 Central av 
Adams Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 87 n Durham 
Adams Catherine, seamstress, 3 Liberty al 
Adams Charles, shoemaker, 33 s Ann 
Adams Charles T. salesman. Brown's hotel 
Adams Charles B. clerk, 226 Hollins 
Adams Charles H. A. boilermaker, 135 Bat- 
tery av 
Adams Charles H. mariner, 137 Gough 
Adams Charles T. salesman, 1 19 n High 
ADAMS EDWARD ^ SON, (E. and John W. 
Adams,) grocers and produce, n e cor Hol- 
lins and Republican 
Adams Edwd. (E. Adams & Son,) 226 Hollins 
Adams Edward F. machinist, 391 e Baltimore 
Adams Eliza, teacher, 262 Druid Hill av 
Adams Eliza J. tailoress, 2 Green's ct 
Adams Mrs. Elizabeth, 193 e Baltimore 
Adams Mrs. Elizabeth, 191 e Pratt 
Adams EUenora, 5 Armistead la 
Adams Emelius, (DeGoey & A.) and coal yard, 
s w cor Caroline and Dock, n w cor Central 
av and Gough, and Central av nr Lombard, 
dw 408 e Baltimore 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




ADAMS' EXPRESS CO. 164 w Baltimore, and 
depot 227 and 229 s Howard, John Q. A. 
Herring, supt 
Adams' Express stables, Jas. Mitchell, mana- 
ger, North nr Saratoga 
Adams Mrs. F. E. 308 Canton av 
Adams Frank G. telegraphist, 106 Lee 
Adams Fred, cabinetmaker, 21 Somerset 
Adams Geo. gardener, s w cor Gist and Gough 
Adams Geo. C. driver, 490 Lexington 
Adams Geo. F. bookkeeper, 184 Chesnut 
Adams George VV. boatman, 104 Hamburg 
Adams George W. engineer, 208 e Pratt 
Adams George W. bricklayer, 351 s Sharp 
Adams .Mrs. Hannah, seamstress, 490 Lexington 
Adams Henry, pianoraaker, 256 3 Sharp 
Adams Henry, jr. moulder, 186 George 
Adams Henry, shoemaker, 186 George 
Adams Henry, finisher, 194 s Sharp 
Adams Jacob, lab' r, cor FatuxentandO'Donnell 
Adams Jacob G. 192 Columbia 
Adams James, 214 n Eutaw 
Adams James, machinist, 193 Mulberry 
Adams James B. mariner, 163 Choptank 
Adams Jas.C.(Xewbold&Son)256 Myrtle &r 
Adams Jas.L. bricklayer, 414 Eastern av 
Adams James M. clerk, 204 George 
Adams James N. bricklayer, 90 Warner 
Adams Jas. S., soldiers' home, 76 e Baltimore 
Adams Mrs. Jane, 20 w Lombard 
Adams John, caulker, 202 s Bethel 
Adams John, mariner, 118 Eastern av 
Adams John, fruit packer, 411 e Fayette 
Adams John C. plasterer, 197 Montgomery 
Adams John, carpenter, 45 Hill 
Adams John A. salesman, Walsh nr Smith 
Adams John A. processer, 411 e Fayette 
Adams John T. clerk, 193 Mulberry 
Adams John B. (Adams, Bowen & Co.)Chase 

nr Charles 
Adams John C. paper hanger, 19 n Eden 
Adams Capt. John E. stevedore, 112 s Eden 
Adams John F. 132 n Charles 
Adams John F. 601 w Fayette 
Adams John G. plasterer, 7 Wyeth 
Adams John M. sailmaker, s e cor Block and 

West Falls av, dw 65 William 
Adams John H. jr. sailmaker, 65 William 
Adams John Q. 127 n Republican 
Adams John W. (E. A. & Son) 276 HoUins 
Adams Joseph, clerk, 98 s Castle 
Adams Joseph, plasterer, 74 Warner 
Adams Joseph, jr. plasterer, 74 Warner 
Adams Jos. W. mariner, 20 w Lombard 
Adams Joshua A. gas inspector, 254 n Eden 
Adams Martha, 2 Green's ct 
Adams Mrs. Mary S. seamstress, 122 William 
Adams Mrs. .Mary J., 210 w Biddle 
Adams Mathias, mariner, 307 Aliceanna 
Adams Capt. McH. mariner. 112 s Eden 
ADAMS & MUULTON, (Wm. Adams, J. D. 
and J. F. Moulton, jr.) wholesale hosiery, 
gloves and fancy goods, 3 Hanover 
Adams M. W. clerk, 93 n Eden 
Adams R. P. S. clerk, Maltby house 
Adams Robert A. mariner, 32 n Bond 
Adams Roger A. clerk, 56 n Liberty 
Adams R. S. clerk, 245 w Baltimore 
Adams Samuel, teacher, 103 Pearl 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker, 20 e Pratt 
ADAMS S.H. & J. F. carpenters and builders, 
Barnet nr Charles 





Adams Samuel H. (S. H. & J. F. Adams) 223 

n Calvert 
Adams Samuel S. drayman, 5 Maccubbin 
Adams Samuel T., 80 n Carey 
Adams Sidney, clerk, 194 e Fayette 
Adams Siephen W. police, 56 Harford av 
Adams Theodore, 122 William 
Adams Thomas, caulker, 284 s Bond 
Adams Thomas, drayman, 117 L. Greene 
Adams Thomas D. plasterer, 166 n Dallas ^ 

ADAMS MRS. T. W. manuf. shirts, over 179 aj 
w Baltimore •";_, 

Adams Wm. watchman, 166 n Dallas c5 

Adams Wm. carpenter, 186 George QJ 

Adams W. J. clerk, 106 Lee A 

Adams Wm. (A. & Moulton) 309 Lexington^ 
Adams Wm. H., 110 n Republican ,_^ 

Adams Wm. H. pilot, 137 Gough 
Adams Wm. T. prod. com. mercht. 27 Barre, 

dw 106 Lee 
Adams Wm. W. mariner, 102 Battery av 
Adderly Luke, hostler, 32 Barre 
Addicks Diedrich, shipcarp. 336 Eastern av 
Addington Jos. C. bookkeeper, 42 Lexington ^ 
Addison A. .Merrill, attoinev, 29 Lexington, 

dw 179 .McCulloh ' ^ 

Addison .Mrs. Catherine A., 26 s Carey /v» 

Addison Dennis, drayman, 150 n Dallas ^ 

Addison E. Virginia, teacher, 7 Warren ^ 

Addison George C. clerk, 612 w Fayette ^ 

Addison G. C. shoecutter, McMechin nr John Qi 
Addison Geo. M. asst. weigher C. H. 616 w 

Fayette ^ 

Addison John A. bookkeeper, 75 William 
Addison John W. news depot, 94 n Calvert, •" 
dw 7 Warren ^ 

Addison John W. machinist, 28 Scott "^ 

Addison Jos.T. shoecutter, McMechin nr John ,__r 
Addison Lewis P. clerk, 26 s Carey ^^ 

I Addison Mrs. Sally D. 7 Warren u 

j Addison Samuel S. shoe store, 230 w Pratt, CO 
dw 1 McMechin nr John ^^ 

Addison Taylor, bookkeeper, 75 William ^ 

I Addison Theodore, engineer, 54 s Poppleton ' 
Addison Wm. carpenter, L. Church nr Wil- 
liam, dw 75 William 
Addison Wm. E. clerk, 201 Columbia 
Addison Wm. E. clerk, 162 Barre 
Addison Wm. Meade, attorney, 29 Lexington, 

dw 179 .licCulloh 
Addison Wm. W. shoe cutter, 194 n Fremont 
Adelman Michael, laborer, 18 s Burke 
Adelman Chas. grocery, 376 e Eager 
Adelsdorf Joseph, bookkeeper, 51 German 
Adkisson Wm. ship carpenter, s w cor Canton rj" 
ave and Washington • — 

Adki.sson Dr.W.H.H.,Yorkrd beyond tollgate P 
Adler Aaron, cattle broker, 210 n Eden j-w 

Adler Aaron, {Louis A. & Bro.) 210 s Broad- ^*^ 





Adler Abraham, 35 Harrison 
Adler Adam, hostler, 101 Orchard 
Adler Dr. Alexander, dentist, 44 s High 
Adler Chas. E. clerk, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Charles (H. Frank & Co.) 275 Lexing- 
Adler Mrs. E. millinery, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Henry, laborer, 115 Lancaster 
Adler Henry, clerk, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Henry M. tax department, 329 e Pratt 
Adler Herman, clerk, 242 Lexington 
Adler Joseph, property agent, 64 s Eden 


ADL 20 











Adler Julius, 210 s Broadway 
Adler Levi, bookkeeper, 166 w Lombard 
Adler Louis, cattle dealer, 169 s Regester 
Adler Louis & Bro. (L. & A. Adler) dry 

ooods, 210 s Broadway 
Adlet- Louis, (Louis A.&Bro.) 210 s Broadway 
Adler M. boots and shoes, 166 w Lombard 
Adler Mannes, 16 Columbia 
Adler Marcus, dry goods, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Michael, clerk, 66 w Lombard 
Adler Wm. (S. Rosenblatt & Co.) 62 Aisquith 
Adoljih Catherine, 18 Fountain 
Adol|)h George, laborer, 152 s Charles 
Adoli'h Henry, boat builder, 52 n Spring 
Adol])h Henry, brickmaker, Ramsay nr Monroe 
Adolph John, butcher, 11 Elliott 
Adolph John, laborer, 18 Fountain 
Adolidi Wm. puddler, 137 s Chapel 
Adrean Elizabeth, seamstress, 54 Curtis al 
ADREON HARRISON, U. S. Pension agent, 
and attorney, U.S. courthouse, dw 145 Bolton 
Adreon Stephen A. clerk, 28 n Liberty 
ADREON, THOMAS & CO. (W. Adreon E. 
L. Thomas, Wm. T. Adreon,) auctioneers 
and commission merchants, 18 s Charles 
Adreon Wm. T. (A., Thomas & Co.) 620 Lex- 
Adreon Wm. (A., Thomas & Co.) 110 Han- 
Adreon Mrs. Winifred, 28 n Liberty 
Adrington Ann 52 e Lombard 
Adt John B. (Frank & A.) 3 s Ann 
Ady James, variety store, 153 Sharp 
Aeckelman Joseph, 71 Somerset 
Aether John, shoemaker, 48 Durst al 
^Eina Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. 

21 South 
Curley ^ Robertson, managers, 3 Post 
Office av, J. G. Proud ^ Sons, asst. agents 
21 SDUth 
Atf Martin, soldiers' home, 76 e Baltimore 
Affflder Max, secy. Permanent Land Co. of 

Baltimore, 310 w Lombard 
AtFayroux Epaulete, carpenter, 311 e Biddle 
Atfayroux Francis P. blacksndth, 190 East 
Affayroux James, carpenter, 190 East 
Attung John, shoemaker, 223 Hanover 
Agan James, drayman, 82 s Poppleton 
Agan Timothy, stone cutler. 144 n flolliday 
Aged Men's Home, cor. Calhoun & Lexington 
Aged Women's Home, Lexington nr Calhoun 
A sine Wm. provision. Castle and Lombard 
Agles Lewis, driver, Belair av ext 
Agnew Charlotte, 160 n Bond 
Agnew James C. currier, 160 n Bond 
Agnew John D. bookkeeper, 134 Mosher 
Agnew Mrs. Mary M, 134 Mosher 
Agnew Thos. J. clerk, 134 Mosher 
Agnew Thomas A. grocer, 297 w Pratt, dw 

64 Barre 
Agnew T. P., Republican nr Franklin 
Agular Joseph, laborer, 308 Aliceanna 
Agnus Felix, cashier American office, cor 

Fulton av and Liberty rd 
Ahart Ansel, cooper, 30 Bevan 
Ahart John, laborer, 1 Harmony la 
Ahaus Fred, piano maker, 45 Penna. av 
Aheler George, laborer, 81 Orleans 
Aheler John G. sawyer, 81 Orleans 
Ahern Daniel, feed, 138 s Chester 
Ahem Ellen, 294 Raborg 

Ahern Francis, clerk, 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern Jeremiah, laborer, 138 e Lombard 
Ahern John, brick manufacturer, yards Can- 
ton, dw 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern John T. laborer, 138 e Lombard 
Ahern Michael, laborer, Curley nr Hudson 
Ahern Michael, drayman, 25 Ringgold al 
Ahern Patrick, laborer, 5 Bloodgood ct 
Ahern Wm. S. clerk, 253 n Eutaw 
Ahl Romeo, painter, 19 Mott 
Ahlborn Julius, dollar store, 156 Lexington 
Ahlers Mrs. Catherine, 146 Bank 
Ahles Daniel, cooper, 217 Bond n of Abbot 
AhlesJohn, cigar maker, 5 n Durham 
Ahles John, laliorer, 85 s Chapel 
Ahles Wm. H. 217 n Bond 
Ahlsleger Wm. (Cowles & A.) Fayette nr 

Ahrendt Henry, moulder, 215 Bank 
Ahrens Adolph, old York road extended 
Ahrens Adolph jr., clerk, old York road ext 
Ahrens Christian, cabinetmaker. 220 Bank 
Ahrens George Ad. (Stirling k Ahrens) 123 

w Madison 
Ahrens Julius, confec'rand baker, 239 w Pratt 
Ahrling H. Henry, tavern, 72 Buchanan's whf 
Aichele Jacob, coal yard, 265 s Sharp, dw 246 

Aicklen August, tanner, 36 n Durham 
Aichele John, laborer, 246 Hanover 
Aickler Henry, shoemaker, 3 Druid Hill av 
Aickler Wm. blacksmith, 21 Holland 
Aickler Wm. blacksmith, 81 Orleans 
Aidt Lewis, shoemaker, 61 Druid Hill av 
Aidt Mary, seamstress, 82 Orchard 
Aiken Matthew K. cashier Calvert Iron and 

Nail Works Co., dw 614 Lexington 
Aikers Wm. H. cigarmaker, 701 w Lombard 
Aikin Dr. Wm. p]. A. prof, chemistry Uni- 
versity of Md.. dw 25 Hamilton 
Ail Andrew, tailor, 118 Stirling 
Aires A. J. & Co. (A. J. Aires, Thos. A. 

Hogg) restaurant. 53 Thames 
Aires Andrew J. (A. J. Aires & Co..) tavern, 
138 s Broadway, dw Gough nr Washington 
Aires Andrew J. shipjoiner, 245 Gough 
Aires James, engineer, 67 s Washington 
Airey Charles, cigarmakfer, 19 Oxford 
Airey Charles C. clerk, 11 Irvin pi 
Airey C. C. inspect' r cust'm house, 11 Irvin pi 
Airey Edward H. carter, 209 Ensor 
Airey Hiram, shoemaker, 19 Oxford 
Airey James, butter, 185 Druid Hill av 
Airey Jerome, butter, 113 w Townsend 
Airey Joseph, laborer, 127 Division 
Airey Philip, driver, 63 Chatsworth 
Aire}' Sinclair, carpenter, 109 s Edt-n 
Airey Wm. carter, 19 Oxford 
Airey Wm. F. clerk, 109 s Eden 
Aisquith Charlotte PL teacher 494 w Fayette 
Aisquith George G. clerk, 494 w Fayette 
Aisquith Mrs. .Mary H. 494 w Fayette 
Aisquith Street Presbyterian Church, corner 

Aisquith and Edward 
Aitcheson James, brass founder, 74 North, dw 

228 w Hoffman 
Aitken Andrew, (Hanna & Co.) 139 n Gay 
Aitken Mrs. Margaretta, 139 n Gay 
Akehurst John, engineer, 81 s Strieker 
Akerman Henry, laborer, 8 Smith 
Akers Dan'l, boilermker, Elizabeth lane near 



ALB * 

AKERS EDWARD, Watchmaker 
and Jewel9i\ 126 Hanover. 

Akers Edwin, dry goods, 138 Lexingtoa and 

99 s Bond 
Akers Kdwin, salesman, 138 Lexington 
Akers Gabriel C. watclimaker. 126 Hanover 
Akers George W. engineer. 179 Hughes 
Akers James P. salesman, 133 Lexington 
Akers Rasin T. boilermaker. 182 William 
Akers Mrs. Ruth A.. Miller nr Broadway 
Akers Sarah R. saleswoman, 584 Peunaav 
Akers Wm. H. boilermaker, .35 Bevan 
Alabaugh John H. grocer, cor Lexington and 

Paca, dw IT e Eager 
Alase Joseph, tailor, 28 Liberty al 
Alb John, shoemaker, 39 s Oregoa 
Alband & CuUison, (C. Alband, Jesse M. Cul- 

lison. 1 flour and feed, 4 Penna av 
Alband Chas. (A. & Cullison, ) 262 Franklin 
Albany City Fire and Marine Ins. Co., An- 
drews & Co. agents, 73 Smith's whf 
Albaugh Alex, wheelwright, 114 Penna av 
Albaugh .Mrs. Catharine, Belair av extended 
Albaugh DeWitt, painter. Division nr Lanvale 
Albaugh' E. D. clerk. 337 w Fayette 
Albaugh Edward W. produce and market 

master. 170 Barre 
Albaugh Elder D. clerk, 337 w Fayette 
Albaugh George W. plMSteret, 17 Monroe 
Albaugh George, painter, 59 Druid Hill av 
ALBAUGH GR.\FTOX, shoemaker, 177 n 

Eutaw. dw 123 Preston 
Albaugh Henry C. carpenter, 355 Penna av 
Albaugh Hiraia. boilermaker, 232 William J 
Albaugh John, (Whiter Co!) 114 Penna av 
Albaugh Joseph, blacksmith, 76 Beason 
Albaugh Maurice, shoemaker, 150 s Paca 
Albaugh Thomas, painter. 163 n Central av 
Albaugh Wm. A. brushmaker, n w cor Cam- 
den and Howard, dw 485 n Fremont 
Albaugh Wm. E. clerk, 131 n High 
Albers Anton, clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Charles F. cashier, 360 n Eutaw 
Albers Frederick, brickmaker, 190 s Wolfe 
Albers Dr. Henry, 95 3 Sharp 
Albers Henry, jr., clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henry, brickmaker, 190 s Wolfe 
Albers Mrs. Mary, 190 s Wolfe 
Albers Wm. cutter, 176 s Ann 
Albert Adelbert, paver, 100 Somerset 
Albert Anna M. grocery, 72 Mulberry 
Albert A. & H. J. paper hangings, &c., 18 n 

ALBERT AUGUSTUS, Sheriff Balto. City, 

basement Courthouse, dw 18 n Eutaw 
Albert Augustus, (A. & H. J. A.) 18 n Eutaw 
Albert Augustus J. (Albert & Bro.) and pro- 
prietor Mt Vernon hotel, Govanstown, Bal- 
timore CO 
Albert Augustus J., jr. (Augustus J. A., jr. & 

Co.) Mt Vernon hotel 
Albert k Bro. (A. J. Albert and Wm. J. Al- 
bert, ) office 6 s Charles 
Albert Augustus J., jr. & Co. (Aug. J. A. jr., 
J. T. Albert.) imps. Sheffield cutlery, 6 s 
Charles ^ 

Albert Casper, laborer, 26 Port 
Albert Catherine, tailoress, 10 n Durham 
Albert Charles, confectioner, 259 Light 
Albert Charles, medical student, 52 Cathedral 

Albert Charles, carpenter, 78 Penna av 
Albert Daniel, boot crimper, 92 Low 
Albert Daniel, harnessmaker, 7 Constitution 
Albert Erwin. clerk, 10 n Howard 
Albert Francis, (Penniman & Bro.) 249 Druid 

Hill av t_: 

Albert Frank, tailor, 10 n Durham ^ 

Albert Fred, clerk, Fayette nr Poppleton — 

Albert Fred, barber, 647 Penna av r~" 

Albert Fred, fancy goods, 433 w Fayette '^ 

Albert George, tailor, 164 s Bond 
Albert George, laborer, 295 s Durham %^ 

Albert Henry, shoemaker, 113 Henrietta " 

Albert Henry C, 48 Bolton o 

Albert Henry, laborer, Ridgely extended P^ 

Albert Jacob, laborer. 314 Montgomery Z/Z 

Albert John, brewer, Belair av extended 
Albert John, laborer. Ridgely extended Z!^ 

Albert John, carter, 164 s Bond 
Albert John, butcher, 93 Lexington, 15 Hoi- ry" 
lins, and 50 Hanover markets, dw Garrison r/~^ 
la nr Western Cemetery r^ 

Albert John, jr. bootfitter. 57 Bank JZ3 

Albert John, sr., bootfltter, 57 Bank rK 

Albert Joseph S. carpenter, 309 Saratoga 
Albert J. Taylor, (Aug. J. A. jr. & Co.) Tow- ^ 
sontown, Balto Co. ^ 

Albert Mrs. Maria E. 97 Hanover i— " 

Albert Michael, butcher, 31 Lexington and 21 ^ 
Richmond markets, dw Penna av n of North- ^ 
ern av •-• 

Albert Sebastian, laborer, 68 s Central av "^ 
Albert Talbot J. attorney, 52 Cathedral ' 

Albert Wm. conductor, 186 McHenrv ^* 

Albert Wm J. (Albert & Bro.) 52 Cathedral r 
ALBERTI, PRIOR & CO. (C. Alberti, E. A. ^ 
Prior, S. Bolte, ) importers fancy goods, "^ 
348 w Baltimore 
Alberti Chas. (A., Prior & Co.) 190 w Lombard "^ 
Albertson Isaac, proprietor Mansion house, n q 
w cor Favette and St. Paul c/2 

Albiter John, butcher. Lexington and Hano- ^ 
ver markets, dw Garrison la '1^ 

Albrecht August, driver, 120 Henrietta C 

Albrecht Charles, cooper, 14 Sterrett S 

Albrecht Charles, cooper, 920 w Pratt y^ 

Albrecht Frederick, carpenter. 363 s Eutaw r~' 
Albrecht. Frederick, laborer, 79 Leadenhall , - 
Albrecht Frederick, laborer, 117 s Eden ^ 

ALBRECHT FREDERICK, cooper, 109 Fred- > 
erick av " C 

Albrecht Geo. P. furniture, 99 Harrison P^ 

Albrecht George, laborer, 286 n Central av ^""^ 
Albrecht Henry, cooper, 231 Frederick av ^ 

Albrecht Henry, laborer, 110 Dugan's wharf .iT 
Albrecht Jacob, sr., cooper, 923 w Pratt Sv 

Albrecht Jacob F. cooper, 923 w Pratt JZ 

Albrecht Philipina, lager beer, 363 s Eutaw w 
ALBRECHT P. A. tobacco, 62 s Calvert, dw ^- 
185 e Monument ^ 

Albrecht Timotheus, joiner. 14 Sterrett q 

Albrecht Timotheus, bootfitter, 23 n Eden rr" 
Albrecht Timothy, laborer, 14 Sterrett f^' 

Albrecht Warner C. barber. 147 w Madison 
Albrecht Wm. laborer, 63 Aliceauna 
Albrecht Wm. boiler, 69 e Pratt 
Albright Aug. G. boilermaker, 7 Hollins al 
Albright Charles, cooper, 920 w Pratt 
Albright Fred L. brassfinisher, 100 Ramsay 
Albright Hy. G. coppersmith, s w cor Balti- 
more and Republican 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manufrs & Com. Merch'ts. 




r— I 









Albrieht Jos. blacksmith, 700 w Baltimore 
Albright Jesse P. bricklayer. 142 Columbia 
Alcock Fredk. C. 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Geo. H. clerk, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Wm. H. D bookkeeper, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Wm. E. (Spiller & A.) 267 n Eutaw 
Alday Wm. blacksmith, 416 Saratoga 
Alden J. M. machinist, Greenmount av near 

Alden Joseph, clerk, 206 Greenmount av 
Alden Mrs. Mary Ann, 219 e Baltimore 
Aldendick Bernard, shoemaker, 09 Dovfer 
Alderdice Mrs. Sarah, confectionery, 234 

Alderson Geo. D. clerk, 46 s Sharp 
Alderson Mrs. Lucy B. boarding, 42 German 
Aldred Mrs. Sarah A. 228 Aisquith 
Aldridge Andrew, sr. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge & Brewer, (Geo. Brewer) dry goods 

com. merchants, 5 German 
Aldridge Edwin, 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Geo. W. carpenter, 78 Warner 
Aldridge Dr. John H. 114 n Charles 
Aldridge John, conductor, 235 Columbia 
Alen Adam, laborer, 168 s Bethel 
Alen John, cooper, 193 s Bethel 
Aler Mrs. Anna J. 79 Hollins 
Aler Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 Hollins 
Aler Jeremiah, finisher, 72 s Carey 
Aler John, machinist, 9 s Oregon 
Aler John, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler John T. pumpmakcr, 103 Mulberry 
Aler John W. clerk, 82 n Eutaw j 

Aler Nancy, 108 n Bond 1 

Aler Reuben J. clerk, 119 w Biddle 
Aler Washington Z. clerk, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. H. jr. moulder, 46G w Lombard 
Aler Wm. H. sr. moulder, 423 Lexington 
Aler Wm. H. laborer, 6 Lemmon 
Alexander Andrew D. clerk, 231 George 
Alexander Benjamin, tailor, 131 Montgomery 
Alexander Mrs. Caroline, 229 n Caroline 
Alexander Chas. weigher C. H. 192 Hanover 
Alexander F. W. ass' t assessor, 272 Lexington 
Alexander James, (Mettee & A.) 175 w Lom- 
Alexander James R. butcher, Point la nr Ais- 
ALEXANDER JULIAN L attorney, n e cor 
Charles and Lexington, dw 272 Lexington 
Alexander Julia, 131 Montgomery 
Alexander Mrs. John H. 272 Lexington 
Alexander Lathan E. laborer, 15 s Oregon 
Alexander Mrs. Margaret H. dressmaker, s e 

cor Charles and Pleasant 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 213 w Pratt 
Alexander Richard, clerk, 131 Gough 
Alexander Samuel, conductor, 290 LexingtQn 
Alexander Thomas, salesman, 131 Gough 
Alexander Thomas, salesman, 310 e Pratt 
Alexander Wm. agent, Maltby house 
Alexander Wm. treas. Georges Creek Coal and 

Iron Co. 19 South, dw Eutaw house 
ALEXANDER WM. attorney and solicitor in 

equity, 32 St. Paul, dw 117 e Baltimore 
Alford Chas. H. sec'y Md. Steamboat Co. 18 

Jackson sq av 
Alford Geo. C. clerk, 132 s High 
Alford James E. insurance agent, 26J Second, 

dw 132 s High 
Alford James H. clerk, 132 s High 
.Alford Samuel M. carpenter, 132 s High 

Alger Porter R. (Ruthrauf, A. & Co.) 249 

Algie James, paper blockmker, 86 n Caroline 
Albeit Adam, blacksmith, 560 Penna av 
Albeit Frederick, shoemaker, 149 e Fayette 
Albeit George, blacksmith, 204 Columbia 
Alheit John G. blacksmith, 204 Columbia 
All Chas. W., Greenmonnt av opp Jenkins la 
Allard Albert A. tinner, 88 Chew 
Allard Amelia E. 231 u Bond 
Allard Edward C. carpenter, 402 e Monument 
Allard Edward C. sr. carpenter, 335 n Gay 
Allard John E. shoemaker, 320 n Broadway 
Allard Joseph, carpenter, 320 n Broadway 
Allard Wm. carpenter, 346 n Gay 
Allbright Ernest, shoemaker, 96 Hillen 
Allemand f'has. clerk, 46 w Biddle 
Allen Alexander, 204 Aisquith 
Allen Alexander, engraver, 143 William 
Allen Mrs. Anne, 74 n Pine 
Allen Byron L., salesman, 415 n Central av 
Allen Chas. blacksmith, 162 German 
Allen Chas. H. printer, 13 s Caroline 
Allen Chas. M. clerk, 276 w Fayette 
Allen Chas. P. conductor, 155 Cross 
Allen Chas. cooper, 266 w Biddle 
Allen Christopher, laborer, 14 n Schroeder 
Allen Edward A., U. S. N. n e cor Kutaw pi 

and McMechin 
Allen Edward F. canmaker, 61 Holland 
Allen Elizabeth, seamstress, 3 Friendship 
Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, 97 s Bond 
Allen Ephraim, baker, 119 e Pratt 
Allen Frederick, shoemaker, 258 w Pratt 
Allen Geo. W. fireman, 203 George 
Allen Geo. W. clerk, 8 Lisiht 
Allen Geo. W. baker, 95 Ensor 
Allen Geo. W. painter, 20.") n Eutaw 
Allen G. W. fire dept. 113 n Pine 
Allen Geralbus S. driver, 108 Walsh 
Allen & Harden ,(Wm. Allen, J. Harden,) 

coal and wood, Frederick av nr Calverton rd 
Allen Henry, 159 e Baltimore 
Allen Henrj', carpenter, 1 n Ann 
Allen Henry A. prof, of music, n e cor Eutaw 

pi and McMechin 
Allen Henry L. baker, 76 s Broadway 
Allen Isaac, jr. caulker, 52 Cross 
Allen Isaac, ferryman, 56 Cross 
Allen James, clerk, 184 Conway 
Allen James, paper carrier, 61 Holland 
Allen James, 206 n Fremont 
Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 
Allen John, mariner, Choptauk nr Gough 
Allen John, excavator, 207 Gough 
Allen John, cooper, 133 L. Greene 
Allen John R. machinist, 163 n Fremont 
Allen John T. puddler, 3 O'Donnell 
Allen John W. blacksmith. 38 n Poppleton 
Allen Joseph, laborer, 56 Cross 
Allen Joseph II. (Nevin & A.) 68 s Broadway 
Allen Joseph S. carp. 89 Jackson sq av 
Allen Mrs. Laura, 415 n Central av 
Allen Lawrence, baker, 173 n Spring 
Allen Lawrence W. S. 339 w Lombard 
Allen Lewis, baker, 173 n Spring 
Allen Lewis F. carpenter, 46 s Republican 
Allen Luther W. P. clerk, 14 Poarl 
Allen Reuben, tinner, 61 Holland 
Allen Rhodes G. sign painter, 68 s Carey 
Allen Robert J. bricklayer, 117 n Schroeder 
Allen Russell W. painter, 68 s Carey 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Allen Mrs. Sarah A. 71 Columbia 

Allen Sarah, sec. hand clothing, 266 s Bond 

Allen Solomon, carpenter, 98 Lee 

Allen Mrs. Susan, 26 O'Donnell 

Allen Thomas, painter, 56 Cross 

Allen Thomas, bricklayer, 34 s Sharp 

Allen Thomas, machinist, 71 Columbia 

Allen Thomixs F. shoemaker, 125 Leadenhall 

ALLEN & UPTON, (B. Cpton, Wm. Coath, 

J. T. Upton) steam furniture works. 13 and 

15 Granby, lumber yard, 56 West Falls av 
Allen Wm. carpenter, 71 Columbia 
Allen Wm. carpenter, 203 George 
Allen Wm. vinegar, Chesnutal nr Ogston,dw' 

237 Franklin 
Allen Wra. laborer, 2 Willow- 
Allen Wm. ship carpenter, 23 Randall 
Allen Wm. A. general agent Union .Mutual 

Life Ins. Co. of Maine, over 12 South, dw 

] n Carey 
Allen Wm. B. gunsmith, 225 n Eden 
Allen Wm. H. architect and builder, cor Lex- 
ington and North, dw 265 e Baltimore 
Allen William H. shoemaker, 125 Leadenhall 
Allen Wra. H. wheelw't, Bustim e of Clinton 
Allen Wm. H. laborer, 40 s Caroline 
Allen Wm. M. restaurant, 8 Light 
Allen Wm. M. brick manufac'r. Washington 

av, dw 24 s Strieker 
Allen\Vm.N.( A.&Harden)Lombard nrMonroe 
Allenbaugh Chas. T. plumber, 184 Pearl, dw 

80 George 
Allenbaugh Geo. W. plasterer. 17 Monroe 
Allenbaugh John, carp. 368 e Monument 
Allenbaugh Wm. H. shoemaker, 499 Saratoga 
AUender Geo. H. carp. Wolfe nr Monument 
Alleis Diedrich H.groc'y and feed, 140 s Eutaw 
Allers Harman E. laborer, 404 s d'harles 
Allers John A. brickmkr, Gilmor and HoUins 
Alles .Mary D. huckstress, 109 Low 
AUewelt John Q. com. mer. 68 e Eager 
Allguner John, tailor, 33 McElderry 
Alligood Capt. Chas. A., U. S. A. marine 

storekeeper, A. A. Q. M. 51 s Sharp 
Allison Mrs. Ann, 65 s Eden 
Allison Chas. W. printer, Starr hotel 
Allison James S. clerk, Starr hotel 
Allison James S. sr. weigher, Starr hotel 
Allison John, conductor, 10 Park av 
Allison Noah, barkeeper, 17 Orleans 
Allison Philip S. bookkeeper, 209 e Pratt 
Allison Robert H. grocery, 321 e Baltimore 
AUmackGeo. W. blacksmith, 317 Mulberry 
Allman John, blacksmith, rear 407 n Gay 
AUman John, 347 s Charles 
Allman Wm. carpenter, rear 407 n Gav 
Allmand John O'G. (A. & Williams) 84 


S. Williams) general ins. agents, 79 Second 

\_See Lines on front cover.'] 
AUmendenger Christopher, cabinetmaker, 101 

s Chapel, dw 89 e Lombard 
AUmendenger Heinrich, tailor, 77 s Chapel 
ALLNUTT E. S. <fe Co. (Edmund S. A., M. B. 

Johnson) boots and shoes, wholesale, over 

258 w Baltimore 
AUnutt Christiana V. spinster, 100 Lee 
AUnutt Edmund S. (E.S.A.& Co.) 137 Bolton 
Allnutt Henry, clerk, 100 Lee 
AUnutt Rudolph, screwman, Tobacco Ware- 
house No. 3 

I Allnutt Thomas A. clerk, 100 Lee 
Alloway Geo. N. clerk P. 0. 55 Lexington 
Almond Mrs. Ann. grocery, 158 Vine 
Almond John F. butcher, 158 Vine 
Almshiser Conrad, grocerv, 150 Raborg 

W. Dobbin, pres't, H. C. Wagner, sec'y 
Allston Joseph Blyth, attorney, 32 St. Paul, 

dw 35 w Biddle' 
Alls John P. D. shoemaker, 265 w Fayette 
Alls William, shoemaker, 16 n Schroeder 
Alluisi Salvator, figure and modelmaker, 202 

Allwell Eliza, 154 s Bond 
Allwell Stephen D. ropemaker, 94 Mullikin 
Allwell Stephen S. tinner. 219 Orleans 
Allwell Wm. J. bricklayer, 555 e Fayette 
Allwell Wm. W. mariner, 154 s Bond 
Almandinger Jacob, weaver, 64 Walnut al 
Almoney Mordecai, carpenter, 167 Chesnut 
Alnutt .Mrs. J. A.. 177 Saratoga 
ALNUTT J.AMES W. prest. Bank of Com- 
merce, 177 Saratoga 
Alpsteg Jacob, cooper, 158 s Spring 
Aires Henry, driver, Belair av ext 
Alricks Francis W., 61 Courtland 
Alsinger Chas. canmaker, 233 s Wolfe 
Alslager Wm. fish, 678 w Fayette 
Alsweady Chas. salesman, 146 e Madison 
Alt Casper, broommaker. 87 McElderry 
Alt Conrad, watchman, 175sRegester 
Alt John, shoemaker, 39 s Oregon 
Alt John, shoemaker, 167 Sarah Ann 
ALT & FOY,(Peter Alt, Geo W. Foy) oyster 

packers, 33 Grant and 4 Hollingsworth 
Alt Peter, (Alt & Foy) 557 n Gay 
Altemus W. E, clerk. Buck's hotel 
Altevogt Wm. laborer, 35 Aliceanna, Canton 
Altevogt Frederick, beer, cor Third av and 

Trappe rd 
Althrieth David, clerk, 17 Brown la 
Altpeter Geo, beer, Howard and Richmond 
Altpeter Geo. jr. barkeeper, 318 n Howard 
Altman B., 64 s Broadway 
Altman Isaac C. L. harnessmaker, 37 Conway 
Altman Moritz, 64 s Broadway 
Altmayer Simon, 45 Watson 
Altonan Rev. Lehmeyer, 37 Conway 
Alton Lewis, carpenter, 282 Orleans 
Altrieih Christian, grocery, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth David, druggist, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth Wm. confectioner, 259 Hanover 
Altvater Charles, clerk, 1(>0 Somerset 
Altvater Charles, clerk, 88 Pearl 
Altvater Conrad, tailor, cor Burke and Alice- 
Altvater Harriet, 67 n Exeter 
Altvater Henry, potter, 120 s Chapel 
Altvater Jacob, clothing cutter, Sarah Ann 

nr Schroeder 
AItvat'.'r Mrs. John, liquors, 112 Eastern av 
Alvater John, ckrk, 51 n Greene 
Altvater John, bricklayer, 46 n Eden 
Altvater Lewis, liquors, 112 Eastern ar 
Altvater Wm. carpenter, 46 n Eden 
Alvaiher Conrad H. jr. bill poster, 2Pieasant al 
Alvey, Coale & Co. (J. F. A., S. R. Coale) 
importers and jobbers dry goode. 17 s Sharp 
Alvey John F. (A., Coale cj-'Co.)221Madisonav 
Alvey Samuel, stevedore, 30 s Broadway 
Alvord Walter, clerk, 417 w Baltimore 
Alwick William, laborer, Lefierman al 





• I— i 







r— I 


' w 








Aman Adam, butcher, 223^ Light 

A man George F., 23 Balderstoa 

Aman Michael, hiborer, 105 s Chapel 

Amaiidt Jacob, tinner, 11 L. Gough 

Araar Jacob, tanner, 61 Buren 

Ambach David, (Burgunder, Ambach & Co ) 

154 w Lombard 
Ambach Mil<e,(Burgunder, A.& Co. )42s Sharp 
Amber Dr James M., Baltimore Infirmary 
Aiuberg Chas. laborer, 166 s Durham 
Amberg Geo. tailor, 91 Lancastrr 
Amberg Fulton, laborer, 166 s Durham 
Amberg Valentine, laborer, 166 s Durham 
Ambrose Jeremiah, laborer, 131 s Chester 
Ambrose John, painter, 276 s Sharp 
Ambrose W. R. police, 166 Scott 
Ameal Frank, carpenter, 217 Lexington 
Amelang August, mer. tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Ameluug August, baker, 266 s Eutasv 
Amelung Frederick, tobacconist, 7 e Monument 
Amend John, laborer, 83 Johnson 
Amend John, dravman, 16 Baker 
Amend Mrs. .Mary, midwife, 139 s Wolfe 
Amendt Jacob, tinner, 59 Bank 
Ameudt Joseph, junk, 152 s Eden 
Anient Andrew, siioemaker, 191 Eastern av 
Anient Matthew, blacksmith, 172 n Central av 
Ament Mattice, hay huckster, 478 Fenna av 
Ament Valentine, shoemaker, 12 Spruce al 
Amer Mrs. Margaret, 41 Goodman al 
Amer Martin, laborer, 82 Grindall 
Amer Martin, laborer, 114 West 
American Colonization Society, Dr. James 

Hall, agent, over 87 Second 
timore, 6 South, James L. Armstrong pres- 
American Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, 

agency 9 and 11 North 
American Gas Coal Co., James Boyce, presi- 
dent, 1 and 3 German 
American Jacob, engineer, 84 s Wolfe 
American Life Ins. Co., C. B. Tyler, agent, 

131 w Baltimore 
American Press Assn., Marion & Knight, agts, 

over 144w Baltimore 
American Shoe Co.. (E. Pels & Son,) 81 n 

Ameiican Steam Fire Proof Safe Co., sales- 
room 131 vv Baltimore, E. B. Tyler, agent 
American Tea Co., M. Bamberger, prop., 153 

Ames Rev. A. H., 253 Harford av 
Ames Brothers, ( Daniel R., Frank A. and Wm. 

Ames. ) fancy goods, 1 63 n Gay 
Ames Daniel R. (Ames Bros.) 705 Lexington 
Ames Edward, tailor, 56 Tyson 
Ames Rev. Edward R , McCulloh nrMosher 
Ames Elijah, salesman, 102 s Charles 
Ames Elijah M. clerk, 62 St. Paul 
Ames Emerson, Fulton ur HoUins 
Ames Ernest, Fulton nr Hollins 
Ames Frank A. (Ames Bros.) 100 Saratoga 
Ames Geo. T. (Tucker, Smith & Co.) 62 St. 

Ames Hudson N. collector, 98 Chatsworth 
Ames Wm. H. clerk, 62 St. Paul 
Ames Wm. (Ames Bros.) 76 n High 
Amey George, moulder, 121 s Poppleton 

Amey Joseph, restaurant, 148 s Paca 
Amey Wm. bricklayer, 121 s Poppleton 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 144 Battery av 
Amey Wm. E. fisherman, 84 Johnson 
Amich James H. wagoner, 121 s Poppleton 
Amick Wm. ropemaker, Aisqnith nr Point la 
Amling George, lager beer, 265 e Lombard 
Amling Henry, lager beer, 225 s Wolfe 
Ammel Philip, boot crimper, over 43 Harrison 
Ammen S. Z. teacher, 163 Linden av 
Ammer George, currier, 253 e Lombard 
Ammer Jacoi), tanner, 61 Buren 
Ammert Chrisiojiher, baker, 87 Cambridge 
AMMIDON & CO. (J. P. Ammidon.) kero- 
sene oil, lamps and glassware, 60 German 

and 347 w Baltimore 
Ammidon John P. (A. & Co.) 263 Linden av 
Amon John, laborer, 55 s Durham 
Amos Alfred P. clerk, 81 e Pratt 
Amos Mrs. Ann M. 284 Orleans 
Amos Benjamin F. tobacconist, 176jeBalti. 

Amos Benjamin B. 40 e Baltimore 
Amos Charles L. clerk, 270 Druid Hill av 
Amos Frederick A. bricklayer, 270 Druid 

Hill av 
Amos James E. deputy sheriff, 328 n Caroline 
Amos James T. wagoner, cor Central and 

Harford avs 
Amos Rev. J. Edwin, 249 n Caroline 
Amos Mrs. Margaret, 123 Mulberry 
Amoss Alfred P. judge Orphan's Ct. Ellicott 

City, dw 249 n Caroline 
Amoss Alfred P. jr., 83 e Pratt 
Amoss Robert, salesman, 417 n Central av 
Amrein Eva. grocery, 80 Harrison 
Amrein George, wagoner, 80 Harrison 
Amrhein Christopher, baker, 4 s Gist 
Amrhein Henry, shoemaker, 53 s Regester 
Amrhein Jacob, shoemaker, 198 Harford av 
Amrhein Joseph, cabinetmaker, 9 n Wolfe 
Amrhein Mrs. Louisa, 283 Franklin 
Amrhein Wm. carpenter, 301 Harford av 
Amthor Dr. Robert, 124 n Central av 
Amrsback Leonard, tailor. 22 Anthony 

Jersey, 8 Post Office av., Frank Markoe. jr. 

Anchor Line of Steamers, Hall k Loney, agts, 

26j Second 
Anchutz Frederick, engineer, 4 Swan 
Anderfuhen Aaron, glassblower, 3 L. Church 
Anderfuhren Ab'm L. wood turner, 63Raborg 
Anderfuhren Christo'r, carpenter, rear 347 

Anderfuhren, Edward G. shoemaker, 54 Park 
Anders Kate, servant, 109 n Exeter 
Anderson Ann M., 2 Miller 
Anderson Agnes, teacher. 385 n Gay 
Anderson Andrew, clerk through line B & 

R R 82 Camden 
Anderson Andrew, 30 s Broadway 
Anderson Mrs. Ann, huckstress. 137 Ensor 

importers hardware, n w cor Light & Pratt 
Anderson Benjamin F. cigarmaker, 120ePratt 
Anderson Chaney, carpenter, 40 Chatsworth 
Anderson Chas. E. salesman, Howard House 
Anderson Charles, barber, 3 s Frederick 
Andeason Charles E. baker, 51 s Burke 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, 214 German 

dw 451 Franklin 


Anderson Chas. H. blacksmith, 451 Franklin 
Anderson David, horse shoer, 102 German, 

dw 94 n Pine 
Anderson Edward, jeweler, 417 w Lombard 
Anderson Edward, carpenter, 15 Carlton 
Anderson Rev. Eldred 11. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, 73 Eislein 
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, 71 Hanover 
Anderson Elizabeth, dressmaker, 76 Lexington 
Anderson Elizabeth, produce, 116 York, dw 

42 McElderry. 
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, 144 William 
Ander.'!on Evan, conductor, 325 Cathedral 
Anderson Ephraim F., U. S. appraiser, Bar- 

num's hotel 
Anderson George H. laborer, 104 Ramsay 
Anderson Frederick T. printer, 385 n Gaj' 
Anderson George F. (Seevers & Anderson,) 

640 Lexington 
Anderson Geo. W. machinist, 305 s Paca 
Anderson Harry A. machinist, Williams la 

nr Frederick av 
i\nderson Henry, mariner. 179 s Wolfe 
Anderson Herbert W. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Hugh, painter, 115 JIcElderry whf 
Anderson, Capt. Isaac J. 196 n Broadway 
Anderson James, clerk, 209 Mulberry 

(James M. Anderson, W. S. 
Anderson,) Engravers, Plate 
Printers and Stationers, and 
Dealers in Fancy Goods, 148 W. 

Anderson James D. huckster, 42 McElderry 
ANDERSON JAMES M. (Jas. M. Anderson 

& Son,) 183 n Calvert 
Anderson James, cooper, 158 n Spring 
Anderson James, engineer, 13 L Church 
Anderson Jas. N. (Wheat & A.) 46 n Liberty 
Anderson James, clerk. Mulberry nr Howard 
Anderson James, 359 e Baltimore 
Anderson Jeanette, nurse, 65 Forrest 
Anderson Jesse N. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson John, tailor. 22 Jasper 
Anderson John, laborer, 224 e Pratt 
Anderson John W. blacksmith, 29 s Republi- 
Anderson,) oyster and fruit packers, 9 Al- 
Anderson John W. (John W. A. & Co.) 160 

Anderson John, tavern, 25 Thames 
Anderson John, tinner, 410- n Caroline 
Anderson John H. painter 362 w Lombard 
Anderson Jolin H. clerk, 199 e Monument 
Anderson John J. 870 w Baltimore 
Anderson John S. carpenter, 870 w Baltimore 
Anderson John G. processer, 55 Greenwillow 
Anderson J. W. grocer, s w cor Gay and For- 
rest, dw 197 Aisquith 
Anderson Isaac J. barkeeper, foot of Wash- 
Anderson Jos. ci^armaker, Canton av nr Ann 
Anderson Joseph, cigarraaker, 290 Canton av 
Anderson Joshua, carpenter, 47 George 
Anderson Julius H. accountant, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson L. T., 41 Lee 

25 AND 

Anderson Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 412 e 

Anderson Mrs. Mary A., 85 s Caroline 
Anderson Mrs. Margaret, shoes, 82 Camden 
Anderson Mrs. Mary H., 11 7 Hanover 
Anderson Mrs. Mary, milliner, 160 Hanover 
Anderson Mary, dressmaker, 76 Lexington 
Anderson Mrs. Matilda, 67 s Fremont 
Anderson Morris, carpenter, 36 St. Mary's 
Anderson Nathaniel V. messenger, Bay View 

Anderson Nicholas, cook, 124 w Baltimore 
Anderson Notley B. clerk, Pratt nr Strieker 
Anderson Oliver, police, 254 s Ann 
Anderson Peter, carpenter, 19 w Biddle 
Anderson Richard, cooper, 92 Hamburg 
Anderson Richard, blacksmith, 105 s Castle 
Anderson Robert M., 104 Lee 
Anderson Robert S. clerk, 29 Pleasant 
Anderson Mrs. Rosa, liquors, 4 n Amity 
ANDERSON SAMUEL E. proprietor Miller's 

hotel, s w cor German and Paca 
Anderson Samuel P. G. bookkeeper, 210 Lin- 
den av 
Anderson Mrs. Sarah J., 41 Lee 
Anderson Stephen, currier, Three Tuns hotel 
Anderson Theodore, engineer, 41 s Poppleton 
Anderson Thos. lab'r, Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Anderson Thos. D. (Anderson Bros.) Hamp- 
den, Baltimore co. 
Anderson Thomas, canraaker, 41 Henrietta 
Anderson Thomas J. engineer, 147 William 
ANDERSON W. E. & CO. (Wm. E. Ander- 
son, Wm. R.Sherwood,) furniture, 8 and 
10 second 
Anderson Wm. E. (W. E. Anderson & Go.) 

210 Linden av 
Anderson W. S.(J. M. A. & Son) 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Wm. grocery, Buren and Monument 
Anderson Wm. wagoner, 11 Centre Market sp 
Anderson Wm. painter, cor Walsh and Lan- 

ANDERSON WM. H. painter, 3 n Sharp, dw 

358 Lexington 
Anderson Wm. H. H. attorney, s e cor Court- 
land and Lexington 
Anderson Wm. T. cigarmaker, 92 s Chester 
Anderton C. H. plasterer, 50 Barre 
Anderton Walter E. oyster packer, s tide ba- 
sin, dw 60 n HoUiday 
Andre Christopher 4" Son, (C. and Geo. An- 
dre, ) painters and dealers in pamts, glass, 
308 Light 
Andre Christopher, (C. A. & Son,) 308 Light 
Andre Geo (C.A.^Son)Battery av nr Fort av 
Andre Dr. J. Ridgway, 121 e Baltimore 
Andrea Gotleib F. grocery, 36 Bank 
Andrea Henry, shoemaker, 206 s Bethel 
Andrea Wm. provisions, 202 s Eutaw 
Andreae Theod. brass finisher, 292 s Charles 
Andres Mrs. Margaret, 176 s Wolfe 
Andrew Charles, public weigher, 5 Spear's 

wharf, dw 54 Spring row 
Andrew Col. George, 33 Hamilton 
Andrew Robert C. conductor. Division near 

Andrews Alonzo M. mariner, 23 Holland 
Andrews Mrs. Amanda, 23 Holland 
Andrews Benj. barkeeper, 90 s. Washington 
Andrews Jacob, shoemaker, 26 Penna av 
Andrews Chas. H. gunsmith, 337 Eastern av 
Andrews David S. laborer, 144 McHenry 


»— I 



• I— I 




Dust and 






I— I 








ANDREWS & CO. (J. W. Andrews, I. P. 
Bureess, ) ship brokers and genl. com. mer- 
chants, and agts. Balto. and Wilmino;ton. 
N. C. steamers, and Balto. and Newbern, 
N. C. steamers and Albany City Fire and 
Marine Insurance Co., 73 Smith's wharf 
Andrews Elizabeth, dressmaker, 52 n Paca 
Andrews George, hod carrier, 214 Eastern av 
Andrews Hanson C. 38 Lemmon 
Andrews Hercules R. W. 66 Barre 
Andrews Jacob, butcher, 41 Belair and 33 Cen- 
tre Markets, dw York rd nr cit^ limits 
ANDREWS JAMES B. agt. Balto. and Savan- 
nah Steamship Co., 231 n Fremont 
Andrews James, blacksmith, 37 s Calhoun 
Andrews John W. sailmaker, 23 Holland 
Andrews John H. machinist, 55 s High 
Andrews John H. 2C Pennsj'lvania av 
Andrews John J. undertaker, 4 Druid Hill av 
Andrews John, shoemaker, 383 Eastern av 
Andrews John, shoemaker, 200 n Exeter 
Andrews Joseph W. ('Andrews ^ Co.) 231 n 

Andrews Lousia J. grocery and provisioas, 

141 n Exeter 
Andrews Mark, grinder, 364 e Fayette 
Andrews Ringgold, miller, 141 n Exeter 
Andrews Robert, laborer, Druid Hill av nr 

Northern av 
Andrews R. Snowden, architect and Prest. 

Monumental Fire Ins. Co., 184 n Calvert 
Andrews Samuel, huckster, 171 w Pratt 
Andrews Stephen, weigher, Millington la nr 

Frederick av 
Andrews Thos. B. gunsmith, 141 n Exeter 
Andrews Thomas E. machinist, Millington la 

nr Frederick av 
W. S. Thompson,) druggists and chemists, 
5 w Baltimore 
Andrews W. A. painter, 3 Brune 
Andrews Wm. laborer, 31 Elizabeth la 
Andrews Wm. tanner, 55 n Frederick 
Andrews Wm. driver, 20 Greenwillow 
Andrews Wm. E. clerk, Pratt and Strieker 
Anfang John, laborer, 71 s Wolfe 
Angel Conrad, baker, 524 w Lombard 
Angel George, carter, 213 n Bond 
Angel James R. clerk, 37 Columbia 
Angel John T. stonecutter, 8 Harford av 
Anger Valentine J. barkeeper, 118 n Gay 
Angerman Henry, coachtrimmer, 564 Saratoga 
Angerman Wm. cook, 207 Lee 
Angerman Wm. H. clerk, 558 Saratoga 
Angermeyer John, lithographer, 261 n Fremont 
Angle Wm. carpet weaver, Frederick av nr 

Anglemayer, Mrs. Catherine, 637 Saratoga 
Anglim James, (Joseph Neal & Co.) 84 w 

Anker Francis, paver, 257 Aisquith 
Anker John, tailor, 246 e Chase 
Anker Michael, shoemaker, Waverly, York rd 
Anker Wm., Gilmor house 
Ankers John, laborer, lo n Castle 
Annacker Elizabeth, 512 w Pratt 
Annan Roberdeau, clerk. 318 w Fayette 
Aunandale Wm. J. bookkeeper, 142 s Broadway 
Annen Henry, huckster, Maccubbin nr Ann 
Annen John, paver, 491 n Gay 
Annesley Mrs. Amanda, hat finisher. 11 Humes 
Anreith Chas. sawmaker, 211 n Dallas 

Anreith Mrs Catherine, 211 n Dallas 
Anreith John, brickla\ er. 211 n Dallas 
Anreith Geo. bricklayer, 211 n Dallas 
Anschutz Valentine, laborer, 228 s Ann 
Anshutz Albert, upholsterer, 54 n Exeter 
Anshutz Charles, locksmith, 217 Canton av 
Anthony Geo. A. carpenter, 188 William 
Anthony G.W.edge tool grinder, 24 s Caroline 
Anthony Henry, carpenter, 29 May 
Anthony Heiir^' A.(John D. Hammond &Co.) 

150 Myrtle av 
Anthony Joseph, tinner, 9 Armistead la 
Anthony Michael, laborer, 158 Franklin 
Anthony Virginia, 149 Gough 
Anthony Mrs. W. A. tailoress, 188 William 
Anthony Wm. B. fisherman, 188 William 
Antlitz Michael, laborer, 12 n Chapel 
Anton Adam, lager beer, 255 s Wolfe 
Anton George, cutter, 216 e Eager 
Anton Henry, cooper, 336 e Lombard 
Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Antoni John, tobacconist, 4 s Gay 
Anzmann Joseph A. A. police, 77 Pierce 
Anzmann Joseph, bootmaker, 173 German 
Anzmann Anthony, notions, 227 Lexington 
Apel Adolph, tailor, 159 e Pratt 
Apel Joseph, carpenter, 277 s Ann 
APPEAL TAX COURT, City Hall, n w cor 

Fayette and Calvert 
Appe Jacob, laborer, 260 w Biddle 
Appel Andrew, blacksmith, 95 s Dallas 
Appel Chas. shoemaker, 270 Eastern av 
Appel Christian, cabinetmaker. 30 Pearl 
Appel Conrad, tailor, 291 Eastern av 
Appel Edward, tailor, 29 n Dallas 
Appel Emil, shoemaker, 270 Eastern av 
Appel Frederick, barkeeper. 184 Canton av 
Appel Frederick, laborer, 319 Canton av 
Appel Frederick, laborer. 478 Canton av 
Appel George, butcher, 33 Hanover Market, 

dw Frederick road 
Appel George, laborer, 270 Eastern av 
Appel George, moulder, 270 Eastern av 
Appel George, basketmaker, 126 s Regester 
Appel Henr.y, drayman, 363 s Charles 
Appel John, tailor. 83 s Regester 
Appel John, shoemaker; 152 Raborg 
Appel John C. mariner, 307 Aliceanna 
Appel John, shoemaker, rear 73 Hanover 
Appel John, carter, 63 Monroe 
Appel Leonard, laborer. Fort av nr William 
Appel Martin, tailor, 66 Mullikin 
Appel Wm. book canvasser, 16 e Lombard 
Appell John carter, 5 Calverton road 
Appell John, tailor, Burke and Canton av 
Appell John H. tailor, 83 s Regester 
Appell Mrs. Louisa. Phila. road nr East av 
Appell Nicholas, tailor, 83 s Regester 
Apple Mrs. Margaret, confectionery, 30 Pearl 
Appleby Andrew J. gatekeeper, Greenmount 

Appleby Mrs. Ann, 417 n Gay 
Appleby Catherine, laundress, rear 3] King 
Appleby Geo. H. blacksmith, rear Bolton depot 
Appleby Edward H. pattern maker. 304 n Eutaw 
A{)pleby Sarah, dressmaker. 225 n Bond 
Applegarlh Chas. L. packer. 261 s Charles 
Appleaarth Elizabeth, 152 Chnptank 

Frame) attorneys, 40 St. Paul 
Applegarth Henry C. clerk", 79 s Fremont 
Applegarth John F. cigar maker, 268 Hanover 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Applegarth John A. com. merch't, 117 Smith's 

wharf, dw 191 Townsend 
Applegarth C^pt. Lawson J. ship yard and 

marine railway, foot of Cross, dw 28 Fawn 
Applegarth Nathaniel J. ship broker, over 4 

Bowly's whf, dw 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Nathaniel, (Wm. A. & Sons) 48 

Applegarth Robert H. sr., cigarmaker, 268 

Applegarth Robert H. jr.. cigarmaker, 260 

Applegarth Rufus W. (A. ^ Frame) 153 Sara- 
Applegarth Thos. M. (Wm. A. & Sons) 12 s 

Applegarth Wm. & Sons, (Capt. Wm. Apple- 
garth, Nathaniel & T. M. Applegarth) ship 

brokers and com. merchants, 37 w Pratt, 

cor Buchanan's whf 
Applegarth ('apt. Wm. (Wm. Applegarth & 

Sons) 12 s High 
Applegarth Wm. H. 28 Fawn 
Applegarth Wm. J. clerk, 48 Fawn 
Appleman P. clerk, 48 Saratoga 
Appier Chas. wheelwright, 235 Forrest 
Appier Orlando M. paper hanger, 6 s Poppleton 
Appier Thos. clerk. 256 Lanvale 
Appold Andrew, bark mills, s e cor Caroline 

and McElderry, dw 420 e Monument 
Appold Daniel, painter, 57 Leadenhall 

Sam'l Appold) hide and leather dealers, 8 

and 10 Water, tannery North nr Madison 
Appold Geo. A. clerk, 420 e Monument 
Appold Geo. J. (Geo A. <k Sons, and Moore, 

Larrabee & Co.) 262 n Charles 
Appold Howard A. clerk. 214 n Calvert 
Appold James A huckster, 487 Aisquith 
Appold Samuel, (Geo. A. & Sons, and Moore, 

Larrabee <f- Co.) 214 n Calvert 
Appold vSamuel A. engineer, 93 McElderry 
Appold Theo. R. com. merch't, 174 n Eutaw 
Appold Wm. H. 214 n Calvert 
APPRAISERS OFFICE, (U. S.) cor Gay and 

Arbaxter James, supt. Dillon nr East av 
Arbe John, rectifier, ISO Conway 
Arbin Henry J. butcher, 19 Hanover and 25 

Belair markets, dw Jenkins lane 
Arbiter Hall and Workingmen's Union, 5 s 

Arch Wm. laborer, 176 Burgundy al 
Archer Caleb, carpenter, 16 Holland 
Archer Cornelius, laborer, 7 Abbot 
Archer Geo., Mansion house 
Archer Geo. draftsman, cor St. Paul & Fayette 
ARDIN D. ladies shoemaker, 61 Lexington, 

dw 314 n Eutaw 
Ardle Wm. laborer, 364 Penna av 
Aren Henry (Von Kapff & Arens) 113 Park 
Arens Wm. mariner, 265 Aliceanna 
Argert Michael, laborer, 435 w Pratt 
Aride ilrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 255 Preston 
Aring Ernest, 144 n Central av 
Ariug James W. driver, 333 w Hoffman 
Aring Jumes W. driver, 74 Druid Hill av 
Aring Jesse, furn. wagon, 74 Druid Hill av 
Aring John, driver, 74 Druid Hill av 
Aring Wm H. driver, 74 Druid Hill av 
Armacost Calvin A. carpenter, 97 Cathedral 
Armacost Geo. W. huckster, 107 n Durham 

Armacost James M. bricklayer, 31 Etting 
Armacost Malcolm, 481 n Fremont 
Armacost Margaret, 23 Lewis 
Armacost Melchoir, stonemason, 1 mile house, 

York road 
Armacost Thomas C. mason, 3 n Republican 
Armager Chas. W. 186 Hanover 
Armager Jesse, combmaker. 186 Hanover 
Armager L. teacher, 186 Hanover 
Armandt Louis, cigar maker, 167 Hamburg 
Armandt Paul, mariner, 23 n Chapel • 
Armat Louisa, 97 St, Paul 
Armbrister Geo. brakeman, 62 s Carey 
Armbrnster George, filemaker, 140 Raborg 
Armbruster John, blacksmith, 140 Raborg 
Armbruster Joseph, lager beer, 989 w Pratt 
Armeger John L hatter, 332 Aisquith 
Armeling Andrew, laborer, 5 Smith al 
Armeling George, agent, 122 Bank 
Armeling George jr. clerk. 124 s Washington 
Armeling John, blacksmith, 122 Bank 
Armendt John E. gunsmith, 261 s Broadway, 

dw 24 s Chester 
ARMESWORTHY BENJ. blacksmith, 32 Con- 
way, dw 93 Lee 
Armiger Allen, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Benj. F. cooper, 59 Holland 
Armiger Eli, printer, 101 e Fayette 
Armiger Mrs. Isabella, 377 e P'ayette 
Armiger James R., Thompson nr Republican 
Armiger Josejih, combmaker. 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Joseph, mariner, 204 Montgomery 
Armiger Joshua E. carpenter, 296 n Eden 
Armiger Richard, house furnishing store, 135 

n Gay, dw 321 e Eager 
Armiger Robt. B, carpenter, 54 e Pratt, dw 

101 s Chester 
Armiger Thos. carver, 38 n Frederick, dw 377 

e Fayette 
Armistead Anderson H., 223 n Charles 
Armistead C. Hughes, 103 w Monument 
Armistead George, 103 w Monument 
Armisiead J. J. clerk, 223 n Charles 
Armistead J. Ryan, collection clerk, 103 w 

Armitage Geo. T. painter, 180 Chesnut al 
Armitage Dr. James, 14 n Paca 
Armitage Jnmes, machinist, 119 s Poppleton 
Armitage Mrs. Kate, 238 w Fayette 
Armitage Mrs. Rebecca, 119 s Poppleton 
Armor Chas. G., Custom House, 54 s Bond 
Amor Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmkr, 296 s Charles 
Armor Geo. F. lamps and oils, 143 n Eutaw 
Armor Mrs. Joseph G. 86 n Greene 
Armor Leonidas, clerk, 86 n Greene 
Armory Fifth Nat. Guard. over 161 n Howard 
Armstrong Alfred, laborer, 12 Sterrett 
Armstrong Andrew, laborer, 269 Eastern av 
Armstrong And'w S. machinist, 177 e Fayette 
Armstrong & Berry, (Geo. H. Berry) pub- 
lishers and booksellers, 156 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 37 Edward 
Armstrong Mrs. C. E. grocery, 141 s Wolfe 
Armstronsf Mrs. C. S. 55 Courtland 
B. F. Cator, J. F. Bealmear, W. J. H. Wat- 
ters, W. H. Pagon) silk and millinery 
goods, 237 and 239 w Baltimore 
Armstrong, Cunningham & Co. (James Arm- 
strong, Geo. A. Cunningham. E. W. Robin- 
son) iron founders, cor Burke and Cam- 
bridge, office 172 w Pratt 








• I— I 





I— ( 

I— I 










Armstrono: & Co. (Jas. Armstrong, Wm. E. 

Poulton) carpenters, 45-i w Baltimore 
Armstrong Daniel W. carpenter, 187 Battery av 
Armstrong & Denny, (W. A., John Denny) 

furn. miinnfac. cor Light and Montgomery 
Armstrong Edward, Howard house 
Armstrong Edward A. plumber, cor Canton 

and O'Donuell 
Armstrong Mrs. Eliza, 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Frank, teacher, 72 McCulloh 


D. Armstrong, J. S. Hopkins) Pro- 
vision Commission Merchants, 4 
Commervje and 6 Patterson. 

Webb and Tlios. Armstrong, (Soap 
and Candle Manufacturers, keep 
constantly on hand a large assort- 
ment of Soap and Candles of the 
best quality, manufactured at 
their Factory, Concord street, be- 
tween Lombard and Pratt 

Armstrong James, carpenter, 198 Walsh 
Armstrong James, (A., Cunningham & Co.) 

108 s Washington 
Armstrong James J. clerk, 166 McCulloh 
Armstrong James L. pres't Amer'n Fire Ins. 

Co. of Baltimore, 6 South, dw 52 n Greene 
Armstrong James W. miller, 67 s Fremont 
Armstrong Mrs. James D. 166 McCulloh 
Armstrong James W. painter, 189 Battery av 
Armstrong John, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong John, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong John B. clerk, 5ri Courtland 
Armstrong John, wireworker, 317 Light 
Armstrong John A. 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong John M. teacher, 187 Battery av 
Armstrong Laura V. 229 Henrietta 
Armstrong Mrs. Margaret, tavern, 330 s Bond 
Armstrong Mrs Mary, dressmk'r, 08 Franklin 
Armstrong R. D. (A. & Hopkins) s w cor 

Madison and Mosher 
Armstrong Robert L. clerk, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong Robt. W. millinery, 128 Lexington 
Armstrong Samuel, huckster, 12 Sterrett 
Armstrong Saml. E. tinware, Waverly, York rd 
Armstrong Samuel S. printer, 104 Chew 
Armstrong Mrs. Sarah, cor Canton av and 

Armstrong Mrs. Susan, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Mrs. Thomas, 73 n Paca 
Armstrong Thos. G. clerk, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong Thos. (J. A. & Co.) 236 n Calvert 
Armstrong Victor C. (Tomlinson & A.) 519 w 

Armstrong Wm. J. (Hoffman, Staley ^- Co.) 

Eutaw house 
Armstrong Wm. brewer, Belair av ext 
Armstrong Wm. (A. & Denny) 187Batteryav 
Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 169 Orleans 
Armstrong Wm.. assist, sec'y American Fire 

Ins. Co. 52 n Greene 
Arnd Francis, vinegar, 261 e Lombard 
Arnd Richard, tobacconist, 261 e Lombard 
Arnet Sarah, 38 Mulberry 

Arnett C. Smith, clerk, 5 McElderry 
Arnett Christiana, 181 s Rt-gester 
Arnett Henry, mariner, 405 Canton av 
Arnelt Levi, shoemaker, 357 n Gay, dw 359 
Arnett Wm. H. clerk, 5 McElderry 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, machinist, 195 Conway 
Arnold Albert, baker, 22 Aisquith 
Arnold Chas. carpenter, 275 Aisquith 
Arnold Chas. carpenter, 153 s Spring 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith. 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold David W. jr. 238 German 
Arnold Mrs. Elizabeth, milk, 304 Johnson 
Arnold Francis, surgical instrument maker, 

15 s Shaip, dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Frank, (A. & James) 220 Aisquith 
Arnold George, laborer, 193 s Washington 
Arnold George, laborer, 87 e Lombard 
Arnold Geo. W. bakery, 239 n Gay, dw 220 

Aisquith i* 

Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 130 L. Greene 
Arnold Henry, carpenter, 1G7 Hamburg 
Arnold Isaac, 36 Holland 
Arnold James R. bricklayer, 25 McHenry 
Arnold & James, (F. A., Jno. S. James) 

bakers and confectioners, 238 e Baltimore 
Arnold James, clerk, 343 w Lombard 
Arnold John, wagoner, 29 Harford av 
Arnold John, machinist, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold John, tailor, 312 s Bond 
Arnold John W. clerk, 343 w Lombard 
Arnold John W. gen. comm. merchant, 80 

Light st wharf, dw 105 s Sharp 
Arnold Michl. tanner, 21 Front n of Foundry 
Arnold Nicholas, tailor, 71 Bank 
Arnold Peter, boiler maker, 261 Forrest 
Arnold Richard H. rubber weather strips, 125 

Arnold Samuel, clerk, 220 Aisquith 
Arnold Wm. bricklayer, 2 Sterrett 
Arnold Wm. J. shoemaker, 264 e Madison 
Arnold Wm. S. baker, 239 a Gay, dw 220 

Arnold Dr. AVm. T. dentist, office 65 n Paca, 

dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnriich John, shoemaker, 66 Clay 
Arnt Henry, carter, 34 George 
Aro John B. lager beer, Amity and Lemmon 
Aro Josejih, gardener, 313 Harford av 
Aro Lewis, butcher, 470 Light 
Aro Wm. laborer, 30 Abeyal 
Arold Christian, shoemaker, 190 s Bond 
Arold George, laborer, Wilson nr Peuna av 
Arold John, cooper, 107 s Dallas 
Arold John, shoemaker, 12 s Dewberry al 
Arras Fredk. supt. Md. sugar refinery, 71 e 

ArscoltMrs. Ann, 183 Hughes 
Arscott Samuel G. M. sheet iron work, 183 

Arthur Bridget, 81 Booth 
Arthur Chas. bill poster, N. C. R., 45 Valley 
Arthur David, butter, 171 e Madison 
Arthur Francis, clerk, 229 Lemmon al 
Arthur Henry, jr. law student, 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur Henry, baker, 53 n Eutaw and 32 

Camden, dw 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur James D. 0. carpenter 479 n Fremont 
Arthur James, trunks and harness, 369 Sara- 
Arthur James, carpenter, 479 n Fremont 
Arthur James, fireman, 131 Scott 





Arthur John, halter, 479 n Fremont 
Arthur J. Fietnminjr. teacher, 188 Mulberry 
Arthur John, blacksmith, 53 Granby 
Arthur .Marv, 229 Lemmon al 
Arthur Patrick, hod carrier, 167 s Chapel 
ARTHUR DR. ROBERT, dentist, 1 17 n Charles 
Arthur Thomas, coach painter, 13 Valley 
Arthur Wm. W. hat manuf. and dealer in 

ladies' furs, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur Wm. C. insp. «'. Fl. 719 Lexington 
Arthur Wm. S. medical student, 53 n Eutaw 
Arthurs Mrs. Ann C. 267 St. Paul 
Arthurs Edward, shoemaker, rear of 250 Eas- 
tern av 
Artman John, laborer, 218 Aliceanna 
Artz Henry, shoemaker. 100 Lancaster 
aSBECK LOUIS, restaurant, 13 s Eutaw 

C. F. Abbott, agent, 44 Post Office av 
Aschcom Mrs. Alexander, 74 s Broadway 
Asendorff Albert, (A.Bros.) 146 Pearl 
Asendortf Bros. (Albert & Henry A.) carpen- 
ters, 83 ( ider al 
Asendorff George, box maker, 5 Chatsworth 
Asendorff Henry, (A. Bros.) Ifi6 Mulberry 
Ash Geo. T. ship chandlery, and junk store, 

104 Dugan's wharf, dw 372 e Baltimore 
Ash Israel, 176 Hanover 
Ash Louis, (.M. Gutman & Co.) 68 n Carey 
Ash Michael 1. wool, cotton, furs, &c., 104 

Light St whf , dw 176 Hanover 
Ash Samuel, laborer, 21 Sterrett 
Ash Mrs. Susan, millinery, 176 Hanover 
Ashbuck Henry, laborer, Dover nr Fulton 
Ashburn A J. carpenter, Biddle nr Wolfe 
Asbburn B. F. clerk, Maltby house 
Ashburn Benjamin S. tobacconist, 280 w Bal- 
timore, dw 33 n Pine 
Ashburn Mrs. Louisa, 115 Conway 
Ashburner Ch is. H. pres. Abbott Iron Co. 

cor Burke and Boston, dw 331 e Pratt 
Ashbury Joseph M. grocer, 306 Light, dw 174 

Ashbury Wm. E. clerk, 342 Light 
AshbyB.«B. clerk, 189 w Lombard 
Ashby John R. conductor. 106 Hollins 
Ashby Mrs. Mildred, 43 Oxford 
Ashby Mildred, 591 Belair ave 
Ashby Wm. A. salesman, 312 w Baltimore 
Ashcom George W. mariner, 103 Gougb 
Ashcora John L. pilot, 95 Gough 
Ashcom Nathaniel, ins. agent, 703 w Lombard 
Ashcroft Robert, shipbuilder, n e cor Thames 

and Wolfe, dw 54 s Broadway 
Ashcroft Robert J. clerk, 54 s. Broadway 
Ashcroft Wells, ship joiner, 154 Gwugh 
Ashe Thomas P. gasfitter, 250 s Eutaw 
Ashley Charles, boxmaker, 153 s Paca 
Ashley Charles C. boxmaker, 113 s Strieker 
Ashley Thomas, huckster, 222 Albemarle 
Ashley Wm. H. boxmaker, 383 w Pratt, dw 

153 s Paca 
Ashley Win. M. currier, 359 n Central av 
Ashman Mrs. Mary A. 53 n Fremont 
Ashman Mrs. Susanna, seamstress, 20 Rvan 
Ashman Wm. H. huckster, 102 s Poppleton 
Ashmore Wm. H. clerk, 44 n Poppleton 
Ashton Clinton J. printer, 15 n Strieker 
Ashton George C. scourer and repairer, 83 

Ashton John H., U. S. storekeeper, 324 w 

Ashton John M. coach painter, 231 e Lombard 
Ashton Marrow, 26 Pearl 
Ashton Mary, 141 Riborg 
Ashton Thomas, messenger, 15 n Strieker 
Askew Albert C. upholsterer, 50 n Paca 
Askew Charles L. carpenter, 50 n Paca 
Askew Jehu B. asst. postmaster, 45 s Exeter 
Askew John, engineer, 171 s Washington 
Askew Wm. Henry, postal clerk, 123 Lin- 
den av 
Askey James R. (Young & A.) 215 e Fayette 
Askey James, salesman, 215 e Fayette 
Askey Joseph, carter, 83 Granby 
Askey Wm. cooper, 56 Stiles 
Asman Conrad, junk, 141 s Central av,dw 144 
Asman Geo. baker, 48 Raborg 
Asmus Daniel, carpenter, 200 L Hughes 
Asmus John, wheelwright, 482 Penna av 
Aspelmeyer Fred'k, liquors, 251 Eastern av 
Aspril David S. stevedore, 35 n Wolfe 

CO. 4 South, Thos. J. Flack, president 
Associated Press, room 9, over s w cor Balti- 
more and South 
Astfalk Julius, piano maker. 133 Saratoga 
A tack Silvester, machinist, 11 Bevan 
Athmau Henry, (Sandmann & Co.) 15 Green- 
mount av 
Atkins Edward, gunsmith, 110 German 
Atkins George, clerk, 45 Lexington 
Atkins Mrs. Sallie G. 630 w Baltimore 
Atkinson Mrs. Araminta, 9 McElderrv 
ATKINSON & BROTHERS, (J. H. Atkinson, 
W. C. Atkinson, ) grocers and liquor deal- 
ers, 186 s Broadway 
Atkinson Dudley, clerk, n e cor Fayette and 

Atkinson Edward, clerk, 67 w Centre 
Atkinson Elizabeth J. 212 Linden av 
Atkinson George, sr. butcher, 27 Centre, 14 
Lexington and 32 Hanover markets, dw 431 

\ Penna. av 

' Atkinson Geo. jr. feed, 445 w Fayette, dw 453 

j Atkinson Mrs. George, 431 Penna. av 

I Atkinson Mrs. Hannah, 143 w Biddle 
Atkinson Mrs. Henry B. 68 St. Paul 
Atkinson Dr. I. E. 143 w Biddle 

I Atkinson Israel S. conveyancer, 7 Watson 
Atkinson James H. stone quarry. 14 Brune 
Atkinson John J. driver, 248 n'Caroline 
Atkinson John P. clerk, 181 Aisquith 
Atkinson John W. dry goods, 296 n Gay 
Atkinson Joseph, dressmaker, 355 Lexington 
Atkinson Jos. cal)inetmaker, 553 Saratoga 

j Atkinson Joshua H. (Atkinson & Bros.) 285 e 

I Lombard 

j Atkinson Laura J. teacher, 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson M. T. school, 54 Chew 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 178 n Eutaw 

: Atkinson Mrs. Mary E. 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson Matthew S. (Locher & A.) 143 w 

Atkinson Rachel A. teacher, 9 McElderry 
Atkinson Robert M., Potomac nr Hudson 

, Atkinson Dr. Robt. teacher, 84 w Monument 
Atkinson Samuel E. 277 e Lombard 
Atkinson Mrs. Dr. Thomas C. school, 67 w 

' Centre 

' Atkinson Thos. F. carpenter, 178 n Eutaw 

I Atkinson Thos. S. machinist, 533 Saratoga 

! Atkinson Wm. B. wireworker, 47 Booth 
Atkinson Wm. Geo. clerk, 277 n Caroline 








JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 





f— I 




• I— I 



Atkinson Wm. butcher, 27 Centre, 14 Lex- 
ington and 34' Hanover markets, dw 431 
Penna. av 

Atkinson William C. (Atkinson & Bros.) 27 
s Broakway 

8 South, Isaac S. George, president 

atlantk; mutual life ins. CO. of 

N. Y. 26 PostofBce av 
Atlas Mut. Life Ins. Co. of St. Louis, 34 Post- 

offlce av, E. J. Starr, manager 
Atlee James, agent Grover & Baker's Sewing 

Machines, 17 n Charles, dw Baltimore co 
Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 Lee 
Atler Geo. W. coachsmith, 94 n Poppleton 
Atler Wm. A. salesman, 94 n Poppleton 
Attrill Henry Y. vice pres. People's Gas Co., 

68 w Madison 
Attrill Thos. P. coal shipper, 44 Second, dw 

68 w Madison 
Atwell Allen, harness maker, 336 w Pratt 
Atwell Benjamin F. mariner, 187 n Exeter 
Atwell Mrs. Charlotte, 187 n Exeter 
Atwell Daniel, carpenter, 219 Gough 
Atwell Geo. M. ship carpenter, 25u s Ann 
Atwell Geo. A. conductor, 233 Bank 
Atwell James R. ship carpenter, 256 s Ann 
Atwell John, stonecutter, 61 n High 
Atwell Joseph, boat builder, 296 s Ann 
Atwell Joseph W. blacksmith, 159 Chesapeake 
Atwell Mrs. Martha, 219 Gough 
Atwell Richard H. 23 Courtland 
Atwell Thomas E. carpenter, 203 u Dallas 
Atwell Wm. F., U. S. storekeeper, 118 Han- 
Atwell Wm. W. carpenter, 187 n Exeter 
Atwell Wm. police, 134 William 
Atwood Arthur, puddler, 149 Hudson 
Atwood Richard A. packer, 165 w Biddle 
Atzell Frederick, shoemaker, 164 s Ann 
Atzell Frederick, shoemaker, 250} Aliceanna 
Atzell Joseph, porter, 231 e Biddle 
Aubel Adam, driver, 286 Canton av 
Aubel Christian, laborer, 233 Aliceanna 
Aubel Conrad, huckster, 409 e Fayette 
Aubel John, cabinetmaker, J6 Sterrett 
Auben Bartholomew, 33S e Lombard 
Aubrey & Co. (Wm. Aubrey,) commission 

merchants, 18 Commerce 
Aubrey Wm. (A. & Co.) 62 Saratoga 
Aubry Louis, French teacher, 93 n Charles 
Aubry Mad. L., French fluting, 93 n Charles 
Audibert Mrs. Anna E. fancy goods, 227 Lee 
Audouin Susette, 51 n Front 
Audoun & Bruscup, (J. H. A., T. Bruscup,) 

real estate brokers, 10 Law buildings, St. 

Audoun Joseph A. pattern maker, 107 Bank 
Audouu Joseph H (A. & Bruscup,) attorney, 

Broadway and Monument 
Audouu Oliver, (Binyon & A.,) 132 Bank 
Audouu Oliver, jr. carpenter, 132 Bank 
Auel Adam, shoemaker. Battery av nr Fort av 
Auer John, blacksmith, 69 Henrietta 
Auer Mathias, laborer, 216 Aliceanna 
Anerbach Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Hamburg 
Auerbach Joseph, jeweler, 91 Pearl 
Auerback Chrisliau. drayman, 158 Henrietta 
Auerman Jacob, japanner, 157 Welcome al 
Auffert George, car driver, 160 s Washington 
Auger Jacob P. (J. P. A. & Co.) 3 s Broadway 
Auger J. H. dry goods, 100 s Broadway dw 103 

Auger J. P. & Co., (J. P. Auger, R. Wilson,) 
oyster packers, bonded warehouse, Alice- 
anna nr Chester 
Aul Edward, 105 s Washington 
Aul John, lager beer, n e cor Chase and Cen- 
tral av 
Aul Michael, shoemaker, 316 n Gay 
.4 ulabaugh John H. grocer, cor Paca and 

Lexington, dw 17 e Eager 
Aulabaugh Zephaniah N. teacher, 100 Chew 
Aulbacfi John A. butcher, 11 and 26 Fell's 
Point market, dw Belair road nr city limits 
Aulbach John G. laborer, 19 Liberty 
Auld Benjamin F. serg't police, 255 Gough 
Auld Edwin J. 33 s Poppleton 
.•^uld Capt. Edward H. (A. & Haraelin,) 383 e 

Auld Fanny, teacher, 383 e Baltimore 
Auld Haddaway, lime and feed, 29^ n Greene, 

dw 33 s Poppleton 
Auld & Hamelin, (E. H. Auld, T. Hamelin,) 

junk, 109 Smith's whf 
Auld Joseph PI. (Bowen & A.,) 83 William 
Auld Joseph H. shipsmith, 83 William 
Auld Mrs. Maria, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Philip, ship carpenter, 177 Hughes 
Auld Samuel, ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Mrs. Sophia, 383 e Baltimore 
Auld Wilson, engineer, 338 e Lombard 
Aulick James, ins. broker, 256 w Hoffman 
AuU Mrs. Elizabeth, 52 President 
AuU Henry, fireman, 54 s Central av 
Aull Jacob, stationery, 20j Lombard, dw Bal- 
timore county 
AuU Jacob H. carpenter, Waverley, York rd 
Aull Lewis, carpenter, Waverley, York rd 
Aull Louis, clerk, 56 President 
Aull Mary, dressmaker. 52 President 
Ault Joseph, clck, 32 n Calvert 
Ault Matthew, laborer, 191 s Bethel 
AULT SAMUEL, gas fi.xtures, plumbing and 
gas fitting, 32 n Calvert, dw 218 w Fayette 
AuU Wm. machinist, 176 McHenry 
Aulthouse Geo. W. (Barnett & A.) 308 w 

Pratt • 

Aurick Frederick, weaver, 925 ^V• Pratt 
Aurth Anthony, laborer, 134 s Howard 
Austen Geo. C. carpenter, 45 Elizabeth la 
Austen Dr. Philip H. 8 Cathedral 
Austin Alex. R. bookeeper Citizens' National 

Bank, Maryland av extended 
Austin Edward L. clerk, 76 Lexington 
Austin James, carpenter, 64 McMechia 
Austin James K. P. police, 75 Hillen 
Austin James, clerk, 75 Hillen 
Austin John, stove mounter, 77 s Chester 
Austin Sophia, seamstress, 33 s Caroline 
Austin Theodore D. chairmaker, 363 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore G. teller People's Bank, 50 

n Poppleton 
Austin Wm. shipsmith, 213 Bank 
Austin Wm. F. carpenter, 381 s Eutaw 
Austrian Betsy, capmaker, 213 s Broadway 
Austrian Robt. (R. A. & Co.) 213 s Broadway 
Austrian Robert & Co. (R. A., B. Levy,) hat 

and cap manu.acturers, 9 s Liberty 
Autzeger Frederick, carpenter, 440 Canton av 
Averill, Edward S. clerk, 21 n Calvert 
Avesmeyer Frederick, driver, 10 s Gist 
Avesser Andrew, riveter, 242 s Dallas 
.^walt Ferdinand, shoemaker, 81 Stirling 
Await Geo. shoemaker, 81 Stirling 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Awbrey Andrew J. cigarmaker, 306 e Monu- 
Awbrey John S. plasterer, 241 n Eden 
Awbrey Priestly, shoemaker, 241 n Eden 
Awbrej' Thomas P. painter, 308 e Monument 
Awl VVm. watchman, 36 Orleans 
Ax Christian, (G. W. Gail & Ax) 59 Barre 
Ayt Martin, cigarmaker, 15 Spring ct 
Ay Fritz, laborer, 29 s Burke 
Ay George, laborer, 40 Aliceanna, Canton 
Ayd John, carpenter, 259 Aisquith 
Ayd Joseph, carpenter, 259 Aisquith 
Aydelott James, confectionery, 132 Pearl 
Aydelolt Mary F. dressmaker, 180 Montgomery 
Aydelott Margaret M. 180 Montgomery 
Aydelott Wm. confectioner, 132 Pearl 
Aydelott Wm. clerk, 132 Pearl 
Ayers Andrew J. stevedore, 245 Gough 
Ayers Mrs. Ann, rear 279 s Ann 
Ayers George VV. mariner, 414 Eastern av 
Ayers George W. 198 s Broadway 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 
Ayers Samuel, jr. waterer, 214 s Ann 
Ayers Wesley, laborer, 12 Hammond al 
Ayler Elizabeth, 160 n Eden 
Ayler Jesse, painter, 160 n Eden 
Ayler John W. clerk, 160 n Eden 
Ayler Wm. H. engineer, 112 e Fayette 
Aylsworth Bowen McG. carpenter, 132 s Gilmor 
Aymold George, cooper, 37 Brown la 
Aymold Lewis, painter, 385 s Charles 
Aymold Mrs. Maria, 385 s Charles 
Ayres Walter, hatter, 198 s Broadway 
Azafer Christopher, stevedore, 22 Shakspear 
Azry Victoria, 96 Warner 


Babb Mrs. J. D. jr. cake baker, 68 s Charles 
Babbestella Francis, shoemaker, 114 s Durham 
Babbeslella George, shoemaker, 114 s Durham 
Babcock James, laborer, 136 e Pratt 
Babcock Mrs. Maria, seamstress, 82 Park av 
Babendrier Louis, pianomaker, 9 n Pine 
Babendrier Mrs. Sophia, 9 n Pine 
Baber Mrs. Julia F. 48 e Baltimore 
Babrick Joseph, drayman, 409 Light 
Babrick Joseph, sr. carpenter, 65 Battery av 
Babst Philip, laborer, 10 Park av 
Bach Adam,groceries,flour & feed, 329 Aisquith 
Bach Balthazar, carpenter, 17 Arch 
Bach Mrs. Catherine, 47 Chatsworth 
Bach Henry, (Hartman, Bach & Co. ) 6 n Ann 
Bach Henry, baker, 5 Bakers ct 
Bach John, laborer, Wolfe nr Fayette 
Bach Jobn C. carpenter, 41 S s Charles 
Hach John, jr. broommaker Wolfe nr Fayette 
Bach Joseph, laborer, 45 n Chapel 
Bach Peter, shoemaker, 146 a Garoline 
Bach Mrs. Sophia, teacher, Waverly, York rd 
Bacharach Abraham, dry goods, 77 Ensor 
Bacharach Simon, salesman, 77 Ensor 
Bacharach Solomon, salesman, 77 Ensor 
Bachelder James W. timber, 86 s Ann 
Bachelor Joseph,soldier's home 76 e Baltimore 
Bachhaiise Justus, laborer, 58 Elliott 
Bachler Jacob F. confectioner, 75 Druid Hill av 
Bachler Michael, laborer, 344 Hanover 
Bachler Mary.shirtmaker, 75 Druid Hill av 
Bachman Adam, laborer, 83 Eastern av 
Bachman Adam, whitewasher, 187 s Wash- 

BACHMAN ANDREW,lagerbeer,64 Mulberry 
Bachman Annie, liquor, 18 President 
Bachman August, shoemaker, 7 Montgomery 
Bachman August, packer, 109 Leadenhall 
Bachman Christian, 175 Raborg 
Bachman Frederick, tavern, 215 s Eutaw 
Bachman Frederick, shoemaker, 54,Port]ai d 
Bachman George, pianomaker, 133 Henrietta 
Bachman Henry, tailor, 92 n Durham 
Bachman John, shoemaker, 18 President 
Bachman John, laborer, 224 s Castle 
Bachman John, tailor, 244 n Gay 
Bachman John M. cigar manufacturer, 153 w 

Pratt, dw60 Albermarle 
Bachman Joseph, laborer, 224 s Castle 
Bachman Ludwig, tailor, 133 Vine 
Bachmann Chas. W. tinner, 335 s Charles 
Bachmana Rev. Marcus, 78 s Broadway 
Bachrach Aaron, 164 e Lombard 
Bachrach David, furniture, 186 Pearl 

grapher, Lexington and Eutaw, 
dwelling 186 Pearl. 

Bachrach Joseph, clerk, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Moses, clerk, 186 Pearl 
Bachter Joseph, laborer, 189 s Bethel 
Bacigalupo Andrew, watchmaker,61 President 
Bacigalupo Antoni, confec.lOO Light st. whf 
Bacigalupo Dominic, confec. 1 7 w Fayette 
Bacigalupo Nicolo, fruiterer, 61 President 
Backer Chas. cabinetmaker. 381 w Pratt 
Backer Geo. carpenter, 57 Gough 
Backer Peter, laborer, 126 n Calvert 
Backert Andreas, shoemaker, 156 s Chapel 
r^ackes Peter, shoemaker, 255 e Pratt 
Backinhus Henry R. laborer, 205 s Ann 
Backinhus Henry, mariner, 205 s Ann 
Backman Francis, blacksmith, 114 Battery av 
Backman Geo. A. pattern maker, 57 McHenry 
Backman Jas. E. pattern maker, 57 McHenry 
BACKUS REV. DR. JOHN C. 126 w Madison 
Bacon & Co. [F. X. Lipp, James Lipp) coffee 

manufacturers, 476 w Baltimore 
Bacon Edward, conductor, 952 w Baltimore 
Bacon Capt. James, 121 s Broadway 
Badders Henry H. carpenter, Foster al near 

Hoffman, dw 68 Park av 
Badders Jackson, customhouse, Farmers'hotel 
Badders Nicholas, carpenter, Farmers' hotel 
Badenliack John, laborer, 177 s Bethel 
Bader Mrs. Helen, 146 Ensor 
BADER HENRY, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader Henry, cooper, 172 s Regester 
Bader Jacob, grocery, 268 s Sharp 
Bader John, cooper, 172 s Regester 
Badger Benj. carpenter, 54 Lee 
Badger Charles, stonecutter, 106 Ramsay 
Badger David E. carpenter, 54 Lee 
Badger Edward, clerk, 35 s Eutaw 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, 104 Scott 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, 106 Ramsay 
Badger Geo. P. general agent, 89 s Sharp 
Badger James, carpenter, 7 n Sharp 
Badger Joseph, Adams' Exp. 35 s Eutaw 
Badger Mary, 35 s Eutaw 
Badger Robt. bootfitter, 65 n Front 
Badger Thos. P. bootfitter, 65 n Front 
Badiuger Jacob, laborer, 220 s Wolfe 
Baeckel John, shoemaker, 258 e Fayette 




1— » 












Baene Joseph, carter, 104 Cider al 
BAKU ARTHUR P. & CO. (A. P. Baer, C. E. 
Savage, special,) hides and leather, 37 and 
V^ 39 s Calvert 

Cd Baer Arthur P. (A. P. Baer& Co.) 227 Druid 
r^ Hill av 

t^ Baer Banckgrd, gardener. Gist nr Eastern av 
•^ Baer& Bro. (Geo. H. and C W. Baer) gen'l 
CO com. merchants, 22 Spear's wharf 
""s-i Baer Casper, laborer, 225 s Durham 
C3 Baer Chas. W. (Baer S; Bro.) 48 McCulloh 
5^ Baer Christopher, laborer, 114 Orleans 
^yy Baer Dr. Edw. R. exam' g physician Custom 
^-^ House, dw 270 w Fayette 
fH Baer Elizabeth A. teacher, 48 McCulloh 
C^ Baer Geo. laborer, 98 s Spring 

^ Baer Geo. H. (Baer & Bro.) 175 n Howard 
p^ Baer Henry, porter, 98 s Spring 
QQ Baer Henry jr. clerk, 98 s Spring 
^ Baer Isaac, turs, rags, &c., 1 1 Camden, dw 
•— ^ 166 Hanover 

O Baer Jacob, blacksmith, 32 s Bond 
Baer John, tavern, 41 Block 
Baer John, blacksmith, 116 Columbia 
Baer John, tailor, 163 n Gay 
Baer John, cooper, 41 Goodman al 
Baer Rev. John, 48 McCulloh 
Baer John H. metals, 170 n Gay, dw Hollins 

nr Gilmor 
Baer John H. blacksmith, 521 Light, dw527 
Baer Mrs. Julia, millinery, 209 n Gay, dw 69 

BAER k McGLONE, (T. S. B., J. T. McGlone) 

attorneys, 15 St. Paul 
Baer Lewis, 11 Camden 
Baer Mrs. M. S. 227 Druid Hill av 
Baer Paul, brewery, e end O'Donnell 
Baer Peter, blacksmith, 114 Orleans 

Ph Baer Mrs. Rebecca, 116 Low 


Baer Rev. Robt. N., Maryland av n of Hunt- 
ingdon av 
Baer Thomas S. attorney, (B. & McGlone) 48 

Baer VVm. H. storek'per Int. Rev., Presstman 

and Gilmor 
Baerusteiu Solomon, dry goods, 109 Camden 
,— J Baetjer J. George, (Colton & B.) 382 Franklin 
^ Baeijer Mrs. Louisa, 234 w Lombard 
r- Baeijer Wm. clerk, 284 w Lombard 
•^ Baetzhold Fredk. peddler, 55 s Regester 
p3 Bagby Henry B. clerk, 344 w Lombard 
c5 Bagget James, shoemaker, 113 Stirling 
O Baggott Thos. wire worker, 185 Madison av 
^ Bagley Chas. clerk, Baltimore and Ann 

Bagley Dr. Joseph H. apothecary, n e cor Bal- 
timore and Ann, dw 50 s Broadway 
Baguall John, shoemaker, 285 e Eager 
Baguall Dr. Richard D. 4 n Calhoun 
Bagwell John \V. moulder, 159 Bank 
Bagwell Thos. P. clerk, 25 Hanover 
Bablka Frederick, tailor, 553 n Gay 
Bahlmann A. (Sandmann & Co.) 15 Green- 
mount av 
Bahlmann Garrett H. laborer, 454 Light 
Bahlmaun Garrett H. jr. brickmkr. 454 Light 
Bahlmann John L. clerk, 454 Light 
Bahm John, Cannon nr Canton av 
Bahulein John G. cooper, 16 Elizabeth la 
Bahr Mrs. Caroline, 536 n Gay 
Bahrs John, 179 s Eden 
Baier Andrew, beer, Chester and Monument 
Baierlip John, beer, 32 Jefferson 







Bailer Joseph, shoemaker, 1 Hammond al 
Bailey B. W. civil engineer, 70 n Calvert 
Bailey Mrs. Catherine, 171 Preston 
Bailey Charles, ship carpenter. 178 Gough 
Bailey Chas. W. engineer, 143 William 
Bailej' Daniel K. police, 6 s Caroline 
Bailey David,' brass finisher, 265 n Dallas 
Bailey Edward, carpenter, 170 Gough 
Bailey Edward, mariner, 42 Cross 
Bailey Edward A. painter, 111 Preston 
Bailey Edwin, (Coleman <|- B.) 16 s Broadway 
Bailey Edwin, carpenter, 178 Gough 
Bailey Ellen, 61 Ensor 
Bailey George, 75 w Centre 
Bailey George W. hatter, 363 Cathedral 
Bailey Henry, pilot, 178 Gough 
Bailey Mrs. Isabella, 95 Hanover 
Bailey- James, stonecutter, 52 n Howard 
Bailey James, ship carpenter, 178 Gough 
Bailey James W. P. machinist, 302 e Pratt 
Bailey John, laborer, 78 n Amity 
Bailey John, laborer, 129 Chesapeake 
Bailey John, carpenter, 227 Dolphin 
Bailey John, mariner, 92 Hamburg 
Bailey John E. locksmith, 42 Cross 
Bailey John H. brickmaker, Biddle nr Wolfe 
Bailey John R. pumpmaker, 47 s Ann 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings & B.) 237 w Lorn* 

Bailey Lilly, 23 L, Gough 
Bailey Mrs. Lucy S. confectionery, 61 Ensor 
Bailey Margaret, First av nr Toone 
Bailey Maria, huckstress, 61 Ensor 
Bailey Marion E. 462 Lexington 
Bailey Martha A. 462 Lexington 
Bailey Mary H. 462 Lexington 
Bailey Mrs. Matilda A. 42 Cross 
Bailey Parks D. furu. wagon, 100 Battery av 
Bailey Robt. M. tri'.iumaster, 264 e Eager 
Bailey Mrs. Susan, 142 s Sharp 
Bailey Mrs. Susanna, 47 s Ann 
Bailey Thos. jr. laborer, 134 Cross 
Bailey Thos. mariner, 48 Jackson sq av 
Bailey Tubman, laborer, 15 Green ct 
Bailey Wm. eng'r. U. S. N., 382 e Baltimore 
Bailey Wm. grocery, 3b7 Cathedral 
Bailey Wm. boots and shoes, 108 Lexington, 

dw 462 
Bailey Wm. A. tailor, 59 Henrietta 
Bailey Wm. C. joiner, 21 Henrietta 
Bailej' Wm. H. blacksniitb, 42 Cross 
Bailie Mrs. Mary B. 120 s Broadway 
Baillie John, carpet weaver, 234 n Caroline 
Bailone & Heuisler, (Pascal B., Chas. Heuis- 
ler) carpenters and builders, Centre nr Front 
Bailone Pascal, (B. & Heuisler) 38 Jackson 
DAILY, CALDWELL & CO. (Geo. B., Wm. 
il. Caldwell) cutlery and hardware, 22 s 
Baily Geo. (B., Caldwell & Co.) 75 w Centre 
Baily Geo. jr. clerk, 75 w Centre 
Baily James, chemist and druggist, 70 s Cal- 
vert, dw 36 s Greene 
Baily John, brickmaker, Wilkins la nr Fred- 
erick av 
Baily Lewis, butcher, Penna. av ext 
Bain Edward, butcher, 19 Fell's Point market, 

dw 56 e Fayette 
Bain Frederick, bricklayer and grocery, 381 

Eastern av 
Bain Geo. W. builder, 124 Mosher 
Bain John W. cooper, 128 McHenry 





Baiaer Harry, shoemaker, 53 s Liberty 
Baine? Risdea, engineer, 6-1 s Caroline 
BAIR BROS. & CO. ( Wm. and Geo. B. Bair) 

manufs. copper paint, 100 s Ctiarles 
Bair Edward, tobacconist, 77 Caradea 
Bair Edward, 80 3 Paca 
Bair Geo. B. (B. Bros. & Co ) 80 s Pac;\ 
Bair Wm. (B. Bros. & Co.) 80 s Paca 
Bair Wm. jr. 80 s Paca 
Baird Alexander S. clerk, 7 n Gilmor 
Baird E. E. 87 a Charles 
Baird Mrs. Eliza Jane.seamstress, 123 Aisquith 
Baird Henry, clerk, 7 n Gilmor 
Baird Henry, jr. clerk, 7 n Gilmor 
Baird James, blacksmith, 35 .Milliman 
Baird Thos, D. principal Baltimore City Col- 
lege. 87 n Charles 
Baird Wm. L. teacaer, 87 n Charles 
Baitzel Charles H. clerk, 155 n Fremont 
Baitzel Jacob G carpenter, 155 n Fremont 
Baitzel John, bricklayer, Clinion s of Boston 
Baitzel Wm. E. bookkeeper, 155 n Fremont 
Baker Albert, tailor, 238 Barre 
Baker Mrs. Anna, 17 Port 
Baker Arthur, fireman, 310 Light 
Baker Arthur, shipcarpenter, 13 Williamson al 
Baker Asbury, clerk, 5 n Ann 
Baker August, cigarmaker, 33 s Schroeder 
Baker Benjamin F. cooper, 56 Stiles 

J. Baker, Wm. Baker, jr., Charles 
E. Baker,) Manufacturers Balti- 
more Window Glass; Importers 
Druggists' Glassware and Bottles, 
Bicarb Soda, Sal-Soda, and other 
Chemicals, Paints, Colors, Oils, 
Glue, &c. 32 and 34 s Charles 

BAKER, BRUFF & CO, (J. W. Baker, J. E. 
Brutf. A. B. Faulkner) wholesale dry goods, 
245 w Baltimore 
Baker Barbara A. beer, 214 Canton av 
Baker Camilla, 12 s Fremont 
Baker Captain Caleb H. 131 Dolphin 
Baker Mrs. Catherine, groceries, 42 e Eager 
Baker Chas. G. carpenter, 226 n Central av 
Baker Chas. A. (Wm. B. & Bro.) 238 Barre 
Baker C. H. clerk, 841 w Baltimore 
Baker Chas. R. carpenter. 210 n Bond 
Baker Charles J. (Baker Bros, ij- Co.) prest. 
Franklin Bank, prcst. Life Association of 
America, and preot. Canton Co. dw Athol, 
Frederick road 
Baker Chas.E (BakerBros.& Co. )247Linden av 
Baker Chas. H. police, 20 s Schroeder 
Baker Chas. coachpainter, 189 Chesnut 
Baker Chas, T. butcher, 542 Penna. av 
Baker Chas. bricklayer, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Davis, mariner, 69 Harford av 
Baker Edward J. (Dickey, Baker & Co.) Bal- 
timore CO 
Baker Edward J. jr. metermaker, 53 .Vorth 
Baker Edward M. clerk, 26 s Caroline 
Baker Mrs. Eliza, 210 n Bond 
Baker Mrs. Eliza, milk, 529 n Gay 
Baker Mrs, Eliza A. 455 w Fayette 
Baker Frank, laborer, 68 s Central av 
Baker Frederick, tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Baker Frederick, blacksmith, 6 Fell 

Baker Fredk. H. boilermaker, Mt. Royal hill 
Baker Frederick, jr. cooper, 198 Bank 
Baker Fredk W, coach maker, 210 n Bond 
Baker Frederick, shoemaker. 198 
Baker Geo. blacksmith, 4 Newm.Hn ct 
Baker Geo. salesman, 38 Holland 
Baker Geo. confec'y, 91 Hanover market, dw 

99 s Sharp 
Baker Geo. shoemaker, 15 e Lombard 
Baker Geo, fish, 639 Belair av 
Baker Geo. varnisher, 340 Mulberry 
Baker Geo, clerk, 106 Mosher 
Baker Geo. machinist, 185 Lee 
Baker Geo. milk, 529 n Gay 
Baker Geo, W. dry goods, 64 s Ann 
Baker Georgianna, teacher, 50 s Ann 
Baker Mrs. Georgianna. 50 s .\nu 
Baker Mrs. Greenbury, milk, Ann ur Orleans 
Baker Gideon, nightman, Fayette nr Ann 
Baker Haman, ship carpenter, 57 Block 
Baker Capt. Henry, 65 n Caraline 
Baker Henry, laborer, 76 s Regester 
Baker Henry, coachpainter, 210 n Bond _ 

Baker Henry, carp'r, McMechin and Division M 
Baker Henry, tailor, 75 s Bond 
Baker Henry, undertaker, 38 Holland 
Baker Henry, laborer, Boston e of Clinton 
Baker Henry, milk, Second av nr Boston 
Baker Henry, boxmaker, 122 Conway 
Baker Henry, wheelwright, 163 Peirce 
Baker Henry, baker, 92 n Paca 
Baker Jacob, laborer, rear 177 Choptank 
Baker Jacob, bricklayer, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Jacob, police, 455 n Gay 
Baker Jacob, driver, 42 e Eager 
Baker Jacob, butcher, loO Centre, 59 Lexing- 
ton and 55 Hanover mkts, dw 540 Penna av 
Baker James, laborer, 198 e Lombard 
Baker James, laborer, 175 Bank 
Baker James R. furniture wagon, 76 n Ann 
Baker James C. ship carpenter, 175 Bank 
Baker James M. bricklayer, 224 n Howard 
Baker James, machinist, 399 Saratoga 
Baker James, driver, 76 n Ann 
Baker John, laborer. 72 Towson 
Baker J -hn, tailor, 132 s Washington 
Baker John, laborer, 76 Somerset 
Baker John, stone cutter, Point la ur 
Baker John, police, 713 w Lombard 
Baker John J. mariner, 92 Thames 
Baker John, shoemaker, 19S Bank 
Baker John, laborer. 207 s Washington 
Baker John, ship cai penter, 135 Thames 
Baker John, brickmaker, 150 L Greene 
Baker John, bricku)aker, 363 s Charles 
Baker John W. (Baker, BrufiF& Co.) 15 Hollins 
Baker John G. canmaker, 3 Orleans 
Baker John T. police, 263 n Dallas 
Baker J. W. officer Md. Penitentiary, 101 n -^ 

Baker John H. huckster, 23 McHenry 
Baker John L. ship joiner, Fayette ur Ann 
Baker John C. boilermaker, 76 n Fremont 
Baker John T. baker, 440 Lexington 
Baker John M. shoemaker, 32 Milliman 
Baker John .M. candymaker, 238 Barre 
Baker John W. laborer, 130 L Greene 
Baker Mrs. Joseph, 194 Saratoga 
Baker Jos. 0. blacksmith, 42 Harford av 
Baker J. Victor, police, 244 e Monument 
Baker Lewis, upholsteier, 102 s Broadway 
Baker Margaret, teacher, 131 Dolphin 


r— I 








WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Dust and 





I— ^ 


r— 1 



Baker & McCrackea, (IS. Baker, J. ilcCrack- 

en, ) paper aud rags, 120 w Lombard 
Baker Mary L. 120 s Fremont 
Baker Mrs. Mary, 47 President 
Baker Mrs. Mary, china and glass, 199 Ham- 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. confectionery, 171 Hughes 
Baker May C. saleswoman, 308 Light 
Baker Philip, clerk, 53 s Ann 
Baker Philip, boxumker, 29 Harrison Reuben, farmer. 417 \v Lombard 
BAKER R. J. & UU. (R. J. Baker, R. J. Hol- 
liugsworth, ) manufacturers dye wood, dye 
stuffs, chemicals and oil of vitriol, 36 and 
38 s Charles \_Ste Advertisement Jront cover. '\ 
Baker Richard J. (R. J. B. & (Jo.) Liberty ra 
Baker Robert, laborer, lo7 Peach al 
Baker Robert B. jr. cauinetmaker, 77 Pearl 
Baker Rubert B. cabinetmaker, -31 n Fremont 
Baker Robert J. caumaker, 360 Eastern av 
Baker Rosanna, seamstress, 15 Be van 
Baker Mrs. Rose, confectionery, 76 s Regester 
Baker Sarah, 348 n Gay 
BaKer barah R. boarding, 6 Gist 
Baker Mrs. tjophia, grocery, 50 s Regester 
Baker Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 75 s Bond 
Baker Mrs. Sophia, 50 s Ann 
Baker .\lrs.S. Cath'ine, seamstress, 2u8e Chase 
Baker Mrs. Susanna, 6 Gough 
Baker Theodore H. cabinetmaker, Belair av nr 

Baltimore Cemetery 
Baker Thomas, laborer, 6 East 
Baker Thomas, pattern maker, 37 Columbia 
Baker T. Ulis, attorney, 28 St. Paul, dw 177 

w Biddle 
Baker Valentine, baker 896 w Pratt 
Baker Walter, clerk, 6 Gough 
Baker Wm. butcher, 540 Penua av 
Baker Wm. laborer, 337 Eastern av 
Baker Wm. C. engineer, 92 Thames 
Baker Wm. M. clerk, Hand house 
Barker Wm. H. clerk, 246 Lexington 
Baker Wm. ropemaker, 284 n Boud 
Baker Wm. confectioner, 72 Columbia 
Baker Wm. jr. i^Baker Bros. & Co.) Balto. co 
Baker Wm. \V. cooper, 233 u Bond 
Baker Wui. J. hardware, 479 w Baltimore 
Baker Wm. M. clerk, 240 Lexington 
Baker Wm. H. K. clerk, 15 Pearl 
Baker Wm. A. shipcarpenter, 13 Williamson al 
Baker Wm. A. clerk, 281 n Eden 
Baker Wm. (Wm. B. in Bro.) 72^ Columbia 
BAKER WM. & BRU. (Wm. and Chas. A. 

Baker.) confectioners, <fec., 5 s Sharp 
Baker Wm. junk dealer, 92 Thames 
B.ikner Geo. cooper, 78 Bank 
Balbirnie Mrs. Ann L. teacher, 39^ Courtland 
Balch Mrs. Eliza, 235 Madison av 
Balch E. artistic photographer, 48 and 50 n 

Balch Seeland, photographer, 235 Madison av 
Balch Wm. E. photographer, 50 u Charles, 

dw 235 Madison av 
Bald Frederick W. gunsmith, 91 Penna av 
BalderstouDr. A.Holmes, dentist, 105 St. Paul 
Balderston Holmes, law student, 105 St. Paul 
BalderstoQ Hugh & Son, (J. Balderston.) wire 

workers, 12 s Calvert 
Balderston Jacob, (Hugh Balderston & Son,) 

515 w Fayette 
Balderston John C. (B., Ward k Co.) 48 w 

Balderston Dr. Isaiah, Judge Orphan's Court. 

105 St. Paul 
Balderston Marcellus, iron w'ker, 13 Jackson ct 
Balderston Thos. wire worker. 515 w Favette 
BALDERSTON, WARD & CO'. (J. C. Balder- 
ston. J H. Ward,) boot and shoe commis- 
sion merchants, over 273 w Baltimore 
Baldmyer Maria, cabinetmaker, 83 Orleans 
Baldner Sinah, 248 Mulberry 
Baldus Mrs. Catherine, 153 Stirling 
Baldwin Caleb C. cigarmaker, 173 e Fayette 
Baldwin Chas. D. student, 187 w Lombard 
Baldwin Christopher C. (Woodward, Baldwin 

<fe Co.) New York 
Baldwin & Cugle, (T. P. Baldwin, C. Cugle,) 
commission merchants, and wholesale cot- 
ton yarn, 17 German 
Baldwin David, treas. Savings Bank of Balti- 
more, n w cor McCulloh and Dolphin 
Baldwin Dr. Edwin C. 124 n Exeter 
Baldwin E. Francis, (B. & Price) 57 w Biddle 
Baldwin Geo. E. D. machinist, 33 e Eager 
Baldwin H. T. o.ster packer, 219 Gough 
Baldwin Jas. T. clothing cutter, 201 Mulberry 
Baldwin Mrs. Jane. 259 Aliceanna 
Baldwin John F. moulder, 152 Conway 
Baldwin John T. driver, 356 Eastern av 
Baldwin John H. of A. carp. 304 Canton av 
Baldwin John 11. carpenter, 120 n Eden 
Baldwin John, varnisher, 122 n Spring 
Baldwin John, engineer, 97 s Fremont 
Baldwin Joseph, mach't, Lombard nr Monroe 
Baldwin Le Roy E. storekeeper C.H. 395 Druid 

Hill av 
Baldwin Oliver P. asst. editor Sun, Waverley, 

York road 
Baldwin & Price, (E. F.Baldwin, Bruce Price) 

architects, s w cor Lexington and Charles 
Baldwin Robert, carpenter, 304 Canton av 
Baldwin Robert, jr. 335 Madison av 
Baldwin Robert, laborer, St. Peter nr Dawson 
Baldwin Robt. T. prest. Nat. Mechanics Bank. 

dw 335 Madison av 
Baldwin R.W.(B. & Trippe) Anne Arundel co 
Baldwin Summerfield(Norris & B.)289Parkav 
Baldwin Dr. Silas, 249 n Fremont 
Baldwin Thomas, police, 45 s High 
Baldwin Thomas P. (B. <J- Cugle) Anne Arun- 
del CO 
Baldwin Thomas, police, 40 e Lombard 
Baldwin Thomas C. ironworker, 22 Parrish 
Baldwin Thos. (Dugan & B.) Baltimore co 
BALDWIN ct TRIPPE, (R. W. Baldwin, A. 

C. Trippe) attorneys, 42 St. Paul 
Baldwin Wm. H. jr. (Woodward, B. & Co.) 

115 Park 
Baldwin Wm. H. blacksmith, 526 w Lombard 
Balke Adolph, carpenter, 96 Park 
Balke Fred'k, carpenter, 33 Clay, dw 96 Park 
Balke John, tailor, 238 Aliceanna 
Ball Charles H. asst. engineer U. S. N. 347 w 

Ball Charles, clerk, 91 Pennsylvania av 
Ball Christian, laborer, 90 Eastern av 
Ball David, brick manuf. n w cor Putnam and 

Washington road, dw 318 Hollins 
Ball David C. clerk, 238 e Fayette 
BALL & DULANV, (M. D. Ball, H. K. Dula- 
ny) attorneys and commissioners of deeds, 
36 St. Paul 
Ball George H. confec.tioner, 144 s Eutaw 
Ball George W. laborer, 29 Thames 

WM. H. EEAD'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. 

G-ay and cor. 

Chew & Stirling. 




Ball Henry S. bricklayer, 57 Pearl 

Ball James, blacksmith, 193 Bast 

Ball Mrs. Jessie, 355 e Baltimore 

Ball John, mariner, 67 s Wolfe 

Ball John, clerk, 147 s Broadway 

Ball John T. tinner, 204 s Bond 

Ball John L. shoemaker, 193 East 

Ball John H. bricklayer, 71 Pearl 

Ball John L. bricklayer, 155 s Chester 

Ball John D. carpenter, 335 n Howard, dw 40 

w Biddle 
Ball Joseph M. tinner, 34 Pearl 
Ball Louisa, dressmaker, 204 s Bond 
Ball Mrs. Margaret G. millinery, 51 Pearl 
Ball M. Dulany, (B. ^ Dulany) 228 Lanvale 
Ball Mrs. M. N. dressmaker, 34 Pearl 
Ball Max, porter, 285 n Gay 
Ball Philip A. 103 Townsend 
Ball Robert, laborer, 67 s Wolfe 
Ball Samuel T. shoemaker, 184 n Fremont 
Ball Mrs. Sarah, sbirtmaker, 204 s Bond 
iiall Walter, jr, clerk, 89 Pearl 
Ball Walter, treas. Balto. Steam Packet Co. 
cor PostofBce av and Second, dw cor Bol- 
ton and Townsend 
Ball Walter S. clerk, 128 Bolton 
Ball Wm. A. bricklayer, 204 s Bond 
Ball Wm. D. 79 Pearl 
Ballar John, machinist, 364 n Gay 
Ballard Byron H. clerk, 158 German 
Ballard Byron H. clerk, 37 n Front 
Ballard Chas. L.(C. L. B. 4- Co.) 257 Hoffman 
Ballard C. L. & Co. (C. L. and G. E. Bal- 
lard) cigars and tobacco, s w cor Eutaw 
and Biddle 
Ballard Chas B. asst. U. S. marshal, Morton 

al nr Hoffman 
Ballard Cyrus. Orleans near Ann 
Ballard MVs. Edward J. 43 McMechin 
Ballard Mrs. Eliza A. 43*McJlechin 
Ballard Eliza J. teacher, 43 McxMechin 
Ballard Fred'k, coachmaker, York rd nr city 

Ballard Fred'k, jr. painter, York rd nr city Imts 
Ballard Geo. E. clerk, 133 Division 
Ballard Geo. E. (C. L. B. & Co.) 133 Division 
Ballard Joseph E. clerk, 43 McMechin 
Ballard Laura V. teacher, 43 McMechin 
Ballard Levin E. proprietor Mt. Vernon hotel, 

31 w ilonument 
Ballard Samuel H. clerk, 257 w Hoffman 
Ballauf Augustus, feed and produce, 67^ Har- 
rison, dw 69 
Ballauf Augustus, (B. ^- Son) 69 Harrison 
Ballauf A. Z. clerk. 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Jj- Son, (A. and C. E. Ballauf) tan- 
ners and curriers, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Chas. E. (Ballauf & Son) 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Wm. L. currier, 402 e Monument 
Ballantine Alex, ship carpenter, 102 s Ann 
Ballentine Archibald, plasterer, 191 s Paca 
Ballentine Mrs. Eliza, 191 s Paca 
Ballenger J. T. of Adams Exp., Maltby house 
Ballmau Henry, clerk, 69 Park 
Balloch Rev. James, 403 Lexington 
Ballweder Conrad H tailor, 195 Orleans 
Balster Chas. cigarmaker, 150 s Chester 
Bolster Geo. fireman, 297 Canton av 
Balster John C. police, 297 Canton av 
Bait Wm. shoemaker, 512 Light 
Baltimore and Bremen Steamship Line, L. P., 
A. Schumacher, agent, 9 s Charles 

Baltimore Athenaeum, cor. St. Paul and Sara- 
toga, occupied by Baltimore Library Co., 
Mercantile Library Association and Md. 
Historical Society 

CIAL ADVERTISER, C. C. Fulton & Son, , 
proprietors, 128 w Baltimore 'f^ 

w Fayette b^ 

BALTIMORE BRIDGE CO. 49 Lexington ^ 

egraphic Institute, 8 n Charles %< 

Baltimore Butchers' Hide and Tallow Associ- CS 
ation, No. 1 s w cor Buren and Fall ^ 

Thos. E. Bond and R. A. Holland, editors, ^^ 
8^ St. Paul r-l 

Baltimore Can Co. 138 Camden C^ 

BALTIMORE CITY JAIL, Madison e of ^ 
Jones' Falls ^ 

Gay and Lombard \t^ 


Buildings, Second near Gay "^ 


WAY CO., office s e cor Baltimore and Cal- ^ 

vert, Henry Tyson, president 
BALTIMORE CITY COURT, cor St. Paul and ^ 

Court House la ^ 

Baltimore. Catonsville aud Ellicott City Rail- o 

way, ofiBce, Baltimore near Mount g 

Baltimore. City College, n e cor Holliday and .,- 

Fayette H 

Baltimore City Fertilizing and Manufacturing .- 

Co. n e cor Lancaster and Central av., J. ^ 

M. Jacobs, sup't., John A. Thompson, treas. ►> 

office 4 Wood C 

BALTIMORE CEMETERY CO. office 6 South, pt 

Thos. Wilson, pres't, L. R. Colbert, sec'y ^^ 

and treas.. Cemetery Belair av extended ^ 

Baltimore County Marble Co., F. Fickey, jr., .^ 

prest., John M. Miller, sec, 5 Postoffice av o3 
Baltimore Coal Co. Chas. F. Diggs, agent, 2 Jr 

South w 

Baltimore County Almshouse, Calverton road - 
Baltimore City Bay View Asylum, Eastern av ^ 

w of East av q 

Baltimore City Telegraph Co. 48 n Charles, -- 

30 Second, 38 Cheapside, cor Cross aud pq 

Light, Ferry rd, L. P., and Piatt's packing 

house, F. H. 
Baltimore Coal and Union R. R. Co., Charles 

F. Diggs and James Digg, agents, 2 South 

office n w cor Charles and Lexington, Jeese 

Tyson, preat ^ 

WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 







ton, Canton, office over 30 South, Henry 
Martin, president 

Baltimore Employment Co., Sutherland ^ Co. 
managers, 36 n Liberty 

Baltimore Eye and Ear Infirmary, s w cor 
Greene and Lombard 

timore, W. R. Cole, proprietor 

Baltimore Dental Place, Saratoga and Eutaw 

timore, Glenn & Co., proprietors 

insuring houses from loss by fire, office 19 
South Francis A, Crook, treasurer 

Baltimore Episcopal Methodist, Rev. John 
Poisal and Rev. S. S. Roszell editorial 
managers, 49 Lexington 

Paul, N. C. Brooks, principal 

car South and Water, Wm. G. Harrison, 

Biltimore Fire Department. \See Appendixl 

LINE OF STEAMERS, H. W. Corner, ag't, 
118 Spear's wharf 

Baltimore Free School and Colvin Institute 
for Girls. 39^ St. Paul 

Baltimore General Dispensary, n e cor Liberty 
and Fayette 

BaltimoreGlass Works, (Baker Bros. Sj- Co.,) 
e end of Hughes 

Baltimore Gymnasium, s e cor Charles and 
Fayette, John Carson, president 





Homoeopathic Pharmacy, 

Xo. 19 N. Eutaw Street. 


Homoeopathic Books, Medicines, 



&c., &c., 

Baltimore Infirmary, s w cor Lombard and 

Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of Mont- 
o-omery, Marcus L. Dudley, proprietor 

John R. W. Dunbar, A. M., M. D., prin- 
cipal, 151 w Lombard 

Baltimore .Medical Journal, Howard & Lati- 
mer, proprietors, 1 St. Paul 

Baltimore Museum, n w cor Baltimore and 

Baltimore and Newbern Steamers, Andrews ^• 
Co. agents, 73 Smith's wharf 

BALTIMORI-: NEWS CO. (H. Taylor pres't) 
111 \v Baltimore and 5 South, Sun building 

Baltimore Oil MauufacturingCo., C.M.Dough- 
erty, president. John J. Kelly, secy.l Cross 

Baltimore Oil Works, Robt. Read, prop'r, cor 
Canton av and Eden 

Baltimore Opera House, Kernan & Bro., pro- 
prietors, Baltimore-8t bridge 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker nr Lex- 

pean Freight and Emigrant Wharf, L.P., & 
foot of Fell, F. P., L. F. Beeler, agent 

office Camden Station, Camden st 

TICKET OFFICE, s e cor Baltimore and 
Calvert. E. B. Browning, agent 

Browning, agent, se cor Balto. and Calvert 

North and Belvidere, Val. Winters, pres't 

chant's Exchange Reading Rooms, George 
U. Porter, publisher 

BOAT Co., 3 Light stwh. J. Alex. Shriver, 
agent [_See p. 16 Advertisements .~\ 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Co., Oden 
Bowie, pres't, 70 n Calvert 

Baltimore Publishing Co., over s e cor Charles 
and Fayette 

Baltimore, James H. Wood, publisher 

Baltimore and Savannah Steamship Co., Flan- 
nigan's whf. and 73 Smith's whf, James B. 
Andrews, agent 

Baltimore Sheep Butchers' Wool Association, 
No. 1, 505 Penua. av 

Baltimore Special Dispensary, 59 North 

Baltimore Steam Boiler Works, 25 s Front, C. 
W. Beutley, president 

Baltimore Steam Forge, s w cor Canton av 
and Eden 

LOW WARE CO., Henry R. Robbins, pres't 
J. H. Forbes sec'y, 32 Light 

Baltimore Steam Laundry, basement 1 e Balti- 
more, next to bridge, Chr. Search, prop'r 

Baltimore Stock Board, over 12 South 

BALTIMORE SUN, s e cor Baltimore and 
South, A. S. Abell ^- Co., proprietors 

ping office Union Dock, R.L.Poor gen'l agt 

Baltimore and Texas Steam Transportation 
Co., H. R. de LaReintree, pres't, 34 Post- 
office av 

CO., Joseph J.Taylor, agent,office 212 West 
Falls av 

baugh, ed., 3 Postofflce av 

Baltimore United Butchers Association, n e 
cor Neighbor and McKim 

BALTIMORE UNION R.R. CO. .office 2 South 

BALTIMORE WECKER, dailv and weekly 
German newspaper, 88^ w Baltimore, Wm. 
Schnauflfer and Wm. Rapp, proprietors 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 



s Eutaw, 4, 5, 6. and 10 Union Dock, and 

49, 51, 53 and 55 s Frederick, office 53 and 

55 s Gay and 63 Conway, J. Hooper, pres't 

Baltimore White Lead Works, Fort av nr 

Baltimore and Wilmington Steamers, Andrews 

& Co. agents, T3 Smith's wharf 
Baltz Edward, butcher, Woodyear nr Preston 
Baltz Wm. butcher, 35 Belair and 34 Hanover 

markets, dw Jenkins' lane nr York rd 
Baltzell Chas.C. paper hang's, 50 Jackson sq.av 
Baltzell Chas. R. 10 n Calhoun 
Baltzell Mrs. Catherine E. 10 n Calhoun 
Baltzell Geo. carter, 206 s Wolfe 
Baltzell James, clerk, 220 Franklin 
Baltzell Nicholas, laborer, 16 s Chapel 
Baltzell Dr. Wm. H. 149 Hanover 
Balz Adolph, currier, 225 Battery av 
Balz >[rs. Mary, 210 s Ann 
Balz Rhinehard, provision, 331 w Fayette 
Balzer John, laborer, 11 Cooke 
BalzerJohn, shoemaker, 278 Light 
Balzer John, (Groth & Co.) 359 e Baltimore 
Balzer Nicholas, porter, 16 s Chapel 
Bambach Mrs. Amelia, grocery 74 n Exeter 
Bambach Joseph, boilermaker, 74 n Exeter 
Bamberger Abraham, 60 n Spring 
Bamberger Ansel, (Bamberger & Eilau, ) 107 

3 Sharp 
Bamberger Casper, laborer, 37 s Wolfe 
Bamberger David, auction goods, hosiery, &c. 

69 n Howard and 7 German 
Bamberger E. & Co. (E. and A. Bamberger) 
millinerj- and fancy goods, 247 w Baltimore 
Bamberger E. 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Eilau (A. Bamberger, A. Eilau) 
trimmings and fancy goods, 247 w Baltimore 
Bamberger Isaac. 153 Lexington 
Bamberger John, laborer, 23 Sbakspear 
Bamberger Joseph C. bricklayer, 310 Green- 
mount av 
Bamberger Julius, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Moses, tea, 153 Le.-cington, dw 235 

Bamberger Moses, fancy goods and notions, 
57 n Howard and 143 Lexington, dw 235 
Bamberger Wm. H. grocery and sewing ma- 
chines, 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Wm.W. letter carrier, 149 Conway 
Banchwertz Richard, laborer, 224 Frederick av 
Bancroft Lieut. Eugene A. regimental quarter- 
master, U.S.A. Fort McHenry 
Bancroft Mrs. John, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer. 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft Mrs. M, E. 135 Lexington 
Bandel Andrew J,(Gantt & B.) 62 e Baltimore 
Bandel Andrew J. agt. Home Life Ins. Co., 

5 German, dw 62 e Baltimore 
Bandel And'w J. jr. bookk'r, 62 e Baltimore 
Bandel Decatur A. (John M. Bandel & Sons) 

365 e Pratt 
Bandel Edward, carpenter, 185 n Eden 
Bandel Grafton, cabinetmkr, 202 e Lombard 
Bandel Henry M. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandel I, Cook, tinware, 62 e Baltimore 
Bandel James L. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
BANDEL JOHN M.& Sons. ( J. M., J. W., Mar- 
tin L. and D, A. Bandel, ) shipping and com. 
merchts, 119 Smith's wharf 
Bandel John M. (J. M. B. cj- Sons) 365 e Pratt 

37 BAN 

Bandel John W. (J. M. B. & Sons) 365 e Pratt 
Bandel Leonard J. block and pumpmaker, 97 

McElderry's whf, dw 96 s Exeter 
Bandel Martin L. (John M. B. & Sons) 365 e 

Bandel Mrs. Mary, 93 n Eden 
Bandel Philip, shipping mercht. 202 e Fayette 
Bandel Philip H. (Booth, B. & Collins,) 202 e 

Bandel Samuel G. boxmaker, 62 e Baltimore 
Bandell Alice H. teacher, 267 n Broadway 
Bandell George W. carver, 246 n Caroline 
Bandell George W. dyer, 187 e Baltimore 
Bandell Capt. Michael H. mariner, 7 s Gist 
Bandell Samuel L. salesman, 267 n Broadway 
Bandell Wm. bacon, 70 n Bond 
Bandell Wm. R clerk, 267 n Broadway 
Bandmann Chas. butcher, 3 n Durham 
Bando Frederick, barber, 267 n Bond 
Bando Wilhelmina, tobacconist, 267 n Bond 
Bange Frank, barber, 181 Frederick av 
Banefield Henry, watchman, 13 Durham 
Bangert Chas. L. plasterer, 116 ilcElderry 
Bangert Frederick A. salesman, 16 Miller 
Bangert George, driver, 385 East av 
Bangert Henry, carpenter, 59 n Dallas 
Bangert John H. ship joiner, 191 s Washington 
Bangert Joseph, grocery, 385 Eastern av 
Bangert Philip, coal oil and lamps, s w cor 

Central av and Chew 
Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 116 McElderry 
Bangs Charles, clerk, 200 n Howard 
Bangs Charles, clerk, 218 Druid Hill av 
Bangs Edward, 248 w Madison 
Bangs Frank, clerk, 232 Barre 
Bangs George F. tailor, 6 Laurel 
Bangs Laura, teacher, 232 Barre 
Bangs Mrs. Melvina, 232 Barre 
Bangs Theophilus, firemm, Wolfe nr Jackson 

sq av 
Banhardt John M. locksmith, 359 Eastern av 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South, James W. 

Alnutt, president 
Bank-St. Chapel, (Ev. Luth.) Bank ext 
Bankard David, carpenter, 273 Preston 
Bankard H. n! & Co. (H. N. Bankard) real 

estate agents, 5 St. Paul 
Bankard Henry N. (H. N. B. & Co.)cor Gilmor 

and Presstman 
Bankard Jacob, baker. Bethel nr Jefferson 
BANKARD JACOB J. provisions, 74 and 76 

Light St whf, dw Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 414 e Baltimore 
Bankard Jacob J. jr. Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard James M. butcher, 414 e Baltimore 
Bankard John, laborer, 335 e Eager 
Bankard John L. butcher, 22 Fell's Point 

market, dw 438 e Baltimore 
Bankard Margaret, grocery, 438 e Baltimore 
Bankard Nicholas D. carpenter, 132 Mosher 
Bankard Valentine, shoemaker, 190 s Sharp 
Bankard Wm. H. salesman, 25 s Republican 
Bankart John B. cooper, 126 s Spring 
Bankart Martin A. tailor, 126 s Spring 
Ban'cenburd Chas. shoemaker, 80 Mullikin 
Bail erd Bros., (J. and D. Bankerd) produce 

c.iiii. merchts. 146 Franklin 
Bai k^rd Dennis, (B. Bros.) 226 Franklin 
Bankerd Josiah, (B. Bros ) 181 n Oregon 
Baiil;erd Josiah, clerk, 181 n Oregon 
Bankerd Wesley, carpenter, 273 Preston 
Bankerd Wm. "butter dealer, 213 w Biddle 







W. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, \?^-. W. Baltimore-st., Agent for the 
sale of Marble Sodf Fountains. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 




r— I 








Bankers', Brokers' and Commercial Telegraph* 

147 w Baltimore 
Bankhead Charles P. painter, 27 n Fremont 
Bankhead Robert clerk, 27 n Fremont 
Bankhead Robt. L. plasterer, 27 n Fremont 
Bankner John, shoemaker, 325 n Central av 
Banks Benj. F. furn. wagon, 132 Orleans 
Banks Mrs. Cath'ne, butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks Charles, clerk, 396 e Baltimore 
Banks Daniel B. prest. Union Manf. Co.,ofiice 

Howard nr German, dw 194 Franklin 
Banks Frank W. clerk, 289 n Broadway 
Banks Frederick, moulder, 112 s Washington 
Banks Geo. W. tax department, 30 n Gilmor 
Banks Henrj, shoemaker, Rue nr Canton av 
Banks Henry, shoemaker, 191 Conway 
Banks James E. huckster, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks John, machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John M. machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John W. machinist, 243 Dolphin 
Banks John W. clerk, 52 n Dallas 
Bunks Joshua E. tinner, 182 n Eutaw 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 11 Etting 
Banks iMrs. M. A. 52 n Dallas 
Banks Morton D. furn. and chair factory, 59 

South, dw 358 e Pratt 
BANKS ROBERT T., Mayor of Baltimore city, 

dw n e cor Calvert and Madison 
Banks R. T. & Son, (R. T. and R. T. Banks, 

jr.,) china and glassware, 53 South 
Banks Robert T. (R. T. B. ^ Son, ) n e cor 

Calvert and Madison 
Banks Robert T. jr. (R. T. B. & Son) n e cor 

Calvert and Madison 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 243 Dolphin 
Banks Samuel, porter, 52 n Dallas 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 31 e Eager 
Banks Mrs. Sarah, 396 e Baltimore 
Banks Wm. chairpainter, 107 Jackson sqav 
Banks Wra. H. tinner, 8 n Poppleton 
Banks W. H. S. painter, 350 e Chase 
Banks W. E. (Swain & B.) 199 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. J. huckster, 54 Greenmount av 
Bankstahl John, shoemaker, 277 n Dallas 
Ban nan Charles, shoemaker, 5 Webb 
Bannan Hugh, stonecutter, 204 s Charles 
Bannan John, 135 Harford av 
Bannan John, police, 211 Dolphin 
Bannan John A. engineeer, 105 n Poppleton 
Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 York 
Banntin Margaret, 79 York 
Baiinbart Chas. A. clerk, 49 McMechin 
Bannenberg John, huckster, 9 Arch 
Banning Alexander, 285 Hollins 
Banning Catherine, 280 Lexington 
Banning Maria, 280 Lexington 
Banning M. E. 280 Lexington 
Bannister Mrs. Maria T. 47 Chatsworth 
Bannister N. 52 n Calvert 
Bannon Building, 32 St. Paul 
Bannon Hugh, stonecutter, 204 s Charles 
BANNON MICHAEL, attorney, 32 St. Paul, 

dw Anne Arundel co 
Bannon Owen, 120 Scott 
Baunon Patrick, dravman, 120 Scott 
Bansemer G. A. (W.'G. B. &Co.)202 w HoflF- 

BANSEMER W. G. <|-Co. (W. G. and G. A. 

Bansemer) wholes, grocers and commission 

merchants, 45 German 
Bansemer Wra. G. (W. G. B. &Co.) 206 w 


Banthem Chas. W. coachmaker, 276 s Charles 
Banthem George, coachsmith, 276 s Charles 
Banthem James, coachmaker, 276 s Charles 
Banthem James M painter, 105 Hamburg 
Bantz Dr. Edward, ins. agent, 30 South, dw 

22 Columbia 
Bantz Eugene H. 305 Lexington 
Bantz Gideon, 22 Columbia 
Bantz Henrj' H. salesman, 168 Saratoga 
Bantz Theodore S. 305 Lexington 
Banz Albert, turner, 155 s Choptank 
Banz John M. bottler, 458 e Lombard 
Bapp Lawrence, restaurant, 185 s Caroline 
Baptist Church, Waverley nr York rd 
Baptistilla John, stonecutter, 47 Buren 
Baptista Christino, figuremaker, 202 Chesnut 
Baptista John, figuremaker, 202 Chesnut 
Baquol&Co. (J. Baquol) wholes, manuf 3 

French and American confectionery, 242 w 

Baquol Jules, (B. & Co.) 242 w Pratt 
Bar Levi, (L. B. & Co.) tailor, 12 n Charles, 

dw 39 Aisquith 
Bar L. & Co. (Levi Bar, S. Trauttman) fancy 

goods, 152 Lexington 
Barber Isabella, 598 Lexington 
Barber J. G. ^ Co. (John G. Barber) flour 

and feed, 61 s Eutaw 
Barber John T. police, 149 Choptank 
Barber John G. (J. G. B^ Co.) Baltimore co 
Barber Joseph M. mariner, 149 Choptank 
Barber Michael, rigger, 149 Choptank 
Barber Philip J. police, 547 n Gay 
Barber Sarah, dressmaker, 53 n Fremont 
Barber Walter T. clerk, 43 n Eutaw 
Barber Wm. waiter, 124 w Baltimore 
Barber Wm. machinist, 113 Hill 
Barbine Jacob F. bricklayer, 155 Battery av 
Barbine Joseph S. police, 152 Hamburg 
Barbine Wm. E. shipcarpenter, 157 Battery av 
Barbour Daniel N. huckster, 155 Ensor 
Barbour David M. clerk, 357 Holl'us 
Barbour Edward, laborer, 5Binney 
Barbour Mrs. Susan, 58 Preston 
Barcher Christopher, police, 421 e Lombard 
Barcher Mrs. Susan, huckstress, 150 s Ann 
Barclay Capt. Richard, mariner, 24 n Ann 
Bard Frederick, butcher, 61 G Light 
Bard Thos. P. travelling agent, 278 Lexington 
Bardens Frederick, laborer, 10 Etna )a 
Bardon Mrs. Martha, Point la nr Gay 
Bardroff Joseph, plasterer, 20 Rock 

Wood Dealer, 45 Boston street, 
dw 120 s Chester 

Bardroff Peter, pianomaker, 20 Rock 
Bardwell Geo. S. clerk, 145 e Baltimore 
Bardwell Horatio J. clerk, 222 Madison av 
Bare Hill Mining Co. of Baltimore, 4 s Holliday 
Bare Holmes B. druggist, n w cor Baltimore 

and Gilmor, dw 701 w Baltimore 
Barens Andrew, (Barens & Klein) 70 s Wolfe 
Barens & Klein, (A. Barens, Henry Klein) 

cloth, hat and cap factory, over 66 Centre 

Market sp 
Barenstecher Elizabeth, seamstress, Bucks h; 

nr Calverton rd 
Bargar Deeter, bricklayer, 65 Franklin 
Bargar Geo. W. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar Henry, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Bargar Joseph A. bricklayer, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar S. M. teacher, 239 Franklin 
Bargar Washington, brklayr, 86 Druid Hill av 
Barget George, musician, 83 Mullikin 
Bargund Gotfried, lab'r, Clinton and Boston 
Barickman Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e Baltimore 
Bark Frank, shoemaker, 265 e Eager 
Barke Christian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Barke John, bookkeeper, 332 s Charles 
Barker Alfred, ptrnmkr, 89 Front, n of Foundry 
Barker Alfred, jr. clerk, 89 Front, n of Foundry 
Barker Benj. screwman, tobacco warehse No. 3 
Barker Benjamin, 189 w Lombard 
Barker Bery S. laborer. 178 s Eutaw 
BARKER & CHANDLEE, (W. K. Barker, H. 

P. Chandlee) vvhols. tobacco and cigars, 26 

s Calvert, and manufs. cigars, 268 Hanover 
Barker Chas. clerk, 4 Franklin 
Barker Chas. F., Huntingdon av w of Charles 
Barker Emily, dressmaker, 21 n Eutaw 
Barker Edward W. (B. & Fisher) Huntingdon 

av w of Charles st av 
Barker Evan S. 183 Townsend 
BARKER & FISHER, (Ed. W. Barker, C. D. 

Fisher) flour, grain and gen'l com. merch. 

11 South 
Barker Geo. E. music teacher, 157 Harford av 
Barker James H. draughtsman, 108 Cathedral 
Barker James T. mariner, 52 Hill 
Barker John A. property agent, 42 St. Paul, 

dw Baltimore co 
Barker John W. laborer. Union hotel 
Barker Joseph, laborer, 160 s Flutaw 
Barker Joseph H. (Woods, Weeks & Co.) 90 

BarkerLewisR. ptrnmkr, 89Front,n of Foundry 
Barker Robert, ship carpenter, 3 s Washington 
Barker Thomas M. (Goldsborough & Co.") 72 

Park av 
Barker Wm.supt.Ellicott iron w'ks, 4 Franklin 
Barker Wm. machinist, Franklin Inn 
i^arker Wm. police, 64 McMechin 
Barker Wm. C. laborer, 36 Haubert 
Barker Wm. H. clerk, Oregon nr Mosher 
Barker Wm. K. (B. & Chandlee) 172 n Oregon 
Barklage Mrs. Gertrude, 95 Pearl 
Barklage & Henneman,(H. A. Barklage, John 

Heuneman) packing box makers, 15 Cow- 
pen al 
Barklage Henry A. (B. & Henneman) 95 Pearl 
Barkley Geo. L. provisions, 267 e Lombard 
Barkley James, helper, 4 Bank 
Barkley John C. (Stewart, B. & Co.) 614 w 

Barkley Marcus C. engineer, 61 s Ann 
Barkley Philip, laborer, 202 Cathedral 
Barkley Capt. Richard, mariner, 73 s Ann 
Barkley Robert, tailor, 43 Eastern av 
Barkman Amelia, 54 Tourtland 
Barkmeyer Fred. W. grocery, 61 s Strieker 
Bai'lage Geo. boxmaker. 111 Chew 
Barley Ellen, dressmaker, 240 Hollins 
Barley John, driver, 354 Mulberry 
Barley Wm. clerk, 240 Hollins 
Barline Mrs. A. milk, St. Peter nr Paca 
Barling Ann, 231 George 
Barling Edward, carpenter, 152 n Bethel 
Barlow Bernard, cigarmkr, 260 .Montgomery 
Barlow rharles E. bookbinder, 59 n Front, 

n of Foundry 
Barlow Frank, grocery, 260 Montgomery 

Barlow James W. clerk, 25 n Paca 

Barlow James T. paperhanger, s w cor Ais- 

quith and Lanvale 
Barlow John H. painter, 1 n Sharp, dw 59 

Front, n of Foundry 
Barlow Joseph, mariner, 44 Fell 
Barlow Thos. carp. 59 n Front, n of Foundry '-^ 
BARNARD CHARLES P. Sherwood house, ~ 

s e cor Harrison and Fayette ^ 

STORE, n e cor Baltimore and ^f 
North streets. z! 

Barnard John, bricklayer, 141 n Fremont 
Barnard Mrs. Mary E. 582 Lpxington 
Barnard Randolph, bricklayer, 141 n Fremont 

HOUSE, on the European plan, 
cor. Fayette and Harrison Streets, 
opposite Maryland Institute. 

Barner Fred'k, bookbinder, Washington hotel 
Barnes Albert, hatter, 78 s Wolfe 
BARNES A. S. & CO. publishers, 341 wBallo 
Barnes Alex. M. lumber insp. 504 Canton av 
Barnes B. clerk, Maltby house 
Barnes Benj. clerk. 153 Barre 
Barnes Benj. F. painter. 153 Barre 
Barnes Bernard, mariner, 301 Canton av 
Barnes C. Fletcher, bookkeeper, 70 n Charles 
Barnea Christopher, bricklayer. 106 s Exeter 
Barnes Daniel ,T. blacksmith. 91 s Chester 
Barnes D. Wilton, clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes Edmund L. painter, 91 s Chester 
Barnes Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker. 300 Lisht 
Barnes Mrs. Elizabeth. 41 s Washington 
Barnes Emma, dressmaker, 300 Light 
Barnes Francis M. boilermaker, 548 Saratoga 
Barnes Frederick, cigarmaker. 3 Essex 
Barnes Geo. 209 Bank 
Baraes Geo. D. bricklayer, 1 Northern av 
Barnes Geo. L. boilermaker, 548 Saratoga 
Barnes Hanson P. oysters and produce, over 

150 w Pratt, dw 106 n Broadway 
Barnes Henry E. oyster packer, 237 Bank 
Barnes Henry E. oyster packer, 100 Johnson 
Barnes Henry, slioeraaker, 10 Washington av 
Barnes Henry, baggage master, 13 McElderry 
Barnes Mrs. Hester, 127 n Exeter 
Barnes Jas. S. brass moulder, 161 w Hoffman 
Barnes James F constable, 192 s Wolfe 
Barnes Mrs. Jane, grocery, 161 w Hoffman 
Barnes Jane, tailoress, 49 n Front 
Barnes John R. clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes John H. attorney, 366 e Baltimore 
Baraes John, tailor, 78 s Wolfe 
Barnes John A. grocery and provision, 364 e 

Barnes John M. blacksmith, 43 e Fayette 
Barnes John R. (Walton & B. ) Biddle nr Eden 
Barnes John W. millwright, 46 n Schroeder 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 173 s ( eniral av 
Barnes Joshua, stair builder, 60 n High 
BARNES J. T. MASON, deputy city collec- 
tor, cor Decker and Oliver 
Barnes Leakir», mariner, 90 s Gilmor 
Barnes Mrs. Margaret St. Clair C. cor Decker 
and Oliver 

I — I 






WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 










Barnes ^lichael, laborer, 12 Essex 

Barnes Mrs. Rhoda, 319 e Baltimore 

Barnes Richard M. public weigher, 59 s Gay, 

dw cor Declver and Oliver 
Barnes Robert C. sr. 26 Bowly's wharf, dw 

Baltimore co 
Barnes Robert C. jr. clerk, 299 e Lombard 
Barnes Salina E. 'eacher, 305 w Fayette 
Barnes Samuel F. moulder, 14 Ramsay 
Barnes Samuel A. carpenter, 21 Boyd 
Barnes Susan, tailoress, 49 u Front 
Barnes Thos. B. tobacconist, 280 e Monument 
Baraes Capt. Thos. H. 14 Williamson al 
Barnes Thos. H. clerk, 319 e Baltii:.ore 
Barnes Rev. Wm. M. 319 n Eutaw 
Barnes Wm. R. clerk, ](i6 n Broadway' 
Barnes Wm. hostler. 2 s Gist 
Barnes Wm. 30 n Paca 
Barnes ^Yilliara J. bookkeeper, 113 Jackson 

Square av 
Barnet John H. ciorarmaker, 596 w Lombard 
Barnett Mrs. A. D. 243 w Fayette 
Barnett Amelia E. millinery, 67 n Charles 
Barnett, Aulthouse k Co. (Wm. Barnett, G. 

W. Aulthouse,) com. merchts. 308 w Pratt 
Barnett Mrs. F. A. diessmaker, cor Charles 

and Brown la 
Barnett Geo. W. salesman. Miller's hotel 
Barnett James, caulker, 144 Battery av 
Barnett James H. miller, 80 Mound 
Barnett John F. wheelwright, 434 Saratoga, 

dw 125 Rollins 
Burnett Rosanna, tailoress, 125 Battery 
Barnett Stephen H. mariner, 129 York 
Barnett Thomas, painter, Choptank nr Pratt 
Barnett Wm. biicklayer, 3 Hope al 
Barnett Wm. (B.. Authouse & Co.) corner 

Charles and Slontgomery 
Barnett Wm. P. clerk, 35 n Calvert 
Barney Ann B. 76 n Charles 
Harney Bridget. 99 York 
Barney Caroline L. 76 n Charles 
Barney Elizabeth R. 76 n Charles 
Barnev Geo. W, enffineer, 503 w Lombard 
BARXEY JAMRS collector, 76 nCharles 
Barnhart Alfred W. paper hangings, 165 n 

Barnhill Andrew H. salesman, 364 e Eager 
Barnickel John F. tailor. 1 15 McElderry 
Barnitz A H. bookkeeper, U. S. treasurer, dw 

.Mt. Washington 
Barnitz Augustus M. law student, 29 George 
Barnitz Covington D. attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

dw Linden av nr Northern av 
Barnitz Michael, i^ George 
Barnsticker Michael, laborer Washington av ex 
Barnum Allen S. 282 Walsh 
Barnum's City Hotel, fronting Calvert, St. 

Paul and Fayette, Barnum & Co. propri'trs 
Barnum & Co. proprietors Barnum's City Ho- 
tel, cor Calvert and Fayetti> 
Barnum Edward T. clerk, 282 Walsh 
Barnum Henry II. clerk, 282 Walsh 
Barnwell Mrs. Rose, grocery, 18 Union 
Baroch Joseph, cooper, 16 Abbott 
Baroch Thomas, laborer, 20 Abbott 
Baron Jas. engineer fire dep't. 1.S7 e Lombard 
Barout George W. shoemaker. 156 s Fremont 
Baroux Edwin G. painter, 156 s Fremont 
Barr Bankard, shoemaker, 2() s Chester 
Barr Henry, shoemaker, 228 p]astern av 
Barr Letitia, 401 Saratoga 



Barranger Andrew, gardener, 292 Harford ar 
Barranger C. C. (G. W. & C. C. Barranger,) 

288 Saratoga 
Barranger Francis, gardener, York road nr 1st 

toll gate 
Btrrauger Geo. W. (G. W. k C. C. Barran- 
ger, ) Penna av extended 
Barranger G. W. & C, C. butchers. 34 Centre, 

71 Lexington and 63 Hanover markets 
Barranger Henry C. butcher, Lexington ext 
Barranger John F. provisions, s w cor McEl- 

derr3' and Spring 
Barranger James L. butcher, McElderrj-, e of 

Maryland Hospital 
Barranger John, butcher, Lexington ext 
Barranger John L. police, 326 e Madison 
Barranger Lewis L. sr. butcher, 77 Lexington, 
34 Centre and 63 Hanover markets, dw Lib- 
erty rd nr toll gate 
Barranger Lewis L, jr., butcher, 62 Centre, 44 
Lexington and 65 Hanoverjmarkets, dw 169 
Penna av 
Barranger Lewis, wagoner, 86 n Spring 
Barranger Thomas, police, 132 Forrest 
Barranger Thomas, police, 11 Ensor 
Barranger Wm. hostler, 63 McElderry 
Barrett A. 124 Park av 
Barrett A. J. house furnishing, 15 n High 
Barrett Augustus S. butcher, 129 n Regester 
Barrett Catherine, millinery, 546 w Fayette 
Barrett David, watchman C. H. 107 Pierce 
Barrett Edward, drayman, 1 Hagan's ct 
Barrett Eliza, millinery, 90 Richmond 
Barrett Emily, 347 Franklin 
Barrett Eugene, clerk, 81 n Howard 
Barrett Francis 0. (J, Post & Co.) 124 Park av 
Barrett Geo. W. carpenter, 108 Mulberry 
Barrett George, (B. & Rosendorn, ) 476 Lex- 
Barrett George B. musician, 178 Pearl 
Barrett George E. cutter, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett George W. teamster, 132 Johnson 
Barrett Gregory, sr. 115 n Fremont 
Barrett Henrv, carpenter, 2 McHenry 
BARRETT &H1GG1NS, (W. D, Barrett, J. 
T. Higgins, ) wholesale hats and caps, 244 
w Baltimore 
Barrett James H. clerk, 310 n Howard 
Barrett James J , Fulton nr Franklin 
Barrett Jatnes .M. mariner, 132 Johnson 
Barrett James J. (Jessing & B. ) prof, of music, 

17 McElderry 
Barrett Mrs. Jane F. seamstress, 40 Henrietta 
Barrett John M. clerk, 162Lanvale 
Barrett John H. mariner, 132 Johnson 
Barrett John I. clerk, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John G. bootfitter, 187 w Pratt 
Barrett John, driver, 40 Penn 
Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John L. 78 s Eden 
Barrett L. Z. clerk, 286 w Hoffman 
Barrett Margaret, 162 Lanvale 
Barrett Margaret E. 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Margaret, 99 Eastern av 
Barrett .Mrs. Mary, 40 Penn 
Barrett Mrs. Mary, 39 Pearl 
Barrett .Maurice C. clerk, 93 Druid Hill av 
Barrett Nathan, (B., Nephews & Co.) Stater 

l.'iland. X. Y. 
BARRETT, NEPHEWS& CO. f Nathan B., Na- 
than, Edward, & Joseph Heal A.C. Wood,) 
Staten Island Dyeing Co. 110 w Baltimore 

WM. H. READ, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, i81 Baltimore-st. 


Barrett Patrick, mariner, 152 s Chester 
Barrett Rosalie, teacher, 91 n Broadway 
Barrett Samuel, letter carrier, 115 il Fremont 
Barrett & Rosendorn, (G. Barrett, F. Rosen- 

dorn, ) silversmiihs and electroplaters, 2 

Barrett Susie, hairdresser, 89 n Howard, dw 

115 e Jtonument 
Barrett Thomas, fish, 10 Barre, dw cor Eutaw 

and Stockholm 
Barrett Thomas, malster, 137 North 
Barrett Thos. H. engineer, 347 Franklin 
Barrett Wm. D. (B & Higgins, ) 266 w Hoff- 
Barrett Wm. H. 8 St. Peter 
Barrett Wm. G. clerk, Potomac nr Hudson 
Barrett Wm. T. clerk, 162 Lanvale 
Barrick Phillip, laborer, 46 Barnes 
Barrick Wm. E. carpenter, 380 s Charles, dw 

9i HoUins 
Barrickmau Jacob, huckster, 119 Columbia 
Barricknian .Marietta, tencher, 169 n Paca 
Barrickman Sarah E. 337 e Lombard 
Barriere Geo. F. ivy goods, 137 n Gaj 
Barrieve Isadore, cook, 129 s Exeter 
Barrington Edward P. bookkeeper, 663 w 

Barrington Frank T. music teacher, 143 s 

Barrington J. T. clerk, 143 s Broadway 
BarroU Benj. C. attorney, 31 n Calvert, dw 56 

n Carey 
Barroll Benj. C. jr. clerk, 56 n Carey 
Barroll Edmund, clerk. 286 Madison av 


Real Estate Bro kers, 

No. 6 St. Paul Street. 


Property and Ground Rents bought and sold ; 
Mortgages'and Loans negotiated, and all busi- 
ness pertaining to Real fc'state Agency 
promptly transacted. 


■Barroll Jas. W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 286 Madi- 
son av 
Barroll Julian S. (J. B. Brown & Co.) 56 n 

Barroll Richard. 34 s Sharp 
Barroll Wm. V. law student, 286 Madison av 
Barron Daniel, machinist. 187 s Chester 
Barron Anton, tailor, 44 Barnes 
Barron Edward T. horseshoer, 267 w Biddle 
Barron Jacob F. washing machines, 13 n Gay, 

dw Harford Co. 
Barron James, asst. engineer. 137 e Lombard 
Barron John, carpenter, 89 Walsh 
Barron John, produce, 95 and 96 Hanover 

market, dw 79 s Paca 
Barron John, machinist, 10 Armistead la 
Barron John M. inspector, 370 Hollins 
Barron Margaret, waitress, 29-4 Madison av 
Barron Robert, clerk Howard House 
Barron Roger W. clerk, 79 s Paca 
Barron Thomas, veterinarian. 79 Walsh 
Barron Thomas, police, 146 George 
Barron Thomas, dress trimmings, 83 north 

Barron Thos. F. veterinarian, 79 Walsh 
Barron Thomas D. salesman. ',69 w Lombard 

41 BAR 

Barron Wm. D. salesman, 169 w Lombard 
Barrow Frank, wagoner, 116 Front n of 

Barrow Henry T. bookkeeper, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow 0. W". clerk, 47 Light 
Barrow Thos. H. salesman, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow Rev. Thomas, 227 e Baltimore 
Barrus Geo. W. cooper, 116 n Central av 
Barrj- Mrs. Arietta, 503 w Fayette 
Barry Mrs. Bridget, 17 Bank 
Barry ^ Bro. (J. W. and J. M. Barry,) game, 

n w cor Baltimore and Charles 

BARRY & Bro,, Wholesale and 
Retail Dealers in Game, Ter- 
rapin and Venison, n w cor. 
Charles and Baltimore sts, 

Barry Jlrs. Catherine, 9 w Chase 
Barry Charles, cooper, 81 s Fremont 
Barry D. C. collector, 92 Saratoga 
Barry & Hoogewerff, (J. C. Barry, jr., S. E. 
Hoogewerff) merchandise brokers, 4 Gro- 
cers' Exchange, Commerce 

BARRY & COOK, (Wm. R. Barry, 
Samuel G. B. Cook.) Hardware 
Commission Merchants, 19 South 

BARRY J|- CLABY, (P. T.Barry. L.F.CIahy.) 

plumbers and gas fitters, 149 Dolphin 
Barry Elijah W. (Wm. H. B. & Son,) 393 w 

Barry Mrs. Hester, John nr Wilson 
Barry Henry A. coal, 1 and 3 German, dw 96 

BARRY HALL, Ewell 4- Kellv, proprietors, 

12 St. Paul 
Barry James, painter, 44 Camden 
Barry James, jr plumber. 17 Harford av 
Barrv James, carter, 1 7 Harford av 
BarryJas.C.jr. (B.& Hoogewerff)! 1 McCuUoh 
Barry John, carpenter. 3 Watson 
Barry John, clerk. 47 German 
Barry John, 69 Vine 

Barrv Capt. Jno. J. bookkeeper, 503 w Favette 
Barry Joseph W. (Barry & Bro.) 83 Hill " 
Barry Joshua H. clerk. 367 Hollins 
Barry John W. clerk. 503 w Fayette 
Barrv John W. produce. 63 L ^lontgomerv 
BarrV John M. (B. & Bro.) 83 Hill • 
Barry Patrick T.(Barry& Claby)l7 Harford av 
Barry Richard, watchman, 248 e F.ayette 
Barry Robert C. attorney, 7 McCulloh 
Barry Standish, currier, 87 L. Montgomery 
Barrv Thomas, stone mason. 189 Dolphin 
Barry Wm. H. (W H. B. 4- Son) 393 w Pratt 
Barry Wm. millwright. 118 York 
Barry Wm. E. clerk, John nr McMecbin 
Barry Wm. laborer, 57 Front n of Foundry 
Barry W. H. & Son. (W. H. and E. W. 

Barrv) game and venison, 393 w Pratt 
Barrv Wm. porter, 69 Vine 
Barry Wm. R. (B. cj- Cook) 208 Druid Hill av 
Barry Wm. J. collar maker, 69 Vine 
Rarrv Wm. clerk, Park av 
Bartell Christopher, cabinet maker, 283 w 

Bartells Henry, carpenter, 24 Callendar al 


1— I 


I— I 




• 1— I 


WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 


Dust and Phosphates, 


42 BAS 


p— t 




• I— ( 








Bartels Henry, cigar maker, 147 s Chapel 
Bartenbacker Geo. P. junk, 909 w Pratt 
Bartgis Mrs. Elizabeth L., Biddle e of Eden 
Earth Chris, boots and shoes. 182 Le.xington 
Barth Christian E. trunkmaker, 182 Lexington 
Barth John, marble cutter, Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 
Barth Lewis, blacksmith, 2 Fountain 
BARTH SAMUEL, com. merchant and im- 
porter of liquors, wines, cigars, &c., ware- 
house, 53 Exchange pi, office 21 South 
Barthil Philip, laborer, 131 s Castle 
Bartholmay August, tailor, 57 Gough 
Bartholmeir Geo. cabinet maker, 147 s Spring 
Bartholomaei Christ. G. cabinet maker, 15 w 

Chase, dw 13 
Bartholomaei Geo. printer, 6 Baker ct 
Bartholomaei Mrs. Sophia, 6 Baker's ct 
Barthoiomee August, tailor, 34 Bank 
Bartholomee Jno. J. cigar packer, 592 Saratoga 
Barthoiomee T. M. & Co.(T. M. Bartholomee, 

R. C. Maclallan) produce, 90 w Lombard 
Bartholomee Theodore M.(T. M. B. & Co.)187 

Druid Hill av 
Bartholomew Henry, salesman, 130 s Gilmor 
Bartholomew John, shoemkr, 641 w Baltimore 
Bartholomew Leon'd,cab't maker, 249 George 
Bartholomew Thos. harnsmkr, 186 s Central av 
Bartholow And'w J. carp. 72 n Poppleton 
Bartholow B. F. (G. P. Thomas & Co.) 613 w 

Bartholow Christian, tailor, 510 Light 
Bartholow Geo. McK. dairy, 822 w Baltimore 
Bartholow John, butcher, 459 Lexington 
Bartholow Samuel, carpenter, 344 Franklin 
Bartholow T. M. C.(Chase,Ste\vart & Co.)N. Y. 
Bartholow Mrs. Thomas, 344 Franklin 
Bartle Levi, cooper, 67 President 
Bartlein John, laborer, 11 Clinton n of Elliott 
Bartleson Alonzo D. clerk, 1 Chatsworth 
Bartlett Charles, laborer, 99 Elliott 
Bartlett Chas.W. boat builder, 49 Elizabeth la 
Bartlett David L. (B., Bobbins & Co.) 57 

Bartlett George, 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett George VV. B. hardware, 8 n Howard, 

dw 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett James, boat builder foot Montgomery, 

dw 34 Johnson 
Bartlett James, boat builder, 53 Elizabeth la 
Bartlett James L. tobacconist, 15 s Chester 
BARTLETT, BOBBINS & CO.(D. L. Bartlett, 
'H. W, Bobbins,) wholes, stove warehouse 
and architectural iron works and heating 
apparatus, 24 Light, foundry, Pratt and Scott 
Bartlett Thomas, blacksmith, 15 s Chester 
Bartlett \Vm. S. boat builder, 217 Bank 
Bartman Augustus, laborer, 4 Brannan ct 
Bartman Catherine, 143 s Regester 
Bartman Christ, brass finisher, 143 k Regester 
Bartol & Bockmilier, (Henry B. B., Wm. P. 
Bockmillerl carriage manufs. 94 u Calvert 
Bartol Henry B.(B. & Bockmiller)219 Aisquith 
Bartol James L. chief judge Court of Appeals, 

n e cor Chase and Eden 
Bartol Levi, cooper, 149 s Ann 
Bartol Mrs. Sophia, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol Sophia A. 82 Mulberry 
Bartold John, tailor, 151 Dover 
Bartoli Xicolai, fruit, 45 Albemarle 
Barton Andrew C. sailmaker, 102 Granby 
Barton Mrs. Ann E. 16 u Front 

Barton Beal R. (Shipley & B.) 258 e Madison 
Barton Dr. Boiling W. 128 w Madison 
Barton Mrs. Cecelia, 256 s Ann 
Barton Edward, laborer, 369 Canton av 
Barton Esau, miller, 118 n Gay 
Barton Frank, laborer, 355 s Bond 
Barton Greenburj, 102 Granby 
Barton Ignatius D. printer, 28 n Caroline 
Barton Jas. I.(B. & Keyworth)198 e Baltimore 
Barton James, ship joiner, 53 n Wolfe 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, 142 s Chester 
Barton John T. collector water department, 62 

s Washington 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 258 e Madison 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 152 n Spring 
Barton Joshua, finisher, 291 William 
Barton Julius, tailor, 144 e Lombard 
Barton & Key worth, (Jas. I. Barton,C.B. Key- 
worth, merchant tailors, 2 Light 
Barton Martin, laborer, Potomac nr Hudson 
Barton Mrs. Mary, 369 Canton av 
Barton Mary J. dressmaker, 162 e Fayette 
Barton Patrick, laborer, 369 Canton av 
Barton Philip A. (P. A. B. & Co.) Balto co 
BARTON PHILIP A. & CO. (P.A.Barton, 

W. A. Staylor)tanners, curriers and leather, 

7 and 9 Cheapside 
Barton Randolph, (B. ^ Wilmer)181 w Fayette 
Barton Mrs. Rebecca, 258 e Madison 
Barton Samuel, police, 223 e Lombard 
Barton Samuel S. sailmaker, 162 e Fayette 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 225 n Eden 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 6 Watson 
Barton Thad.J. theatrical manager, 174 e Pratt 
Barton Theodore, employm't agt.l8 n Liberty, 

dw 141 Lexington 
Barton Thomas L. finisher, 87 Boyd 
Barton Willard G. provisions, 190 s Eutaw 
BARTON & WILMER,(R. Barton,S. Wilmer) 

attorneys at law, 35 St. Paul 
Barton Wra. L. printer, 24 e Baltimore 
Bartrani Horace, blacksmith, 83 s Spring 
Bartram Wm. potter, 260 e Jlonument 
Bartsch Frederick, passe partouts and show 

cards, 1 s Sharp, dw 183 Ai=quith 
Bartsclier Christopher M. polire.401 e Lombard 
Bartscher Jno. upholsterer, 10! Jackson sq av 
BARTZ DANIEL, restaurant, 5 South 
Baruch Chas. laborer, 13 Abbot 
Barwick Mrs. Alice H. 248 Hollius 
Barwick John W. laborer, 141 Hudson 
Baschter Joseph, laborer, 189 s Bethel 
Bascom Maria, 265 St. Paul 
Base Ball Relief Association, J. R. Sheckels, 

president, 227 Conway 
Base Daniel F. tailor, 43 Barnes 
Base Frederick, baker, 334 Mulberry 
Basel Joseph, shoemaker, 122 s Chapel 
Bash Edw:ird H. (t^niall & B.)82 w Monument 
Bash IJenr' M. 82 w Monument 
Bash Jno. li. 'Patterson & B.)244 Linden ar 
Bask Joseph, porter, 164 w Baltimore 
Basler Frederick, cigarmaker, Frederick road 

near Calverton road 
Basler Matthew, cooper, 118 Frederick av 
Bass Geo. B. carpenter, 248 s Sharp 
Bass Sigmund, peddler, 200 s Broadway 
Bassett Mrs. Caroline, 3 Williamson al 
Bassett Freem. boilermaker, 228 Montgomery 
Bassett Geo. T. brakeman, 130 s Gilmor 
Bassett Mrs. Henrietta, Butler nr Henrietta 
Bassett Richard, agent, 259 s Wolfe 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Baasett Wm. H. huckster, Butler nr Henrietta 
Bassford Geo. of tobacco wareh.l02e Lombard 
Bassford Geo. W.screwman, 102 e Lombard 
Bassford Mrs. Maria 0. 118 Park av 
BASSHOR THOMAS C. &C0., (T. C. Bas- 

shor, W. Stehbins ) engineers and manuf. 

heating apparatus, 26 Light 
Basshor Thomas C. (T. C. Basshor & Co.) 269 

Linden av 
Bast Mrs. Louisa L. boarding, 121 Hollins 
Bastable Alvin N. cattle broker, Eutaw house 
Bastable James G. salesman, Eutaw house 
Bastert August, laborer, 19 s Cannon 
Bastert Wm. moulder, 19 s Cannon 
Bastian Henry, cigarmaker, 28 L Hampstead 
Bastien Emil, bookkeeper, 89 Lexington 
Bastieo Mad. E. ladies' hair dresser, 89 Lex- 
Baswitz Henrj, bookkeeper, 187 n Gaj 
Baswitz Moritz, millinerj, 187 n Gay 
Batchelor Adam, laborer, 6 Hasselberger's ct 
Batchelor Andrew J. ship carpenter, 17 s 

Batchelor Mrs. Annie B. 34 Gittings 
Batchelor Benjamin E. sailmaker, 70 Bank 
Batchelor Chas. clerk, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Christopher E. carpenter. 50 Aisquith 
Batchelor David, shoemaker, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Ezra, shoemaker, 221 w Fayette 
Batchelor Geo. W. roofer, 87 n Ann 
Batchelor James, police, 307 Aisquith 
Batchelor James, laborer, 64 n Central av 
Batchelor Leonard, oysterman. Fort av nr 

Battery av 
Batchelor Louis F. carrier Adams' Express, 

599 Penna. av 
Batchelor Mrs. Martha, 599 Penna. av 
Batchelor Mary, 14 Miller 
Batchelor Mrs. Jfary, 167 Hanover 
Batchelor Samuel K. 87 n Ann 
Batchelor Mrs. Susanna, 9 e Monument 
Batchelor Thomas, painter, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Walter, brakeman, 9 e Monument 
Batchelor Wm.ship carpenter,! 7 s Washington 
Batchelor Wm, watchman, 17 s Washington 
Batchel.u- Wm. H. painter, 41 Holland 
Batchelor Wm. H. 18 L Gough 
Batchen Conrad, bookkeeper, 189 Barre 
Batcher Benj. F. carpenter, 132 Pearl 
Batching John, laborer, 124 St. Peter 
Bate J. J. oyster packer, 126 North, dw New 

Batel Albert, shoemaker, 137 n Exeter 
Bateman Annie, 161 Eastern av 
Bateman Benj. M. G. tinner, 270 Light 
Bateman Howard, huckster, 76 n Eden 
Bateman J.E. & T.B. grocers, 115 n High 
Bateman James J. bookkeeper, 239 Penna. av 
Bateman James S. tobacconist and coal oil, 

125 Hillen 
Bateman Jno.L. boilermaker,677 w Baltimore 
Bateman John, grocery, 235 Columbia 
Bateman Jos. E. (J.E'& T.B.B.) 274 Aisquith 
Bateman Judge A. W. 189 w Lombard 
Bateman Samuel D. printer, i4 w Fayette,dw 

206 Harford av 
Bateman Saaiuel, moulder, 224 Lifht 
Bateman Samuel H. packer, 361 Lexington 
Bateman Mrs. Sarah, notions, 239 Penna. av 
Bateman Thos. B.(J.E. & T.B.B. )209 Aisquith 
Bateman Dr. Wm. L. 89 s Fremont 
Bateman Wm. L. sugar refiner, 167 Aisquith 

Bates Alexander B., U. S. N., 47 n Carey 
Bates Benjamin, tonic beer and water proof 

soles, 188 Lexington 
Bates Charles A. clerk, 47 n Carey 
Bates Chas. J. civil engineer, Mansion house 
Batee Kdward, moulder, 21 Parkin 
BATES FRANKLIN L. manufacturerhoisting 
wheels, trucks for warehouses and dumb 
waiters, 9 Harrison, dw 394 e Baltimore 
Bates Dr. J. W. P. 73 e Baltimore 
Bates James, coach painter, 505 w Lombard 
BATES JAS. sr., iron founder and hoisting 
wheel manuf. s w cor Pratt and President, 
dw 8 8 Broadway. [Seep. 1 Advertisements} 
Bates John, clerk, 8 s Broadway 
Bates John, laborer, 12 Cuba 
Bates John A. distiller, 47 n Carey 
Bates Robert, machinist, n e cor Bank k Chester 
Bates Thos. tobacco pipe maker, 308 e Fayette 
Bates Wm. wheelwright, 174 s Bond 
Bates Wra. W. carpenter, 394 e Baltimore 
Batham Eugene H. blacksmith, 142 German 
Bathon George, tailor, 175 Harford av 
Bathschatis Albert, shoemaker, 9 Barnes 
Bathurst John G. 49 Mount Vernon Place 
Battee John, carpenter, 485 e Baltimore 
Battee Richard Ridgelv, attorney, 29 Lexing- 
ton, dw 327 Druid Hill av 
Batten Samuel 160 Mosher 
Battenfield Anna, confectionery, 409 Canton av 
Baltenfield Daniel, tailor, 98 Leadenhall 
Battenfield Henry, huckster, 218 Eastern av 
Battenfield Mrs. Susan, 240 Eastern av 
Batters Jackson, carpenter, Black Horse hotel 
Batton Harman, buttonmaker, 3 s Exeter 
Batton Patrick, laborer, 49 Forrest 
Battory Ignatius, property agent, 240 .Mulberry 
Batty Mrs. Georgia, confecl'y, 14 e Baltimore 
Batty Joseph, engineer, cor Orleans & Durham 
Batz Nicholas, laborer, 24 Clinton 
Batzer Alphonse, tailor, 249 e Eager 
Batzer Francis, 27 e Eager 
Batzer John, tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer John, jr. tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer John A. tailor, 249 e Eager 
Batzer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, tavern, 249 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, cutter, 243 e Eager 
Batzer Mrs. Mary, grocery, 225 e Eager 
Batzler John, moulder, 25 Burke 
Batzlei John F. china. 433 w Baltimore 
Bau Henry, tailor, 105 s Regester 
Bauch Joseph, tailor, 13 Somerset 
Bauch Philip, tailor, 239 e Eager 
Bauchardt F. umbrella maker, 75 n Eutaw 
Bauchardt Simon, parasols and umbrellas, 75 

n Eutaw 
Bauddin Godfrey, bookkeeper, 28 Wilkens 
Bauer Alex. H. telegraphist, 213 George 
Bauer Andrew, grocery, 7 Park 
Bauer Andrew, grocery, 163 n Eutaw 
Bauer Casper, shoemaker, 27 n Chapel 
Bauer Chas. laborer, 19 Monroe 
Bauer Christopher, lager beer, 11 Ensor 
Bauer Edwaid, tailor, 476 Canton av 
Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 340 s Sharp 
Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 68 Bank 
Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, trmngs, 542 w Baltimore 
Bauer Ernest, cabinetmkr, 57 Centre Marketsp 
Bauer Francis, carpenter, 542 w Baltimore 
Bauer Francis,cooper, 150sSpring,dw68 Bank 
Bauer Francis, wireworker, 231^ Mulberry 



I— M 






WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 














Bauer Frederick, beer, Eastern av and Exeter 
Bauer Fred'k W. beer, 54 Jackson sq av 
Bauer Frederick, cabinetmaker, 3*79 w Pratt 
Bauer Geo. cabinetmaker, 50 n Amity 
Bauer George, shoemaker, 149 n Bethel 
Bauer Geo. laborer, 194 s Washington 
Bauer Geo. confectioner, 317 Eastern ar 
Bauer Geo. L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer Geo. cabinetmaker, 50 n Amity 
Bauer Henry, tailor, 90 s Eutaw 
Bauer Henry, hodcarrier, 234 Canton av 
Bauer Jacob, laborer, 187 s Washington 
Bauer John, bakery, 358 Canton av 
Bauer John B. tinner, 259 n Gay 
Bauer John, laborer, 317 Eastern a\ 
Bauer John A. wire clothmaker, 60 s Calvert, 

dw 61 Chatsworth 
Bauer John H. clerk, 297 e Monument 
Bauer John C. harnessmaker, 61 Chatsworth 
Bauer Joseph, dry goods, 138 n Eden 
Bauer Mrs. Maria, 160 s Eden 
Bauer Matthew, tailor, 136 n Eden 
Bauer Michael, milkman, 12 Penn 
Bauer Nichalas, laborer, 168 s Bethel 
Bauereiss Frederick, brewer. Eastern av ext 
Bauermann John, carpenter, 17 Dover 
Bauernfeind Christopher, lab'r, Lancaster nr 

Bauernfeind Henry, watchman, 13 s Durham 
Bauernfeind John, tavern, 94 s Wolfe 
Bauernschmidt Geo. lager beer brewery, Belair 

av nr Chester 
Bauernschub John, laborer, 172 s Wolfe 
Bauernschmidt John, brewerv, foot Ridgely 

and 281 w Pratt 
Bauers Christian, baker, 204 Eastern av 
Baueis VVm. boilermaker, 19 James la 
Bauerschniidt Gen. rags, 195 s Castle 
Bauer wein Geo. barber, 31 e Pratt 
Bauershipp George, cooper, Belair av nr 

Schuetzen park 
Bauersfeld Frederick, lager beer, 73 Park 
Bauersfeld Wm. baker, 73 Park 
Baugher John P. clerk, 78 George 
Baugher Mary, boarding, 78 George 
Baugher Wm. H.(Redsecker & B.)953wPratt 
Baughman Mrs. Ann, 79 Park av 
Baughman Chas. AV. G. shoemaker, 337 w 

Baughman Daniel, carp'r,Stricker nr Saratoga 
Baughman Mrs. Elizabeth, 434 w Fayette 
Baughman Frank, laborer, 29 Wyeth 
Baughman James, clerk, 21 s High 
Baughman John W. painter, 41 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joseph K. i)ainter, 467 Lexington, 

dw 146 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joshua, painter. 108 Battery av 
Baughman Mrs. Maggie, 325 e Lombard 
Baughman Samuel H. clerk, 2 e Baltimore 
Baughman Samuel W. painter, 9 Oxford 
Baughn Daniel, drayman, 89 s Fremont 
Bauhaus Wm. tailor," 58 Portland 
Baulus Jacob, butcher, 119 s Chapel 
Baum Adam, wheelwright, 498 Penna. av 
Baiim Eliza, 81 Pearl 
Baum Elizabeth, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Ellen, dry goods, 81 Pearl 
Baum Ernest, laborer, 177 s Bethel 
Baum Fred'k, (Schultheis& Baum) 212sBond 
Baum Geo. blacksmith, Pratt nr Scott 
Baum Isaac, grocery, 527 e Fayette 
Baum John, stove jobber, 59 Gough 

44 BAX 

Baum John, cooper, 237 s Durham 
Bauman Conrad, shoemaker, 45 Harrison 
Bauman George, boxmaker, 36 Marion 
Bauman John, cooper, 193 Frederick av 
Baum Kushman, butcher, 3 Fell's Point mkt, 

dw 554 e Fayette 
Baum Valentine, shoemaker, 60 n Howard 
Bauman August, moulder, 173 Raborg 
Bauman Chas. (John H. Farber & Co.) s e cor 

North and Pleasant 
Bauman John T. 141 Johnson 
Bauman Zecharias, shoemaker, 43 Tessier 
Baumann John, musician, 223 e Madison 
Baumann Philip, lager beer, 43 n Frederick 
Baumann Wm. engineer, 11 n Caroline 
Baurnbach Andrew, tailor, 21 n Spring 
Baumeister Edward, clerk, Washington hotel 
Baumeister Eugene, lab'r. Washington hotel 
Baumer Leonard, laborer, 83 Eastern av 
Baumgart Jacob, cabinetmaker, 263 Hanover 
Baumgarten Charles, carpenter, 09 s Dallas 
Baumgarten Henry, engraver, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Mrs. Rosalie, trimmings, 43 

Brown la 
BAUMGARTEN S. & SON, (Selig and Wm. S. 

Baumgarten,) engravers, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Selig, (S. B. & Son,) 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Wm. S. (S. B. & Son,) 45 e 

Baumgartner Adam, shoemaker, 24 James la 
Baumgartner And. jr. clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner And. lager beer. 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner John, clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner Robert, clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumhauer Augustus, pnperhanger, 9 Baker ct 
Baumhauer Edward, cabinet maker, over 3 

Clay, dw 9 Baker's ct 
Baumhauer Robert, printer, 9 Baker's ct 
Baummer John, laborer, 15 n Chapel 
Baummer Sigmund, cooper, 89 s Regester 
Baumshla Henry, tailor, 284 s Charles 
Baumshla Henry, jr. tailor, 284 s Charles 
Baumuller John, shoemaker, 331 William 
Baunschmidt John, laborer, 59 Gough 
Baur Charles, laborer, 19 Monroe 
Baur Henry, machinist, Bolton Depot 
Baurgelt Rebecca W. 116 Lee 
Bans Christopher, 62 Short 
Bans Conrad, huckster, 5 Chesnut al 
Bausch Catherine, confect'y, 351 Canton av 
Bausch Conrad, laborer, 351 Canton av 
Bausch John, laborer, 228 s Castle 
Bausch John, attorney, 39 n Charles, dw 152 

St. Paul 
Bausman Mrs. Anna, 304 w Fayette 
Bausman Lawrence H. 55 e Eager 
Bausmith Chas. moulder, Fayette nr Ann 
Bausraith Chas, moulder, 418 Orleans 
Bave John, laborer, 614 Light 
Bavis James, driTer, 3 Hillen 
Bawden John H. clerk, 108 n Broadway 
Bavvden John, 108 n Broadway 
Bawn Robert, clerk, 97 Peirce 
Bawn Thomas, weaver, 97 Peirce 
Baxley Dr. Claude, 288 Madison av 
Baxley ^Irs. Eliza, yeast cakes, 165 Chesnut 
Baxley Dr. Henry W. 288 Madison av 
Baxley I. Rieman, law student, 154 Park 
BAXLEY J. BROWN, pharmaceutist, s e cor 

Howard and Franklin 
Baxley J. Brown & Co. (J. B. Baxley,) phar- 
maceutists, s w cor Franklin and Calvert 

WM. H. READ Manvifactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 




Baxlej James, 25 Chew i 

Baxley Mrs. Marj, tailoress, 25 Chew 
Baxlej Win. H. 'tinner, 125 Hollins 
Baxter Chas. laborer, 38 Eastern av 
Baxter Eliza J. e eud O'Donaell 
Baxter James R. laborer, e end O'Donnell 
Baxter Jos. V. bailiff tax dep't, 314 William 
Baxter Thos. W. {Norvell& B.) 260 n Charles 
Baxter W. P. tav. 31| North, dw 262 e Pratt 
Baxter Wm. restaurant, North, opp new City 

Hall, dw 261 e Pratt 
Baxter Wm. stonecutter, 45 Preston 
Baxter Wm. cooper, 122 Orleans 
Bay Geo. E. carpenter, n e cor German and 

Eutaw, dw 219 w Hoffman 
Bay James H. clerk. 211 Franklin 
Bay Jane, 8 1 w Biddle 
Bay John W. (Belts & B.) 16 n Bond 
Bay John W. feed, field seeds, fertilizers, &c. 

39 s Frederick, dw 16 n Bond 
Bay Oliver, carpenter, 211 Franklin 
Bayer Adam, cigarmaker, 183 s Caroline 
BAYER GEORGE, merchant tailor, 453 w 

Bayer Geo. beer, Madison av nr Northern av 
Bayer Geo. C. confectioner, 182 Barre 
Bayer Peter, comb maker, J51 Stirling 
Bayfield & Gregg, (John and James Gregg,) 

tanners, s e cor Holliday and Centre 
Bayles Bernard, (Royston Bros. & Co.) 272 

Bayles G. W. clerk, Howard house 
Bayles Lamdin, confectioner, 272 Hanover 
Bay less Albeit J. bookkeeper, 28 Bowly's whf 
Bayless John T. carpenter, 37 Harford av 
Bayless Wm. laborer, 390 Harford av 
B lyley Chas. grocery, 22 n High 
iJ.iyley Chas. jr. 22 n High 
Bayley Geo. jr. clerk, 525 w Fayette 
Bayley John, laborer, 18 s Fulton 
Bayley Mrs. Margaret, 525 w Favette 
Bayley R. P. ii Co. (R. P. Bayley,) glass and 

queensware, 20 Hanover 
Bayley Mrs. Virginia, 268 Division 
Bavley Wm. carpenter, 37 Jackson 
Baylies Chas. F. k Bro. (C. F.and E. Baylies,) 

grocers, s e cor Eden and Jeflferson 
Baylies Chas. F. (C. F. B. &Bro.) 55 Jefferson 
Baylies Edw. (C. F. B. & Bro.) 350 e Balto 
Baylies Geo. H. grain, 127 McElderry's whf 

dw 22 Aisquith 
Baylies James L. bookkeeper, 533 w Fayette 
Baylies John H. (Humrichouse, B. & Co.) 350 

e Baltimore 
Baylies Thos. laborer, 91 Harrison, Canton 
Baylies Wm. T. (Humrichouse, B. & Co.) 350 

e Baltimore 
Baylis Edgar J. gas fitter, 400 Lombard 
Baylis James R. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis John W. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis Reuben, clerk, 400 w Lombard 
Baylor Joseph, bookkeeper, 45 Lexington 
Baylor Robert B. bookkeeper, 2 Commerce 
Bayly Chas. B. music store, 221 w Baltimore, 

dw 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Christian, shoemaker, 228 Eastern av 
Bayly Geo. W. clerk, Howard house 
Bayly Geo. J. clerk, 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Hamilton J. 127 w Biddle 
Bayly Julian, clerk, 76 Lexington 
Bayly Marcus M. clerk. Fountain hotel 
Bayly Mrs. tiarah A. 22 s Calhoun 



Bayly Mrs. Sarah V. dressmaker, 90j Lee 
Bayly Thomas R. clerk, 127 w Biddle 
Bayly Thomas W. mariner. 286 Eastern av 
Bayly Wm. L. tailor, 286 Eastern av 
Bayn Dashield, paperhanger, 109 s Chester 
Bayn James F. rigger, 109 s Chester 
Bayn John, bricklayer, 198 n Caroline 
Baynard Mrs. Eliza, 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Dr. Geo. 7 Cathedral 
Baynard James N. B. tinner, 93 Lee 
Baynard James R. can maker, 93 Lee 
Baynard Wm. H. bricklayer, 60 Barre 
Bayne Benjamin C. pilot, 264 e Lombard 
BayneBenj. C. jr. coppersmith, 311 e Lombard 
Bavne Daniel K. clerk, 162 Townsend 
BaVne G. C. D. & Co. (G. C. D. Bayne) pro- 
duce, 6 Barre 
Bayne George C. D. (G. C. D. B. & Co.) 253 

Bayne Richard, attorney, 45 St. Paul, dw J62 


Bayne Patterson, (Wm. B. & Co.) 45 Gilmor C/2 
Bayne Wm. ^ Co. (Wm. &P. Bayne) wholes. P=l 
grocers and com. meichts. 14 Commerce '"^ 
Bayne "Wm. conductor, 133 Cross O 

Bayne Wm. B. clerk, cor Bank la and St. Paul 
Bayne Wm. H. mariner, 264 e Lombard <H 

Bayne Wm. H. salesman, s e cor Saratoga and p^ 
Libertv i-^ 

Bayne Wm. (Wm. B. ^- Co.) 162 Townsend ^ 
Bayner Conrad, brickmaker. 51 Johnson ^ 

Baynes Geo. B. bookkeeper. Republican near p^ 

Baynes James & Son, (Jas. and John B. Baynes) r-^ 

wool, HoUingsworth nr Lombard 
Baynes James, carpenter, 97 Chew (^ 

Baynes James (J. Baynes k Son) Republican o^ 

nr Franklin 
Baynes John, oyster dealer. Eagle hotel "Xt 

Baynes John, hay presser, 207 e Madison "^ 

Baynes John B. (J. Baynes & Son) Republi- q 

can nr Franklin 
Baynes Joseph P. hay and straw, s e cor Mon 

ument and Eden, dw 207 e Madison 
Baynes Wm. W. bookkeeper, 122 s Chester 
Bayrle George, shoemaker, 131 s Fremont 
Bayview Asylum, Eastern av ext, betw Phila- 
delphia and Mt. Carmel cemetery roads, 
office 23 Cheapside 
Bayzand Wm. H. magistrate, 9 Law build- 
ings, St. Paul, dw Mansion house 
Beach Capt. Francis, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Beach Harry L. photographer, Lombard nr 

Beach Thomas E. c;irpenter, 481 Aisquith 
Beach Thomas E. laborer, 4 Washington av 
Beach, Wm. H. collector Court Com. Pleas, 

57 n Caroline 
Beach Wm. J. photographer, 481 Aisquith 
Beach Wm. J. carpenter, 6 George 
Beacham Mrs. Elizabeth, 209 s Ann 
Beacham Fred. B. (Welbourn cj- B.) 670 Lex- 
Beacham Geo. R. carpenter, 79 William 
Beacham Geo. mariner, 83 s Ann 
Beacham Harry T. clerk, 273 w Lombard 
Beacham J. S. & Bro. (J. S. Beacham, S. T. 
Beacham) marine railway and ship yard, 
Covington foot of Warren 
Beacham James W. clerk, 73 Smith's whf 
Beacham John S. (J. S. B. & Bro.) 273 w 






WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 




119 e 

Beacham J. Summers, (Macneal & B 

Beacham Lenox, sparmaker, 58 Lee 
Beacham Levin, laborer, 69 Cross 
Beacham Mrs. Rose, 73 Jackson square av 
Beacham Samuel T. (J. S. Beacham & Bro.) 
-^ 670 Lexington 
^ Beacham Wm. G. bookkeeper, 106 Linden av 
jjr^ Beachamp Cbas. E. clerk, 79 "William 
%_ Beachamp Mrs. Mary E. 79 William 

Beachamp Wm. A. bookkeeper, 79 William 
Beacher George, polisher, 340 Mulberry 
ft Beacon Thos. bootmaker, 453 Aisquith 
GCi Beachum Wm. sexton, 14 Laurel 
_H Beadenkopf Charles, hatter, 8 Ensor 
Beahan John S. grocer 21 New Church 
Beahan John E. clerk, 70 Lexington 
Beal Mrs. E. C. confectionery, 157 n Exeter 
Beal Miller, actor. 235 Light 
Beale John, clerk, 236 e Monument 
Beale John R. carpenter, 93 n Bond 
Beale Mrs. Wm. E. 93 n Bond 
Bealle G. T. clerk city council, Howard house 
Beall Benjamin B. 191 Franklin 
Beall Mrs. Benj. L. 55 McCulloh 
Beall Mrs. Charlotte, dressmkr, 363 Lexington 
Beall Edward S. bookkeeper, 92 Saratoga 
Beall Geo. T. jr. attorney, 31 St. Paul, 

Howard house. 
Beall Thos. B. cutlery, 344 w Baltimore, 
• 184 Druid Hill av 

Beall N. E. salesman, 1 Hanover 
j^ Beall W. Francis, police, 67 Gough 
QJ Bealmear J. Francis, (Armstrong, Cator & 
Co.) 48 n Calhoun 
Bealmear Samuel, millinery, straw and fancy 
goods, s e cor Liberty and Lexington, dw 
Republican nr Franklin 
p Bealmer James A. 323 w Lombard 
Bealmer Thos. clerk, 88 Columbia 
Bealmer Wm. B. clerk, 432 vv Fayette 
Beam Andrew, laborer, 2u4 n Fremont 
Beam Mrs. Annie E. dressmaker, 70 McMechin 
Beam Esaias K. druggist, n w cor Charles and 

Beam Geo. W. milk, 70 McMechin 
Beam Isaac R. apothecary, n \v cor Charles 

and Read 
Beam Lewis H. (Keiffer & B.) Washington av 

nr tollgate 
Beam Wm. H. carpenter, 204 n Fremont 
Beaman Wm. laborer, Burrough nr Fort av 
Beamer Mrs. Priscilla, 580 w Fayette 









^ Beamisdoerfer John, tailor, 299 s Durham 


Bean Mrs. Christina, 104 s Chester 

Bean George, plumber, 109 Bank 

Bean Mrs. Isabella, 177 s Broadway 

Bean John, butcher, McElderry ext 

Bean John H. pilot, 171 Bank 

Bean John, laborer, 263 s Dallas 

Bean Richd, carpenter, North nr Jlonument 

Bean Robert M. pilot. 71 s Ann 

Bean Thos. C. pilot, cor Gough and Chester 

Bean Wm. oysters, 5 n Poppleton 

Beans Elias, engineer, 185 Battery av 

^ Beans Howard, carpenter, 199 e Fayette 


Beans Jonathan, 99 Jackson Square av 
Bear Edward, tobacconist, 143 s Fremont 
Bear John W. special agt. C. H. 44 n Broadway 
Bear Michael, blacksmith, 32 s Bond 
Beard Mrs. Catherine, huckst'ss, 56 Penna av 
Beard Daniel, bricklayer, 124 Conway 

Beard Eliza. A. 439 n Gay 
Beard Elizabeth, confectionery, 24 Miller 
Beard Elizabeth, 207 w Biddle 
Beard Frank, bookkeeper, 98 Myrtle av 
Beard Frank, carpenter, 60 Lee 
Beard Geo. W. tinner, lo5 Druid Hill av 
Beard Henry (H. A. Gable & Co.) Williams- 
port, Pa. 
Beard Henry C. laborer, 184 Lee 
Beard Isaac, fireman, 275 Forrest 
Beard J. F. clerk, 98 Myrtle av 
Beard Capt. John, collector, 60 Lee 
Beard Joseph, tailor, 108 s Chapel 
Beard Joseph, 19 n Front 
Beard Joseph, jr. 19 n Front 
Beard Louis J. printer, 57 Columbia 
Beard Maria, 57 Columbia 
Beard Robt. C. machinist, 95 Jackson sq av 
Beard Samuel, coachmaker, 24 Miller 
Beard Samuel, coachmaker, 150 Front, n of 

Beard Thomas, clerk, 92 Lee 
Beard Wm. D. carpenter, 60 Lee 
Beard Wm W. paperhanger, 439 n Gay 
Bearman George, engineer, 484 w Lombard 
Bearman Mrs. Susan, 123 Columbia 
Bearenstecher Henry, brewer, 177 s Eden 
Bearnes Anton, cigarmaker, 78 s Wolfe 
Bearoch Benj. barber, Bank and Broadway 
Bearry Mrs. Margaret, 561 n Fremont 
Bearsch Geo. shoemaker, 217 Canton av 
Bearsch Philip, barber, Bank and Broadway 
Bearth Andrew, harness maker, 8 St. Mary 
Beasley Geo. sawyer, Pratt nr Gilmor 
Beasley James, smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Beastell Margaret, 113 n Pine 
Beastell Marian, dressmaker, 113 n Pine 
Beastell Wm. H. clerk, 113 n Pine. 
BEASTEN CHARLES Jr. attorney, 48 St. 

Paul, dw 154 w Madison 
Beastman August, laborer, 258 s Durham 
Beatiu Malcolm, ship carpenter, 91 Patuxent 
Beatley Baldwin, 541 e Fayette 
Beatley N;ithaniel, mariner, 406 Eastern av 
Beatson G^'orge H. coal, 157 Barre 
Beatson John, teller National Exchange Bank, 

dw 210 w Lombard 
Beatty Amelia A. dressmaker and millinery, 

161 e Baltimore 
Beatty Mrs. Caroline P. 312 e Baltimore 
Beatty Mrs. Catherine, 94 s Chester 
Beatty Charles W. agent Bellona Gunpowder 
Co., 155 w Pratt, dw Baltimore co., near 
Beattv Eli, moulder, 94 s Chester 
Beatty Dr. G. W. 226 w HofiFman 
I BEATTY JAMES & CU. (James B., Geo. R. 
Skillman) cracker bakers, 92 Du^au's whf 
j Beatty James, (Jas. B. & Co.) 35 Courtland 
Beatiy James L. 244 Hollins 
Beatty John E. clerk, 312 e Baltimore 
Beatty John T. bricklayer, 14 s Central av 
Beatty John B. clerk, 85 Walsh 
Beatty Joseph, baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Jos. jr. paperhanger, 107 Albemarle 
Beatty Kate G. teacher, 367 e Baltimore 
Beatty Wm. H. clerk, 161 e Baltimore 
Beatty Wm. blacksmith, 37Barre, dw 46 
Beatty Wm. J. A. baker, 130 s High 
Beatiy Wm. (Jas. J. Lacy & Co.) 94s Chester 
Beauchamp Mrs. Elizabeth, 54 Barre 
Beauchamp John T. painter, 136 s Howard 

WM. H. BEAD, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Beauchamp John S. shoemaker, 136 s Howard 
Beauchamp Robert H. carpenter, 54 Barre 
Beauchamp Robt. S. merch. tailor, 189 w Pratt 
Beauchamp Wm. S. mariner, 122 s Wolfe 
Beauchamp Alex'r, finisher, Frederick av nr 

toll gate 
Beauitont Jas. E. clerk, 774 w Baltimore 
Beaufort Sarah J. 12 Walsh 
Bearer James W. mariner, 2U7 n Dallas 
Beaver James S. salesman, 21 s Caroline 
Bearers Geo. F. machinist, Bolton depot 
Beazey G. Ross, elk. s w cor Gar and Lombard 
Bechara ' harles, laborer, 104 MuUikin 
Bechert Chas. G. boxmaker, 2 Beaufort 
Bechler George, carpenter, 117 Low 
Bichler John, carpenter, 117 Low 
Bechler John, hostler, 63 Monroe 
Bechler Sigmund, tailor, 712 w Baltimore 
Bechman Nicholas, rarnisher, 57 s Durham 
Becht John, carpenter, 67 n Caroline 
BECHTEL JOHN W. plumber and stove 

dealer, 93 n Eutaw, dw 93 Mulberrr 
Bechtold August, nightman, 75 Bank 
Bechtold Mrs. Catherine, 137 s Wolfe 
Bechtold Henrj, shoemaker, 69 Orleans 
Bechtold John' laborer, 58 Elliott 
Bechtold Wm. cabinetmaker, 115 Ensor 
Beck Adam, laborer, 202 n av 
Beck Adam, tailor, 51 s Durham 
Beck Anton, laborer, 39 s Bethel 
Beck August, of Thomus, 695 w Fayette 
BECK AUGUST, lager beer brewerr, Garri- 

ia ur Frederick rd 
Beck Charles, bookkeeper, 104 w Fayette 
Beck Mrs. Catherine, 108 Lancaster 
Beck Charles, laborer, 2 s Gist 
Beck Conrad, shoemaker, 70 s Fremont 
Beck Conrad, laborer, 259 s Bond 
Beck Brnest W. letter carrier, 139 e Monument 
Beck Mrs. Ere, 37 Park ar 
Beck Francis, tailor, 170 Aliceanna 
Beck Fred'k, laborer, 993 w Pratt 
Beck Fred'k coachpainter, 2o7|^w Biddle 
Beck Fred'k, can maker, 59 Lexington,dw 104 

w Favette 
Beck Fred'k W. (F. W. Beck & Co.) 279 e 

BECK F. W. 4- CO. (F. W. Beck, E. W. Sie- 

bert) tobacco manufrs. 130 North 
Beck George, beer brewery, 36o Pennaar 
Beck George, furniture, 42 Harrison 
Beck Geo. F. milk, rear Balto lead wk3,Fortav 
Beck Geo. restaurant, 76 Centre Market sp 
Beck G. Herman, (B. cj- Haren) 133 German 
BECK& HAYEN,(G. Herman Beck.E. Hayen) 
com. merchts. and imprs. leaf tobacco and 
cigars, 60 s Gay 
Beck Henrj, bottler,s w cor Fayette &: Durham 
Beck Henry, laborer, 82 Eastern ar 
Beck J. Adam, butcher, 55 Lexington and 50 

Hanover mkts.. dw Frederick rd 
Beck Jacob, porter, 76 Mulliliin 
BECK JOHN, cooper and coopers' tools, 28 

and 30 William, dw 147 Montgomery 
Beck John jr. clerk, 66 Jasper 
Beck John, laborer, 66 Jasper 
Beck John, barber, 278 s Ann 
Beck John, shoemaker, 94 Leadenhall 
Beck John, butcher, 95 Lexington and 16 

Hollins mkts. dw Western Cemetery la 
Beck John, restaurant, 325 Cathedral 
. Beck John F. coach painter, 207J w Biddle 

Beck John G. piano maker, 327 s Sharp 
Beck J. Harry, bookkeeper, 115 n Gay 
Beck JohnM. clerk, 147 Montgomery 
Beck Joseph A. painter, 10 Orleans' 
Beck Jos. shoemaker, Oxford nr Penna av 
Beck Louis, shoemaker. 62 Thames 

Beck Margaret, 312 e Eager *^ 

Beck Mrs. Maria E. furnish'g store, 115 n Gay c3 

Beck Peter, fireman, 242 Hollins " ^ 

Beck Philip, huckster, Penna ar nr toll gate J^ 

Beck Philip, whip maker, 542 n Gay ^ 

Beck Robert M. machinist, Bolton depot cc 

Beck Thos., Rock Spring lager beer brewery, "In 

Baltimore cor Calverton road, dw 29 Cal- ^ 

rerton rd ^ 

Beck Wenzel. shoemaker, 647 Penna ar ^ 

Beck Wm. tinner, 61 n Eden *^ 

Beck Wm. printer, 98 s Caroline i— i 

Beck Wm. R. wagoner, 319 Mulberry C^ 

Beckenbaugh Geo. bookkeeper, 38 s Eutaw ^ 

Beckenheimer Abraham, 13 n Eden ^£\ 

Beckenheimer Mrs. Mena, sec. hand furniture, C/2 

cor L. Hampstead and Eden p^ 

Becker Au:^u3t, tailor, 238 Barre i-H 

Becker August, shoemaker, 83 Druid Hill ar ^ 
Becker August, shoemaker, 259 Hamburg 

Becker & Bro. (Francis and Christian Becker) ^ 

merchant tailors, 229 Eastern ar Q^ 

Becker <fe Brothers, (C, F. and L. Becker) h^ 

dealers in leaf tobacco, 98 w Lombard p^ 

Becker Chas lager beer, 55 Lancaster ^ 

Becker Charles, shoemaker, 54 Portland ^I^ 
Becker Charles, (B. ij- Son) 102 n Gay 

Becker Charles, 151 Barte I-5 
Becker Christian, (B & Bro.) 229 Eastern av 

Becker Courad, huckster. 111 Bank q 

Becker Conrad, laborer, 126 Henrietta og 
Becker Conrad, carpenter, 309 Mulberry 

Becker Conrad H. liquors 12 w Lombard ^ 

Becker Francis, (B. &- Bro.) 229 Eastern av "^ 

Becker Frederick, clerk, 199 e Pratt qj 

Becker Frederick, shoemaker, 49 Albemarle CO 

Becker Frederick, clerk, 201 e Pratt ^ 

Becker Frederick, 161 s Paca ^ 

Becker Frederick, blacksmith, 4 Fell !^ 

Becker Frederick, carpenter, 241 s Sharp O 
Becker George, butcher 23 Fell's Point mkt. C 

dw Lancaster nr Clinton •i-i 

Becker George, cabinetmkr. 57 Gough E^ 
BECKER GEO. W. wholesale liq'rs and wines, . - 

303 w Pratt 53 
Becker Henry, (Kummer ^ B,") Huntingdon f> 

ar ext . O 

Becker Henry, lager, 102 n Gay f p^ 
Becker Henry, 151 Barre 

Becker Henry, carrer, 105 Lee ^ 

Becker Hejry, blacksmith. Ann and Orleans .^ 

Becker Henry, (B. ^ Son) 102 n Gay C3 

Becker Henry, shoemaker, 122 Conway Jw 

i Becker Henry \V. shoemaker, 105 Lee ^ 

Becker Jacob, grocery, 213 Henrietta ," 

Becker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell 5 

; Becker John C. beer, 148 Light st wharf o 

I Becker John G. laborer, 169 Sarah Ann ^ 

; Becker John G. clerk, J54 n Exeter 1^ 

! Becker J. A. H. teller Chesapeake Bank, 154 a 

! Becker Louis, (B. ^ Bros.) 151 Barre 
' Becker Louis, bookkeeper, 515 Lexington 
Becker Louis, druggist, 85 e Lombard 
Becker Louis, shoemaker, 156 Cathedral 
Becker Margaret, grocery, 515 Lexington 

WM. H, READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 




Becker Mrs, Margaret, 126 Henrietta 
Becker Mary, 15 Saratoga 
Becker Nicholas, tavern, 55 President 
Becker Pljilip, (B. & Wagner) 38 Harrison 
Becker Sevzerine, tailor, 85 e Lombard 
Becker & Son, (H. and C. Becker) tobacco- 
nists, 9 Second 
Becker & Wagner, (Philip B., Wm. Wagner, 
^ Henry Becker) box makers, 47 n Frederick 
^ Becker Mrs. Wilhelmina, 154 n Exeter 
»-. Becker Wm. carpenter, 239 s Charles 
^ Becker Wm. locksmith, 710 w Baltimore 
li^ Beckerfever John F. laborer, 45 Union 
p^ Beckett E. A. machinist, 52 n Washington 
(n Beckett Geo. W. driver Adams Exp. 130 Scott 
__ Beckett John 0. machinist, 214 Lee 
Beckett Patience, 214 Lee 



Beckett Thos. engineer, 214 Lee 


Beckley John W. police, 2 s Oregon 
Beckley Wm. H. paperhanger, 202 n Gay 
Beckman Gusv\en, beer, 41 Saratoga 
Beckman Wm. laborer, 11 Union 
Beckmann Frederick, gasfitter 151 s Charles 
Beckmeyer Wm. porter, 75 McElderry 
Beckmeyer Wm. jr. carpenter, 75 McElderry 
Beckter Adam, laborer, Madeira al nr Canton 

Beckwith David G. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith Frank B. letter car. 385 Eastern av 
Beckwith Horace, laborer, 4 L Gough 
Beckwith James, laborer, 214 Canton av 
• Beckwith Mrs. Mary A. trimmings, 183 Gough 
"2" Becrat't Henry, laborer, 59 President 
j_p Bedecker Chas. A. laborer, 165 Columbia 
O Bedecker Frederick, watchman, 175 Columbia 
^ Bedel James H. engineer, 200 s Ann 
-- Bedenkopt Martin, helper, Bolton Depot 

Bedford ii Houlton, (John R. D. Bedford, Sam. 
C. Houlton,) attorneys and conveyancers, n 
w cor Lexington and St. Paul 
Bedford JohnR. D. (B. & Houlton,) 42 St Paul 
Bedford Thomas, conductor, 188 Scott 
Bedgar Christina, furniture, 65 Penna av 
Beebe August, laborer, 62 s Regesier 
Beebe Chas. A. blacksmith, Strlckner nr Mc- 

Beebe Chas. S. (L. M. B. k Bro.) Bank of Bal- 
timore building 
Beebe Deeius, Mansion iiouse 
BEEBE L. M. & BRO. (L. M. & C. S. Beebe,) 

woodenware and cordage, 94 w Lombard 
Beebe L. M. (L. M. B. k Bro.) 163 w Lombard 
Beebe Richard, clerk. Bank Baltimore building 
Beebe .Mrs. Rebecca, 161 Townsend 
Beeoe Mrs. Sarah A. junk 180 Chesnut al 
Beecher Frederick, tailor, 379 w Pratt 
Beecher Louis, shoemaker. 17 Baker 
Beecher W. W. & Co. (W. W. Beecher,) 

druggists, 972 Lexington 
Beecher Wm. W. (W. W. B. & Co.) 204 n 

-. Beefelt Edward, cigarmaker, 121 Scott 
— H BEE HIVE HOTEL, Stansbury & Crouse, pro- 
^ prietors, 37 Penna av 
'^ Beehler Chas. W. ship carpenter, 27 Hill 
Beehler David E. clerk, 624 Lexington 




02 BeehlerMrs.Francis,umbrella, whi|) and crutch 
O manuf, 235 w Baltimore, dw 624 Lexington 
Ph Beehler Francis T. whipmaker, 624 Lexington 
Beehler Wm., U. S. N. 624 Lexington 
Beeks John, laborer, 383 Eastern av 
Beeks Wm. laborer, 383 Eastern av 

Beeler Henry S. clerk, B. & 0. R. R., 23 Stiles 
Beeler Jacob H. conductor, 114 n Caroline 
BEELER LOUIS P. agent B. & 0. R. R., 
European whf, Locust Point, and Fell st sta- 
tion. Fell's Point, dw 93 Gough 
Beeler Mrs. Virginia D. grocery, 1 14 n Caroline 
Beer John, laborer, 2 Hammond al 
Beer Michael, laborer, 2 Hammond al 
Beer Patrick, restaurant, 3 w Lombard 
Beers Capt. Wm. mariner, Pratt nr Gist 
Bees Elizabeth, grocery, 491 w Lombard 
Bees Frederick, shoemaker, 491 w Lombard 
Beetley Mrs. Ann, 242 Eastern av 
Beetley James R. carpenter. 242 Eastern av 
Beetley Jos. L. tobacconist, 161 e Pratt 
Beetley Robert S. architect, 42 n Broadway 
Befelt Wm. police, 124 Columbia 
Began Philip, laborer, 243 Bond n of Barnes 
Begel Wentzel, laborer, 6 Barnes 
Behler Andrew, shoemaker, 89 Gough 
Behler Charles, turner, 71 Portland 
Behm John, blacksmith, 212 e Lombard 
Behman Charles, laborer, 635 Light 
Behn Henry, furnishing goods and notions, 

127 n Eutaw 
Behn John, bricklayer, 424 Eastern av 
Behr Christian, laborei, 168 s Regester 
Behr Jacob, laborer, 6 Curley 
Behr Nicholas, 158 s Regester 
Behrend Aaron, butcher, 170 e Baltimore 
Behrend Michael, clerk, 56 n Eden 
Behrend Jacob, ins. agent over 238 Lexington 
Bebrends August, carpenter, 361 Saratoga 
Behrends Leopold, dry goods, 61 n Howard 
Behrens Bernard, cabinetmaker, 270 n Gay 
Behrens Conrad, boiler maker, 295 s Charles 
Behrens Eva E. grocery, 69 L. Church 
Behrens Franz, laborer, 257 s Ann 
Behrens Frederick, coachmaker, 69 L. Church 
Behrens Henry sr. machinist, 302 s Charles 
Behrens Henry P. silverplater, 302 s Charles 
Behrens Jacob, watchmaker, 93 n Gay 
Behrens John, coachmaker, 69 L. Church 
Behrens John, clerk. Park and Lexington 
Behrens Solomon V. clerk, 1 n High 
Behrens Mrs. Theresa, milliner, 270 n Gay 
Behringer Charles, laborer, 30 Shakspear 
Behriuger Jacob, laborer, 30 Shakspear 
Behringer John, laborer. 30 Shakspear 
Behringer John, caudymaker, 193 Barre 
Behringer John G 370 Saratoga 
Beier Mrs. Ann, grocery, 144 Lancaster 
Beier Balthazer, hostler 144 Lancaster 
Beierlein Frederick, driver, 395 n Gay 
Beierlein John k, Bremer, (J. B., J. W. Bre- 
mer) tobacconists. 111 Chew 
Beierlein John, (J. B. & Bremer) 395 n Gay 
Beiger Frederick, shoemaker, 69 Boston 
Beihl Michael, currier, 2 Irvine pi 
Beikirch A. J. clerk, 104 Pierce 
Beikirch Lawrence, tailor, 104 Pierce 
Beil Anion, laborer, 171 s Choptank 

BEIL JOHN, Artificial Flowers, 
130 Lexington 

Beil Mary, saleswoman, 130 Lexington 
Beilman Frank, carpenter, Pratt nr Fred'k av 
Bein Chas. watchmaker, 84 Lexington 
Bein Henry, cabinetmaker, 236 Aliceanna 
Beinke Harman, tailor, 123 n Central av 
Beinleine John, laborer, 1 7 s Cannon 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 




Beir Christopher, cabinetmaker, 226 Lee 
Beisheim, Nicholas, painter. "7 s Regester 
Beissler Frank, grocery, 294 e Pratt 
Beissler Nicholas carpenter, 47 s Wolfe 
Beiswanger John, grocery, 266 s Howard 
Beiswanger Wm. butcher, 234 n Caroline 
Beitz Her;B;in, cutter, 119 Alberniarle 
Beitzel Daniel, shoemaker, 86 s Howard 
Beitzel Francis, grocery, 116 Henrietia 
Bekraft John, laborer, 24 Smith 
Belbin Charles T. shipsmith, cor Warren and 

Covington, dw 83 Gough 
Belden James, conveyancer, over Chesapeake 

Bank, North 
Belhraer John, laborer, 227 s Bethel 
Belitz Adelbert, bookkeeper, a w cor Walsh 

and D«lphia 
Belitzki Edward, laborer, Forrest nr Low 
Bell Abraham, plasterer, 62 Jackson square av 
Bell Adell3«rt T. clerk, 43 Valley 
Bell Alexander, (H. Straus, Bro. k B ) North- 

ernav, bet Belair and Harford avs 
BELL DR. ALEXANDER F. 354 Lexington 
Bell Albert, stable boss, 2 s Greene 
Bell Alpheus, carpenter, 261 Walsh 
Bell Andrew, carpenter, 233 Dolphin 
Bell Austin, clerk, 62 Jackson square av 
Bell Brook, clerk, 92 Saratoga 
BellChas. F, ^- Co. (Chae. F. and Geo, Bell) 

tinners, 859 w Baltimore 
Bell Chas. F. (C.F.B. i' Co.) 859 w Baltimore 
Bell & Co,(Wm. E. C. Bell) commission mer- 
chants, n w cor Camden and Light 
Bell Cornelius, clerk, 87 Camden 
Bell Danl. engineer, Bay View asylum 
Bell Edward, laborer, 118 e Lombard 
Bell Edward, clerk, 92 Saratoga 
Bell Edward (Snyder ^ B.) 13 n Bond 
Bell Edward E. engineer, 109 s Poppleton 
Bell Edward H, wheelwrighu 1 s Central av 
Bell Frank, cooper, 30 s Mount 
Bell George, tin and sheet iron worker, 616 w 

Bell George, machinist, 1 s Central av 
Bell Geo. (C. F B. 4- Co.) 859 w Baltimore 
Bell George W. clerk, 123 w Biddle 
Bell George W, wheelwright, I s Central av 
Bell George W. laborer, 557 Saratoga 
BELL GEORGE W. C. magistrate, 76 w Fay- 
ette, dw 367 Lexington 
Bell Rev, Henry, 26 Camden 
Bell Henry, apothecary, 113 w Fayette 
Bell Henry C. clerk, 54 n Republican 
Bell Henry C. tin and sheet iron worker, 710j 

Bell Henry C. tinner, 218 HoUins 
Bell Henry T. 155 Forrest 
Bell Hugh, stonecutter, 61 s Ana 
Bell Isaac H. jr. huckster, 105 s Poppleton 
Bell Isaac H. sr. huckster, 8 Ryan 
Bell James, clerk, 294 Franklin 
Bell James, laborer, 16 Neighbor 
Bell James, malt house, s w cor North and 

Bell James B. merchandise broker and accoun- 
tant. 40 Commerce. dw Townsend nr Gilmor 
Bell James C. clerk, 89 Camden 
Bell James H. engineer, 106 L Greene 
Bell James H. clerk, 294 Franklin 
Bell James J. paperstainer. 40 s Poppleton 
Bell James R. huckster, 55 Lee 
Bell Jehu A. millwright, 46 s Schroeder 

Bell John, gas fitter, 40 Williams 

Bell John, carpenter, 248 n Howard 

Bell John, potter, 4 Raborg 

Bell John A. porter, 62 Jackson square 

Bell John E. peddler, 176 R.amsay 

Bell John H . insp. weights and "measures, 35 

n Fremont 
Bell John N. conductor, 438 w Lombard 
Bell John R. blacksmith 7l Park av 
Bell Johu b. grain weiiiher, 46 Conway 
Bell Mrs. Margaret, seamstress. 154 s Fremont 
Bell .Mrs. Margaret. 62 Miiliman 
Bell M.-iugie, 157 Montgomery 
Bell Marion, engineer, 141 s Castle 
Bell Mrs. Marv A., Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Bell Mary, teacher, 132 Park 
Bell Nelson H.real estate agent, 37 Lexington. 

dw 94 Townsend 
Bell Richard H. shipcarpenter. 73 n Boud 
Bell Dr. Samuel A. 161 s Sharp 
Bell Samuel J. K. laborer, 62 Jackson sq av 
Bell Samuel, salesman, 44 Orleans 
Bell Thomas stonecutter, 60 s Ann 
Bell Thomas, grocery, cor Forrest and Eager 
Bell Thomas B. tobacconist, 155 Forrest 
Bell Thomazin Y. tailoress, 93 Hillen 
Bell W. Hamilton, photographer, 206 Aisquith 
Bell Wm, stonecutter, 294 Franklin 
Bell Wm. H. photographer, 326 n Central av 
Bell Wm. E. C. (Bell 4- Co.) 141 Barre 
Bell Wm. H. huckster, 53 McHenry 
Bell Wm. carter, 31 Barnes 
Bell Wm. W. salesman, 225 e Pratt 
Bell Wm. D, carpenter, 43 n Central av 
Bellam Wm. huckster. 111 Chew 
Bellau Henry, whitewasher, 33 Goodman al 
Belle Francis, tailor, 28 L Hampstead 
Bellerman Chas. F, druggist, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman Emanuel, tailor, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman Wm. cigarmaker, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellett Geo. laborer, 261 Canton av 
Bellis Mrs, John, 150 Choptank 
Bellis Wm, caulker, 150 Choi'tank 
Bellis Wm. laborer, 72 Lancaster 
Bellman John, engineer, 50 Burea 
Beilman Margaret. 343 Franklin 
Bellmont Fanny, 124 Raborg 
BeiloSerafin, (Cornelias & B ) 574 w Baltimore 
Belschner Geo. laborer, 4 Green's ct 
Belschner John, cigarmaker, 4 Green's ct 
BeltMrs. A.R. leoLanvale 
Belt Mrs. E. S. 3 s Gilmor 
Belt Elisha, blacksmith, 32 n Poppleton 
Belt Eusene D. clerk, tobacco warehouse No. 3 
Belt Eugene N. (Cahn, B k Co,) 75 w Centr* 
Belt Francis, potter, 61 Booth 
Belt Geo. driver, 61 Booth 
Belt Henry S. clerk, 64 n Charles 
Belt Hickman, carpenter, 189 e Monument 
Belt John, 160 Lanvale 
Belt John A. salesman, 828 w Baltimore 
Belt Kate, school, 160 Lanvale 
Belt Leonard, laborer. 109 Leadenhall 
Belt Mrs. Louisa a . 75 w Centre 
Belt Margaret, 61 Booth 
Belt Peter, barkeeper, 61 Booth 
Belt Samuel J. clerk, 151 n Gay 
Belt S. Spring, (T, Belt & Sons) Lanvale and 

Belt Thos. G. P. clerk, 194 w Biddle 
Belt T. H. jr. coal shipper, 245 n Charles 
Belt Thomas H. 260 w Hoffman 







WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountairs. 

Agent for 

HORNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates, 













Belt Trueman ^ Sons (Triieman Belt, sr. 

Truemati Belt jr. S. S. Belt) tobacco, grain 

and com. merchants, 1 Ellicott 
Belt Trueman sr. (T. B. & Sons) 194 w Biddle 
Belt Trueman jr. (T. B. ^Sons) 192 n Calvert 
Beltz Elizabeth, seamstress, 200 s Broadway 
Reltz Justus, mariner, 214 Eastern av 
Belvin Wra. J. laborer, 81 s Caroline 
Behviu Chas. founder, 83 Gough 
Belz Isadore, trunkmaker, 129 Penna av 
Belz John, laborer, 32 Fountain 
Belz John L. baker, 303 n Central av 
Belz John B. butcher, Penna av n of North- 
ern av 
Belz Peter, boilerraaker, 381 Penna av 
Belz Theodore, carter, 48 s Ann 
Belzer Adam, glass finisher, 409 s Charles 
Belzer Valentine, carter, 183 s Wolfe 
Benbury Mrs. Annie, 320 n Eutaw 
Benchoff C. Fred'k, bookkeeper, 289 Hollins 
BencrotTMrs. Mildred, 9 Mullikin 
Bendall Priscilla, dressmaker, 131 Lexington 
Bendann Bros. (Daniel and David Bendann) 

photo'Traphers, 20T w Baltimore 
Bendann Daniel, (B. Bros.) 205 St. Paul 
Bendann David, (B. Bros.) 205 St. Paul 
Bendann Fabish, 205 St. Paul 
Benden Thomas, engineer, 200 s Castle 
Bender Ciristiaa, beer, 142 Eastern av 
Bender Christian, confectionery, 45 Henrietta 
Bender Fred'k, (W. Prager cj- Co.) 41 Tessier 
Bender Henry, laborer, G Emory 
Bender Henry, tailor, 116 Low 
Bender Henry, bakery, 10 Union 
Bender Jacob, carpenter, 178 s Washington 
Bender Joseph, harnessmaker, 45 Henrietta 
Bender Lucas, paper carrier, 21 Parkin 
Bender Samuel, carpenter, 28 St. Mary 
Bender Samuel, carpenter. Hand house 
Bender Wm. stone cutter, 17 L. Gough 
Beuder Wm. H. tinner, 17 L. Gough 
Bending Catherine, 25 Peach al 
Bending Geo. cooper, 25 Peach al 
Bendinger Frederick, barkeeper, Vincent al nr 

Bendy Mrs. Eliza seamstress, 20 Laurel 
Benedick Henry, laborer. 132 Eastern av 
Benedict Frank, (Kirby, Smoot & B.) 191 w 

Benedix Joseph, dry goods, n w cor Eden and 


UF MU., Chesapeake Bank building, s e cor 

Favette and North 
Beneke Henry, laborer, 132 Eastern av 
Benesch Isaac, furniture dealer, 285 n Gay 
Bengel Caroline, 296 Canton av 
Bengel Wm. laborer, 296 Canton av 
Benhardey Chas. driver, 361 Eastern av 
Benhardt'Geo. driver, rear 213 s Bethel 
Benhardt John M. locksmith, 33 s Bethel 
Benhoff Jolni Fred'k, collier,Clinton s of Boston 
Benhotf Wm. engineer, Clinton nr Elliott 
Benhoff Wm. engineer, 10 Clinton 
Benjamin Geo. moulder, 222 c Fayette 
Benjamin J. ^ Co. genl. loan office, 22 n Gay 
Benjamin Samuel, 110 n Caroline 
Benjamin Samuel S. carpenter, 5 Orleans 
Benjamin Wilbur, carpenter, 29sSchroeder 
Benjamin Wm. express, 110 n Caroline 
Benlein Andrew, laborer, 309 Eastern av 
Benlein Frank, laborer, 86 s Chapel 

Benlein Joseph, laborer, 309 Eastern av 
Benn Walter, actor, over 16 Courtland 
Benner Adam, butcher, 15 Richmond market, 

dw Liberty road cor Chappell 
Benner Albert, machinist, 19 Warren 
Benner Benj. D. carpenter, 189 n Bond 
Benner Daniel, provisions, 55 Gough 
Benner Ferdinand, laborer, 9 Chesnut al 
Benner Ferdinand C. engineer, 19 Warren 
Benner Geo. laborer, 273 William 
Benner Harrison, potter, 206 n Bond 
Benner Henry, stone mason, 124 s Spring 
Benner John, shoemaker, Madeira al nr Can- 
ton av 
Benner Mrs Mary A. boarding, 189 n Bond 
BENNER OTTO, magistrate, cor Baltimore 

and Paca, dw 92 Penna av 
Benner Samuel machinist, 19 Warren 
BENNER T. S. & Co. (T. S. Benner) stock and 

bill brokers, 6 Franklin building. North 
Benner Thad. S. bricklayer, 114 Cross 
Benner Thos. S. (T. S. B. &Co.) 147 Aisquitb 
Benner Wm. tailor, 5 Leadenhall 
Bennet John M. coal, cor Central aveaue and 

Gough. dw 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet Samuel, clerk, 636 w Baltimore 
Bennetsen Mrs. Mary.huckstress,217 Lexington 
Bennett Alfred, Druid Hill av nr Wilson 
Bennett Andrew, laborer, li'6 Johnson 
Bennett Benj. F. (Stahling & Co.) carprnter 

and builder, 44 s Howard, dw 130 s Sharp 
and Thomas S. Bennett) coal and wood, 
169 n Howard 
Bennett D. Curtis, 25 Harford av 
Bennett Daniel H. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett David T. builder, 205 George 
Bennett David, letter carrier, 165 e Pratt 
Bennett Edward J. machinist, 126 Lee 
Bennett Mrs. E. B. dressmaker, 142 Lexington 
Bennett Edward, carpenter, 115 n Front 
BENNETT EDWIN, manuf. white, yellow and 
Rockingham ware, and agent, flint glass, 
cor Canton and Central avs and Eden near 
Canton av, dw 273 n Caroline 
Bennett Mrs. Eliz'th A. grocery, 331 Eastern av 
Bennett Enoch, notion house, 326 w Balti- 
more, dw 134 w Biddle 
Bennett Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 24 Lee 
Bennett Edward W.wood and grocery, County 

wharf, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Edw'd W. jr. plasterer, Eden nr John 
Bennett Fanny, 15 McCulloh 
Bennett F. W. & Co. (F. W. Bennett,) auc- 
tioneers and com. mers. 28 and 30 s Charles 
Bennett Francis W. (F. W. B. & Co.) 30 Mul- 
Bennett George, fitter, 12 Rock 
Bennett George, carver, 106 Johnson 
Bennett George, pilot, 190 Montgomery 
Bennett G. R. (Bennett Bros.) 175 n Howard 
Bennett Geo. W. pilot, Caroline nr Biddle 
Bennett George I. carpenter. 122 n Caroline 
Bennett George, 225 w Hoffman 
Bennett Henry, laborer, 34 s Schroeder 
Bennett Henry, fishermau, 57 Cross 
Bennett Henry R. puddler, 5 Cannon 
Bennett Isaac M. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett Jas. grocer, s e cor Howard and Lee 
Bennett James, glassware packer, 126 Lee 
Bennett James A. clerk, 11 Barre w of Fre- 

"WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Cliew & Stirling. 




Bennett James A. clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett John, blacksmith, 68 Ridgelj' 
Bennett John, wagon cover m'kr, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Jno. R. wagon cover mk'r,70 Lancaster 
BENNETT JOHN L grocer and wood yard, 

263 s Broadway, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett John L. watchman C. H. 9 O'Donnell 
Bennett Joseph P. police, 202 Aisquith 
Bennett John M. coal, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett Joseph, boots and shoes, 143 w Balti- 
Bennett Joseph S. sailmaker, 22 Albemarle 
Bennett John, grocer, 218 Lexington 
Bennett John H. fireman, 239 Henrietta 
Bennett John, carpenter, 45 Fountain 
Bennett Joshua, machinist, 7 Front n of 

Bennett L. S., Mansion house 
Bennett Lewis H. plumber and gas fitter, 2 n 

Paca, dw 237 Penna av 
Bennett L. Emory, (B. Bros.) 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett L. H. tinner, 315 Light 
Bennett L. S. mariner, 24 Lee 
BENNETT LOUIS, restaurant, 204 e Pratt 
Bennett Mrs. Martha A., Hammond al near 

Bennett Mrs. Mary E. seamstress, 145 Albe- 
Bennett Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 37 Low 
Bennett Michael, lab. 57 Front n of Foundry 
Bennett Patrick, huckster, 6 Orleans 
Bennett P. Henry, claim agent, 2 Courtland, 

dw 249 Dolphin 
Bennett Richd. A. conductor, 683 w Baltimore 
Bennett Richd.W. bookkeeper, 403 n Central av 
Bennett Robert, huckster, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Robert, blacksmith, 84 s Republican 
Bennett Robert McL. clerk, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Rudolph T. engineer, 332 s Broadway 
BENNETT RUFCS, (Growl & B.) cart.enter, 

201 w Biddle 
Bennett S. F. carpenter, 130 s Sharp 
Bennett Samuel, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett Mrs. Sarah, Penna av nr Lanvale 
Bennett Mrs. Sarah C. provisions, 237 Penna av 
Bennett Susanna E. seamstress, 22 Albemarle 
Bennett Silas B. colleL-tor, 142 Le.xington 
Bennett Thomas, moulder, 6 Orleans 
Bennett Thos. S. (B. Bros.) 403 n Central av 
Bennett Thos. J. salesman, 261 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Wm. F. carpenter, Caroline n of 

Bennett Wm. 118 St. Peter 
Bennett "\Vm. H. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett Wm. H. coachmaker, 126 Lee 
Bennett Wm. machinist. Mount nr Monroe 
Bennett Wm. puddler, 42 Essex: 
BENNETT DR. W. H. apothecary, cor Druid 

Hill av and Townsend 
Bennett Wm. O. laborer, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Wm. E. plasterer, 201 w Biddle 
Bennett Wm. J. harnessmaker, 21 Brune 
Bennett Wm. harnessmaker. 21 Brune 
Bennewitt George, cigarmaker, 37 e Pratt 
Bennig G. Aloysius, laborer, 56 Short 
Benning Henry, cigarmaker, 453 w Lombard 
Benninghaus H. & Co. (Herman B., Wm. W. 
Wilkens) leaf tobacco and general commis- 
sion merchants, 71s Charles 
Benninghaus Herman, (H. B. ^ Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Bennis John, laborer, 118 Preston 

Benny Jonathan, shoemaker, 86 n Ann 
Benny Wm. 0. shoemaker, 329 e Monument 
BENOIT C. EDWARD, editor Star paper, 24 

n Charles, dw 196 Harford av 
Bensel Conrad, baker, 139 s Wolfe 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 81 n Schroeder 
Bensel Jacob, laborer, 259 Preston 
Bensel John J. porter, 82 Druid Hill av 
Bensel Wm. turner. 168 n Central av 
Benseler August, tailor, 289 Columbia 
BENSELER HENRY, restaurant, 179 Lexing- 
Benser Elizabeth, .145 s Spring 
BENSON BENJAMIN S. founder, machinist 
and water and gas pipe maker, 52 e Monu- 
ment, dw 132 St. Paul 
Benson Benj. S. jr. 132 St. Paul 
Benson Dr. Charles W. 106 n Eutaw 
Benson Charles, cooper, 253 s Paca 
Benson Mrs. Charlotte, boarding, 87 Camden 
Benson Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, 34 Henrietta 
Benson Francis A. (J. Fussell & Co.) 279 

Druid Hill av 
Benson Dr. Geo. W. 144 Hanover 
Benson Henry T. painter, 188 n Exeter 
Benson James, laborer, 132 Battery av 
Benson John T. mariner, 52 Henrietta 
Benson John, mariner, 145 s Spring 
Benson John N. plasterer, 2 Chats worth 
Benson John S carpenter, 253 s Paca 
Benson Joseph E. painter, 192 e Madison 
Benson Joseph B. painter, 253 s Paca 
Benson Levin W. mariner, 52 Henrietta 
Benson Louisa, 145 s Spring 
Benson 31ahlon, huckster, 125 s Paca 
Benson Mrs. M.H. 55 Hill 
Benson Nicholas, mariner, 108 s Castle 
BENSON OREGON R. attorney, 15 St. Paul, 

dw Anne Arundel co 
Benson Dr. Philander Y. oflSce and apothe- 
cary, s e cor Hoilins and Oregon and 55 Hill 
Benson Randolph S. coal oil refiner, 76 s Eden 
Benson R. P. dressmaker. 121 Lexington 
Benson Thos. J. mariner, 310 Aliceanna 
Benson Walter Wm. mariner, 105 e Favette 
Benson Capt. Wm. D. 89 s Bond 
Benson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Wm. jr. 150 n Howard 
Benson Wm. P. 204 e Pratt dw 112 n High 



I— ( 



OR- c 


GAN ROOMS. Mason & Ham 
lin's Cabinet Organs and Stein- p^ 
way & Son's Piano Fortes. No "^ 
80 w Fayette st. ^ 

BENTEEN CHAS. S. 84 Saratoga 'p 

Benteen M. C. dressmaker, 116 Pearl Jj^ 

Benthall Mrs. A. J. 303 e Pratt w 

Benthall Capt. Robt. mariner, 313 e Baltimore -^ 
Benthall Robt. jr. mariner, 313 e Baltimore r- 
Benthall Wm. McR. bookkeeper, 313 e Balti- c 

more p"' 

Bentley Charles E. (W. H. & C. E. B.) stamp- H^ 

ing, 132 Lexington, dw 493 J w Baltimore 
Bentley Edward, clerk, 41 n Gilmor 
Bentley Edward R. brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentley John E. 40 n Front 
Bentley Peter, pawnbroker, 493^ w Baltimore 
Bentley Thomas, brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentley Thomas jr. brickmaker, 277 s Paca 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 




Beatley W. H. ^ C. E. embroideries and stamp- 
ing, 132 Lexington 
Bentlej W. H. (W. H. & C. E. B.) 493j w 
C4^ Baltimore 

^ Bentlej Wm. G. clerk, 86 Hanover 
is Benton Alfred, 59 Scott 

^ Benton Chas. S. brass finisher, 464 w Lombard 
^ Benton Francis, carpenter, 121 William 

Benton Mrs. Hester Jane, 464 w Lombard 
-i Benton Jas. H. brass finisher, 464 w Lombard 
3 Benton James H. moulder, 59 Scott 
i) Benton Julia A., Atlantic whf, Lower Canton 
^ Benton Richard, mariner, 46 Williamson al 
in Benton Samuel, cabinetmaker, 333 e Monument 
j_^ Benton Wm. 59 Scott 
JO Benton Wm. shipjoiner, 60 Johnson 

Bentz Albert, cabinetmaker, 155 Choptank 

Bentz George, mariner, 314 Canton av 
Bentz Geo. W. of fiie dep't and laundry, Car- 
roll Hall, 1 s Calvert, dw 147 Lexington 
Bentzer Henry, laborer, 22 s Gist 
Bentzer John, mariner, 328 s Bond 
Benville Lawrence, cellardigger, 38 Penna av 
^ Benyes Henry, baker, 238 Columbia 
Benz John, baker, 473 Saratoga 
Benzel Henry, carpenter, 233 e Biddle 
Benzer .Adelaide, 435 Canton ay 
Benzinger Fred'k F. attorney, 19 Law Build- 
ings, dw 9 Barnet 
Benzinger Mrs. John S. 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger John, clerk. 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Mathias, 219 Madison av 
Benzly John, carpenter, 61 L. Montgomery 
Bepperling Ludwig, tailor, 120 n Dallas 
Berbusse Geo. basketmaker, 64 Jasper 
Berg Albert, carpenter, 156 Mulberry 
s^ Berg Mrs. Augusta, 28 Aisquith 

Berg Augustus T. bookkeeper. 156 Mulberry 
On Berg Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond 
fl Berg John J. grocery, s e cor Scott and St. 

I— ( 








Berg Mrs. Louisa, tobacconist, 57 Holland 
Berg 0. H. stock and exch. broker, 42 Second, 

dw Maltby house 
Berg Philip, boots and shoes, 60 w Pratt, dw 
47 s Eden 
r^ Bergamini David L. 176 n Exeter 
a? Berge Henry, marble cutter, Belair av ext 
Berge Henry, clerk, 449 w Baltimore 
Berge John^ tailor, 219 e Fayette 
Berged Geo. (Hoover &Co.) 47 McHenry 
Bergen Arthur, sawyer, 76 Johnson 
Be*-gen Everhard, shoemaker, 768 w Baltimore 
^j" Bergen Michael, clothier, 343 s Charles 
fl Berger Andrew, harnessmaker, 57 Richmond 
O Berger Andrew, laborer, 131 s Castle 
S Berger August, nightman, 114 Myrtle av 
0:> Berger & Butz, fertilizers, 16 Bowly's whf, 
Benj. B. Snyder jr. agent 
Berger Christian, tailor, 33 St. Mary 
Berger Christian, 262 Eas'ern av 
Berger Elizabeth, Frederick av nr city limits 
Berger Francis, cigarmaker, 49 Harrison 
'T^ Berger Frantz, shoemaker, 265 e Eager 
% Berger Geo. carpenter, 282 e Pratt 
O Berger Geo. baker, 493 w Lombard 
Ph Berger Henry, cigarmaker, 98 n Fremont 

Berger John G. sec. Y. M. C. A., 160 w Balti- 
more, dw 64 n Charles 
Berger John, shoemaker, 74 s Wolfe 
Berger John, puddler, 311 Canton av 
Berger John, machinist, 256 Hanover 

Berger John, gardener, 351 s Charles 

Berger John, clerk, 142 w Pratt, dw 5 s Exeter 

Berger Rev. John N. 101 Saratoga 

Berger John M. white beer, rear 22 Thames, 

dw 86 Block 
Berger John, bookbinder, 29 n Eden 
Berger John F. bookbinder, Russell nr Fremont 
Berger Joseph B. machinist, 148 e Fayette 
Berger Mrs. Kunigunda,tailores8,8 s Central ar 
Berger Martin, baker, 90 Front, n of Foundry 
Berger Mrs. Mary, 143 e Fayette 
Berger Maurice, laborer, 72 Frederick av 
Berger Max, cigarmaker, 47 Harrison 
Berger Moritz, musician, 36 n High 
Berger Philip R. police, 33 St. Mary's 
Berger Z. J., Western hotel 
Bergheimer Catherine, notions, 376 s Charles 
Bergheimer Henry, machinist, 376 s Charles 
Bergheimer Linhardt, baker, 103 Granby 
Bergheimer Wm. baker, 4 n High 
BerghofF Anthony, laborer, 132 s Howard 
Bergin Daniel, barkeeper, 20 Haw 
Bergin Dennis, machinist, 20 Haw 
Bergin Kieran, porter, 11 s Fremont 
Bergin Matthew, laborer, 20 Haw 
Bergin Wm. barkeeper, 20 Haw 
Bergman John, shoemaker, 102 n Dallas 
Bergman Joseph (Scott & B.) 389 w Fayette 
Bergman Joseph, coppersmith, 51 Harrison 
Bergman Michael, (P. B. & Son,) 112 s Sharp 
Bergman Philip, (P. B. & Son,) 112 s Sharp 
Bergman P. & Son, (Philip and Michael B.) 
curriers and leather dealers, 369 w Baltimore 
Bergman Samuel, butcher, 320 Eastern av 
Bergmann Moses M. boots, shoes and clothing, 

244 s Charles 
Bergmeyer Julius, baker, 104 n Gay 
Bergmyer Balthazar, 136 Bank 
Bergner Frederick, picture framemaker, 60 n 

Gay, dw 143 n Bond 
Berian Joseph, engineer, 16 Henrietta 
Berian Joseph R. mariner, 16 Henrietta 
Beries Geo. tailor, 255 e Chase 
Beritz Ernest, paver, 364 Penna av 
BERKEMEYER HENRY, grocery, 107 Granby 
Berkert John, cooper, 277 s Bond 
Berkley Chas. F. mariner, 293 Canton av 
Berkley Edris, 225 n Eutaw 
Berkley Wm. F. moulder, 3 Ogston 
field, Morrison & Bros, general agts, 5 South 
Berlau John, hatter, 178 Cross 
Berlen Mrs. Elizabeth, 101 s Strieker 
Berlet Christian, tailor, 106 n Eden 
Berlin Geo. A. tobacconist, 285 Canton av 
Berliner Emanuel, clerk, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Ravel, shoemaker, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Mrs. Rosa, 49 Watson 
Berliner Samuel jr. clerk, 49 Watson 
Berlint-r Samuel, solicitor, 49 Watson 
Berlinicke Chris, cigarmkr, 8 Watson ct 
Bernard James C. printer, 491 w Lombard 
Bernard Richard, gilder, 341 n Broadway 
Bernard Sarah A. milliner, 108 Hamburg 
Bernard Wm. Jaiiorer, Bolton Depot 
Bernard Wm. fisherman, 159 Cross 
Bernedt John, mariner, 32 Aliceanna 
Bernei Benj. bookkeeper, 129 e Baltimore 
Beruei Ferdinand. (S. B. & Son,) 129eBalto 
Bernei Seligman. (S. B. & Son,) 129 e Balto 

WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Bernei S. & Son, (Seligraan and Ferd Bernei, ) 

wholesale clothiers, 294 w Baltimore 
Bernei Simon, 129 e Baltimore 
Berneke Anthony, tailor, 337 n Central av 

Bernell , stonecutter, 108 n Exeter 

Berner Gotleib, tanner, 326 Aisquith 
Berner Joseph, currier, 444 Canton av 
Berner Wm. rigger, 287 Aliceanna 
Berney Bernard, I09 e Lombard . 
Berney Joseph, clerk, 109 e Lombard 
Berney Philip, clerk, 109 e Lombard 
Berney Samuel, manuf. boots and shoes, 265 w 

Baltimore, dw 109 e Lombard 
Bernhard August, tailor, 7 China 
Bernhard Elizabeth, 22 Bevan 
Bernhard Henry, driver, 12 s Exeter 
Bernhard John, carter, 212 s Durham 
Bernhard John, shoemaker, 149 Penna av 
Bernhard John, 29 Fawn 
Bernhardt Andrew, iron worker, 208 s Ana 
Bernhardt Casper, laborer. 111 Leandenhall 
Bernhardt Chas. stoves, Jfc, 167 Eastern av 
Bernhardt Conrad, laborer, 22 Boyd 
Bernhardt Henry, shoemaker, 197 Canton av 
Bernhardt Sarah, dry goods, 197 Canton av 
Bernheimer Abraham, cutter, 313 Saratoga 
Bernheimer Henry, (Gross & B.) 651 w Balto 
Bernheimer Sigmund, tailor, 704 w Baltimore 
Bernlein Bern'd, lab.Grindall e of Johnson 
Bernoudy Mary, dressmaker, 293 e Pratt 
Bernst John, laborer, 218 s Wolfe 
Bernstein Mrs. Cecilia, toys, 176 Raborg 
Bernstein Jacob, optician, 93 Aisquith 
Berntheusel Wm. bakery, 193 e Eager 
Beron Frederick, cooper. 148 Raborg 
Beerridge M. C. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 

108 w Fayette 
Berry A. L"(J.B.N. ^- A.L. Berry)173 Lanvale 
Berry Albert W. treas. Md. Marble Co., John 

and Cathedral, dw 140 Park av 
Berry Albertus D. printer. 135 n Central av 
Berry Alexander, police, 859 w Baltimore 
Berrv Alexander C. tinner, 859 w Baltimore 
BERRY BEX J. propr. China Tea Co. 25 w Bal- 
timore aud 43 n Eutaw, dw 25 w Baltimore 
Berry Benj. F. moulder, 259 Bank 
Berry Benj. W. clerk, 65 Camden 
Berry Chas. tub maker, 419 w Pratt 
Berry Mrs. Charles, 184 Druid Hill av 
Berry Charles E. bookkeeper, 42 s Eutaw 
Berry Charles H. machinist, 696 w Pratt 
Berry Edward, barber, 241 Canton av 
Berry Edward, mariner, 53 Thames 
Berry Edward, brickmaker, s end Clinton 
Berry Mrs. Eliza J. 259 Bank 
Berry Mrs. Elizabeth, 32 Etting 
Berry G. Ht. (Armstrong & B.) 8 s Greene 
Berry Geo."R.(J.S. &G.R. Berry)160 s Sharp 
Berry George W. jr. clerk, 216 Aisquith 
Berry George W. printer, 9 Parkin 
Berry George W. shoemaker, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Henry, clerk, 65 Camden 
Berry Henry D. solicitor, 638 w Fayette 
Berry Horatio E. sec'y Patapsco Guano Co. 

620 w Favette 
Berry J. B. N. & A. L. prod. com. merchts. 88 

s Charles 
Berry James C. carpenter, 216 Aisquith 
Berry James W. clerk, 343 Lexington 
Berry James W. jr. clerk, 343 Lexington 
Berry Jasper M. oyster and fruit packer, 75 and 
77 n Calvert, dw 171 Linden av 

Berry Jesse L. C. clerk. 108 Lee 

Berry John B. N. Jj- Co! (J. B. N. and A. L. 

Berry) com. merchts. 88 s Charles 
Berry John B. N. (J. B. N. B. J- Co ) 158 

McCulloh ' 

Berry John, beer and machine agt. 102 n Bond 
BERRV JOHN S. # GEO. R. fire brick manu- 
facturers, s w cor Hamburg and Warner 
Berry John S. (J. S. & G. R. B.) Baltimore co 
Berry J. Thomas, com. merchant. 79 Smith's 

whf, dw 301 Lexington 
Berry Mis. Louise Y. 158 McCulloh 
Berry Margaret, grocery. Cotton row 
Berry Mrs. Margaret, 534 w Pratt 
Berry Mrs. Margaret S. 413 n Central av 
Berry Mary, chambermaid, 186 n Calvert 
Berry Mary A. 93 MuUikin 
Berry N. E. tobacco, produce, grain and com. 
mercht. n e cor Wood and Bowly's whf, 
dw Anne Arundel co 
Berry Patrick, laborer, Cotton row 
Berry Mrs. Rebecca, 274 s Bond 
Berry Samuel, soldiers' home, 76 e Baltimore 
Berry Samuel, mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Theodore, clerk, Barnum's hotel 
Berry Thomas, brakeman, 290 s Ann 
Berry Thomas, 119 n Exeter 
Berry Thomas W. (Wilson & B.) 470 n Gay 
Berry Walter W. com. mercht. 96 Light st. 

whf, dw 638 w Fayette 
Berry Wm. laborer, 172 Ramsay 
Berry Wm. A. plumber, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Wm. B. 64 n Paca 
Berry Wm. H. junk, rear 12 s Gist 
Berry Wm. H. grocer, 63 and 65 Camden 
Berry Wm. H. shoemaker, 81 s Fremont 
Berry Wm. T. tinner, 109 Cross 
Berry Wilmer A. clerk, 65 Camden 
Berryman Edward, baker, 3 China 
Berryman Joseph H. laborer, 17 Armistead la 
Berryman Julia A. 17 Armistead la 
Berryman Thomas, laborer, 17 Armistead la 
Berryman Wm. H.(Rupley Ji' B.)158 Pennaav 
Bersch Christ. (Ehrman & Bersch) 193 Lanvale 
Bersch Henry, 325 n Broadway 
Bersch Henry A. clerk. 325 n Broadway 
Bersch Wm. sawyer, 193 Lanvale 

Bersenbag , tailor, 47 L. McElderry 

Bersick Michael, 41 Scott 

Bert Chas. hats, caps and furs, 509 w Baltimore 

Bert Edward, driver, 454 w Pratt 

Bert Frederick, 66 Sarah Ann 

Bert Peter, hatter, 302 w Pratt 

Berthold Mrs. Mary, confect'ry, 3 Gould's la 

Bertram Charles F. butcher, 53 Belair market, 

dw Penna av nr toll gate 
Bertram William, butcher, 102 Centre and 58 

Belair markets, dw Penna av nr toll gate 
Bertrand John J. jr.(Buvin2er 4' B.) 115 Chew 
Bertsch George, barber, 149 s Bond 
Bertsch Jacob, shoemaker, 149 s Bond 
Berwanger Abraham, peddler, 92 n Front 
BerwangerBenj. ( Likes il- B, ) 107 s Eden 
Berz William, baker, 47 L. McElderry 
BesantJas. H. (Langdon, Keefer&Co.) Fred- 
erick CO 
Bessel Henry, carpenter, 246 n Gay 
Bessel Mrs. Magdalena.hals and caps, 246 n Gay 
Besser Samuel F. pictures, 300 Aliceanna 
Besshard Fred'k, ironworker, 252 s Durham 
Best B. James, clerk. Merchants' hotel 
Best Dorreta, grocery, 98 e Lombard 


I— ( 


WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 



Best John, baker, 98 e Lombard 
Best John, carpenter, 61 n Caroline 
J. Best T. H. salesman. Merchants' hotel 
^ Beste Haman, baker, 211 e Lombard 
d Bestor J. Rollln, engineer, Baltimore county 
>-C3 nr Rider's switch 
^ Bestor Rollin J. gen'l bookkeeper, N.C.R.R., 

Baltimore co 
JZ2 Beter Wm. shoemaker, 249 s Broadway 
"^^ Bethany (Ind.) Church, Calhoun nr Lexington 
^ Bethlehem Green, (Welch Ind. Church) Toone 
p e of Clinton, Canton , 

jyT* Betner Catherine, 1 Shakspear 

Betschler John M. leather, 110 s Sharp 
I— I Betsworth A. 64 Camden 

C^ Betsworth Wm. (E. B. Mallory & Co.) Pratt 
^ T- nr Gist 

Ph Betton Mrs. Thomas W. 35 n Eutaw 
^^ Betts Albert A. printer, 273 n Dallas 
W Betts Alexander P. sailmaker, 178 s Ann 
pT^ Betts Mrs. Ann, 325 s Charles 
w Betts Charles H. trader, 7 Milliman 

Betts John, brewer, e end O'Donnell 
{>-i Betts John H. millwright 57 n Poppleton 
P:^ Betts Margaret, seamstress, 273 n Dallas 
^ Betts Robert, lumber inspector, 37 Jackson 
f^ Betts Robert, jr. saddler, "273 n Dallas 
W Betts Thomas J. 26 JIcElderry 
Cp Betts Wm. tinner, 309 Cross 
. Bettson Mary, 28 Richmond 
1—5 Betz August, moulder, 145 William 

^ Betz Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 145 William 
^ Betz Christopher, fancy hardware, 23 Ger- 
^ man, dw 7 Pearl 
^ Betz Conrad, porter, 104 n Spring 
^ Betz Elizabeth, shirt store, 245 Canton av 
P^ Betz Frederick, nailer, 51 Forrest 

Betz George, laborer, 86 Eastern av 
A Betz Gustavus, coachmaker,262 n Central av 
Q Betz Jacob, carpenter, 131 Chesapeake 
p Betz Jacob, tailor, 70 s Caroline 
l_J Betz John, shoe stitcher, 41 Lewis 

Betz John, milk, 797 Light 
''O Betz John, tailor, 8 n Caroline 
H Betz John, laborer, 227 s Bethel 
<d Betz John, jr. laborer, 86 Eastern av 
r^ Betz John, grocery, 424 Eastern av 
O) Betz John, laborer, 86 Eastern avj 
fl Betz John, laborer, 57 Aliceanna, Canton 
•3 Betz John, cabinetmaker, 191s Regester 
1—1 Betz John L. tailor, 66 s Caroline 
<^ Betz Thomas, shoemaker, 245 Canton av 
O Betz Wm. laborer, 125 Chesapeake 

- Betzenberger John, barber, 29 n Greene 
"2 Betzenhauser Joseph, laborer, 19 Port 
^ Betzka Franz, laborer, 20 Barnes 
p; Betzold Mrs. Caroline, 8 Mince's al 
2 Betzold John, butcher, 41 Abbot 
r^ Betzold Wm. laborer, 172 s Durham 

Betzold, John, cabinetmaker, 19 L Gough 
O Beu Herman, confectioner, 260 w Pratt 
"p Beucke Chas L. cutter, 37 n Gilmor 
r^ Beucke Mrs. Elizabeth A. 37 n Gilmor 
C Beucke George W. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
<V Beucke John H. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
Q Beumler August, cigars, 69 Bank 
^ Beumler John H. cigarmaker, 69 Bank 
'^ Beurrier Julius, dyer and scourer, 79 Mulberry 
Beurrier Louise, bleacher, 79 Mulberry 
Beushasen Fred, bookkeeper. 222 Lee 
Beutelspacher Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 461 
w Lombard 


Beutelspacher Geo.E.moulder,461 w Lombard 
Bevan Chas. F. (Bevan & Sons) Linden av 

and Lanvale 
Bevan Charles, clerk, 133 Conway 
Bevan C. M. clerk, 85 Bolton 
Bevan George, 100 s Paca 
Bevan John, stonecutter, 244 n Central aT 
Bevan Mrs. G. F., Eutaw sq nr Mosher 
Bevan Mcs. Mary Eliza, 254 n Howard 
Bevan S. (Perkins & Co.) 22 n Charles 
Bevan Saml.(S. Bevan & Co.) 380 Eutaw place 
BEVAN SAMUEL & CO.(Saml. Bevan, Wm. 
A. Williar, E G. Miller, import, and job. in 
dry goods, 279 w Baltimore 
BEVAN & SONS, (C. F. and Wm. F. Bevan) 
marble workers, 140 Saratoga and 70 n 
BEVAN THOS. copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Bevan Thos.H. attorney, 13 Courtland, dw 44 

Bevan Thomas H. 155 Lanvale 
Bevan T. W., Custom house, 61 Lexington 
Bevan Warren C. (E. L. Palmer & Co.) Eu- 
taw house 
Bevan Wm. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bevan Wm. F. (Bevan & Son) 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. F. stonecutter, 244 n Central av 
Bevans Edgar S. clerk, 281 e Baltimore 
Bevans Henry, police, 215 e Eager 
Bevans Henry, police, 76 Greenmount 
Bevans John C. bricklayer, 168 n Eden 
Bevans Joshua S. huckster, 139 Forrest 
Bevans Mrs. Mary Jane,huckstress, 117 n Paca 
Bevans Reuben,281 e Baltimore 
Bevans, Hannah & Co. (W. J. Bevans, S. 
Hannah, John Farrell) marble workers,200 
e Monument 
Bevans Robert, mariner, 127 Montgomery 
Bevans Wm. A. tinner, 168 n Eden 
Bevans Wm. J. (Bevans, Hannah & Co.) 244 

n Central av 
Beveridge Mrs. Agnes, dry goods, 146w Madison 
Beveridge John, harness, &c. 279 w Pratt 
Beveridge Oliver, wire worker, 22 n Liberty 

dw 52 n Bond 
Beveridge Mrs. Mary A. 52 n Bond 
Beveridge Robert, florist, 146 w Madison 
Beveridge Thomas, clerk, 1241 w Baltimore 
Beveridge Thomas, 83 North 
Beverunger Lewis, butcher, 71 Belair market, 

dw McElderry ext 
Bewig Frederick, shoemaker, 575 Canton av 
Bewig Henry, confectionery, 362 Canton av 
Beyer Alfred, shoemaker, 8 Etna la 
Beyer Andrew, laborer, 37 James la 
Beyer Catherine E. grocery, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Christian, butcher, 13 Hollins market, 
and provisions, 9 s Poppleton, dw 9 s Pop- 
Beyer Fred'k, beer, 78 n Eden 
Beyer Fred'k, cabinet maker. 258 s Eutaw 
Beyer Fred'k A. musician, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Heurj-, painter, 37 James la 
Beyer John, baker, Maltby house 
Beyer John, brickmoulder, 37 James la 
Beyer Justus, cigarmaker, 296 Cross 
Beyer Louis, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 78 

s Broadway 
Bever Louisa, varieties, 196 Hollins 
BEYMER H. B. agent Enterprise Coffee Roast- 
ing Mills, 22 w Fayette, dw 231 Druid Hill av 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 


Bevmer Henry B. (F. W. Elder ^- Co.) 231 

Druid Hillav 
Beynon Wm. copper smelter, 32 Clinton s of 

Bezeck John L. (Isaac Coale jr. & Bro.) 377 

Penna av 
Beziat Francis C. finisher, 412 West 
Beziat John M. cigarmaker, 451 Saratoga 
Bialla Hugo, French millinery, 144 Lexington 
Bialla Moritz, real estate broker, 16 Law build- 
ings, dw 144 Lexington 
Bians Martin, hatter, 162 Montgomery 
Bibb Bentley C. (Bibb & Co.) 256 Linden av 
Bibb Bentley S. 256 Linden av 
BIBB &: CO. (B. C. Bibb) stove warehouse, 39 

and 41 Light 
B'.bb Wm. K. bookkeeper, 25 s Eutaw 
Bibelheiser Mrs Ellen, tailoress, 115 Peirce 
Bibelheiser Francis, tinner, 115 Peirce 
Bice Abram, shoemaker, over 813 w Baltimore 
Bichman Geo. shoemaker, 47 Conway, dw 80 

Bichman Henry, second hand clothes, 214 s 

Bichy Herman, tailor, 113 Lexington 
Bichy John, bakery, 117 William 
Bickel Jacob, laborer, 466 Canton av 
Bickel Joseph, laborer, 96 s Chapel 
BickerstafiF John, blacksmith, 55 Tyson 
Bickerton Hester, saleswoman. 116 Aisquith 
Bickford <|- Huffman, (L. Bickford, H. Huff- 
man) manufs. agricul. implements, 59| s 
Bickford Lyman, (B. & Huffman) N. Y. 
Bickley Miss, music teacher, 99 e Pratt 
Bickley Samuel, 99 e Pratt 
Bickner Adam, shoemaker, 26 n Chapel 
Biekner Casper, shoemaker, 171s Wolfe 
Biddison Geo. laborer, 201 e Madison 
Biddison James A. pli^sterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddison .James L. ])lumber, 211 Orleans 
Biddison Mrs. Mary, grocery, 504 Penna av 
Biddison Wm. paper hanger, 504 Penna av 
Biddison Zacheriah. bagg. master, 108 s Paca 
Biddle Mrs. Anna E. boarding, 61 n High 
Biddle Hezekiah, furn. w.igon, 21 Oxford 
Biddle Jonathan S. (Isaac A Sheppard & Co.) 

67 s Broadway 
Biddle John, laborer, 6 Smith 
Biddle Mrs. Mary E. huckstress, 104 Granby 
Biddle Mrs. Mary M. 61 e Fayette 
Biddle Richard F. moulder, 96 s Poppleton 
Biddle Wm. H. moulder, 332 s Sharp 
Bidel Joseph, shoemaker, 3 Hammond al 
Biden Edward, huckster, 60 s Carey 
Bidea Henry, carpenter, 73 n Schroeder 
Bidenkopf Geo. confectionery, 57 e Lombard 
Bidenwalt Henry, laborer, 14 Stockholm 
Biebel Joseph M. restaurant, 31 w Chase 
Biebelhiser C. G. clerk, 36 Penna av 
Biedeback John, shoemaker, 393 Cross 
Biedler Wm. T. clerk, Western hotel 
Bieger Adam, laborer, 25 n Chapel 
Biehl John, beer, 140 e Fayette 
Bielefeld Jos. lager beer. Eager and Central av 
Bielstein Henry, pianomaker, 346 Cross 
Biemiller Mrs. Annie, confectionery, 3 L Paca 
Biemiller Edward, milk, 769 Light 
Biemiller J. Henry, flour and feed, 282J w 

Pratt, dw 4 Jasper 
Biemiller John, teamster, 3 L Paca 
Bien Charles, beer, 343 Penna av 

55 B[L 

Bien Christian, laborer, 247 s Ann 

Bien Frederick, bricklayer, 381 Eastern av 

BIEN HENRY, merchant tailor, 390 Penna av 

Bien John, tinner, 247 s Ann 

BIEN JOHN, restaurant, 492 Penna av 

Bieple Christoph, laborer, 474 Canton av 

Bier Charles, coppersmith, 226 Lee 

Bier Christian, cabinet maker, 226 Lee 

Bier Geo. H., Adjt. Gen. State Md. 31 n 

Calvert, dw 139 n Calvert 
Bier Henry, groceyr, 124 n Dallas 
Bier Mrs. Jane, 201 Dolphin 
Bier Martin, butcher, Chester nr Monument 
Bier Paul, brewery, e end O'Donnell 
Bierbower Collin R .cigar boxmaker, 117 Wel- 
come al, dw 92 Barre 
Bierbower Frank A. clerk, 79 Lee 


Bierbower Lemuel, boxmaker, 117 Welcomeal, ,_ 

I— ( 

dw 92 Barre 
Bierley Wm. driver, 240 Hollins 
Bierline Jacob, cooper, 106 West 
Biers Michael, laborer, 120 Boyd 
Biersmith Andrew, laborer, 61 Bank 
Bies Christian, laborer, 167 s Caroline 
Biese John, carpenter. Ills Castle 
Bigelow Edmund D. (E. D. B. & Co.) 218 

Linden av K_^ 

BIGELOW E.D. & CO. (Edmund B. D.)com.!:C» 

mercht's, and ship brokers, 70 Smith's wharf ^ 
Big Vein Coal Co., R. G. Rieman & Co. agts, Z 

3 Postoffice av ' t=« 

Bigerman John, carter, 217 s Ann W 

Biggar John, 25 s Spring 

Big:gar Mrs. Mary, 25 s Spring (_J 

Bigger John, York road, nr Huntingdon av 
Biggins Wm. H. police, 151 e Madison " 

Biggs Francis, conductor, 51 s Poppleton S 

Biggs Chas. E. agent, 46 e Baltimore "^ 

Biggs James M. bookkeeper, 655 w Lombard ^ 
Biggs John A. butcher, 179 e Fayette r^ 

Biggs John T. porter, 272 e Madison O 

Biggs Jonathan W. fireman, 162 Conway J^ 

Biggs Joseph, watchman, 272 e Madison ^-^ 

Biggs Joseph J. com. merchant and cotton ►>, 

factor, 101 South, dw 655 w Lombard ^ 
Biggs Martha P. seamstress, 9 Rock ^ 

Biggs Richard J. clerk, 655 w Lombard 2 

Biggs Zechariah, fireman, 53 s Poppleton ^ 
Bigham & Bradford, (M. M. Bigham, G. W. "^ 

Bradford,) com. merchants, flour, &c., n w 

cor Franklin and Eutaw ;J^ 

Bigham J. Plummer, Park av nr North av O 
Bigham John L. clerk, 274 w Fa_^ette ^ 

Bigham Mrs. Maria, Park av nr North av __ 
Bigham Marshall M. (Bigham & Bradford) 99 O 

n Howard 
Bigsby Henry, fireman, 43 Leadenhall C 

Bihy John, stonecutter, 304 w Hoffman *^ 

Bilifoly Eugene E. clerk, 87 n High iZ 

Billing Christoi^her. laborer, Clinton nearr (^ 

Billinger John, rags, 31 Fell ^ 

Billings Edwin E. clerk, 114 Burgundy al ^ 
Billings John, potter, 204 Gough ^ 

Billingslea James, clerk, 71 n Bond Eu 

Billingsley Thomas A. (T. A. B. & Co ) n w 

cor Gilnior and Hollins 
Billingsley Thomas A. & Co. (T. A. B., W. M. 

Vickers) bags, Cheapside nr Pratt 
Billingsley Thomas B., Gilmor and Hollins 
Billinston Gover, laborer, 28 Laurel 
Billington Jas. P. huckster, 175 Orleans 

WM. H. BEAD'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 


Dust and 





Billington John J. brooramaker, 28 Laurel 
Billington Wni. L. tinner. 77 n Broadway 
Billman Geo. grocery, 269 William 
^ Billman Geo. prov sions, 1 s Poppleton 

2 Billman Michael J. shoemaker, 206 Mulberry 
^ Billmeyer Margaret, 34 e Fayette 

j^ Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt, dw 
!^ 34 e" Fayette 

jjQ Billmire George A. clerk, 100 s Exeter 
'~. Billmire John, coachmaker, 323 e Madison 
^ Billmire W. H. O. clerk, 224 e Monument 
O Billmver Chas. conductor, 93 Hollins 
Ps Billmyer Chas. E. costumer, 3 Low 
C/2 Billmyer Ella, dressmaker, 93 Hollins 
p_j Billmyer Mrs. Emily J. A. 93 Hollins 
:;>;j Billmyer John, (B. & Nelker) 323 e Madison 
Billmyer & Nelker, (J. Bilhnyer, A. Nelker) 
^ blacksmiths, 215 n Exeter 
y^ Billner Win. laborer, 189 s Chester 
I'VI BiUiips Joliu, sailmaker, 5 L. Church 
I— I Billnps John, mariner, 96 s Eden 
^ Billupps B. F. wholesale liquors, 25 Cheapside, 

dw .Mulberr}' nr Gilmor 
^ Billupps Josejih R. clerk. Mulberry nr Gilmor 
^^ Billybum Engelbeard, upholst'r, 20Hampstead 
^ Bilson Mrs. And. J. dressmaker, 175 Preston 
r^ Bilson Daniel, plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
|a^ Bilson Elizabeth, 237 w Fayette 
"7^ Bilson Henry, machinist, 438 w Lombard 

Bilson John E. plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
^ Bilson Samuel, plain and ornamental plas- 
terer, 154 n Howard, dw 237 w Fayette 
;J^ Bilson Wm. jr. machinist, 550 w Lombard 
^ Bilson Wm. sr. gunsmith, 550 w Lombard 
X Binas Wm. conductor, 293 Light 
^ Binau John M. shoemaker, 333 n Central av 
^ Binder Frederick, cutter, 140 s Howard 
'""' Binder Geo. hairworker, over 57 n Charles 
P^ FJinder Gotleib, saddler, 75 n Central av 
^ Binder Lewis jr. cigarmaker, 34 n Fremont 
^ Binder Lewis, surg. inst. maker, 34 n Fremont 
^ Binderman Charles, shoemaker, 43 Clay 
""^ Bindewald August, shoemaker, 50 Raborg 
r^ Bindewald Charles, gilder, 487 w Pratt 

3 Bindewald L. dyer, 387 w Pratt 

Cw Binding George, cooper, 25 Peach al 
,.^ Binding Henry, grocery, 265 s Ann 
^ Bindon Chas. tailor, 24 n Poppleton 
g Bines Eliza, groc'y, n w ci^r Randall and Boyd 
•7^ Bines Frank, iiucks'r,n w cor Randall and Boyd 
— ( Bines John A. brakemaii, 31 1 s Charles 
^ Bines John, distiller, 311 s Charles 
O Bines Robert, clerk, 77 s Paca 
^ Bing Geo. porter, 73 Poriland 
^ Bingay Benj. B. sewing machine agent, 8 n 
^ Charles, dw 51 Lexington 
;q Bingel Fred, barber, 419^ Franklin, dw 202 n 
^ Central av 
•^ Bingel Henry, tobacconist, 873 w Baltimore, 

dw 202 n Central av 
O Binyel Jacob, tanner and restaurant, 202 n 
"^ Centra! av 

r^ Bingham Benjamin T. wood and coal, Chats- 
3 worth and Chesnut al, dw 291 Franklin 
O Bingham John, carpenter, 116 n Bond 
^ Bingham John, fancy store, 853 w Baltimore 
/ivi Bingham L. F. & Co. (L. F. Bingham) manu- 
'^ facturers patent medicines, 142 Franklin 
Bingham Lafayette F. (L. F. B. & Co.) 137 

Bingham Robert, stonecutter, 106 Cathedral 
Bingham Wm. clerk. 15 Warner 

Bingham Wm jr. machinist, 15 Warner 

Bingle John, tailor, 158 n Caroline 

Binney Capt. Joshua, marine surveyor, s w cor 

Gay and Lombard, dw 30 Spring row 
Binnie Robert, coal oil, 9 s Bond 
Binnix Geo. blacksmith, 167 Hudson 
Binnix Henry, puddler, 167 Hudson 
Binnix Louis D. machinist, 21 Etting 
Binnix Mrs. Martha, 57 Chew 
Binnix Martha M. saleswoman, 57 Chew 
Binns John, 575 Belair av 
Binns John, 59 Milliman 
Binsley Frederick, moulder, 245 s Bond 
Binstine Fred, laborer, 35 Lewis 
Binswanger Mrs. Bertha, 727 w Baltimore 
Binswanger David. (D. B. & Co.) 69 n Exeter 
Binswanger D. & Co. (D. Binswanger) print- 
ers, over 17 s Gay 
Binswanger Emanuel, second hand furniture, 

727 w Baltimore 
Binswanger Simon, bookkeeper, 15 Barnet 
Binyon ^ Audoun, (W. W. Binyon, 0. Au- 

doun) builders, 137 s Ann 
Binyon Thomas, 302 Canton av 
Binyon Thomas W. of C. H. 37 s Bond 
Binyon Thomas jr. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. H. H. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. W. (B. ^- Audoun) 130 Bank 
Binz Casper, huckster, 443 e Fayette 
Binz Jesse, hackdriver, 443 e Fayette 
Binz John, hackdriver, 443 e Fayette 
Bioren C. W. (Weems & Co.) 84 Hanover 
Birch Charles, junk, 198 East 
Birch Clinton S. printer, 654 w Baltimore 
Birch Eliza A. grocery, 186 n Eutaw 
Birch Joseph, coachmaker, 296 e Madison 
Birch Wm. R. salesman, 213 w Baltimore 
Birch Wm.R. clerk, 186 n Eutaw 
Birchett Robert, 290 Saratoga 
Birckhead Christopher C. 24 n High 
Birckhead Geo. E. clerk, Pratt and Charles 
Birckhead Henry J. claim agent, 77 Granby 
Birckhead James jr. 30 South, dw 87 Park 
Birckhead John W. tailor, 165 Ensor 
Birckhead Jane E. 231 St. Paul 
Birckhead Juliet M. 231 St. Paul 
BIRCKHEAD LENNOX, real estate agent and 

collector, 33 St. Paul, dw York road 
Birckhead P. M. 87 Park 
Bird Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 243 e Chase 
Bird Mrs. Edgeworth, 40 Mount Vernon pi 
Bird Mrs. E. M. 177 w Biddle 
BIRD J. EDWARD, dry goods, 213 w Balti- 
more, dw 243 Linden av 
Bird Empson C. tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 

23 Jackson 
Bird Jacob W. salesman, 110 w Fayette 
Bird James, carpenter, 11 Jackson 
Bird John, brakeman, 417 w Lombard 
BIRD STEPHEN L & CO. (S. L. Bird,) 59 

n Howard 
Bird Stephen L. (S L. B. & Co.) 345 n Eutaw 
Bird W. E. clerk, 40 Mount Vernon pi 
Birdell Edward, tavern, 31^ w Pratt 
Birdsall Samuel, paver, 162 East 
Birely Mrs. Evelina H. 93 McCulloh 
Birely Lewis A. (Wm. Ohler & Co.) ice, 247 

w Lombard 
Birgheimer Henry, painter, 243J Eastern av 
Birkenback Lawrence, shoemaker, Oxford nr 

Penna av 
Birkenstock Henry, tailor, 141 n Bond 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Birkey Edward H. clerk, 212 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas, 212 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thos. H. builder, 212 Druid Hill av 
Birkheimer August, lager beer, 299 s Bond 
Birkholz Chas. A. clerk, 156 Mulberry 
Birkholz Mrs. Doris, music teacher, 156 Mul- 
Birkholz John, laborer, 170 s Wolfe 
Birkmeyer J. F. furnishing goods, 644 w 

Birkmeyer Wm. confectioner, 550 w Pratt 
Birkmire Wm. tinner, 100 n Front 
Birley John, laborer, 290 McHenry 
Birley John T. engineer, 290 McHenry 
Birme Wm. stonecutter, 32 n Amity 
Birmingham Andrew, carpenter, 4 Miller 
Birmingham Andrew jr. carpenter, 4 Miller 
Birmingham David, puddler, 185 s Castle 
Birmingham Mrs. Ellen, 28 Druid Hill av 
Birmingham Jas. E. plasterer, 227 Henrietta 
Birmingham Jas. L. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham John, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham John, driver, 118 s Central av 
Birmingham John, plasterer, 128 Mosher 
Birmingham John E. painter, 28 Druid Hill av 
Birmingham Michael, over 226 w Baltimore 
Birmingham Wm. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham Wm. T. tailor, 248 e Baltimore 
Bisbee Mrs. Catherine, stationery, T8 Camden 
Bisbee Josiah V. shoemaker, 247 s Charles 
Bisbee Samuel, shoemaker, 78 Camden 
Bischoff Adam, cooper, 35 e Monument 
Bischoff Chas. F. cigarmaker, 169 Columbia 
BischoflP Chris, c.ibinetmaker, 239 s Charles 
Bischoff Franz, shoemaker, 37 s Wolfe 
BischofiF Geo. brewer, Belair av ext 
BischoflFMrs. Mary, tobacconist, 169 Columbia 
Biscoe Anna, 229 Madison av 
Biscoe Henrietta, 229 Madison av 
Biscoe James, com, merchant, over 149 w 

Pratt, dw 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe Wm. M. shipjoiner, 296 Eastern av 
Biser Daniel G. grocer, 550 w Fayette 
Bishop Caleb, lightning rods, 95 e Fayette 
Bishop Caroline, 400 Canton av 
Bishop Chas. A. deputy U. S. marshal, n 

w cor Fayette and North, dw Starr Hotel 
Bishop Chas. B. actor, n e cor Gilmor and 

Liberty road 
Bishop Chas. E. n e cor Fayette and Castle 
Bishop David J. 51 Harford av 
Bishop David E. 339 e Pratt 
Bishop Elijah, plasterer, 60 n High 
Bishop Elijah, carpenter, 75 Harford av 
Bishop Elizabeth, 214 e Pratt 
Bishop Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Edward 
Bishop Frank, canmaker, 75 Harford av 
Bishop Geo. machinist, 364 Canton av 
Bishop Geo. C. police, 93 n Caroline 
Bishop Geo. A laborer, 202 s Durham 
Bishop Geo. W. (G. W. B. & Co.) 47 s 

Bishop <ieo. W. carp'r, 64 Greenmount av 
Bishop Geo. W. & Co. (Geo. W. B. and 

John F. Blessing,) tobacconists, 102 w Pratt 
Bishop Geo. W. clerk. Mount nr Lexington 
Bishop James, 87 n Poppleton 
Bishop John E. bookkeeper. 118 Thames 
Bishop John, police, 79 s Chester 
Bishop John H. lightning rods, 47 n Holli- 

day, dw 95 e Fayette 
Bishop John T. stonemason, 173 McCulloh 

Bishop John F. clerk, foot of Ridgely 
Bishop Mrs. Mary A. vestmak. 94 n Caroline 
Bishop Mrs. Mary M. 9 Cambridge 
Bishop Molly, 25 Orleans 
Bishop Patrick, laborer, 435 w Lombard 
Bishop Mrs. Priscilla, 49 Oxford 
Bishop Reverdy, clerk, 288 e Madison 
Bishop Robert, bricklayer, 87 n Poppleton 
Bishop Thomas J. telegraphist, 311 e Madison 
Bishop Mrs. T. F. dressmkr, 172 e Monument 
Bishop W. Graham, book'kr, 172 e Monument 
Bishop Wm. J. copper lightning rod manufac- 
turer, 47 n Holliday, dw 7 s Eden 
Bishop Wm. T. bacon, 74 Aisquith 
Bishop Wm. H. rigger, 10 Cross, dw 364 

Canton av 

Bishop Wm. H. 

Bishop Wm. R. 

tinner, 94 n Caroline 
clerk, 172 e Monument 
Bishop Winfield S. clerk, 172 e Monument 
Bissell Benjamin, clerk, 16 s Howard 
Bissell Chas. R. 147 n Calvert 
Bisser Jacob, laborer, 141 Battery av 
Bisser Joseph, carver, 106 Johnson 
Bissett Thomas jr. stonecutter, 63 McHenry 
I Bissing Fred'k, baker. 44 e Fayette 

i '■ '- ■ 

BISSING W. P., Watchmaker, 280 
w Baltimore, dw 169 German. 

Bisson Mrs. Martha, grocery, 128 s Chester 
Bisson Wm. mariner, 128 s Chester 
Bisson Wm. jr. mariner, 128 s Chester 
Bittel Belshazzar, cooper, 27 Peach al 
Bitter Mis. Amelia, 339 n Central av 
Bitter Christian, boarding agent, 46 s Wash- 
Bitter D. lithographer, over 11 South, dw 380 

w Fayette 
Bitter Henry, pianomaker, 218 Barre 
Bitter's Hotel, L. Bitter prop'r, cor Pratt and 

Bitter John George, laborer, 261 Aisquith 
Bitters Comley, engineer, 201 William 
Bittiger Wm. "hostler, 227 German 
Bittinger Dan. N. carpenter, 547 w Lombard 
Bittinger Geo. cooper, 228 Frederick av 
Bittinger John D. shoe store, 7 Penna av 
Bittinger John, butcher, 400 Harford av 
Bittle Balster, cooper, 27 Peach al 
Bittner Andrew, 66 Granby 
Bittner Edward, barber, 52 Elliott 
Bittner Frank, hatter, 131 n Regester 
Bittner Frederick, sugar boiler, 96 s Castle 
Bittner Gotleib, stitcher, 96 s Castle 
Bittner John, laborer, 175 s Eden 
Bittner John, laborer, 74 Lancaster 
Bittner John, tailor, 337 n Central av 
Bittner John A, baker, 334 e Eager 
Bittner John, laborer, foot of Ridgely 
Bittoop Christian, varnisher, 269 Hanover 
Bittorf Geo. C. tailor, 501 n Gay 
Bittorf Wilhelmina, confectionery, 501 n Gay 
Bitz John, porter, 6 Chesnut al 
Bitz John R. barber, 6 Chesnut al 
Bitzel Adam, confect'y, 204 n Broadway 
Blx Christian, bootfitter. 93 Harrison 
Bixbv H. C. fireman, 43 Leadenhall 
Bixler Daniel jr. bookkeeper, 73 Courtland 
Bixler Mrs. Eva, laundress, 126 West 
Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 n. Howard 
Bixler Wm. H. H. clerk, 792 w Pratt 


I— I 







WM. H. BEAD'S Sore Throat and 
Laboratory 181 

Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 










Bixler Wm. T. clerk, 722 w Pratt 

Black Adam, clerk, 33*7 Franklin 

Black Alexander C. bookkeeper, 325 Madi- 
son av 

Black Archibald, laborer, 204 s Castle 

Black Benj. F. (B. & Co.) 178 Barre 

Black (f- Co. (B. F. B.) sign painters, T9 Ex- 
change place 

Black Dr. Calvin, 431 w Fayette 

Black D. Henry, yeastmaker, 96 Aisquith 

Black Geo. machinist, 133 Elliott 

Black George, cigarmaker, 218 Columbia 

Black Geo. flour and feed, cor Albemarle and 
Lombard, dw 93 e Pratt 

Black Mrs. Hannah, 178 Barre 

Black Horse Hotel, 111 n High, T. Burton, 

Black Horse Tavern, M. Carling prop'r, 63 
Penna av 

Black Isaac P. C. carpenter, 299 Saratoga 

Black Mrs. Isabella L. 214 Bank 

Black James, marble yard cor Cathedral and 
Biddle, dw 258 Myrtle av 

Black James F., Adams Express Co., 218 Co- 

Black James H. engineer, 116 s Bond 

Black John, laborer, 77 s Durham 

Black John jr. hardware, 160 n Gay, dw 325 
Madison av 

Black John F. teacher, 113 n Caroline 

Black John S. teacher, 176 Bank 

Black John, 270 Mulberry 

Black John, cooper, 49 Commerce, dw 176 Bank 

Black John, (B. & Krebs) 296 Lexington 

Black John R. carpenter, 18 Marion, dw 299 

Black John S. teacher, 176 Bank 

BLACK & KREB.S, (J. Black, G. L. Krebs, 
Jacob E. Krebs) pork packers and provis- 
ions, 51 South and 53 n Caroline 

Black Lewis W. painter, 85 Oxford 




Black Mrs. Mary, yeast, Orleans and Castle 
Black Mary E. teacher, 214 Bank 
Black Millard S. clerk, 86 Division 
Black Morris, 138 Bank 
Black Rev. R. W. 643 w Lombard 
Black Samuel, builder, Division and Lanvale 
Black Wm. K. carpenter, 133 Pearl 
Black Wm. scalemaker, 270 Mulberry 
Black Wm. E. cooper, 28 u Washington 
Blackburn Cyrus, (C. B. cj- Bro.) 132 n Eutaw 
Blackburn C.& Bro. (Cyrus & Edwin Black- 
burn) flour, grain and com. merchs. ne cor 
Franklin and Eutaw 
Blackburn Edwin, (C. B. & Bro.) 68 Bolton 
Blackburn Samuel, blacksmith, 79 n Ann 
Blackehy Joseph, carpenter, 2 Russell 
Blackell Edgar, clerk, 105 Hanover 

BLACKFORD & CLARK, (W.H.Blackford and 

F. P.Clark) gen.mangr.Wid.and Orph.Ben. 

Life Ins. Co.,Consolid. bldg. cor South and 

Blackiston Albert C. police, 159 Lee 
Blackiston David C. grain insp. 3 Wood, dw 

Kent CO 
Blackiston Mrs. E. B. 63 Druid Hill av 
Blackiston Eliza, 17 Greene 
BLACKISTON JOHN' B. cabinetmaker, 562 w 

Baltimore, dw Lombard nr Fulton 
Blackiston John B. jr. moulder, Lombard nr 

Blackiston Walter, receiving teller Bank of Com- 
merce, 83 n Charles 
Blackiston Wm. C. lumber inspector. Concord 

nr Pratt, dw 138 s Sharp 
Blacklar Alex. C. ( Elliott & B.) 141 n Broadway 
Blacklar Chas. R. conductor, Division nr Wilson 
Blackwell Mrs. Eliza ' S. children's clothing, 

184 Madison 
Blackwell Ernest C. engineer, 184 Madison av 
Blacklock Nicholas F. paper stock, metals, 

bags, &c. and 5Camden, dw Anne Arundel co. 
Blades & Co. (W. P. Blades, M. W. Gladding) 

com. merchts. 100 w Pratt 
Blades Jesse, carpenter, 165 Greenmount av 
Blades John J. paperhanger, 148 n Exeter 
Blades John L. livery stables and night carts, 

114 s Washington, dw s w cor Pratt and Gist 
Blades John M. clerk, 7 Lloyd 
Blades Samuel, chairmaker, 148 n Exeter 
Blades Thos. W. insurance agent, 103 s Bond 
Blades Wm. P. (B. & Co.) 21 s Bond 
Blaha John, shoemaker, 370 e Fayette 
Blair Alex, gardener, Monument nr city limits 
Blair Bettie, 55 Courtland 
Blair Charles E. accountant, 381 Lexington 
BLAIR & CO. (Llewellyn P. Blair) gas fitters 

and plumbers, 455 w Baltimore 
Blair James A. clerk P.O. 188 Hanover 
Blair John, tailor, 412 w Lombard 
Blair John, conductor, 39 Preston 
Blair Llewellvn P. (B.& Co.) 455 w Baltimore 
Blair Mrs. M.' school, 210 Hollins 
Blair Samuel S. div. sup'tN.C.R. 78 Park av 


Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 
Plated Ware, 205 w Baltimore, 
dw Baltimore county 

Blake Mrs. Ann, 174 n Calvert 

Blake B. & Co. (B. Blake) flour and feed, 574 

Penna. av 
Blake Benson, (B. Blake & Co.) 168 Mosher 
Blake Charles W. of Chas. watchmaker, 205 

w Baltimore 
Blake Chas. B. builder, 225 e Pratt 
Blake Charles W. clerk, 88 Hanover 
Blake Eugene, clerk, 145 Hanover 
Blake Flavilla, boarding, 104 Hanover 
Blake George, grocery, 151 York 
Blake George A. carpenter, 428 e Baltimore 
Blake George R. clerk, 112 n Caroline 
Blake Henrietta M. 145 Hanover 
Bliike Henry S. teacher, 145 Hanover 
Blake Henry Wm. painter, 20 Arbel al 
Blake James, iron moulder, 20 Arbel al 
Blak James P. carpenter, 21 Monroe 

WM. H, READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Blake Joel X. machinist and founder, s e cor 

Franklin and North, dw 931 w Baltimore 
Blake John D. clerk, 21 Monroe 
Blake John A. patternmaker. 154 Cathedral 
Blake John H. puddler, 1 O'Donnell 
Blake John H carpenter, 21 Monroe 
Blake John H. clerk, 104 Hanover 
Blake John L. clerk, 39 n Gay 
Blake John R. bricklayer, 112 n Caroline 
Blake John W. engineer, 20 Arbel al 
Blake Lawrence, painter, 20 Arbel al 
Blake Mrs. Margaret, 20 Arbel al 
Blake Mrs. Mary, 154 Cathedral 
Blake Martin, 305 n Central ay 
Blake Sallie, dressmaker, 154 Cathedral 
Blake Samuel F. carpenter, 330 Mulberry 
Blake Sarah, 158 s Sharp 
Blake Rev. S. V. 1*74 Aisquith 
Blakeley Wm. A. stonecutter, 485 Aisquith 
Blakeslee Abram. cloth cutter. 26 n Republican 
Blakiston Mrs. Eliza, 82 Hanover 
Blakiston John, clerk. 82 Hanover 
Blakiston Tavlor, clerk, 82 Hanover 
Blakiston T. Willis, attorney 37 St. Paul, dw 

85 n Charles 
Blamberg Flerman, cab' t maker, 'ZoMilliraan 
Blamire Charle?, laborer, 165 s Chapel 
Blamire John E. mariner, 165 s Chapel 
Blanch James C. potter, 84 n Bond 
Blanch James T. carpenter, 199 e Lombard 
Blanchard Bennington G. bookkeeper, 279 

BLAXCHARD E. WYATT, attorney, 38 St. 

Paul, dw81 Cathedral 
Blanchard George R. freight agent, 150 Bolton 
Blanchard James A. J. rigger, 386 William 
BLAXCK JOHX, restaurant. 471 w Baltimore 
Bland John H. brakeman, 50 Barre 
Blandford Wm. H. clerk, 286 w Pratt 
Blandold Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Smith al 
Blaney Chas. E. (C. E. B. & Bro.) 198 George 
Blaney Geo. W. stonecutter. 304 Forrest 
Blaney Henry, bricklayer, Townsend nrFnlton 
Blanev Jas. M. bricklayer. 163 Greenmount av 
Blaney James W. & Son. ( J. W. & W. H. 

Blaney) bricklayers, office 20 s Fremont 
Blaney James W.( J.W.B.& Son) 20 s Fremont 
Blaney James J. bricklayer. 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Jno. T., Townsend ext 
Blaney John T. carpenter. 161 Greenmount av 
Blaney Mrs. Sarah, huckstress, 266 Green- 
mount av 
Blaney Wm. H. (J. W. B. & Son) 238 George 
Blank Fred'k, baker, 135 Battery av 
Blank George, mariner, 413 Canton av 
Blank John, stone mason, 208 Lee 
Blank John, mariner, 413 Canton av 
Blank Joseph, laborer. !fl7 Low 
Blank Josephine, 120 Thames 
Blaukenburg Jacob, clerk. JIulliken nr Eden 
Blankerd Frederick, bricklayer, 87 Eastern av 
Blankford Jacob, huckster, 361 n Broadway 
Blankinship Dan.D. engin'r, 3 Williamson al 
Blankner John, confect'r, M( Henry nr Monroe 
Blash Emily, tailoress. 164 e Pratt 
Blass Rev. Jacob. 234 Eastern av 
Blass Joseph, cabinetmaker, 227 Pierce 
Blass Wm. G. 172 n Oregon 
Blatter Margaret, laundress, 17 Hall al 
Blatchley Mrs. Harriett, Waverley, York rd 
Blaufuss Lewis, tailor, 267 Franklin 
Blaut Levi, shoemaker, 152 Chesnut 

Blazer Chris, laborer, 168 s Wolfe 
Bleamer John, shoemaker, 8 s Bethel 
Bleasdale John, engineer, 110 William 
Bledsoe Albert T. teacher, 132 Park 
Bledsoe A. T. editor Southern Review, 49 

Lexington, dw 132 Park 
Bledsoe Robt. conductor. 476 w Lombard 
Bleicher J. S. cooper, 243 s Bethel 
Blessing Andw. bag cutter. 36 L Hampstead 
Blessing Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High, dw 154 

e Monument 
Blessing Mrs. Elizabeth, wool, 72 Bank 
Blessing James, carpenter, 241 n Gay 
Blessing John, tobacconist. 241 n Gav 
Blessing Jno. F. (G. W. Bishop & Co.) Buck's 

Blessing Margaret, 36 Hampstead 
Blessing Simon, bag cutter, 36 L Hampstead 
Blessing W. T. clerk, 241 n Gay 
Bletzer Philip, shoemaker, 184 s Bethel 
Bley Rudolph, sec. hand cloth'g,508 Lexington 
Blick Thos. H. bookkeeper, 362 e Baltimore 
Blish Patrick, laborer, 22 n Amity 
Blimline Abraham J. 188 Druid Hill av 
Bliuiline Bernard, clerk, 188 Druid Hill av 
Blimline Henry, cutter, 285 Franklin 
BLIMLIXE J.' & SON, (J. Blimline) manufs. 

shirts and drawers, over 17 and 19 s Sharp 
Blimline Joseph, ( J, B. & Son") 188 Druid Hill av 
Blinsinger Geo. F. carp'r, 132 Druid Hill av 
Blinzinger Wm. M. carp'r, Pennsylvania house 
Bliss Horace. Eutaw house 
Blitt Lewis, moulder, 7 Elliott 
Blitz Carl A. joiner, 217 Hamburg 
Blizzard Caleb H. sexton, Etting nr Lanvale 
Blizzard Geo. W. engineer. 39 n Wolfe 
Blizzard John L. carter, 139 Cross 
Blizzard John R. engineer. 166 Battery av 
Blocher Daniel, brickmaker. 359 Hollins 
Blocher Geo. 359 Hollins 
Blocher Henry, watchmaker, 359 Hollins 
Blocher Wm." L. clerk, 30 Gilmor 
Block Mrs. Barbara, 118 s Eden 
Block Edward, (E.B.& Co.) 212 w Hoffman 
Block Edward & Co. (E. Block) liquors, 49 s 

Block Finley, engraver, 99 Orleans 
Block Geo. engineer, 6 Butler 
Block Herman, carpenter, 35 Albemarle 
Block Mrs. Hiuriet, 99 Orleans 
Block Henry, mariner, 32 Aliceanna, Canton 
Block John,"^ Franklin nr Charles 
Block John (Thomsen & Block,) 44 Franklin 
Block Mrs. Julia, 51 s Poppleton 
Block Lazarus, saddler, 475 n Gay 
Block Lewis, supt. Israelite Hosp. Monument 

nr Broadway 
Block Lewis, machinist, 112 Ridgely 
Block Lewis jr. clerk, Monument nr Broadway 
Block Margaret, 32 Aliceanna, Canton 
Block Max, cigarmaker, 121 s Caroline 
Block Myer, clerk. 118 s Eden 
Block Peter, laborer, 19 Albemarle 
Block Solomon, clerk, 118 s Eden 
Blogg Rev. E. N. S. salesman. Mulberry and 

BLOME GEO. confectionery, 445 w Baltimore 
Blome Geo. tailor, 147 Bethel 
Blomeier Chris, blks'h, 240 s Caroline, dw 178 
Blomeier Ennis, shoemaker, 30 President 
Blondell Dennis, liquors, 172 Myrtle av 
Blondell John A. police, Madison and Buren 


I— I 










WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Blondell Wm. T. 166 Pearl 
Blondheim Heart, clothing, 93 n Howard 
Blondheini Solomon, clothing, 173^ Frank- 
lin, dw 105 n Howard 
Blood Wm. H. car driver, 968 w Baltimore 
Bloodworth Capt. Jacob, mariner, 81 s High 
Bloom John, cigarmaker, 87 Frederick av 
Bloomer Mrs. John W. sr. 157 n Caroline 
Bloss Geo. bricklayer, 43 Henrietta 
Blotkamp Wm. hacks, 260 e Lombard 
Bloxham J. W. salesman. Merchants' hotel 
oxham John & Son, (John and John L. 
B.) hardware and stoves, 56 Harrison 
oxham John (John B. & Son) 157 n High 
,__( Bloxham John L. (John B. & Son) 157 n High 
Jsq Bloxham Richard J. telegraphist, 157 n High 
Bloyes Thomas, tinner, 11 Walker 
Blucher Francis, laborer, 27 Thames 
Blucher John, 237 Lemmon al 
Blued Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, 127 w Madison 
Blueler Rudolph, machinist, 420 w Pratt 
Blum Anton, laborer, 69 Somerset 
Blum Benjamin, cigarmaker, 206 s Wolfe 
Blum Bernard, cigarmaker, 102 Low 
Blum Mrs. Catherine, 376 Saratoga 
Blum Mrs. Catherine E. groceries and liquors, 

Waverley, York rd 
Blum Chas. laborer, 385 w Pratt 
Blum Conrad, baker, 266 Aliceanna 
Blum Daniel, furniture repairer, 132 Low 
Blum Geo. tailor, 147 n Bethel 
Blum Gotleib, laborer. 156 s Castle 
Blum Gumby S. bookkeeper, 294 Lexington 
Blum G. 76 Columbia 
Blum Hartwig F. barber, 397 n Gay 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand dealer, 193 e Lombard 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand clothier, 234 s Caroline 
Blum Jacob, cigar manuf. 193 e Lombard 
Blum John, driver, 156 s Castle 
Blum John, laborer, 133 n Central av 
Blum Lewis, shoemaker, 384 Aisquith 
Blum Lewis, shoeniiiker, 43 Low 
Blum Philip, bookbinder, 236 Hanover 
Blum S. H. bookbinder, 69 s Paca 
Blum Solomon, (Hess, Blum & Co.) 294 Lex- 
Blum Wm. jeweler, 538 w Baltimore 
Blum Wm. laborer, 160 s Eden 
Blumauer Louis, boots and shoes, 235 s Charles 
Blume Albert, fancj^ goods, 136 s Broadway 
Blurae Fred'k, artist, Eden and Mullikin 
Blume Frederick, tanner, 86 n Central av 
Blume Henrv, carpenter, 148 e Lombard 
BLUME HERMAN, looking glass and picture 

frame manuf. 26 n Gay. dw 17 s High 
Blume Philip, (Taylor & B.) 236 Hanover 
Blumehardi Chas. G. butcher, 157 Lexington 

market, dw Wilkens and Lombard 
Blumenburg Julius J. 122 w Fayette 
BLUMENBHRG L., agent North American 
Life Ins. Co., 74 w Baltimore, dw 37 n 
Blumenburg Marc, clerk, 122 w Fayette 
Blumenburg Rudolph, 161 s Broadway 
Blumenour Henry, baker, 152 Hamburg 
Blumenrather John, tailor, 263 Preston 
Blumenthal Abraham, (B. & Bro.) sec. hand 

goods, 271 s Charles 
Blumenthal Bernard P. collector, 203 Hollins 
Blumenthal & Bro. (A. & M. B.) clothing, 

boots, &c., 180 Light-st whf 
Blumenthal Isaac, tobacconist, 48 Lee 


I— t 












6 BOD 

Blumenthal Mrs. Jeanette, dry goods, 203 

Blumenthal Michael, (B. & Bro.) 271 s Charles 
Blumer Margaret, dressmaker, 20 Shakspear 
Blumer Samuel, printer, 20 Shakspear 
Blumhart Chas. stalls Lexington, Hanover and 

Centre markets, dw 26 Wilkens la 
Blundell Dennis, collector, 173 Myrtle av 
Blundell Elizabeth C. 127 Hamburg 
Blundell Louis, barber. 8 Front n of Foundry 
Blundell Malachi, coacbmaker, 50 George 
Blundell .Mrs. Margaret, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Teresa, music teacher, 50 George 
Blundell Wm. hackman, 38 North 
Blunt Jacob, grain runner, 199 e Eager 
Blunt Nelson, laborer, 21 Walker 
Blunt Samuel, carjienter, 161 Hanover 
Blunt Wm. R. bricklayer, 553 e Fayette 
Bly John, laborer, 51 Union 
Bly Patrick, laborer, 22 n Amity 
Bly the Robert, clerk, 59 Conway 
Boane James, 283 n Dallas 
SIONERS, n e cor Hollidav and Fayette 
BOARD OF TRADE, office New Exchange 

Buildings, Geo. U. Porter. Secretary 
Board of Health, office old City Hall, n Hol- 

Boarman A. 32 n Eutaw 
Boarman Mrs. Rebecca C. 486 Lexington 
Boarman Robert I. carpenter, 215 e Fayette 
Bobart Carroll, huckster, 86 s Exeter 
Bobart Charles, clerk, 86 s Exeter 
BOBART THOMAS W. restaurant, 242 s 

Bobbs Elizabeth, 206 s Chapel 
Bobeth Louis E. pianomaker, 77 St. Peter 
Bobenel Hannah, 30 n Dallas 
Boblitz Wm. H. pumpmaker, 249 Bond n of 

Bock Herman, tobacconist, n e cor Bond and 

Bock Jacob, polisher, 13 Ridgely 
Bock Julius, painter, 322 e Monument 
Bock Wilhelmina. 253 Aliceanna 
Bockelman Amelia, dressmaker, 140 s Spring 
Bockelman Christian, machinist, 140i s Spring 
Bockelman Conrad, tailor, 125 Barre 
Bockelman Deitrich, shoemaker, 158 s Fremont 
Bockelman Fred'k, carpenter, 140^ Spring 
Bockelman Peter, paver and groceries, 116 s 

Bockelman Wm. P. upholsterer, 11 Painter ct 
Boeckner John, laborer, 101 s Regester 
Bocker Henry, tailor, 405 Light 
Bockman Ernest, tailor, 19 Barnes 
Bockniiller Wm. tanner, 98 Chew 
Bockniiller Wm. P. (Bartol & B.) 103 Chew 
Bode Mrs. Annie, 19 Conway 
Bode Chas. tailor, 216 n Caroline 
Bode Dietrich, shoemaker, Bhrre and Howard 
Bode Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 246 Hamburg 
Bode G. H. clerk, s e cor Lexington and Park 
Bode Louis, drayman, 246 Hamburg 
Bode S. W. clerk, 19 Conway 
Bodegan Margaret, 198 Eastern av 
Bodegan John, carter, 198 Eastern av 
Bodein Fred, tailor, 528 Canton av 
Bodcn Mrs. Margaret J. dressmaker, 299 e 

Boden Wm. confectioner, 299 e Monument 
Bodenburg Chas. capmaker, 384 s Charles 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Eev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 


Bodenshatz John, tavern, 803 w Pratt 
Bodensick Ghas. F. bookbinder, 407 Franklin 
Bodensick David, printer, 391 Franklin 
Bodensick Geo miller, Frederick av beyond 

Bodensick Mrs. Sarah, 263 Franklin 
Bodensick Wm. T. bookbinder, 263 Franklin 
Bodenslein Henry, 15 New Church 
Bodine Charles laborer, 44 Abbot 
Bodiskey John, stonecutter, 224 Aisquith 
Boeckel Charles, shoemaker, Frederick av nr 

Boeckner Charles, restaurant, 485 w Baltimore 
Boeckner Jacob, tinner, 101 s Regester 
Boedger Ferd. shoemaker, Ann nr Lancaster 
BoegelJohn V. blacksmith, 208 s Wolf 
Boehl Mrs. Henry, carpet store, 146 Camden 
Boehm Dr. Adolphus, 131 Hanover 
Boehm August, tailor, 127 s Dallas 
Boehm Chas. T. 113 McCuUoh 
Boehm Chas. E. harness maker, 9 George 
Boehm Christian, shoemaker, 169 Ensor 
Boehm Constantine, beer, 50 s Wolfe 
Boehm Henry E. brassmoulder, 9 George 
Boehm Henry, baker, 9 George 
Boehm Herman, clerk. 131 Hanover 
Boehm John, blacksmith, 212 e Lombard 
Boehm John, butcher, 49, 190 ;xud 192 Belair 

and 71 and 72 Centre markets, dw Harford 

av opp Darley park 
Boehm John L. bookkeeper, 242 w Fayette 
Boehm Michael, blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Boehm John W. wheelwright, 1 n Bond 
Boehme Augustus, clerk, 34 Conway 
Boehme Aug. sr. grocer, 128 Hanover. d\v 130 
Boehme Fred'k W. m;\chinist, 95 n Gay 
Boehme Lina, teacher. 108 e Fayette 
Boehmer John H.. porter, 175 Barre 
Boehnlein Joseph, varnisher, 91 Johnson 
Boehringer Ch;is. baker, 8 Bevan 
Boenger Macrdalene, 261 s Sharp 
BOERICKE'FRANCIS E. homeopathic drug- 
gist, 19 n Eutaw, dw Philadelphia 
Boesche Herman L. patent med. Cotton row 
Boesche Wm. H. blacksmith, 358 s Sharp 
Boesser John W. machinist, 144 Peirce 
Boethiog August, shoemaker, 92 Cambridge 
Boette Theodore, shoemaker, 135 Vine 
Boettger Conrad, varnishes, 211 Lee 
Boettinger Peter, shoemk. 215 n Central av 
Boettinger Wm. cigarmk. 215 n Central av 
Boger Ernest, boxmaker, 441 s Charles 
Boger Henry, basketmk. 1 L. McEIderry 
Boggess Wm. B. F. E. carp'r. Biddle nr Wolfe 
Boggs A. G. bookkeeper, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs A. .A. (S. S. B. & Son. ) Baltimore co 
BOGGS A. L. jr. wholesale and retail flour, 

grain and mill feed, 141 n Howard, dw 

242 n Eutaw 
Boggs F. Henry, { Brown, B.& Co) 242 n Eutew 
Boggs J. Greer, bookkeeper, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs Rob't J. B. customhouse, 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs S. S. (S. S. B. & Son.) Baltimore co 
BOGGS S. S. & SON, (S.S. & .\. A. Boggs,) 

ovster and fruit packers, 184 York 
Bosgs Wm. ( Wm. B. & Co.) 226 n Eutaw 
Boges Wm. (KilpUrick & B.) 284 Druid Hillav 
Boggs Wm. & Co. (Wm. B., G. K. Warner,) 

agts Charter Oak Life Ins. Co. 49 Lexington 
Boggs Wm. H. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Bogle James, artist, Woodville nr Gilmor 
Bogue Benson T. 697 w Favette 

61 BOK 

BOGDE HENRY k SON, (Henry and Rob't 
H. Bogue, ) tailors' trimmings, over 226 
w Baltimore 
Bogue Henry, (H. Bogue & Son, ) 71 Cathedral 
Bogue James, groceries and liquors, 11 Mer- 
cer, dw 18 n Front 
Bogue Jos. F. 697 w Fayette 
Bogue James T. mariner, 27 Buren 
Bogue Mrs. John, 697 w Fayette 
Bogue John H. mariner, 27 Buren 
Bogue Robt. H. (H. B. & Son,) 71 Cathedral 
Bogue Dr. Robt. J. 18 n Front 
Bogue Thomas, clerk, 11 Mercer 
Bohager Francis, 5 Bank 
Bohager Samuel, junk, 5 Bank 
Bohan Ellen, grocery, 34 Rock 
Bohanan Dr. James S. 75 n Broadway 
Bohl August, cigarmaker, 451 Canton av 
Bohl Frank, cigarmaker, 214 Light 
Bohl John, laborer, 451 Canton av 
Bohland Philip, painter, 14o Peirce 
Bohlayer Eliza, taUoress, 172 e Lombard 
Bohle Charles, grocery, Beason and Cooksie 
Bohle Henry, coachtrimmer, 92 e Pratt 
Bohlener Annie, 12 Barnes 
Bohlken Cornelius, tinner, 55 s Eden 
Bohlman Fred'k, tailor, 56 Portland 
Bohm John, tailor, 346 Eastern av 
Bohm John G. blacksmith, 212 e Lombard 
Bohman Wm. laborer, 383 s Charles 
Bohn Aug. (M. Bohn&Sons. ) 43 Holland 
Bohn Christian, tailor, 110 Mulberry 
Bohn Fredk, mariner, 273 Canton av 
Bohn Henry A. printer, 26 Pearl 
Bohn John, porter, 255 L Hughes 
Bohn Michael, (M. Bohn & Sons,) 43 Holland 
Bohu Michael ic Sous, (Michael, Wm. and 
Aug. B.) steam turning and sawing, 5 Swan 
Bohn Wm. (M Bohn & Sons.) 43 Holland 
Bohne Henry, grocery, 20 Chatsworth 
Bohnenberg Fritz, lab'r, 28 Gist nr Canton av 
Bohner Fred, cigar packer, 173 w Lombard 
Bohner Nicholas, tailor, 39 Cambridge 
Bohnert Michael, shoemaker, 23 St. James 
Bohnlofink John, shoemaker, 194 e Lombard 
Bohrer Christian, cooper, 18 Warren, Fell's Pt 
Bohrer Dr. Frank, Dolphin and Druid Hillav 
Bohs John, hammerman, 174 Preston 
Boice Geo. M. miller, 240 Hullins 
Boice Mary K. dressmaker, 240 Hollins 
Boile Geo. W. engineer, 110 n Schroeder 
Bokee Geo. M. & Bro. (G. M. and M. H. Bo- 
kee. ) china, glass, queensware, 41 n Howard 
Bokee Geo. M. (Geo. M. B. &. Bro.) president 

W. Md. R. R., 277 Lexington 
Bokee Howard, oil and lamps, 14 n Howard 
Bokee Morris H. (Geo. M. B. &Bro.) 94 n 

Bokee Wm. F. ( Wm. F. B. & Co.) 93 n Front 
Bokee Wra. F. i Co. (Wm. F. Bokee,) china 

merchants, 1 and 3 Harrison 
Bokee Wm. H. bailitf tax court, 344 n Eutaw 
Bokel Albert D. clerk, York rd nr city limits 
Bokel Gertrude, 62 Park 
Bokel John G. grocery, 283 e Eager 
Bokel Joseph A. clerk, 283 e Eager 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery and feed, York rd 

nr city limits 
Boken Patrick, laborer, 9 McLeary ct 
Boker Bernard H. furniture, 67 Penna av 
Boklage August, milk, O'Donnell nr East av 
Boklage Mrs. Eliz. milk, O'Donnell nr East av 






•I— ( 


• I— I 


I— < 


WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Ealtimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

HOKNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates. 




BokLige Heary, milk, O'Doanell nr East ar 
Bokinau August, shoemaker, (370 w Baltimore 
Bokutf Frauds, shoemaker, 132 n Central av 
Bolack G-eo. candymaker, 24 Sarah Ana 
Bolaud August, tiaisher, 137 Battery av 
Bolaad Edward, watchman, 26 Hillen 
;^^ Bolaad Heury, laborer, 59 Aliceanua, Cauton 
^ Bolaad James L. juuk 160, aud grocery 168 
Uaaton av 
Bolaud James, carter, Uammoadal nr Exeter 
Bolaad .\Ialachi, laborer, 63 s Oregon 
Bolaad Margaret E. dressmaker, 8 Bolton 
ft Bolaud Mrs. M. grocery, 265 Forrest 
GQ Bolaad Otis, blacksmith, 63 s Oregon 

, Bolaud Patrick W. boilermaker, 265 Forrest 

Bolander G-eo. laoorer, Burrough nr Fort av 



Bolden James, caulker, 652 Light 

r Bolden Lewis, laborer, 16 Port 

Bolden \Vm. machinist, a9 Boyd 

Z^ Boldt Wm. tavern, 204 Lexington 

^^ Rriit-nin^ \[;ii Adcilnhns W. 256 n Howard 


Bolenius Maj. Adolphus W 

Bolenius Ernest \V. (G. H. B. & Oo.)Hunting- 

don av nr Charles st av 
Bolenius Frederick H. carpenter 19 Etting 

BOLENIUS G. H. & CO.(G. H. Bo- 
lenius, H. Erdbrink. E. vV. Boleni- 
us) dealers in Leaf Tobacco and 
Cigars, n w cor Cnarles and Pratt 

p ~ Bolenius Mrs. L. C. upholstery, 19 Etting 
3 Bolder Edward J. puddler, 109 Albemarle 
Bolger Patrick, stevedore, 3 Light st whf 
Bolgiano Gilbert C. locksmith and beUhanger, 

127 Saratoga, dw 229 George 
Bolgiano Joseph A. (B. & Son) 347 n Gay 
Bolgiano John C. carpenter, 98 Chew 
Bolgiano John, (B. <^- riouj 49 Chew 
Bolgiano & tSon, (J. & J. A. B.) shoe find- 
ings aud garden seeds, 28 s Calvert 
Bollack Peter, grocery, 523 Canton av 
Boiler Wm. lager beer, 639 w Baltimore 
Boiling Thomas, laborer, 82 s Poppleton 
Boiling Wm. N. civil engineer, 22 Pleasant 
Bollinger Chester, paper carrier, 130 n Front 
Bollinger Christian, caulker, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger John, laborer, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger John, laborer, rear 155 Choptank 
Bollinger Joseph, pianomaker, 131 s Fremont 
BoUman Autuu, cigar maker, 15 Greeum't av 
BoUman August, beer, 247 Aliceanna 
^ BoUman August F. clerk 197 e Fayette 

BoLLMAN &; CARL, (Fred.M. Boilman, E.E. 
Carl)imps. French wine and vinegar,63s Gay 
Bollman C. laborer, 108 West 
BoUman Chas. A. machinist, 201 Conway 
BoUmau Eruest, drayman, 217 Conway 
Bollman Fred'k M. (B. k Carl) 106 Lee 
Bollman Geo. E. machinist, 201 Couway 
Bollman Ueury, laborer, 196 Cross 
Bollman Herman F. drayman, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman Jacob -M. machinist, 48 s Chester 
Bollman Jas. U. finisher, 55 McHeury 
BoUman John W. civil aud constructing en- 




• 1— I 


I— I 




gineer, Cliuton s of Bostou, dw 343 e Pratt 
Bollman Mrs. Margaret, grocery, l08 West 
BoUman Mrs. Margaret, J 07 [Saratoga 
BOLLMAN WENiJELL, civil and construct- 
ing engineer, Palapsco Works, Clinton s of 
Boston, ofhce 8 s Gay, dw 112 Penna av 

Bolst Andrew, laborer, 7 Hull's la 
Bolst Frederick, laborer, 19 Hull's la 
Bolst Henry, tailor, 62 Aliceanna, Canton 
Bolst Mrs. Margaret, peddler, 7 Hull's la 
Bolst Mary, seamstress, 7 Hull's la 
Bolster Geo. d. -printer, 199 e Madison 
Bolster John, musician, 239 Aliceanna 
Bolster Thos.E. clothing cutter, 199 e Madison 
Bolte Augustus, t'urn. wagons, 7 s Republican 
Bolie Christian, wheelwright, 9 Leadenhall 
Bolte Henry, bookkeeper, 30 n Greene 
Bolte Simon, (Aiberii, Prior & Co.) 543 w 

Bolte Simon, chiua and glassware, 543 w Bal- 
Boltey Herman, carter, 255 s Paca 
Boltine Magdaiene, 10 Barnes 
BOLTOX BROTHERS, (Wm. H., D. K. and 
J. T. Bolton) glass, oils, paints, 82 and 84 
w Pratt 
Bolton Chas. W. clerk, 1 Jackson 
Bolton Daniel K. (B. Bros.) Harford co 
Bolton Edward I. clerk, 39 GreenmountaT 
Bolton Hugh k Co. (H.Bolton, Glend\- Stuart, 
H. W. Bolton, W'.B. Bolton, ) glass', oils and 
paints, 81 and 83 .McElderry's whf 
Boltou Hugli, (Hugh B. & Co.) 20 n Front 
Bolton Hugh \V. (Hugh B. k Co.) 20 n Front 
Boltou Jas. K. clerk 114 s Bond 
Bolton James T. (Bolton Bros.) 1 Jackson 
Bolton Dr. John H. apothecary, n e cor Bond 

and Gay 
Bolton Wm B.(H. B. & Co.) 89 s Broadway 
Bolton Wm. H. (Bolton Bro3.)r26 n Broadway 
Boltzheimer Adam, coachman, 95 s Regester . 
Bolz John, cooper, 10 s Durham 
BOMBAUGH DR. CHAS. 0. editor Baltimore 
Underwriter, 3 Postoffice av, dw cor Madi- 
son av aud Laurens 
Bombay Jacob, 172 Saratoga 
Bomberger Mrs. Frances, 4 Prospect la 
Bomberger John H. shoemaker, 259 Light 
Bomberger John W. shoemaker, 259 Light 
Bomberger Geo. shoemaker, 4 Prospect la 
Bombard Christoph. laborer, s end Clinton 
Bombard Jacob, laoorer. s end Clinton 
Bomm Chas. laborer, rear 76 Frederick av 
Bomiu Fre'dk, dyer, 36 n Amity 
Bommer Anton, carpenter, 322 Canton av 
Bommer Geo. barber, 264 Canton av 
Bommer Henry, barber, 90 n Gay 
Bommer Valentine, blacksmith, Waverley, 

Vork rd 
Bona Bernard, collector, 175 s Charles 
Bona Louis C. bookkeeper, 175 s Charles 
Bonager Philip, shoemaker, 91 e Lombard 
Bonaker, John G. butcher, 54 n Spring 
Bonaparte Mrs Susan N. 95 Park 
Bouawell Thomas, fireman, 73 s Bond 
Bond A. G. clerk, 322 Saratoga 
BOND ALEXANDER & CO. (A. Bond) pro- 
duce and oysters, \\ Hollingsworth 
Bond Alexander, (Alexander Bond k Vo.\ 245 

e Biddle 
Bond Alex. J. carpenter, 168 Druid HUl av 
Bond Anton, carpenter, 280 Montgomery 
Bond Arthur W. salesman, Howard house 
Boud Aquilla, iron roller, 98 Hudson 
Bond Baruet, com. merch't, 150 w Pratt, dw 

313 Aisquith 
Bond Beverly W., attorney, 8^ St. Paul, dw 
471 n Fremont 

WM H- READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore- st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Bond Caleb J. fish dealer, 69 Granby 
Bond Chas. II. clerk, 64 n Howard 
Bond Geo. constable, 148 Mvrtle av 
Bond Gilbert, boatman, 343 s Sharp, 
Bond Geo. M. collector, 148 Myrtle av 
Bond G. Morris, (B. 4-. Tidy) 82 Read 
Bond Harry I. (J. B. & Son") 348 e Monument 
Bond James, (J. B. & Son) 348 e Monument 
BOND JAMES & SON, (J. and H. I. Bond) 

fruit, produce and fish. 3 Hollingsworth 
Bond James, (Thos. B. & Son) 365 n Broadway 
Bond James II. (J. W. B. & C<f.) Eutaw pi nr 

Bond J. W. & Co. (J. W. and J. H. Bond) 

booksellers, 86 w Baltimore 
Bond J. W. (J. W. B.<f-. Co.) 229 e Baltimore 
Bond John, wheelwriofht, 504 n Gay 
Bond John, blacksmith, 30 Greenmount av 
Bond John \V.(W. E.W. Ross)266 eB iltimore 
Bond Joseph, huckster, 266 e Lombard 
Bond Joshua B. bookkeeper, 471 n Fremont 
Bond Joshua, laborer, 46 n Central av 
Bond Lemuel, laborer, 38 Penna ay 
Bond Lorenzo D. carpenter, 273 Walsh 
Bond Mrs. Margaret, 30 s Broadway 
Bond Mrs. .Martha A. teacher, 30 s Bond 
Bond Mary, 248 e Fayette 
Bond Mrs. Mary, laundress, 76 Richmond 
Bond Peter, letter carrier, 264 Penna av 
Bond Rebecca A. matron Md. Inst'n for In- 
struction of the Blind 
BondSaml. B. carp'r, Baker nr Division 
Bond Saml. iron roller, 9 Port 
Bond Tbos. E. editor Baltimore Christian Ad- 
vocate, 8h St. Paul, dw Harford co 
Bond Thos." B. barkeeper, 66 Walsh 
Bond Thos. beer 1 10 Low 
Bond Thos. cigarmaker, 7 Dawson al 
Bond Thos. B. caulker, Luzerne nr Aliceanna 
Bond Thos. J. restaurant, 165 e Baltimore 
Bond Thos. (Thos. B. & Son) Judge Orphans' 

Court, 99 n Bond 
Bond Thos. & Son, (T. and J. Bond) produce 
dealers, n w cor Calvert and Pratt 

BOND & TIDZ, (G.Morris Bond, 
John B. Tidy, Jr.) Attorneys and 
Counsellors at Law, 8J St. Paul. 

Bond Wm. clerk, 348 e Monument 

Bond Mrs. Wm. 330 e Baltimore 

Bond Wm. laborer, 193 n Bond 

Bond Wm. jr. pyrotechnist, 330 e Baltimore 

Bond Wm. laborer, 13 Warner 

Bond Wm. C. huckster, 9 s Ann 

Bond Wm. & Co. (W. Bond, H. Drugan)com. 
and produce merchs. n e cor Pratt and Boi- 
lings worth 

Bond Wm. (Wm.B.& Co.) 41 s Washington 

Bond Wm. jr. 13 Warner 

Bond Wm. S. B. clerk, 471 n Fremont 

Bond Wm. laborer, 203 n Central av 

BONDAY JAMES, Jr. wharfinger, Gibson's 
whf, dw 100 s Chester 

Bonday James, wharfinger, 173 Fell, dw 187 

Bonday James, (B. & Thurlow) 187 Gough 

Bonday & Thurlow, (J. Bonday, J. Thurlow) 
oak coopers. 111 Thames 

Bondurant Henry, plumber, 20 n Liberty, dw 
314 w Fayette 


Bone Ann D. upholsteress, 3 Garden 

Bone Hugh, Clifton village 

Bone Isabella, 3 Garden 

Bone John M. clerk, 265 n Howard 

Bone Wm. laborer, 4 Bloodgood ct 

BONE WILLIAM, justice of the peace, 53 

Camden, dw 9 Warren ^ 

Bonhage August, tailor, 51 Portland ^ 

Bonhage & Bro. (Fred, and Philip B.) tailors ja 

6U w Fayette C. 

Bonhage Fred'k, (B. & Bro.) Mansion house r^ 
Bonh.age George, driver — Bethel 
Bonhage Ht-nry W, tailor, 12 e Pratt 
Bonhage Philip (B. & Bro.)Mansion house 
Bonheim David, tailor, 57 Druid Hill av 
Bonheim Henrietta, second hand clothing, 57 

Druid Hill av 
Bonheim Herman, clerk, 150 s Eutaw 
Bonheim Martin, dyer, 150 s Eutaw 
Bonicker Mrs. Anna, 3 Painter ct 
BONINGER BROS. (E. B., R. Lehr) tobacco ^ 

com. and ship'ngmerch's, over 29 s Charles j/2 
Boninger Catherine S. 154 s Sharp r^ 

Boninger Edward, (B. Bros.) Guy's hotel i-h 
Bonn Anthony S & Co. (A. S. Bonn) tobacco ^ 

manufacturers, 120 s Charles 
Bonn Anthony S. (A. S.Bonn & Co.) 66 n Paca [>^ 
Bonn Anthony, watchman, 27 n Pine ^ 

Bonn Anthony, 66 n Paca ^ 

Bonn D. W. cj- Co. (D. W. and Richard B.) t^ 

manufs. snuff, 3 Perry, and wholesale to- p^ 

bacconists. 21 Light 
Bonn Dan'l W. (D. W. B. & Co. J 6C n Paca 
Bonn John, cooper, 119 n Bond 
Boun Joseph, bookkeeper, 353 w Fayette 
Bonn Lewis V. tinner, 305 Orleans 
Bonn Lewis F, barber, 1 Essex 
Bonn Rich'd, (D. W. B. cj- Co.) 62 s Paca 
Bonn Wm. carpenter, 1 Essex 
Bonner Capt. Elijah, mariner, 14 Gough 
Bonner John, laborer, 15 s Chapel 
Bonnet Jacob, shoemaker, 306 Canton av 
Bonnett Charles, tinner, 138 s Regester 
Bonnett Fred'k W. laborer, 252 s Bond 
Bonnett John, laborer, 502 Penna av 
Bonnett John, tailor, 138 s R«gester 
Bonnett Joseph A, clerk, 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Wm. painter, 138 Bank 
Bonney Elias, laces, embroidery, fancy and 

millinery goods, 209 w Baltimore, dw 114 

Bonney James E. clerk, 84 Aisquith 
Bonney James E. clerk, Maltby house 
BONSAL & CO. (Stephen Bonsai, Robertson O 

Taylor) wholesale grocers, 63 Exchange pi 
Bonsai Edmund C. jr. clerk, 9 Irvine pi fl 

Bonsai Geo. T. 250 Lexington ^ 

Bonsai John M. carp'r, Foster al nr Hoffman 
Bonsai John, carp'r, Orleans nr Chester 
Bonsai Lewis, driver, 145 n Central av 
Bonsai Robert, silverplater. 113 s Eden ^ 

Bonsai Robert, brickmkr,Waverly, York rd ^ 
Bonsai Stephen, (Bonsai ^- Co.)n w cor Charles ^ 

and Eager ^ 

Bonsai Townsend S. keeper 1st tollgate Y'ork 

rd, and postmaster at Waverley, Y'ork rd 
Bonusgat Annie, 14 Abbot 
Booker H'y C. copperplate printer. 111 s Sharp 
Booker John T. 247 George 
Booker Leonard, cigarmaker, 5 Walnut al 
Booker Thos. L.(Mallonee&B.)GiImornrCooke 







• i-H 




WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 








I— H 






• S 







Booker Winfield S. clerk, George nr Fremont 

Bookej Tobias, cooper, 143 Hamburg 

Bookhultz Geo. watchman, 122 Henrietta 

Bookhultz Geo. L. driver, 122 Henrietta 

Bookhultz John F. driver, 122 Henrietta 

Bookman Hannah, junk, 204 Canton av 

Bookman Henry, peddler, 204 Canton av 

Bookman Joseph, cooper, 28 Willow 

Boookwald Mrs. Ann, 738 w Baltimore 

Boon Benjamin T. 24 Lee 

Boon McC. 55 Courtland 

Boon John, shoemaker, 52 Philpot 

Boon John, shoemaker, 36 Union 

Boon Joseph, carpenter, 129 Druid Hill av 

Boon Mrs. Lydia, 52 Philpot 

Boon Oliver, laborer, 163 n Fremont 

Boone Chas. laborer, 188 East 

Boone Chas. H. lumber marker, 154 e Pratt 

Booue Daniel A. (M. A. Hamilton & Co.) 48 

Boone Mrs. Hannah, 7 Foundry 
Boone Henry, shoemaker, 86 s Howard 
Boone Henry J. jr. clerk, 64 n Charles 
Boone John H. I), jr. 230 Aisquith 
Boone John H. D. 36 Greenmount av 
Boone John W. jr. lumber, Fayette nr Wolfe 
Boone John W. sr. lumber, Fayette nr Wolfe 
Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 413 e Faj'ette 
Boone Matthew, moulder, 89 Mound 
Boone Matthew, police, 89 Oak 
Boone Nicholas, watchman, 143 Aisquith 
Boone Robert W. cabtmkr. 55 Harford av 
Boone Samuel, machinist, Cathedral ext 
Boone Samuel, (R. M. Hanna ^ Co.) 231 e 

Boone Samuel, junk, 1 West Falls av, dw 386 

e Fayette 
Boone Wm. cabinetmaker, 152 n Exeter 
Boone Wm. cabinetmaker, 788 w Baltimore 
Boone Wm. C. clerk, 68 Lexington 
Boone Wm. G. painter, 257 Gough 
Boone Wm. H. steam titter, 166 Aisquith 
Boone Wni. M. secretary Mt. Vernon Co. 26 

Boose Geo. cooper, 208 s Ann 

Philip H. Bandel, Samuel Collins,) Canton 

steam box factoryy. Dillon and Patuxent, 

Booth ^ Bro. (Geo. W. and Henry A. Booth) 

house and sign painters, 47 n Holliday 
Booth Chas. (Booth, Bandel ^ Collins,) 248 e 

Booth Chas. whipmaker, Lexington and Park 
Booth Geo. Ciirpenter, 74 Penna av 
Booth Geo. carpenter, 139 Forrest 
Booth Geo. laborer, 17 Hillen 
Booth Geo. W. (B. ^ Bro.) 247 n Eden 
Booth Henry A. (B. & Bro.) 136 s Bond 
Booth Capt. John H. mariner. 15 Choptank 
Booth Joseph, plasterer, Walsh nr Lanvale 
Booth Marshall, tailor, 190 Montgomery 
Booth Mrs. Mary, 109 s Ann 
Booth Robt. & Co.(Robt. Booth )sashes, doors, 

&c., 84 Light St whf 
Booth Robt. (R. B. & Co.)34n Calvert 
Booth Stanley, 595 Belair av 
Booth Thos. B. clerk, 60 w Fayette 
Booth Mrs. Thos. B. boarding, 60 w Fayette 
Booth Wm. 0. L. painter, Gough and Eden 
Booth Washington, (Fitzgerald, Booth ^ Co.) 

28 Franklin 

Bootman John H. mariner,Bostone of Clinton 
Booz Mrs. Ann M. dry goods, 205 Gough 
Booz Thomas & Bro. (T. ^C. W. Booz) ship 

builders, Atlantic whf. nr Boston, Canton 
Booz Chas. W. (T. Booz & Bro.) 125 s Ann 
Booz Daniel W. ship carpenter, 174 Gough 
Booz Edw'd G. ship carpenter, 44 s Choptank 
Booz Edw'd G. (Levi, Booz & Co.)7 sChoptank 
Booz Geo. W. clerk. 232 Bank 
Booz Henry P. ship carpenter, 56 s Regester 
Booz John J. ship carpenter, 181 s Washington 
Booz Joseph L. wood, opp 102 Light st whf, 

dw 331 Light 
Booz .Mrs. Mary C. seamstress, 232 Bank 
Booz Randolph, laborer, Chesapeake nr Elliott 
Booz Thos, helper, 159 Chesapeake 
Booz Thos. (T. B. & Bro.) 142 Chesapeake 
Booz Wm. F. wood, opp 102 Light st whf, dw 

88 William 
Booz Wm. B. clerk, 232 Bank 
Booze Mrs. Eliza, 77 William 
Booze Jas. W. oyster packer, 94 n Broadway 
Booze Joseph, wood, 92 Light, dw 331 Light 
Booze Marcellus J. jr. clerk. 251 s Sharp 
Booze Wm. wood, opp 102 Light st whf, dw77 

Bopp Chas. L. constable, 61 Centre market sp, 

dw 155 s Charles 
Bopp Geo. (B. ^ Reinhardt) 74 West 
Bopp Geo. laborer, 25 s Burke 
Bopp Mrs. Mary L. dry goods, 413 Light 
Bopp & Reinhardt, (Geo. B., Melchoir Rein- 
hardt) merch't tailors, 154 Light st whf 
Boram Abraham, ropemaker, 39 Abbot 
Boram Thos. J. laborer, 39 Abbot 
Borax Henry, carpet rags, 273 s Durham 
Borcherding John H. clerk, 13 Dover 
Borcherdiiig John G restaurant, 13 Dover 
Borde Madame F. milliner and dressmaker, 18 

n Charles 
Bordley Edward B. tinner, 111 Conway 
Bordley Mary E. boarding, 87 n Charles 
Bordley Samuel C. tinner. 111 Conway 
Bordley Wm. C. sr. bookkeeper, 62 North 
Bordley Wm. C. jr. clerk, Mechanics' Nat'l 

Bank, 197 Dolphin 
Bordly Geo. S. clerk, C. H.,Waverley,Baltoco 
Borgealt Alfred, painter, 91 Peirce 
Borgealt Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 91 Peirce 
Borgealt Wm. H. laborer, 64 Clay 
Borgerding Henry, wagoner, 7 Fountain 
Borges A. H. porter, 4 w Baltimore 
Borgmin Henry, cabinetmaker, 45 Clay 
Borgraan Henry, wheelwright, 108 e Madison, 

dw 2o Point la 
Borgman Mrs. Mary, teacher, 26 .Garden 
Borgmeyer Adam, drayman, 92 Somerset 
Boring EliasH. stonecutter, 300 Franklin 
Boring John T. & Co. (J. T. B., John H. Ire- 
land) manufacts. cigars, 205 w Pratt and 62 
s Sharp 
Boring John T. (J. T. B. & Co.) 96 s Paca 
Borish Chas. pianomaker, 45 Perry 
Bork Henry, shoefitter, 314 w Pratt 
Bork Theodore, shoefitter, 31 4 w Pratt 
Borman Christian, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 
Borman Mrs. Mary, grocery, 100 n Spring 
Bormuth Joseph, Harford av nr Point la 
Bormuth Philip, ropemaker, Harford av nr 

Point la 
Born August, liquor, 71 s Paca 
Born Frederick, cigarmaker, 3 Essex 

WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Born Herman, 16 Warner 

Born Herman, blacksmith, 37 Waesche 

Born JoUn, liquors, 104 n Fremont 

Born John, grocery, 124 n Caroline 

Born Jos. grocer, Lexington and Schroeder 

Born Mrs. .NFary, 124 n Caroline 

Born Tobias, carter. 106 n Schroeder 

Borneman Henrr W. tailor, 60 Stiles 

Borneman Mrs. Marj, grocery, 84 Gough 

Borneman John H. \Y. tailor, 106 e Fayette 

Borneman Wm. baker, 10 Scott 

Bornemann Otto, veneerer, 197 Conway 

Boroman John \V., Fountain ur Washington 

Borner Chas, F. bricklayer, 39 n Amity 

Horner Geo. C. cabinetmaker, 39 n Amity 

Borner John, carpenter, 39 n Amity 

Bornhage Mrs. Mary, shoes, 35 Saratoga 

Bornheim Meyer, salesman, 273 n Gay 

Bornheim Moses, trimmings, 273 o Gay 

Bornheim William. 273 n Gay 

BorEhorn Henry J. carpenter, 64 s WglFe 

Bornman Christian, blacksmith, 250 n Bond 

Bornman Wm. baker, 10 Scott 

Bornmuller Gebbardt, lithog'r, 363 Penna av 

Bornschine Dorette, 16 Stirling 

Bornschlagel Geo. laborer, rear 1 Hyde ct 

Bornsheircr Wm. tailor, 105 Low 

Borroughs Elizabeth, 52 Harrison 

Bortells F. L. 22 Second 

Boscbe Chas. pianomaker, 45 Perry 

Bosche Geo. H. tanner. 96 n Ann 

Bosche Sibella, grocery, 96 n Ann 

Boscliert .Martin, carpenter, 2 n Durham 

Bose Wm. 114 St. Paul 

Bosee Henry, clerk, 156 w Biddle 

Bosel John, scissors grinder, 121 s Chapel 

Bosley Chas. G. flagman, 120 w HofiFman 

Bosley Chas. H. police, 143 Johnson 

Bosley Mrs. Eleanor, 120 w Hoffman 

Bosley Elijah M.jr. clerk, Lexington e of Charles 

Bosley Geo. W. cigarmaker, 96 Walker ct 

Bosley Harry C. clerk, 120 w Hoffman 

Bosley J. W. restaurant. 50 Montgomery 

Bosley John, foreman, 35 Camden 

Boslar John, of Wm. limeburner. 154 Lanvale 

BOSLEV JOHNC. restaurant, 183 Lexington 

Bosley J. W. caulker, 356 William 

Bosley Nicholas M. clerk. 61 Barre 

Boslev Washington, of City Pass. R. W. dw 

263 Druid Hill av 
Bosley Wra. brakeman, 103 Greenmount av 
Bosley Wm. H. printer, 62 n Bond 
Bosley Wm. H. teller Chesapeake Bank, 154 

Bosman Alex, carpenter, 209 William 
Bosman Edward, car builder, Bolton depot 
Bosman Susan, Covington nr Hamburg 
Bosman Wm. carter, 125 Hamburg 
Bosman Wm. J. engineer, Covington nr Warren 
Boss .\dam, laborer, 444 Canton av 
Boss Anton, brickmaker, 59 s Wolfe 
Boss Berkard, tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Boss Francis, cooper, 171 s Eden 
Boss Geo. L. wines, n w cor South and Water, 

dw 253 w Lombard 
Boss Gen. mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Henrv, plumber, 109 Thames, dw 139 s 

Boss Henry, upholsterer, 91 Oxford 
Boss Martin, shoemaker, Hammerbacker ct nr 

Boss Mrs. Martha, 2 n Bond 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Boss Mrs. Mary, 34 Albemarle 

Boss Mrs. Mary, 110 n Eden 

Boss Mrs. 0. restaurant, 59 s Wolfe 

Boss Philip, confectioner, 34 Albemarle 

Bosse Andrew, shoemaker, 139 Henrietta 

Bosselle Louis jr. fancy store. 1 74 s Broadway 

Bossien Chas. cooper, 9o3 w Pratt 

Bossle Chas. baker, 5 e Pratt 

Bossle Joseph C. bakery, 5 e Pratt 

Bosson Alfred W, clerk, 127 Dolphin 

Bosson Geo. F. upholsterer, 127 Dolphin 

Bosson James W. sr. upholsterer. 127 Dolphin 

BOSSOX JAMES W. Jr, upholsterer, 42 n 

Eutaw, dw 127 Dolphin 
Bostick Arthur, puddler, 30 Aliceanna. Canton 
Bostick Ferdinaud, hostler, 15 New 
Bostick Joseph, laborer, 239 u Bond 
Boston Mrs. Ann, 182^ n High 
Boston Chas. G. porter, 18 Albemarle 
Boston Jacob, messenger, Baltimore City Col- 
lege, n e cor HoUiday and Fayette 
Boston James, canmaker, 163 s \Volfe 
Boston John E. H. (E. L. Parker & Co.) 244 

Boston John T. shipjoiner, 119 s Eden 
Boston Mrs. Martha, 119 s Eden 
Boston Mary, 7 Chesnut 
Boston Robt. H. mariner, 52 Henrietta 
Boston Mrs. Ruthelia. 7 s Gist 
Boston Samuel A, puddler, 1<53 s Wolfe 
Boston Wm. carjienter. 111 Vine 
Bostwick Chas. F. ironworker, 78 Beason 
Bostwick Jos. iron worker, 130 s Central av 
Boswell Geo. B. clerk, 212 Madison av 
Boswell M. F. S. (B. Slack .t Co. 4 McCulloh 
Boswell .Marriott, clerk Police Hoard. 73 e Bal- 
Boswell Slack & Co. (M. F. S. Boswell, J. B. 
Slack,J.McMiller)produce and fruit, 49 South 
Boswell .Milton A. clerk, 143 Hauorer 
Boswell Wm, brickmaker, 134 Columbia 
Boswell Wm. jr. bookkeeper, 134 Columbia 
Bosworth Ebenezer C, clerk, 120 Hollins 
Bosworth Jeremiah, stonecut"r.416 w Lombard 
Bosworth Lewis, varnisher, 109 s Chester 
Bosworth Robert, moulder, 157 Jefferson 
Bosworth ThoR. collector, 105 Jackson sq av 
Boszhemmer Hy. lumber wagon. 86 s Regester 
Boteler A. Eugene, machinist, 481 w Fayette 
Boteler A. R. jr. clerk, 19 Read 
Boteler Andrew, carpenter, 374 Franklin 
Boteler Chas. I. machinist, .Mount nr Lexington 


— H 







WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manufrs & Com. Merch'ts. 











I— « 



Boteler Beverly W. chief clerk B. & 0. R. R- 

481 w Fayette 
Boteler Mrs. Ellen, 523 Canton av 
Boteler Geo. M. shoemaker, 126 s Fremont 
Boteler Joseph I. carpenter, 708 Saratoga 
Boteler J. Milton clerk, 708 Saratoga 
Botenmiller '^enry, laborer, 88 s Bethel 
Both Henry, drayman, 66 Sarah Ann 
Both Herman, fruit, Barre and Light, dw 1 

Both Julius, teacher, 342 e Eager 
Both Michael, laborer, 231 s Ann 
Botha Henrietta, 94 St. Peter 
Bothe Julius, grocery. Brown and James las 
Bothe Lewis, cigarmaker, 38 Clifford al 
Bothe Theodore, shoemaker, 442 Saratoga 
Both maim Ghas. watchmaker, 202 Hanover 
Bothmann Ernest F. C. 202 Hanover 
Bothmauu Gustavus, lager beer, 277 w Pratt 
Bothotf Jacob, cooper, Payson nr Lombard 
Bottein Geo. umbrella maker, 184 s Ann 
Botthans John, tailor, 293 n Central av 
Bottler Joseph, 181s Re^ester 
Bottles August, laborer, 67 Cambridge 
Bottner Charles, barkeeper, Belair av ext 
Botterill George, 179 e Monument 
Bottinger Andrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Bottomer Mrs. Ann, 95 Mullikin 
Bottomer Fred'k G. brakeman, 41 Etting 
Bottomer Fred'k J. boot and shoemaker, 90 

Bottrill Francis, nightman, 221 e Madison 
Bottrill Francis, furn. wagoner, 44 Park av 
Bottrill Isaac, 323 Penna av 
Botts Geo. W. lumber measurer, 118 s Bond 
Botz John, laborer, 9 Smith al 
Botzler John, moulder, 25 s Burke 
Boucharl John, painter, 139 Peirce 
Boucher Frauds X. salesman, 77 Cathedral 
Boucher John F. cigarmaker, 87 Granby 
Boucher \VM. jr. musical instruments, 38 e 

Baltimore, dw 77 Cathedral 
Bouchet .Mrs. Elizab. grocery, 42 Constitution 
Bouchet John M. printer, 42 Constitution 
Bouchet Jos. A. police, 31 Constitution 
Bjucsein Lew.s, apoth'y, cor Pratt and Eden 
hJoueck Michael, tailor, 36 Barnes 
Bouer Aadtew, shoemaker, 8 Waters' ct 
Bouer John, painter, 176 s Caroline 
Bouerlein Geo. barber, 42 President 
Bougard John, laborer, 69 Elliott 
Bouger Patrick, stevedore, 121 n Front 
Boughal Patrick, laborer, 9 .McLeary ct 
Boughert John, mariner. Gist ur Essex 
Boughton Thos. A. clerk, 82 Centre Market 

Bonis Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, 305 e Eager 
Bouis Robert H. tinner, 305 e Eager 
Bonis Robert H. G. tin and sheet iron worker, 

385 n Central av 
Bouis John H. bookkeeper. 185 w Fayette 
Bould Joseph, collar maker, 55 German, dw 

193 Dolphin 
Boulden Geo. W. laborer, 9 Clinton 
Boulden John \V. manager, 9 Clinton 
Boulden John T. foreman, Elliott nr Clinton 
Boulden Dr. J. E. P. 216 Linden av 
Boulden Lewis, fndryman, 82 Harrison, Canton 
Boulden Michael, laborer, 86 Luzerne 
Boulden Patrick, laborer, 141 West 
Boulden Robert, blacksmith, 66 s Gilmor 
Boulden Thos. boiler maker, 77 Harford av 

Boulden Mrs. W. J. 72 s Washington 
Boulder John W. letter carrier, 25 s Eutaw 
Bouldin Mrs. Ariana, 215 Aisquith 
Bouldin Augustus, surveyor, over 11 North, 

dw 38 Aisquith 
Bouldin Danl. driver, Belair av nr Scheutzen 

Bouldin Fanny, teacher, 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Geo. H. police, 524 n Gay 
Bouldin Owen & Bro. (R. J. and 0. Bouldin) 

surveyors, over 11 North 
Bouldin Owen (U. B. & Bro.( 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Randolph J. attorney, 54 w Fayette, 

dw 542 Lexington 
Bouldin Richard C. clerk, 49 s Exeter 
Bouldin liich'd J. (0. B. & Bro.) 63 e.Jayetle 
Bouldin Susanna S. teacher, 215 Aisquith 
Bouland W. attorney, Howard house 
Boult Thos. H. pilot, 18 Watson 
Boult Thos. H. jr. 18 Watson 
Boult John, cor Watson and Exeter 
Boultsackle Louis, cabinetmkr, 51 Albemarle 
Bounds Hezekiah, carpenter, 28 Oxford 
Bouuds Samuel, carpenter, 194 Montgomery 
Bounto Richard, carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Bourguet Francis, 714 Lexington 
Bourke James, butcher, 11 Carlton 
, Bourke Michael, fireman, Dover nr Fulton 
I Bourke Thos. engraver. Mount nr Lexington 
! Bourne A. E. confectionery, 412 Lexington 
I Bourne Geo. clerk, 710 Saratoga 
! Bourne Mrs. Mary, grocery, 60 n Eden 
I Bourne Samuel, hatter, 162 e Baltimore, dw 60 
j n Eden 

! Bourne Thos. rope maker, 39 Abbot 
j Bourne Virgil F. clerk, 108 w Fayette 
I Bourne Win. L. confectionery, 412 Lexington 
i Bout Gertrude, 16 Jackson ct 
i Boutelle Capt. Chas. coast surveyor, 251 n 
I Eutaw 
BOUTON ALONZO G. dentist, 176 n Eutaw 
Boutwell Minson, sailmaker, 133 Scott 
Bowden Maurice, clerk. Miller's hotel 
Bowdoin Geo. (G. E. B. ^- Co.) 130 n Charles 
Bowdoin Geo. E. & Co. (Geo. E. Bowdoin, Geo. 
Frame) com. merchants, over cor Bowly's 
whf and Pratt 
Bowdoin Wm. G. bookkeeper Alex'r Brown 

& Sons, 130 n Charles 
Bowdy Herman, carter, 255 s Paca 
Bowe Patrick H. glasscutter, 307 Hughes 
Bowen Albert, sailmaker, 67 William 
Bowen Amos, conductor, 219 Conway 
Bowen Andrew J. editor Baltimore Saturday 

Night, York rd, nr city limits 
Bowen Mrs. Angeline, 145 n Fremont 
Bowen Mrs. Ann 189 Hanover 
Bowen Capt. Asbury H. mariner, 112 e Fayette 
Boweu Mrs. Annie M. 292 e Monument 
Bowen Mrs. Ann, 16 s Central av 
Bowen ^- Auld, (L. Bowen, J. H. Auld) ship- 
smiths, Covington nr Cross 
Bowen Mrs. Catherine, 159 Orleans 
Bowen C. T. (Cooke k B.) Govanstown 
Bowen Mrs. Druzillar C. 101 William 
Bowen Edward, painter, 109 Bank 
Bowen Geo. A. bricklayer, cor Federal and 

Hudson al 
Bowen Geo. D. printer, 18 s Exeter 
Bowen Geo. S. 20 Jackson square 
Bowen Geo. W. jr. painter, 17 Chatsworth 
Bowen Geo. W. printer, 17 Chatsworth 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 



Bowen Geo. W. butcher, 82 Lexington and 

42 Centre mkts, dw 424 Penna av 
Bowen G. S. carpenter, 146 s Broadway, dw 

20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Geo. W. (B. & Mercer and Mercer, Lan- 

nay & Co.) 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Geo. wagoner, 89 Mound 
Bowen Granville, carpenter, 8 s Fremont 
Bowen Henry, salesman, 157 s Paca 
Bowen Isaac, n e cor Penna av and Clifton 
Bowen Rev. James, sewing machine agent, 42 

n Calvert 
Bowen Rev. James, 108 e Monument 
Bowen Jesse N. paints and glass, 194 e Balti- 
Bowen John, laborer, Cooksie nr Beason 
Bowen John, bricklayer, 675 Penna av 
Bowen John T. butcher, Stockton al nr Cooke 
Bowen John, clerk, 265 n Howard 
Bowen Josiah S. bookkeeper, 66 s Washington 
Bowen John L. salesman, 63 Jjexington 
Bowen John McC. clerk, 546 Lexington 
Bowen Joseph L. contractor, 465 n Fremont 
Bowen Joseph M. (Dugan & B.) 166 n Exeter 
Bowen Levi, (B. & Auld) 67 William 
Bowen Mrs. Martha L. 352 e Chase 
Bowen Nathaniel M. boot and shoemaker, 157 

BOWEN & MERCER (Geo. W. Bowen, Chas. 

H. Mercer) phosphates and oils, 65 s Gay 
Bowen Nicholas, tavern, 22 Foundry 
Bowen Oswald, varuisher. Willow nr McKim 
Bowen Philander A. (Adams, B.&Co.) Maltby 

Bowen Richard, 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Sallie, dressmaker, 51 n Gay 
Bowen Rich'd lS. sailmaker, over s w cor Cam- 
den and Light, dw la9 Hanover 
Bowen Stephen S. oyster packer, 219 Bank 
Bowen Susie, teacher, 292 e Monument 
Bowen Sol. flour and feed, 863 w Baltimore 
Bowen Thomas H. painter, 1 n Sharp, dw 209 

e Baltimore 
Bowen Thos. 37 s Stockton al 
Bowen Mrs. Virginia, dressmkr, 63 Lexington 
Bowen Wm. butcher, 542 Peuna av 
Bowen Wm. I. clerk, 17 Chats worth 
Bowen Wm. H. sergeant police, 55 William 
Bowen Wm. P. bricklayer, 159 w Hoffman 
Bowen Wm. H. brassfinisher, 23 e Madison 
Bower Adam, cabinetmaker, 254 n Central av 
Bower Andrew, shoemaker, 7 Waters' ct 
Bower Anton, laborer, 3 Point la 
Bower Charles, moulder, 205 Conway 
Bower Clifford, clerk, 156 n Eden 
Bower Edward, hatter, 156 n Eden 
Bower Elizabeth, 156 n Eden 
Bower Edward, cutter. 269 Eastern av 
Bower Frederick, cabinetmaker, 379 w Pratt 
Bower Francis G. clerk, 28 n Liberty 
Bower Geo. clerk, 138 n Eden 
Bower Geo. blacksmith, Fulton nr Dover 
Bower Geo. blacksmith, 21 s Stockton al 
Bower Geo. confectioner, 492 Lexington 
Bower Geo. cabinetmaker, 50 n Amity 
Bower Jacob, laborer, 30 Thames 
Bower Henry, laborer, 166 Pierce 
Bower Henry, tailor, 127 Barre 
Bower John, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Bower John A. shoemaker, 127 s Chapel 
Bower Joseph, clerk, Belair av ext 
BOWER JOHN, shoemaker, 95 n Calvert 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 




Bower Mrs. John Jacob, 519 Saratoga 

Bower John, tinner, 156 n Eden 

Bower Laura, teacher, 510 Saratoga 

Bower Lewis M. butcher, 494 Saratoga 

Bower Wm. sr, laborer, 205 Conway pw 

Bower Wm. moulder, 203 Conway ^ 

Bowerfine, Christian, butcher, Clinton near K. 

Lancaster J^ 

Bowerman Henry, (B., Lockwood & Co.) Lu- ^ 

therville, Baltimore co ^ 

Bowerman Henry N. bookkeeper, 660 w Fayette [V| 
Bowerman Jas. B. (B., Lockwood & Co.) 64 (-H 

w Fayette " 

Bowerman, Lockwood & Co. (J. B. Bowerman, l* 

W. F. Lockwood, H. Bowerman) merchan- ^ 

dise brokers, 71 Exchange pi 
Bowerman Mrs. Margaret, 647 w Fayette 
Bowerman Richard N. 78 n Carey 
Bowerman Wm. H. weigher, 660 w Fayette 
Bowers Adam, laborer, 168 L Greene 
Bowers Mrs. Ann, 14 Davis 
Bowers Mrs. Anna, 108 Cooksie 
Bowers Adam, carter, 2 Willinger ct 
Bowers Charles B. bank messenger, 334 w 

Bowers Charles W. carpenter, 13 Anthony 
Bowers Rev. Daniel, 338 Lexington 
Bowers Elizabeth, coal oil, lamps, &c. 65 e 

Bowers Ernest, cabtmkr, 57 Centre Market sp 
Bowers Frank, nightman, 231 Mulberry 
Bowers Frederick J. painter, 244 Conway 
Bowers Geo. W. clerk, 2U3 Frederick av 
Bowers Geo. clerk, 138 n Eden 
Bowers Geo. W. butcher, 203 Frederick av 
Bowers Geo. E. 130 e Madison 
Bowers Geo. cooper, 170 West 
Bowers Gotleib, milk, 393 s Sharp 
Bowers Henry A. (Wm. B. & Sons) 384 w 

Bowers Henry, laborer, 419J Saratoga 
Bowers Henry C. furniture wagon, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Henry, laborer, 27 Brown 
Bowers Henry, 159 e Monument 
Bowers James, shoemaker, 47 Oxford 
Bowers Jas. \V. apothecary, 705 w Baltimore, 

dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers John, butcher, Walsh nr Fremont 
Bowers John K. (Wm. B. Son) 148 Division 
Bowers John, wheelwright, 527 Light 
Bowers John M. shoemaker, 22 Chesnut 
Bowers John, laborer, 249 Bond n of Barnes 





WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 






Bowers John, maehiaist, 27 Brown 
Bowers Mrs. John, queensware, 27 Brown 
Bowers John E. mariner, 47 Booth 
Bowers John, moulder, 108 Cooksie 
Bowers John, ship carpenter, 34 Philpot 
Bowers John L. confectioner, 196 e Fayette 
Bowers Josiah, machinist, 11 n Frederick 
Bowers Louis H. hatter, Harrison and Fayette 
Bowers Mathias, carpenter, 159 e Monument 
Bowers Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Maria L. 7 s Choptank 
Bowers Martin H. plumber, 169 Barre 
Bowers Oliver, brickmoulder, Clinton n of 

Bowers Robert, roller, 108 Oooksie 
Bowers Roswell N. bookkeeper, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Samuel C. saddletreemkr, Granby and 

Bowers Thos. M. tobacco com. mercht, 70 w 

Pratt, dw 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Thos. laborer, 27 Brown 
Bowers Wm. machinist, 108 Cooksie 
Bowers Wm. machinist, 141 King 
Bowers Wm. (Wm. B. & Sons) 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Wm. H. telegraphist, 198 e Madison 
Bowers Wm. boilermkr, Bolton depot 
Bowers Wm. & Sons, (Wm., Wm. T. and H. 
A. Bowers,) coachmakers, 406 w Baltimore 
Bowers Wm. collar maker, n w cor Commerce 

and Pratt, dw 65 e Fayette 
Bowers Wm.T. (Wm. B. & Sons) Baltimore co 
Bowersfield Wm. baker, 843 w Baltimore 
Bowersock Austin, telegraphist, 97 HoUins 
Bowersock Geo. W. clerk, 116 n Pine 
Bowersock J. W. clerk, 97 Hollins 
Bowersox Mrs. Annie, 239 Henrietta 
Bowersox Augustus, laborer, 137 Conway 
BOWERSOX DAVID M. carpenter, Lemmon 

al nr Carey 
Bowersox James, painter, 286 Penna av 
Bowersox John F. 16 Walker 
Bowersox John, laborer, 18 Wyeth 
Bowersox Mrs. Mary, 8 Walker 
Bowersox Theo. King, sales' n, 403 w Fayette 
Bowes John, (B. & Starr, ) Lanvale and Oregon 
BOWES & STARR, (J. Bowes, J.J.Starr,) 

imps, of worsted goods, &c. 3 s Charles 
Bowhager Samuel, driver, 5 Eden ct 
Bowie Bernard, laborer, 43 e Monument 
Bowie Benj. Chappell nr Penna av 
Bowie Chas. W. photographer, 63 w Balti- 
more, dw 58 n Broadway 
Bowie & Caulk, (W. J. Bowie, Jas. Caulk,) 

merchant tailors, 67 n Frederick 
Bowie Geo. carpenter, 26 w Fayette 
Bowie Geo. W. painter, 90 n Bond 
Bowie H. B. sampler, 97 s Sharp 
Bowie Jas. supt. court house, 58 n Broadway 
Bowie Odie, Governor State of Md. oflSce 31 

n Calvert 
Bowie Mrs. Rebecca M. John nr Northern av 
Bowie Rob'tof W. clerk, 97 s Sharp 
Bowie Rob't W. W. screwman, 97 s Sharp 
Bowie Wm. J. tailor, 10 Courthouse la. dw 

409 u Gay 
Bowie Wm. J. (B. & Caulk,) 90 n Bond 
Bowitch Elias, tailor, 245 s Charles 
Bowles Delaware T. shoemaker, Charles and 

Bowles Mrs. Jane, boarding, 281 w Fayette 
Bowling Chas. 0. shipsmith, 72 s Eden 
Bowling Jas. constable, 11 s Washington 


Bowling J T. & Co. (J. T. Bowling, J. H, 
Crozier, ) oyster and fruit packers, Atlantic 
whf. Canton 
Bowling Jas. T. (J. T. B.Sr Co) 277 n Broadway 
Bowling John L. shipsmith, 49 s Chester 
Bowling Levin, clerk, 11 3 Washingion 
Bowling Lewis, sheetiron worker, Chester nr 

Bowling Mrs. Mary J. 106 Saratoga 
BOWLING, NEALE & CO. (R. Rob't Bow- 
ling, Wilfred Neale, ) wines, liquors, cigars, 
75 n Charles 
Bowling R. Rob't, (B.,Neale& Co) 23 Franklin 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Wm. E. shipcarpenter, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Wm. I. detective, 221 s Broadway 
Bowly Samuel, clerk, 38 St. Paul 
Bowman Mrs. Bridget, 21 Foundry 
Bowman Charles, butcher, 212 Canton av 
Bowman Geo. laborer, 162 Preston 
Bowman Henry 0. plumber, 104 n Howard, 

dw 99 W^als'h 
Bowman James T. student, 157 w Lombard 
Bowman John, 118 Walsh 
Bowman John, cooper, 116 Frederick av 
Bowman John W. barkeeper, Fountain hot«I 
Bowman Joseph, laborer, 13 Port 
Bowman Lewis, canmaker, 26 Warner 
Bowman Nicholas, shoemaker, 265 West 
Bowman Wm. (Wm. B. & Son,) 4j miles on 

Harford road 

BOWMAN WM. & SON, (Wm., and Wm. E. 

Bowman) old iron and metal, ] 16 Eastern ar 

and s w cor Eastern av and Eden, tvud man- 

ufac'rs chemicals, cor Eden and Hammond al 

Bowman Wm. glassblower, 141 Montgomery 

Bowman Wm. E. (Wm. B & Son,) 4j miles 

on Harford road 
Bowne Chas. S. cigarmaker, 58 s Bond 
Bowne Edward S. wholesale boots and shoes, 

over 2 s Howard, dw 142 n Charles 
Bowne Henry, shoemaker, 12 Davis 
Bowness Joseph, junk, 271 s Fremont 
Bowyer James, caulker, 366 Canton av 
Bowyer Mrs. Marg. A. 64 Greenmount av 
Bowyer Theodore, wheelw. 64 Greenmount ar 
Bowyer Thomas, carpenter, 402 e Lombard 
Bowyer Wm. sash maker, 70 Eastern av 
Bowyer Wm. A. clerk, 64 Greenmount av 
Boxwell Wm. F. tailor, 132 s Paca 
Boyce Charles, brickmaker, 590 Light 
Boyce Edward, watchman, 13 Ogston 
Boyce Mrs. Eliza, dressmak. 226 Eastern av 
Boyce James, laborer, Randall nr Boyd 
BOYCE JAMES, bituminous coal office, 3 Ger- 
man, whfs Locust Point, dw 291 Madison ar 
Boyce James, pres't Franklin Coal Co. and 

American Gas Coal Co. 291 Madison av 
Boyce John, laborer, 127 n Holliday 
Boyce John D. mariner, 226 Eastern av 
Boyce John, huckster, 104 Hollins 
Boyce Rob't, machinist, 206 Raborg 
Boyce W^m. currier, 414 Saratoga 
Boyd A. McK. (B., Pearre & Co.) 43 n Carey 
Boyd Alex, clerk, 727 w Pratt 
Boyd And. J. cigarmak. Biddle nr Belair ar 
Boyd Mrs. Anna, G3 w Biddle 
Boyd Mrs. B. R. boarding, 52 Saratoga 
Boyd Mrs. Elizabeth K. Gilmorand Presstman 
Boyd Mrs. Frances A. 13 Goodman al 
Boyd Geo. S. & Co. (Geo. S. Boyd, Wm. 
Reese, ) clothiers, 33 w Baltimore 

"WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 




Boyd Francis H. B. measurer, 3 German, and 

carp'tr, Bradenbaugh al, dwcor Oregon and 

Layfayette sq 
Boyd Frederick, detective, 146 Columbia 
Boyd Geo. S. (G. S. Boyd & Co.) 156 s Sharp 
Boyd Harry L. clerk, 110 Lexington 
Boyd Hugh S. property agent, 84 n Caroline 
Boyd Capt. Isaac L. 74 TVilliam 
Boyd James H. saddler, Charles and Lexington 
Boyd James. (B. & Reeves.) 74 William 
Boyd James, (B.. McClure& Co) Pennsylvania 
Boyd James, 196 e Baltimore 
Boyd James D. mariner, 203 Bank 
Boyd Jeremiah L. machinist. 325 s Charles 
Boyd John C. clerk Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co. 317 e Eager 
Boyd Jno. E. provns. Fremont and Columbia 
Boyd John W. police, 107 s Ann 
Boyd John J. (Meixsel & Boyd,) 5 n Carey 
Boyd Jno jr. (Boyd & Ricketts) 362 n Fremont 
Boyd John L. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd John P. 325 s Charles 
Boyd Joseph B. conductor, 246 e Fayette 
Boyd Joseph C. student, 63 w Biddl'e 
Boyd Joseph R. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 
Boyd Joseph C. plasterer, 49 Clav 
Boyd Capt. Lewis J. M. 74 William 
Boyd Malcolm, laborer, 78 Durst al 
Boyd -Malcolm, laborer, Potomac nrO'Donnell 
Boyd Mrs. Mary J. 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Mrs. Mary J. 14 s Oregon 
Bovd Matthew, paperhanger. 12 McElderrv 
Boyd, McCiureS Co. (J. Boyd, W. M.Mc- 

Clure) wholes, coal, 5 PostoflSce av 
Boyd Michael, hostler, 45 s Dewberrv al 
Boyd, Pearre & Co. (A. McK. Boyd, A. and 

0. H. Pearre) whols. drv soods, 8 Hanover 
Boyd Philip D. clerk P. o! 260 e Pratt 

BOYD & EICKETTS, successors 
to John Boyd, Malsters and 
Dealers in Hops, Malt House foot 
of Eutaw street, Office 14 s Gay- 
street. \_Ste p. 7 Advt's] 

Boyd & Reeves, (James Bovd, Thos. Reeves) 

com. merch!s.l62 Light 8t whf. and ovsters, 

12 Barre 
Boyd Robt. E. clerk P. 0. 160 Jefferson 
Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 690 w Pratt 
Boyd Samuel C. police. 67 n Ann 
Bovd Samuel R. 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Thos. S. W. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 
Boyd Mrs. Virginia, 116 s Chester 
Bovd Wm. laborer, 53 n Frederick 
Bovd Wm. A. (Wm. A. B. &Co.) 271 eBiddle 
Bovd Wm. A. jr. (W. A. B. & Co. )94 Hanover 
BOYD WM. A. & CO. (Wm. A. and Wm. 

A. Boyd jr. T. W. Cromer) tobacco com. 

merchs. 33 South 
Boyd Wm. B. restaurant, 8 n High 
Boyd Wm. H. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd Wm. H. puddler, 320 Gough 
Boyd Wm. J. clerk, 242 Lanvale 
Boyd Wm. L. clerk, 5 n Carey 
Boyd Wilson R. agent Delaware Mutual Life 

Ins. Co. 6 n Calvert 
Boyer Chas. cloth cutter, 61 Lancaster 
Boyer Chas. H. machinist. 115 n Bond 
Boyer David, laborer, 118 Ramsay 
Boyer Geo. E. clerk, 242 Mulberry 

Boyer James D . caulker, 366 Canton av 
Boyer John, tailor, 61 Lancaster K 

Boyer John H. conductor. 46 Columbia C/I 

Boyer Mary A. 61 Lancaster ^ 

BOYER THOS. H. carpenter and builder, 402 
e Lombard 


No. 27 Block Street. 

Re»idence, 293 E Baltimore-st. 

Boyer Wm, H. sashmaker, 3 Hammond al 

Bovis Harrv, rigger, 94 Lancaster 

Boykin Dr." Thos. J. (Wade, B. & Co.) 334 n 

Boylan Geo. huckster, 24 Dewberry al 
Boylan James, mariner, 37 Harford av 
Boylan James, hackman, 5 L. Paca 
Boylan Owen, driver, 66 Perry 
Boylan Owen, watchman, Guy's hotel 
Boylan Thomas, clerk, Guy's hotel 
Boylan Thomas, hostler, 24 Conway 
Boyland John, roller, 160 Canton av 
Boyle Alice, 77 Richmond 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyle David, drayman, 317 w Baltimore 
Boyle Elizabeth, grocery. Chase and Decker 
Bovle Geo. W. engineer. 110 n Schroeder 
Boyle G. K. clerk, 89 s Sharp 
Boyle Jas. laborer, Truxtonnr Greenmountav 
Bovle J. W. 203 Madison av 
Boyle J.W.(Chas.Darrell&Co.)203n Howard 
Boyle James, laborer, 1 33 e Eager 
BOYLE JAMES, grocery, liquor and feed 

store, n w cor Hillen and Chesnut 
Boyle Dr. John Brooke, 54 Harford av 
BoVle John, laborer, 43 Preston 
Boyle John, clerk, 88 Hillen 
Boyle John, mariner, 198 Aliceanna 
Boyle John, laborer, 41 York 
Boyle Junius, bricklayer, 75 n Choptank 
Boyle Kent, 89 s Sharp 
Bovle Llewellyn, attorney, 657 w Fayette 
Bovle Martin,' shoemaker j 130 Greenmount av 
Boyle Mrs. Mary, 43 Preston 
Bovle Michael, carter, 1 s Schroeder 







WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Dust and 















Boyle Michael, laborer, rear 45 s Dewberry al 
Boyle Michael, engineer, 43 Preston 
Bojie Norman B. clerk, 85 Hanover 
Boyle Patrick, baker. Fort McHenry 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 58 Fort av 
Boyle Robert J. machinist, 132 Forrest 
Boyle Mrs. Susan, 132 Forrest 
Bojie Thomas, mariner, 208 Bank 
Boyle Wm. F. sec'y Carolina Life Ins. Co. of- 
fice 28^ South, dw Memphis, Tenn 
Boj-le Wm. H. carver, 63 n Frederick, dw 77 

Boyle Wm. K. book and job printer, over cor 

Baltimore and St. Paul," dw 166 s Charles 
Boyle Rev. W. K. 166 s Charles 
Boys Henry, laborer, 94 Lancaster 
Boys' Home Association of Baltimore, 82 n 

Calvert, Sumner J. Lincoln, sup't 
Boyzer Geo. laborer, 123 L. Greene 
Bozatichy Joseph, shoemaker, 189 n Dallas 
Bozman Edward, helper, 53 Preston 
Bozman James, patternmaker, 1 Bolton 
Braceo Edward L. clerk, 98 Saratoga 
Brack Albert, machinist, 78 s Eutaw 
Brack Mrs. Ann M. confectionery, 399 n Gay 
BRACK CHARLES E. apothecary, n w cor 

Ensor and Forrest 
Brack Christian, carpenter, 399 n Gay 
Brack Mrs. Wilhelmina, stationery, 78 s Eutaw 
Bracken John, laborer, 106 Harford av 
Bracken JohnF. tinner, 57 Hillen 
Bracken John J. coachsmith, 106 Harford av 
Bracken Thomas, hostler, 285 w Biddle 
Brackenridge Thos. carter, 324 n Howard 
Brackenridge Wm. blacksmith, 324 n Howard 
Bracket John, shoecutter, 350 Mulberry 
Brackin Henry, 136 Cathedral 
Brackin Wm. bookkeeper, 136 Cathedral 
Brackland Bernard, watchmaker, 18 w Pratt 
Brackman Samuel, claim agent, 10 s Gay 
Brackney Francis I. bricklayer, 51 n Amity 
Braconier Gustave, bookkeeper, 248 w Fayette 
Bradberry Sarah, teacher, 121 e Baltimore 
Bradburn Henry, painter, 341 Franklin 
Bradburn Isaac, painter, 341 Franklin 
Bradburn Isaac, blacksmith, Falls rd beyond 

toll gate 
Bradburn Joshua H. painter, 341 Franklin 
Bradburn Lewis T. mariner, 238 Aisquith 
Bradbury Robert R. mariner, 136 s Wolfe 
Bradbury Capt. Saml. B. shipcarp'r, 247 Bank 
Bradeu Robt. boilermaker, Bolton depot 
Bradekamp E. A. teacher, 316 s Sharp 
Bradekamp Herman, laborer, 290 s Sharp 
Bradekamp John A. type founder, 103 West 
Bradekamp John H. grocery, cor Hamburg 

and Sharp 
Bradekamp Maggie, teacher, 316 s Sharp 
Braden Geo. W. oyster dealer, 4 Hollingg- 

worth, dw 276 n Howard 
Braden James, oj-sters, 93 s Caroline 
Braden John C. salesman, 175 Vine 
Braden Robt. J. salesman, 97 Mound 
Braden Wm. 276 n Howard 
Bradenbaugh Chas. H. bookkeeper, Frederick 

av nr Mount 
Bradenbaugh Jacob, watchmaker, Frederick 

av w of Mount 
Bradenbaugh J. Frank, clerk, 20 s Howard 
Bradenbaugh J. Oliver, clerk, Mount nr Lex- 
Bradenheim Rabbi Moses, 53 Clay 

Bradford Augustus W. 21 n Calhoun 
Bradford Augustus W.jr. 21 nCalhoun 
Bradford Dr. Charles H. 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Mrs. Delia, dressmaker, 3 Cotton row- 
Bradford George W. (Bingham & B.) 282 n 

Bradford James, laborer, 172 Dolphin 
Bradford James T. clerk, 486 Saratoga 
Bradford John A. blacksmith, 8 Frederick av, 

dw 452 Lexington 
Bradford Mrs. Johanna, variety goods, 61 J n 

Eutaw, dw 63 
Bradford John, expressman, 241 Dolphin 
Bradford John L. grain and gen com. mercht. 

90 s Eutaw, dw 20 n Strieker 
Bradford Lemuel S. mariner. 26 Boyd 
Bradford Mary, millin'y goods, 155 w Madison 
Bradford Mrs. Sarah J. tailores3,86 Richmond 
Bradford Josephine, 8 Barnet 
Bradford Samuel, clerk, 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Samuel D. groceries, 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Samuel J. tobacconist, 26 Boyd 
Bradford Thomas, clerk, 204 Linden av 
Bradford Wm. 21 n Calhoun 
Bradford Wm. laborer, 3 Cotton row 
Bradlesford Wm. fireman, 214 Lee 
Bradley Alexander, police, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Annie E. dressmaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Bartholomew, laborer, 170 Wayne 
Bradley E. B. bookkeeper, 106 McCulloh 
Bradley Francis W. driver, 22 Conway 
Bradley Hugh, hacks. 23 n Fremont 
Bradley Hugh, tailor,' 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Mrs. Isabella, 23 Lexington 
Bradley Jacob, carter, 245 s Paca 
Bradley James, laborer, 208 Raborg 
Bradley James, laborer, 25 n Front 
Bradley James, brakeman. 110 s Gilmor 
Bradley James, laborer, 294 s Ann 
Bradley James H. cigar maker, 22 Conway 
Bradley John, fireman, 33 York 
Bradley John, liquor, 96 Stirling. 
Bradley John, gas fitter, 23 Parkin 
Bradley John, laborer, 183 s Caroline 
Bradley John C. caulker, 23 Henrietta 
Bradley John H. tailor. Bond n of Chew 
Bradley John J. police, 12 s Front 
Bradley Louis, telegraphist, 84 s Caroline 
Bradley Mark, laborer, 294 s Ann 
Bradley Mary, grocery, 12 s Front 
Bradley Mary, liquors, 33 York 
Bradley Mrs. Nancy, varieties. 203 Raborg 
Bradley Nicholas, harnessmaker, 863 w Balti- 
more, dw 823 
Bradley Patrick, hacks, Baltimore nr Carey, 

dw 823 w Baltimore 
Bradley Patrick E. grocer, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley Patrick F. fire department. 12 s Front 
Bradly Robert H. painter, 84 s Caroline 
Bradley Sam. shipjoiner, Hauipstead nr Wolfe 
Bradley Thos. B. cigar maker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Virginia, dressmaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley W. Wilson, laborer, e Monument ext 
Brads Rev. James, 165 Hanover 
Bradshaw James, clerk, 35 Camden 
Bradshaw J. J. tin and sheet iron worker, 91 

Bradshaw Mrs. Mary, boarding, 35 Camden 
BRADSTREET J. M. & SON, mercantile 

agency, over 30 South, G. K. Clark jr. supt 
Brady Andrew, laborer, rear llo Dugan'swhf 
Bradv Mrs. Ann, 156 West 

WM. H. KEAD, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 Baltimor«-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Brady Barney, laborer, 21 Sterrett 
Brady Bernard, shoemaker, Black Horse hotel 
Brady Bernard, boilermaker, 217 Light 
Brady Mrs. Bridget, 49 Granby 
Brady Charles 1. clerk, 161 Lee 
Brady Charles H. varnisher, 29 Willow- 
Brady Conrad, locksmith. 481 w Lombard 
Brady Daniel, laborer, 27 York 
Brady Dennis, 8 Fish Market sp 
Brady Edward, laborer, 137 Hudson 
Brady Edward, moulder, 60 n Howard 
Brady Edw'd, carpr. and builder. Hargrove al 

nr Mulberry, dw Howard and Madison 
Brady Edward, laborer, 9 Spruce al 
Brady Edwin S. machinist, 116 Aisquith 
Brady Francis X. clerk, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady Frank, laborer, rear 44 s Howard 
Brady Geo. W. entrineer, 161 n P.\ca 
Brady Geo. W. sailmaker, 60 Gough 
Brady Geo. L. cooper, 204 n Eden 
Brady Mrs. Greenbury, 248 w Hoffman 
Brady Henry, Jaljorer, 155 Canton av 
Brady Hugh, contractor, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Hugh A. bookkeeper, 41 s Washington 
Brady Hugh A. bookkeeper. 426 n Central av 
Brady Jacob, laborer, 16 Washington av 
Brady Jas. boots and shoes. 472 w Baltimore 
Brady James H. stonecutter, 12 Valley 
Brady James H. carpenter, 164 Scott 
Brady Jeremiah, Frederick av nr Fulton 
Bradv John, stonecutter. 218 n Howard 
Brady John, clerk, 1.5 Hill 
Brady John, laborer. Foster al nr HofiFman 
Brady John, machinist, Bolton depot 
Brady John C. tinner, 481 w Lombard 
Brady John C. confectioner, 112 Franklin 
Brady John F. clerk, 23 s Poppleton 
Brady John H. machinist. 248 w HofiFman 
Bradv John K. stationerv, 112 Franklin 
BradV John W. S. (J. Parkhurst, jr. & Co.) 

34 Franklin 
Brady Joseph J. fireman, 164 Scott 
Bradv Lawrence E. groceries and drv goods, 

218 Harford av 
Brady Martha, dressmaker, 91 Druid Hill av 
Brady Michael, laborer, 10 Oxford 
Brady Michael, laborer, 19 Front n of Foundry 
Brady Michael, boilermkr. Washington nr Bank 
Brady Michael, boatbuilder, 282 s Bond 
Brady Patrick, shoe cutter. Three Tuns hotel 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 227 Hanover 
Brady Patrick, grocery, 345 Mulberry 
Bradv Bobt. H. painter, 15 Maccubbin 
Brady Eobt. S. clerk, 112 Franklin 
Brady Thomas, carter, 11 Bank 
Brady Thomas B. tailor, Eutaw and Pratt 
Brady Thomas F. engineer. 248 w HofiFman 
Brady Wm. soldier, 68 s Chapel 
Brady Wm. Frank, clerk, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Wm. J. S. clerk, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady W. H. plumber, 325 n Eutaw 
Bradyhouse Chas. foundryman, 303 Canton av 
Bradyhouse Chas. foundryman. 169 s Eden 
Bradyhouse Chas. C. boatbuilder, 95 s .■\nn 
Bradyhouse Jas. E. boatbuilder, 95 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Richard, boatbuilder, 361 s Boud, 

dw 273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Richard, jr. boatbuilder, 273 e 

Bradyhouse Thomas, boatbuilder, 344 s Caro- 
line, dw 95 s Ann 
Bradvhouse Thos.iTonworker, 259 s Broadwav 

Bradyhouse Washington C. 273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Wm. watchman, 138 s Wolfe 
Bradykanip Herman, 250 Hamburg 
Braeger Louis, laborer. 19 Hull la 
Braelar John, tailor, 333 n Central av 
Brafmaa Abraham, clothier, 30 and 32 Centre 

Market space, dw 20 Aisquith 
Brafraan Jacob, clerk, 238 w Pratt 
Brafman Samuel, clothier, 160 w Pratt, dw 

238 w Pratt 
Brag Aaron, (S. B. & Son) 45 Penna av 
Brag Simon, (S. B. & Son) 45 Penna av 
Brag Simon & Son, (S. Sf A. B.) furniture, 

43 and 45 Penna av 
Bragaw John G. (T. M. Robinson & Co.) 17 

Cheapside, dw 246 n Howard 
Bragg Capt. Wm. F. carpenter, 228 Hollins 
Bragg Saml.K. carpenter, rear 52 Dewberry al, 

dw 98 s Gilmor 
Brahm Valentine, tailor, 47 Aliceanna, Canton 
Braid James, carpenter. 462 e Monument 
Braid John, laborer, 318 William 
Brain Louis, shoemaker. 139 n Bond 
Brainard Rufus A. clerk 226 w Fayette 
Braker Joseph, tailor, 50 Milliman 
Bramble Chas. H. (Daiger& B.) 163 Lee 
Bramble Chas. H. oysters. 82 s Exeter 
Bramble Grason, salesman, 108 s Exeter 
Bramble Capt. Henry T. 54 Hamburg 
Bramble Mary, 230 e Monument 
Bramble Thomas, mariner, 226 Barre 
Bramble Tyson, huckster, 139 Ensor 
Bramble Wm, sash maker, 74 n High 
Bramble Wm. H. mariner. \uQ Dugan's whf 
Brame Geo. butcher, 616 Light 
Bramer Geo shoemaker, 1 Garrison la 
Bramham Ada, teacher, 35 Cathedral 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda, dry goods, 143 Co- 
Bramwell Geo. stonecutter, 143 Columbia 
Brand Ale.xander J. jr. (A. J. B. jr. k Co.) 59 

Brand Alexander J. wholesale tea, over 113 

Franklin, dw Mosher and Etting 
BRAND ALEX. J. jr. & CO. { A.J. Brand, jr.) 

teas wholesale and com. merch'ts, over 147 

w Pratt 
Brand Conrad, basketmaker, 137 L Greene 
Brand Geo. carpenter, 144 e Madison 
Brand John, cooper. 33 Goodman al 
Brand John, carpenter, 156 s Washington 
Brand Joseph, grocery, 537 Lexington 






. p— I 



WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 










Brand Louis, clerk, Mosher and Etting 
Brand Thos. J. student, Mosher and Etting 
Brandau Fred'k, laser beer, 79 Thames 
Brandau Jacob, shoemaker, 12 s Republican 
Brandau John P. butcher, 66 Belair and 71 

Centre mkts, dw Jenkins' la 
Brandau Mrs. Sophia, confectionery, 12 s 

Brandel Fred., Harford av nr Point la 
Brandel Geo. coach trimmer, Harford av nr 

Point la 
Brandel John, backman, 144 Aisquith 
Brandel Mrs. Mary, 144 Aisquith 
Branden Francis, gas fitter, 90 w Centre 
Brandes Fred'k F. cabinetmaker, 27 e Pratt 
RrandesMrs. Susanna, notions, 27 e Pratt 
Brander Adam, 186 Preston 
Brandmuller Michael, laborer, 251 Preston 
Brandstaetter, Rev. Fred'k, 101 Saratoga 
Brandt August, shoemaker. 123 Thames 
Brandt Anthony, laborer. 4 Baker's ct 
Brandt Bernard, (H. B. & Bro.) 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Chas. pictures, 231 Canton av 
Brandt Emil, shoemaker, 61 s Regester 
Brandt Geo. baker, 74 s Wolfe 
Brandt Geo. carter, 280 Johnson 
Brandt Henry, shoemaker, 255 s Sharp 
Brandt Henry, restaurant, 74 s Eutaw 
Brandt H. & Bro. (H. and B.Brandt) morocco 

dressers, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman, (H.B. & Bro.) 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Jacob, jr. pres't Powhatan Steamboat 

Co. 90 Light-st whf, dw 48 Mt Vernon pi 
Brandt James F. butcher, 38 s Mount 
Biandt John, glover, 65 Centre Market sp 
Brandt John, drayman, 181 s Eden 
Brandt John L. baker, 177 e Lombard 
Brandt John H. cigarmaker, 43 Short 
Bi-andt Julius, tobacconist, 72 e Fayette 
Brandt Louis, tobacconist, 142 e Pratt 
Brandt Louis, mi:sician, 343 w Hofifman 
Brandt Mrs. Margaret A. 56 n Eutaw 
Brandt Rebecca, confectionery, 7 n Pine 
Bi-andt Thomas, barber, 214 s Bond 
Brandt Wm. shoemaker, 73 s Wolfe 
Brandv Jolin A. blacksmith, 104 s Eutaw 
BRANDY MICHAEL, horseshoer, 138 Cam- 
den. d«- 104 s Eutaw 
Brandy Patrick, blacksmith, 104 s Eutaw 
Bransle James. 232 Linden av 
Braniiam Mrs. A. E. 161 s Sharp 
Braning George, carpenter, 385 s Eutaw 
Braning John, pianomaker, 255 s Sharp 
Brannagan James, driver, 27 Druid Hill av 
Branuan .Ann, 501 w Fayette 
Brannan .Mrs Ann, liquors, Cooksie nr Nich- 
Bran nan Annie, dressmaker. 39 Garden 
Brannan Catherine, groceries, 310 Johnson 
Brannan Chas S. H. clerk, 28 e Baltimore 
Brannan Mrs. Eliza, variety store, 15 Hill 
Brannan Geo. A. shirt house and gents' fur- 
nishing goods, 68 n Eutaw 
Brannan Geo. .A. 9S Lee 
Brannan James, laborer, 22 s Gist 
Brannan James, tailor, 82 n Amity 
Brannan James^ laborer, 230 Lemmon al 
Brannan James, laborer, 310 Johnson 
Brannan James, laborer. Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Brannan James, millwright, 17 Sterrett 
Brannin James A. grocery, 93 s Exeter 
Brannan James, engineer, 17 Hill 

72 BRA 

Brannan James R. 14 n Eutaw 
Brannan John, grocery, Chew and Harford av 
Brannan John, laborer, 242 Lemmon al 
Brannon John, laborer, 37 Stirling 
Brannan John McLeod, machinist, 17 Hill 
Brannan John, trunkm.aker, 102 Pearl 
Brannan John, lab'r. Northern av nr N. C. R. 
Brannan John E. cigarmak. 121 n Bethel 
Brannan John, laborer, 48 Boyd 
Brannan John, blacksmith, 217 Light 
Brannan Mrs. Maggie, trimmings, 29 e Balto 
Brannan Mrs. Matilda, 3 Cambridge 
Brannan Michael, laborer, rear 161 North 
Brannan Moses, 9 n Carey 
Brannan Pat. lab'r. Northern av nr N. C. R. 
Brannan Peter, steam fitter, 82 n Schroeder . 
Brannan Peter, laborer, 133 Elliott 
Brannan Peter, wheelwright, 108 North 
Brannan Robert, carpenter, 445 Saratoga 
Brannan Robert, 4 L, May 
Brannan Mrs. Sarah D. seamstress, ^4 Lee 
Brannan Thomas, tailor, 19 Elizabeth la 
Brannan Thomas, laborer, 137 s WashingtOQ 
Brannan Wm. 20 Ogston 
Brannan Wm. laborer. 62 Essex 
Brannan Wm. grocery, 16 Douglass 
Brannen John, laborer, 48 Boyd 
Branner Edgar, stevedore, 53 Thames 
Bratiner Mrs. Kate, 38 n High 
Brannes August, baker, 275 e Eager 
Brannock John H. (John R. Carroll, B. & 

Co.) 94 Lee 
Bransby John C. shoemaker, 39 n Caroline 
Branson Etimonia, 260 Lee 
Branson Joseph, cigarmak. 145 Vine 
Brant Anton, laborer, 314 Cross 
Brant Fred'k, fisherman, 72 Battery av 
Brant Geo. shoemkr. over 80 Centre Markt sp 
Brant George, carter, 280 Johnson 
Brant Henry, laborer, 188 East 
Brant James F. butcher, 38 s Monnt 
Brant John, laborer, 42 s Gist 
Brant Wm. machinist, Bolton Depot 
Branthof Henry, shoemak. 375 s Eutaw 
Brashear Geo. W. coachmak. 20 Constitution 
Brashears John W. clerk, 14 n Exeter 
Brashears John T. jr. cigarmak. 120 Gough. 
Brashears John T. shoemak. 38 Gougb 
Brashears Joseph R. 110 Jefferson 
Brashears Mrs. .Mary E., Bond nr Madison 
Brashears Robt. J. police, 1 Mott 
Brashears Samuel, laborer, 14 n Exeter 
Brashears Mrs. Susan, boarding, 162 German 
Brashears Wilbur, stonecutter, 64 n High 
Brashears Z. D. sec'y Baltimore Association 
for Imp. Condition of the Poor, 14 n Exeter 
Brashears Wm. G. conductor, 239 n Bond 
Brasnan Thomas, laborer, 211 Lemmon al 
Brass Joseph, 89 Barre 
Bratt James E. fireman, 151 Hollins 
Bratt Noah, engineer, 53 Warren 
Bratt Thomas, machinist, 151 Hollins 
Bratton James, fireman, 249 s Charles 
Bratzell Jacob, brickmaker, 608 Light 
Bratzell Wm. H. brickmaker. Light nr Heath 
Brauch Amor, tailor, 237 Orleans 
Branch Matthias, tailor, 14 Prospect la 
Brauder Fred'k, 229 s Wolfe 
Brauders Thomas P. plumber. 532 w Pratt 
Brauer David, butcher, 29 Belair and 75 Cen- 
tre mkts, dw Harford av ext 
Brauer Henry, tailor, 496 w Lombard 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 




Brauer Henry, butcher, 34 Belair and 86 Cen- 
tre markets, dw Belair avnr Balto Cemetery 
Brauer Henry, tailor, 168 s Washington 
Brauer Henry, (Depkin & B.) 328 w Pratt 
Brauer John, prov. dealer, 11 n Oregon 
Brauer John, beer. 182 e Madison 
Brauer Tobias, cabinetmak. 496 w Lombard 
Braul Augusta, seamstress, 89 e Lombard 
Braun Annie, 107 n High 
Braun Chas. butcher, 12 Hollins market, dw 

Frederick rd nr Mount Olivet Cemetery 
Braun Conrad, laborer, 113 Chew 
Braun Henry, 21 Walker 
Braun John, baker, 107 n High 
Braun John B. (B. & Mateling, ) 335 w Pratt 
Braun John J. (B. & Schulz,) 178 Columbia 
BRAUN & MATELING, (John B. Braun, 
Rudolph Mateling, ) tobacco works, 335 w 
Braun k Schulz, (J. J. B., C. L. Schulz, ) com. 

merchants, 443 w Pratt 
Brauner John, student, 25 Hollins 
Brauninger Chas. grocery, 85 Eastern av 
Braumlein Mrs. Mary, grocery, 84 n Amity 
BRAUNS F. L. & CO. (J. D. Kremelberg, W. 
Dresel,) gen'l ship'ng and com. merchants, 
37 s Gay 
Brauns Ferdinand L. clerk, 336 Lexington 
BRAUNS HENRY, architect, s e cor Charles 

and Fayette, dw 198 Saratoga 
Brauns Henry, draughtsman, 336 Lexington 
Brause August, blacksmith, 62 Portland 
Brawders John, laborer, 532 w Pratt 
"Brawner Mrs. Catherine, 72 n Exeter 
Brawner Elizabeth, 80 Ensor 
Brawner James H. clerk, 398 e Fayette 
Brawner Rob't G. butcher, 1 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw Penna av ext 
Bray Geo. W. clerk, 50 n Calvert 
Bray Isaac, laborer, 98 Albemarle 
Brayden Mrs. Catherine, 137 Preston 
Brayden Samuel, blacksmith, 137 Preston 
Brayden Wm. W. carpenter, 137 Preston 
Brayfield Rob't F. plasterer, 211 e Jlonument 
Brayner Catherine, huckstress, 128 Henrietta 
Brays Geo. clerk, 21 n Calvert 
Brazel Jacob, milk, 135 Johnson 
Brazier Effie. seamstress, 231 William 
Brazier Geo. W. plumber and gasfitter, 465 w 

Baltimore, dw 66 s Sharp 
Brazier J.imes, laborer, 64 President 
Brazier Mary, tavern, 64 President 
Brazier Thomas, carter, 66 President 
Bread y David, laborer, 3 Cuba 
Bready Geo. C. conductor, 359 w Lombard 
Brecht Ernest, mariner, 252 n Caroline 
Brecbt Fred'k, watchman, 252 n Caroline 
Brecht George, ship carpenter, 68 Essex 
Brecht Louis, finisher, 2 White al 
Brechtel Geo. cooper, 18 Peach al 
Breckenridge John C. (Wm. H. Howard & Co.) 

235 w Lombard 
Breckenridge JnoC. groc'y,Tremontnr George 
Brede Andrew, tailor, 387 w Pratt 
Brede Fred'k, tailor, 155 Canton av 
Brede Geo. barkeeper, 69 s Regester 
Brede Geo. boilermak. 128 Boyd 
Brede Henry, laborer, 155 Canton av 
Bredekamp Harman, tailor, 316 s Sharp 
Bredekamp Mrs. Mary, grocer}', 316 s Sharp 
Bredemeyer Chas. H. (Wm. E. Wood & Co.) 
214 Linden av ■ 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Breden Everett F. bricklayer, 92 Lee 
Breen Michael, laborer, 31 Haw 
Bregel Henry, harnessmaker, 199 Orleans * 
Bregel John J. carpenter, 112 McElderry 
Bregel Jos. F. confectioner, 48 Greenmount av 
Bregenza Casper, stonecutter, 404 West 
Bregonia Carle, music, 60 President 
Brehler Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 
Brehm Jacob, baker, 143 Vine 
Brehm John, barber, 143 Vine 
Brehm John, tailor, 49 Aliceanna 
Brehm John A. lager beer, 4i Penn 
Brehm John P. iron moulder, 119 L Greene 
Brehm John J. oysters. Eager and Cathedral 
Brehm Michael, moulder, 179Lemmon 
Brehm Paul, laborer, 259 s Bond 
Brehm Sebastian, shoemaker, 143 Vine 
Brehme Francis, shoemaker, 6 Columbia 
BREHME 0. & CO. (0. Brehme, L. J. Keidel) 
importers and dry goods com. merchants, 
over 24 Hanover 
Brehme Ottomar, (0. B. & Co.) 297 Madison av 
Breidenkamp John, hair spinner, Wilkens nr 

Frederick av 
Breidenstein August, butcher, 32 Centre and 

87 Belair mkts, dw Harford rd nr tollgate 
Breidinger Mich'l, basketmkr, 73ii w Baltimore 
Breill Wm. tailor, 115 e Lombard 
Breinig John, painter, 199 Lee 
Breitschwerd Conrad, blacksmith and wheel- 
wright, 251 Aliceanna 
Breitschwerd Geo. blacksmith, 251 Alickanna 
Breitschwerd John, blacksmith, 251 Aliceanna 
Breitschwerd Wm. wheelwright, 251 Aliceanna 
Breller Henry, laborer, 175 s Eden 
Breller Henry, laborer, 52 Albemarle 
Breller JohnJ laborer, 85 s Chapel 
Breller Johni laborer, 34 s Durham 
Brem John, tailor, 49 Aliceanna, Canton 
Brem John, shoemaker, 314 n Gay 
Breme Casper, laborer, 300 Aliceanna 
Bremer Frederick, laborer, 145 s Wolfe 
Bremer Henry, mariner, 153 s Dallas 
Bremer JohnW. 54 n Eden 
Bremlin Andrew, moulder, 14 Dawson al 
Bremmer Charles, butcher,Chew nr Chester 
Bremmer Peter, carpenter, 135 Camden 
Bremmer Simon, stonecutter, 5 New Church 
Bremner Alex, stonecutter, 406 e Monument 
Bremner Archibald, 406 e Monument 
Bremner Robert, plumber, 40G e Monument 
Brenaman Chas. H. clerk, 59 George 

I— I 





WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the^ 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & CO, Manuf rs & Com. Mercli'ts. 






r— I 

I— t 








• S 










Brenan Francis X. salesman, 207 St. Paul 
Brenan Mrs. Harriet. 93 w Biddle 
Brenan Peter E. lumber. 21 n Gay, dw 35 
Brenan Wm. laborer, 397 w Baltimore 
Brendel Francis, shoemaker, 79 Grindall 
Brendel Graves S. teleg^raphist, 146 s Sharp 
Brendel Henrj, milk, Third av and Dillon 
Brendel ilichael, laborer, 706 Light 
Brendt Henr}', blacksmith, 235 s Ann 
Brendt Henry, shoemaker, 90 Dover 
Brendt John, cooper, 33 Goodman al 
Brengle Jas. S. cashier JCew York and Phila. 

steamers, dw 232 Linden av 
Brenin John, laborer, Bolton depot 
Brennan Edward, cooper, 9 s Washington 
Brennan John, laborer, Clifton village 
Brennan John, bookbinder, 18 Warner 
Brenueis Chas. shoemaker, 73 Somerset 
Brenneis Philip, locksmith, 256 e Eager 
Brennen Danl. laborer, 92 Harrison, Canton 
Brenuen Geo. boxraaker, 254 s Sharp 
Brennen Jas. barkeeper, 5 s Eden 
Brennen Jas. driver, 16 Maccubbin 
Brennen Jos. contractor, 487 w Fayette 
Brenner Adam, driver, 234 Aliceanna 
Brenner Albert, 18 New 
Brenner Albert W. 18 New 
Brenner Andrew,' porter, JIaltby bouse 
Brenner Geo. canmaker, 183 s Chapel 
Brenner Geo. laborer, 183 s Chapel 
Brenner John, laborer, 306 Eastern av 
Brenner Joseph, woodsawyer, 172 s Durham 
Brenner Joseph, 22 Jackson sq 
Brenner Joseph, solicitor, 62 Barre 
Brenner Lewis, laborer, Dover nr Fulton 
Brenner Moses clothier, 304 s Bond, dw Fay- 
ette nr Carey 
Brenner Philip, laborer, 235 s Wolfe 
Brenner Sol. clerk, 70 s Broadway 
Brenner Wm. clerk, 70 s Broadway 
Brennerhan Danl. lab'r,Chappell nr Presstman 
Brent August, wheelwright, 295 n Central av 
Brent Judge Geo. 64 w Madison 
Brent Henry J. driver, 10 Grove al 
Brent Hugh, salesman, 165 w Fayette 
Brent John laborer, 21 Buren 
Brent Jos?ph L. plumber, 302 n Howard 
Brent Joseph, car driver, 106 e Madison 
Brent Joseph L. attorney, 29 Lexington, dw 

93 Cathedral 
BRENT ROBERT J. attorney, 29 Lexington, 

dw 93 Cathedral 
Brent R. F. attorney, 29 Lexington, dw 93 

Brent Thomas, salesman, 176 w Lombard 
Brent Wm. C. engineer, 176 Preston 
Brentine Aquilino, fruit stand, 195 n Gay 
BrentonMrs. Mary, 40 George 
Brereton John J. canmaker, 28 Scott 
Brescup Geo. turner, 111 n Caroline 
Bresee Alfred A. clerk, !30 McCulloh 
BRESEE 0. F. agent Mutual Life Insurance 

Co. of N. Y. 15 South, dw 130 McCulloh 
Bresel Wm. tailor, ]54Peirce 
Breslau Wm. grocery, 4 Russell 
Breslauer Ali'm, sec. hand dealer,213 s Charles 
Bresnan Thos. laborer, 211 Lemmon al 
Bresser Geo. laborer, 15 Butler 
Bressler Henry L. conductor, 243 Franklin 
Bressner John, laborer. Hunter al nr John 
Brest Lewis, machinist, 2 Wyeth 
Bretthauer Mrs. Elizabeth, 122 Battery av 

Bretthauer Charles, carver, 122 Battery av 
Brettholl Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 249 Eastern av 
BretthoU Wm. grocery, 253 Eastern av 
Breuninger Christopher, shoemaker, Wolfe nr 

Brewer Mrs. A. boarding, 96 s Sharp 
Brewer Chas. E. P. weigh master, 953 w Pratt, 

dw 739 w Lombard 
Brewer Charles P. magistrate, 31 Lexington 
Brewer Conrad, 43 n Eden 
Brewer David, butcher, 75 Centre and 29 Bel- 
air markets, dw Harford av nr Point la 
Brewer Geo. (Aldridge & B.) 5 German 
Brewer Dr. Geo. G. 76 n Greene 
Brewer Henrietta J. teacher, 34 Granby 
BREWER JAMES R. clerk Circuit Ct. dw 42 

Brewer John, butcher, 88 and 104 Belair mar- 
ket, dw York rd nr tollgate 
Brewer John M. attorney, 54 Division 
Brewer John, 247 Preston 
Brewer Dr. Marbury, 245 w Biddle 
Brewer Mrs. Matilda, 386 Franklin 
Brewer Nicholas, pension and property agt. 2 

s Front, dw 9 Jefferson 
Brewer Philip, carpenter, 432 w Fayette 
Brewer Wm. T. mariner, 121 Cross 
Brewer Wm. R. clerk, 56 Columbia 
Brewstor John, gardener, Greenmouat ceme- 
tery, dw cor Aisquith and Point la 
Breyer George, polisher, 50 Leadenhall 
Breyer Gotleib, grocery, 164 n Freiuont 
Breyer Louis, varnisher, 246 s Sharp 
Brian Arthur L. huckster, 183 Orleans 
Brian & Bunting, (W. E. B., W. H. Bunting) 

builders, Carey nr Pratt 
Brian C. McK. clerk, 136 n Gay 
Brian Edward A. salesman, 287 e Fayette 
Brian Henry, laborer, Philadelphia road nr 

city limits 
Brian James, clerk, 187 n High 
Brian James N. clerk. 151 Ensor 
Brian Mrs. Jane L. 136 n Gay 
Brian Joseph, 89 Ensor 
Brian Joseph, clerk, 65 Harford av 
Brian M. A. hardware, 136 n Gay, dw 131 n 

Brian Mrs. Mary, 82 Front n of Foundry 
Brian Jlrs. Rebecca A. 287 e Fayette 
Brian Thos. P. currier, Starr hotel 
Brian Wm. carter, 2 Russell 
Brian Wm. laborer, 480 Canton av 
Brian Wm. E. (B. & Bunting) 217 Hollins 
Brice Cordelia, dressmaker, 93 Garden 
Brice Geo. F. coal, 356 n Howard, dw 147 n Paca 
Brice James, carpenter, 10 n Washington 
Brice Mrs. Susan, dressmaker, 93 Garden 
Brice Mrs. S. A. dressmaker. 93 Garden 
Brice Wm. N. clerk. 52 n Calvert 
Brice AVm. N. bailiff Baltimore Citj- court 
Brickerd Emanuel, carpenter, Tyson nr Frank- 
lin, dw 915 w Baltimore 
Brickhouse E. L. land agent, 468 e Lombard 
Brickley R. T. salesman, 109 n Scliroeder 
Brickman Rev. A. 0. 2sl e Fayette 
Brickman John E. clerk. 281 e Fayette 
Brickner Bernard, grocery, 227 w Fayette 
Brickner John, milk, 371 Penna av 
Briddell Thos. S. tailor, 290 n Eutaw 
Bride Cotter, rustic furn. s w cor McMechin 
and Park av, dw Druid Hill av nr McMechin 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Cliew & Stirling. 




BRIDE DANIEL, justice of the peace, 105 n 

Paca. dw 167 
Bride John H. watchman C. H., 139w^adison 
Brideium Andrew, shoemaker, 36 Hampstead 
Briden John, musician, 224 Hamburg 
Bridenbaut^h Casper, cooper, 45 s Regester 
Brideoer Geo. M. clerk, Chatsworth nr George 
Bridener Jacob, gas inspector, 32 n Fremont 
Bridener John, chair painter, 32 n Fremont 
Bridener Mrs. Pliilip, 139 n Paca 
Bridge Mrs. C. W. children's clothing, 63 e 

Bridge Richard S. (R.S. B. & Co.) sign painter, 

20 Somerset 
BRIDGE R. S. & CO. (Richard S. and Stephen 

Bridge) paints, oils, glass, &c., 133 Aisquith 
Bridge Stephen, (R.S.B.& Co.) 63 e Baltimore 
Bridge Stephen L. clerk. 29 Gough 
Bridges Geo. H. 207 n Howard 
Bridges John C. (J. C. B. & Co.) s e cor Eu- 

taw and Monument 
BRIDGES J. C. & CO. (J. C. Bridges, J. B. 

Waidner) wholesale grocers, 6 Commerce 
BRIDGES WM. foreign fruits, candies, &c. 

wholes. 313 w Baltimore, dw 207 n Howard 
Bridges W. J. bookkeeper, 137 St. Paul 
Briel Christian, butcher, 7 HoUins-st. market, 

dw 16 ("alverton road 
Briel Emanuel, clerk, 166 George 
Briel Geo. carpenter, 166 George 
Briel Geo. M. flour and feed, 147 Camden, dw 

676 Lexington 
Briel George, carpenter, 676 Lexington 
Briel Henry, baker, 250 Light 
Briel John, carpenter, 14 McClellan, dw 166 

Briel John, laborer, e of Clinton s of Boston 
Briele Henry, jeweler, 81 Henrietta 
Briele Henry jr., cabinet maker, 81 Henrietta 
Briele Henry jr.. (Hopkins & B.) 81 Henrietta 
Brien Wm. B. ironroller, cor Bank and Chester 
Brierly Jacob, canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Brierly Mrs. Mary, 159 s Ann 
Brierly Wm. C. canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Briers John E. plumber, 71 Warner 
Brigal Henry, laborer, rear 209 s Bethel 
Briggemau Chas. A. currier, 366 Saratoga 
Briggeman Chas. tailor. 200 n Central av 
Briggeniau Louis, clerk, 366 Saratoga 
Briggeman W. F. carpenter, 366 Saratoga 
Briggs Chas. laborer, 3:^0 e Fayette 
Briggs Geo. G. clerk, 30 s Carey 
Briggs James, butcher, 424 Penna av 
Briggs James M. clerk, 30 s Carey 
Briggs John, canmaker, 78 George 
Briggs Mary, nurse, 415 Lexington 
Briggs Mrs. Melinda, seamstress, 8 Baker 
Briggs Oliver C. F. machinist, 30 s Carey 
Briggs Wm. E. laborer, 13 Bradford al, Canton 
Brigham Mrs. Caroline, 3 n Ann 
Brigham John C. pavm. elk. C. S. N, 3n Ann 
Brigham Wm. T. (Cole & Co.) dw 243 n Eutaw 
Bright Chas. A. (Sullivan & Co.)Sunbury, Pa 
Bright C. A. civil engineer, N. C. R., dw Sun- 
bury, Pa. 
Bright Henry, plasterer, 47 Harford av 
Bright Richard A, grainer, 402 Lexington 
Bright Thomas, pajier carrier, 149 Williiim 
Bright Wm. T. plasterer, 276 e Monument 
Brill Philip, barber, 72 Thames 
Brimmer John, tobacconist, 186 s Sharp 
Brimus August, barber, 517 w Baltimore 

Rrinckmeyer Chas. tobacconist,45w Baltimore 
Brinenger Wm. lampmaker, 8 e Lombard 
Bringman Josiah T. H. bookkeeper, 17 7German 
Bringmaun Julius, tobacconist, 29 s Oregon, 

dw 46 
Bringmann Wm. tobacconist, 666 w Baltimore 
Brinig Geo. laborer, 25 s Cannon 
Brink Anton, musician, 37 s Durham 
Brink Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 37 s Durham 
Brink Henry Ad. 190 w Lombard 
Brink Peter, grocery, 296 Harford av 
Brink Stephen H. 308 Harford av 
Brinkley Joseph B. (J. B. B. & Son) 569 Lex- 
Brinklev Jos. E. ( J. B. B. & Son )569 Lexington 
BRINKLEY J. B. cj- SON, (J. B/& J. E. Brink- 
lev) fruit and oyster packers, 176 s Charles 
Brinkman August H. trav. agt, 30 n Greene 
Brinkman Chas. china and glass ware, 77 

Penna av dw 138 
Brinkman Mrs. Anna Maria, seamstress, 28 Lee 
Brinkman Bernard, clerk, 136 s Howard 
Brinkman Chas. H. grocery, 138 s Howard 
Brinkman Chas. H. lithographer, 75 Second 
Brinkman Mary R. seamstress, 28 Lee 
Brinkmever Henrv, carpenter, 172 s Bond 
Brintou Albin H.' (Cornelius & B.) 167 Forrest 
Brinton Wilmer, stationery, 167 Forrest 
Brintsfield Wm. mariner, s e cor Montgomery 

and William 
Brion John 0. watchman, Maltby house 
Briscoe Alex. M. constable, 228 HoUius 
Briscoe A. Hanson, 169 w Fayette 
Briscoe Chas. A. cigarmaker, 143 Orleans 
Briscoe Chapman B. 168 Cathedral 
Briscoe Geo. E. cigarmaker, 2 w Baltimore, dw 

303 s Charles 
Briscoe Rev. James, 168 Cathedral 
Briscoe James, com. mercht, 149 w Pratt, dw 

330 w Lombard 
Briscoe John H. clerk B. & 0. R. R., 169 w 

Briscoe Samuel N. police, 459 e Lombard 
Briscoe Wm. cigar maker, 422 Hanover 
Briscoe Wm. D. cigar maker, 143 Orleans 
Briscoe Wm. T. laborer, 132 Hamburg 
Briston James, bricklayer, 386 s Charles 
Briston Richard, engineer, 88 s Exeter 
Bristor Mrs. Margaret, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Mrs. Susan, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Wm. B. claim agent, over 4 s Gay, dw 
14U n Exeter 









WM. H. BEAD, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 






• I— ( 






r— I 



Bristow Geo. card writer, 1| n Charles, dw 563 

n Fremont 
Bristow Jolm, student, 50 Barre 
BristoAV Jolm T. card writer, Eutaw house, dw 

563 n Fremont 
Bristow Mrs. Rebecca, 563 n Fremont 
Bristow Thomas, engineer, 62 s Eden 
BRITISH CONSULATE, office 6 Exchange 

building, Harry T. Rainals, consul 
Brittain Annie, notions, 308 n Eutaw 
Brittain John, butter, 649 Penna av 
Brittain Mrs. Lavinia, confec'y, 649 Penna av 
Brittingham Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 96 

Brittingham John, mariner, 96 Hamburg 
Brittingham Saml. mariner, 96 Hamburg 
Britton 0. P. salesman, IT s Howard 
Biitton Oscar P. clerk, 639 w Baltimore 
Britton Richard, cotton sampler, 100 Mullikin 
Britzka Philip, wheelwright, 8 Harrison 
Broadlieck .lames, painter, 226 e Monument 
Broddbeck Mrs. Henrietta, 226 e Monument 
Broadbelt John E, teacher, 210 e Madison 
Broadbent A . G. (B. & Co.) 12 n Charles 
Broadbcnt&Co. (A. G. Broadbent) dry goods, 

26 n Charles 
Broadbent & Co. (Stephen B. jr , Jas. H.Mur- 
ray) dry goods com. mercb'ts, over 4 s Lib- 
Broadbent Chas. F. 163 n Calvert 
Broadbent, Gershom, 72 n Charles 
Broadbent J. F. 236 Linden av 
BROADBENT LOUIS R. stock broker, office 

No. 3, 87 Second, dw 163 n Calvert 
Broadbent Stephen, sr. 51 Courtland 
Broadbent Steph. jr. (B. & Co.) 51 Courtland 
Broadl)ent Dr. Wm. jr. 84 n Exeter 
Broaders Henry R. salesman, 273 e Biddle 
Broadfoot Joseph B. moulder, 196 e Baltimore 
Broad rib AYm. maltster, 89 North 
Broadry James, laborer, 532 w Pratt 
Broadwater Chas ship carp. 112 Battery av 
Broadwater Levin J. ship carp. 112 Battery av 
Broadwater Richard, police, 112 Battery av 
Broadwater & Silverthorn, (T. H. Broadwater, 
J. K. Silverthorn) com. merchts. 96s Charles 
Broadwater Thos. H. (B. & Silverthorn) 162 s 

Broadway Institute Hall, over Fells Pt. market 
Broadway and Locust Point Steam Ferry, foot 

of Broadway, James Brown, supt 
Broadway M. E. Church, Broadway, between 

Pratt and Gough, 
Broadway Savings Bank, basement Trinity 

Church, cor Pratt and Broadway 
Brochmever Joseph, cigarmaker. 185 Stirling 
BROCK JOHN M. lager beer, 137 Forrest 
Brockel Casper, shoemaker, 257 s Ann 
Brocker Christiana, rear of 416 Saratoga 
Brocker Geo. W. engineer. 49 Preston 
Brockett Dr. Clinton, dentist, 106 n Eutaw 
Brockman Philip, engineer, 323 Aliceanna 
Brockmeicr Ernest, laborer. 26 Bank 
Brockmeycr Rich. (B., Walz ^- Co.) 184 Stir- 
Brockmeyer, Walz Jf Co. (R. Brockmeyer, J. 
Walz, F. Fisher) founders, 119 Greenmount 
Brockschmidt Henry, wheelwright 14 Clinton 

nr Elliott 
Broden Henry, laborer, 171 Eastern av 
Broderick Mrs. Ann, 66 Greenmount av 

Broderick James, clerk, 66 'Greenmount av 
Broderick Joseph, clerk, 66 Greenmount av 
Bro(Jprick John T. paper stock and iron, 6 

and 86 Greenmount av, dw 182 Harford av 
Broderick Margaret, confect'y, 157 Aliceanna 
Broderick Mrs. Mary, 66 Greenmount av 
Broderick Timothy, tinner, 223 s Paca 
Broderick Wm. clerk, 66 Greenmount av 
Broderick Wm. E. agent, 31 Greenmount av 
Broadhead Henry H. restaurant, 38 w Fayette 
Brodie Basil M. sec. Potomac Fire Ins. Co. 3 

Postoffice av. dw 86 n Cnarles' 
Brodigan Margaret, 198 Eastern av 
Broemer Wm. laborer, 206 s Wolfe 
Broening Catherine, grocery, 25 Bevan 
Broening Henr}', 22 Williamson al 
Broening Henry J. tailor, 25 Bevan 
Broening John, grocery. 22 Williamson al 
Broening John, laborer, 255 s Sharp 
Broening Wilhelmina, 25 Bevan 
Brogan Patrick, laborer, 16 s Front 
Brogan Philip, hacks, 96 s Howard 
Brogdy Anne, huckstress, rear 31 King 
Brogdy John, laborer, rear 31 King 
Broggman Mrs. Amelia, trimmings, 360 Can- 
ton av 
Broggman Henry, carpenter, 360 Canton av 
Brogunier John, watchman, 9 Lemmon 
Brokall Zach. carp. 115 s Poppleton 
Broker Ferdinand, carpenter, 191 n Caroline 
Broil Henry, locksmith, 24]^ Gough 
Brome Geo. W. laborer, 167 s Washington 
Brome Wm H, pilot, 134 Jefferson 
Bromley Jesse, blacksmith, 245 s Dallas 
Bromley Thomas I. miller, 2 sGist 
Brommelsick Henry, wagoner, 175 s Ann 
Bronimelsick Henry jr. clerk, 175 s Ann 
Biommer John, laborer, 253 West 
Bromwell A. L. carpenter, 126 Hamburg 
Bromwell Adelia M. seamstress, 305 Light 
Bromwell Alfred T. tailor, 245 n Bond 
Bromwell Bros. (W. T. and J. T. Bromwell) 
com. merchts, 5 Hollingswnrth and 39 Grant 
Bromwell Charles, clerk, 625 w Fayette 
Bromwell Geo. W. shoemaker, 107 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Geo. W. jr shoemaker, 107 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Hosea J. butter, 41^ Penna av 
Bromwell John A. 436 e Baltimore 
Bromwell John E. carpenter, 9 Poultney 
Bromwell John H. bricklaver, 563 n Gay 
Bromwell John T. (B. Bros.) 55 St. Paul 
Bromwell Susan E. seamstress, 126 Hamburg 
Bromwell Wm. bricklayer, 563 n Gay 
Bromwell Wesley, carpenter, 59 Columbia 
Bromwell Wm. t. (B. Bros.) 55 St. P.aul 
Bromwell Wm. W. carpenter, 59 Columbia 
Bronflec Geo. cooper. 91 Granby 
Broning John, joiner, 255 s Sharp 
Bronson Edwin, machinist, 108 e Madison 
Brontz Edwa-d, laborer, 268 s Ann 
Broocks Lewis, sweepmaster, 230 u Central av 
Broocks Lewis jr. canner, 230 n Central av 
Brook Geo. E. carpenter. 136 n Fremont 
Brookback Elizabeth, dressmaker, 52 e Pratt 
Brookback Ellen, dressmaker, 52 e Pratt 
Brooke Franklin E. P. attorney, 2 Courtland, 

dw 57 McMechin 
Brooke Rev. Geo. G. 170 Hanover 
Brooke Henry L.(B.& McLaughlin )9S Saratoga 
Brooke Horace L. (B. Kraber & Nes) Bar- 

num's hotel 
Brooke Richard, carpenter, 30 Oxford 

WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimoa.i-st. 


i i 


Brooke, Kraber k Xes, (H. L. Brooke, H. 

Kraber. C. M. Nes) Cedar Point furnaces, 

cor Boston and Patuxent 
Brooke Jc McLLiughlin. (H. L. Brooke, J. F. 

McLauj^hlin) attorneys, 31 Lexington 
Brooke Robert, painter, rear 229 3 Sharp 
Brooker Benj. C. jr. auctioneer, 170 Druid 

Hill av 
Brookhart Mrs. Eiiza'h, confec'j, 543 n Gay 
Brookbart Wm. H. huckster, 543 n Gay 
Brooklyn Land Co. 3" Lexington 

calfe, 57 Second 
Brooks Albert D. canmaker, 144 Camden 
Brooks Alfied, tinner, 193 e Baltimore 
Brooks Alice, 68 Saratoga 
Brooks Allen, coacbmaker, 132 Pearl 
Brooks Mrs. B. 84 e Baltimore 
Brooks Benedict J. sr. engineer, 97 Chesapeake 
Brooks Mrs. Catherine A. 7 e Eayette 
Brooks C. E. painter, 211 w Biddle 
Brooks Chas. H. paperhanger, 7 e Fayette 
Brooks Chas cigarm iker, 299 William 
Brooks Chas. W. bookbinder, 59 Chew- 
Brooks Chauncy, prest. Western Nat. Bank, 

dvr Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Rogers jj- Co.) Madison 

av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, (B. & Thrasher) Madison av 

nr Druid Hili Park ar 
Brooks Christopher, restaurant, lOGsEutaw 
Brooks Chris. J. (R. B. & Sons) 163 n High 
Brooks Christopher, laborer, 173 Gough 
Brooks Cbristop. C. bookkeeper, 165 Hanover 
Brooks Mrs. Clara. 399 Lexington 
Brooks Dudley, clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Edwin F. plumber and gasfitter, 17 n 

Eutaw. d\v 247 u Fremont 
Brooks Edward, carp'r. Division nr Lanvale 
Brooks Edward W. dairy, 165 Townsend 
Brook? Edwin R. clerk, 422 w Baltimore 
Brooks Eliza, tavern, 17 Foundry 
Brooks Eliza Ann. confec'v, 16 Courtland 
BROOKS GEO. W. & CO. (Geo. W. Brooks) 

lumber, cor East Falls and Eastern avs 
Brooks George, canmaker. 126 s Castle 
Brooks Geo.'R. clerk, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks Geo. W. (G. W. B. it Co.) 99 w Mon- 
Brooks Geo. press feeder, 213 n Dallas 
Brooks Geo. W. clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. W. 89 L. Montgomery 
Brooks Geo. D. canmaker, 142 Camden, dw 

195 s Paca 
Brooks Geo. E. canmaker, 3 Swan, dw 23 i e 

Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, 59 Chew 
Brooks Greenbury E. canmaker, 234 e Fayette 
Brooks Henry, cigarmaker, 227 s Paca 
Brooks Henry P. attorney, 9 n Calvert, dw 

JIadison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Henry J. hackdriver. Union hotel 
Brooks Mrs. Hester, 89 L. Montgomery \ 

Brooks Co!. Horace, U. S. A., Fort McHeorv | 
BROOKS LSAAC jr. attorney and U S. Cora- j 

missioner, 37 Lexington, "dw 230 n Charles > 
Brooks James W. painter, 51 s Caroline I 

Brooks Isaiah, shipsmith, 125 Battery av j 

Brooks James, steward, 188 Vine I 

Brooks .James, laborer, 173 Gough 
Brooks James, bricklayer, 205 Columbia 1 

Brooks James M. mariner, 11 Randall [ 

.Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Brooks Mrs. Jane, 66 Holland 
Brooks Jesse, tobacconist, 100 Preston 
Brooks John, wheelwright, 30 n Amity 
Brooks John T. brickmaker, 121 s Chester 
Brooks John, bootmaker, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks John, hacks, 106 Barre 
Brooks John H. marblecutter, 292 McHenry 
Brooks J. Thomas, teacher, Frederick av' nr 

Brooks John T. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Brooks John T. engineer, 97 Chesapeake 
Brooks John T. jr. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Brooks Capt. John W. 157 Cross 
Brooks .Mrs. John, birdstuifer, 26 w Fayette 
Brooks Dr. Jos. D. 127 n Broadway 
Brooks Joseph B. engineer, 117 s Regester 
Brooks Joshua E. machinist, 162 L. Greene 
Brooks Joshua, (B. & Smith) 41 Park av 
Brooks Lewis, tinner, 195 s Paca 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Laura J. saleswoman, 187 Mulberrv 
Brooks Louis jr. canner, 230 n Central av ' 
Brooks Mrs. Margaret, boarding and restau- 
rant, 94 3 Eutaw 
Brooks .Mrs. Mary, 168 n High 
Brooks Maurice, bird fancier, 26 w Fayette 
Brooks Michael, blacksmith, 30 n Amitv 
BROOKS N. C. principal Baltimore F( 

College, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks Peter B. watchman, 146 West 
Brooks Priscilla L. 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Rachel, 233 w Hoffman 
Brooks Rachel j 187 Orleans 
Brooks Mrs. Rebecca, First av nr Toone 
Brooks Richard, laborer, 50 Portland 
Brooks Richard, huckster, 41 Jefferson 
Brooks Richd, (Richd B. & Sonsj 163 n High 
Brooks Richard, jr. dairy, 8 Addison 
Brooks Rich'd, of Eutaw house, 188 Vine 
BROOKS RICHARD & SONS, (Rich'd, Rob't 
& C. J. Brooks) wholsale boots and shoes, 
254 w Baltimore 
Brooks Robert S. sailmkr, 57 Albemarle 
Brooks Robert, cigarmkr, 355 w Lombard 
Brooks Rob't, (Rich'd B.&Sons) 122 w Biddle 
Brooks Rogers & Co. (Chauncy Brooks, David 
G. Rogers, Alderman Phelps, Wm. Clau- 
tice) wholesale boots, shoes and hats, 346 w 
Brooks Rodney R. painter, 26 Druid Hill av 
Brooks Ihos. clerk, 97 s Sharp 
Brooks Samuel M. tobacconist, 43 e Baltimore 


emale .tl 




WM, H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 


Dust and Phosphates, 










Brooks & Smith, (J. Brooks, C. Smith) black- 
smiths, cor Biddle aad Decker 
Brooks & Thrasher, (Chauncy Brooks, Isaac 
Thrasher) jobbers iu clothing and dry goods, 
346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Walter B. over 357 w Baltimore, dvv 

Madison ar ext 
Brooks Samuel D. canwork3,cor Choptank and 

Eastern av, dw 126 s Chester 
Brooks Samuel W. fireman, 5 w Biddle 
Brooks Samuel, 59 Ghew 
Brooks Stepheu, barkeeper, 34 n Amity 
Brooks Samuel R. paperhanger, 286 Orleans 
Brooks Mrs. Sarah E. 205 Gough 
Brooks Shadrach, tailor, 35 Jackson 
Brooks Mrs. Sophia, 22 a Front 
Brooks & Smith, (R. Brooks, Jno. Smith) ship 

painters, Covington a of Montgomery 
Brooks Thomas D. canmaker, 155 s Paca 
Brooks Thos. jr. carter, 202 Lee 
Brooks Thos. clerk, 3 Hanover 
Brooks Thomas E. stonecutter, 355 w Lom- 
Brooks Thos. porter, 202 Lee 
Brooks Wm. J. collector, 26 n Front 
Brooks Wm. D. tinner, 83 n Exeter 
Brooks Wm. H stonecutter, 164 L. Greene 
Brooks Wm. jr. inspector C. H. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. engineer, 162 L. Greene 
Brooks Wm. inspector C. H. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. H. clerk N. C. R. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. F. printer, 59 Chew 
Brooks Wm. carpenter, 132 n Exeter 
Brooks Wm. S. 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Wm. H. bricklayer, 9 McHenry 
Brooks Wm. T. police, 187 Orleans 
Broom Charles D. grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom Mrs. Ellen, 152 Bank 
Broom Fanny, 6 Josephine 
Broom Jas. actor, necor Fayette and Harrison 
Broom John, shipcarpenter, 152 Bank 
Broom Geo. grocery, s e cor Bank and Wolfe, 

dw 152 Bank 
Brown Lewis, carpenter, 152 Bank 
Broom Mary J. 175 Eastern av 
Broom Wm. ironworker, 285 Canton av 
Broome Geo. patternmkr, 355 w Lombard 
Broome Wm. plasterer, 113 e .Madison 
Brooms Geo. laborer, 30 Burke 
Broon Michael, laborer, 31 Haw 
Bropf Eugelhardt, laborer, 94 Leadenhall 
Brophey James, laborer, 360 William 
Broring Henry, shoemaker, 530 n Gay 
Broseker Chas. butcher, 6 Cross-st market, dw 

506 Light 
Broseker Geo. shoemaker, 383 w Pratt 
Broseker Henry, upholsterer, 299 William 
Brosenhand Cornelius, bricklayer, 115 Dolphin 
Brosker Wm. cigarmaker, 422 Hanover 
BROSIUS, HORNER & CO. (S. H. Brosius, 
W. H. Horner, Silas Brosius) importers and 
jobbers of notions, fancy goods, &c., 315 w 
Brosius Jacob, huckster, 422 Penna av 
Brosius Jacob F. huckster, 422 Penna av 
Brosius James W. clerk, 249 Walsh 
Brosius Samuel H. (B. Horner & Co.) 336 

Myrtle av 
Brosius Silas, (B., Horner & Co.) 247 Walsh 
Brosius Stephen H. engineer, 218 Lee 
Brosius Wm. 249 Walsh 
Brossel John, tailor, 38 Josephine 

BROSS EDWARD, Lithographer, 
Engraver and Printer. Keeps on 
Hand a large assortment of Wine, 
Liquor and Cigar Labels. Edging 
Paper and Brands executed in 
the best style, 149 W. Lombard. 

Brotherton Dav. H. cigarmkr, 594 w Baltimore - 
Brotherton Jno. P. carpenter, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Morris C. harnessmaker. 594 w 

Brotzel Wm. H. brickmaker, 619 Light 
Brotzman Anton, cabinetmaker, 100 8 Cen- 
tral av 
Brotzman Conrad, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Brotzman John, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Brotzman Peter, carpenter, 120 e Lombard 
Brougham Isaac, potter, lo5 Eastern av 
Broughtou Isaac, printer, 193 w Fayette 
Broughton John, plasterer, 193 w Fayette 
Broughton Joseph, huckster, 22 Laurel 
Broughtou Capt. Joseph D. mariner, 82 b Ann 
Broughton Joseph jr. painter, 82 s Ann 
Broughton P. com. merc't. Mansion house 
Broughton Mrs. Mary J. 71 n Caroline 
Broughton Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, 193 vr 

Broumel James, pres't Franklin Fire Ins. Co., 
and property agent, 8 Law Buildings,dw 18 
s Strieker 
Broun John, cabinetmaker, 81 s Wolfe 
Brow Frank, salesman. Western hotel 
Brower Benj. R. conductor, 3 Randall 
Brower David, hostler, 3 Randall 
Brower Ernest, confectioner, 253 Light 
Brower H. T. laborer, 7 Cambridge 
Brower J. blacksmith, cor Pulaski aad Fred- 
eric av 
Brower Wm. hostler, 131 German 
Brown Aaron A. shoe factory, 192 Lexington 
Brown Abel, huckster, 21 Carlton 
Brown Abner C. stair builder, 82 n Pine 
Brown Abraham, bricklayer, 86 Ridgely 
Brown Adam, shoemaker, 10 Jasper 
Brown Albert L. bricklayer, 188 n Eden 
BROWN ALEX. & SONS, (G.S.Brown, Wm. 
H. Graham J bankers and dealers in foreign 
exchange, s w cor Baltimore and Calvert 
Brown Alex, bricklayer, 246 Hollins 
Brown Alex, moulder, 151 Elliott 
Brown Alex. D. farmer, 70 Mt. Vernon pi 
Brown Alex. E. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) Linden 

av and Towuseud 
Brown Alexander P. tailor, 125 Orleans 
Brown Alex. W. carpenter, 163 Druid Hill av 
Brown A. E. (A. E. B. & Co.)214 w Lombard 
Brown A. E. 6i Co. (A. E. Brown) grocers,214 

w Lombard 
Brown Dr. A. J. dentist, 88 n Charles 
Brown Alfred, huckster, 310 w Hoffman 
Brown Alfred C. carpenter, 88 w Centre 
Browu Allison A. 89 w Chase 
Brown Ann, 53 Burke, Canton 
Brown Ann M. boarding, 85 n High 
Brown Mrs. Ann E. 41 Chatsworth 
Brown Annie, 196 e Baltimore 
Brown Auuie, chambermaid, 180 Harford av 
Brown Annie M. tailoress, 296^ e Monument 
Brown Andrew, architect and tavern, Broad- 
way and Canton av 

W. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for the 
sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Offices. 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Brown Arthur, carpr. 216 e Baltimore 
Brown Arthur, hackman, 204 (.'hesnut 
Brown Arthur G. (B. fi Brune) 89 w Chase 
Brown Augustus W. 95 n Ann 
Brown Aulay & Co. (A. Brown) produce, 1 66} 

w Pratt 
Brown Aulay (A. B. j- Co.) 185 s Paca 
Brown Basil, dept. iosp. tobacco, 231 Barre 
Brown Benj., Gilmor bouse 
Brown Benj. A. 41 Perry 
Brown Benj. F. macbimst. 14ti Diyision 
Brown Benj. J. painter. 45u w Pratt 
Brown Benj. 0. laborer, 109 s Ann 
Brown Bettie A. 41 Perrv 
Brown Beverlv \V.(J. \V.' B. & Bro.)76 n Carer 
BROWN. BOGGS & CO. ^J. T. Brown, F. H. 

Boggs.J. W. Corbin)wbols. liquors,33 s Gay 
Brown Bridset. chambermaid. Eagle hotel 
BROWX & BRUNE,(Geo. Wm. Brown, F. W. 

Brune, Stewart Brown, A. G. Brown) attor- 
neys, 40 St. Paul 
Brown ( aroline, school, 20 n High 
Brown Mrs. Cassandra, grocery, 269 Orleans 
Brown Catherine, seamstress, 23 Bevan 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, lOS Boyd 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 153 Orleans 
Brown Chas. furn. wagon, 49 Fountain 
Brown Chas. huckster, 113 Raborg 
Brown Ch^is. butcher. Brown nr Calverton rd 
Brown Chas. brickmaker, 53 s Burke 
Brown Chas. mariner, 30 Fell 
Brown Chas. laborer, 418 Eastern av 
Brown Capt. Chas. mariner, 124 Gough 
Brown Chas. shoemaker, 93 Lancaster 
Brown Chas. confectioner, 311 Mulberry 
Brown Chas. blacksmith, 12 s Burke 
Brown Chas. A. shoemaker, 154 w Lombard 
Brown Chas. A. L. printer,over 4S w Baltimore 
Brown Chas. D. clerk, 231 Barre 
Brown Chas. E. clerk, Townsend nr John 
Brown Chas. E. tobacco, 95 s Charles, dw 

Linden av and Townsend 
Brown Capt. Chas. H. 148 s Ann 
Brown Chas. H. H. 4'j2 Eutaw pi 
Brown Chas. T.(John B. i Sou jSIn Broadway 
Brown Chas. W. carpenter, 39 Chais worth 
Brown Chas. W. clerk, 303 e Eager 
Brown Chauncy P. couductor,404 w Lombard 
Brown Christian, tailor, 34 Liberty ct 
Brown Christiana, 418 Eastern av 
Bro\rn Mrs. Christina 5 Armistead la 
Brown Clarence, machinist, 54 Lee 
Brown Conrad, helper, 113 Chew 
Brown Cornelius, sr. tobacconist, 269 Saratoga 
Brown Cornelius jr. musical instrs. 321 n Gay 
Brown Cornelius, miller, Fred k rd nr toll gate' 
Brown Cornelius A. miller, Fredk rd beyond 

toll gate 
Brown i Cunningham, (L. W. Cunningham) 

club room, 3} St. Paul 
Brown Daniel C. carpenter, Belair av ext 
Brown David P. attorney, 54 w Fayette,dw617 
Brown David P. teacher, 108 e Fayette 
Brown David R. attorney, 617 w Fayette 
Brown David 0. (Stewart, Barkley & Co.) 14 

n Eutaw 
Brown & DePaepe, (H. Brown, J. DePaepe) 

riggers, 16 Philpot 
Brown Ebenezer, laborer, 116 Boyd 
Brown Edw. liq'rs and wines, 181 "s Broadway 
Brown Edward, laborer, 268 s Ann 
Brown Edward, huckster, 7 Camden la 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Brown Edw. F. dredger. 33 Henrietta 
Brown Edw. M. clerk, 85 Thames 
Brown Edw. W. junk, 8 Bevan 
Brown Eli ts jr. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Elias, carpenter and builder, 17 Pleas- 
ant, dw 1.S6 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 246 n Cen- 
tral av 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 199 s Chester 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Chatsworth 
Brown Elizabeth, 5 Armistead la 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth. 338 w Lombard 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress. 33 Randall 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth A. 14 Hollins 
Brown Mrs. Ellen, boarding. 6S Th.imes 
Brown Emmett, ticket agent, 266 Linden av 
Brown Dr. Felix E. dentist, 61 Lexington 
Brown Frank, clerk, tobacco warehouse Xo. 4 
Brown Franklin, produce, 373 Franklin 
Brown Franklin H. laborer, 105 St. Mary 
Brown Fred, blacksmith, 296 n Broadway 
Brown Fred, mariner, 116 s Regester 
Brown Fred, basketmaker, 224 Penna av 
Brown Fred. J. attornev,33 St. Paul, dw 89 w 

Brown Fred. S. clerk, 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Mrs. Frclerica, 305 Canton av 
Brown Garry \V. tobacconist. Front St. Thea- 
tre, dw 30 Aisquith 
Brown Geo. blacksmith, 82 Greenmount av 
Brown Geo. stove moulder, 460 Light 
Brown Geo. blacksmith, 23 East 
Brown Geo. wholes, candy manuf.65 s Charles 
Brown Geo. A. & Son, (G. A. Brown, John B. 

Brown) lime, cement, &c., 6 Penna av 
Brown Geo. A. (Geo. A. B. & Son)234 AValsh 
Brown Geo. C. carpenter, 1S6 Sar.itoga 
Brown Geo. C. photographer, 51 McHenry 
Brown Geo. F. marblecutter, 175 n Exeter 
Brown Geo. X. carpenter, 39 Chatsworth 
Brown Geo. R. painter, 139 Conway 
Brown Geo. S. (Alex. B. ^- Sons)* Cathedral 

and Madison 
Brown Geo. W. engineer, C;istle nr Orleans 
Brown Geo. Wm. (B. & Brune) 89 w Chase 
Brown Geo. P. clerk, 136 St. Paul 
Brown Geo. 163 St. Paul 
Brown Geo. W. fancy articles, 217 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. laborer, 275 Canton av 
Brown Geo. W. carpenter, 241 w HofiFman 
Brown Geo. W. carpenter, Pennsylvania house 
Brown Geo. L. porter, 21 Rock 



WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 















I— ( 



Brown Geo. carpenter, 131 n Exeter 
BROWN, GRAVES & CO. ( W. Judson Brown, 
Wm. B. Graves, S. P. Ryland,) commission 
merchants, 24 Commerce 
Brown Gustavus, (A. Seemuller & Sons) Bal- 
timore CO 
Brown Harman, conductor, 462 w Lombard 
Brown Harry, carpenter, 106 Boyd 
Brown Harry T. elk. B.&O.R.R. 395 w Fayette 
Brown Henrietta, tailoress, 410 e Monument 
Brown Henry, shoemaker, 49 n Poppleton 
Brown Henry sr. clerk, 395 w Fayette 
Bjown Henrj" G. salesman, 24 n Strieker 
Brown Henry (B. & DePaepe)37 s Washington 
Brown Henry C. & Co. (H. C. Brown, J.Patter- 
son) saw manufs. Uhler's al nr Charles 
Brown Henry C. (H. C. B. & Co.) 14 Watson 
Brown Henry P. clerk, 395 w Fayette 
Brown Henry, cooper, 286 s Ann 
Brown Henry, locksmith, 296 n Broadway 
Brown Henry G. teacher, 118 e Fayette 
Brown Henry, tailor, 21 Walker 
Brown Mrs. Hester, 121 Chew 
Brown's Hotel, 119 n High, L. Brown, prop'r 
Brown Hugh, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Brown Isaac W. grocery, 11 Columbia 
Brown Isaac, shoemaker, Preston nr Penna av 
Brown Isaiah, woodturner, 118 n Schroeder 
BROWN J. WILSON, house furn. goods, 47 

n Howard, dw n e cor Mulberry and Paca 
Brown J. Riggs, 24 n Strieker 
Brown Jacob, dry goods, 251 u Gay 
Brown Jacob C. & Co. (J. J. Brown, W. C. 

Carter) sailmakers, 85 Smith's whf 
Brown Jacob C.(J.C.B.& Co.) 370 e Baltimore 
Brown Jacob, carpenter, 177 n High 
Brown Jacob, boots and shoes, 79 McElder- 

ry's whf 
Brown Jacob jr. shoemkr, 79 McElderry's whf 
Brown James, cabinetmaker, 3 Boyd 
Brown James A. engineer, 85 Thames 
Brown James E. blacksmith, 316 w Hoffman 
Brown James, driver, Pratt nr Frederick 
Brown James, laborer, 56 Buren 
Brown James, engineer, 37 Elliott 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown Jas. stonecutter, 28 .) Geeenmount av 
Brown James, bacon, 95 n Ann 
Brown James, laborer, 4 West Falls av 
Brown James, laborer, 108 Boyd 
Brown James H. junk, 131 McElderry's whf,dw 

131 sHigh 
Brown James H. laborer, 215 Cross 
Brown Jas. R. carp, and builder, 211 Saratoga 
Brown James L. carpenter, 40 n Broadway 
Brown James M. clerk, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James T. machinist, 60 s Ann 
Brown James S. puddler, 161 Hudson 
Brown Rev. James H. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James, restaurant, 85 Thames 
Brown Jas. V. watchmaker, Forrest nr Gay 
Brown James F. clerk, 146 Division 
BROWN JAMES R. & CO. (J. R. Brown, T. 

Parsons) wholes, queensware, 1 n Howard 
Brown Jas. R. (J. R. B. & Co.) 158 w Madison 
Brown J. Frank, brickmaker, 606 w Fayette 
Brown J. Willcox, (B., Lancaster & Co.) 83 w 

Brown Mrs. Jane, stationery, 479 Penna. av 
Brown Jasper R. carpenter, 104 s Charles, dw 

319 Light 
Brown Jerome B. (J.B.B. & Co.) 48s Howard 

Brown J. B. & Co. (Jerome B. Brown Julian 

Barroll) com. merchs. 48 s Howard 
Brown Jerome B. tobacconist, 126 n Exeter 
Brown Jesse, brakeman, Ramsay nr Gilmor 
Brown J. W. & Bro. (Jno.W. and Beverly W. 

Brown) real estate brokers, 75 w Fayette 
Brown John W. (J. W. B. ^ Bro.) Franklin 

rd nr city limits 
Brown John, 437 Madison av 
Brown John, shoemaker, 246 n Central av 
Brown John, mariner, 65 Cambridge 
Brown John, conductor, 120 s Eden 
Brown John, shoemaker, 23 Bank 
Brown John grocery, Regester nr Orleans 
Brown John, laborer. 432 Canton av 
Brown John A. court messenger, 150 Jefferson 
Brown Jno. B.(Geo. A. B.& Son) 6 Penna. av 
Brown John, 16 Holland 
Brown JohnB. (Owens,B.<|- Co.) US St. Paul 
Brown John F. engineer, 146 s Ann 
Brown John, rigger, 70 Johnson 
Brown John L. contractor building stone, 163 

Druid Hill av 
Brown John N. treas. People's Gas Co. 18 s 

Brown John, miller, 194 Harford av 
Brown John, trainmaster, 92 s Exeter 
Brown John H. clerk, 337 Cinton av 
Brown John, confectioner, 34 Liberty ct 
Brown John J. brakeman, 174 Ramsay 
Brown John, (John B. & Son) 87 n Broadway 
BROWN JOHN & SON, (John and Chas. T. 

Brown) hardware, 10 w Pratt 
Brown John, laborer, 22 Thames 
Brown John, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Brown John H. clerk, 76 Grindall 
Brown John, gardener, Greenmount av near 

Point la 
Brown John, sawyer, 90 Eastern av 
Brown John J. butcher, 20 HoUins market, 

dw 217 Frederick av 
Brown John M. carpenter, 257 Lee 
Brow John H. boilermaker, 114 Boyd 
Brown John F. S. tinner, 479 Penna av 
Brown John T. tinner, 179 s Paca 
Brown John T. painter, 120 s Gilmor 
Brown J Wesley, bookkeeper, 49 Hanover 
Brown Jno.T. (B., Boggs&Co.) 1 13 n Charles 
Brown John, laborer, 45 James la 
Brown John F. painter, 7 James la 
Brown John, butcher, 217 Frederick av 
Brown John C. canmaker, Bethel nr Bank, dw 

420 e Baltimore 
Brown John, engineer, s end Clinton 
Brawn John T. packer, 127 s Bond 
Brown John H. clerk, 181 s Broadway 
Brown John, laborer, McHenry nr Mount 
Brown John, laborer, 263 s Bond 
Brown John S. 163 Druid Hill av 
Brown John W. engraver, 158 w Baltimore 
Brown Jonathan, tin plate and sheet iron 

worker, 58 North 
BROWN J. HARMAN, Register of Wills and 

treas. Ass'n Imp.Cond. Poor, 67 Courtland 
Brown Joseph, coachpainter, 230 w Biddle 
Brown Joseph, sec'y & treas. Balto. Gas Light 

Co. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph, 103 Hanover 
Brown Joseph, grain, Waverley, York rd 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 83 Johnson 
Brown Joseph B. engineer, 4 Russell 
Brown Rev. Joseph E. 617 w Fayette 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Thi'oat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore 

BRO 81 

Brown Jos. M. carp'tr, Schroeder nr Saratoga 
Brown Josh.A.coachmak,34V Saratoga, dw 320 
Brown Joshua L. tin and sbeet iron worker, 

477 Penna av 
Brown Joshua V. tinner, 477 Penna av 
Brown Mrs. Julia, 46 Montgomery 
Brown Mrs. Julia A. 246 Rollins 
Brown Mrs. Julia A. jr. 246 Hollins 
Brown Julius, shoemaker, 50 n Eden 
Brown Julius, jeweler, 304 Eastern av 
Brown Mrs. Kate, dressmaker, 244 s Bond 
Brown Kate, 99 Raborg 
Brown Kirk, teacher, 410 e Baltimore 
R. A. Lancaster, P. J. Wright, J. L. Wil- 
liams, C. D.Lowndes, )bankers and brokers, 
30 South 
Brown L. A. shoemaker, 154 w Lombard 
Brown Laura, 42 Rock 
Brown Laura A. tailoress, 380 e Monument 
Brown Levi, music store, 457 w Baltimore, dw 

Franklin nr Carey 
Brown Lewis, prop. Brown's hotel, 119 n High 
Brown Lewis, cooper, 239 s Sharp 
Brown Lewis, butcher, 5 Armistead la 
Brown Lewis B. bookkeeper, 337 Myrtle av 
Brown Lewis P. shoemaker, 294 McHenry 
Brown Mrs. Lizette, tailoress, 89 s Bethel 
Brown Lorin,(Noyes & Brown) s w cor Mosher 

and Oregon 
Brown Lydia D. 164 e Monument 
Brown M. millinery, fancy and dry goods, 166 

Brown M. Harold, engraver, over 169 w Bal- 
timore, dw 233 Walsh 
Brown Manheim, toys and confectioner}', 16 

w Baltimore 
Brown Margaret, dressmaker, Madeira al nr 

Canton av 
Brown Mrs. Margaret, 304 Eastern av 
Brown Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, 65 Hillen 
Brown Mary, 38 Chesnut 
Brown Mary, 176 6 Eden 
Brown Mrs. Mary, 247 s Wolfe 
Brown Mrs. Mary, confect'y, 148 n Central av 
Brown Mrs. Mary, janitress, 177 s Chester 
Brown Mrs. Mary, 54 n Front 
Brown Mary A. 60 St Peter 
Brown Mary A. tailoress, 269 Orleans 
Brown Mrs. Mary A. 323 Harford av 
Brown Mary C. 312 e Chase 
Brown Mrs. Mary C. 153 Orleans 
Brown Mrs. Mary C. 203 Frederick av 
Brown Mary B. tailoress, 410 e Monument 
Brown Mrs Matilda R. 76 n Carey 
Brown Martin S. engraver, over n e cor Cal- 
vert and Water, dw 44 Walsh 
Brown Memorial Church, (Presbyterian) cor 

Park av and Townsend 
Brown Matthew J. ( M. J. & W. A. Brown ) 

118 Greenmount av 
Brown M. J. & W. A. flour and feed commis- 
sion merchants, 11 w Pratt 
Brown Mich'l, laborer, 21 e Madison 
Brown Michael, 240 Lemmon al 
Brown Michael, laborer, 34 Etting 
Brown Michael, laborer, 231 William 
Brown Michael, carter, 23 Pleasant al 
Brown Michael, laborer, 22 e Madison 
Brown Mollie, 19 Mullikin 
Brown Mollie, 51 Josephine 
Brown Moses, painter, 65 Granby 


.Office, 26 Post Office Ave. _^ 

I— I 

Brown Oliver, clerk, 14 n Eutaw 

Brown & O'Rourke, (Wm. T. Brown, John 

O'Rourke, ) coal and wood, s e cor. Fremont 

and Mulberry 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 21 e Madison 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Brown Paul, shoemaker, 155 Dover 
Brown Philip, shoemaker, 23 Brown 
Brown Philip, shoemaker, 254 n Central av 
Brown Philip H. 76 n Carey 
Brown P. M. cooper, 286 s Ann 
Brown Rachel E. 93 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Rachel P. 193 n Howard 
Brown Randolph, bricklayer, 316 w Hoffman 
Brown Richd.(V J.B.& Bros.)286 w Fayette 
Brown Richard, machinist, 122 Greenmount av 
Brown Richard, laborer, 240 Lemmou al 
Brown Rinehart, baker, 777 w Baltimore 
Brown R. Howard, clerk, 118 Gough 
Brown Robt. clerk, Howard house 
Brown Robt. watches and jewelry, 158 w Bal- 
Brown Robt. jr. Decker nr Oliver 
Brown Robt. D. treasurer Susq. Canal Co. 13 

Lexington, dw Howard co 
Brown Robert T. book agent, Sarah Ann nr 

Brown Robt. P. 163 St. Paul 
Brown Robt. P. clerk, 266 Linden av 
Brown Rudolph, shoemaker, 93 Granby 
Brown Reuben T. huckster, 316 w Hoffman 
Brown Mrs. Ruth, 113 n Exeter 
Brown Samuel, rigger, 14 Warren 
Brown Samuel, bricklayer, 250 George 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 127 Division 
Brown Samuel B. clerk, 14 Warren 
Brown Samuel L. 368 Eutaw place 
Brown Samuel M. carpenter, 246 Hollins 
Brown Samuel M. of John, 257 Lee 
Brown Samuel R. laborer, 140 e Madison 
Brown Samuel R. huckster, 179 s Paca 
Brown Sarah, 121 Chew 
Brown Sarah, waitress, 15 Cathedral 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 66 s Bond 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 174 s Broadway 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 55 e Baltimore 
Brown Mrs. Sarah C. 91 Raborg 
Brown Sebastian, ( B. & Smith) 172 Druid 

Brown Mrs. S. L. 98 n Durham 
Brown Simon S. carpenter, 158 Conwaj^ 
BROWN & SMITH, (Sebastian Brown, Rob't 

H. Smith, attorneys, 51^ St. Paul 






WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORN. :R jr- & CO., Manufrs & Com. Mercli'ts. 













r— ( 






Brown Solomon, salesman, 16; Lexington 
Brown Solomon, millinery an \ straw goods, 

257 w Baltimore, dw 232 w J.ombard 
Brown Sophia, millinerj', 21 George 
Brown Stewart, (B.& Brune) Bidrtle nr Charles 
Brown Stewart, brass finisher, 177 u High 
Brown Dr. Septimus, office 94 w Faj-ette, dw 

TovTusend and Garden 
Brown Theodore, lab'r, Jackson nr Cross 
Brown Thos. police, 17 n Central av 
Brown Thos. G. painter, 242 Light 
BrowT Thos. H. sec'v Great Falls Iron Co. 95 

s Charles, dw 118 Gougb 
Brown Thos. M. (T. Matthews & Son,) 169 w 

Brown Dr. Thos. R., U. S. N. 129 Lanvale 
Brown Thos. S. clerk, 189 Brown 
Brown Thos. R. 304 M.idison av 
Brown Thos. laborer, 88 n Holliday 
Brown Thos. brass moulder, 8 Brune 
Brown Thos. A. (V. J. B. & Bros.) 224 w 

Brown Thos. S. clerk, 189 n Bond 
Brown Thos J. jr. jeweler, 303 e Eager 
Brown Thos. shoemak. 82 w Pratt 
Brown Thos. brickmak. 343 Columbia 
Brown Thos. J. gold and silversmith, 146 w 

Baltimore, dw 303 e Eager 
Brown Thos. shinjoiner, 332 s Bond 
Brown T. H. bridge build. Clin'on and Boston 
Brown Thos. pattern mak. 21 George 
Brown Thos. merch tailor, 213 e Baltimore 
Brown Thos. currier, 79 McElderry's whf 
Brown Thos. W. carver, 240 Lemmon al 
Brown Thos. W. blacksmith, 17 n Central av 
Brown Timothy, commission merchant, 477 

Brown Timothy -3. huckster, Caroline and 

Brown Virsinia, 410 e Monument 
Brown V. .J. & Bros. (V. J., T. A. and Rich'd 

Brown, )whol. grocers and liquors, 66 Ex- 
change pi 
Brown V. J. (V. J. B. & Bros.) 14 Hollins 
Brown Walter S. carp. Is6 Saratoga 
Brown Wesley, bookkeeper, 103 Hanover 
Brown Wm. clerk, Guy's AEonument house 
Brown Wm. & Co. ( Wm. Brown, ) watches and 

jewelry, s e cor Baltimore and Charles 
Brown Wm. blacksmith, 219 Dolphin 
Brown Wm., R. R. agent, 339 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. (Wni. B. & Co.) 266 Linden av 
Brown AVm. coal, 368 n Howard, dw 149 

Brown W. Judson, (B., Graves & Co) 4 n Carey 
Brown Wm. A. miller, Fred'k rd nr tollgate 
Brown Wm. H. rigger, 37 s Washington 
Brown Wm. J. lab'r, Durham nr Orleans 
Brown Wm. H. carp. 68 Thames 
Brown Wm. E. carp. 83 n Pine 
Brown Wm. H. (W.H.B.&Bro.) 226 Linden av 
Brown W^m. A. (M. J. & W. A. B.) 121 n Eden 
BROWN WM. H. & BRO. (Wm. H. Brown, 

Alex. E. Brown, John E. Morrison,) drug- 
gists, 2.5 s Sharp 
Brown Wm. G. clerk, 303 e Eager 
Brown Wm. J. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 182 

Linden av 
Bromn Wm. H. carp. 128 n Eden 
Brown Wm. W. carp. 14 s Ann 
Brown Wm. T. 55 St. Paul 
Brown Wm. N. miller, Fred'k av nr tollgate 

Brown Wm. H. blacksmith, Millington la nr 

Frederick av 
Brown Wm. coachsmith, 219 Dolphin 
Brown Mrs. Winifred, 36 n Front 
Brown Wm. R. clerk, over 226 w Baltimore 
Brown Wm. L. carp. Chesnutnr Low, dw 216 

e Baltimore 
Brown Wm. G. clerk, 32 s Poppleton 
Brown Wm. H. (Murdock, B. <fe Hill,) 158 w 

Brown Wm. M. printer, 42 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. H. bricklayer, 395 Franklin 
Brown Wm. shoemak. 79 McElderry's whf 
Brown Wra. R. carp. 1)4 Townsend 
Brown Wm. P. grocery, 269 Orleans 
Brown Wm. R. painter, 129 Preston 
Brosvn Wm. T, (B. k O'Rourke,) 247 Lee 
Brown Wm. H. carp. 128 n Eden 
Brown Wm. R. clerk, 188 German 
Brown Wm. lab'r, Clifton nr the Park 
Browne Chas. C. 123 McCulloh 
Browne Dr. Bennett B. 123 McCulloh 
Browne Eugene H. salesman, 21 s Howard 
Browne Nicholas V. 310 n Caioline 
Browne P. Arrell. attorney, 65 w Fayette, dw 

243 n Calvert 
Browne James H., Barnum's hotel 
Browne Wm. salesman, 238 s Paca 
Browning Basil C. conductor, B. & 0. R. R., 

26 n Oregon 
Browning Catherine, 22 Cove al 
BROWNING E. B. ticket agent B. & 0. R. R. 

s e cor Baltimore and Calvert 
Browning Edw. iron moulder, 40 Harford ar 
Browning Frederick, brickmk. 708 Light 
Browning George G. police, 13 Etting 
Browning Jacob, blacksmith, 93 Lee 
Browning Joseph D. brickmak. 650 Light 
Browning Louis, plumber, 33 Low 
Browning Louisa, teacher, 75 s Eden 
Browning Luzon W. plumber, 33 Low 
Browning Mrs. Mary A. 75 s Eden 
Browning iilax. carp. 126 Stirling 
Browning Olivia, 389 n Gay 
Bro'.vning Richard, laborer, 656 Light 
Browning Susan, teacher, '75 s Eden 

Spurrier's ct, dw 49 Mulberry 
BROWNING WM. W. ticket agent B. & 0. R. 

R., s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, dw 72 n 

Browning Wm. painter, 103 w Biddle 
Browning Wm. E. grocer, 137 e Baltimore, dw 

371 n Central av 
Browning Wm. H. cardriver, 529 n Fremont 
Browning Wm. S. bookkeeper, 138 Preston 
Browning Wm. E. ropemaker, 154 n Front 
Brownley Mrs. Hetty, 43 Garden 
Brownley Hiram L. shipcarpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Brownley John W. shipcarpenter, 365 Light 
Brownley Larking C. sliipcarp. 458 Canton av 
Brownley Louisa, confec'ry, 419 w Lombard 
Brownley Mrs. Sarah A. tailoress, 5 Hyde ct 
Brownley Thos. J. engineer, 63 Hill 
Brownold Moses, salesman. 111 German 
Bruce David, confectioner, 182 w Pratt, dw38 

Bruce Edward M. (J. M. B. & Son,) Bouldin 

al nr Townsend 
Bruce John M. (J. M. B. &Son,) 160 Aisquith 
BRUCE JOHN M. & SON, (J. M. k E. M. 

Bruce,) coppersmiths, 91 n Holliday 

WM.H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
Laboratory 182 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 



Bruce Oliver H. harness maker, 6 Hill 
Bruce Thos. S. 188 n Central a7 
Bruce Thos. sr. 101 Aisquith 
Bruce Wra. 153 e Madison 
Bruce Rev. Wm. 138| w Diddle 
Bruce Wm. W. machinist, 153 e Madison 
Bruchey David H. police, 239 Columbia 
Brucheiser Geo. tailor, 190 Preston 
Bruck Henry M. tailor, 278 Hanover 
Bruckhoff Robt. tailor, 26 Albemarle 
Bruckmann Wm. shoemaker. 154 Henrietta 
Bruckner Dan'l, shoemaker, Dover nr Fulton 
Bruckner John F. piano maker, 5 Sterrett 
Brudder Fred, laborer, 262 s Durham 
Brude Giistav, clerk, 226 s Sharp 
Bruder Alichael. confectioner, 29 n Chapel 
Bruebach Charles, furniture, 16 n Howard, dw 

251 Franklin 
Bruebach Jacob, cabinetmaker, 68 Barre 
Brueckner Andrew, beer, 1 Dover 
Bruehl Wm. cigarpacker, 155 Druid Hill av 
Bruene Frank, laborer, 107 Lancaster 
BrufF Emma, servant. 252 w Pratt 
Bruff John K. biicklaver, 264 e Pratt 
Btuff John W. (Floyd, B. k Co.) 283 Madi- 
son av 
Brutf Jos. E. (Baker, B. & Co.) 283 Madison av 
Bruff Mrs. Salhe J. 283 Madison av 
Bruff Thomas, student, 264 e Pratt 
Bruff Thos. A. shipcarpenter, 83 Mampstead 
Bruggy Martin, c.irpenter, 3 Arcade al 
Brugierre Francis, clerk, 142 n Charles 
Brugniens Louis, painter, 17 Barnet 
Bruggemann Wm. grocery, G Dawson al 
Bruggman Mrs. Amelia, variety store, 360 

Canton av 
Bruggman Henry, carpenter, 360 Canton av 
Bruhel Jno. laborer, Madison av nr Northern av 
Bruhl George, baker, 144 n Fremont 
Bruhn Jacob, wines and liquors, 73 s Sharp 

dw G7J Hanover 
Brummel Joseph, painter, 56 n Poppleton 
Brummel Wm. carpenter, 58 s Ann 
Brummer Henry, clerk, 328 Light 
Brun Edw'd, n\achinist, 1 16 n Paca 
Brun M.vd. F. child's dressmaker, 116 n Paca 
Brun Henry, carpetweaver, 85 n Ann 
Brun Victor H. clerk, 116 n Paca 
Brunch Mary A. 2 s Poppleton 
Brundige Charles H. (Sauerberg & B.) 185 

Brundige Kate, teacher, 44 Biddle 
Brundige Mrs. Rebecca, 44 Biddle 
Brundige Rudolph, cop. smelter, 32 Fountain 
Brundige Thos. V. Mine bank In nr Baltimore 

CGmctGr V 
BRUNDIGE THOS. W. attorney, 32 St. Paul, 

dw Mine bank la nr Baltimore cemetery 
BRUNE F. W. & SONS, (W H. Brune) 
merch'ts and ag'ts Md. Stean Sugar Refin- 
ing Co. 89 and 91 Smith's whf 
Brune Mrs. D. 1 14 Battery av 
Brune Fred'k W. (Brown & B.) Northern av 

nr Charles-st. av 
Brune Henry, laborer, 75 e Lombard 
Brune Henry, laborer, 127 s Central av 
Brune Herman, lumber driver, 63 Albemarle 
Brune John, laborer, 72 s Bond 
Brune Wra. F. lamps and oil, 72 s Bond 
Brune Wm. laborer, 114 Battery av 
Brune Wm. H.(F. W. B. k Sons) 157 St. Paul 
Bruner Adam, porter, 8 Callendar al 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Bruner Hamilton, huckster, 146 Henrietta 
Bruner Jacob, laborer, 8 Callendar al 
Bruner Jacob, carpenter, 127 s Sharp 
Bruner John, butcher, 110 n Bond 
Bruner John, blacksmitli, 291 n Central av 
Bruner William, tailor, 235 e Lombard 
Bruney John, baker, 9 Warner 
Bruning Annie, grocery, 164 n Caroline 
Bruning Geo. undertaker, 120 York 
Bruning Geo. boxmaker, 254 s Sharp 
Bruning Henry, grocery, 9 Warner 
Bruning John, laborer, 67 e Lomljard 
Bruning Louis W. clerk, 103 n Central av 
Brunker James H. provisions, 104 s Caroline 
Brunner Abel, (Rawlings & B.) 77 Aisquith 
Brunner John L. tailor, 44 w Fayette 
Brunner Joseph, tailor, 165 Stirling 
Brunner Joseph, coUarmaker, 29 n Greene 
Brunner Mrs Louisa, pat. medicines, 77 sEutaw 
Brunner V . S. (Nicudemus, Gittinger k Co.) 

Frederick, Md 
Bruns Bernard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Bru'js Christian, shoemaker, 57 Albemarle 
Bruns Henry, porter, 75 e Lombard 
Bruns John, (Heise & Co.) 164 Mulberry 
Bruns Joseph, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Brunt Anton, laborer, 4 Baker ct 
l'- untt -as. A. clerk, 2 Walsh 
Brunt J:;mes, Division nr Wilson 
Brunt Mrs. M. E. 2 Walsh 
Brunt Mary, 154 s Charles 
Brunt Ralph, 487 Penna av 
Brunt Richard, clerk, 2 Walsh 
Brunt Richard, sr. 2 Walsh 
Bruntsch Anthony B. tobacconist, 14 Ridgely 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, carpenter, 132 n Bond 
Bruscup Geo. turner. 111 n Caroline 
Bruscup Thomas, (Audoun & B.) 76 n Bond 
Bruscup Wm. fire dept. Fayette nr Caroline 
Brush ('has. W. attorney, 35 Lexington, dw 

cor John and Wilson 
Brushmill John, machinist, Bolton depot 
Brushnehan Daniel, laborer, Chappell nr Lib- 
erty rd 
Brushwiller Geo. W. wagon'r,434 n Fremont 
Brushwiller John, machinist, 67 Mound 
Brushwiller Lemuel D. 67 Mound 
Brushwiller Mrs. Mary, groc'y, 13 Liberty al 
Brushwiller Theo. oflic. Penitent'y, 67 Mound 
Brushwiller Wm. chairmaker, 67 Mound 
Brushwiller Wm. jr. painter, 13 Liberty al 









H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 







• I— < 






Brussell Mrs. Amelia, tailoress, 6 Monmonierct 
BRUSSTAR HENRY, shipyard, Boston nr 

Chesapeake, dw 144 Chesapeake 
Brust John J. teacher, 100 Henrietta 
Bruster Mrs. Eleanor, 77 Walsh 
Bruster James, agricultural implements, 77 

North, dw 77 Walsh 
Bruster John, gardener, Greenmount cemetery 
Bruster Louis C. clerk, 77 Walsh 
Bruton Mrs. Emma, millinery, 70 n Charles 
Bruton Wm. attorney, 70 n Charles 
Brutting Geo. barkeeper, 69 s Regester 
BrvAu Arthur L. huckster, 183 Orleans 
Bryan Benj. carpenter, 500 w Lombard 
Bryan Christopher, stove factory, 61s Calvert 

and 36 Cheapside, dw 173 Lee 
Bryan Emma, tailoress, 68 York 
Bryan Frederick W. clerk, 158 Bank 
Bryan Mrs. Emily, (B. & Mooney, ) 245 n Car- 
Bryan John W. mariner, 68 York 
Bryan John G. bookagent, 158 Bank 
Bryan John, bricklayer, 485 Saratoga 
Bryan John, farmer, 5 Armistead la 
Bryan J. Harrj*, attorney, 15 St. Paul, dw 

Jeflferson pi. Baltimore co. 
Bryan Michael, laborer, 379 Eastern av 
Bryan & Mooney, (E. Bryan, M. E. Mooney) 

ladies shoes. 72 n Charles 
BRYAN & SMALL, (S. L. B., W. H. Small) 
hoop skirts and fancy dry goods, 223 w Bal- 
Bryan Samuel, laborer, 99 Peach al 
Bryan Samuel L. (B. & Small) 120 Lan\ale 
Bryan Thos. farmer, 245 n Caroline 
Bryan Thos. J. huckster, 485 Saratoga 
Bryan Thomas, laborer, 22 s Gist 
Bryan Thos. J. huckster, 115 s Eden 
Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, 195 n Dallas 
Bryan Wm. 158 Bank 
Bryan Wm. laborer, 9 Armistead la 
Brvau Wm. Shepard, attorney, 52 n Calvert, 

dw 87 St. Paul 
Bryan Wm. H. gasfitter, 29 n Bond 
Brvant Geo. A. clerk, 277 Mulberry 
BrVant J. Y. 277 Mulberry 
Bryant Wm. A. & Co. (W. A. Bryant, F. 
Tilghman) patented articles, 1 n Holliday 
Bryant Wm. A.(Wm. A. B. & Co. )3 Franklin 
Bryant Wm. S. salesman, 277 Mulberry 
BrVant, Stratton & Sadler, Business College, 
8 n Charles, W. H. Sadler and J. M. Drys- 
dale, proprietors 
Bryarly Mrs. Caroline, tailoress, 140 e Monu- 
Bryden Jas., York rd nr Huntingdon av 
Bryer And'w, lager beer. Monument & Chester 
Bryer John, shoemaker, 156 s Eden 
Bryson Alex, shoemaker, 479 n Gay 
Bryson Andrew, plasterer, 479 n Gay 
Bryson Ber'd A. lumb. insp. 50 East Falls av, 

dw 72 e Pratt 
Bryson Mrs. Cath'ne, boarding, 625 w Pratt 
Bryson Daniel M. clerk, 134 n Exeter 
Bryson Gilbert E. real estate broker, over 26 

Second, dw 59 Aisquith 
Bryson Gilbert H. real estate broker, over 26 

Second, dw 59 Aisquith 
Bryson Wm. J. insp'r C. H., Swann lake, 

Baltimore co 
Bubfu Mrs. Margaret, 145 s Wolfe 
Bubert Mrs. Cath'ne M. seamstress, 72 Granby 

84 BUC 

Bubert John, laborer, 72 Granby 
Bubert J. D. grocery and feed, 99 s Charles 
Bubert Herman, drayman, 181 s Eden 
Bubert Mrs. Margaret, 145 s Wolfe 
Bubey James, 207 Light 
Buchall Herman, baker, 5 e Pratt 
Buchanan Alex, carver, 240 s Sharp 
BUCHANAN E. KEY, attorney, 1 Lexington 
Buchanan G. E. clerk, Howard house 
Buchanan James A. (B. & Kerr) 83 Preston 
Buchanan James E., Western hotel 
Buchanan James H. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 

30 w Eager 
Buchanan James M. attorney, 41 Lexington, 

dw Baltimore co 
Buchanan Jas. M. jr. clerk city tax office, 110 

w Fayette 
Buchanan John R. attorney, 87 n Charles 
Buchanan John Rowan, attorney, 41 Lexington, 

dw Baltimore co 
BUCHANAN & KERR, (James A. Buchanan, 

Charles G. Kerr) attorneys, 41 St. Paul 
Buchanan Leas S 57 St. Paul 
Buchanan Thos. M. clerk, Lombard and Sharp 
Buchanan Wm. M. clerk, 83 Preston 

Lexington, dw 63 Courtland 
Bucheimer Fred, oysters, 27 Eastern av 
Bucheimer Geo. shoemaker, 10 Henry 
Bucheimer Geo. restaurant, 442 Penna av 
Bucheimer Peter, merchant tailor, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheimer Wm. tinner, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheister Chas. laborer, 4 Brown's la 
Bucher Abraham, carpenter, Waverley, York rd 
Bucher Chas. T. grocery, York rd nr toll gate 
Bucher Geo. carpenter, 134 n High 
Bucher Geo. porter, 123 L. Greene 
Bucher Jacob, cabinetmaker, 224 Canton av 
Bucher John, (J. Bucher & Co.) 78 Granby 
Bucher J. & Co. (John Bucher, Fred. Rosen- 
berg) pavers, 85 n Poppleton 
Bucherly Robert, tailor, 307 n Central av 
Buchet Rebecca, 177 e Lombard. 
Buchoiz Annie, 213 e Monument 
Buchholz Ann, provisions, 270 n Eutaw 
Buchholz Henry, shoemaker, 30 Scott 
Buchmeyer Frederick, wheelwht. 107 Henrietta 
Buchsbaum Bernard, restaurant, 88 n Gay 
Buchsbaum Chas. lager beer, Frederick av and 

Buchsbaum Henry, beer, 4 Centre Market sp 
Buchsbaum John G. tailor, 18 s Sharp 
Buchsbaum John H. lager beer, Central av and 

Buchner Conrad, shoemaker, 235 s Eutaw 
Buchner John A. cigar maker, 219 Chesnut 
Buchner John, sawyer, 219 Chesnut 
Buchta F. C. P. W. blacksmith, 25 Hillen 
Buchta John, wheelwright and blacksmith, 23 

Hillen, dw 25 
Buchta Wm. C. blacksmith, 25 Hillen 
Buchwald Michael, butcher, 7 Belair and 113 

Centre markets, dw Belair av nr city limits 
Buck Benj. C. ( Wellener & B.) 268 w Hoffman 
Buck Benj. G. plasterer, 75 s Greene 
Buck Mrs. B. J., 396 Franklin 
Buck C. W. clerk, 57 n Republican 
Buck C. W. jr. clerk, 57 n Republican 
Buck Mrs. Cecelia, 187 n High 
Buck Chas. W. police, 211 Hanover 
Buck Christian, tailor, 1 Shakspear 
Buck Mrs. Elizabeth, 259 Aisquith 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 



Buck Edward D. iron and steel, 86 w Pratt, 

dw York rd 
Buck Edwin B. naval store broker, 81 Smith's 

whf, dw 205 Franklin 
Buck Geo. H. clerk, 238 Linden av 
Buck Geo. W. clerk, 75 e Pratt 
Buck Geo. W., 332 Penna av 
Buck Geo. A. bricklayer, 69 Hill 
Buck H. R. teacher, 23 n High 
Buck Henry, shoemaker, 171 s Caroline 
Buck J. M. salesman, Howard house 
Buck Irving A. (Adams & B.) Maltby bouse 
Buck James A. dep'y harbor master, 69 Hill 
Buck James F. car driver, 89 Druid Hill av 
Buck John, clerk. Merchants' hotel 
Buck John jr. 75 e Pratt 
Buck John H. & Co. (J. H. and W. B. Buck) 

hardware, 88 w Pratt 
Buck John H. (J. H. B. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Buck John M., Druid Hill av ur Wilson 
Buck John N. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Buck John C. bricklayer, 235 n Caroline 
Buck Joseph A. metals, furs and paper stock, 

100 Light St whf, dw 69 Hill 
Buck Joseph T. clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck Leander W. brickmkr, 24 Gist nr Essex 
Buck Leander W.jr. brickmkr. 24 Gistnr Essex 
BUCK JAMES, prop'r Buck's hotel, 34 w 


On the European Plan, 

Meals Served at ALL HOURS, Day and Night. 

Buck Lewis F. bookkeeper, 56 n Liberty 

Buck Maria, 235 n Caroline 

Buck Orville M. clerk, 42 n Eutaw 

Buck Richard B. (Goldsborough, B. & Co, 

Maltby bouse 
Buck SamlD. (Shriver, B. & Co.) 3 nHowar 
Buck Susanna, 9 New Church 
Buck Wesley B. (J. H. B. k Co.) 75 e Pratt 
Buck Wm. H. clerk, 238 Linden av 
Buck Wm. H. jr. 238 Linden av 
Buckey Geo. A. engineer, 176 s Eutaw 
Buckey James H. engineer, 218 Lee 

Buckhart Adam, laborer, Marriott nr Haubert 
Buckhait Matthias, cabinetmkr. 42 Liberty al 
Buckheim Chas. upholsterer, 11 Painter ct 
Buckheimer Adam, hackman, 126 s Bethel 
Buckheimer Matthias, laborer, 68 Walnut al 
Buckheister John, machinist, Brown nr Fred- 
erick av 
Buckheit Peter, carter, 286 Johnson 
Buckhotf Wm. huckster, 20 Thomsen 
Buckholtz Henry, clerk, 495 w Baltimore 
Buckholtz Mary, 230 Lee 
Buckholtz Wm. cabinetmaker, 95 Conway 
Bucking Francis, baker, 124 Hollins 
Buckingham C. W.. R. R. agt. 15 n Strieker 
Buckingham Cordelia, 322 Saratoga 
Buckingham Geo. W. cabinetmaker, Fulton 

nr McHenry 
Buckingham' Henry F. T. (J. W. C. Seitz & 

Co.) 287 w Hoffman 
Buckingham Isaiah F. music teacher, 35 n 

Buckingham Jennie, 420 e Baltimore 
Buckingham Jesse P. lab'r, Fulton and Dover 
Buckingham John E. blacksmith, Strieker nr 

Buckingham John W. carpenter, 9 Scott 
Buckingham John W. carp. Strieker nr Mc- 
Buckingham Mrs. Mary A. tai oress, 2 Blood- 
good ct 
Buckingham 0. P. clerk, tobacco warehouse 

No. 4 
Buckingham Prof. P. G. young ladies acade- 
my, 301 Madison av 
Buckingham Reed, car driver, 955 w Baltimore 
Buckingham Thos. B. stencil cutter, 2 Blood- 
good ct 
Buckingham Washington L. agent for Bick- 
ford & Hufiman, 59j s Charles, dw 35 n 
Buckingham Wm. G. butter, 352 Mulberry 
Buckler Dr. Riggin, 135 n Charles 
Buckler Samuel, mariner, 202 s Wolfe 
Buckler Wm. H. ferryman, 88 s Chester 
Buckless Henry, pilot, 96 n Wolfe 
Buckless Henry S. officer Penit'y, 34 Laurel 
Buckley Charles R. boot and shoe manufac- 
turer, 101 Hanover 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Daniel jr. lanorer, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Daniel B. tinner, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Dennis, laborer, s end Clinton 
Buckley Mrs. Elizabeth, 14 Arbel al 








WM. H. HEAD'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

HORNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates, 





-*— ' 







Buckley James, bottler, 9 Llojd 
Buckley John J. engineer, 133 s Regester 
Buckley John, fiirnier, 90 s Republican 
Buckley John, clerk. 240 n Eden 
Buckley John, driver, 75^ Eastern av 
Buckley Mrs. Margaret, 4 3 n Wolfe 
Buckley Martin, ice, 49 McKim, dw 14 Arbel al 
Buckley Mrs. Mary A. coufect'y, 60 Thames 
Buckley Mrs. Mary, 15 Abey al 
Buckley Wm. mariner, 60 Thames 
Buckli Leon, cook, Eutaw house 
BUCKMAN BROS. & CO. (S.J. Buckman) 

bankers, 192 w Baltimore 
Buckman Chas. tinner, 123 Battery nv 
Buckman Saml. J. (B. Bros. & Co.) Balto. co 
Buckman Sarah, shoes, 206 Canton av 
Backmaster H. C. (Buckmaster & Brodie) 91 

Buckmaster Hillary, caulker, 147 Johnson 
Buckmiller Robert S. tanner, 229 n Calvert 
Buckner Dr. Chas. S. 46 McCulloh 
Bucksbaum Julius, dry goods, 232 s Broadway 
Bucksbaum Meyer, clerk, 232 s Broadway 
Buckstein Wm. boxmaker, 49 Clay 
Buckstein Wm. laborer, 350 s Eutaw 
Budeke Geo. H. (B. & Grothaus) 241 e Balto 
Budeke & Grothaus, (Geo. H. Budeke, D. B. 
Grothaus) oils, paints, &c. 133 s Broadway 
Budeke Geo. millinery, 241 e Baltimore 
Budeke Hy. laborer, cor Leadenhall and West 
Budemeyer Henry, laborer, Elliott nr Clinton 
Budd Chas. A. tolaacconist, 230 Harford av 
Budd Wm. shucker, 129 s Bethel 
Budde Louis, laborer, 112 Cooksie 
Budde Wm. blacksmith, 58 President, dw 104 

Eastern av 
Buddemyer Fred'k, boilermaker, 217 s Wolfe 
Buddemyer, Wm. laborer, 217 s Wolfe 
Budenbaum Capt. Chas. 281 u Dallas 
Budenbaum Wm. carpenter, 279 n Dallas 
Budhoff Peter, grain runner, 86 Somerset 
Budnitz Henry, collector, 266 s Sharp 
Bueche Frederick, brewer, Belair av ur Balti- 
more cemetery 
Buecker Wm. tailor, 381 w Pratt 
Buehler Chas. cooper, 71 Portland 
Buehler George E. clerk, 182 Franklin 
Buehler Henry L. tailor, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Wm. clerk, 129 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. jr. clerk, 182 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. cf- Co. (AVm. Buehler) tobacco- 
nists, 159 Franklin 
Buehler Wm.(Wm. B. & Co. and G. D. Kline- 
felter k Co.) 182 Franklin 
Buehner Otto teacher, Wilkeos nr Hollins 
Buenger John, boolfilter, 126 s Spring 
Buffington Hickman E. bookkeeper, 100 w 

Bufdow John, laborer, 87 Lancaster 
Bufter Edward, bricklayer, 122 s Washington 
Bufter Elijah, stable boss, 122 s Washington 
Bufter John, laborer, 152 s Chapel 
Bugdon Francis, bricklayer, 9 n Bond 
Buhl Albert, laborer, 265 s Wolfe 
Buhl Balthaser, tailor, 'A Newman ct 
Buhlier Valentine, 411 n Gay 
Buhman Daniel, shoemaker, 369 s Charles 
Buhman Henry, shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Building Committee New City Hall, office 

North nr Fayette 
Buitner Conrad, tailor, 5 New 
Bujac Alfred, teacher, 26 Franklin 

Bukbaura Jacob, umbrellam'r, 20 n Poppleton 

Buker Thos. laborei-, 72 Essex 

Buker Wm. confectionery, 171 Columbia 

Bukner Michael, shoemaker, 76 Harrison 

Bukoffskey Geo. H.puddler, Potomac nrHudson 

Bukstorf Frank, shoemaker, 146 Low 

BULACK JACOB, restaurant, 65 w Pratt 

Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 244 w Pratt 

Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 195 Lee 

Buleier Ferdinand, shoemaker, 47 s Wolfe 

Buley Mrs Elizabeth, 276 e Lombard 

Bulgan H. Henry, paver, 336 Mulberry 

Bulger James, stonecutter, 14 Constitution 

Bulger John B. stonecutter, 14 Constitution 

Bull Amelia, 210 n Bond 

Bull Asahel, carpenter, 90 Boyd 

Bull Dr. Berij. H. D. 41 s Sharp,dw 20 c Eutaw 

Bull C. huckster, 362 e Ea>;er 

Bull Chas. brakeman, 55 e Eager 

Bull Mrs. Elizabeth, 78 n Greene 

Bull Edmund, 149 n Eutaw 

Bull Francis M. clerk, 130 Townsend 

Bull Franklin, printer, 125 Conway 

Bull Geo. W. carp'r, Wolfe nr Madison 

Bull Rev. John W. 41 s Sharp 

Bull John, carp'r, 67 Hargrove al, dw Balto CO 

Bull Mary A. 210 n Bond 

Bull Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 90 Boyd 

Bull Wm. C. clerk, 234 n Charles 

Bull Wm. K. teamster, 135 Greenmount av 

BuUard Wm. S. clerk, 652 w Fayette 

Bullen Henry, fireman, 181 s Paca 

Bullen Wm. conductor, Adams nr Fremont 

Bullock C. K. salesman. Western hotel 

Bullock Daniel, potter, 287 e Lombard 

Bullock Mrs. Ella, 382 w Fayette 

Bullock Francis S. (B. ^ Morton) 326 e Piatt 

Bullock F. C. clerk, Northern Central hotel 

Bullock Freeman C, Adams Exp., cor Calvert 

and Franklin 
Bullock James, saddles, harness. &c., 376 w 

Baltimoie, dw 542 w Fayette 
Bullock John & Son, (Kazwell J., John S. and 
Joseph L. Bullock) glue, neats foot oil and 
grd. bone mfrs, Washington rd nr citylmts 
Bullock John S. (J. B. & Son) 653 w Lombard 
Bullock Jos. L. (J. B. & Son) 247 Columbia 
Bullock Rev. Dr. J.J.,Franklin-st.Presbyter'n 

Church, s w cor Hamilton and Cathedral 
Bullock Kaswell J. (J.B.& Son) 339 Columbia 
Bullock & Morton, (F. S. Bullock, Fred. Mor- 
ton) grocers and ship chandlers, 40 vv Pratt 
Bullock Mrs. Rhoda, 243 Columbia 
Bullock Mrs. Waller R. 95 St. Paul 
Bull's Head Hotel, 130 u Front, Charles 0. 

Cockey, prop'r 
Bullucks Lucy D. teacher, 382 w Fayette 
Bumm Kate, seamstress, 148 Hamburg 
Bump Geo. (J. L, B. & Co.) 206 Linden av 
Bumu Jesse E. carpenter, 88 s Caroline 
BUMP JOSEPHUS L. ^- Cu. (J. L. and Geo. 

C. Bump) provisions, 206 Linden av 
Bump Jos. L. (J. L. B. & Co.) 228 Franklin 
BUMP ORLANDO F. attorney and registerin 

bankruptcy, 15 St. Paul, dw 44 s Chester 
Bump Samuel C. carpenter, Chester nr Pratt 
Bumback Conrad, laborer, 96 Stirling 
Bumgarner Geo. W. gasfitter, 174 e Baltimore 
Bunce Edward, ropemaker, 335 n Central av 
Bunce Mrs. Jane, 232 e (,'hase 
Bunce John, coachpainter, 232 State 
Bunce Mrs. Mary, confecLion'y,318 Harford av 

WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 



Bunce Richard, bricklayer. 318 Harford av 
Buuce Thos. laborer, 583 Penna. av 
Bunch James, mariner, 270 s Caroline 
Bunch Mrs. Margaret, beer, 36 President 
Bundiver Fred, butcher. Clinton nr Lancaster 
Bundle John, rags, 221 Frederick av 
Bundes Hotel, 61 s (. harles 
Bundschu Sophie, Battery av nr West 
Bundschue Louis, cooper, 189 e Lombard 
Bundshul Chas. laborer, rear 637 Light 
Bunger Clement, laborer, 108 ^Yest 
Bunger John H. shoemaker, 89 s Spring 
Bunn Joseph. 355 s Charles 
Bunn Peter, 29 s Liberty 
Bunn Philip, well digger, 42 Abey al 
Bunnecke Geo. carpenter, 44 s Exeter 
Bunnecke Henry, bricklayer, 44 s Exeter 
Bunnell Geo. S. oyster packer, 210 s Wolfe 
Bunting ( 'has. H. music teacher,348w Lombard 
Bunting Elizabeth, 7 L Gough 
Bunting Geo. W. 259 Franklin 
Bunting Geo. flour and feed, 74^Ensor,dw 103 
Bunting Geo. R. clothing cutter, 24 s High 
BUNTING J. J. & CO. (J. J. Bunting, G. R. 

Dawson) merchant tailors. 10 St. Paul 
Bunting John W. stationer, 141 n Gav,dw 103 

Bunting John H. police, 48 Hamburg 
Bunting John, police, 40 Hamburg 
Bunting John C. gas works, 348 w Lombard 
Bunting John J. (J.J.B. & Co.) 196 Saratoga 
Bunting J. 0. dancing academy, 543 w Bal- 
Bunting Jos. 0. carpenter, 309 Orleans 
Bunting Mrs. Margaret, 259 Franklin 
Bunting Capt. Robt. W. 76 William 
Bunting Smith, packer, 259 Franklin 
Bunting Spencer J. weigher C. H. 7 n Eden 
Bunting Wm. H. (Brian & B.) 33s Calhoun 
Bunting Wm. J. 348 vv Lombard 
Buntzinthal Francis, grocery, 37 Rose 
Buol Joseph, laborer, 166 n Eden 
Bupp Wm. H. shoemaker. 291 w Pratt 
Burbage Mrs. Ann M 196 Aisquith 
Burbage John, lab'r,Cathedral nr Northern av 
Burbage John E. salesman, 196 Aisquith 
Burch Francis A. shipjoiner, 3 s Caroline 
Burbank Leonard, salesman, 207 w Faj^ette 
Burch Jame.^ A. salesman, 42 Mulberry 
Burch James A. carpenter, 115 s Broadway 
Burch Dr. James C. 141 Hanover 
Burch Marion R. (Kleine <^' B.) Baltimore co 
Burch Mrs. MaryA. confectionery, 536 Saratoga 
Burch Thos. B. clerk, C. H., Baltimore co 
Burch Wm. M. dep. inspec. tobacco, 99 s Paca 
Burchinal W. D. asst. cashier, C. H. 148 w 

Burck Henry, shoemaker, 92 Low 
Burchard Adam, laborer, Decatur nr Marriott 
Burdick James, bricklayer, 7 O'Donnell 
Burdick Martha, 79 Somerset 
Burden Benedick B. laborer, 83 s Spring 
Burden Mrs. Johinna, governess, 83 s Spring 
Burdett Aaron, cop. plate mkr, 36 ' Lexington 
Burdett Edwin, cop. plate mkr. 364 Lexington 
Bure Christopher, laborer, 116 St. Peter 
Bure David, laborer, 116 St. Peter 
Bure Kitan, laborer, 116 St. Peter 
Bure Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 116 St. Peter 
Bure Richard, laborer, 116 St. Peter 
Burford P. S. clerk, 173 w Lombard 
Burgan Mrs. Ann, 101 e Baltimore 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 




Burgan Charlotte, 60 n Bond 

Burgan John, huckster, 161 Stirling 

Burgan ilatthew, laborer, 12 Buren 

Burgan Philip D. huckster, 155 Ensor 

Burgan Thomas, painter, 79 McElderry 

Burger Adam, carpenter, 9 Stirling 

Burger Catherine, grocery, Lombard nr Pay son p-i 

Burger Chas. baker, 30 Leadenhall J;^ 

Burger Chris. H. furu. wagon, 262 Eastern av i^ 

Burger Christian, laborer. 41 Bank ^ 

Burirer Conrad, sr. cattle driver, Lombard nr [^ 

Pay son \^ 

Bur.L^er Conrad, salesman, Lombard nr Paysoa 
Burger Edward, carpenter, 254 e Pratt 1-^ 

Burger Mrs. Elizabeth, 220 Frederick av 
Burger Frank J. glassblower. Siockholm, bet ^ 

Eutaw and Russell og 

Burger Gotlieb, laborer, 33 Fountain 
Burger Guatav, gardener, 242 Greeumoiint av r£ 
Burger Henrv, dry goods and varieties, 206 s*^ 

Broad waj- 
Burger John paperhauger. 313 Mulberry 
Burger John, laborer, 23 Port 
Burger John, blacksmith, 114 Hamburg ^. 

Burger Joseph, cabinetmaker, 1 1 Sterrett ^ 

Burger Leonard, carpenter, lo5 West q 

Burger Mrs. Margaret, 199 William ^ 

Burgess Aiuos 231 n Fremont .^ 

Burgess Barnev, huckster, 401 s Eutaw ^ 

Burgess B. T.('C. W.B. & Sons) and treas.Old _, 

TownSavingInst.162 n Gay.dw 190 e Fayette ^ 
Burgess Benj. patternmaker, 45 s Poppleton k. 
Burgess Caleb H. i: John, silverplaters, rear q 

143 w Favette p^ 

Burgess Caleb H. (C. H. k J. Burgess) 450^^ 

Lexington r- 

Burgess Chas. 0, clerk, 380 Saratoga .5 

Burgess Chas. R. (Wm. B. & Son) n e cor g* 

Mulberrv and Greene ^ 

Burgess C! W. & Sous, (B. T. and S. 0. Bur-C^ 

gess) grocers, 166 n Gay ^.~ 

Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth. 162 n Gay 
Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth. 39 Pearl 
Burgess Edwin K. 231 n Fremont 
Burgess Geo. R. clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Isaiah P.(Andrews& Co. )247Saratoga 
Burgess J:iraes R. carpenter. 160 Chesnut 
Burgess John (Caleb H. k John B.) 13 Rock 
Burgess John H. machinist, 5 Parrish 
Burgess Laomi, upholsterer, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Leander, machinist, 699 w Lombard 
Burgess Leander, wheelw'i Pratt nr Gilmor 


WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 








Burgess Mrs. Mary, 90 s Gilmor 

Burgess & Mercer, (Rebecca Burgess, Rachel 

Mercer) dressmakers, 39 Pearl 
Burgess Oliver H. patternmkr, 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Owen D. silverplater, 77 n Poppleton 
iiurgess Rebecca, (Burgess & Mercer) 39 Pearl 
Burgess yaml.O.(C.W.B.cj- Sons) 164 n Eieter 
Burijess Spencer, stonecutter, 18 n Scbroeder 
Burgess Stephen F. carpenter, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Thos. laborer, 90 s Gilmor 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 232 e Favette 
Burgess T. H. ^ Co. (T. H. B.) com', merchs. 

over 1.52 Pratt st whf 
Burgess T. H. (T. H.B. & Co.) 555 w Fayette 
Hurgoss Thos. labr. cor. Mount and McHenry 
Burgess Wm. ( Wm. B. & Son) n w cor Greene 

and Mulberry 
Burgess Wm. &Son,(Wm. and C.R. Burgess) 

raerch. tailors, 169 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. jr.(Coll:'.day & B.)465 wFayette 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, 470 w Lombard 
Burgess Capt. Wm. 147 s Bond 
Burgess Wm. 150 w Townsend 
Burgess Wm. G. clerk, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Wm. H. bookkeeper, 4.S4 n Central av 
Burgess Wm. T. patternmaker,45 s Poppleton 
Burgesser H.S. freight agent, 199 North, dw 

180 u Calvert 
Burgett Geo. (G.A.Horner &Co.)47 McHenry 
Burgett Granville, clerk, 79^ n Poppleton 
Burgett Mary R. 38 Cross 
Burgett Nimrod, driver, 79^ n Poppleton 
Burghard Fred'k, laborer, 80 Somerset 
Burghard Jacob, milk, 80 Somerset 
Burghard John, laborer, 80 Souierset 
Burgle Conrad, laborer, 393 Canton av 
Burgunder, Ambach & Co. (B. Burgunder, M. 

Ambach, D. Ambach,) wholesale clothiers, 

5 Hanover 
Burgunder Benj.(B., Ambach k Co.)42s Sharp 
Burgunder Henry, bookkeeper, 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder Jos. 305 w Pratt 
Burgunder Meyer, salesman, 55 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Moses, salesman. 55 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Simon, boots and shoes. 55 w Balto 
Burgwvn Wm. H. S. attorney, corCalvert and 

SaVatoira, dw 118 St. Paial 
Burgv W. Corwin, importer, and wholesale 

grocers' articles, teas, &c. 79 n Charles 
Burk Chas cigarmaker, 120 Eislein 
Burk Cornelius, tavern, 3.50 sBond 
Burk Conrad, driver, Loney's la, nr Baltimore 

Burk Mrs. Ellen, 126 s Washington 
Burk Henry, stevedore, 267 Aliceanna 
Burk Henry G. laborer, 16: e Lombard 
Burk John, t.avern, cor Howard and Barre 
Burk John laborer. 85 York 
Burk John, laborer, 126 s Washington 
Burk John, grocery, Hull nr Nicholson 
Burk John, blacksmith, 259 Aliceanna 
Burk Justus, blacksmith, 267 Aliceanna 
Burk Patrick, laliorer, 59 Portland 
Burk Mrs. Sabina, laundress, 218 Raborg 
Burk Thomas, clerk, 5 Scott 
Burk Wm. flour and feed, 153 s Central av 
Burkamp Francis, 196 Druid Hill av 
Burkard Adam, cisarniuker, 385 w Pratt 
Burkifrd Conrad, laborer, 51 s Regester 
Burkard David, cigarmaker, 53 s Paca 
Burkard Peter, chinaware, 211 Eastern av 
Burkard .Michael, laborer, 36 s Gist 

Burke And'w J. sergt.police,262 Greenm't aT 

Buike Dr. Alonzo J. dentist, over 49 w Balto 

Burke Mrs. Alice, tavern, 97 Elliott 

Burke Amos, Howard house 

Burke Mrs. Anna, varieties, 354 Mulberry 

Burke Mrs. Anna, varieties, 107 Raborg 

Burke Chas. E. stonecutter, 69 Oxford 

Burke Edward, laborer, 40 Lee 

Burke Ezekiel, fire dept, 127 n Eden 

Burke Geo. hostler, 1 Orleans 

Burke Geo. H. laborer, 217 Cross 

Burke Geo. T. clerk. Brown's hotel 

Burke Henry, blacksmith, 580 w Pratt 

Burke Henry, jr. clerk, 249 s Charles 

Burke Henry, paper hanger, 249 s Charles 

Burke Jacob, 215 Mulberry 

Burke Jacob W. cigarmaker, 165 Prestoa 

Burke Jacob W . 69 Oxford 

Burke James, laborer, 81 Luzerne 

Burke James, laborer, 40 Bennett 

Burke John, brakeman, 30 s Oregon 

Burke John, porter, 126 s Washington 

Buike John, laborer, 394 s Charles 

Burke John H. clerk, 580 w Pratt 

Burke John H. H. feed and liq'rs, 580 w Pratt 

Burke John W. engineer, 650 w Pratt 

Burke Jordan M. teller, 207 w Lombard 

Burke Jos. F.(B.i|- Harrison,) Gilmor nrMosher 

Burke Joshua, engineer, 73 n High 

Burke Mrs. Julia, 120 s Washington 

Burke Mrs. Margaret, 545 w Lombard 

Burke Mrs. Martha, 545 w Lombard 

Burke Mrs. Mary, 7 Callendar al 

Burke Michael, provisions, 354 Mulberry 

Burke Michael, laborer, 74 York 

Burke Michael, tailor, 27 e Lombard 

Burke Michael, laborer, 259 Forrest 

Burke Michael, laborer, 37 Foster al 

Burke Michael, moulder, 193 Vine 

Burke Nicholas F. plumber, 57 Harford av 

Burke Nichs. stonecutter, 356 Greenmount ar 

Burke Oliver S. constable and collector, 47 n 

Eutaw, dw 215 Mulberry 
Burke Owen, laborer, 7 Jenkins al 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 78 Towson 
Burke Patrick H. barkeeper, 167 L. Greene 
Burke Mrs. P. A. upholsteress, 74 Park 
Burke Mrs. Rebecca, 198 Walsh 
Burke Richard, laborer, 14 Gould la 
Burke Rich, laborer and grocery, 13 n Amity 
Burke Richard, tinner, 14 Union al 
Burke Robert, laborer, 97 Elliott 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, 256 Greenmount av 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, 127 n Eden 
Burke-St. (M. E.) Chapel, Burke nr Canton ar 
Burke Stephen, sr. porter. Front nr Foundry 
Burke Stephf-n, laborer, 4 Front n of Foundry 
Burke Stephen, porter, 4 Front n of Foundry 
Burke Thos. porter, s end of Scott 
Burke Thos. laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Burke Thos. painter, 140 Division 
Burke Thos. police, 44 Penn 
Burke Thos. bricklaver, 13 Arbel al 
Burke Thos. E, 11 Albemarle 
Burke Tobias, cooper, 1 1 n Spring 
Burke Wm. laborer, 135 s Castle 
Burke Wm. H. clerk, 580 w Pratt 
Burke \Vm. R. police, 1 Anthonv 
Burke Capt. Wm. mariner, 67 Albemarle 
Burke Wm. firedep't, 180 Raborg 
Burke Wm. H. cigarmaker, 117 n Gay 
Burke Wm. patternmaker, 330 Raborg 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 


Burke Wm. tinner 107 Raborg 

Burke Wm. B. Chappell nr Penua av 

Burke Wm. J. laborer, 94 Block 

Burke Wm. R. butcher, 256 Greenraount av 

Burke Wm. T. painter, 140 Division 

Burke Mrs. Winifred, 11 Albemarle 

Burker Thos. engraver. Mount nr Lexington 

Burkert Chas. tailor, 216 n Eden 

Burkert Jos. laborer, Fort av nr William 

Burkert John, machinist, 216 Harford av 

Burkett Fred, laborer, 125 McHenry 

Burkett Mrs. Mary, 120 w Lombard 

Burkett John, 74 s Wolfe 

Burkett Jolin, shoemaker, 27 Chatsworth 

Burkett Paul, driver, 278 e Pratt 

Burkhard Alfred, 92 n Amity 

Burkhard David, cigarmaker. 4 e Monument 

Burkhard Geo. laborer, 11 Port 

Burkhard John, laborer, 11 Port 

Burkhard Mrs. Minnie, laundress. 1.*^ Baker 

Burkhard Peter, china and glass. 211 Eastern av 

Burkhardt Ernest, cabinet maker, Harford et 

nr City limits 
Burkhardt Fred'k, engineer, 18 s Republican 
Burkhardt Philip, gunsmith, 566 \v Baltimore 
Burkhardt Philip, varnisher, 29 Union 
Burkbart Frederick, laborer. 80 Somerset 
Burkhart Jacob, milk, 80 Somerset 
Burkhart Jacob, gardener, York rd n of Xorth- 

ern av 
Burkhart John, laborer, 80 Somerset 
Burkhart Michael, laborer. 44 s Gist 
Burkhart Wm. liquor, Fayette and Caroline 
Burkheimer Balthaser, baker, 4 n High 
Burkholtz Anton, laborer, Elliott nr Clinton 
Burkins Mr-~. Elizabeth. 498 w LoraVtard 
Burkins Joseph, Philadplphia rd nr city limits 
Burkins Wm. police, 498 ^v Loml)ard 
Burkley Geo. hodcarrier, 433 Canton av 
Burkley Elizabeth, 175 Eastern av 
Burkman Chas. U. carpenter. 33 Haubert 
Burkman Henry, cabinetmaker, 45 Clay 
Burkman Matthew, 151 s Bord 
Burkraeyer Jas. canmak. 61 u High 
Burlage Geo. laborer, Waverley, York rd 
Burlage John, laborer, Waverley. York rd 
Burleigh Joseph B. jr. oyster packer, Mount nr 

Burley Elizabeth. 324 e Madison 
Burley Henry W. shoemaker, 6i)5 Belair av 
Burman Ernest H. confec'y, 612 w Fayette 
Burman Geo. L. (B. & Sou) 56 s Republican 
Bui man Jeremiah, (B.&Son^ 56 s Republican 
Burman John H. confec'r, 612 w Fayette 
Burman Mrs. Marg't, dressmk. 56 s Republican 
Burman & Son. (Jeremiah and Geo. L. B.) 

painters, 56 s Republican 
Burmeister Chas. mariner, 114 Thames 
Burmeister Fred'k, lait'r, 261 s Broadway 
Burmeister Fred'k, restaurant, 114 Thames 
Burn Ellen A. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
Burn Geo. oyster shucker, 226 Bank 
Burn Hannah E. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
Burn Jas. M. shipcarp. 3 Cambridge 
Burn Michael, machinist. 54 Jefferson 
Burn Robt. shipcarp. 226 Bank 
Burn Wm. H. H. shipcarp. 226 Bank 
Burnap Mrs. Geo. W. 45 n Calvert 
Burnell Lucas, oyster packer, 226 Bank 
Burnes Mrs. Ann, McHenry nr Mouroe 
Burnes Chas. H. laborer, 98 Stiles 
Burnes AVm. lab'r, 228 s Caroline 



Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Burneston Isaac B. bookkeeper, 20 n Strieker 
Burneston Joseph, carpenter, 53 Albemarle 
Burneston Wra. carp. 58 Albemarle 
Burneston Wm. carp. 36 Ramsay 
Burnett August, wheelwright, 295 n Cental av 
Burnett Chas. carp. 181 Hughes 
Burnett Edward, clerk. 29 n Pine 
Burnett Elijah, (of the Bryant, Stratton & Sad- 
ler college) 443 Lexington 
Burnett Geo. G. timekeeper, B. & 0. R. R., 

552 Saratoga 
Burnett Geo H. carp. 30 Gough 
Burnett Geo. R. clerk, Strieker nr Cooke 
Burnett Henry IT. agt Duryea's Starch, lol w 

Lombard, dw 119 n Republican 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, confec'y, 188 e Baltimore 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, 54 n Eden 
Burnett John, laborer, 170 s Wolfe 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. police, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Joseph, clerk, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Lucinda A. 54 u Eden 
Burnett Maria L. teacher. 54 n Eden 
Burnett Mary E. teacher, 54 n Eden 
Burnett Michael D. police, 85 n Central av 
Burnett Mrs. Nannie, board'g. 176 w Lombard 
Burnett Nelson P. carp. Dolphin and John 
Burnf^tt 0. P. com. mercht. 3 Hollingsworth, 

dw 276 w Lombard 
Burnett Samuel. (S. Burnett & Co.) 29 n Pine 
BURNETT SAMUEL & CO. (S. Burnett, S. 

S. Linthicura) lumber, cor Greene and Pratt 
Burnett .Mrs. Sarah J. seamstress, 57 Granby 
Burnett S. Rowe & Co. (S. R. Burnett. John 

R. Larus) com. merchts, 11 Spear's whf 
Burnett S. Rowe, (S. R. B. & Co.) 34 s Greene 
Burnett Washington, clerk, 40 s Regester 
Burnett Wm. A. 54 n Eden 
Burnham Wm. J. (Wm. J. Burnham & Bro.) 

Hand house 




^■W. J. & J. Burnham.) 

Blacksmiths k Florse Sljoers, 

No. 43 N. Paca-st., 


KKPAI.I.NG done in t!ie bMi lUAnuer. 

rHoises Shod according totli- Xatnr»l 

Foinmlion ol tlie Fuel. 






WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & Co., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 






I— I 





Burnham B. plasterer, Farmer's hotel 
Eurnham Emory, clerk, 364 e Baltimore 
Burnham Capt. Enoch, mariner, 356 e Balto 
Burnham Jesse, (W. J. B. &Bro.i Hand house 
Burnham John, shoemaker, 159 Forrest 
Burnham John F. 189 n Caroline 
Burnham John T. blacksmith, 15 Chatsworth 
Burnham John W. trimmings, &c., 44 Lexing- 
ton, d\v 356 e Baltimore 
Burnham Joshua, blacksmith. Hand house 
Burnham Mrs. Mary E. 229 e Fayette 
Burnham Mrs. Rebecca, 15 Chatsworth 
Burns Mrs. Agnes, 33 s Dallas 
Burns Alex, of Custom house, 238 Saratoga 
Burns Allen, moulder, 102 Scott 
Burns Andrew, carter, 190 s Central av 
Burns Andrew, shoefilter, 83 n Eutaw 
Burns Andrew, carter, 81 Hampstead 
Burns .Mrs. Ann, grocery, 9 Guilford al 
Burns Mrs. Anna, grocery, 8 Foundry 
Burns Mrs. Annie, grocery, 79 Union 
Burns Bernard, laborer, 14 Stirling 
Burns Bernard, laborer, 8 Foundry 
Burns Bessie, cook, Eutaw house 
Burns Bridget, 149 Aliceanna 
Burns Bridget, seamstress, 39 Mosher 
Burns Catherine, 133 Battery av 
Burns Chas. W. H. glass stainer, 135 Orleans 
Burns Daniel, Stockton al nr Presstman 
Burns Daniel, laborer, -4 Lemmon al 
Burns Dennis, police, 99 Granby 
Burns Edward, painter, 101 n Schroeder 
Burns Edward, hats and caps, 40 and 42 Cen- 
tre Market space 
Burns Edward, (Creney & B.) 38 Orleans 
Burns Edward, clerk, 85 s Exeter 
Burns Mrs. Ellen, confec'y, TO Orleans 
Burns Findley H! (Wilson, B. & Co.) 168 w 

Burns Francis jr. (Wilson, B. & Co.) 168 w 

Fayette ' 
Burns Francis sr. 168 w Fayette 
Burns Frank, blacksmith, 245 Conway 
Burns Geo. W. machinist, 245 Conway 
BURNS GEO. W. boots and shoes, wholesale, 

338 w Baltimore, dw 113 n Republican 
Burns Henry, barrels, Pratt nr High, dw 173 

e Pratt 
Burns Henry, lab'r, 233 Forrest 
Burns Henry, lab'r, 173 e Pratt 
Burns Henry, police, 455 Aisquith 
Burns Henry, mariner, 232 s Ann 
Burns Honoria, cook, Eutaw house 
Burns Horace V. clerk, 156 Pearl 
Burns James, lab'r, 121 s Castle 
Burns James, lab'r, Donnelly ct 
Burns James, blacksmith, 287 McHenry 
Burns Joseph, dnver, 87 s Spring 
Burns John, lab'r, 117 Harford av 
Burns John, lab'r, 12 n Poppleton 
Burns John, grocery, 25 Baruet 
Burns John, lab'r, 121 s Castle 
Burns John, lab'r, 78 s Dallas 
Burns John, salesman. 2U6 s Charles 
Burns John, moulder, 143 s Castle 
Burns John, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Burns John J. mariner, 88 Granby 
Burns John T. 135 Orleans 
Burns Kate, chambermaid. Fountain hotel 
Burns Kate, 8 Park 
Burns Lackey, lab'r, 64 Durst al 
Burns Lewis, dra^-man, 108 Townsend 

Burns Lewis H. blacksmith, 133 s Fremont 

Burns Luke, lab'r, 529 e Fayette 

Burns Mrs. Mary, 287 McHenry 

Burns Mary, 92 Richmond 

Burns Martin E. moulder, 1 Webb 

Burns Martin, lab'r, 38 Eastern av 

Burns Michael, engineer, 69 s Oregon 

Burns Michael, police, 407 w Pratt 

Burns Michael, machinist, 54 Jefferson 

Burns Michael, laborer, 350 William 

Burns Michael, carter, 190 s Bethel 

Burns Michael, jr. laborer, 348 William 

Burns Michael, laborer, 52 s Dewberry al 

Burns Miles, laborer, 79 Union 

Burns Nicholas, plasterer, 104 York 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 39 Stockton al 

Burns Patrick, driver, 209 w Biddle 

Burns Patrick, coal oil refiner, 133 Battery ar 

Burns Patrick, carter, 2 L. Church 

Burns Patrick, drayman, 34 St. Mary 

Burns Patrick, tailor, 70 Orleans 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 46 Tyson 

Burns Patrick, moulder, 117 Harford av 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 292 Johnson 

Burns Peter, drayman, 108 Townsend 

Burns Peter, laborer, 213 Lemmon al 

Burns Robt. baker. Fountain hotel 

Burns Mrs. R. K. 156 Pearl 

Burns Robt. A. saddle and harnessmaker,rear 

Eutaw house, dw 584 Lexington 
Burns Robt. E. B. blacksmith, 245 Conway 
Burns Robt. K. student, 156 Pearl 
Burns Samuel S. carpenter, 401 s Charles 
Burns Sarah, 521 w Baltimore 
Burns, Russell k Co. (Wm. F. Burns, A. H. 
Russell) brick mauufs., office 30 Columbia, 
yard Washington rd nr Harman's longb'dge 
Burns Saml. (B^. & Sloan) 133 St. Paul 

Burns Thomas, hostler, 12 Fall 
Burns Thomas J. harnessmaker. 22 A^alley 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 117 n Central av 
Burns Thomas, .blacksmith, 10 Willow 
Burns Thomas, laborer, "130 s Central av 
Burns Tliomas, laborer. Battery av nr Fortav 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 173 s Durham 
Burns Wm. E. bricklayer. 247 Lee 
Burns Wm. F. blacksmith, 194 Columbia 
Burns Wm. laborer, McHenry nr Slonroe 
Burns Wm brickmaker, 228 s Caroline 
Burns Wm. F. (B., Russell k Co.) 318 Madi- 
son av 
Burns Wm. J. carpenter, 43 Gittings 
Burnside Geo. W. conductor, 200 e Pratt 
Burnside James jr., 200 e Pratt 
Burnside Mrs. Frances, 200 e Pratt 
Burr Aneruiu, clerk, Mulberry nr Strieker 
Burrier Chas. T. butcher, 247 n Eden 

WM. H. ESAD'S Sore Throat and 
Laboratory 181 

Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Burrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burrier John R. collarmaker, 171 Orleans 
Burrier Raymond, bricklayer, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Wm. clerk, 171 Orleans 
Burris James H. car driver, 298 Canton av 
Burris James H. tinner, 113 s Chester 
Burris John, tavern, 7 Centre Market space 
Burrough Carrie, seamstress, 95 n Charles 
Burrough Chas. laborer, 132 Gough 
Burrough Bros. (E. E. &H. Burrough) whole- 
sale druggists, 14 s Charles 
Burrough E. E. (B. Bros.) 378 w Lombard 
Burrough Capt. Geo. E. 161 e Eager 
Burrough H. (B. Bros.) 19 Hollins 
Burrough Jacob, lumber, 5 Postoffice av, dw 

Madison av and McMechin 
Burrough Capt. James H. M. 161 e Eager 
burrough Sanil.G., Madison av and McMechin 
Burrough Susan, 18 New Church 
Burroughs Mrs. Lucy A. 30 e Baltimore 
Burroughs Silas, laborer, 18 Essex 
Burross Mrs. Annie, 35 e Eager 
Burrows Asa A. clerk, 137 Conway 
Burrows Mrs. Anna, dressmaker, 137 Conway 
Burrows J. F. salesman, cor Pratt and Bow- 
ley 's whf 
Burrows Otho, salesman, 236 s Broadway 
Burruss Henry L. paper car'r, 480 w Lombard 
Burruss John L. laborer, 480 w Lombard 
Burruss Wm. plasterer, 480 w Lombard 
Burry Jos. laborer, 128 Scott 
Bursnall Geo. laborer, 43 Edward 
Burt Alfred P. 82 e Baltimore 
Burto Louisa, boarding, 243 Hamburg 
Burto Reno, shoemaker, 401 w Pratt 
Burton Ann, boarding, 50 Barre 
Burton B. clerk, 15 s Howard 
Burton Charles, clerk, 254 George 
Burton Chas. junk, cor Monument and Ais- 

quith, dw 254 e Biddle 
Burton C. C. horses, 238 w Fayette 
Burton Edward A. Black Horse hotel 
Burton Edwin S. dentist, 12 Laurel 
Burton Eliza, 389 n Gay 

Burton Mrs. Elizabeth J. dressmaker, 509 uGay 
Burton Mrs. Ellen, tailoress, 46 e Eager 
Burton Franklin, carpenter, Division nrLanvale 
Burton John B. clerk, 158 w Lombard 
Burton Maiv F. dressmaker, 54 Preston 


Dr. O. A., Dentist, 17 n 

Burton Robert, collector, 254 George 
Burton Robert C. clerk, 108 w Fayette 
Burton Robert F. clerk, 430 e Baltimore 
Burton Robert H. conductor, 50 Barre 
Burton Thos. C. steam dyer, 121 Lexington 
Burton Thos. painter, 326 e Monument 
BURTON THOMAS, proprietor Black Horse 

hotel, 111 n High 
Burton Wm. gatekeeper, Belair rd 
Burton Wm. H. actor, li2 Orleans 
Burton Wm. M. dyer, 741 w Baltimore 
Bury Francis, laborer, 88 St. Peter 
Buryan John, Gilmor house 
Burx Conrad, baker, 3 s Front 
Busby Janus, Fayette nr Castle 
Busby Robert, bakery, 125 e Baltimore 
Busch Bernard, grocery, liquor, flour and feed, 

406 Harford av 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Busch Bernard, cabinetmaker. 39 e Monument 
Busch George, sawyer, rear 272 s Bond 
Busch George, ropemaker, 235 n Central av 
Busch Geo. L. cigarmaker, 90 Leadenhall 
Busch Geo.W., Ferry Bar house, dw 494 Light 
Busch Henry, carpenter, 7 New Church 
Busch Henry, laborer, 140 West 
Busch Henry, laborer. West nr William 
Busch Henry, laborer, 66 Towson 
Busch Henry, laborer, 296 Johnson 
Busch Herman, hardware, 316 s Bond 
Busch Jobn H. stonemason, 102 St. Peter 
Busch John, sr. 4 Somerset 
Busch John, jr. cigarmaker. 6 Somerset 
Busch John, laborer, Johnson nr Fort av 
Busch John T. laborer, Philad'a rd nr East av 
Busch Lawrence, jeweler, 279 n Gay 
Busch Mrs. Mary, grocery, Philadelphia rd nr 

East av 
Busch Wm. H. engineer, 52 s Oregon 
Busche Dietrich, laborer, 6 Fort av 
Buscbaud Wm. boxmaker, Waesche nr Chats- 
Buschraan Benj. (B.&Bro.) 220 Lexington 
Buschman Chas. carpenter, 264 s Bond 

BUSCHMAN & BRO. (Benj. and 
John C. Buschman Mer chant Tai- 
lors, 220 Lexingtou. 

Buschman Francis, merch't tailor, 19 n Eutaw 

dw 128 Barre 
Buschraan Fred'k, sugar refiner, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Fred'k, sugar refiner, 158 William 
Buschman Gerbardt, porter, 120 Saratoga 
Buschman Henrv, cigarmaker, 9 Perry 
BUSCHMAN HENRY, merchant tailor, 301 w 

Buschman Henry, cigarmaker. 401 Canton av 
Buschman Hermann, (B. & Mohlenrich) 137 

Buschman John C. (Buschman & Bro.) 220 


Buschman, Jno. G. Mohlheurich) merchant 

tailors. 137 Lexington 
BUSCHMANN E. & CO. (Ernest Buschmann, 

Wm.Heise) steam sawing and planing mills, 

cor Caroline and Canton av 
Buschmann Ernest, (E.B. &Co.) 334 n Broad- 



WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 













Buschraann John, cigarmaker, 130 e Lombard 
BUSCHMANN VICTOR H. tailors' trimmings, 

&c., 2 Hanover, dw 239 w Fayette 
Buser Joseph, shoemaker, 494 w Lombard 
Buser Michael, tailor, 251 e Eager 
Busey Chas. E. clerk, 84 n Greene 
Busey James F. laborer, 114 Light 
Buse.y Jas. R. brickmaker, Washington av nr 

toll gate, and Com'r opening streets, 8*71 w 

Busey James R. jr. 871 w Baltimore 
BUSEY & McCURLEY, (W. M. Busey, I. 

McCurley) attorneys, 71 w Fayette 
Bnsey Norval, photographer, 259 n Fremont 
Busey Sarah N. 84 n Greene 
Busey Thos. H. jr. photographer, 84 n Greene 
Busey Wm. M. (B. & McCurley) 245 n Fremont 
Bush Abraham, laborer, 440 Light 
Bush Abraham, sr. 468 Light 
Bush Albert H. sailmaker, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Elijah, puddler, 42 Essex 
Bush Mrs. Fanny, 262 e Lombard 
Bush Geo. 281 n Central av 
Bush Geo. H. J. car-driver, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Geo. W. bricklayer, 279 Forrest 
Bush Jno, laborer, 74 n Amity 
Bush Jno. tailor, 20 s Chapel 
Bush John, woodsawyer, 272 s Bond 
Bush Jno. F. cigarmaker, 47 Warren 
Bush Mrs. Louisa, grocery, n w cor Towson 

and Marriott 
Bush Peter, agent, 551 av Baltimore 
Bush Philip, milk, 545 Saratoga 
Bush Mrs. Rosa 0. 168 n Spring 
Bush Stephen C. 330 Saratoga 
Bush Wm. blacksmith, 15 s Carey 
Bush Wm. cooper, rear 321 s Bond 
Bushfield Benson B. student. 121 n Charles 
Busheimer l^enry, wagoner, 86 s Regester 
Bushey T. F. (Roelkey & B.) Miller's hotel 
Bushman Hanjah, (O'Connor & Busbman) 97 

Bushman John, carpenter, 277 Franklin 
Busick George, shoemaker, 159 n Central av 
Busick Geo. W. painter, 10 Thomsea 
Busick James H. police, 217 n Elden 
Busick John, bootfitter, 159 n Central av 
Busick Joshua W. hatter, 26 Stirlina; 
Busick Levin, bootfitter, 159 n Central av 
Busk C. (Smith & Busk) 52 s Broadway 
Busk J. A. gen'l ag't Cotton States Life Ins. 

Co. 5 Post oflBce av. dw 39 n Carey 
Busk J. S. 39 n Carey Mrs. Thos. M. 52 s Broadwav 
Buskey Ann, confectionery, 108 Thames 
Buskey John, carter, 74 Bank 
Biisky John, restaurant, 346 s Broadway 
Bussard Marshall L. engineer,. 10 Lemmon 
Bussard Oscar S. machinist, 10 Lemmon 
Busse Bern, boilermkr, 142 Front n of Foundry 
Busse Chas. musician, 317 n Central av 
Busse John V. butter, 234 s Broadway 
Bnsse Wm. stonecutter, 197 Cathedral 
Bussman Anna, 240 s Charles 
Bussman Geo. W. shoemaker, 138 s Howard 
Bussman Georse, porter, 12 Saratoga 
BUTCHER ALEXANDER, dining and re- 
freshment saloon, 160 w Baltimore, dw cor 
McCulloh and Townsend 
Butcher A[rs. Catherine, 207 Gough 
Butcher Frank, carpenter, 132 Pearl 
Butcher Wm. H. shoemaker, 900 w Pratt 


B. & 

Butchers' Hide and Tallow Asso'n, No. l,sw 

cor Buren and Fall 
Butchers' Hide and Tallow Asso'n, No. 3, 28 

Butler Abraham, machinist, 792 w Baltimore 
Butler Albert, teamster, Cooksie nr Beason 
Butler Beckwith, farmer, 157 n Exeter 
Butler Bettie F. boarding, 94 Camden 
Butler Mrs. Frances, boarding house, 293 n 

Butler Francis M. engineer, 216 Lee 
Butler Frederick, canmaker, 232 e Lombard 
Butler Geo. 0. stonecutter, 694 w Baltimore 
Butler Ja,mes, carpenter, 16 Brune 
Butler Dr. James H. 144 Mulberry 
Butler James J. (O'Brien & B.) 150 n Front 
Butler James R. clerk, 1 Hanover 
Butler James W. gardener, Philadelphia rd nr 

Loney's lane 
Butler John J. lumber, Central av and Lom- 
bard, dw Baltimore co 
Butler John, candyraaker, 54 Hill 
Butler John jr. bookkeeper. Gen. Wayne hotel 
Butler John, laborer, 29 liemmon 
Butler John, cooper, 130 Cross 
Batler John, painter, 328 Mulberry 
Butler John, porter, 134 s Dallas 
Butler John 0. 29 s Broadwav 
Butler J. W. & Co. (J. W. Butler, DeWitt C. 
Morgan, Brason F. Kennard) manufs. of 
fine walnut work, 21 Leadenhall 
Butler John, porter, 78 s Dallas 
Butler John T. porter, 63 s Caroline 
Butler John T. carpenter, 327 Hanover 
Bntler John W. (B. & Perrigo and J. W. 

Co ) 56 Conway 
Butler Joseph, carpenter, 57 Buren 
Butler Joseph, laborer, 181s Regester 
Butler Jos. S. (Stanton & B.) 2io Franklin 
Butler Kate, 148 e Lombard 
Butler Louis, laborer, 261 s Broadway 
Butler Mrs. Lydia, provisions, Philadelphia 

rd nr Loney's la 
Butler Martin S. nightman, 50 Orleans 
Butler Martin, porter, 23 Bank 
Butler Martin, porter, 63 s Caroline 
Butler Mary A. milliner, 4 s Poppleton 
Butler Michael, beer. 229 s Bond 
Butler Ormand, engineer, 216 Lee 
Butler Patrick J. porter, 125 William 
Butler Patrick, drayman, 63 s Caroline 
Butler Peter, restaurant, 297 Forth 
Butler & Perrigo, (J. W. Butler, J. L. Perrigo) 
looking glasses, frames, engravings, n w cor 
Charles and Fayette 
Butler Richard, engineer, 52 s Poppleton 
Butler Samuel, (Stanton k B.) 210 Franklin 
Butler Saiuuel, Maryland av n of Northern av 
Bntler Capt. Sprague J., Jelferson nr Ann 
Butler Stephen, machinist, 964 \v Baltimore 
Butler Sydney, laborer, 404 w Lombard 
Butler Theresa, saleswoman, 771 w Baltimore 
Butler Thos. C, Cathedral and Howard 
Butler Thos. E. printer, Gen'l Wayne hotel 
Butler Mrs. Winifred, 125 William" 
Butler Wm. laborer, 240 vv Pratt 
Butler Wm. A. clerk, 90 Hanover 
Butler Wm. T. iron moulder, Westnr William 
Butler Wm. T. driver, 964 w Baltimore 
Butler Wm. F. police, 142 West 
Butler Wm. J. blacksmith, Philadelphia rd nr 
Loney's la 

READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 




Butschky Henry, signal man, P. W. & B. R. 

R. 222 Eastern av 
Butschky John, grocery, 115 Eastern ar 
Butt Ann E. boarding, 26 vr Fayette 
Butt John H. liquors, 209 e Monument 
Butt Mrs. Maria, 131 Peirce 
Butt Samuel, plasterer, 175 Preston 
Butterfield & Co maltsters, Conway and Han- 
Butterfield John, (F. Bandelet & Co.) Virginia 
ButterhofiF Peter, laborer, 86 Somerset 
Butterweg Anton, wheelwright, 17 Callendaral 
Buttner John A. baker, 334 e Eager 
Buttner Leonard, shoemaker, 248 s Ann 
Buttner Lewis, shoemaker, 258 s Eutaw 
Button Joseph, tinner, 12 n Wolfe 
Butts William, huckster, 46 Etting 
Butz Andrew, cooper, 35 Elizabeth la 
Butz Geo. peddler, Chappell nr Presstman 
Butz John, shoemaker, 35 Elizabeth la 
Butz John, shoemaker, 346 s Charles 
Butzler Chas. bookkeeper, 67 Chew 
Butzler John, grocery, 67 Chew 
Buvinger ij- Bertnind, (G. Buvinger, H. J. 

Bertrand jr.) tinners, 91 w Fayette 
Buvinger Geo. (B. i; Bertrand) 206 Franklin 
Buxbaum Benjamin, provisions, 70 MuUikin 
Buxbaum Gustav, engineer, 14 Diamond 
Buxbaum Herman, peddler, 191 n Dallas 
Buxbaum Wm. H. 48 n Libertv 
BUZBY DAVID T. & CO. (D. T. and J. F. 

Buzbv) sen. com. merchs. 6 Exchange pi 
Buzby Da ^id T. (D. T. Buzby & Co., Eager 

and St. Paul 
Buzby J. Frank, (D. T. B. &Co.) Eutaw house 
Buzby John M. canmaker, 47 Milliman 
Buzby Wm. N. expressman, 47 Milliman 
Buzine Martin, currier, 136 Greenmouut av 
Bjrd Colmore E. blacksmith, 141 s Paca 
Byrd Mrs. E. R. 246 n Eutaw 
Byrd Geo. H. (Wvman, B. & Co.) New York 
BYRD DR. HARVeY L. prof, obstttrics in 

Washington University, 366 n Fremont 
Byrd John W. C. wood, Light st. whf, dw 33 

Byrd James E. freight agent, 141 s Paca 
Byrd Uden, (Byrd & Rooinson) 182 Hanover 
Byrd & Roijinson, (U. Byrd, J. S. Robmson) 

house carpenters, Hughes nr Light 
Byer Catherine, 215 Peirce 
Byer Daniel, brickmaker, 358 Light 
Byer Fred, haruessmaker, 358 Light 
Byer Geo. laborer, 428 Canton ave 
Byer John, carpenter, 166 Raborg 
Byer Lewis, brickmaker, Clement nr "William 
Byer Mrs. Margaret, 166 Raborg 
Byers H. teacher, 330 w Fayette 
Byersdorf Chas. tailor, 132 Barre 
Byrd Sylvester, carpenter, 33 Warren 
Byrn Wm. H., Custom house, 345 e Fayette 
Byrn Wm. 76 n Front 
Byrn Wm. M. clerk, 76 n Front 
Byrn Wmilliam T. (G. W. Orem & Co.) 20 

Byrne Andrew, wagoner, 83 Hampstead 
Byrne Andrew, laborer, 596 Light 
Byrne Andrew J. carpenter, 2 12 w Pratt 
Byrne Bridget, variety store, 384 w Eager 
Byrne Chas. 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne C. Lee, bookkeeper, 63 s Washington 
Byrne & Co. (J. B. Byrne) gen. produce com. 

merchts. ISCheapside 

Byrne Dennis, police, 99 Granby 

Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 247 n Gay 

Byrne Henry F. inspec. C. H. 63 s Washington 

Byrne Hugh P. 145 Barre 

Byrne James K. 145 Barre 

Byrne James J. bookkeeper, 247 n Gaj 

Byrue James H. carpenter, 120 s Wolfe 

Byrne James M. cabinetmaker, 63 n Front 

Byrne James P. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

"63 n Front 
Byrne John B. (B. & Co.) 189 Aisquith 
Byrne Jos. F. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 59 

n Liberty 
Byrne Jos. K. laborer, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Lawrence, clerk, 113 e Eager 
Bvrne Mrs. Margaret T. 129 e Monument 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, hats, 212 w Pratt 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Michael, clerk, 217 e Pratt 
Byrne Michael, fireman. 552 w Lombard 
Byrne Owen, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Patrick, laborer, 39 s Stockton al 
Byrne Patrick, police, 330 Mulberry 
BjTne Rich'd V, perfumer. 129 e Monument 
Byrne Robert P. tobacconist, 88 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Siml E. bookkeeper, 83 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Terrence, carpenter. 17 Brown la 
Byrne Terrence, carpenter, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Thomas F. carpenter, 373 Lexington 
Byrne Thos. F. jr. clerk, 373 Lexington 
Byrne Walter sr. peddler, 63 s Charles 
Byrne Walter jr. fireman, 63 s Charles 
Byrne Mrs. Wm., Caroline nr Chase 
Byrne Wni. H. builder, McMechin and Etting 
Byrne ^Vm. H. bookkeeper, 189 Aisquith 
Byrne Mrs. Winifred, beer, 63 s Charles 
Byrnes Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 98 n Exeter 
Byrnes Jas. T. barkeeper, Union hotel 
Byrnes Mrs. Johanna, laundry, Wine al nr 

Byrnes John, laborer, 26 Morris al 
Byrnes John, clerk. 96 Hill 
Byrnes Joseph, gilder and picture frame maker, 

66 n Calvert, dw 353 e Eager 
Byrnes Patrick, laborer, Tyson al nr Howard 
Byrnes Terrence, engineer, 17 Brown la 
Byrnes Thomas, puddler, 192 s Castle 
Byrnes Thos. jr. machinist, 96 Hill 
Byrnes Walter, fireman, Charles nr Pratt 
Byrnes Wm. T. coachmaker, 479 Franklin 
Bvrus John W. engineer, 110 Battery av 










WM. H. RiiJAD'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

HOKNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates, 






• 1—1 




Cable Geo. jr. plasterer, 209 e Madison 
Cfible George S. plasterer, 209 e Madison 
Cable Wm. 209 e Madison 
Cabrera & Bro. (I. R. and V. Cabrera) tobac- 
conists, 54 n Eutaw 
Cabrera Igaatius R. (C. & Bro.) 54 n Eutaw 
Cabrera Ventura, (C. & Bro.) 54 u Eutaw 
Cadden John, laborer, 135 Chesapeake 
Cadden Robert, laborer, 11 Hull 
Cadden Robert, laborer, Hudson al nr Federal 
ijade Chas. W. mariner, 144 s Ann 
Cade Capt. Nelson, mariner, 144 s Ann 
Cadell Charles, laborer, 33 Cambridge 
Cadell Mrs. Marv, tailoress, 6 McHenrj 
Cadell Samuel H. watchman, 5 n Bond 
Cadogan Mrs Alice, dry goods, 228 Mulberry 
Cadosfan Matthew, cabinetmaker. 228 Mulberry 
Cadogan Walter, moulder, 82 s Republican 
Cadow & Hook, (Jas. E. Cidow, E. F. Hook, 

jr.)groceries and produce, 20 k 22 Pennaav 
Cadow Jas. E. (C. cj- Hook) 348 w Fayette 
Cadwallader Abraham G. letter carrier, 50 

Cadwallader Edward, 26 s Regester 
Cadwallader Harrison C. letter carrier, 30 s 

Cadwallader Mrs. Louisa, 26 s Regester 
Cadwallader Lewis W. sergt. police, 32 George 
Cadwallader Sanford E. clerk, 326 Franklin 
Cad well Henry \. confectioner, 174 Pearl 
Cadwell Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 174 Pearl 
Cady & Frissell, (G. N. Cady, C. M. Frissell) 

provisions, 31 e Fayette 
Cady G. N. (C. & Frissell) 96 e Fayette 
Cady Louisa S. 1 Franklin 
Caesar George, clerk, 63 Boston 
Caffrey John, wagoner, 75 Front n of Foundry 
Caffrey Pafk, wagoner, 79 Front n of Foundry 
Caffrey Patrick, engineer, 57 Portland 
Caffrey Thomas, porter, 57 Portland 
Cafferty Thomas, shoemaker, 95 n Central av 
Cahill Andrew, laborer, 558 w Lombard 
Cahill Mrs. Catherine, 99 William 
Cahill Edmund, laborer. 5 Ulrick al 
Cahill Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmkr. 320 w Hoffman 
Cahill Frederick J. ins. agent, 90 William 
Cahill JohH, (J. Clark cJ- Co.)118 n Broadway 
Cahill Martin, engineer, 170 McHenry 
Cahill Patrick, lumber, Cathedral nr Chase, 

dw 105 Cathedral 
Cahill Patrick, hostler, 83 Hargrove al 
Cahill Pearce, liquors, 6 Cuba 
Cahill Timothy, painter, 240 Gough 
Cahn, Belt & Co. (Bernard Cahn, E. N. Belt) 

wholesale liquor dealers, 32 w Lombard 
Cahn Bernard (C, Belt & Co.) 102 n Eutaw 
Cahn Felix, peddlei, 8 s Pine 
Cahn Ferdinand, puddler, 130 s Wolfe 
Cain Calvin, lab'r, McHenry nr Monroe 
Cain Ellen, grocerv, 33 York 
Cain Frank, lab'r," 289 Cross 
Cain Geo. W. carter, 56 s Schroeder 
Cain Geo. laborer, 33 York 
Cain James T. clerk, 543 Orleans 
Cain John, lab'r, 14 Stiles 
Cain John, lab'r, 103 Peach al 
Cain John sr. brickmaker, 32 St Peter 
Cain John, barkeeper, 184 Hughes 
Cain, John l.ab'r, 147 Albemarle 
Cain John W. carter, 32 St. Peter 

Cain Joseph, agent, 280 s Broadway 

Cain Matthew, drayman, 14 Stiles 

Cain Michael, lab'r, 184 Hughes 

Cain Mrs. Sarah, 54 Walsh 

Cain Wm. carter, 56 s Schroeder 

Cain Wm. F. painter, 34 St. Peter 

Caine Joseph J. carp. 53 Stockton al 

Cairncross Mrs. Amanda, 282 Mulberry 

Cairns Edward, signalman, P. W. & B. R. R. 

Calder Edward, machinist, 104 s Durham 

Calder Edward, macliinist, 34 n Washington 

Calder John, machinist, loS s .\nn 

Calder Robt. A. paperhang. 97 s Washington 

Calder Wm., Bank nr Washington 

Caldwell A. & Co. (A. Caldwell) apothecary, 

n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 
Caldwell Andrea P. bookkeeper, cor Biddle 

and Eden 
Caldwell Mrs. Cora A., Central av nr Biddle 
Caldwell Daniel, dyer, 54 Front u of Foundry 
Caldwell Elijah, milkman, 20 Druid Hill av 
Caldwell Gilman, carp. 54 Front n of Foundry 
Caldwell James A. 141 n Strieker 
Caldwell James, baker, 30 e Monument 
Caldwell James, baker, 90 n HoUiday 
Caldwell James A., Central av nr Biddle 
Caldwell Mrs. Jane, 401 Saratoga 
Caldwell John A. clerk, 151 Park 
Caldwell John C. blockmaker, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell John S. clerk, 19 n Front 
Caldwell John S. clerk. Central av nr Biddle 
Caldwell Martin, carpenter, 631 Light 
Caldwell Mary, grocery, 30 e Monument 
Caldwell Robert, laborer, 132 s Eden 
Caldwell Saml. E. cigarmak. 49.J- Hill 
Caldwell Mrs. Sarah, 76 n Howard 
Caldwell Wm. M.(Bailr, C. & Co) 192 Mulberry 
Caldwell Wm. M. clerk, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell Wm. Q. jr. architect and measurer of 

buildings, 85 w Favette, dw 350 n Central av 
Calendar Inkstand Co. (Chas. H. Wigh;) 51 

Exchange pi and over 66 s Charles 
Callaghan .Michael, livery stables, 33 n High, 

dw 29 n [Exeter 
Callahan Annie, seamstress, 51 Tyson 
Callahan Arthur, slipper maker, 68 e Fayette 
Callahan Daniel, huckster, 77 n Spring 
Callahan Dennis, (Callahan & Llo.vd) 134 w 

Callahan Edward, shoemaker, 146 Lee 
Call.ahan Edward, laborer, 10 Williamson .al 
Callahan Mrs. Elizabeth, 215 Raborg 
Callahan James, grocery, 51 Tyson 
Callahan James, laborer, 65 Elliott 
Callahan John, laborer, 395 Eastern av 
Callahan John, lab'r, s end Clinton 
Callahan John T. mariner, 98 Battery av 
Callahan Lawrence, lab'r, 216 Raborg 
Callahan ic Lloyd, (Dennis Edward 

Lloyd) livery stables, 150 w Fayette 
Callahan Patrick, lab'r, 19 Concord 
Callahan Patrick, lab'r, 1 Wilcox 
Callahan Patrick, lab'r, 216 Raborg 
Callahan Peter, 51 Tyson 
Callahan Philip, drayman, Addison nr High 
Callahan Thos. lab'r, 8 Creek 
Callahan Timothy, (T. C. & Co.) High and 

Callahan T. & Co. (T. Callahan, Martin Quinn) 

oyster packers, foot of Mill 
Callahan Timothy, plasterer, 146 Greenm't av 
Callahan Wm. hostler, 189 Dover 


H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 

Callan Andrew, lab'r, 10 Rose 

Callan Mrs. Ann. 203 s Chester 

Callan Bernard, barkeeper. 78 w Fayette 

Callan Bernard, cashier, 2ii3 s Chester 

Callan Francis jr. lab'r, 175 s Chester 

Callan Mrs. Julia, 175 s Chester 

Callan Owen, groc"v and liquor, 12 Foundry 

Callan Peter, charcoal, Clinton, Canton, dw 
175 s Chester 

Callan Thos. tavern, 322 Aliceanna 

Callan Thos. lab'r, 74 Lewis 

Callenberger Amos, helper, 100 Hudson 

Callenberger Philip, lab'r, 145 Hudson 

Callenberger Wm. puddler, 100 Hudson 

Callenberger Wm. H. puddler, lO'J Hudson 

Callender Geo. plasterer, 25 Thomsen 

Callender Henry, huckster, 43 Henrietta 

Callender John, bhicksmiih, 4S7 e Baltimore 

Callender Luther W. bookbinder, 100 Aisquith 

Callender Mary E. teacher, 100 Aisquith 

Callender Sarah X. cook, 43 Henrietta 

Callender "^Vm. sr. plasterer, 100 Aisquith 

Callender Wm. jr. plasterer, 100 Aisquith 

Calligan Dennis, lab'r, Foster al nr Hoffman 

Callis Geo. H. carp. 1 Irrinepl 

Callis Geo. R. builder, 139 n Broadway 

Callis Jas. H. coal yard, 230 e Baltimore, dw 
1 Irvine pi 

Callis Wm. shoemak. 259 Light 

Callman Mrs. Mary, Frederick av nr tollgate 

Callow Mrs. Susan. 2G8 n Howard 

Callow Wm. sr. pres't Bankers', Brokers' and 
Com. Teleg'ph Co., dw Linden av ext 

Callow Wm. jr. Fremont nr George 

Calvert Assembly Rooms, cor Calvert and Sar- 
atoga, W. A. Danskin. prop'r 

Calvert Benj. F. carp. 108 n Schro '^er 

Calvert C. C. correspond'g clerk, -2 s Eutaw 

CALVERT HALL, St. Joseph's A ..deniy, 79 

Calvertou Carpet Co. office 1 e Bah i.iore 

Calverlon Iron and Nail Works ( .. s w cor 
Baltimore and Calvert, factory 1 ., t av, Lo- 
cust Point 

Calvert John, stonecutter, 33 Scott 

Calvert John G. granite yard, coi Hamburg 
and Ohio av, dw 178 Scott 

Calvert Joseph B. stonecutter, 178 Scott 

CALVERT STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way, n e cor Franklin and Calvert 

C. B. Stillraan, sup't. Block nr Drawbrido-e 

Calwell Chas. clerk, 104 n Greene 

CalweU James R. mariner, 3 w Baltimore 

Calwell John, salesman, 151 Park 

Calwell John K. salesman, 628 w Fayette 

Calwell J. Virginia, teacher, 104 n Greene 

Calwell L. B. (Sloan ^ C.) Baltimore co 

Calwell Mrs. Mary, millinery, 3 w Baltimore 

Calwell Mrs. Rose, 104 n Greene 

Camacho Lewis J. 402 Mulberry 

Camalier Geo. A. clerk, 16 St, Paul 

CAMDEN STATION, B. & 0. R. R. fronting 
Howard, Camden, Eutaw and Lee 

Camejo Augustin, (Echemendia & Qo.) 98 n 

Camela Antonia, fruit, 41 Marion 

Cameron Chas. C. 224 Walsh 

Cameron Hugh, tailor, 532 n Gay 

CAMERON JOHN D. president N. C. R., Cal- 
vert Station, dw Harrisburg 

Cameron John M. bookkeeper, 58 n Republican 

Camp James L. bookkeeper, 126 s Paca 

Camp Wm. tailor, 68 Ridgely 

Campbell Andrew T. laborer, Greenmount av 

nr Point la 
Campbell Mrs. Ann E. milliner, 131 s Am 
Campbell Benj. F. carpenter, 435 Saratoga 
Campbell Benj. F. (Longcope, Campbell & Co.) 

425 Saratoga 
Campbell Bernard, Icksmh, Etting nr Lanvale 
Campbell Bernard J. hackman. 1 Mulberry 
Campbell Bernard, locksmith, 116 n Eutaw 
Campbell Bernard, laborer, 17 Arbel al 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, 6 Neighbor 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine. 58 n Central av 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, notions, 8 Orleans 
Campbell Chas. agentThos. Winans, ITsFre- 

Campbell Chas, E. grocery and provision, 217 

Lee, dw 182 
Campbell Chas. finisher, 422 w Lombard 
Campbell Colin, stonecutter, 151 Forrest 
Campbell Elizabeth. 1 Orleans 
Campbell Frank, laborer. 15 Chesapeake 
Campbell Geo. A. clerk, 39 Lee 
Camiibell Geo. hrassfinisher, 147 e Madison 
Campbell Geo. L. police, 209 n Gay 
Campbell Geo. W. der':. -11 s Orccron 
Campbell Henry. ' iborer -■' Hamn ind al 
Cempbell Henry, laborer, 191 Pr.^ton 
Campbell Henry, laborer, 142 Preston 
Campbell Jas. machinist, 188 L. Constitution 
Campbell James, laborer, 88 n Durham 
Campbell James, car driver, 577 Penna av 
Campbell James E. police, 147 Chesapeake 
Campbell John, 132 n Eden 
Campbell Mrs. J. Mason. 165 Lanvale 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 12 n Poppleton 
Campbell John A. 169 St. Paul 
Campbell John, carpenter, 15 Aisquith 
Campbell John, messenger Adams exp. 294 n 

Campbell John, blacksmith, 205 s Howard 
Campbell John, engineer, 51 Lee 
Campbell John G. puddler, 3 s Burke 
Campbell John H. laborer, 122 L Greene 
Camjjbell John F. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell John, carpenter, 25 n High 
Campbell John H. ropemaker, 75 McHenry 
Campbell John S. collection clerk, 17 s Fremont 
Campbell John, painter, 58 n Exeter 
Campbell John,hrassworker,37 Centre Mkt. sp 
Campbell John T. laborer, 92 s Carey 
Campbell John W. 22 Albemarle 


I— I 







WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 




Campbell Johnj machinist, 232 George 











• p— ( 









Grocer and Provisioij Dealer, 



N. E. Cor. Holilns & Oregon-sts. 

Geueral supply of articles for F»mily use always 


band, and sold nt the lowest rates. Also 

Booth St. near Oregon 


Campbell John W. painter, 64 Front n of 

Campbell Joseph, peddler, 63 s Charles 
Campbell Kenneth, mariner. 269 s Wolfe 
Campijell Mrs. Margaret, 133 Gough 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, confec'y, 59 Orleans 
Campbell Mrs. Mary A. 157 Chesapeake 
Campbell Mrs. Mary A. 251 n Caroline 
Campbell Mrs. Mary R. 45 s Republican 
Campbell Mrs. Mary, 31 e Monument 
Campbell Mary, 50 Bolton 
Campbell Michael, puddler, 157 Chesapeake 
Campbell Kelson, clerk, 27 s Oregon 
Campbell N. P. president Merchants and Me- 
chanics F. I. Co. 44 Second, dw 50 Bolton 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 298 e Monument 
Campbell Patrick, mariner, 208 Bank 
Campbell Peter, burrstone maker, 6 Orleans 
Campbell &Ramsburg, (R. Campbell jr. N. A. 

R iLusburg) coal, 95 w Lombard 
Campbell Mrs. Rebecca, 286 Lexington 
Campbell Mrs. Rebecca, 57 Lee 
Campbell Robert, cooper, 18 Warren 
Campbell Robert jr. (C. & Ramsburg) 199 w 

Campbell Robert, 279 Madison av 
Campbell Robt. R.brassfinisher,3l2 n Caroline 
Campbell Robt. carpenter, 133 Gough 
CAMPBELL ROSd & CO. (R. Campbell) 

whole, dry goods com. merch'ts, McCreary 

building, Sharp ur German 
Campbell Ross, (R. C. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Campbell Samuel, carp'r, McHeury nr Gilmor 
Campbell Sarah, 8 Hammond al 
Campbell Thos. ironworker, 309 Canton av 
Campbell Thos. carter, 19 Abbot 
Campbell Thos. tinner, 188 L. Constitution 
Campbell Thos. laborer, 30 Liberty al 
Campbell Thos. A. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Thos. laborer, 263 Forrest 
Campbell Thos. W. deputy clerk Crim.Ct 39 Lee 
Campliell \Vm. mdse. broker, Smith's whf, dw 

lu8 McCuUoh 
Campbell \Vm. law student, 39 Lee 
Campijell \Vm. chairmaker, 178 Preston 
Campbell \Vm. L. carpenter, 435 Saratoga 
Campoellite BaptistChurch, Etting and Dolphin 
Campen Uelias, (Sinsheimer, Plack & Co.) 110 

s Washington 
Campen John,oysterandfruitpacker,266 Light 
Camper John, butler, 41 S n Gay 
Camper Margaret, 4U Hampstead 
tamper Mrs. Mary, millinery, 80 Lexington 
Camper Napoleon, planemaker,over 21 Mercer, 

dw 92 Park 
Camphel Michael, laborer, 82 s Poppleton 
Campher T. J. clerk, 13 s Howard 
Campwell Jno. laborer, Payson nr Lombard 

Canavan James, grocery, 24 Valley 
Canavan Patrick, gas fitter, 59 Centre Mkt sp 
Canary Philip, tailor, 203 s Chapel 
CANBY, GILPIX &CO.(W. Canby,B. Gilpin) 
wholes. druggists, nw cor Light and Lombard 
Canby Samuel, (Wright & C.) 89 McCulloh 
Canby Thos. E. watchman C. H. 45 Green- 
mount av 
CANBY THOMAS Y. pres't Third National 
Bank and Washington Fire Insurance Co. 
38 Second, dw 163 Dolphin 
Canby Wm. (C, Gilpin & Co.) Mt Washing- 
ton, Baltimore co 
Cancio Pablo, 104 n Broadway 
Candler Oscar, printer, 40 Ensor 
Cane Mrs. Anna, 83 n Eden 
Cane Barklay, puddler. Bank and Chester 
Cane Patrick, laborer, 65 n Spring 
Cane & Spedden, brickmakers, Washington av 


(I. C. Canfield, W. B. Canfield, T. 
Welsh) Watches, Jewelry, Silver 
and Plated Ware, Eich Fancy 
Goods and Cutlery ,Wholesale and 
Retail, 229 w Baltimore st 

Canfield Ira C. (C.,Bro. & Co.) 95 St Paul 
Canfield Ira C. jr. clerk, 95 St Paul 
Canfield Thomas, turner, 283 Forrest 
Canfield William B. (C, Bro. & Co.) 249 n 

Cann Edward B. painter, 18 Water, dw 355 8 

Cann Edward R. painter, 394 Hanover 
Cann Geo. H. carpenter, 18 Concord, dw 132 

s Central av 
Cann James J. fruit packer, 37 Essex 
Cann James R. printer, 169 s Sharp 
Cannoles Chas.coachsmith, Bolton al nrWilson 
Cannoles Chas. furn. wagon, 223 Preston 
Cannoles Elizabeth, 148 Ensor 
Cannoles Ernest, boxmaker, 210 s Fremont 
Cannoles John, driver, 79 Ensor 
Cannoles Oliver, furn. wagon, 221 Preston 
Cannoles Wm. bookbinder, 148 Ensor 
Cannon Bartine A. (Ryan & Ricketts) 314 

Cannon James, brassfinisher, 4 Foundry 
Cannon J. H. clubroom, 3J St. Paul, dw 134 

n High 
Cannon Capt. James, 134 n High 
Cannon James H. 235 w Eager 
Cannon Mrs. Levisie, 219 Light 
Cannon Margaret, 32 Miller 
Cannon Mary A. 11 Comet 
Cannon Thos. telegraph repairer, 90 Columbia 
Cannon Patrick, laborer, 50 s Strieker 
Cannon Richard H. pilot, 156 Battery av 
Cannon Sarah 105 York 
Cannon Wm. S. bricklayer. 119 Barre 
Cannon Wm. H. carpenter,23 Wayne, dw 119 

Cannovan Pat'k, laborer, 59 Centre Mkt. sp 
Canox Geo. D. currier, 150 West 
Canox Joseph, currier. 177 Hanover 
Canox Lydia, shoe findings, 177 Hanover 
Canter Rev. Isaac W. 186 Walsh 
Canter Levin H. clerk 114 Lee 

WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 




CAXTOX GO'S OFFICE, n w cor Patuxent 
and Boston, Chas.J.Baker pres't,Wm. Dean 
sec. and treas. 15 South over Franklin Bank 
Canton Can Works, Burke nr Canton av 
Canton John, laborer, 521 Franklin 
Canton (M. E.) Chapel, Clinton n of Boston 
Canton Market, O'Douuell from Potomac to 


Stab, prop'r, n e cor Burke and Lancaster 
Canton M. S. Church, Chesapeake ur Hudson 
Canton Marine Railway, Atlantic wharf foot 

of Bennett 
Canton Oil Works.Merritt, Jones ^ Co. propr's, 

oflBce 56 Exchange pi 
tuxent and Dillon 
Thoms & Co.) Aliceanna and Chester, oflBce 
cor Commerce and Exchange pi 
Cantwe'.l Helena, T n Poppletou 
Cantwell John, laborer, 80 Payson 
Cantwel! John, shoemaker, 27 n Bond 
Canty Mrs. Ellen, 112 Mullikin 
Canty John, tinner, 24 n Amity 
Canty Patrick, plasterer. 112 Mullikin 
Caones Mrs. Joseph, 656 Saratoga 
Cape John C. distiller, HoUiday nr Foundry 
Cape John C. sr. dist'r, HoUiday nr Foundry 
Cape Wra. H. machinist, HoUiday nr Foundry 
Capito Geo. R. moulder, 101 York 
Caples Mrs. Annie B. boarding, Division nr 

Capp Alfred, laborer, 159 Vine 
Capp Geo. M. potter, 159 Raborg 
Capp Israel, potter, 51 Booth 
Capp Robert, laborer, 51 Booth 
Cappeau Cecelia, trimmings, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Chas. carpenter. S22 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Frances, trimmings, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Josephine. 822 w Baltimore 
Capprise Jos. shipwright, 54 s Washington 
Capps Christopher, laborer, Clinton nr Dillon 
Cappude Annie, dressmaker, 244 s Bond 
Capron D. S. civil engineer. Mansion house 
Capron Frauds B. 40 Mulberry 
Capy John, painter, 30 e Pratt 
Carback E. & Son,(Elisha and Richard Car- 
back) boots and shoes. 165 Lexington 
Carback Elisha, ( B.C. cj- Son) 267 Druid Hill av 
Carback Elisha, painter, 222 Gough 
Carback John C.. Miller nr Broadway 
Carback Rich'd,(E. C.& Son)267 Druid Hill av 
Carback Wm. laborer, 193 n Bond 
Carberry John butcher, 143 Mullikin 
Carbis Nicholas, 461 n Fremont 
Carcaud Gilbert, carpenter, 220 Mulberry 
Card Wm. S sailmaker,'152 n Fremont 
Cardwell Jackson, bonnet frames, 243 n Gay, 

dw 397 Lexington 
CAREY ALEX. G. storage warehouse, 30 w 

Lombaad, dw 40 Bolton 
Carey Alex. Y. public weigher, 9 Spear's whf, 

dw 40 Bolton 
Carey Andrew J. blacksmith, 24 Tyson 
Carey Chas. hackman, 136 s Eutaw 
Carey David, carpenter, 75 n Schroeder 
Carey Edward, carter, foot of s Sharp 
Carey Mrs. Geo. 40 Bolton 
Carey Geo. G. teacher, 265 n Eutaw 
Carey Henry G. (Carey .^•Wistar)222 n Calvert 
Caiey Henry, grocery, 1 Liberty al 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

CAREY JAMES, wholesale boots and shoes, 
266 w Baltimore, dw Liberty rd I mile be- 
yond tollgate 
Carey James jr. sec'y Central Savings Bank, 

40 Bolton 
Carey Jeremiah H. horse shoer, 3 Marion 
Carey John W. police. 139 Preston 
Carey John, meter maker, York rd, Balto. co 
Carey John E. clerk, 21 Hanover 
Carey John, carp"r. Frederick av nr Monroe 
Carey John W. machinist, 1 Chesapeake 
Carey Matthew, laborer, 178 L. Constitution 
Carey Michael, lab. Bouldin al nr Townsend 
Carey Patrick, laborer, 130 Johnson 
Carey P. A. clerk, 588 Penna. av 
Carey Patrick, plumber and dealer in gas fix- 
tures. 7 Eutaw house, dw 150 Division 
Carey Patrick, blacksmith, 24 Tyson 
Carey Samuel, trader, 118 Orchard 
Carey Mrs. Sarah, 311 Orleans 
Carev Mrs Sarah, grocery, 139 Preston 
CAREY THOMAS K. as'st. manager Anchor 
Life Ins. Co. of N. J. 8 Postoffice av, dw 37 
e Eager 
Carey Thomas T. prest. Peabody Fire Ins. Co. 

Second, adj Postoffice, dw 37 McCulloh 
Carey Timothy W. driver, opp. 395 s Sharp 
Carey Wm. drayman. 18 Decker 
Carey Wra. wagoner. 153 s Central av 
Carey Wm. 583 Penna. av 
Carer Wm.malts'r. s w cor North and Saratoga 
CAREY .j- WISTAR,(H. G. Carey, J. B.Wis- 
tar) com. merchants and naval stores, 81 
Smith's whf 
Carlo Chas. baker, 3 L. McElderry 
Cariss Mrs. Catherine. 60 w Fayette 
Carl Chas. cabinetmaker, 520 w Baltimore 
Carl Mrs Eliza, 381 Eastern av 
Carl Emil (Bollman ^- C.) 165 w Fayette 
CarlFredk, drayman, 259 Hanover 
Carle James, caulker, 340 s Bond 
Carl John H. rev. service, 362 Eastern av 
Carl Joseph, carpenter, 22 Abbot 
Carl Louis A. clerk, 219 Mulberry 
Carl Mrs Mary, Butcher's la nr Frederick rd 
Garland Thos' grainer, 237 w Biddle 
Carle Ephraim, carpenter, 156 Scott 
Carle Frederick, painter, 168 Preston 
Carle John C. laborer, 89 n Front 
Carle John H. foreman, 160 William 
Carless Ann, 4 Hammond al 
Carless Wm. laborer. 4 Hammond al 
Carlile Alfred A. gasfitter, 32 Aisquith 



WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manufrs & Com. Mercli'ts. 















Carlile David G. 149 n Paca 
Carlile Jas. H. collector and agt. 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Mrs Jane, laundress, 27 Armistead la 
Carlile Thos. M. shoemaker, 32 Aisquith 
Oiirlile Wm. H. police, 91 n Central av 
CA-RLIN & FULTOX, (J. F. Carlin. D. C. 
Fulton) importers of hardware, 20 s Howard 
and 24 s Libertv 
Carlin James F. (C. & Fulton) Alexandria, Va 
Carlin James, driver, 242 Lenimon al 
Carlin Matthew, porter. 186 Burgundy al 
Carlin Thos. laborer. Batter}- av nr Fort av 
CarlingMich. Black; Horse taVern, 63PennaaT 
Carlisle Amos L. mllhvright, 509 w Lombard 
Carlisle Joseph, grinder, polisher and grocery, 

cor West and Charles 
Carlisle Mary M. 53 Henrietta 
Carlisle Mrs." Urath C. 68 n Greene 
Carll Henry, tavern, Belair av ext 
Carlon Frank, clerk, 22 n Pine 
Carlson Charles, machinist, 509 w Pratt 

Carlton Mrs. , dressmaker, 19 Conway 

Carlton Arthur, plasterer, 209 n Central av 
Carlton John, laborer, 134 Harford av 
Carlton Oliver, plasterer, 175 n Caroline 
Carlton Thos. conductor, 18 Harford av 
Carlyle Henry W. carp'r. 414 Mulberry 
Carmack Hanson, 151 Hanover 
Carmack Theodore, 151 Hanover 
Carman Geo. H. contractor, 266 e Fayette 
Carman Geo. clerk, 248 Montmomery 
Carman John C. sheet iron worker, 5 Hope al 
Carman Jos. D. shipsmith, 168 Hanover 
Carman Joseph, shoemaker, 248 Montgomery 
Carman Thos. boilermaker, 248 Montgomery 
Carmelite Convent, 68 Aisquith 
Carmer James W. (Wade, Boykin ^ Co.) 50 

n Calhoun 
Carmichael Henry, ropemaker, 718 Light 
* Carmichael Sallie, 74 Park av 
Carmichael Thomas E. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 

Carnes John, watchman C. H. 318 e Chase 
Carnes H. A. W. clerk, 344 Lexington 
Carnes Mrs. Wm. J. 20 Boston 
Carney James, laborer, 150 Dover 
Carney Jas. laborer, 297 Columbia 
Carney Jas. jr. teamster, 297 Columbia 
Carney John, laborer, 358 s Charles 
Carney John E. teamster, 297 Columbia 
Carney Luke, hostler, 4 Addison 
Carney Matt, laborer, 20 Ryan 
Carney Owen, laborer. 1:^ Parkin 
Carney Philip, laborer, 20 Ryan 
Carney Patrick, laborer, 63 McHenry 
Carney Thos. J. clerk, 90 Dolphin 
Carnowsky Michael, laborer, 7 Frederick ar 
Cams Ann, seamstress, 107 Mosher 
Cams Alex. G. W. clerk, 344 w Lombard 
Carolan Mrs. Ann, 126 L. Greene 
Carolan Thos. laborer, 126 L. Greene 
Caroline St. (M. E.) Church, 7 s Caroline 
Carow Gustave, carp. 173 s Chester 
Carow Mrs. Laura, grocer}-, 173 s Chester 
Carpenter Alva L. bookkeeper, 527 w Fayette 
Carpenter Mrs. Ann, 168 Pearl 
Carpenter Mrs. Catherine, ladies furn. goods, 

98 Franklin 
Carpenter Edward M. clerk, 29 s Exeter 
Carpenter Geo. J. 98 Franklin 
Carpenter Mrs. M. D. M. 87 e Baltimore 
Carpenter John C attorney, 25 Lexington, dw 

91 McCuUoh 
Carpenter Wm. H. blacksmith, 168 Pearl 
Carpenter Wm. H. editor Baltimore Daily Ga- 
zette, 91 McCulIoh 
Carper Mrs Eliza, confect'ry, 689 w Baltimore 
Carper Mazarine J. shoefitter, 689 w Baltimore 
Carper Wra. shoefitter, 689 w Baltimore 
Carr Alex. F. moulder, 240 Columbia 
Carr Alex, brassfinisher, 27 s Front 
Carr Alfred J. attorney, 25 Lexington, dw 252 
Linden av 

irmicnaei luoiuiis ej. uuiunci, ou v^c n,n=, uv ^ jjiiiuvii u. 

Lexington, and 76 Hanover markets, dw j Carr Andrew R. brassfinisher, 240 Columbia 

Penna av ext 
Carmichael Thomas H. capt. watch, custom 

house, 125 s High 
Carmichael Wm. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 Lex- 
ington and 76 Han.mkt's, dw Penna av ext 
Carmichael Wm. 125 s High 
Carmine Chas. G. plumber and gas fitter, 58 n 

Carmine Mrs. Eleanor, 23 s Ann 
Carmine Francis H. huckster, 156 s Ann 
Carmine Geo. W. clerk, 417 w Pratt 
Carmine Jas. gas inspector, Miller nr Broadway 
Carmine Jas. L. huckster, 156 s Ann 
Carmine James W. police, 69 Milliraan 
Carmine Jefferson, 417 w Pratt 
Carmine Joseph ^^ police, 67 Milliman 
Carmine Thos. H. com. mercht, 158 s Ann 
Carmine Thos. J. painter, 67 Battery av 
Carmody Jno. tobacconist, 33 Greenmount av 
Carmody Michael, porter, 33 Greenmount av 
Carmody John, sr. porter, 33 Greenmount av 
Carmody Pt'k, tobaccon't, 33 Greenmount av 
Carnan Bishop, patternmaker, 179 Aisquith 
Carnan Johnson jr. boilerm'r, 18 Somerset 
Carnan Johnson, machinist, 18 Somerset 
Carnan Mrs. Mary A. tailoress, 18 Somerset 
Carnes Andrew J. deputy col. int. rev. 268 e 

Carnes Edward, laborer, 137 Harford av 
Carnes Elizabeth L. teacher, 318 e Chase 

Carr Mrs. Ann, 28 Mulberry 

Carr Mrs. Annie, 129 Vine 

Carr Benj. F. truukmaker, 159 Dover 

Carr Bros. & Co. (Dr. R. W. and John B. 

Carr) wholes, druggists, chemicals. &c. 29 

Carr Mrs. Catherine, laundr's, 95 Druid Hill ar 
Carr Chas. carter, 21 Bank 
Carr Mrs. Eliza, 238 Madison av 
Carr Ellen, 1C8 Raborg 
Carr Francis H. currier, 548 w Lombard 
Carr Geo. W. conductor, Shrub la nr Presstman 
Carr Greenbury, coremaker, 16 s Schroeder 
Carr Henry, tailor and clothier, n e cor Pratt 

and Charles, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr Mrs. Isabella, 240 Columbia 
Carr Jas can maker, 177 Harford av 
Carr Jas. driver, fire dept. 71 Pearl . 
Carr Jas. laborer, 7 Mulberry 
Carr Jas. 64 Hampstead 
Carr Jas. E. police com'r, 252 Linden av 
Carr Jas. boots and shoes, 100 n Howard 
Carr Jane, grocery, 64 Hampstead 
Carr J. H. clerk, Oregon nr Townsend 
Carr John, laborer, 64 Hampstead 
Carr John, brass moulder, 25 Concord 
Carr John, laborer. Point la, nr Greenmount 

Carr John, laborer, 151 Orleans 
Carr Mrs. John, grocery, 187 s Eden 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh. Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Oflaces. 54 S. Gay and cor. Cliew & Stirling. 




Carr John B. (C, Bro. & Co.) 23S Madison av 
Carr John, laborer. 187 s Eden 
Carr John, boilermaker, 8 L Church 
Carr John W. clerk, 238 Madison av 
Carr John, jr brassmoulder, 25 Concord 
Carr John! laborer, 22 Ne.ghbor 
Carr Lewis A. clerk, 84 n Greene 
r'arr Margaret, servant, 29 n Paca 
Carr Patrick, stonecutter, 9.5 Druid Hill av 
Carr Patrick, laborer, 98 s Chapel 
Carr Robert fl. {R. H. Carr i: Son) 118 Ca- 
Carr Ruse. 163 Raborg 

CARR R. H. ^ SON, (R. H. and W. Sanders 
Car, *_:. C. Horner) hardware, agts Early"s 
patent burial caskets, and under uikers trim- 
mings, s e cor Saratoga and Liberty 
Carr Dr. R. Wilson, coroner, 29 Hanover, dw 

69 n Charles 
Carr Dr. R. Wilson, (C. Bros. & Co.) 69 n 

Carr Samuel, brassfinisher, 100 Hillen 
Carr W. Sanders, (R. H. C. & Son) s e cor 

Saratoga and Liberty 
Carr Thos. laborer, 118 Boyd 
Carr Virginia, ll n Caroline 
Carr Wm. police, 212 Gough 
Carr Wm. carpenter, 139 e Madison 
Carr Wm. laborer, 3rf0 s Sharp 
Carr Wm. driver, 12 Wyeth 
Carr Wilson, clerk, 118 Cathedral 
Carr Wilson C. N. dep'y clerk Crim. Court, 

Chase nr Cathedral 
Carre Johu, stevedore, 129 s Exeter 
Carre Wui. stevedore, 129 s Exeter 
Carrere Mary, clerk, Peabody Acad. Music, 

dw 57 St. Paul 
Carrick A. F. barkeeper, 314^ Mulberry 
Carrick Edwd W. carpenter, 53 Garden 
Carrick James, (Hood i C.) 141 s Fremont 
Carrick Mrs. Mary, 63 Garden 
Carrick Thos. J. machinist, 129 Scott 
Carrick Wm. stonemason, 12 Baker 
Carrick Wm. I. laborer, 68 Albemarle 
Carriere Charles, sr. 89 n Exeter 
tjarriere Chas. jr. baker, 89 n Exeter 
(.'arrigan James, jr. plumber, 54 u Greene 
Carrigan James, 54 n Greene 
Carrigan Geo. shoemaker, 58 Henrietta 
Carrigan Jane, 46 s Strieker 
Carrigan Wm. J. pattern maker. 46 s Strieker 
Uarringtou Henrietta, 129 Lanvale 
Carrington Mrs. Mary H. 129 Lanvale 
Carrington Wm. P. clerk, 129 Lanvale 
Carolina Life Insurance Co., Jefferson Davis, 

pres't, 2Si South 
Carrlsen Franz, 189 s Regester 
CARROLL, ADAMS & "NEER, (J. Carroll, 
J. Q. Adams, J. P. Neer, S. H. Lucas, J. 
F. Staub) boots, shoes, &£. wholesale, 351 
w Baltimore 
Carroll Andrew S. clerk, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Andrew, clerk, 62 e Eager 
Carroll Mis. Ann, grocery, 2 Foundry 
Carroll .Mrs. Bridget, tavern, 114 s Howard 
Carroll Mrs. Bridget, 14 Spruce al 
Carroll Catherine, 4 Thomsen 
Carroll Mrs. Catherine, dressmaker, 62 e Eager 
Carroll Chas. A. 165 Lanvale 
Carroll Chas. C. 162 e Monument 
Carroll Chas. T. 42 Franklin 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, 105 Cooksie 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Carroll Chas.S.ropemaker,cor Eden and John, 

dw 388 Harford av 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, 62 s Dallas 
Carroll Delia, seamstress, 332 n Howard 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 287 e Monument 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll Mrs. Elizabeth, restaurant, 143 e Pratt 
Carroll Mrs. Elizabeth, 107 Park av 
Carroll Geo. W. huckster, 118 William 
Carroll Gregory, bricklayer, 62 n Dallas 
Carroll Hall, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert 
Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Harry D. G. jr. 107 w Monument 
Carroll Henry, collector, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll House, C. Swearer, prop'r, 1 Gram 
Carroll James, laborer, 13 Fall 
Carroll James, salesman, 78 McKim 
Carroll James, laborer, 18 Rock 
Carroll James, stonecutter, 212 Lee 
Carroll James,(G., Adams & Xeer) 272 Hollins 
Carroll James, jr. 107 w Monument 
CorroU James, sr. 105 w Monument 
Carroll James, attorney, Charles nr Centre 
Carroll James A. cigariuaker, 247 George 
Carroll James H. police, 64 s Regester 
Carroll James P. salesman, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll James P. salesman, 120 s Paca 
Carroll John P. shipwright, 102 Battery av 
Carroll John, oysterman, 59 Centre Market sp 
Carroll John W. ropemaker, 650 Light 
Carroll John B. ropemaker, Harford av and 

John, dw 390 Harford av 
Carroll John, blacksmith, 303 Harford av 
Carroll John B. cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll John F. printer, 16 Hill 
Carroll John K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 84 

e Pratt 
Carroll John R., Brannock & Co.( J. R.Carroll, 
John H. Brannock, Wm. F. Carroll.) ship 
yard and marine railway, s side of Basin nr 
citv vard 
CarroU JohnR (J. R. C, Brannock & Co.) 

102 Battery av 
Carroll John, laborer, 198 Aliceanna 
Carroll John, tailor, 57 s Oregon 
Carroll John, laborer, 633 w Pratt 
Carroll John, laborer, 11 s Durham 
Carroll Jno. lab' r. Green willow nr Chatsworth 
Carroll John X. 138 Park 
Carroll Joseph, sutler. Fort McHenry 
Carroll Joseph, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Lewis F. ropemaker, 390 Harford av 
Carroll Mrs. Lucy, 83 n Strieker 

Agent for 





LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 










Carroll Mrs. Marcella A. 112 Sarah Ann 
Carroll Mrs. Martha, seam's 25 Hampstead 
Carroll Martin, laborer, 80 n Durham 
Carroll Mary, fancy store, 80 n Fremont 
Carroll Mary, 67 n Front 
Carroll Mrs Margaret, 212 Lee 
Carroll Michael, tinnerj 424 Saratoga 
Carroll Moses, lab'r, Aliceanna and Eden 
Carroll Michael, tinner, 305 Orleans 
Carroll Michael, hackman, 33 L. McElderry 
Carroll Mortimer, tavern, corner Centre and 

Carroll Oliver, machinist, 408 w Lombard 
Carroll Patrick B. 31 s Exeter 
Carroll P. H. salesman, Three Tuns hotel 
Carroll Robt. grocery, 158 Druid Hill av 
Carroll Robt. B. tinner, 240 e Madison 
Carroll Robt. V. joiner, 102 Battery av 
Carroll Samuel S. 74 Courtland 
Carroll Sinclair S. (Wm. H. Johns & Co.) 664 

Carroll Stephen C. ropemaker, 388 Harford av 
CARROLL THOMAS G. wholesale wine and 

liquor, 370 w Baltimore, dw 120 McCulloh 
Carroll Thos.trans. dept. B.&O.R.R. 26 Penn 

2G Penn 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 54 n Dallas 
Carroll Thomas, 31 Eastern av 
Carroll Thos. detective, 224 n Central av 
Carroll Thos. jr. roofer, 31 Eastern av 
Carroll Thos. VV. 442 w Fayette 
Carroll Timothy, laborer, 80 n Front 
Carroll Timoth}' A. land agent, 656 w Fayette 
Carroll Wm. hostler, 3 Bounty la 
Carroll Wm. laborer, 19 New Church 
Carroll Wm. carter, 312 Cross 
Carroll Wm. F. 145 Cross 
Carroll Wm. L. stonecutter, 215 Forrest 
Carroll Wm. J. (Vickery & C.) 121 s High 
Carson & Co. (D. Carson) lumber dealers, w 
side Union dock adj. Bay line steamers whf 
Carson Carville H. builder, s e cor Lexington 

and Republican 
Carson Chas. L. (Dixon & Carson) 448 Madi- 
son av 
Carson David, brickmaker, 124 St. Peter 
Carson David. cooi>er, rear 229 s Sharp 
Carson David jr. clerk, 330 Lexington 
Carson David, (C. & Co.) 330 Le.xington 
Carson David, builder, 46 Josephine, dw 330 

Carson Elijah, (J. Whittington & Co.) 64 

Carson Geo.M. watchman, C. H. 96 St. Peter 
Carson Henry, machinist, 159 n Gay 
Carson Henry, baker, 173 Hanover 
Carson James, laborer, 80 s Republican 
CARSON JOHN, attorney, 65 w Fayette, dw 

nr Catonsville, Baltimore co 
Carson John W. brickmaker, 172 Columbia 
Carson John B. carpenter, 116 s Regester 
Carson Joseph, cooper, rear 229 s Sharp 
Carson Joseph, driver, 189 German 
Carson Jos. D. bookseller, over 7 South, dw 

356 Aisquith 
Carson Joshua, builder, 480 Franklin 
Carson Peter J. confectionery, 213 Gough 
Carson Thos. B (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Carson, Richardson & Co. (W. K. C, J. A. 
Richardson, T. E. Carson)grocers and com. 
merchts. s w cor Calvert and Lombard 

Carson W. K. (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 

164 McCulloh 
CARSON WM. coal and wood, 5 n Republi- 
can, dw 33 s Calhoun 
Carson Wm. T. brickmaker, 287 Columbia 
Carstens John H.(Radecke J- C.)162 Mulberry 
Carswell J. S. & Son, (J. S. and R. S. Cars- 
we'l) kerosene oil distillers, North nr Eager 
Carswell John S. (J. S. C. & Son)Homestead, 

Harford rd 
Carswell Robt. S. (J. S. C. & Son)Homestead, 

Harford rd 
Carte Frederick, driver, 554 w Pratt 
Carter Alex. M. cashier Third Nat. bank,112 

Carter Andvv, laborer, Greenwillow nr Chats- 
Carter Mrs. Ann, 329 Canton av ■ 
Carter Mrs. Ann M. grocery, 229 n Eden 
Carter A. Robt. agent Continenal Life Ins. 
Co. of N. Y. 42 Postofiice av, dw York rd 
nr ist toll gate 
CARTER BERNARD, attorney, 25 Lexington, 

dw 376 Eutaw pi 
CARTER & BRO. (W. J. and J. M. Carter) 

apothecaries, Pratt and President 
Carter Dr. C Shirley, 32 Franklin, dw 68 
Carter Chas. brakeman, 393 Franklin 
Carter Chas. clerk, 214 w HoS'iiiau 
Carter Chas. W. clerk. 241 Penna av 
Carter Chas. C. 214 w Hoffman 
Carter Durus, builder, 298 e Chase 
Carter Edw. F. (Bait. Gazette) 169 n Charles 
Carter Edwin T. clerk, 94 Columbia 
Carter Elavius, carpenter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Mrs. Ella, 69 Oxford 
Carter Mrs. Ellen M. millinery, 241 Penna av 
Carter Emma, clerk, 121 Lexington 
Carter Eugene, painter, 106 L. Greene 
Carter Francis, nightman, 34 Druid Hill av 
Carter Geo. R. chief clerk, tobacco warehouse 

No. 4, dw Baltimore co 
Carter Gotleib, cabinetmaker, 228 Henrietta 
Carter Granville H. butcher, Eagle hotel 
Carter Hannah, bakery, 60 s Chapel 
Carter Henry, clerk, 112 German 
Carter Henry M. carpenter, 109 s Exeter 
Carter H. Clay, agt Continental Life Ins. Co. 

N. Y., 42 Postoffice av, dw 640 w Fayette 
Carter Isaac T. plasterer, 173 e Fayette 
Carter James, marble polisher. 37 Front n of 

Carter James, carter, 175 Fremont 
Carter Dr. Jas. M. (C. & Bro.)385 w Fayette 
CARTER JOHN W. family grocer ,61 Camden, 

dw 94 Columbia 
Carter Dr. John C, Fayette and Paca,d\v 385 

w Fayette 
Carter John P. bookkeeper, 9 n Charles, dw 

St. Nicholas hotel 
Carter John W. produce com. mercht. 3 Cam- 
den, dw Baltimore co 
Carter John T. 96 n Fremont 
Carter John W. drayman, 14 n Schroeder 
Carter John W. prod. com. mercht. 31 Cam- 
den, dw Anue Arundel co 
CARTER JOHN M. attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 

14 Aisquith 
Carter Rev. J. P. 385 w Fayette 
Carter Jos. shoemaker, 67J n Front, dw 39 e 

Carter Joseph jr. plumber, 39 e Fayette 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Carter Joseph, cooper, 121 Hamburg 
Carter Josiah, watchman, Covington and 

Warren • 

Carter Lorenzo, driver. 22 Bnine 
Carter .Mrs. Matilda W. 96 n Fremont 
Carter Presley, plasterer, 36 n Bond 
Carter Mrs. Rel'ecca, 60 s Chapel 
Carter Rich'd P. oysters, 44 n Paca, dw 203 

Carter Richard P. laborer. 96 n Fremont 
Carter Robert D. clerli, 169 n Charles 
■Carter Robert K. 1"9 s Eden 
Carter Robert E., York rd nr 1st toll gate 
Carter Robert, payier carrier. Ensor nr Chase 
Carter Rodney F. engineer, 2.'i2 Eastern av 
Tarter Sarah P. tailoress, 166 s F'oward 
Carter Thomas M. salesman, Merchants' hotel 
Carter Thomas B. groceries and provisions, 

Waverley, York rd 
Garter Capt. Wm. F. 140 n Schroeder 
Carter TVm. H. bricklayer, 233 Barre 
Carter "Wm. S. engineer, 198 s Charles 
Carter Wm. brakeman, 62 s Carey 
Carter Wm. shoemaker, 491 vf Pratt 
Carter Wm. laborer. 96 n Fremont 
Carter Wm. H. (J. C. Brown & Co.) York rd 

nr toll gate 
Carter Wm. H. bricklayer, 567 w Lombard 
Carter Wra. H. carpenter, 119 Lexington 
Carter Wm. J. (C. & Bro ) 385 w Fayette 
Carter Wm. tailor, 160 s Eutaw 
Carter Wm. J. clerk, 229 n Eden 
Carter Wm. W. liquid'ting clerk C. H. 214 w 

Carthy .\nthony. laborer, Hull nr Fort av 
Cartier Urban, shoemaker, 12.5 Boyd 
Cartner Patrick, laborer, 300 Raborg 
Carvalho Julia. 256 n Eden 
Carver Francis T. bricklayer, 118 Mulberry 
Carver Matthew, laborer, 166 Lee 
Carver Philip, moulder, 55 n Schroeder 
Carver Philip .M. machinist, 40 s Poppleton 
Carver Wm. Y. bricklayer. 178 Mulberry 
Carwell Geo. W. laborer, 257 n Dallas 
GARY DEWITT C. agentfor Wilcox & Gibb's 

sewing machine, over 8 n Charles, dw 35 

GARY k CO. (Syd. C. Gary) coal and wood, 

1 n Charles and 3 n Howard 
Gary Svd. G. (C. & Co.) 197 n Charles 
Gary Wilson I\[. jr. teacher, 22^ Garden, dw 

197 n Charles 
Casby Andrew, laborer, 15 Arbel al 
Case Geo. W. clerk. 40 Lexington 
Case Jns. M. eng'r U. S. Rev. S. 237 e Biddle 
Case Nelson B. canmkr, 225 e Baltimore 
Case T. J. (Stickney & Co.) 40 Lexington 
Casen Henry, clerk, 187 n Central av 
Casens Mrs. Dora, 190 Barre 
Casanover Casper, shoemaker, 152 n High, dw 

65 n Exeter 
Casserly John, porter, 3 McDermot's ct 
Casey Edwin, clerk, 84 Hillen 
Casey IMrs. Ellen, 84 n Front 
Casey James, carpenter, 12 Fish market sp 
Casey James, laborer, 4 Ulrick al 
Casey James, grocery, 75 s Dallas 
Casey James F. harnessmaker, 84 n Front 
Casey Jeremiah, marble polisher, 18 Front, 

n of Foundry 
Casey John, laborer, 90 n Durham 
Casey John, laborer, 14 s Durham 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Casey John, fruit packer. 111 Ensor 

Casey Mrs. Mary J, gaiterfitter, 84 Hillen 

Casey Michael J. harnessmaker, 197 Chcsnut 

Casey Patrick, laborer, 11 Ellicott 

Casey Patrick, coachman, cor Forrest and 

Casey Patrick, laborer, 184 s Washington 
Casey Peter, laborer, 157 West 
Casey T.J. saddle and harnessmaker, 19 n Gay, 

dw 109 n Front 
Casey Thomas, engineer, Mt. Vernon hotel 
Casey Wm. E. basketmkr, 54 Greenmount av 
Casey Wra. laborer, Fulton nr Presstman 
Cash Edward L. carpenter, Cumberland nr 

Penna av 
Cash Jamics, stonecutter, 65 Richmond 
Cash John, pictures, 52 n Howard 
Cash Oliver W. carpenter, Cumberland nr 

Penna av 
Cashman Barth, laborer, 127 Division 
Cash man Jeremiah, laborer, 24 Etting 
Cashman Michael, laborer, 24 Ettipg 
Cashman .Michael, laborer, 138 Division 
CASHMYER HENRY, magistrate, 114 s Broad- 
way, dw 137 Bank 
Cashmyer Lewis, confectioner, 550 w Pratt 
Cashmver Philip, restaurant, 5 s Eden, dw 11 
Cashmyer R. August, liquors. 155 e Baltimore 
Gaskey David W. carpenter, 296 e Chase 
Caskey John W. shipcarpenter, 133 William 
Caskey Joseph, laborer, 133 William 
Caskej' Joseph, carpenter, 137 Mosher 
Gaskey Robert, stairbuilder, cor Fremont and 

Penna av, dw 200 n Fremont 
Gaskey Samuel H. boilermaker, 115 Hamburg 
Gaskey Solomon J. moulder, 115 Hamburg 
Caskey Solomon, moulder, 115 Hamburg 
Gason Edward, bricklayer, 66 Block 
Caspari Anna R. periodicals, 29 Druid Hill av 
CASPARI CHARLES jr. apothecary, 44 n 

Caspari Fred'k H. clerk, 44 n Gay 
Caspari Fritz, tailor, 119 Sarah Ann 
Caspari Theodore, books, 14 n Poppleton 
CASPARI WM. & CO (W. Caspari, C. W. 

Suffert) apothecaries, n e cor Pratt and Ann 
Cas])ari Wm. (Wm. Caspari & Co.) apothecary, 

107 s Paca, dw Biddle and Penna av 
Casper Ferd, vinegar manuf 52 e Lombard 
Casper Louis, 52 e Lombard 
Casper Matthew, barkeeper, 119 e Lombard 
Casper Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 52 e Lombard 
Cassady Mrs. Ann H. 10 Jefferson 

I— ( 








•I— ( 






WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Dnst and 





I— I 








Cassady Rev. Francis S. 84 William 
Cassady John, carpen'r, Smith nr Chatsworth 
Cassady Virginia, teacher, 10 Jefferson 
Cassady Wm. H. puddler, 285 Aliceanna 

Cassard. John Cassard, P.W. Cas- 
sard) Poi'k Packers, Ham Cvirers, 
and Dealers in Provisions, 61 
South street, and 212 e Fayette 

CASSARD F. W. (C. Bros.) 57 McCulloh 

CASSARD G. & SON, (Lewis, Geo. 
C. and' Jesse L. Cassard) Pork 
Packers, Ham Curers,and Dealers 
in Provisions, Nv^s. 407 and 409 
West Baltimore street. ^f^Prime 
Lard and Lard Oil. 

Cassard George, (Geo. C.& Co.)289 w Lombard 
Cassard Geo. & Co. (Geo. & L R. Cassard) 

com. merchants and provisions, 46 South 
Cassard George C. (G. C. & Son) s e cor Bol- 
ton and Townsend 
Cassard Herbert, salesman, Govanstown, Bal- 
timore CO 
Cassard James D. clerk. 603 w Lomliard 
Cassard Jesse "L. (G. C. & Son) 285 Madison av 
Cassard John, (C. Bros.) 249 Madison av 
Cassard Lewis, (G. C. & Son) 194 w Lombard 
Cassard Louis R. (Geo C. ^ Co.) Madison av 

nr Townsend 
Cassard Thomas, (C Bros.) Baltimore co 
Cassell Chas. C. printer, 35 Greenmount av 
CASSELL CHAS. E. architect and civil en- 
gineer, room 2 Lexington building, dw n e 
cor Calvert and Lexington 
Cassell Daniel, painter, 512 w Lombard 
Cassell Geo. N. bricklayer, 41 s Carej' 
Cassell Geo. R. bricklayer, 231 w Biddle 
Cassell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell John S. assistant U. S. assessor, 3d 

district, 490 Franklin 
Cassell Martha, Boston e of Elliott 
I'assell Mrs. Rebecca, 199 s Paca 
Cassell Rebecca Jane, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell Samuel C. bricklayer and collector,212 

Madison av 
Cassell Thos. D. painter, 1 Barranger ct,dw 56 

n Pine 
Cassell Wm. G. bricklayer, 199 s Paca 
Cassell Wm. H. 272 Mulberry 
Cassels Mrs. Mary, matron Female Christian 

Home, 114 n Greene 
Casshu Michael, laborer, Clinton n of Elliott 
Cassidy Bernard, grocery, n e cor Greenmount 

av and Monument 
Cassidy Mrs. Caroline, Choptank nr Bank 
Cassidy Edward, 21 Holland 
Cassidy Edward, laborer, 107 Elliott 
Cassidy Francis, bricklayer, 286 Mulberry 
Cassidj' Francis, grocery and feed. Monument 

and Greenmount av 
Cussidy Francis of B. clerk, 102 e Monument 
Cassidy Capt. Francis, mariner, 97 s High 
Cassidy Geo. barkeeper, 286 Mulberry 
Cassidy James, laborer, 186 McHenry 

Cassidy James, boots and shoes, 33 w Pratt, dw 

21 n Front 
Cassidy John C. curri?r, 44 Dover 
Cas-idy Capt. John, mariner, 74 s Exeter 
Cassidy Luke, stonemason, 48 Liberty al 
Cassidy Luke, groc'y, Harford av and Madison 
Cassidy Martin, liquors, Hillen and Exeter, 

dw 179 n Exeter 
Cassidy Mrs. Mary, dressmak. 153 Chesnut 
Cassidy Michael, huckster, 44 Dover 
Cassidy Owen, drayman, 286 Mulberry 
Cassidy Patrick, plasterer, 57 Valley 
Cassidy Patrickj lab'r, 536 w Pratt' 
Cassidy Patrick, grocery, 52 s Frederick 
Cassidy Peter, 21 Block 
Cassidy Robt. mariner, 74 s Exeter 
Cassidy Thos. hacks, 21 Mullikin 
Cassidy Wm. E. shoemak. 253 n Dallas 
Cassiu John H. clerk, 69 w Biddle 
Cassin Mrs. Mary, 69 w Biddle 
Gassier James, lab'r, 382 Eastern av 
Castelberg Isaac, clerk, 1 n High 
Castelberg Jacob, loan office, 1 n High 
Casteneda Raphael, (Moynelo, Garmendia & 

Co.) 98 n Gay 
Castine Emanuel JL restaurant, 41 Holland 
Castle George T. clerk, Howard house 
Castle Jas. L. shoemak. 105 Vine 
Castle Thos. M. shoemak. 105 Vine 
Castro S. 258 n Eutaw 
'^"aswell ]\Irs. Annie. 5 Armistead la 
Caswell Robt. B. jr. shipbuild 5 Armistead la 
Caswell Robt. B. sr. shipbuilder. 100 Johnson 
CATE AMMON & CO. (Ammon Gate, E. B. 

Hunting) lumber yard and planing mill, n 

e cor East Falls av and Fawn 
Gate Ammon, (A. C. & Co.) 243 n Charles 
Gate Mrs. Ellen, eggs, 7 Grace ct 
Catez John B. upholsterer, 290 e Monument 
Catez John B. salesman. 161 e Madison 
Cathcart A. Roszell, (C. & Co.) 51 J s Broadway 
Cathcart Bertha, teacher, 65 u Broadway 
CATHCART & CO. (A. Roszel Cathcart,) 

books and stationery, 295 e Baltimore 
Cathcart Jno. W. clerk, Pratt nr Exeter 
Cathcart Mrs. Margaret, 61 n Poppleton 
Cathcart R. & W. H. block and pump mkrs, 

113 Thames 
Cathcart Robt.(R.&W.H.C.) 51js Broadway 
Cathcart Robt. jr. 51 J s Broadway 
Cathcart Theodore C. messenger. First Na- 
tional Batik, 83 s Broadway 
Cathcart Wm. H. (R.&W.H.C.) 83 sBroadway, (Roman Catholic) cor Cathedral 

and Mulberry 
Cathell Chas. H. boilermak. York rd 
Cathell Dr. Da'l W. U s Exeter, dw 18 Watson 
Cathell Jas. B. boilermak. York rd 
Gather Mrs. Josephine, 46McHenr3' 
Gather Robt. W. carp. 139 Columbia 
Gather Wm. carpenter, 293 McHenry 
Catholic Cemeterv, n Fremont n of Mosher 
CATHOLIC MIRROR, Kelly, Piet & Co. 174 

w Baltimore 
Catlett Thos. B salesman, 84 s Sharp 
Catlett Thos. R. clerk, 642 Lexington 
Callctt Thos. B. clerk, 153 w Pratt 
Catou Mrs. Ellen, 202 Light 
Caton James, blacksmith, 12 Ryan 
Caton James, blacksmith, 148 s Central av 
Caton John, lab'r, 98 Chesapeake 
Caton Michael, huckster, 6 Rose 

WM. H. READ, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Catonsville Car Shop, Frederick av nr Wil- 

kens' Factory 
CatorB W. cle'rk, 12 e Pratt 
Cator Benj. F. (Armstrong C &Co.) 113 St. 

Cator F. B. clerk, 237 w Baltimore 
Cator James H. clerk, Waverlev, Baltimore co 
Cator Levin R. mariner, 113 William 
Cator Robinson W. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Cator Wesley D. salesman, '72 e Pratt 
Cator Wm D. salesman, 201 St. Paul 
Catrup Mrs. S. P. children's furnishing store, 

2 s High 
Catrup Saml. P. printer, 2 s High 
Catrup Saml. H. carp. 2 s High 
Catrup Wni. engineer, 63 s Ann 
("atterton Mrs. Anne, seamstress, 141 Hamburg 
Catterton James, laborer, 141 Hamburg 
Caughe}' Mrs. Benj. 257 Lanvale 
Caughy Chas. M. clerk, Eutaw pi and Mosher 
Caughy Henry W. clerk, 231 Linden av 
Caughy Mrs. John H. 231 Linden av 
Caugh',' Mrs. Michael, 20^^ Aisquitb 
Caughy Noah W. (N. Walker & Co.) 31 w 

Caughy S. Hamilton, (N. Walker & Co.) s w 

cor Eutaw pi and Mosher • 

Cauley Mrs. Catherine; tavern, 5 Curley 
Cauley Patrick, lab'r, 89 s Chester 
Caulfield Mrs. Marg. dressmak. 92 Richmond 
Caulfield Mrs. Mary, grocery, 140 w Biddle 
Caulk Alonzo, painter, 322 s Sharp 
Caulk Chas. processer, 87 s Caroline 
Caulk Mrs Elizabeth, 87 s Caroline 
Caulk Jacob H, sailmak. 95 MuUikin 
Caulk James, merch. tailor, 87 s Caroline 
Caulk James, lab'r, 143 Warren 
Caulk James T., U. S. gauger, 71 E.xchange 

pi, d\v 23 Warren 
Caulk Wm. H. moulder, 162 s Fremont 
Cause^y Chas. tinner, 94 Warner 
Causey Chas. clerk, 200 Barre 
Causey Lewis, clerk, 200 Barre 
Cavano Geo. cooper, 3 n Fremont 
Crtvano Lewis H. cigarmaker. 19 Ogston 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Alice, 89 Albemarle 
Cavanaugh David, laborer, 75 Block 
Cavanaugh Dennis, tavern, Forrest nr Gay 
Cavanaugh James, tailor, 190 Montgomery 
Cavanaugh James, laborer, 89 s High 
Cavanaugh James jr. printer, 89 s High 
Cavanaugh John, laborer, 75 Block 
Cavanaugh Jos. coppersmith, 89 Albemarle 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Mary, grocery, 12 n Poppleton 
Cavanaugh Matthew J. laborer, 285 s Eutaw 
Cav.inaugh Michael, laborer, 8 Holland 
Cavanaugh Michael, printer, 89 s High 
Cavanaugh Michael, laborer, 192 Vine 
Cavanauah Miles, carter, 25 Bank 
Cavanaugh Patrick, shipearp. 93 Albemarle 
Cavanaugh Patrick, laborer, 176 Vine 
Cavanaugh Patrick, laborer, 88 n Durham 
Cavanaugh Patrick, laborer, 8 Holland 
Cavanaugh Peter, baker, 9 e Madison 
Cavanaugh Peter, shoemaker, 17 Waesche 
Cave John VV. law student, 103 n Exeter 
Cave Margaret J. 103 n Exeter 
Cavenaugh Mary, grocery. 118 Ramsay 
Cavender James, telegraphist, 60 Barre 
Cavender James M. 60 Barre 
Caveney John, laborer, 215 Lemmon al 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Caveney John, laborer, 13 Ensor 

Caverly Robt. B., insurance agent, 294 w 

Caviller Robt. H. clerk, 175 w Lombard 
Cavy Nathan, carpenter, 32 Lemmon 
Cavy Thus. J. rags, 55 Henrietta 
Cawilrd Fanny, nurse, 184 n Calvert 
Cawley Patrick, carter, 9 Pleasant al 
Caye Emile. barber, 43 n Liberty 
Cazier Capt. Robt. W. mariner, 15 s Bond 
Cease Leonard, butcher, 30 n Gist 
Cecil Edward, stevedore, 30 Leadenhall 
Cecil Geo. T. (J. F. Moffett & Co.) 86 William 
Cecil Wm. S. carpenter, 34 Warren 

^ Nes, proprs. Boston and Patuxent 
Cella Antonio, restaurant, 63 President 
Celly John R. carpenter, 126 Greenmount av 
Cenizwitch Louis, tin and sheet iron worker, 

37 e Lombard 
Central Assembly rooms. Liberty and Lexing- 
Central Hall, 28 n Gay 
Central Presbyterian Church, Saratoga and 

Central Presbyterian Church Mission, Ridgely 

and Hamburg 

prest. J. Carey jr. treas. 53 Lexington 
Cepy Robert, laborer. 202 Light 
Cerns Edward, porter, 137 Harford av 
Cessna Mrs. Margaret, 23 Druid Hill av 
Chabot Dr. Lawrence J. 90 n Bond 
Chadburn Wm. machinist, 43 s Schroeder 
Chaddas Thos. watchmaker, 29 Chew 
Chaeh Chas. brewer, Frederick av ur Cal- 

verton road 
Chadwick E. Murray, tailor, 3 Druid Hill av 
Chadwick John C. clerk, 313 Linden av 
Chadwick John E. (Hoffman, Staley & Co.) 

313 Linden av 
Chaffer John, cabinetmaker, 141 u Central av 
Chaffinch Cecelia E. confect'y, 110 Jefferson 
Chaffinch Elisha W. salesman, 382 e Monument 
Chaffinch Saml. E. tobacconist, 330 n Gay 
Chaffinch Wm. W. carpenter, 110 Jefferson 
Chaillou Augustus, police, 18 Miller nr Bond 
Chairs Edward, gardener, 367 e Fayette 
Chaisty E. J. jr. plumber and gasfitting, 49 n 

Calvert, dw 158 Mulberry « 
Chaisty Ed. J. jr. crier Criminal court, 158 

Chaisty Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberry 







WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 














Chalk Elias, car repairer, Mt Royal Hill 
Chalk Geo. brakeman, Mt. Royal Hill 
Chalk James A. engineer, 37 Park av 
Hialk Joseph A. plasterer, 230 w Biddle 
Chalk Levi, grocer, 128 Dolphin 
Chalk Mrs. Sophia, grocery. 37 Park av 
Chalk Wm. H. painter, Mt. Roval Hill 
Chalk Wm. A. clerk, 128 Dolphin 
Chalklev Wm. E. cooper, 130 s Eden 
CH.\LMERS JAMES J. furniture, 162 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Chalmers John.W. carpenter, 69 n Poppleton 
Chalmers Philemon S. jr. clerk, 138 n Eutaw 
Chalmers Philemon S. tailor, 138 n Eutaw 
Chamberlain Ann, seamstress, 75 Hillen 
Chamber ain Ed. bricklayer, 212 Madison av 
Chamberlain Ed'wd B. clerk, 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain Eli, leleirraphist, 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 75 

Chamberlain G. W. currier, 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain Jas. L. salesman, 3 Aisquith 
Chamberlain John E. messenger, Odd Fellows 

hall, d\v 117 e Monumeut 
Chamberlain John C. 7 n Oregon 
Chamberlain John C. ladies' boot and shoe- 
maker, 553 w BMltimore, dw 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain Jno. T. upholsterer, 340 e Eager 
Chamberlain Margaret, tailoress, 75 Hillen 
Chamberlain Margaret, 344 e Eager 
Cnamberlain Mrs. Mary A. confectionery, 8 

Chamberlain P D., Mount Vernon hotel 
Chamberlain Phil, tailor, 241 e Monument 
Chamlierlain Sarah. 340 e Eager 
Chambeilain Wm. blacksmith, 673 Penna av 
Chamberlaine Richard H. !6-< n Calvert 
Chamberlavne R.C. conductor, 955 w Baltimore 
CHAMBERLIN DAVID L. supervisor N. C. R. 

Park av ur Tovrusend 
Chambers Benj. drayman, 85 Stirling 
Chambers Brown, police, 555 w Baltimore 
Chambers Mrs. Charlotte, 25 Pearl 
Chambers David, carter, 482 n Gay 
Chambers Mrs. Eugenia, seamstress, 7 Monroe 
Chambers Geo. M. machinist, 25 Pearl 
Chambers G. Maitland, machinist, York rd 

rear of 1 mile house 
Chambers Jas. R. police, 555 w Baltimore 
Chambers Jas. laborer, 188 Burgundy al 
Chambers James, ropemaker, 166 Battery av 
Chambers James Z. plasterer, 177 Lee 
Chambers John T. laborer, 2 Bevan 
Chambers John, carpenter, 2 Bevan 
Chambers John E. blacksmith, 25 Pearl 
Chambers Mrs, Marv, 377 Franklin 
Chambers Robert M. carpenter, 104 Henrietta 
Chambers Samuel, carpenter, 24n e Lombard 
Chambers Thos. W. L. printer, 20 Miller 
Chambers Wm. shoemaker, 173 s Sharp 
Chambers Wm. blacksmith, 39 Eastern av 
Chambers Wm. M. brass finisher, 1 Ogston 
Chambless PiCv. Jas. G. 82 s Broadway 
Chambley Mrs. Elizabeth, 482 n Gay " 
Champayne Henry R. coachmaker, 84 Ger- 
man, dw 23 n Poppleton 
Champayne Wm. K. coachpainter, 84 German, 

dw 9 Chatsworth 
Champayne Wi^. R. 9 Chatsworth 
Champlain Mary R. 64 u Howard 
Champness Joshua, biks'th, Jefferson nr Castle 
Champness Mrs. Lucy, Jefferson nr Castle 

Champney Hari J. carp'r, 11 s Schroeder 
Champney Thos. bookkeeper, 103 3 Chapel 
Chance Mrs. Anna, 3 Lemmon 
Chance Marinas, laborer, 14 McHenry 
Chanceaulme Richard P. bookkpr, 52 eFayette" 
Chancellor Dr. Chas. W. 174 Walsh 
Chancellor J. J. cattle broker, Eutaw house 
Chandlee H. P. (Barker & C.) 171 n Oregon 
Chandler Chas. E. (Norris ^ C.) 51 Lexington 
Chandler Daniel T. 2 Hollins 
CHANDLER GEO. H. attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw 248 Linden av 
Chandler Henry, mariner, 26 Boyd 
Chandler Jacob, brick moulder, 9 Randall 
Chandler John W. mariner, 54 Albemarle 
Chandler John, bookkeeper, 75 Lexington 
Chandler Kennard(George & Jenkins)48 South 
Chandler Nelson, clerk, 75 Lexington 
Chandler Thos M. coachmaker, 90 n Paca 
Chaney Alex, laborer, 155 Eastern av 
Chaney Anderson W. shoemaker, 9 s Holli- 

day, dw 26 w Fayette 
Chaney Benjamin, coal, wood, flour and feed, 

148 Hollins, dw 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Chas. P. police, 612 n Gay 
Chaney Chas. W. 133 s Sharp 
Chanev Mrs. Ellen, 72 s Republican 
CHENEY FLOYD, dry goods commission, 7 

German, dw 270 Linden av 
Chaney Geo. carter, 602 Light 
Chaney James M. police, 240 Columbia 
Chaney Jane, seamstress, 20 Conway 
Chaney Jane, 133 s Sharp 
Chaney John, dyer. 47 n Spring 
Chaney Levi M. blacksmith, 93 Lee 
Chaney Rev. R. G. school, 262 Lanvale 
Chaney Viletta S. 11 s Schroeder 
Chaney Wm. mariner, 26 Gough 
Chane}' Wm. laborer, 219 Battery av 
Chaney Wm. H. conductor, 146 n Fremont 
Chanler Thos canmaker, 90 n Paca 
Channon Martin, laborer, 24 Wagon al 
Chapelle Rev. P. L. Eager and Valley 
Chapin Chas. carpenter, 58 Albemarle 
Chapin Lieut. Edw'd S., U.S.A., Ft.McHenrj 
Chaplin Geo. bookbinder, 68 Buren 
Chapman Alexander, moulder, Greenmount 

av, opp Point la 
Chapman Allen A. (Kirkland, Chase & Co.) 

40 McCulloh 
Chapman D. Chase, clerk, 153 Dolphin 
Chapman Geo. clerk, 41 Stiles 
Chapman Geo. clerk, 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Geo. R. conductor, 107 Mosher 
Chapman Greenbury. shoemkr.81 n Poppleton 
Chapman Henry, milkman, Greenmount av, 

opp Point la 
Chapman J. W. packer, 315 w Baltimoie 
Chapman Jas. C. jr. machinist, 221 e Lombard 
Chapman John Lee, U. S. Naval OflBcer, office 

over Custom House, dw 41 Stiles 
Chapman John Lee jr. 41 Stiles 
Chapman John W. watchman, 151 Montgomerj 
Chapman Jonathan J. 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Joseph R. laborer, 19 e Fayette 
Chapman Lewis, stonemason, 339 w Hofifman 
Chapman Mrs. Mary L. 19 e Fayette 
Chapman Nathaniel A. 40 McCiilloh 
Chapman Nicholas P. bookk'r, 142 Dolphin 
Chapman Dr. Peason, 93 JlcCulloh 
Chapman Ruth A. 375 Penna av 
Chapman Samuel, butcher, 186 Penna av 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at Its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

Anctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Chapman Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 615 Light 
Chapman Mrs. Sarah, 29 Front n of Foundry 
Chapman Wm. A. ship carp'r. 217 Mullikin 
Chapman Rev. Wm. H. 178 Penna. av 
Chapon Rev. P. P., St. Mary's Seminary 
Chappell Ann, 113 Mulberry 
Chappeil Anna, dressmaker. 771 w Baltimore 
Cbappell Anna, teacher, 195 Aisquith 
Chappell Bros. (P. S. and F. W. Chappell) 

manufs. acids, Cross nr Covington 
Chappell Cornelius F. clerk, 195 Aisquith 
Chappell FrancisW. (C. Bros. )276DruidHillav 
Chappell Jane E. 113 Mulberry 
Chappell Julia, dressmaker, 771 w Baltimore 

Chappell, John Leary) Manufac- 
turers of White Lead, Saltpe- 
tre, Varnishes, Lampblack, Put" 
ty. Paints, &e., No. 100 W. Lom- 
bard Street. 

Chappell Louisa 0. milliner, 185 Mulberry 
Chappell Mrs. Mary, 276 Druid Hill av 
Chappell P. Edmund, boolckeeper, 78 n Paca 
Chappell Mrs. P. E, 78 n Paca 
Chappell Philip S,(C.^- Leary, Chappell Bros.) 

and pres't Third Nat. Bank. 400 Eutaw pi 
Chard Mrs. Harriet, grocery, 313 Eastern av 
Chariton Geo.W. butcher, 143 Greenmountav 
Chariton Wra. H. cardriver, 148 Greenm't av 
Charles Benj. F. hatter, 96 s Ann 
Charles Benj. property agent and conveyancer, 

129^ s Broadway, dw 96 s Ann 
Charles Elizabeth, trimmings, 2 Gilmor 
Charles H'y. cop"rsmelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Charles Henry, heater, 10 Clinton 
Charles Street (M. E.) Church, n e cor Charles 

and Fayette 
Charles Thos. J. hatter, over n e cor Charles 

and Baltimore, dw 205 s Broadway 
Charleton Rev. Jas. W, 50 s Sharp 
Charleton Thos. hackman, 140 Vine 
Cliarlton Richard, bricklayer, Philadelphia rd 

nr city limits 
Charron J. B. imp. wines, liquors, <fec. 123 w 

Lombard, dw 201 Druid Hill av 
Charron Stephen, clerk. 201 Druid Hill av 

Hopper, general agent, 4 s Holliday 
Chase A, Chapman, clerk, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase A, S. (C, Stewart <|- Co.) New York 
Chase Amos. 253 Madison av 
Chase Lt. Chas., U. S. N., 52 s Broadway 
Chase Chas, F. bookkeeper, 51 Warren 
Chase Charles W. 56 n Pine 
Chase Chas. F. 166 w Biddle 
Chase Mrs. C. Thorndyke, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Danl.(Kirkland.C.&;Co.)253 Madison av 
Chase Eugene, clerk, 132^ n Gay 
Chase Frank, painter. 70 Thames 
Chase Francis, painter, 6 East 
Chase GeorgeB. (John M, Orem, Son & Co.) 

222 e Baltimore 
Chase Hannibal H. brickmak. cor Beason and 

Lowman, dw 305 w Fayette 
Chase I. H. ladies' shoemak. 253 n Howard 
Chase James, lab'r, 65 Hillen 
Chase Jas. M. brakemaa, 41 s Oregon 
Chase Jeremiah T. clerk, 132* n Gay 

Chase John H. wagoner, 241 Conway 
Chase John J. shipsmith. 38 Philpot W 

Chase J. Hermon, bookkeeper, 99 e Fayette J/) 
Chase R. M. plumber, Fayette and Pine, dw H 

50 Barre ' >-^ 

Chase Robt. "W. 63 Courtland O 

Chase, Stewart & Co. (A. S. Chase, Wm. H. 

Stewart, J. M. C. Bartholovv) dry goods ^ 

com. merchants, 27 German ^ 

Chase Capt. Stephen, mariner, 150 w Pratt, dw ^ 

81 s Exeter ' "^ 

Chase Wells & Gehrmann, (J. A. Gehrmai\n) W 




manufars. and machinists' supplies 

and woolen machinery, 6 s Howard 
Chase Wm. H. clerk, 63 Barre 
Chase Wm. H. painter, 99 e Fayette 
Chase Wm. 132i n Gay 
Chase Wm. M., Lexington and Eutaw 
Chason Joseph L, painter, 272 e Pratt 
Chason Peier A.. U. S. X , 419 n Central av 
Chasteau Armand. gilder, 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Mary, teacher, 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Marv E. 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Thos. E. bookkeeper. 3 Miller 
CHvTARD DR. F. E. 118 Park 
Chatard Dr. F. E. jr. 118 Park 
Chatham Francis, blacksmith, 30 Boyd 
Chatrue Frank, stevedore, 106 Eastern av 
Chatsworth Independent Church, (M. E.) cor 

Franklin and Pine 
Chaytor Edmund, purser, 104 s Broadway 
Cheatham And. J. salesman, 23 s Howard 7^ 

Cheers Alfred, plumber, 326 e Madison ^ 

Cheuuith Wm. lab'r, 42 Essex q 

Cheuoweth Alfred R, painter, 76 n Broadway — ^ 
Chenoweth Mrs. Amelia, groc'y, 282 Penna av O 
Cheuoweth Annie, tavern, 23 e Centre 
Chenoweth B. T. machinist, 76 n Broadway C 
Chenoweth Francis, lab'r, 215 Battery av ' 

Chenoweth F. restaurant, basement s e cor 

Baltimore and Holliday 
Chenoweth Horatio, driver, 470 Lexington 
Chenoweth Jnmes W. plumber, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth John B. clerk, 92 e Madison ^ 

Chenoweth Mrs. Mary J. dressmak. 85 Garden ^ 
Chenoweth R. B. 282 Penna av ^ 

Chenoweth Robt. shoemak. 56 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth Thos. artist, 16 Barre 
Chenoweth Wm, carp. 82 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth Wm. W. clerk. 282 Penna av 
Cherbonnier, Dr. P. 0., 72 Saratoga 
Cherrigo Chas. lab'r, 60 President 
Cherrigo Jos. roofer, 60 President 






H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 







•I— I 





Cherrigo M.aggie, 60 President 
Cherry Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 122 Vine 
Cherry Mrs. Barbara, varieties. 683 w Balto 
Clierry Bradford, druggist. il5 Mulberry 
Cherry David H. cigarmak. 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry James W. printer, 115 Mulberry 
Cherry Mrs. Laura, 45 Hanover 
Cherry Dr. T. F. dentist, s w cor Baltimore 

and Liberty 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, s e cor North and 

Chesapeake B irk Mills and Dye Works, (John 

H. Heald & Co.) 2 Block" 
Chesa))eake Blast Furnace, Clinton, Canton, 

W. F. Paunell, prop'r 
Chesapeake ChiMxiical Works, (Slingluff, Wil- 
son & Co.) foot of Leadenhall, office 13 n 
Chesapeake Guano Works, foot Hughes, office 

40 Postoffice av 

DRY DOCK CO., foot of Philpot 
Chesapeake Steamboat Co. Wm. R. Sherman, 

agent, 82 Light-st whf 
Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 
O'Donnell's whf. Stirling & Ahrens, prop'ra 
Chesebrough Andronicns, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Harrv, clerk. 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Isaac D. clerk, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Caiit. Robert, 41 Fawn 
Cheselirough Robt. C. jr. mariner, 161 Saratoga 
Chesler Chas. carter, 69 Somerset 
Chesley Wm. groceiy, 432 w Lombard 
Chesuer Jacob, laborer, 47 Lancaster 
Chesney Mrs. Annie, 101 s Chester 
ChesneyBenj. H. jilasterer, 101 s Chester 
Chesney Jesse F. printer, 90 s Eden 
Chesney Samuel, 38 e Eager 
Chesne}^ Samuel, refiner, 31 Elliott 
Chesney Wm F. carpenter, 88 Gough 
Chesney Winfield, carjienter, 112 s Wolfe 
Chesnut Calvin, (C, Townsend cj- Co.) 104 e 

Chesnut Geo. Washington, merchant, 40 Lex- 
Cliesuut John, 104 e Baltimore 
sr., C. Chesnut, S. P. Townsend, L. W. 
Townsend) whol. grocers and com. merchs. 
n w cor Pratt and South 
Chesnut Wm. sr. (C, Townsend & Co.) 104 e 

Chesnut Wm. jr. 104 e Baltimore 
Chester Geo. L. blacksmith. 338 n Broadway 
Ford, prest, A. T. Joynes, agent, pier 1, 
Light-st. whf 
Chester Wm. shoeing smith, 9 Pleasant, dw 11 
CHESTNUT S. & CO. (Mrs. Sarah Chestnut, E. 
C. Marshall (importers of corks, 38 s Cavert 
Chestnut Mrs. Sarah, (S. C. & Co.) 36 Spring 

Cheston Galloway, (Jas. C. cj- Son) 315 Madi- 
son av 
Cheston James & Son, (G. Cheston) shipping 

merchants, s w cor Cabel and Patterson 
Chew Mrs. H. 141 Lanvale 
Chew Jas. W. clerk U. S. Court, dw 1 Thomp- 
son nr Republican 
Chew Nathaniel, Thompson nr Republican 
Chew Philemon L. clerk, 87 Chew 

Chew Philomen, police, 87 Chv-w 

Chew R. B. & Co. (R. B. Chew) com. merchts. 

71 Exchange pi 
Chew Robert B.(R.B. C. <|-Co.) 282 w Fayette 
Chew Samuel P. clerk, 57 Lexington 
Chew Dr. Samuel C. prof, at University of 

Maryland, 141 Lanvale 
Chew Wm. bookkeeper, Thompson nr Repub- 
Chew Wm. E. baggage master, 41 Ettiiig 
Chew ^V^m. S. clerk, Thompson nrRepublican 
Chiallon Augustus, sergt. police. Miller nr 

Chichester Samuel R. clerk, 144 Harford av 
Chichester Mrs. Susan, 144 Harford av 
Chickering Elbridge C. books, &c. 226 w Pratt 
Chiflfelle Judith, Cathedral and Centre 

sale and Retail Dealers and Im- 
porters of China, Glass, Table 
Cutlery, Plated Goods, Tin, 
Wooden and Japanned Wares, 
and House Furnishing .Articles 
generally. No. 20 N Charles st. 

Child Geo. F. patent medicines, 11 n Holliday, 

dw 117 s Exeter 
Child Jas. W. plasterer, 241 n Howard 
Child R. DeWitt, clerk, s e cor Charles and 

Child Sarah D. dressmaker, 241 n Howard 
CHILD SAMUEL, (Samuel C. & Co.) 66 Ma- 
ryland av, Baltimore Co. 
Child Thos. C. bookkeeper, 115 s Bond 
Children's Aid Society, 72 n Calvert, W C. 

Palmer, agent 
Childress Mrs. Eliza, 263 s Charles 
Childress Geo. W. lab. Hudson al nr Federal 
Childress Ross B.oyst. packer Pearl & Saratoga 
Childress Spotwood, stonecutter, 505 Saratoga 
Childs Benj. E. bookkeeper, 343 w Fayette 
Childs Chas. M. salesman, 76 n Gay 
Childs Chas. A. bricklayer, 58 Druid Hill av 
Chiids Capt. Daniel, mariner, 92 s Broadway 
Childs Edward, laborer, Strieker nr McHenry 
Childs Mrs. Elizabeth, 156 German 
Childs Geo. T. confectioner, 444 w Lombard 
Childs & Griffith, (Jno. W. Childs, R. Cyrus 

Griffith) wholes, confectioners. 37 n Howard 
Childs Hannah, 21 s Cannon 
Childs Horace A. bricklayer, 58 Druid Hill ay 
Childs John W. {C. & Griffith) 258 Lanvale 
Chjlds John, cooper, 120 Burgundy al 
Childs L Owen, bookkeeper, 258 Lanvale 
Childs Mrs. Sarah, Strieker nr Mclienry 
Childs Mrs. Sarah, 40 Eiting 
Childs Mrs. S. J. millinery, 420 w Fayette 
Childs Thos. bookbinder, 40 Etting 
Childs Wm. laborer, 10 s Oregon 
Childs Wm. H. clerk, 420 w Fayette 
Childs Zecharirth, 184 Orleans 
Childs Zechariah jr. 184 Orleans 
Chiles Matthew, carpenter, 179 Hollins 
Chillow Frank, brushmaker, 78 Ridgely 
Chillow Louis, pianomaker, 82 Ridgely 
China Hall, over 543 w Baltimore.Simon Bolte, 

CHINA TEA CO. 25 w Baltimore and 43 n 

Eutaw, Benj. Berry, prop'r 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Chiowt Mrs. Mary, lager beer. .^22 AUceanna 
Chiowt John, furn. wagon, 322 Aliceanna 
Chipchase Rev. Jas. school, 258 Saratoga, dw 

182 Mulbeny 
Chipchase Thos. D. clerk, 182 Mulberry 
Chipchase Wm. E. clerk, 182 Mulberry 
Chipman Emanuel, miller, Frederick av nr 

Chipman Geo. (Geo. C. <fe <^o. and Magna & 

C.) -8 e Baltimore 
CHIPMAN GEO. & CO. (Geo. and M M. 

Chipman 'I wood and willow ware, factory 2 

Swan, office n e cor Calvert and Lombard 
Chipman Hcnrv C. clerk. 88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Marcus M. (Geo. C. & Co.) 88 e 

Chipman Washington, clerk, 88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Wm. W. miller, Frederick av near 

("hisholm ifrs. Ann E. tailoress, 150 Bank 
Chisholm Geo. H. clerk, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Henry, boilermnker. 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Dr. J. J. prof. University of Md. and 

dean of med. faculty, 64 Franklin 
Chisliolm Walter J. mariner. 150 Bank 
Chism Rich'd, dry goods, 229 Lexington 
Chiveral James, mariner, 114 West 
Chiveral Wm D. mariner, 114 West 
Chivrel Alex dyer.dT Saratoga.dw 76 n Calvert 
Choupin Ambrose, woodfin'r, 22 Spring row 
Chrisall John, tinner, 17 Perry 
Chrisner Joseph, potter, 325 Penna av 
Chrisner Wm. potter, 265 Orleans 
Chrispin John H. ( Wm. A. Padgett & Co.) 21 

n Calvert 
Christ A. Jolin. druggist,cor Essex and Gwynn 
Christ Church, Prot.Epis. cor Gay and Fayette 
Christ Church Asylum for female children, 27 

Christ Henry, cabinetmaker, 113 Chew 
Christ John, laborer, 9 China 
Christ Philip, train iuspr. 115 Albemarle 
Christ Wm. undertaker, 252 n Caroline 
Christanz Adam, carpenter. 13 Bevan 
Christhilf Mrs. Frances. 452 n Fremont 
Christhilf Edward, 38 Walsh 
Christhilf Geo. lithographer, 130 n Pine 
Christhilf Henry B. (Myer cj- Co.) 66 Walsh 
Christhilf Margaret A. 452 n Fremont 
Christhilf Susan, 452 n Fremont 
Christhilf Edw. coachmaker, 452 n Fremont 
Christian Baptist Church. Paca and Lombard 
Christian ('has. clerk, 101 s Paca 
Christian Elizabeth, grocery, 287 Eastern av 
Christian Dr. J. Hunt. 117 n Pine.dw 102 Walsh 
Christian John D. 214 w Lombard 
Christian Wm. T. salesman, 88 Hanover 
Christiani Wm. laborer, 93 Granby 
Christie Edw. G. hardware, 7^9 w Baltimore 
Christie Edw. G. (Perry, Clark & Co.) HoUins 

nr Gilmore 
Christie Jas. conductor, Frederick av nr tollgate 
Christie James, glassblower. 96 Henrietta 
Christie James, 135 s Caroline 
Christie Michael, blacksmith, 265 Preston 
Christie Otto, porter, 27 s Choptank 
Christie Wm. carman, 79 St. Peter 
(?hristmann Henry, laborer. 177 s Durham 
Christuer John, laborer, 22 Siuith 
Christner Jos. potter, 325 Penna av 
Christopher Amos J. police, 8 n Fremont 
Christopht-r Aquilla B. puddler, 14 Essex 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Christopher Christian, barkper, 48 e Lombard 
Christopher & Co. (H. C. and Nicholas Chris- 
topher) Patapsco coal oil refinery, cor Scott 
al and McHenry 
Christopher Matilda, 27 George 
Christopher Henry C. U. S. N. 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Jas. C. oil refiner, 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Jane, 86 North 
Christopher John A. police, 8 n Fremont 
Christopher Michael, I'lacksmith, 20 Warner 
Christojjher Milton, painter, 4 German 
Christopher Nicholas(Christopher& Co.)622 w 

Christopher Oliver K. salesman, 253 Mulberry 
Christopher R. W. clerk, 115 Conway 
Cliristopher Thos. plasterer, 3 Oxford 
Christopher Thos. B. puddler, 132 Mullikin 
ChristO})her Wm. prod, dealer, 386 Lexington 
Christopher Wm. merchant tailor, 454 w Bal- 
timore, dw 285 Lexington 
Christopher Wm. refiner, 622 w Fayette 
Christy Joseph, junk, 66 Union 
Christy Wm. coachmaker, 73 n High 
Chrystal John F. painter, 7 L McElderry 
Chrvstal John, grocer. 226 n Gay 
Chubb Mrs. Caroline, 271 St. Paul 
Chutiry Henry, carter, 3 Sterrett 
Chull Geo. stonemason, 45 Monroe 
Chunn Wilbur T. clerk, 572 w Fayette 
Church Anthony, fruit stand, cor Baltimore 

and Liberty, dw 11 Perry 
CHURCH EDWARD J.lumber,over 28 South, 

dw Park av nr Tcwnsend 
Church Home and Infirmary, (Epis.) Broad- 
way bet Baltimore and Fayette 
Church James, bricklayer, 10 n Wolfe 
Curch of the Holy Innocents, cor Eden and 

Church of the Holy Martyrs, (German R. C.) 

Mount nr Pratt 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Jlosher 

bet Druid Hill av and Division 
Curch Mrs. ilary, teacher, 246 Aisquith 
Church Nelson S. clerk, Park avnr Towrsend 
Church Reading Room, (Prot. Epis.) 53 Lex- 
ington, H. W. Moore, agent 
Church of the Saviour, Jo'hn F. Ware, paster, 

Masonic Temple, n Charles 
Church Step'n D. harnessmaker, 131 Hollins 
Church Thos. flour andfeed, 155 e Monument, 

dw 246 Aisquith 
Church of the United Brethren, cor Fulton and 





WM. H. BEAD, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 













Church Wm. G. boilermaker, Aisquith near 

Point la 
Churchill Mrs. Louisa, seamstress, 343 Penna av 
Cilly Joel, millwright, 77 n Caroline 
Cincamp Hugo, cooper, 190 William 
Cinnamond Edward, ironworker, Choptank nr 

Cinnamond Geo. B. jr. attorney. 2 Spurrier ct. 

dw 40 Lexington 
Cinnamond Mrs. Martha. 521 w Baltimore 
Cissel Benj. C. h'tter. 4 Stockton al 

AND LAND CO., Wm. G. Scarlett, prest. 

Wm. Shannon, sect' v. 17 South 

W. Pinkney, judge, J. R. Brewer, clerk, St. 

Paul cor Courthouse lane 

and Hanover 

hall, cor Favette and Calvert 

3rd floor, cor Favetleand Calvert 

Citv h:)ll. cor Favette and Calvert 

and Courthouse lane 
CITY HALL, n w cor Calvert and Fayette, in 

which are the Mayor's ofEce, City Collec- 
tor's. Register's, Commissioner's, Appeal 

Tax Court, Coniptrnller's and CitvSurveyor's 

ofEce s e cor Calvert and Baltimore 
City Passenger Railway Stables. 106 Thames 
Citv Passenger Railway Mill, 1.55 North 
GRAPH, office old Citv Hall, n Hollidav 

Hall, n w cor Fayette and Calvert 
Citv Solicitor's Office, 75 w Favette 
ette and Calvert 
City Yard, s side of basin 
Cizek John, shoemaker, 15 Abbot 
Clabaush Albert T. bookkp'r, 205 w Lombard 
Clabaugh E. A. (C. & Harris) 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh Fent. B. salesman, 372 w Baltimore 
Clabaugh Geo. W. wholesale liquors, 372 w 

Baltimore, dw 6 Waverlv terrace, n Carey 
CLABAUGH & HARRIS, (E. A. Clabaugh, 

G. W. Harris) liquors and distillers, 38South 
Clttbaugh Hugh, 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh John H. conductor, 15 Parkin 
Clabaugh Wm. H. 205 w Lombard 
Clabv Mrs. Honora, 76 Hlilen 
Claby Luke F. (Barry k C.) 76 Hillen 
("laby Michael, plumber, 76 Hillen 
("lackner Matthew, 240 Saratoga 
Clada Frank, laborer, 40 n Chapel 
Clagett Dr. Joseph E. (Drs. C. & Walls) 

Mai lb V house 
Clao:ett Joseph E. & J. Wm. Walls. Drs. 17 s 

CLAGETT S. A. k CO. (S. A. Clagett, P. J. 

Snvder) mdse. brokers, 62 s Gav 
Clagett Samuel A. (S. A. Clageft k Co.) 95 

s Eden 
Claggett Mrs. Eliza, 145 e Lombard 
Cla'ggett John T. 145 e Lombard 
Claggett Louis H. clerk, 154 Myrtle av 
Claggett Wm. T. carter and dancing master, 

over 27 e Lombard, dw 157 e Lombard 

Claggett Mrs. Mary, 257 Madison av 
Clahsen Herman, laborer, rear Baltimore white 

lead works. Fort av 
Claiborne Chas. police, 64 n Schroeder 
Claiborne Chas. H. police, 64 n Schroeder 
'"lair Lemuel, conductor, 16 Georoe 
Clampitt Elias, brass finisher, 41 Clay, dw496 

Clampitt Wm. H. brass finisher, 64 George 
Clancy James, laborer, 261 Forrest 
Clancy Jeremiah, packer, 207 n Eutaw 
''lancy John D. carpenter, 7 Etting 
Clancy Mrs. Mary, 207 n Eutaw 
Clancy Matthew, laborer, 136 Yine 
Clancy Thomas, painter, 207 n Eutaw 
Clapp Chas. E. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Geo. M. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Geo. C. hats, 110 n High,dw 6 Jefferson 
Clapp AY. C. coach painter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapsaddle & Dufi-y.fP.M.Clapsaddle.M. Duffy) 

blacksmiths, 12 Tessier 
Clapsaddle Frank M.(C. &Duffy)148 Mulberry 
Clapsaddle Wm. F. tinner, 76 Hamburg 
Clarck Beri F. laborer, 9 s Schroeder 
Clare Anthony H. clerk, 119 Hanover 
Clare Bernard, painter, 119 Hanover 
Clare Geo. carter, 134 Front, n of Foundry 
Claridge Daniel, plasterer. 32 Hughes 
Claridge Geo. D. clerk, 361 e Pratt 
Claridge Henrietta E. tailoress, 124 Ensor 
Claridge Henrv R. paperhanger, 124 Ensor 
Claridge Jas. R. (Loud, C. & Co ) 361 e Pratt 
Claridge Joseph H. 196 e Pratt 
Claridge Wm. tinner, 114 s Eden 
Clark Adam, tailor, 73 Eislein 
Clark Albert O. tinner, 92 n Eden 
Clark Albert J. clerk, 432 Franklin 
Clark Alfred F. hatter, 365 S4ratoga 
Clark Anderson, drayman, Preston ur Penna ar 
Clark Ann R. 2 Hammond al 
Clark Mrs. Ann, dairv, 87 Lexington 
Clark Mrs. Ann M. 185 St, Paul 
Clark Anthony, laborer, 202 Cathedral 
Clark Augustus, blacksmith, s e cor Ridgely 
and Sterrett, dw Burgundy al and Sterrett 
Clark Augustus, laborer, 2 Brune 
Clark Augustus B. clerk, D' cker nr Hoffman 
Clark Bi-nj. F. carpenter, 234 Hollins 
Clark Beni. D., Decker nv Hoffman 
Clark Jlrj'. Benj. J. 98 McEldcrrv 
Clark Bernard, carpenter, 15 Pleasant, dw 

163 n Exeter 
Clark Catherine, 92 n Eden 
Clark Chas. engineer, Jenkins' la nr Green- 
mount cemetery 
Clark Chas. machinist, 92 n Eden 
Clark Chas. grocer, 42 n Pine 
Clark Chas. pilot, 110 s Bond 
Clark Chas. clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Chas. B. shipcarpenter. 236 Bunk 
Clark Chas. F. blacksmith. 259 Greenmcuntav 
Clark Chas. H. police. 281 Cross 
Clark Chas.H.,U. S. storekeeper, 272 e Madison 
Clark Chas. L. carpenter, 163 ii Exeter 
CLARK ct CO. (S. E Clark. W. R. Cunning- 
ham. J. C. Clark) liquor and com. merchts. 
42 w Lombard 
Clark Daniel, carpenter, 217 Saratoga 
Clark Charlotte, 69 Hampstead 
Clark D. .\. produce dealer. Western hotel 
Clark Duncan C. 185 St. Paul 
Clark Edward, paper dealer, 147 Lexington 

WM. H. SEAD'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimo8.T-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Clark Edwd. D. iron moulder, 75 s Fremont 
Clark Edw. I. law student, 339 n Broadwaj' 
CLARK EDWARD L. & CO. (Edwd. L.Clark) 

stoves, furn;ices, tj-c, 3<i7 w Baltimore 
Clark Edwd. L. (Clark & Co.) 322 n Fremont 
Clark Mrs. Eliza, 282 w Fayette 
Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 n Poppleton 
Clark Francis, machinist, 144 German 
Clark Frauds P. tinner, 159 Greenmount av 
Clark Francis P. attorney, (Blackford & Clark) 

dw 118 St. Paul 
Clark Frank, (Murray, C. # Co.) 67 Lee 
CLARK GABRIEL D. watches and jewelry, 
cor Calvert and Water, dw 50 w Monument 
Clark Gabriel D. jr. clerk, 209 St. Paul 
Clark Gabriel D. of E., Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark Geo. mariner, 253 e Madison 
Clark Goo. A. mariner, 50 n Gilmor 
Clark Geo. provisions,tligh and Lombard, dw 

66 Fawn 
Clark Geo. B. carpenter. 587 Belair av 
Clark Geo. H. laborer, 27 Byrd 
Clark Geo. R. clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Geo. T. (Levin P. C. & Son) Liberty 

rd nr city limits 
Clark Gardner K. jr. supt. J. M. Bradstreet & 

Son. 30 South 
Clark Henry, (Perry, C.& Co.)183 w Madison 
Clark Henry, supt. In'.C.R. 390 Mulberry 
Clark Henry A. carpenter, 45 s Republican 
Clark Henry F. carpenter, 219 Hollins 
Clark Henry H. coachmaker, 80 n High 
Clark H. H. photographer, 147 e Baltimore 
Clark Howard W . clerk, 106 Mosher 
Clark Hugh, huckster, 46 Front n of Foundry 
Clark James, clerk, 504 vv Baltimore 
Clark James, helper, 124 s Gilmor 
Clark James, painter, 147 Lexington 
Clark James, laborer, 201 Lemmon al 
Clark James, waichman, 121s Ann 
Clark .Jas lock nuuuif.40 Park,d\v 222 Franklin 
Clark James, (James C. k Co.) 46 Warren 
Clark James A. jr. conductor, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James A. clerk, 56 Chats worth 
Clark James A. sr. produce, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James A. laborer, 224 Preston 
Clark James B. traveling agent, 289 McHenry 
Clark James B. clerk, L)ecker nr Hoffman 
CLARK J AS. & CU. (J. Clark, B. Thornton, 
J.Cahill) Peoples machine and boiler works, 
south side Basin 
Clark James D. carpenter, 56 Chatsworth 
Clark J. E. (Davidson Jb McElhiney)7 Commerce 
Clark James G. cooper, 41 s Exeter 
Clark James G. jr. clerk, 41 s Exeter 
Clark James H. ship carp. 98 s Washington 
Clark James H. carpenter, 5 Hollins al 
CLARK J AS. L. attorney, 31 St. Paul,dw 185 
Clark James R. (M.B.C. & Bro.) 249 n Eutaw 
Clark James S. carpenter, 163 n Exeter 
Clark John, laborer, 176 Dover 
Clark John, marulecutter, 2 s Ann 
Clark John, bricklayer, 166 Peirce 
Clark John, grocery, s w cor Gough and Castle 
Clark John, 34 Chatsworth 
Clark John, laborer, 56 Fawn 
Clark John A. 149 Barre 
Clark John C. (Clark & Co.) 295 n Caroline 
Clark John H. tailor, 11 s Holliday, dw 101 

Clark John H. cooper, 328 e >Iadison 
Clark John K. restaurant, 17 n Liberty 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave, 


I lark John L. furn. wagon, 166 n Spring 
Clark JohnN. machinist, 289 McHenry 
Clark John N. nailer, 284 e Monument 
Clark John P. carpenter, 71s Fremont 
Clark John P. huckster, 184 n Broadway 
Clark John S. machinist, Washington av ext 
Clark John V. carpenter, 450 e Monument 
Clark John W. stonecutter, 92 s Ann 
Clark John W. restaurant, 112 Thames 
Clark Jonathan T. sparniaker, 99 Hamburg 
Clark Jos. A. wagoner, 290 Harford av 
Clark Joseph C. police, 172 Harford av 
Clark Kinsy J. 37 n Schroeder 
Clark Lester S. carpenter, 450 e Monument 
Clark Levi, (Metcalf cj- Co.) 687 w Baltimore 
Clark Levin P. & Son, ( L. P. and Geo. T. 
' lark) patent hydrants and pump manufs. 
over 44 n Hollidav 
Clark Levin P. (L. P. C. & Son) 33 n Exeter 
Clark Louisa, tailoress, 220 n Eden 
Clark M. M. artist, 54j n Charles dw 
Clark Mrs.Margaret S.dressmkr. 135 Lexington 
Clark Margaret A. dressmaker, 40 n Liberty; 

dw 42 w Madison 
Clark Martin, peddler, 147 Lexington 
Clark Martin, 38 e Pratt 
Clark Martin, jr. shirt cutter, 147 Lexington 
Clark Matilda, tailoress, 162 u Dallas 
Clark Marv, 60 Granby 

lark Mat' hew B.(M.B.C.& Bro. )272w Fayette 
Clark Matthew B.& Bro.(M.B. and J.R. Clark) 

flour merch'ts, 40 n Howard 
Clark Matthew, bailiff, 50 n Front 
Clark Matthew G. clerk, 272 w Fayette 
Clark Michael, painter, 147 Lexington 
Clark Michael, laborer, Hudson al s of Federal 
Clark Michael, carter, 13 L. Montgomery 
Clark Nelson B. 43 Gough 
Clark Mrs. Nelson M. 67 St. Paul 
Clark Philip R. agt. Eastern Shore Steamboat 

Co. over 107 South, dw 5 u Strieker 
Clark Richard J. (ThosC. & Bro.) 263 e Pratt 
Clark Richard D. baker, 310 s Bond 
Clark Richard J. (Thos. A. Clark &Bro.) 263 

e Pratt 
Clark Richard B. (McClellan, Clark & Co.) 83 

e Pratt 
Clark Richard J. driver, 5 Sterrett 
Clark Robert, contractor, 307 e Biddle 
Clark Robert, moulder, 450 e Monument 
Clark Robert H. mariner, 110 Hamburg 
Clark Robert Y.machinist,Decker nr HofiFman 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 461 Saratoga 

I— I 







WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

HORNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates. 
















Clark Samuel, patternmaker, 156 Aisquitb 
Clark Mrs. Sarah, 236 Bank 
Clark Mrs. Sarah, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Mrs. Sidney E. 295 n Caroline 
Clark S. Emory, teacher, 45 Lexington 
Clark Silas G. moulder, 127 n Exeter 
Clark Stephen X. carpenter, 342 e Fayette 
Clark Susan S. bookfolder, 479 n Gay 
Clark Sylvester, moulder, 162 e Eager 
Clark Teresa E. 37 n Schroeder 
Clark Teresa E. 81 u Bethel 
Clark Temperance G. 280 w Fayette 
Clark Thos. lab'r, Willinger ct 
Clark Thos. lab'r, 159 Stirling 
Clark Thos. tbundryman, 14 Constitution 
Clark Thos. bricklayer, 403 w Pratt 
Clark Thos & Bro. (T. ^ Richard J. C) cop- 
persmiths. 241 s Wolfe 
Clark Thos.'(T. C. & Bro.) 263 e Pratt 
Clark Thos. C. clerk, 295 n Caroline 
Clark Thos. J. law student, 92 s Ann 
Clark Thos. 7o4 w Pratt 
Clark Thos. F. finisher, 555 w Lombard, 
Clark Thos. S. ^ Son, (Thos. S. and W. H. 

Clark) sailmakers, 90 Dugan's whf 
Clark Thos. S. (Thos. S. C. & Son) 83 e Pratt 
Clark Thos. S. disc't clerk, Third Xat. Bank 

272 Myrtle av 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 110 Boyd 
Clark Thos. J. clerk, 185 St. Paul 
Clark Thos. M. bricklayer, 511 w Pratt 
Clark Timothy, lab'r, 67 James la 
Clark Walter's, glasscutter, 11 Williamson al 
Clark Wm. carpenter, 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Wm. A. huckster, 253 e Madison 
Clark Wm. F. conductor, 44 Greenmountav 
Chirk Wm. F' lab'r, 450 e Monument 
Clark Wm. B. clerk, 34 Chatsworth 
Clark Wm. H. carp. Raborg nr Republican, dw 

45 s Republican 
Clark Wm. H. horses, 75 w Biddle 
Clark Wm. T. shipcarp. 98 s Washington 
Clark Wm. H. ass't ed r ofSu:i, 131 Mulberry 
Clark Wm. clerk, 104 McCulloi; 
Clark Wm. L (Griswold & C.) Hollinsnr Mount 
Clark Wm. A. michinist, 219 HoUins 
Clark Wm. H. (Thos. S. C. & Son) 220 Druid 

Hill ar 
Clark Wm. H. driver, 802 w Baltimore 
Clark Zechariah, pilot, 135 s Ann 
CLARKE ADDISON, iron and steel, 5 Water 

dw 42 St. Paul 
Clarke Andrew, drayman, 224 Preston 
Clarke Mrs. Annie, Warerley, York rd 
Clarke Anthony, grocery, 191 Gough 
Clarke Ashur, ladies' seminary, 61 Saratoga, 

dw 2 McCulloh 
Clarke Dr. David M. 61 Greenmount av 
Clarke Francis P. machinist, 144 German 
Clarke Geo. W. (C. & Son) High and Lombard 
Clarke Henry E. 56 w Biddle 
CI uke Dr. Henry, dentist, 152 n Eutaw 
Clarke Prof. Irvin W. teacher, Hollins nr Mount 
Clarke Jas. clerk, 504 w Baltimore 
Clarke Jas. furniture, 224 Lexington 
Clarke John, rigger, 70 Block 
Clarke John G. (C. & Jones) 391 w Lombard 
Clarke John E. clerk, 240 Aisquith 
Clarke John K. restaurant, Cowpen al rear 

Eutaw house, dw 57 Montgomery 
Clarke John H. clerk, 35 Haubert 
Clarke John S. carp. 158 e Pratt 

Clarke J. Lyle, salesman, 76 Saratoga 
Clarke Jos. H. prof, of languages, Fayette nr 

CLARKE ;& JONES, (J. G. Clarke, W. H. 
Jones) candy manufs. and fruits, 15 Light 
CLARKE JOSEPH A. P. grocery, 647 w 

Clarke Jos. W. clerk, 152 n Euts.w 
Clarke Mrs. Lawrence, 240 Aisquith 
Clarke Mrs. Martha, 121 n Republican 
Clarke Martin, lab'r, 57 Haubert 
Clarke Mrs. Mary P. 1 12 Greenmount av 
Clarke Mrs. P. D. 56 Biddle 
Clarke Richard J. actor, 85 s High 
Clarke Robt. A. (C. & Son) grocer, 30 e Lom- 
Clarke & Son. (Robt. A. and Geo. W. Clarke) 

provisions, cor High and Lombard 
Clarke Mrs. Sophia, boarding, 45 Lexington 
Clarke Thos. J. law student, 92 s Ann 
Clarke Thos. contractor, 667 w Fayette 
CLARKE & TRUSCOTT, (Wm. W. Clarke, 

C. Truscott) flour com. merchs. 61 s Gay 
Clarke W. E. (A. P. Woods & Co.) 104 

ClarkeW. I. (Griswold & Co.) HoUins 2 doors 

e of Mount 
Clarke Wm. P. stevedore, 57 Haubert 
Clarke Wm. H. undertaker, 191 e Monument 
Clarke W. E. bookkeeper, 43 Hanover 
Clarke W. E. bookkeeper, 50 s Sharp 
Clarke Wm. apothecary, Waverley, York rd 
Clarke Wm. T. shipjoiner, 140 Scott 
Clarke Wm. stonemason, 144 German 
Clarke Wm. W. (C. & Truscott) 56 w Biddle 
Clarkson Edward H. N. (Jos. C. & Son) 135 n 

Clarkson Eugene, 135 n Calvert 
Clarkson Franklin S. machinist, 126 n Exeter 
Clarkson Geo. E. clerk, 97 n Central av 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoemak. 97 n Central av 
Clarkson Jos. A. 172 w Lombard 
CLARKSON JOS. & SON, (Joseph and Ed- 
ward H. Clarkson) machinists. 75 and 77 n 
Clarkson Jos. (Jos. C. <^- Son) 135 n Calvert 
Clarvill Martin, lab'r, 147 Albemarle 
Clarvoe Clarence W. telegraphist, 289 w Pratt 
Clarj- John H. machinist, 175 Druid Hill av 
Clasby Thomas, laborer, 7 Pleasant al 
Claspy John, iron finisher, 79 n Pojipleton 
Classen Benj. H. (B. H. C&Bro.) 148 sSharp 
Classen B. H. ^ Bro. (B. H. and F. W. Clas- 
sen) flour and feed, 145 s Sharp 
Classen Fred'k W. (B. H. C. & Bro.) 83 Lee 
Classen Harman, flour and feed, 145 s Sharp, 

dw 147 
Classen Henry W. & Co. (H. W. Classen, D. 

Snyder) brickyard, Light-st ext 
Classen H. W. (Henry W.C. & Co.) l55 s Sharp 
Classen Mary, 11 Port 
Clasy Edward, mariner, 460 e Lombard 
Claichey Jas. M. coachtrimmer, 13>3 Peirce 
Claude Hammond, (Deitz & Co.) 104 s Sharp 
Claudius Harman, provisions, Nicholson nr 

Clans Philip, baker, 122 s Bond 
Claus Emanuel, carpenter, 70 s Bethel 
Claus Joseph, brewer. Beck's la nr Calvertonrd 
Clausen Peter, rigger, 203 s Washington 
Clautice Mrs. Ann, dry goods. 111 Penna av 
Clautice Edwin, (C. & Mitchell) 110 s Paca 

W. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for the 
sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Clautice Elizabeth, 11 1 Penna av 
Clautice Francis, Aisquith and Lanvale 
Clautice Geo. (C. & Moore) 36 Valley 
Clautice Geo. car builder, 141 Penna av 
Clautice Geo. jr. car builder, 141 Penna av 
Clautice Henry, huckster. 142 Jefferson 
Clautice Henry C. shipsmith. 189 n Caroline 
Clautice John, huckster, Aisquith nr Point la 
Clautice Joseph, tailor, 295 e Madison 
Clautice Joseph, tinner, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Joseph, jr. 295 e Madison 
Clautice & Mitchell, (E. Clautice, Joseph C. 
Mitchell) plumbers and gasfitters, 12i Light 
Clautice & Moore. (G. Clautice, H.F. Moore,) 
com. merch'ts, cor HoUings worth and Pratt 
Clautice Peter F. bookkeeper, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Peter, sr. 110 s Paca 
Clautice Peter, blacksmith. !10 s Paca 
Clautice Wm. F. (Brooks. Rogers & Co.) Lan- 

rale nr Division 
Clautice Wm. coachm.iker, 220 w Biddle 
Clavell Mrs. Caroline, 301 e Lombard 
Clavell George, 301 e Lombard 
Clay Ellen, secondhand goods, 53 Harrison 
Clay Margaret, dressmkr, 53 Harrison 
Clay James, laborer, 337 e Lombard 
Clay Nimrod S. clerk, 391 w Lombard 
Clay Wm. conductor, 325 Cathedral 
Clay Wm.'W. agent, dyer and scourer, 110 w 

Baltimore, dw 9 Jackson 
Clay Wm. C. morticer, 790 w Baltimore 
Claypole Geo. W. clerk. 80 n Fremont 
Claypool James, clerk, 50 n Republican 
Claypoole Geo. W. clerk, 273 Aisquith 
Claypoole Capl. James Y. court clerk, 423 n 

Central av 
Claypoo'e Capt. John. 423 n Central av 
Clayton Alfred S. butter depot, 82 Hanover, 

dw Gilmor nr Baker 
Clayton Augustus L. hay and straw, York rd 

nr Camp av 
Clavton Chas. H. police, 158 s Bond 
Clayton Mrs. Ellen, 101 Druid Hill av 
Clayton 6. W. clerk, Maltby housa 
Clayton Hezekiah B. porter, 180 w Biddle 
Clayton James W. brakeman, 248 Harford ar 
Clayton James, bailiff tax dept. 57 George 
Clayton James, carpenter, 225 Dolphin 
Clayton John R. M. silversmith, 53 w Centre 
Clayton John P. insp. C.H. 73 Courtland 
Clayton John T. carpenter, 165 e Madison 
Clayton Joseph, carpenter, 180 w Biddle 
Clayton Julius, 73 Courtland 
Clayton Sara'l, laborer, 6 East 
Clayton Sam'l, 53 Conway 
Clayton Sam'l S. prest. Silver Valley Mining 

Co. 12 South, dw Baltimore co 
Clayton Philip V. printer. 165 e Madison 
Clayton Theo. asst. assessor, 12 Hollins 
Clayton Wells 0. hay, York rd nr Camp av 
Clavton Wm. S. bricklayer, 225 Dolphin 
Clazey Albert J. moulder, 299 s Paca 
Clazey George, laborer, 96 St. Peter 
Cleary Douglas M. 96 Hanover 
Cleary Edw. M. clerk, Pratt nr Exeter 
Cleary Honora. 3 Curley 
Cleary Robert E. bookkeeper, 96 Hanover 
Cleary Robert E. bookkeeper. 79 n Charles 
Cleary Thomas, mariner, 158 s Washington 
Cleary Wm. H. iron hooker, 366 Eastern av 
Cleaveland Amos J. clerk, 144 n Exeter 
Cleaveland Chas. P. clerk, 144 n Exeter 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave, 

Cleaveland Edwin R. (E. R. C. & Co.) 426 e 

CLEAVELAND E. R. ^ CO. (E. R. and S. 
Cleaveland) dry goods and notions, 103 n 
Gay, after April 1, 1871. 157 n Gay 
Cleaveland James P. carpenter, 28 Oxford 
Cleaveland Sylvester, (E. R. C. <^ Co.) 144 n 

Clegg James, grocery, 19 Pleasant 
Cleg John T. laborer, cor Chew and Dallas 
Clemens Ann, 23 Clinton 
Clemens John G. clerk, 63 Exchange pi 
Clemens John, mariner, 103 Choptank 
Clement James, foreman, 12(t Hanover 
Clements & Co. (W. D. Shurtz, J. J. Kromer) 

propr's Rosadalis, 5 Commirce 
CLEMENS AUGUSTUS D. real estate, 49 Lex- 
ington, dw Waverlev, Baltimore co 
CLE.MENS A. D. jr. real estate, 49 Lexington, 

dw Waverley, I3altimore co 
Clements John, machinist, 318 Harford av 
Clements John, jr. brickmaker, 27 Gittings 
Clements John, sr. 27 Gittings 
Clements John S. bailiff City Circuit Court. 

dw 55 (hew 
Clements John F. mariner, 2 Williamson al 
Clements Capt. John W. mariner, 160 Pratt 
Clements Philip J. barber, Washington nr 

Jackson sq av., dw 35 s Wolfe 
Clements P. P. 57 Exchange pi, dw Balto co 
Clements Theodore, machinist, 36 s Schroeder 
Clements Wm E. carter, 42 Lenin. on 
Clements William porter. Homestead, Harford 

Clements Wm. M. brickmkr, 27 Gittings 
Clemm Andreas, laborer, cor Burke and Alice- 
Cleuna Henry, mariner, 7 Monmonier ct 
Clemm John, brass moulder, 28 Harford av 
Clemm Wm. E. watchman, Monument bet 

.aisquith and Stirling 
Clemm Wm. E. rope dealer, 206 e Monument 
Clemm Wm. E. jr. purser. 206 e Monument 
Clemm Rev. Wm. T. D. 394 w Fayette 
Clemmons John R. cigarmkr, 290 Franklin 
Clemsen Joseph, carpenter, 259 Gough 
Clemsen Richard, mariner, 259 Gough 
Clemsen Samuel, mariner, 259 Gough 
( lemseu Wm. laborer, 245 s Wolfe 
Clemsen Wm. watchman, 259 Gough 
Clendenin Arthur A. miller, 33 n Eden 
Clendeiiin Mar.earet, teacher, 33 n Eden 
Clendenin Mrs. Susan, 33 n Eden 










WM. H. HEAD Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 





r— i 







• I— < 





Clendenin Wm.R. moulder and gild. 33 n Eden 
Clendening Thos. R. (Hough, C. & Co.) 186 

Clendening Wm. (Hough, C. & Co.) Virginia 
Clendinen Joseph, clerk, 13 s Bond 
Clendinen T. R. (C. & Wilson) 171 w John 
Clendinen W. T. clerk, 166 Mosher 
Clendinen Dr. Wm. H. 93 n Broadwaj 
CLENDINEN & WILSON, (T. R. Clendinen. 

C. G. Wilson) attorneys, 39 Lexington 

Paul and Lexington 
Cleshum Martin, laborer, 15 Buren 
Cleveland Joseph S. 477 n Fremont 
Cleveland Jas. B. ins. agent, 59 Courtland 
CLEWELL E. A. boot and shoemaker, 227 

Click Christian, coach trimmer, 14 n Liberty 
Clickuer Samuel A. (R. Hults & Co.) 191 Lee 
Clitford Austin, laborer, 294 s Paca 
Clifford Bernard, teacher, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Charles, police, "Wolfe nr Belair av 
Clifford Edward, laborer, 270 Division 
CliflFord Mrs. Ellen, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Mrs. Hannah A. 148 German 
Clifford Mrs. Harriet, nutions,519 w Baltimore 
Cliil'ord James, blacksmith, 17 Arbel al 
Clifford John, painter, 605 w Lombard 
Clifl'ord John C. tinner, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Mrs. Julia, 125 Chew 
Clitford Mrs. Margaret, 421 Pratt 
Clifford Sylvester, printer, 26 s Regester 
Clifford Thos. E. packer, 293 Eastern av 
Cliflord Wm. carter, 180 Greenmount av 
Clitford Wm. H. 22 Pearl 
Clift Anu M. dressmaker, 81 Hill 
Ciit't Mrs. Catherine, 273 e Madison 
Clift Harriet A. 55 Hamburg 
Ciit't Mark A. G. clerk, 55 Hamburg 
Clift Mrs. Mary V. 55 Hamburg 
Clift Mrs. Sarah E. 55 Hamburg 
Clift Wm. V. clerk, 55 Hamburg 
Clifton Francis E. 13 Josephine 
Cliue Amelia, teacher, Pratt nr Choptank 
Cline Anthony, clerk, Pratt nr Choptank 
Ciine Anthony, brickmaker, send Clinton, dw 

Prait nr Choptank 
Cline DAvid. salesman, 90 a Bond 
Cline David L. salesman, 374 e Monument 
Cline'Eli, moulder, 625 w Pratt 
Cliae Geo. H. patternmaker, 298 e Madison 
Cline Isabella, 42 Hughes 
Cline Jacob C. patternmaker, 79 McHenrj 
Cliae Joseph, beer, 76 Frederick av 
Cline Lewis, carpenter, 1 1 Wj-eth 
Cliue Mrs. Margaret P. 262 e Pratt 
Cline Wm. beer, 216 Canton av 
Cliun Eliza, lailoress, 143 e Lombard 
Clinton David, mariner, 239 s Ann 
Clinton Frank, laborer, 110 e Fayette 
Clinton iienry DeW. bailiff Criminal Court, 

242 Penna av 
Clinton Henry, laborer, Boston nr Burke 
Clinton John, clerk, 109 e Madison 
Clinton John, laborer, 54 Fortav 
Clipper Geo. ship carp'r, 71 Johnson 
Clipper Lewis, police, 71 Johnson 
Clipper Louis, caulker, 71 Jobuson 
Clipper Wm. serg't police, 235 s Sharp 
Clisham Mrs. Cath'ne, 13 Front n of Foundry 
Clisham Martin, laborer, 15 Buren 
Olishman Peter, hucks'r,31 Frontn of Foundry 

Cloak & Bro. (Jas. and Jno. Cloak) kindling 

wood, 194 s Caroline 
Cloak James, (Cloak & Bro.) 159 s Eden 
Cloak John, (Cloak & Bro.) 159 s Eden 
Cloak John, roofer 31 Eastern av 
Cloak Philip, laborer, 159 s Eden 
Cloake Lawrence, laborer, 170 Ramsay 
Cloartj' Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 42 Henrietta 
Clocker Hezekiah, carpenter, 279 n Broadway 
CLOGG GEi'RGK S. bootmaker, 2 s Calvert 

and 159 w Pratt, dw 93 Hanover 
Clogg Geo. H. clerk, 93 Hanover 
Cloman Geo. laborer, 107 Cooksie 
Cloonan Martin, laborer, 180 Raborg 
Cloonan Timotbv, laborer, 50 Cooksie 
CLOSE ALEX. & CO. (A. Close,S.Wylie) dry 

goods com. merch'ts, 14 and 16 German 
Close Alex. (Alex. C. & Co.) Mt. Washington, 

Baltimore co 
Close ilrs. Barbara, 376 Lexington 
Close James, merchant. 40 Lexington 
Close Margaret, huckstress, 357 Lexington 
Close Nicholas, huckster, 78 Jackson sq av 
Close Robert, shoemaker, 357 Lexington 
Close Sarah J. dressmaker, 357 Lexington 
Closterman Henry, laborer, foot of Mill 
Clotworthv Alex, furniture, 76 n Howard 
ClotworthyChas. A.(C. & Miller)! 19 Mulberry 
Clotworthy Edward F clerk, 1 Irvine pi 
Clotworthy Geo. W. salesman, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy & Miller, (C. A. Clotworthy. B. F, 

Miller) produce and genl. com. merchants, 

219 w Pratt 
Clotworthy Samuel, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Wm. P. clerk, 102 McCulIoh 
Clotworthy Wm. dairy, 156 Penna av 
Cloud Benjamin C. laborer, 103 MuUikin 
CLOUD CHARLES F. 415 w Baltimore 
Cloud Daniel, (Shipe, C. ^- Co.) 142 Bolton 
Cloud Jesse L. 415 w Baltimore 
Cloud Laura M. housekeeper, 54 Columbia 
Clough Jas. E. bookkeeper, 40 Lexington 
Clough Martin V. B. salesman, 17 w Biddle 
Clowdsley John H. huckster. Fort av nr Bat- 
tery av 
Clowe John H. scalemaker, 49 n Front 
Clowes Armistead V. clerk, 49 s Ann 
Club Wm. carter, 268 s Charles 
Club Wm. butcher, 77 Belair market, dw York 

rd beyond toUg.ite 
Cluney Patrick, laborer, Jew al nr Monument 
Cluney Robert, tailor. 92 York 
Clunet Victor, sec'ry American Fire Ins. Co. 

234 n Heward 
Clunet Victor S. clerk, 549 n Gay 
Cluny Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 198 Raborg 
Clushine Mrs. Peter, 47 Chesnut 
Cluskey Patrick, laborer, 190 Lemmon al 
Cnapp Louis, laborer. Federal nr Hudson al 
Coad Elizabeth R. 129 Hanover 
Coad J. Edward, flour inspector, 129 Hanover 
COAKLEY BRUS.(M. and D.Coakley) leather 

and shoe findings, 14 s Calvert 
Coakley Daniel (C. Bros.) 183 Saratoga 
Coakley John, 35 n Front 
Coakley Michael, (C. Bros.) 35 n Front 
Coakley P. H. bill broker, over 4 South, dw 

n e cor Dolphin and Druid Hill av 
Coakley Thos. H. laborer, 290 Johnson 
Coale Alfred, gatekeeper Camden station, 6 s 

Coale Mrs. Cassandra A. 53 McCuUoh 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Coale Catherine A. 15 McCulloh 
Coale E. H. dry goods, 190 Saratoca 
COALE GEO. B. (G. B. C & Morris) and 
pres't Merchants' Mutual Ins. Co. office 58 
Exchange place, dsv 215 Madison av. — [5ee 
Advertisement front cover.'] 
COALE GEO. B. & MORRIS, {Geo. B. Coale, 
Wm. E. Morris,) insurance agents and bro- 
kers, 58 Exchange place 
Coale Geo. clerk, 863 w Baltimore 
Coale Mrs. Hetty, 39 n Gay 
COALE ISAAC, Jn. & BRO. (I. Coale, jr. T. 
E. Coale, J. L. Beseck) gents' furnishing 
goods, 14 Hanover 
Coale Isaac, jr. (I.C. jr. & Bro.) Baltimore Co. 
COALE JAMES CAREY, agt. for N.Y. Board 
of Under-svriters and Lloyd's, 56 Exchange 
pi, d\v cor Madison av and Lanvale 
Coale James, bricklayer, 239 Peirce 
Coale John, huckster, 46 s Republican 
Coale Joseph M. foreman, 47 w Blddle 
Coale Mary A. school, 328 n Fremont 
Coale S. H. clerk, 53 McCulloh 
Coale S. Robinson, (Alvey, Coale <k Co.) 185 

Linden av 
Coale Samuel, machinist, 6 s Republican 
Coale Thos. E. (Isaac C. jr. & Bro. 49 Mc- 
Coale Rev. Wm. A., Mulberry nr Gilmor 
Coale Wm. E. jr. bookkeeper First Nat. Bank, 

Catonsville, Baltimore co 
Coale Wm. H. tinner, 6 s Republican 
Coartes Mrs. Ann, 106 Scott 
Coates & Bros. (Geo. W. P., Dr. C. E. and I. 
P. Coates) props. Locust Pt. Rollins Mills 
Coates Dr. C. E. (C. & Bros.) 189 St. Paul 
Coates Mrs. Geo. A. huckstress. 357 Lexington 
Coates Geo. W. P. (C. & Bros.) .33 Cathedral 
Coates I. Pennock, (C. & Bros.) 348 Broadway 
Coates Jas. A. confectioner. 54 w Baltimore 
Coates Jas. J. clerk, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates John, lumb. mercht. and prest. Union 
Fire Ins. Co. 355 w Pratt,dw 262 w Lombard 
Coates Robt. E. painter, 5 n Sharp, dw 171 Barre 
Coates Solomon, stoves, 196 s Caroline 
Coates Thomas, grainer, 2 Paca pi 
Coath Mrs. Maria, 44 e Lombard 
Coath Wra. (Allen & Upton) 44 e Lombard 
Cobb Chas. H. dep. collector and cashier int. 

rev. 109 Mulberry 
Cobb Edward R. e! (Higgins, Cobb & Co.) 31 

n Liberty 
Cobb Geo. F. (Conradt & C.) 359 w Fayette 
Cobb Jas. M. bricklayer, 106 s Gilmor 
Cobb Josiah, 31 n Liberty 
Cobb Josiah N. 109 Mulberry 
Cobb Pollock W. 212 Forrest 
Coberg P. G. apothec'y. Sharp and Henrietta 
Coberth Lloyd H. engineer, 73 St. Peter 
Coblens Chas. (Schwab, Frank & Co.) Catons- 
Coblens Daniel, clerk, 130 German 
Coblens & Keyser, (L. C, H. Keyser) boots 

and shoes, 180 Lexington, and 37 n Eutaw 
Coblens Lazarus, horses, 130 German 
Coblens Lewis, (C. & Keyser, and Danl. C. & 

Son) 139 German 
Coblens Daniel & Son,(D.& L. Coblens )horses, 

3 n Paca 
Coblens Daniel, (D. Coblens ^-Son)87 Columbia 
Coblens Samuel, 141 German 
Coburn Mrs. E. F. variety store, 101 n Eutaw 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Coburn Geo. attor'y, 31 St. Paul, dw 58 Buren 
Coburn Henry, 101 n Eutaw 
Coburn J. H. fire dept. 116 s High 
Coburn Mrs. James, 19 n Gay 
Coburn Mrs. Susan, 118 Park av 
Coburn Thomas, stonemason, 58 Buren 
Coch Frank, shoemaker, 8 Shakspear 
Cocher August, carp, 3 Sterrett 
Cochran Alonzo A. F. coachmkr, 236 n Bond 
Cochran Chas. 327 Druid Hill av 
COCHRAN &C0. (J. E. Cochran, Wm. Abra- 
hams) ice dealers, 138 s Exeter, 200 West 
Falls av and 206 w Fayette 
Cochran Mrs. Emma L. 13 Aisquith 
Cochran Geo. F. clerk, 18 Holland 
Cochran Harry W. 238 w Hoffman 
Cochran Jas. E. (C. & Co.) 18 Holland 
Cochran John, mariner, 9 n Durham 
Cochran Johu, moulder, 105 s Strieker 
Cochran John E. (Johnson & C.) 20 Holland 
Cochran John, (Kaufman k C.) 117 Green- 
mount av 
Cochran Michael, laborer, 65 s Oregon 
Cochran Presley N. clerk, 13 Aisquith 
Cochran Richd M. boots and shoes, 45 s Carey 
Cochran Thos. A. (Snyder Bros. & C.) Druid 

Hill av nr Wilson 
Cochran Walter, clerk, 18 Holland 
Cochran Wm. clerk. Druid Hill av nr Wilson 
Cochran Wm. T. printer, 103 n Calvert 
Cochran Wm. F. depty. naval officer, dw n w 

cor Park av and Townsend 
COCKEY & CO. (John G.,Wm.H. and Geo. B. 
Cockey) lumber com. merchs. n e cor Can- 
ton and East Falls avs 
Cockey Chas. 0. prop'r Bull's Head hotel, 130 

n Front 
Cockey Geo. B. (C. # Co.) Baltimore co 
Cockey John F. clerk, 67 Cathedral 
Cockey John C. police, 188 George 
Cockey Dr. Joseph C. 2 s Exeter 
Cockey Mrs. Mary, 188 George 
Cockey Mrs. Rachel, La Pierre house 
Cockey Richard, clerk, 188 George 
Cockey Wm. H. jr. 330 Saratoga 
CockeV Wm. H. stair builder, 330 Saratoga 
Cockev Wm. H. (C. & Co.) Baltimore co 
CockriU Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
Cockrill Dr. Joseph M. 23 s Broadway 
Codd Mrs. Ann M. 399 e Lombard 
CODD EDWARD J. & CO. (E. J. C, Wm. S. 
Cowpland) engineers and machinists, 259 B 


I— I 








WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manuf'rs & Com. Merch'ts. 













Codd Benjamin, butcher, 18 n Gist 

Codd Edward J. (E. J. C. & Co.) 7T s Bond 

Codd John, clerk, 3 e Monument 

Codd Simon, laborer, 3 e Monument 

Codd Wm. H. bookkeeper, 283 e Lombard 

Codd Wm. J. butcher, 47 n Wolfe 

Coddington Mrs. Harriets., Pratt nr Gilmor 

Coddiu Michael, laborer, 51 Haubert 

Codet Joseph R. dancing master, hall Calvert 

Assembly room, dw 26 Spring row 
("Jodey Martin, shoemaker, 19 New Church 
Codey Michael, grocery, 78 East 
Codcy Thomas, tavern, 35 w Lombard 
I'odori John A., butcher, 123 Centre and 48 

Belair markets, dw 89 Greenmount av 
Coe Andrew, super phosph. lime, 370 w Pratt, 

dw 554 w Fayette 
Coe Alexander B. clerk, 539 Lexington 
Coe Edward, coachmaker, 65 Orleans 
''oe James, huckster, 270 n Bond 
Coe Joshua C. bricklayer, 1 Northern av 
Coe Roderick D. 554 w Fayette 
Coe Susan, 37 Milliman 
Coen Darby, tavern, 196 Montgomery 
CofFay John, laborer, 122 s Charles 
CofFay John, laborer. Cathedral ext 
CofFay John, hackman, 102 Cathedral 
CofFay Thomas, keeper of hacks, 42 w Eager 
CofFay Wm. hackman, 2 Tyson 
CofFey John, hackman, 278 Aisquith 
CofFev Patrick, hackman, 278 Aisquith 
Coffield Geo. C. H. broker, 252 w Fayette 
Cofiield John, laborer, 873 w Pratt 
CofFman Louis, butcher, 169 Penna av 
Coffin Chas. jr. engineer, 97 s Ann 
Coffin Capt. Chas. E. mariner, 97 s Ann 
Coffin Chas. G. driver, 98 Greenmount av 
CofiSn Mrs. Emma J. grocy. 98 Greenmount av 
CofFroth Geo. R. (Geo. R'. C. & Co.) Howard 

COFFROTH GEO R. & CO. (G. R. CoffVoth) 

com. merclits. and dealers in tobacco, cigars 

and snufF, 330 w Baltimore 
Cofman Casper, bootfitter, 163 n Eutaw 
Cofran James H. machinist, 77 St. Peter 
Coggins ('has. ice cream and confectionery, 146 

e Monument 
Coggins D.ivid A. paper carrier, 46 Green- 
mount av 
Coggins George, 88 e Madison 
Coggins John W. paper carrier, 216 e Fayette 
Coggins John, hay dealer, 3 McKim, dw 39 

Greenmount av 
Coggins John H. paper carrier, 53 George 
Coggins Lewis, paper carrier, 88 e Madison 
Coggins Martin, laborer, rear 156 Hughes 
Coghlan Edwd. clerk, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Jane, dressmaker, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Richard, clerk, 39 Hillen 
Cogswell Geo. A. carpenter, 63 n Poppleton 
Cogswell James, 279 e Monument 
Cohan Lewis M. 120 s High 
Cohee James, mariner, 80 Hamburg 
Cohee Levin W. barkeeper. Merchants' hotel 
Cohee Mitchell H. clerk, 34 w Pratt 
Cohee Nancy, 48 n Front 
Cohen Abraham, salesman. 8 Harrison 
Cohen Mrs. Biene, 82 n Eden 
Cohen Benj. furs and shawls, 25 and 27 n 

Eutaw, dw Howard house 
Cohen Mrs. Daniel \. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Bleazer, (M. C. & Sons) 29 s Eutavc 

Cohen Emanuel, clothing, 5 and 7 Second 
Cohen Mrs. Francis G. clothing, 6 and 8 Har- 
Cohen Herman, 35 n Eutaw 
COHEN ISRAEL, stock broker, 7 South, dvr 

s e cor St. Paul and Reed 
Cohen Jacob L. bookkeeper, 7 Penn 
COHEN JACOB L attorney, 5U St. Paul, dvr 

79 w Townsend 
Cohen Lewis, salesman, 6 Harrison 
Cohen Lewis J. 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Louis, clothing, 170 Light, dw 29 Hill 
Cohen Louis, tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Margaret, 90 Greenmount av 
Cohen Mendes, clerk, 29 Hill 
Cohen Mendes \. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Moses, (M. C. & Sons) 157 Lexington 
Cohen Moses & Sons,(M., E. and S. Cohen, A. 
L Oppenhcim) dry goods, 269 w Baltimore 
Cohen S. (Joel Gutmau & Co.) 28 s Paca 
Cohen Samuel, tailor, 150 Camden 
Cohen Samuel jr. tailor, 237 s Charles 
Cohen Samuel, tailor, 237 s Charles 
Cohen Samuel, clerk, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Simon, clerk, 10 Harrison 
Cohen Simon L. fancy goods, 139 n Gay, dw 

232 Saratoga 
Cohen Simon, dry goods, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Solomon, (M. C & Sons) 157 Lexington 
Cohen Wm. tailor, 150 Camden 
Cohn Abraham, laborer, 329 s Bond 
Cohn Caroline, shoes, 799 w Baltimore 
Cohn Henry P. dry goods, 201 s Bond 
Cohn Moritz G. secy. People's Fire Ins. Co. 183 

Coin Michael, laborer, 9 Cuba 
Coin Patrick, laborer, Nicholson nr Towson 
Coker Geo. T. carpenter, 306 Mulberry 
COLBERT AUG. F. com. and flour, 103 Mc- 

Elderrj^'s whf, dw 25 n Exeter 
Colbert James A. shipsmith, 295 e Lombard 
Colbert James E. stairbuilder,24 Pleasant 
Colbert Lewin A. architect, 24 Pleasant 
Colbert Lewin R. sec'y and treas. Balto. Cem- 
etery Co. 24 Pleasant 
Colbert (kpt. Levin. m;iriner, 329 e Baltimora 
Colbert Mrs. Mary F. 295 e Lombard 
Colbert Robt., Aged .Men's home 
Colbert Rudolph, clerk, 24 Pleasant 
Colburn A. L. scalemaker,cor Bank and Exeter 
Colburn Mrs. A. M. trimmings, 438 Lexington 
Colburn Lewis, porter, Maltby house 
Colby Chas. A. weigher C. H. 94 Division 

Colder , cabinetmaker, 136 e Pratt 

Coldorf Curtain, mariner, 183 s Durham 
Cole A. C. bookkeeper, 92 s Broadway 
Cole Abraham, plumber, 60 n Exeter 
Cole Alan, clerk, 75 Cathedral 
Cole Beuj. laborer, 100 n Eden 
Cole Benj. clerk, 155 Mosher 
Cole, Bingham & Co. (Wm. P. Cole, T. Bing- 
ham) wholesale, fur, wool and straw bats, 
30 s Sharp 
Cole Chas. 174 Mulberry 
Cole Mrs. Catherine, 370 e Monument 
Cole Chas. B. carpenter, 298 e Pratt 
Cole Chas. E. 95 n Eden 
Cole Conrad, carter, 125 Peirce 
Cole David, carpenter, 79 n Poppleton 
Cole Edward H. miller, 128 Johnson 
Cole -Mrs. Elizabeth, 77 HoUins 
Cole Mrs. Elizabeth, 91 n Broadway 

WM.H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Cliew & Stirling. 




Cole Fanny, 51 Josephine 

Cole Fr.ancis, junk, 70 Greenmount av 

Cole Franklin, carpenter, Pennsylvania house 

Cole F. 0. clerk, 243 n Eutaw 

Cole F. Carter, G2 n Greene 

ColeFred'k W. barkeeper, 150 Franklin 

Cole Geo. B. (Pope & C.) 243 n Rutaw 

Cole & Gilpin, (L. H. Cole, A. G. Gilpin) 

wholesale fruiterers and confectioners, s w cor 

Light and Lombard 
Cole Geo. carpenter, 132 n P^xeter 
Cole Geo. A. carpenter, 174 Mulberry 
Cole Geo. W.junk, 70 Greenmount av 
Cole Geo. W. laborer, 2()1 e Madison 
Cole Henry A. carpenter, 174 Mulberiy 
Cole Henry C. clerk, 172 s Howard 
Cole Henr}-, oysters, 252 e Monument 
Cole Henry C. clerk, 77 Hollius 
Cole Henry, junk, 70 Greenmount av 
Cole Hirain, confectioner, 33 Courtland 
Cole James, huckster, 196 s Ann 
Cole James H. painter, 123 Cross 
Cole James VV. clerk Sun office, (54 e Lombard 
Cole Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 89 Hanover 
Cole Jarrett, 80 s Exeter 

Cole Jesse C. watchman B.& O.R. R. 586 w Pratt 
Cole John A. clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole John E, provisions, 703 Lexington 
Cole John H. Ill w Monument 
Cole John R. carpenter, Strieker nr McHenry 
Cole John R. grocer, 50 and 52 n Eutaw, dw 

62 n Greene 
Cole John H. huckster, 147 e Monument 
Cole John T. police, 195 e Monument 
Cole John H. nightman, 87 Mullikin 
Cole John T. clerk, 49 w Baltimore 
Cole Joseph, carpenter, 112 Druid Hill av 
Cole Joseph jr. clerk, 112 Druid Hill av 
Cole Josephine, laundress, 162 e Madison 
' ole Joshua, bricklayer, 22 1 w Fayette 
Cole Leander, 62 n Greene 
Cole Lewis Hiram, (C. & Gilpin) 33 Courtland 
Cole Lewis M. general ticket agt. B. ^ 0. R. 

R. Co. dw 201 w Lombard 
Cole Mrs. Mary, 17 n Bond 
Cole Mary A., Strieker nr McHenry 
Cole Maltie, 91 n Broad waj- 
Cole Dr. Merry man, office 80 n Exeter, dw 102 
Cole Patrick, laborer, 39 Jew al, 0. T. 
Cole Pennock J. driver, Frederick rd, opp Mt 

Olivet ceiueter}- gate 
Cole Philip, shipjoiner, 144 s Bond 
Cole Robert, 166 e Monument 
Cole Robert, potter, 17 n Bond 
Cole Sam'l C. sheet iron worker, 166 n Bond 
Cole Saral. II. bookkeeper, Jlouut Vernon hotel 
Cole Samuel H. tinner, 303 Orleans 
Cole Mrs. Sarah, 23 s Carey 
Cole Selah, carpenter, 132 n Exeter 
Cole Susan, 76 Barre 
Cole Thos. laborer, rear 326 n Howard 
Cole Thos. W. salesman, 303 Orleans 
Cole William, blacksmith, 151 Walsh 
Cole Wm. C. clerk, 318 nEutaw 
Cole Wm. H agent Md, State Bible Society, 

318 n Eutaw 
Cole Dr. Wm, H. elk. First Branch City Coun- 
cil, 1 1 1 Lexington 
Cole Wm. L. plasterer, 285 e Madison 
Cole Wm. G. piledriver, 75 Aisquith 
Cole Wm. P. huckster, 131 Columbia 
Cole Wm. H. clerk, 111 Lexington 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Cole Wm. R. propr. Evening Bulletin 132 w 

Baltimore, dw 362 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. P. (Cole, Bingham & Co.)243 n Eutaw 
COLE WM. H. hardware com. merchant, 17 s 

Chiirles, dw 75 Cathedral 
Cole Wm. R., Mosher nr Linden av 
Colehour Fredk. A. police, 1 n Republican 
Colehouse Mrs. Susan A. 87 L Montgomery 
Colein John F. engineer, 160 Battery av 
Colein W^m. H. engineer, 245 Lee 
COLEMAN ALEX, marble works,32 Concord, 

dw 182 Scott 
Coleman Mrs. Anna M. 131 n Charles 
Coleman Annie E. teacher, 259 n Eden 
Coleman Anthony, laborer, 114 Cooksie 
COLEMAN & BAILEY, (G. A. Coleman, E. 

Bailey) shipchaudlers, 105 and 107 Thames 
Coleman Mrs. Barbara, grocery, 93 s Regester 
Coleman Bridget, 10 Liberty al 
Coleman Chas. C. wood, 726 w Pratt 
Coleman Chas. R. butcher, 224 William 
Coleman Chas. R. cashier National Mechanics 

Bank, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Chas. L. police, 49 Block 
Coleman Chas. R. shipjoiner, 24 s Eutaw 
Coleman Chas. R. jr. accountant, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Chas. salesman, 93 s Regester 
Coleman cJ'Co.(M. Coleman) grocers and com. 

merchants, s vv cor Franklin and Paca 
Coleman Edw. pumpmaker, 129 Gough 
Coleman Edw. B. watchman, 75 Cooksie 
Coleman Edward, driver, 228 Frederick av 
Coleman .Mrs. Eliza' h A. trimmings, 153 e Pratt 
Coleman Elizabeth, 149 Canton av 
Coleman Mis. Ellen, 366 e Monument 
Coleman Jlrs. Ellen, liqs. Curley nr O'Donnell 
Coleman Ellis, cordwainer, 186 Orleans 
Coleman Eugene D. variety, 12 vv Pratt 
Coleman Geo. millwright, rear 11 Clay 
Coleman Geo. E, bacon, 56 s Gilmor 
Coleman Geo. A. (C. & Bailey )307 e Baltimore 
Coleman Gesina, 259 n Eden 
Coleman Henry, laborer, 2 Spring st ct 
Coleman Henry C, painter, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Coleman Henry, bricklayer, 34 s Schroeder 
Coleman Herman, blacksmith, 45 Walsh 
Coleman James F. painter, 114 Mosher 
Colemnn James P. butcher, 218 Battery av 
Coleman Jas. T. brushmaker, 9 s Schroeder 
Coleman Jas. H. cigarmaker, 84 JIcElderry 
Coleman James, hackman, 16 s High 
Coleman John A. trunkmaker, Starr hotel 
Coleman John, driver, 21 Scott 


I— I 





WM. H. BEAD'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible,. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 









Coleman Capt. John W. 145 n Eden 
Coleman John T. (C. & Tavlor) 16 McElderry 
COLEMAN JOS. builder, 539 e Fayette 
Coleman John S. carpenter, 2-t Laurel 
Coleman John W. carpenter. 114 Mosher 
Coleman John T., 16 McElderry 
Coleman Joseph, porter, 114 Mosher 
Coleman Lewis W. bookbinder, 325 Eastern av 
Coleman Martha, books and newspapers, 127 

s Fremont 
Coleman Michael, laborer, 97 Elliott 
Coleman Michael F. clerk, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Morgan, (C. & Co.) 94 n Paca 
Coleman Patrick, harnessmaker, 21 Scott 
Coleman Richard, blacksmith, 672 w Pratt 
Coleman Richard, shipsmitb, 74 s Ann 
COLEMAN & ROGERS, (J. C. Rogers) chem- 
ists and druggists, 173 w Baltimore 
Coleman Royal B. conductor, 390 w Lombard 
Coleman Mrs. Sarah A. 24 Laurel 
Coleman Samuel, shipsmith, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Samuel jr. potter, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. G. shoemaker, 386 Harford av 
Coleman Summerfield, 127 s Fremont 
Coleman Dr. S. K. 115 Chesapeake 
Coleman Thomas, conductor, 487 w Pratt 
Coleman Thomas, 451 e Lombard 
Coleman Thos. shipcarp. 226 Montgomery 
COLEMAN & TAYLOR (John T. Coleman, 
Saml.G. Taylor) boiler makers, s e cor Hol- 
liday and Pleasant 
Coleman Mrs. Virginia F. 82 Mulberry 
Coleman Wm. W. teller, Nat. Farmers and 

Planters Bank. Mc'ulloh nr Mosher 
Coleman Wm. Thos. (H.Mayer & Co. )cor Lom- 
bard and Choptank 
Coleiia Henry, shoemaker, 606 w Pratt 
Coles Emma E. teacher, Hie Fayette 
Coles John A. Kirk, conductor, 111 e Fayette 
Coles Mary E. Ill e Fayette 
Coles^ock John H. carpenter, 152 n Pine 
Colfer John, carpenter, 360 e Monument 
COLFLESH GEORGE B. coachmaker, 101 

German, dw 364 w Fayette 
Colford Martin, laborer, 163 w Hoffman 
Colford Patrick, laborer, 134 Harford av 
Colbafer Adam, boilermaker, 35 Goodman al 
Colhouer Alex. M. boxraaker, Lemmon al nr 

Colhouer Fred'k A. police, 1 n Republican 
Colhouer Mahala, nurse, 234 George 
Colinerse Geo. mariner, 172 s Chapel 
Colison Joseph, mariner, 170 Hughes 
Coll Bernard, canmaker, 55 Milliman 
Coll Edward J. clerk, 108 Mulberry 
Coll Mrs. Ellen, 108 Mulberry 
Coll John, carpenter, 153 Mulberry 
COLLaDAY & BURGESS, (Jos. S.CoUaday, 
Wm. Burgess, jr. ) grocers and provision 
dealers, 461 w Favette 
COLLADAY CHARLES R.provisions,produce 

and butter, s e cor Fayette and Republican 
Colladay Jos. S. (C. & Burgess)461 w Fayette 
Collars Andrew J. cigarmaker, 122 Mosher 
Collars Chas. tobacconist, 122 Mosher 
Collars Chas. A. cigarmaker, 122 Mosher 
Collectors Baltimore County, office 32 St Paul 
Collenberg Anton, shoemaker, 89 Gough 
Collenberg Christian, shoemaker, 104 s Bond 
Collenberg Henry, clerk. Bethel and Gough 
Collenberg J. Henry, clerk, 89 Gough 
Collenberg Theodore, grocery, 89 Gough 

Coller Martin, butcher, e Monument ext 
Colleit Geo. W. huckster. 67 s High 
Collett Thos. carpenter, Lemmon al nr Calhoun 
CoUett Thos. E. boxmaker, 44 e Lombard 
CoUey Alfred, carpenter, Chappell nr Penna av 
Colley John W. carpenter and builder, rear 

324 HoUins.dw n w cor Strieker and Hollins 
CoUev Wm. H. carpenter, 64 Raborg 
Collier Donald R. (C. & Riordon) 23 Barre 
Collier Frank M. storkpr. C.H.dwEUicottcity 
Collier Mrs. Hannah, notions, 41 n Caroline 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
Collier John E. mariner, 223 Bank 
Collier Martha, 199 s Chester 
Collier Marv, 2 n Amitv 
Collier & Riordon, (D. R. Collier, T. Riordon) 

liquors, 202 Light 
Collier Virginia, teacher, 410 w Lombard 
Collier Walter, painter, 4 Barre, dw and tav- 
ern, 22 William 
Collier \vm. James, blacksmith, Orleans nr 

CoUinger Edmund, currier, 11 Clay 
Collings Henry C. butcher, 90 Belair and 109 

Centre markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Collings Wm. R. butcher, 115 Centre and 91 

Belair markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Collins Albert M. clerk, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Alfred, marint-r, 126 s Central av 
Collins Benj. confectionery, s e cor Baltimore 

and Poppleton, dw 54 s Poppleton 
Collins Benj H. agt. freedmen, refugees and 

abandoned lands, Eutaw house 
Collins Mrs. Bridget, 11 Abbot 
Collins Bridget, 38 Williams 
Collins B, N., Eutaw house 
Collins Mrs. Caroline, 80 Federick av 
Collins Catherine, grocery, 113 Elliott 
Collins Chas. H. cleik, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Chas. H. 16 Patusent 
Collins Chas. S. (C. & Heath) 385 w Lombard 
Collins & Co. (T. E.B. Collins)mdse. brokers, 

Commerce and Pratt 
Collins Daniel, laborer, William nr West 
Collins Dennis, laborer, 113 Elliott 
Collins Mrs. Eveline, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Francis, carter. 498 Light 
Collins Francis, brickmaker, rear 544 Light 
Collins Geo. wagoner, 100 n Durham 
Collins Geo. W. tinner, 80 Frederick av 
Collins Geo. R. huckster, 30 Oxford 
Collins Dr. Geo. T. office 42 Richmond, dw 46 
Collins G. T. D. puddler. 111 Chesapeake 
Collins Geo. W, shipsmith, 26 s Chester 
Collins Geo. W. huckster, 232 w HotFraan 
Collins Geo. H. painter. 311 Eastern av 
Collins Mrs. Hannah, 175 w Townsend 
Collins Henry, brickmaker. 490 Light 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 254 Druid Hill av 
Collins Henry, laborer, 85 Johnson 
COLLINS & HEATH, (C. S. Collins, E. S. 

Heath) furnace manufs. 22 Light 
Collins Henry, laborer, 694 w Pratt 
Collins Honora, confectionery, 121 Chesapeake 
Collins Isaac, carpenter, 141 Druid Hill av 
Collins Isaac, brassfinisher, 7 (.Constitution 
Collins James, oysterman, 241 Bank 
Collins James, laborer, Curley nr O'Donnell 
Collins James, tinner, 5 w Fayette 
Collins James, miller, Frederick av beyond 

Collins Jeremiah, bricklayer, '7 Oxford 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Collins Jeremiah, porter, 2 Smith 
Collins Jno.W. elk. and news depot, 11 Pennaav 
Collins John, laborer, 124 Harford av 
Collins John, laborer, 2 Foundry 
Collins Jno. lab'r. Northern av nrN.C.R. 
Collins John H. tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins John N. drover, 74 w Pratt 
Collins Joseph, labortr, 11 Abbot 
Collins Joseph B. canmaker. 65 s Fremont 
Collins Joseph D. police. 490 Licfht 
Collins Rev. Joseph S. 28 w Baltimore 
Collins Joseph T. clerk. 94 Hollins 
Collins Levi, cooper. 89 Warner 
Collins Mrs. M.artha. 94 Hollins 
Collins Mary, dressmaker, 33 Harrison 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 279 w Lombard 
Collins Mrs. Mary A. 180 Cough 
Collins .Mrs. Mary J. dressmaker, 16.5 Conway 
Collins Michael, canmaker, 140 s Ann 
Collins Michael, laborer. 426 Canton av 
Collins Patrick, canmaker, 149 s Ann 
Collins Patrick, grocery, 53 President 
f'ollins Patrick sr. laborer, 49" Canton av 
Collins Patrick ]\\ mariner, 490 Cantv^n av 
Collins Patrick J. laborer, 330 Raborg 
Collins Patrick, coach maker. 2 Smith 
Collins Patrick, wheelwrisfht. 44 Cider al 
Collins P. J. clerk, 322 w Baltimore 
Collins Pet^r, laborer, 63 Chesnut 
Collins Peter, furniture, 27 Harrison 
Collins Philip J. puddler, 16 Patuxent 
Collin? Mrs. Rebecca, '26 s Chester 
Collins Mrs. Rebecca, 560 w Fayette 
Collins Reuben H. engineer. 94 Hollins 
Collins Robert, carpenter, 84 n Poppleton 
Collins Samuel, (Booth, Bandel & Collins) 248 

e Pratt 
COLLINS DR. STEPHEN, 36 n Calvert 
Collins Thos. J. carp'r, Gihnor iir Franklin 
Collins Thos. E. B. (C. & Co.) 51 Lexington 
Collins Timothy. (Gallagher & C.) 75s Caroline 
Collins Wm. A. nmriner. 327 Hanover 
Collins Wm. R. puddler, 278 Eastern av 
Collins Wm. H. watchman. Fort av nr Light 
Collins Wm. laborer, 174 Vine 
Collins Wm. H. attorney, 34 St. Paul, dw 36 

n Calvert 
Collins Wm. E. clerk, 411 Saratoga 
CoUinson J. C. paints, oils, glass, ^-c.230 Lex- 
ington, dw 278 
CoUison Chas. W. mariner. 141 e Lombard 
Collison Edward, welldigger, 141 Stirling 
Collison Edward, welldigger. Point la ur Gay 
Collison Mrs. Eliza. 141 Stirling 
Collison Eliza, bookfolder. 2 Buren 
Collison Geo. W. clerk, 317 w Baltimore 
Collison Geo. watchman. 96 St. Peter 
Collison Harriet, bookfolder, 2 Buren 
Collison Jas.R. swpnias'r, McElderry nr Bethel 
Collison Jno paperhan'r, McElderry nr Bethel 
Collison John, moulder, 141 Stirling 
Coliison Joseph, mariner, 170 Hughes 
Collison Mrs. Sarah A. corsets. 34 s Ann 
Collison Thos. W. carpenter, 34 s Ann 
CollmusRobertS. saddler, 123 n High 
Collmus Solomon, saddler. 123 n High 
Collopy John, drayman, 99 Franklin 
CoUopy Win. laborer, 7 n Amity 
Collyer Samuel, restaurant. 37 w Fayette 
Colman Capt. Edward, mariner, 170 n High 
Colmary Capt. Abraham L. 212 w Lombard 
Colshutz Chas. locksmith, 33 Low 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. ,_ 

Colston F. M.( Wilson, C. ^ Co.) 169 St. Paul 
Colston John A. mariner, 175 Hughes 
Colston Joseph H. cigarmaker, 265 Walsh 
Colston Oliver, clerk, 79 Walsh 
Colter John H.* plasterer, 109 McElderry 
COLTON & BAETJER, (John Colton, J.Geo. 

Baetjer) hosiery manufs. 140 Lexington 

Colton Edw. C. hosiery and notions, 150 n Gay 
Colton Fred'k, express wagon, 100 Hillen 
Colton Geo .(T. Timmons & Co.) and prop'r 

Mi. Republican, 19 South, dw 2 n Strieker 
ColtonHenry H. hose weaver, 223 n Caroline 
Colton Mrs. Janet, confectionery. 100 Hillen 
Colton John, (C. & Baetjer)235 Druid Hill ay 
Colton John H. cigarmaker 50 Mulberry 
Colton Joseph S. grocery, 217 Light 
Colton Lodge, mariner, 23 n Paca 
Colton .Mrs. Mary E. notions, 223 n Caroline 
Colton Norton, laborer, 292 s Paca 
Colton Dr. Robert, 425 n Central av 
Colton Theodore, house furn. goods, 146 n Gay 
COLTON W.M. property and claim ag't, ofiSce 

56 w Fayette, dw 23 u Paca 
Colton Wm. jr 23 n Paca 
Columbia Street (M. E.) Church, Columbia 

betw Greene and Fremont 
Colrin Henry, 77 e Baltimore 
Colvin Institute for Girls, 39^ Courtland 
Colvin Richard, 77 e Baltimore 
Colwell .Mrs. Ann E. 90 Johnson 
Colwell Wm. jr. caulker, 90 Johnson 
Comber Bernard, boilermaker, 89 Elliott 
Comber Georgianna, saleswoman, 67 Druid 

Hill av 
Comber Howard, stonecutter, 38 n Pine 
Comber Mrs. S irah, 67 Druid Hill av 
Combs C. F. salesman, 16 St. Paul 
Combs Philip F. grocery, 276 w Pratt, dw 129 

Combs Wm. agent, 417 w Lombard 
Comegys Benj. sec'ry Harford Fire Ins. Co. 

of Bait. 31 South, dw cor Bolton and Lanvale 
Comegys Edw. proces'r, Potomac nr Lancaster 
Comegys Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress. 91 Hillen 
COMEGYS HENRY C. gen'l agent National 

Life Ins. Co. of U.S.A. 12 Postoffice av, dw 

269 n Howard 
Comegys Jesse T. jewelry and fancy goods, 

500 w Baltimore 
Comegys John W. painter, 91 Hillen 
Comegys Mrs. Margaret, 127 s Regester 





WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 


Dnst and 
















Comegys Thos. 269 n Howard 
Comegys^Wm. A. clerk, 54 Saratoga 
Comegys Wm. inach'st. First av nr Eastern av 
Comegys Wm. J. mariner, 127 s Regester 
Comelain Chas. lab'r, 38 Hampstead 
Cornelias & Bello, (Ramon Comellas, Serafin 

Bello. ) tobacconists, 56 w Baltimore 
Comlv Mrs. H. B. stationery, 123 e Baltimore 
Comellas Ramon, (C. & Bello) Miller's hotel 
Comer Patrick, lab'r, 3 Curley 
Comman Jas boilermak. 32 New Church 
Comman Michael, lab'r, 29i s Wolfe 
Command John, moulder, 25 s Regester 
Command John, police, 25 s Resester 
COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE lunch and read- 
ing rooms, cor Baltimore and Charles 
Commerce Fire Ins. Co. of Albany, N. Y., 73 

and 75 Second 

BANK, s w cor Howard and German 
Commercial Fire Ins. Co of N. Y., agency 4 

s Holliday 
COMMERCIAL HERALD, published by Bal- 
timore pub. Co. s e cor Charles and Favette 
n e cor of Fayette and Holliday. [/See Ap- 

25 n Calvert, 3d floor. [See Appendix.'] 
Comolandcr Jemima, 65 McHenry 
Comolie Fred'k, stonecutter, 226 s Ann 
Compton John A. bookkeeper. Merchants' Na- 
tional Bank, dw Baltimore co 
Compton .Mrs. Mary Ann, 285 Saratoga 
Compton Thos. B.']32 n Gay 
uel Maccubbin, comptroller 
Conamoni Ferdinand, stonecutter, 226 s Ann 
Conant Anna L. dressmak. 271 e Madison 
Conant Saml. W. clockmak. 271 e Madison 
Conant Saml. W. jr. shoemak. 23 Comet 
Conarto Romer, fruit stand, cor Pratt and 

Hanover, d\v 60 s Frederick 
Conaway Anthony, carp. 131 Battery av 
Conaway Charles, brickmoulder, Johnson nr 

Conaway Chas. (Duncan, Rhein & Conaway) 

149 n'Bond 
Conaway Chas. lab'r and birds, 18 Durst al 
Conaway Chas. R. jr., coachpainter, 149 n 

Conaway Fr'cis A. police, Chester nr Fayette 
Conaway Hester, 29 Shakspear 
Conaway Jas. R. keeper of Patterson park 
Conaway Jas. shipcarp. 72 Johnson 
Conaway John, lab'r, 62 n Ann 
Conaway John, fisherman, 131 Battery av 
Conaway John M. L. laborer, Fulton near 

Conaway L. J. A. lab'r, McHenry nr Fulton 
Conaway Perry, fisherman, Barre and Light 
Conaway Sol. watchman, McHenry nr Fulton 
Conaway Wm. E. cigarmak. 5 Holland 
Conaway Wm. fisherman, 131 Battery av 
Conaway Wm. W. watch' n,McHenrynr Fulton 
Couawav Zeehariah, fisherman, 131 Battery av 

Conberse Henry, (Estabrook & C.) 4 n High 
Concannou Martin, lab'r, 50 Fort av 
Condell Chas. engineer, 287 Cathedral 
Condell Mrs. Susan, seamstress, 84 s Spring 

Condell Samuel, lab'r, 84 s Spring 
Condon Edward, cabinetmak. 150 East 
Condon Jas. cabinetmak. 150 East 
Condon Levi Z. grocery, 47 n Gi'mor 
Condon Vinton, carter, 413 s Charles 
Condon Wm. J. wagoner, 35 Abey al 
Condon Wm. H. silver plater, 150 East 
Condor Wm. lab'r, 72 Mound 
Cone Herman, (Guggenheimer, Cone ^ Co,) 

278 Hollins 
Cone Joseph M. & Co. (J. M. Cone) atoTesand 

tin workers, 57 Centre Market space 
Cone Joseph M. (J. M. Cone & Co.) Waverley, 

York rd 
Conebaugh Dennis, lab'r, 1 1 Booth 
Conestogo Cork Co., Burrough Bros, agents, 

14 s Charles 
Conklin Daniel E. (C, Willis & Co.) Gilmor 

Conklin Julius, lab'r, 3 Wilcox 
Conklin Mrs Mary, 201 s Washington 
Conklin Capt. Michael, 108 William 
Conklin Wm. miller, 3 Hughes 
Conklin, Willis & Co. (D. E. Conklin, Z. L. 
C. Willis) stoves and tinware, Hanover nr 
Conkling Wm. H. jr. bookkeeper. Savings 

Bank of Baltimore, 263 Madison av 
Conlan Jas. driver, 21 MuUikin 
Con Ian Mary, 2 Humes 
Conlan Mrs. Sarah, 223 Saratoga 
Conley Bridget, grocery, 24 Gough 
Conlev Mrs. Catherine, laundress, 403 Light 
Conley Ellen, 4 Gould's la 
Conley Isaac, fireman, 16 Rarase\' 
Conley Jas. A. currier, 18 Front n of Foundry 
Conley Jas. F. tinner, 185 Hollins 
Conley Jas. plasterer, 216 n Eutaw 
Conley Jas. rigger, 24 Gough 
Conley Jas. lab'r. 18 Front n of Foundry 
Conley John, lab'r. 29 Douglass 
Conley John, lab'r, 142 n Holliday 
Conley Lawr'ce, chand'r, 18 Front n»f Foundry 
Conley Michael, lab'r, 29 s Stockton al 
Conley Michael, miller, 240 s Paca 
Conley Patrick, lab'r, 73 n Amity 
Conley Thos. clerk, B.&O.R.R., Is s Carey 
Conley Thos. chandler, 18 Front n of Foundry 
Conlon Andrew J. printer. 530 w Pratt 
Conlon John, painter, 84 Battery av 
Conlon Mary A. grocery, 12 Foundry 
Conio John M. confectionery, 70 President 
Conio Lorenzo, organ grinder, 7o President 
Conn Wm. grocery, 101 Franklin 
Conn Wm. R. coal oil, 88 n Poppleton 
Connaughton Jas. drayman, 8 Fall 
Connaugbton Wm. lab'r, 170 n Front 
Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, 37 Post- 
office ay 
Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. of Hart- 
ford, Conn., agency 83 Second 
OF HARTFORD, CONN., A. H. Dillon, 
jr., general agent, office 8 South 
Connell Antonio, fruit stand, s w cor Balti- 
more and Howard, dw 41 St. Marj' 
Connell Dennis, laborer, 17 Hillen ■ 
Connell Ellen, 12 Essex 
Connell Francis A. bookkeep 204 n Howard 
Connell Timothy, lab'r, 208 Cross 
Connellee Chas. II. firedep't, 26 North 
Connellee Edmund. 26 North 

'WM. H, READ'S Syrup of Liver-wort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Connellee Thornton, (D. Wilson ACo.) 417 e 

Connelley Alfred, paper carrier, 221 Mulberry 
Connelley Andrew J. moulder, 38 St. Peter 
Connelley Ann, 9 Fish Market sp 
Connelley Barney, lab'r, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Christopher, lab'r, 301 Forrest 
Connelly Edward, laborer, 25 Brown 
Connelly Mrs. Eliza J. boarding, 159 Bank 
Conmdly Harijr, laborer, 12 President 
Connelly Mrs. Henrietta, 33 Shakspear 
Connelly Francis, laborer, 142 Lancaster 
Connelly James, moulder, 102 Aisquith 
Connelly John, laborer, 25 Brown 
Connelly John, tailor, 1 Abraham 
Connelly John, boilermaker, 79 n Exeter 
Connelly John, plumber, 12 Prospect la 
Connelly John, carp. McDonough ct nr Chop- 
tank, dw 53 King 
Connelly Lawrence, laborer, 4 Spruce al 
Connelly Mrs. Maria, 50 Etting 
Connelly Mrs. Mary, laundress, 80 Ridgely 
Connelly Mary, vestmaker, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Matthias, blacksmith, 67 n Amity 
Connelly Michael, lab'r, Duncan al nr Bank 
Connell)' Michael, blacksmith, 223 s Charles 
Connelly Michael, coachpainter, 131 Leadenhall 
Connelly Michael, porter, 89 s Fremont 
Connelly Michael, police, 208 s Paca 
Connelly Oliver, lab'r, North, av nr Tathedral 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, 26 Hillen 
Connelly Patrick, lab'r. Duncan al nr Bank 
Connelly Patrick, mariner, 70 York 
Connelly Robt. T. haircurler. 1015 w Pratt 
Connelly Mrs. Rosa, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Stephen, laborer, Sarah Ann nr 

Connelly W. J. blacksmith, 165 Greenmountay 
Connelly Wm. porter, 4 Full 
Connelly Wm. shipcarp. 225 Bank 
Connelly Wm. H. canmaker, 22 s Fremont 
Conner Bartholomew, lab'r, 176 L Constitution 
Conner Daniel, laborer, 9 Fountain 
Conner Mrs. E. W., Chatsworth nr George 
Conner Mrs. Elizab. jewelry, 46 w Baltimore 
Conner Francis, laborer, 87 Patuxent 
Conner Gilbert W. clerk, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner Henry, agent, 71 Ensor 
Conner Hugh, police, 153 s Chester 
Conner James, stonecutter, 163 Bank 
Conner James, tanner, 296 e Madison 
Conner James, canmaker, 32 Ryan 
Conner James W. 46 s Calhoun 
Conner James Z. clei'k, 296 e Madison 
Conner James E clerk, 66 s Poppleton 
Conner Jas. lab'r, McDonough ct nr Choptank 
Conner John, 47 Goodman al 
Conner John, laborer, 62 Canton av 
Conner John, laborer, 319 Aliceanna 
Conner John, distiller, 19 e Madison 
Conner John T. engineer, 47 Boyd 
Conner John, laborer, 163 Bank 
Conner Dr. John A. 202 e Baltimore 
Conner Joshua, carpenter, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner Levin, storekeeper C. H. 297 Light 
Conner M. J. letter carrier, 28 Jackson sq 
Conner Martin, mariner, 33 Fell 
Conner Martin, laborer, McDonough ct near 

Conner Mrs. Mary, grocery, 134 Vine 
Conner Mrs. Mary, midwife, 163 Bank 
Conner Mrs. Mary A. 144 Henrietta 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Conner Michael, laborer, 142 s Chester 
Conner Michael, clerk, 112 Raborg 
Conner Pat't, lab. McDonough ct nr Choptank 
Conner Patrick, lab'r, Ensor nr Chase 
Conner Patrick, hostler, 178 s Howard 
Conner Roger, laborer, 342 Eastern ay 
Conner Roger, canmaker, 163 Bank 
Conner Thomas, porter, 122 s Spring 
Conner Thos. painter, 637 Belair av 
Conner Thomas, porter, 134 Vine 
Conner Thomas W. clerk, 66 s Poppleton 
Conner Thomas, laborer, 118 s Chester 
Conner Wm. E. harnessmaker, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner Wm. H. blacksmith, Eastern av nr 

Conner Wm. W. carpenter, 558 Lexington 
Conners Barney, wagoner, 69 York 
Conuers Bernard, lab'r, 357 Eastern ay 
Conners Michael, clerk, 181 n Exeter 
Conners Peter, laborer, 189 East 
Conners Sarah, shucker, 66 President 
Conners Thos. laborer, 20 Front n of Foundry 
Connery John, laborer, Bolton depot 
Ponnerton Wm. laborer, 6 Donnelly ct 
Connolly Aloysius, clerk, 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Andrew W. clerk, 289 Forrest 
Connolly Daniel, laborer, 54 Bureu 
Connolly Daniel J. huckster, 109 s Paca 
Connolly Catherine, grocery, 116 w Townsend 
Connolly Edw. lab'r, Luzerne nr Aliceanna 
Connolly Edward, tavern, 25 Brown la 
Connolly Edw. hats and furs, 305 w Balti- 
more, dw 356 n Eutaw 
Connolly Edward, cart«r, 22 Addison 
Connolly Edward E. clerk, 356 n Eutaw 
Connolly Mrs. Eliza, 318 Mulberry 
Connolly Francis, 369 w Lombard 
Connolly James, laborer, 215 Cross 
Connolly Jas. esp. driver, Lombard nr Fulton 
Connolly Jas. lab. 18 Front n of Foundry 
Connolly James, laborer, 355 Eastern av 
Connolly John, tavern, 193 Boston 
Connolly John, laborer, 9 Carlton 
Connolly John sr. laborer, 14 Armisteadla 
Connolly John, porter, 56 s Dewberry al 
Connolly John jr. moulder, 14 Armisteadla 
Connolly John, carter, 190 Ramsay 
Connolly John, laborer, 25 Brown la 
Connolly John, butcher. 283 Forrest 
Connolly John B. marble dealer, n w cor Mon- 
ument and Constitution, dw York rd nr 1st 
Connolly John T. paperhanger, 239 s Paca 









WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DEITZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 




I— I 















Connolly Letitia, grocery, 216 Light 
Connolly Martin, laborer, 119 Chesapeake 
Connolly Martin, laborer, 49 York 
Connolly Martin, shoemaker, 127 n Bond 
Cornolly Mary, milliner, 137 Saratoga 
Connolly Mary, grocery, 51 Front n of Foundry 
Connolly Matthew, laborer, 137 North 
Connolly Matthew, blacksmith, 76 n Amity 
Connolly Michael, laborer, 208 s Paca 
Connolly Michael, laborer, 139 s Chester 
Connolly Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Patrick, tailor, 1 Abraham 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 138 Vine 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 22 St. Mary 
Connolly Patrick, marble polisher, 289 Fon-est 
Connolly Patrick, stevedore, 158 e Lombard 
Connolly Mrs. Sarah, 22 s Fremont 
Connolly Thos. train dispatcher, 77 n Amity 
Connolly Thos. laborer, 33 York 
Connolly Thos. laborer, 119 Chesapeake 
Connolly Thos. laborer, 230 Madison av 
Connolly Thomas, tinner, 283 Forrest 
Connolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wm. police, 201 s Castle 
Connolly Wm. shi])joiner, 299 Eastern av 
Connolly Wm. laborer, 4 Fall 
Connolly Wm. A. patternmaker, 177 n Exeter 
Connor Bernard, foreman, 22 Block 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 374 Eastern av 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 69 York 
Connor Elizabeth, 61 L. Montgomery 
Connor Francis J. telegraphist, 17 e Madison 
Connor Geo. W. supt. Md. Hospital, 109 n 

Connor Henry, driver, 375 e Fayette 
Connor James, moulder, rear Baltimore white 

lead works. Fort av 
Connor John, laborer, 198 s Castle 
Connor John, laborer, 118 Preston 
Connor John J. clerk, 338 w Baltimore 
Connor John, distiller, 16 e Madison 
Connor John, laborer, 396 Hanover 
Connor John, laborer, 62 Aliceanna 
Connor Martin, laborer, 374 Eastern av 
Connor Martin, mariner, 33 Fell 
Connor Mich'l J. lettercar'r, 28 Jackson sq av 
Connor Michael, packer, 213 s Castle 
Connor Mich'l F. telegraphist, 17 e Madison 
Connor Patrick, laborer, 62 Aliceanna 
Connor Peter, laborer, 158 Forrest 
Connor Thos. laborer, 314 Cross 
Connor Thos. laborer, 205 s Castle 
Connor Thos. laborer, 31 s Front 
Connor Timothy W. engineer, 96 s Eden 
Connor Wm. laborer, 374 Eastern av 
Connorton Wm. lab'r, 10 Front n of Foundry 
Conoway Solomon, watchman Commercial and 

Farmers Bank 
Conoway Wm. E. cigarmaker, 5 Holland 
Conrad Anton, laborer, 82 Henrietta 
Conrad Chas plasterer, 217 Saratoga 
Conrad Elizabeth, dressmaker, 5 Holland 
Conrad Francis M. bookkp'r. 681 Lexington 
Conrad Frank, musician, 34 Barnes 
Conrad Frederick, blacksmith, 503 n Gay 
Conrad Fred'k, deputy warden Penitentiary, 

Fayette nr Wolfe 
Conrad Henry, jr. driver, 375 e Fayette 
Conrad Henry, cabinetmkr, Fayette nr Wolfe 
Conrad John, shoemaker, 67 ilonroe 
Conrad John F. confectioner, 253 Franklin 
Conrad John, 253 Aliceanna 

Conrad Dr. J. S., Baltimore Infirmary, s w 

cor Lombard and Greene 
Conrad Joseph, laborer, 34 Barnes 
Conrad John, labr, Second av nr Boston 
Conrad Julius, inspector customs, 76 s High 
Conrad L. Lewis, attorney 29 Lexington 
Conrad Lewis F. cooper, 269 L. Hughes 
Conrad Neilson, 88 Division 
Conrad Mrs. Philip, 108 Hill 
Com ad Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 217 Saratoga 
Conrad Solomon, cooper, 217 Saratoga 
Conrad Susan M. teacher, 334 Mulberry 
Conrad & Wilcox, (Wilson Conrad, Ephraim 

B. Wilcox) produce, 157 Forrest 
Conrad Wm. ice driver, 66 Eastern av 
Conrad Wilson (C. k Wilcox) 88 Division 
Conrades August, shoemaker, 422 Saratoga 
Conrades Aug. boxmaker, rear 251 Aliceanna 
Conradt Christ. J., York rd nr Huntingdon av 
CONRADT & COBB, (G. F. Conradt, G. F. 

Cobb) carpets and oil cloths, s e cor How-- 

ard and Clay 
Conradt Geo. "F. (C. & Cobb) York rd near 

Huntingdon av 
Conroy Andrew, laborer, 1 s Duncan al 
Conroy Bernard, police, 131 Preston 
Conroy Daniel, laborer, 7 Smith ct 
Conroy Jas. baker, 108 Stirling 
Conroy John, laborer, 76 n Amity 
Conroy John, jr. ropemaker, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John, porter, 29 Cambridge 
Conroy John, carter 466 Harford av 
Conroy Margaret, seamstress, 20 Jasper 
Conroy Michael, mariner, 261 Bank 
Conroy Owen, laborer, 190Lemmonal 
Conroy Patrick, lab. 1 Webster al 
Conroy Patrick, lab. 99 Elliott 
Conroy Patrick, maltster, 127 n Holliday 
Conroy Peter, lab. 13 Pleasant al 
Conroy Stephen, laborer, 1 Perr}' 
Conroy Thos. oysterman, lis Duncan ai 
Conroy Thos. carpenter, 3 Elliott 
Conroy Thos. huckster, 9 Jasper 
Conry Cornelius, laborer, 15 Goodman al 
Conry John, laborer, 356 s Charles 
Conry Rebecca, 14 George 
Conser Rev. Solomon L. M. 190 n Oregon 
Considine Patrick, hostler, 5 Smith ct 
Considine Thos. laborer. 33 Booth 
man and South 


cor South and German, Isaac Cox, prest 
Constable Benj. carp. 141 Raborg 
Constam Aaron, 4 s Bond 
Constance Crescentia, vestmaker, 22 s Exeter 
Constance Geo. shoemaker, 255 n Caroline 
Constance Harman, tailor, 372 n Gay 
Constance Joseph, clothcutter, 1 Anthony 
Constance Theodore, plumber, 198 e Madison 
Constantine Charles, carpenter, 17 Rock 
Constantine Danl. shipcarp. 95 s Washington 
Constantine Danl. jr. clerk, 95 s Washington 
Constantine Henry, shipcarp. 95 s Washington 
Constantini Benedetto, watchmkr, 187 w Pratt 

Langley & Forbes, managers, 42 PostofiBce av 
Continental Life Ins. Co of Hartford, Conn. 

oflSce Chesapeake Bank, North 
Continental Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 73 Second 
Contner Fred, moulder, Chester nr Eastern av 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Convent of the Good Shepherd, Sisters of the 

Good Shepherd, s e cor Mount and HoUins 
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters 

of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Convent de Notre Dame. Aisquith nr Eager 
Convent of the Visitation, n w cor Park and 

Converse Mrs. Emily, 219nEutaw 
Converse Holmes, 219 n Eutaw 
Convery James, huckster, 91 Plum al 
Convery Jno. R. sign painter. 32 s Republican 
Conway Alfred, paper carrier. 221 Mulberry 
Conx^ay Mrs. Barbary, 119 Chesapeake 
Conway & Bro. I J. H. and Patrick Conway' 

groceries, 99 Hillen 
Conway Chas. H. carpenter. 179 Druid Hill av 
Conway Chas. L. blacksmith, 193 Ramsay 
Conway Mrs. Delia, boarding, 38 William 
Conway Dominic C. grocery, 199 s Charles 
Conway Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 29 Buren 
Conway Francis A. police, Chester nr Eayette 
Conway Francis F. police, 29 Stockton al 
Conwav Geo. T. laborer, 88 Dolphin 
COX WAY, HORTON & CO. (J. Conway, J. 
M. Horton,R. L.Whiteford)lincn and mourn- 
ing goods, 28 n Charles 
Conway James M. sailmaker, Patterson park 
Conway James R. keeper Patterson Park 
Conway Jas.(C., Horton & Co. ) 18 s Broadway 
Conway Mrs. Jane, 157 Hughes 
Conway Jesse, machinist. 241 Hollins 
Conway John R. & Son (Mrs. J. R. and R. H. 

Conwav) wliols. liquors, 31 Cheapside 
Conwav Mrs. John R. (J. R. C. & Son) 154 

St. Paul 
Conway John F. blacksmith, 134 Hollins 
Conwav John, sheetiron worker, 29 Buren 
Conway John H. (G. & Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Conway John N. moulder, 568 w Lombard 
Conwa\- Juhu. cattle driver, 22 s Fulton 
Conway John, laborer, 210 e Chase 
Couway Joseph B. engineer, 1 Williamson al 
Conway Lawrence, laborer, 132 s Eden 
Conway Mrs. Mary, coufect'ry, 134 Hollins 
Conway Mrs. Mary, 34 Rock 
Conway .Mich'l,stomcutter,270 Bond n of Gay 
Conway Michael, fireman. Ramsay nr Calhoun 
Conway Nathaniel, ovsterman. 38 William 
Conway Patrick, laborer, 202 Light 
Conway Patrick, (C. & Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Conwa}- Patrick, labr. cor Ostend and Eutaw 
Conway Patrick M. grocery, 172 s Sharp 
Conway Patrick, laborer, 161 Forrest 
Conway Patrick, stonemason, 322 w Lombard 
ConwaV P. V. D. clerk. 91 Saratoga 
Conway Rich. H. (J. R. C. & Son) 93 St. Paul 
Conway Robert T. J. carpenter, P4 Ensor 
Conway Samuel, fisherman. 374 Wjlliam 
Conway Thomas J, bridge builder, 85 Harri- 
son, Canton 
Conway Wm. M. clerk, 63 Exchange pi 
Conway Wm. police. 241 Hollins 
Conyers Mrs. He'^rietta, 44 Thames 
Conyers Walter W. mariner, 44 Thames 
Conyers Walter, books, 44 Thames 
Coogan James, laborer, 602 w Pratt 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, 90 s Poppleton 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, 602 w Pratt 
Cook Aaron G. shipcarpenter, 27 L. Church 
Cook Ale.T, G. A. shoemkr.283 Bond n of Gay 
Cook Alfred H. fisherman, 460 Light 
Cook Aird,mail agt.W.M.R.R ,283wHoflFman 

, Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Cook Allen, roofer, 28 Byrd 

Cook Andrew, painter, 4 Calverton rd 

Cook Andrew, shoemaker, Butler nr Henrietta 

Cook Anthony, glassblower, 368 s Sharp 

Cook Anthony, florist, Mulberry opp Oregon 

Cook Benj. F. letter carrier, Waverley, York rd 

Cook Benj. iLboot? & shoes. Waverley, York rd 

Cook Barney, porter, Hughes nr glasshouse 

Cook Catherine, grocery, cr Jefferson and Eden 

Cook Charles t^i. varnisher, 99 Warner 

Cook Charles. 226 s Paca 

Cook Chas. W. mariner, Choptank nr Pratt 

Cook Christian, shoemaker. 278 Light 

Cook Columbus E. real estate. 51 n Carev 

Cook cj- Co. (Thos. R. Cook, Edward Randall, 

Edwd.W.Ruarklshipbuilders, foot of Henry 
Cook Daniel, cai>inetmaker. 2' 9 s Paca 
Cook Daniel, cedar cooper, 2(9 s Paca 
Cook David, shoemaker, Ensor nr Chase 
Cook Edward, b.tcher, 24 Hill 
Cook Edward R. confectr. Pratt and Choptank 
Cook Edward B. carpenter, 204 s Ann 
Cook Edward, shoemaker, 290 Saratoga 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 Garden 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth. confect'y.221 Aliceanna 
Cook Eugene, tobacc<unsi. 153 s Charles 
Cook ^- Farson, (J. K. Cook, J. S. Farson) 

block and pump makers. 17 Philpot 
Cook Francis, labcrrer, 18 Callendar al 
Cook Francis, nightman, 324 ilulberry 
Cook Francis jr. grocery, 324 Mulberry 
Cook Frederick jr. butcher, 40 Hanover mkt. 

dw 58 Hill 
Cook Fied'k sr. butcher, 45 Lexington and 26 

Hanover markets, dw 244 Montgomery 
Cook Mrs. Frederick. 63 Prtsident 
Cook Frederick C, Waverley. York rd 
Cook Frederick, cooper. 49 Leadenhall 
Cook Geo. B , Waverley, York rd 
Cook Geo. hurkster. 167 n Caroline 
Cook Geo. F. cigar maker, 20 Park 
Cook Geo. fireman. 226 s Paca 
Cook Geo. tailor, 412 Orleans 
Cook Geo. A. clerk, 212 n Eden 
Cook Geo. wheelwright and blacksmith, cor 

Scott and Columbia, dw 198 Scott 
Cook Geo, cabinetmaker. 75 e Monument 
Cook Geo. barber, 8 Shakspear 
Cook Geo. huckster. 221 Aliceanna 
Cook Geo cigar packer. 21 May 
Cook Geo. L. carpenter, 267 Mulberry 
Cook Geo. W. engineer, 599 w Lombard 
Cook Gilbert C. clerk, 126 n Exeter 






WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & Co., Manuf rs & Com. Mercli'ts. 














Cook Helvvig, tailor, 90 s Bethel 

Cook Henry, huckster, 169 s Regester 

Cook Henry A. painter, 168 Greenmount av 

Cook Henry, shoemaker, 86 s Howard 

Cook Henry, 212 q Eden 

Cook Henry W., Choptank nr Pratt 

Cook Henry C. clerk, 112 German 

Cook Henry F. bookseller and stationer, 76 w 

Baltimore, dw 622 Lexington 
Cook Henrj'. shoemaker, 407 w Pratt 
Cook HenrY, huckster, 333 Canton av 
Cook Henry W. 16 Hollins 
Cook Ira, huckster, Waverley, York rd 
Cook Mrs. J. B. confectionery, 208 s Ann 
Cook Jacob F. clerk, Bayview Asylum 
Cook Jacob, laborer, 209 William 
Cook James A. fireman. 599 w Lombard 
Cook James E. conductor, 188 s Fremont 
Cook James H. (C. & Spedden) 42 Warren 
Cook James, bricklayer. 91 Jefferson 
Cook Joel M. jr. carpenter, 17 ^\'arner 
Cook John, bricklayer, Calverton rd nr Fred- 
erick av 
Cook John, paper hanger. 122 n Poppleton 
Cook John W. 460 Light' 
Cook John, laborer, 46 Preston 
Cook John, painter, 122 Linden av 
Cook John, laborer, Mosher nr Park av 
Cook John, cooper, 226 s Paca 
Cook John, laborer, 186 s Bethel -^ 

Cook John A. tanner. 288 e Pratt 
Cook John T. carpenter, 799 w Lombard 
Cook John, shoefitter, Butler nr Henrietta 
Cook J. Glenn, bookkeeper, 51 n Carey 
Cook John, laborer, 28 s Chapel 
Cook John K. (C. & Farson) 27 Gough 
Cook John, laborer, 308 Johnson 
Cook John F. machinist, 611 w Lombard 
Cook John F. detective. 352 n Broadway 
Cook Jno.D.dept. sheriff. basement Courthouse 
Cook John, drayman, 197 Preston 
Cook John J. police, 66 n Schroeder 
Cook John H. laborer, 84 Mound 
Cook .Mrs. Euphrasier, 176 n Calvert 
Cook John W^. 460 Light 
Cook Jos B. cabinetmaker, 707 w Baltimore 
Cook Jos. M. (J. M. C. & Co. ) Eut.iw house 
Cook J. M. &; Co. (J. M. Cook)whole3. grocers 

and com- merch'ts, 15 Commerce 
Cook Jos. carpenter, Warner nr Conway 
Cook Lewis, clerk, 242 Hollins 
Cook Lewis, porter, 69 n Pine 
Cook Lewis J. fan maker, 83 Hamburg 
Cook Lewis G. bookkeeper, 392 .Mulberry 
Cook Mrs. Margaretta, 66 n Front 
Cook Mary, seamstress, 251 Forrest 
Cook ^L^^garet, dressmaker, 53 Garden 
Cook Mrs. Martha E. boarding, 114 u High 
Cook Martin, huckster, 32 n Schroeder 
Cook Mrs. Mary, 231 n Caroline 
Cook ()lto, clerk, 14 n Liberty 
Cook Porter, canmaker, s e cor HoUida}- and 

Pleasant, dw 322 n Broadway 
Cook Porter, contractor Md. Penitentiary, 106 

n Gay 
Cook k Randel, (T. R. Cook, E. Randel) ship- 
yard, foot of Henry 
Cook Robt. McK produce, 114 s Exeter 
Cook Robt, driver, Druid Hill av nr the Park 
Cook Robt. A. clerk, 29 Granby 
Cook Samuel C. shoemaker, 11 Perrv 
Cook Saml. G. B. (Berry & C. ) 185"Lanvale 

Cook Stephen J. (Lee & C.) Gilmor nr Cooke 
Cook Stephen D. ovsterman, 121 s Exeter 
Cook & Spedden, (J.H. Cook, W.H. Spedden) 
grocers and com. merch'ts, 165 Light st whf 
Cook Svlvester, grocery 177 e Eager 
Cook fhedore F. (W.L C. &Co.)40 Lexington 
Cook Thos. shoemaker, 160 n Gay 
Cook Thos. H. clerk, 128 n Exeter 
Cook Thos. J. clerk, 144 n Eden 
Cook Thos. R. (Cook & Co. and C. & Randel) 

323 Light 
Cook Walter, fireman, Strieker nr McHenry 
Cook Wm. H. boilermaker, 163 Hamburg 
Cook Wm. W. L. 16 Hollins 
Cook Wm. F. confectionery, 231 s Dallas 
Cook Wm.groc'y, s e cor Pratt and Carolin« 
Cook Wm. Geo." stonecutter, 69 n Pine 
Cook Wm. potter, 410 Mulberry 
Cook Wm. driver, 175 s Central av 
Cook Wm. hostler, 250 Franklin 
Cook AVm. editor of Bulletin, 440 w Fayette 
Cook Winifred, paper hanger, 17 Etting 
Cook Wm. H. brakeman, 548 w Lombard 
Cook Wm. H. tinner, 59 n Strieker 
Cook Wm. H. salesman, 51 s Poppleton 
Cook Wm H. laborer, 16 Parrish 
Cook Wm. \. clerk. 440 w Favette 
Cook Wm. L. ( W.L.C. & Co.") 16 Hollins 
Cook W.L. & Co. (W.L. and T.F.Cook) grocers 

and com. merch'ts, 46 .<< Howard 
Cook Wm. S. blacksmith, 59 MuUikin 
Cook Wm. V. milk, 119 n Paca 
Cook Zachary, bill poster, 127 n Central av 
Cooke AdolphusA. 146 Hanover 

Cooke Alonzo W.146 Hanover 

Cooke Chas.W.(C.W. C.& Co.) sec. Silver Val- 
ley Mining Co. 12 South, dw Baltimore co 

Cooke C. W. & Co., shippers of coal, 12 South 

Cooke Geo. W. cotton bats and wadding, 157 
Linden av 

Cooke Mrs. Helen, 52 Franklin 

Cooke Henry W^. real estate broker, 9 Law 
Building," dw 238 n Eutaw 

Cooke John Addison, clerk 199 w Fayette 

Cooke John, cotton wadding, 148 Linden av, 
dw 151 opposite 

Cooke John T. coach painter, 122 Linden av 

Cooke Joseph, tinner, 49 Hanover 

Cooke Mary 52 Franklin 

Cooke Dr. 0. A. n w cor Hanover and Lee, 
dw 146 Hanover 

Cooke S. F. foreman, 4 e Baltimore 

Cooke Theodore F. merchant, 40 Lexington 

Cooke Dr. Theodore, 146 Hanover 

COOKE & BOWEN, (Wm. Cooke, 
C. T. Bowen) dealers in Bingham- 
ton Cylinder and Lubricating Oils 
and sole agents for Olmstead Elec- 
tro Magnetic Car Brakes, 40 n Cal- 
vert street 

Cooke W. 0. (C. & Bowen, )Providence, R.I. 

Cooke Warren E. 305 Linden av 

COOKES DANL. Three Tuns livery and salei 

stable, cor Pratt and Paca.dw 39 s Paca 
Cooksey John R. shipcarp'r, 318 Canton av 
Cooksey Mrs'. Mary G. 284 e Baltimore 
Cooksey Mrs. Rose, 201 Dolphin 
Cooksey Thos. H. machinist, 71 n Spring 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

almost infallible, 

Oflaces, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Cookus Mrs. Sophia W. 139 Park 

Coolahan Edward, hackman, 48 Mulberry 

Coolaban Malachi, shoemaker, ()09 w Pratt 

Coohihan John T. shoemaker, 609 w Pratt 

Cooley John, junk, 77 e Lombard 

Coole.v J. R. C. clerk, 256 Penna av 

Ooom'bs Geo. M. agent, 175 e Pratt 

Ooombes R. J. printer, 47 n Liberty 

Coon Geo. W. clerk, 233 Hanover 

Coon James, shoemaker, 184 Pearl 

Coon Louis C. 233 Hanover 

Coonan Elizabeth, 68 Lancaster 

Coonan Ur. John N. 70 Centre Market space, 

dw 189 e Eager 
Coonan John H. blacksmith, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Martin, laborer, 235 Gough 
Coonan Michael 1. notions, 104 w Pratt, dw 

35 n Gay 
Cooner Mrs. Ann, 445 e Lombard 
Cooney Christopher, shoemaker, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Coleman, laborer, 50 s Durham 
Cooney Dennis, laborer, 347 s Charles 
Cooney Ellen, grocery, 91 s Spring 
Cooney Geo. carpenter, 16 n Wolfe 
Cooney James, huckster, s e cor Aisquith and 

Cooney John, laborer, 178 s Howard 
Coone}' Lawrence, 335 Mulberry 
Coone^Y JIary, 173 Dolphin 
Cooney Michael, merch't tailor, 416 w Fayette 
Cooney Michael, laborer, 35 Low 
Cooney Patrick, laborer, 32 Jew al 0. T. 
Cooney Peter, gas fitter, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Thomas, printer, 174 Columbia 
Cooney Wm. J. T. printer, 339 Mulberry 
Cooper Albert, farmer, 275 Madism av 
Cooper Alfred, gold pen maker, 127 w Balti- 
more, dw 43 s High 
Cooper A. S., of Custom House, Franklin Inn 
Cooper Mrs. AnnM. confectionery, 250 Walsh 
Cooper Adderly, stevedore, 65 s high 
Cooper Kenj. C.(C. ij- Seltzer)436 e Baltimore 
Cooper Benj. butcher, 100 s Castle 
Cooper Mrs. Candace, 311 s Sharp 
Cooper Capt. Edward K. 73 Cathedral 
Cooper Mrs. Elizabeth,' 332 e Pratt 
( ooper Geo. R. 123 Gough 
Cooper Geo. saloon, 105 e Pratt 
Cooper Rev. Geo. W. 92 Columbia 
Cooper Geo. W. shipjoiner. Chase nr Regester 
Cooper Geo. W. engineer, 331 Saratoga 
Cooper Harry A. clerk, 275 Medison av 
Cooper Mrs. Henrietta, 174 Peirce 
Cooper Henry J. shipcarpenter, 335 Light 
Cooper Hugh A. 275 Madison av 
COOPER JAMES J. F. geul. ag't Merchants' 

Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. office 40 Postoffice av, 

dw Mount nr HoUins 
Cooper James J. telegraphist, 274 n Eutaw 
Cooper James, real estate and money broker, 

29 St. Paul, dw Beech Hill, Saratoga ext 
Cooper James B. shipcarpenter, 123 Gough 
Cooper John, driver, 120 Front n of Foundry 
Cooper John R. laborer, 121 n High 
Cooper John, weaver, 27 s Front 
Cooper John A. huckster, 181 s Wolfe 
Cooper John, tavern, n w cor Lombard and 

Concord, dw 8 w Lombard 
Cooper John H. i)ilot, and pres't Pilots' Asso- 

cation, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper John W. shipjoiner, 33 s Chester 
Cooper Jobu Hawker, drayman, 99 Spring 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Cooper Joseph, shoemaker, 33 Orleans 
Cooper Mrs. Julia, tailoress, 120 Front n of 

Cooper Philip H. pilot, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper Robeit E laborer, 38 Ridgely 
Cooper Mrs. Ruth, 123 Gough 
Cooper Sallie, 87 Dover 

Cooper Saml. bookp'r. Beech Hill. Saratoga ext 
Cooper Saml. letter carrier. 327 Light 
Cooper & Seltzer, (B. C. Cooper, A. H. Selt- 
zer) butchers, 20 Fell's Point market 
Cooper Thos. mariner, 178 Montgomery 
Cootes B. F. salesman, 23 Hanover 
Copeland Philip D. carpenter, Wilkens near 

Fredericiv av 
Copenhaver Augustus, paperhangings, 150 s 

Copenhaver Jno. H. paperh'r, 150 s Broadway 
Coiieuhaver Samuel, clerk, 319 w Fayette 
Copenhaver Susie, teacher, 150 s Broadway 
Copes Benj. F. dentist, 395 Lexington 
Copes Geo. lumber, 165 e Pratt 
Copes Miles, shoemaker, 87 Warner 
Copp Andrew, brewer, 70 Frederick av 
Copp Henry, stonemason, Frederick av near 

Calverton rd 
Coppens Rev. Alphonsus, 25 n Front 
Copper Jas. H. ladies' shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Coppinger John D. clerk, Calvert station 
Coppland Capt. Wm. F. mariner, 92 s Bond 
Copi'ler Geo. boxmaker, 229 s Bethel 
Coram J. C, Fountain hotel 
Coram Josepli V. moulder, 49 s Rerublicau 
Coram Wm. i'. shoemaker, 49 s Republican 
Corbell Peter, shoemaker, 41 s High 
CORBETT EMANUEL, umbrellas and india 

rubber, 93 w Baltimore, dw 180 Aisquith 
CORBETT ISAAC, umbrellas and india rub- 
ber, s e cor Holliday and Baltimore and 1 s 
Holliday, dw 243 e Fayette 
Corbett John, blacksmith, 107 York 
Corbiu Francis, cigarmaker, 33 Willow 
Corbiii John W.( Brown, Boggs^S,- Co.)40 Lex- 
Corbitt Edward, carter, 59 York 
Corbi't Lawrence, lab'r, Strieker nr McHenry 
Corbitt Patr'k, grocery, Hughes and William 
Corbitt Rev. Wm. P. 296 w Fayette 
Corcoran James, laborer, 240 e Eager 
Corcoran John, laborer, 55 e Monument 
Corcoran Michael, drayman, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Michael J. clerk, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Michael, blacksmith, 395 s Charles 





WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Pcwder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Kev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 






r— ( 









Corcoran Patrick, grocery, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Steph. liquors, 95 McElden'3''s wbf 
Cord Henry, laborer, 181 Lee 
Cord John T. die and model maker, 48 Ger- 
man, dw 308 s Sharp 
Cord Mrs. Rosetta. 181 Lee 
Cordell Dr. E. F. 2G n Calvert 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah R. bonrding, 109 Bank 
Cordery Wm. H. 64 w Fayette, dw 318 n Eden 
Cording Caroline, grocery, 116 Stirling 
Cording Herman, carpenter, 116 Stirling 
Cordray Adolphns M. clerk, 542 w Fayette 
Cordray Henry, scroll .';a\vyer, 542 w Fayette 
Cordray John, cabinetmaker, aSj William 
Cordray ^Irs. Mary, grocery. 574 w Baltimore 
Cordray Wm. (Webb & Co.) 618 w Baltimore 
Cordray Wm. H. clerk, 542 vv Fayette 
Core John. (John Core & Co. and'C, Mitchell 

& Co.) 42 Park av 
Core John & Co. (John Core, Mrs. Maggie 

Smilev) dress and cloak mk'g, 181 n Eutaw 
CORE, MITCHELL & CO. (Jno. Core, James 

Mitchell) geu'l com. merchants, 240 w Pratt 
Corey Benjamin J saddler, TO George 
Corey Rebecca, tailoress, 158 n Exeter 
Coriell Alvin, clerk. Fulton nr Lombard 
Coriell Isaac, contractor, Fulton nr Lombard 
Corigan Daniel, shdemaker, 107 Harford av 
Corkaran Daniel, laborer, 555 Saratoga 
Cork ran Benj. W. paying teller, Oregon 3d 

door n of Townsend 
Corkran Wm. dep. naval cfficer, cor Park av 

and Townsend 
Corkran Wm. B. W. clerk, cor Park av and 

Corman Stephen A. shoemkr. 49 n Poppleton 

and Wood, Wm. F. Wheatlev, secretary 

Caverlv, pres't, H. K. Richardson, sect'y, 85 

w Baltimore 
Corna] Philiii. laborer, Burrough nr Fort av 
Cornelius & Brinton. (N. Cornelius, A. H. 

Brinton) grocers, 165 Forrest 
Cornelius C. officer at Peuitfntiary, 82 Ensor 
Cornelius Mrs. Charlotte, dressmaker, 95 n 

Cornelius Eleanor, tailoress, 133 Ensor 
Cornelius Henry, laborer, 355 Cathedral 
Cornelius John (L d[it. warden Penitentiary, 

82 Ensor 
Cornelius John W. cari)euter, 95 n Charles 
CorneliiiS John, 133 Ensor 
Cornelius Mary, Hammond al nr Exeler 
Cornelius Nicholas, (C. & Brinton) 163 Forrest 
Cornelius Nichoh^s A. 82 Ensor 
Cornelius Mrs. Rebecca. 143 Cr jSS 
Cornelius Richard, cashier Nat. Farm, and 

Planters" Bank, dw 448 Madison av 
Cornelius Thomas, clerk. 143 Cross 
Cornelius Winfield, 82 Ensor 
Cornell Chas. R. carp. 242 Madison av 
Cornell John H. carpenter, 242 Madison av 
Cornell .Mark J. (C. & Schwaiznian) dw 29 n 

Cornell & Schwarzman, (M. J. Cornell, G. A. 

Schwavzman) collecting agency, 10 Post 

office av 
Cornell Jlichael, carpenter and builder, 13 

Alorris al. dw 242 Madison av 
Corner B. Mezick, (Jiis. C. k Sons) Corner's 

wbf. foot of Frederick-st dock 

Corner George W. (James C. & Sons) 20 n 

Corner Henry C. (S. & H. C. C.) 122 St. Paul 
CORNER H. W. agent Baltimore and Fred- 
ericksburg steamers 34 w Pratt 
Corner James J. bookkeeper, 122 St. Paul 
Corner James & Sons, (Thos., G. W., B. M., 
and Thos. Corner, jr.) ship[)ing and com. 
merch'ts, foot Frederick-st dock 
Corner S. & H. C. flour and grain merch'ts, 

11 Spear's whf 
Corner Solomon F. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
Corner Sol. (S. & H. C. Corner) 122 St. Paul 
Corner Thomas, jr. (James C. & Sons) 90 

Corner Thomas, clerk, 90 Saratoga 
Corner Thomas, (James C. & Sons) s e cor 

Monument and Park 
Corner Washington, tinner, 217 e Pratt 
Corner Wm. E. ( Jas. J. Lacy & Co.) 90 s Ann 
Corner Wn;. H. flour and com. merchant 54 

South, dw 89 n Paca 
Coruert Fred, laborer 47 Plum al 
Corney Nicholas, laborer, 50 Preston 
Corning A. H. clerk, 98 w Fayette 
Corns Jacob F. messenger, 947 w Baltimore 
Cornor .Mrs. Maria, 217 e Pratt 
Cornick Richard D. bricklayer, 185 e Madison 
Corns Annanias, fouudryman, Potomac nr 

Corns Jacob S. machinist, 947 w Baltimore 
Corns James, puddler, 16 Patuxent 
Corns John, ironworker, Luzerne nr Aliceanna 
Corns Ruth A., Potomac nr Lancaster 
Corns Job, timekeeper, 947 «' Baltimore 
Corns Thomas, puddler, Luzerne nr Lancaster 
Corns Wm. laborer, 31 Burke 
Corns Zechariah, laborer, 400 Canton av 
Cornthwait Jnhn, carpenter. 152 Scott 
Courtwait John M. machinist, 24 St. Peter 
Couruthwait Robt. H. carpenter, 24 St. Peter 
Cornthwait John Oliver, watchman C. H. 170 

e Lombard 
Cornthwait Robert, 16 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Wm. P. clerk, n Gilmor 
Cornwall John, teas, 43 n Eutaw, dw 90 Pearl 
Cornwell Lucius J. 104 Hanover 
Corper Henry C. brakeman, 7 s Schroeder 
Corprew Mrs. Rebecca, Bitltimore and Repub- 
Corprew Lurannah, tobac'ist, 255 Eastern av 
Corprew Moses, boilermkr. 436 w Lombard 
Corprew Thos. boilermkr, 255 Eastern av 
Correa Matthew O. engineer, 108 n Caroline 
Correa Wm. J. plasterer, Orleans nr Durham 
Correll Eliza. 3 Abbot 
Coirell James M. clerk, 245 George 
Correll Stewart D. clerk, 127 w Townsend 
Corrie Dr. James, (Gill & C.) 237 Saratoga 
Corrigan Edward, grocery, 138 Mullikin 
Corrigan Francis, engineer, 145 s Washington 
Corrigan Michael, huckster, 112 n Bond 
Corrigan Patrick, chandler, 67 n Front 
Corrigan John, laborer, 2 Fort av 
' orry Newman B. telegraphist, Phila. depot 
Corrum Wm. butcher, 45 n C;iroline 
Corse ilrs. v atherine. 541 Canton av 
Corse Henry, boxmaker, 86 s Central av 
Corry Nelson H. machinist, 317 Light 
Corsey Frederick, laborer, 186 s Spring 
Corson Henry, rigger, 18 Fell • 
Corter John \V. plasterer, 579 n Fremont 

WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Cortlan James, sr. 65 St. Paul 
Corum J. C. clerk. Fountain hotel 
Corwine Elizabeth, seamstress, 19 Greenra'tav 
Cory James O. mariner, 218 Gough 
Coryell E. E. civil engineer, 70 n Calvert 
Coryell Geo. engineer, 70 n Calvert 
Cosby Mrs. Maggie, 57 Lee 
Cosby Wm. H. salesman, 322 w Baltimore 
Cosgrove Jas. H. mayor's messenger, 69 n Pine 
Cosgrove J. machinist, Vincent alnr McHenry 
Cosgrove John P. fire dep't, 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove John, dredger, 7 s Front 
Cosgrove J. Henry, grocer, 82 Richmond and 

218 n Howard, dw 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove, Joseph, laborer, 222 Mulberrj- 
Cosgrove Michael, laborer, 279 Aliceanna 
Cosgrove Patrick, laborer, 1 1 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Thomas, laborer, 11 Pleasant al 
Coskery Rev. Henry B. 106 n Charles 
Coskery James, drayman, 15 kinggold al 
Coskery Martha, 188 n Calvert 
Coskery Dr. Oscar J. 188 n Calvert 
Cossock Thomas, 81 Stirling 
Cossari Wm. H. gasfilter, 28 Rose 
Cossaboom Andrew, 327 s Sharp 
Cost John L. mail agent, Miller's hotel 
Cost Rebecca, 138 Gough 
Costello Andrew, laborer, 9 McHenry al 
Costello Mrs. Ann, 111 u Calvert 
Costello Edmund, laborer, 109 Dover 
Costello Edward, laborer, 21 Rock 
Costello Edward, laborer, 109 Dover 
Costello Edward S. 22 Morris al 
Costello Henry, limeburner, 112 MuUlkin 
Costello James, coachman, 45 Buren 
Costello John, laborer, 14 n Amity 
Costello John, lime kilns, Fayette e of Burke, 

dw 181 Orleans 
Costello John jr. carpenter, 181 Orleans 
Costello Maurice, kiborer, 46 s Dewberry al 
Costello Patrick, police, 83 Garden 
Costello Patrick, carpenter, 85 North 
Costello Patrick H. foundryraan, 179 Stirling 
Costello Thomas, hostler, 109 Dover 
Coster Mrs. Elizabeth, 330 e Madison 
Coster James Z. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Coster Joseph, laborer, .") Spring ct 
Coster Josej)h, bookkeeper, 19 Hill 
Coster Louis, shoemaker, 66 s Central av 
Coster Capt. Somerville, mariner, 270 s Charles 
Coster Thomas H. currier, 191 n Eden 
Coster Wm. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Cosier Wm. F. laborer, 9 Hill 
Costigan William, 297 e Pratt 
Costigan Wm. laborer, over 169 s Central av 
Costin Mrs. Harriet C. 177 William 
Costin James, moulder, 177 William 
Costin Lemuel C. driver, Burrough nr Fort av 
(..'ostman Frank, cooper, 54 s Broadway 
Costolay Patrick J . cedar ware and broom 

manuf. 120 Franklin, dw 328 Saratoga 
Cottar John, marble polisher, 75 East 
Cottar Mrs. Mary, 75 East 
Gotten Geo. A. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Gotten Levi, huckster, 140 s Broadway 
Gotten Simon, clothing, 68 n Eden 

COTTER J & CO. (John Cotter, J. 
Nunan, J. Wall) wholesale deal- 
ers in Foreign and Domestic Li- 
quors, 40 and 42 s Frederick 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Cotter James, marble polisher, 37 n Front 
Cotter Mrs. Jane, 182 u Exeter 
Cotter John, marble polisher, 75 East 
Cotter John, (J. C. & Co.) 53 s Exeter 
Cotter Mary, grocery, 75 East 
Cotterill Ed wd.H. stencil engraver, 147 Conway 
Cottingham i-enry, clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Cottingham James T. clerk, 98 Barre 
Cottingham Samuel jr. oyster dredgemaker, 38 

Grant, dw 171 w Lombard 
Cottingham Samuel sr. farmer, 171 w Lombard 
Cottingham Thos. blacksmith. 222 Montgomery 
Cottman J. Hough, com. merch. over 59 s Gay, 

dw 203 n Howard 
Cottom Alexander, carpenter, 386 s Charles 
Cotton L. clothing, 169 Franklin 
Cotton States Life Insurance Co.. J. A. Busk, 

agent, 5 Postoffice av 
Cottrell Daniel G. engineer, 46 Hamburg 
Cottrell Mrs. James W. 298 n Eutaw 
Cottrell Jeremiah, pilot, 195 e Lombard 
Cottrell Mrs. Margaret, ladies' nurse, 89 Garden 
Cottringer Ann, school, 168 n Howard 
Cottringer Cornelia, 168 n Howard 
Couch John, carpenter, 197 Ramsay 
Couchman Geo. carpenter, 551 e Fayette 
Couchman Joseph, paper, 32 n Gist 
Couchman Wm. H. carp. 134 Jackson sq av 
Coughenour W. C. salesman, 105 w Lombard 
Coughenouer W. C. clerk, Maltby house 
Coughlan David, stonecutter, 189 Chesnut 
Coughlan Mrs. Johanna, 189 Chesnut 
Coughlan John, laborer, 24 Block 
Coughlan John, 64 s Exeter 
Coughlan Patrick, grocery, 322 Eastern av 
Coughlan Wm. bottler, 169 and 171 s Central 

av, dw 64 s Exeter 
Coughlin Cornelius, laborer, 60 Cooksie 
Coughlin James, laborer, 62 Cooksie 
Coughlin John T. painter, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, tavern, 62 Cooksie 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Terrence, laborer, 185 s Chester 
Coughlin Thos. foundryman, 185 s Chester 
Coughlin Thos.tailor.over 84 Centre Market sp 
Coughman Geo. machinist, 536 w Pratt 
Couglar John, butcher, 60 Centre and 52 Bel- 
air markets, dw Harford road 
Cougle Thos. W. dispatcher, 135 s Eden 
Coulbourn Mary F. dressmaker, 232 Light 
Coulbourn Robert M. clerk, 608 Lexington 
Coulbourn Stephen D. com. mercht. over "79 
South, dw 608 Lexington 

I— I 







WM. H. BEAD'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Dnst and 





Coulson Andrew J. painter, 111 s Regester 








• i-H 




COULSON BROS. & CO. (Edward 
and George Coulson, Henry Reifle) 
Manufacturers of Glue, N eats Foot 
Oil, Bone Dust, and Phosphates. 
Factory, Patterson's lane between 
York and Harford roads, office 9 
s Liberty st. 

Coulsou Cbas. E. mariner, 111 s Regester 

Coulson Eliza, Ills Regester 

Coulson Edward, (C, Bros. 3f Co.) Patterson 

la, bet Y'ork rd and Harford avs 
Coulson Geo. (Coulson Bros. & Co.) Patter- 
son la, bet York rd and Harford avs 
Coulson Henry B. ck-rk, 292 Holiins 
Coulson Mrs. Marj H. 292 HoUius 
Coulsou Robert, clerk, 29 n Calvert 
Coulson Thos. F. carpenter, 359 Columbia 
Coulter Alex. M. teller Merch. Nat. Bank, 64 

w Biddle 
Coulter Andrew J. laborer, 82 Mound 
Coulter Mrs. Ann, 404 n Eden 
Coulter Archibald B. clerk, 22(3 w Hoffman 
Coulter ct Co. (H. k, J. C. Coulter) provisions, 

145 North 
Coulter Evan P. clothing, 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter .Mrs. Esther, 164 w Biddle 
Coulter Geo. T. broker, 2 Exchange buildings, 

dw 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Henrj, (C. & Co.) 57u w Fajette 
Coulter Henry C. clerk, 570 w Fayette 
Coulter Jauies, painter, 112 Stirling 
Coulter Jaines M., 87 Preston 
Coulter James J. pilot, 53 n Wolfe 
Coulter John, shoemaker, 16 s Bond 
Coulter John, welldigger, 118 Dolphin 
Coulter John C. (C. & Co.) 570 w Fayette 
Coulter John H. coppersmith, 139 William 
Coulter Jolin P. collector, 87 Preston 
Coulter Mifflin, disc't clerk Nat. Bank of Bal- 
timore, 9 Cathedral 
Coulter Noah, laborer, 95 Ensor 
Coulter Robt. A. carpenter, 227 Montgomery 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n i'>utaw 
Coulter \Vm. engineer, 325 Cathedral 
Counabaugh James, hackman, 20 Tyson 
Councell Ruth T. tailoress, 48 n Front 
Council John, stonecutter, 99 Eastern av 
Councilman A. grocer, Eutaw house 
Councilman Chas. A. (Maynard, C. & Co.) 

Eutaw house 
Counselman Fred'k, locksmith, 47 Eastern av 
Couuselmau Jacob, Holiins bel Mount and 

Counselman John, lab'r, 89 Johnson 
Counselman John J. painter, 98 n Central av 
Counselman Joseph, lab'r, 155 Choptank 
Counselman Lawrence W. (H. S. Lanfair & 

Co.) 152 Jefferson 
Counselman VVm. painter, Lombard nr Mount 
Counselman Wm. li. 348 Holiins 
Countess James C. conductor, 837 w Pratt j 

Countess Joseph, brickmaker, 837 w Pratt ; 

Countess Jos. \V. fireman, 837 vv Pratt j 

Countess San Francisco, brickmak. 837 w Pratt ' 
Coupland Richard, halter, 60 s Charles, dw I 
242 n Bond | 

Courcelle Adrian, cabinetmak. 300 n Howard j 

Courcelle Au2;ustin V. S., prof. French, 276 

Courcelle Augusta, prof. French, 276 Division 
Courcelle Pauline, teacher, 300 n Howard 
Courleander Bernald, music teacher, 302 w 

Courser Benj. F. shoemaker. 339 e Eager 
Coursey Chas. fireman, 285 McHenry 
Coursey Jas. E. machinist, 16 St. Peter 
COURT HUDSE, Baltimore city, cor Calvert 

and Lexington 
2d floor, Henry F. Garey, judge; I. Free- 
man Rasin, chief clerk, office basement Court 
Courtnay A. D. B. clerk, 203 Franklin 
Courtenay David S. 203 Franklin 
Courtenay David S. jr. clerk, 203 Franklin 
Courteniy Frank, 131 n Broadway 
Courtenay Henry, clerk, 203 Franklin 
Courtenay Thos^ E. ins. agent, 132 w Balti- 
more, dw 104 w Monumen; 
Courtenay Wm. shipping and coms'ion, over 

25 s Gay, dw 203 Franklin 
Courtney Mrs. Ann, 22 Spring Row 
Courtney Mrs. Cath'e, grocery, 67 e Monument 
Courtney Geo. W. bookkeeper, 167 Preston 
Courtney Geo. (Gilmore (^- C.) 9 Bank 
Courtney Henry, 203 Franklin 
Courtney Jas. A. painter, 29 s Schroeder 
Courtney James T. (R. C, Bro. & Co.] 

Courtney John, blacksmith, 9 Bank 
Courtney Mrs. Mary, 185 Franklin 
Courtney Patrick, driver, 513 u Gay 
Courtney Mrs. Rachel, 9 Bank 
Courtney Richard, (R. C, Bro. & Co.] 

Couitney Robert, mariner. 120 Hughes 
COURTNEY R. BRO. & CO. (R. and J. T. 
Courtney, H. Williams) wine dealers and 
grocers, 14 n Charles 
Courtney Theresa, dressmak. 22 Spring row 
Coui'tney Wm. lab'r, 2 Thomsen 
Courtney Wm. T. plasterer, 175 Vine 
Courtney Wm. T. butcher, 33 Centre and 41 

Belair maikets, dw York rd nr city limits 
Courtney Wm. P. clerk. 185 Fiankiin 
Courts J. Edward, butcher, 53 Lexington mar- 
ket, dw Penna av est 
Courts Geo. W. butcher, Penna av ext 
Courts Mary, tailoress, 86 Richmond 
Courts Jas. L lab'r, 118 Mulberry 
Cousins Geo. W. cooper, cor Baltimore and 

Cousins Jas. M. cooper, Baltimore and Wash- 
Cousins John, oak cooper, 49 Commerce, dw 

cor Baltimore and Washington 
Cousins John E. cooper, 293 e Fayette 
Cousins Phil, lab'r. 87 Front n of Foundry 
Cousins Thos. C. boilermak. 53 Lee 
Cousins Wm. J. 55 s Eden 
Coutell Wm. 244 n Bond 
Couzins Mrs. Mary, dressmak. over 73 s Charles 
Covell J Edward, engineer, 594 w Pratt 
Covenant Hall, Lexington and Howard 
Cover Benj. F. butcher, 202 n Broadway 
Cover Wm. L. photographer, 560 w Baltimore, 

dw 281 w Fayette 
Covington Henry, carp. 169 Aisquith 
Covington Jas. H. clerk, 210 n Howard 



WM. H. 

READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Cliew & Stirling. 
COY 127 COX 

Covington John E. clerk, 34 s Sharp 
Covineton Philip, mariner, 120 s Castle 
Covington Thos. S. carbuilder, 585 w Lombard 
Cowan Catherine, grocery, 24 s Poppleton 
Cowan David, bookkeeper, 284 n Howard 
Cowan Wm. stonemason, 38 William 
COWAX WM. H. attorney, 5 Courtland, dw 

9 n Strieker 
Coward Mrs. Margaret, 195 n Howard 
Coward Thos. R. com. merchant, 2 Camden, 

dw 105 n Charles 
Coward Wm. carp. 220 Aliceanna 
Cowell John, carter, 4S3 Light 
Cowen Abraham, scourer, 111^- Lexington, dw 

Bank nr Caroline 
Cowen Benj. S. caulker, 5 Henrietta 
Cowen Calvin A. glassblower, 5 Henrietta 
Cowen Edward, hacks, 8i9 w Baltimore 
Cowen Wm. A. glassblower. 5 Henrietta 
Cowich Mary, nurse, 90 Greenmount av 
Cowles & Ahlsleger. (Loyall Cowles. Wm., cheese, ^-c, 147 w Pratt 
Cowles Henry M. secretary board pub. school 

comrars, 89 n Bond 
Cowles Loyall. (C. 4' Ahlsleger) Washington, 

D. C. 
Cowlev James, laborer, 152 s Charles 
Cowley Sam'l T. clothcutter, 189 w Pratt 
Cowman Albert, clerk, 108 Mosher 
Cowman Albert, plasterer, 379 e Fayette 
Cowman Chas. clerk, 14 s Greene 
Cowman Chas. H. (Snowdeu&C.) 120 Bolton 
Cowman Edward, clerk, 108 Mosher 
Cowman Emily, (M. C. & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Jas. clerk, 108 .Mosher 
Cowman James, blacksmith, 592 w Lombard 
Cowman John G. clerk, 228 w Fayette 
Cowman J. Henry. (Russells & C.) 190 Druid 

Hill av 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 14 s Greene 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 318 w Fayette 
Cowm in Joseph, jr. clerk, 352 w Fa\ette 
COWMAN M. & CO. (M., Wm. T. andE. Cow- 
man) hosiery and trimmings, 71 Lexington 
Cowman Martha, (M. C. & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Mary, grocery, 68 Chew 
Cowman Nicholas, boilermaker, 34 Barre 
Cowman Philip E. stereoiyper, 68 Chew 
Cowman Richard, constable, 292 e Madison 
Cowman Samuel S. jr. clerk, 251 n Fremont 
Cowman Samuel S. sr. 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Wm. T.(M. C. & Co.) grocery, 208 

Midison av, dw 53 n Liberty 
Cowpland Capt. Wm. S. (Edward J. Codd & 

Co.) 92 s Bond 
Cox Abraham F. dentist, 81 n Greene 
Cox Amos A. stonemason, 132 Dolphin 
Cox Mrs. Ann, 272 Orleans 
Cox ChHS. upholsterer, 243 s Paca 
Cox Chas. O. clerk, 58 n Greene 
Cox Collin, cabinetmaker, 103 s Strieker 
Cox Daniel J. barkeeper, 32 e Baltimore 
Cox Llisha, coach and livery stables, n e cor 

Bank and Beihel, dw 38 Bank 
Cox hidu L. brickmaker, 336 e Pratt 
Cox tsau jr. police, 336 e Pratt 
Cox Eugene, clerk, 606 w Baltimore 
Cox Geo. printer, 335 e Lombard 
Cox Geo. A. 196 w Lombard 
Cox Harry C. clerk, 606 w Baltimore 
Cox Henry, laborer. 86 s Chapel 
Cox Henry, bookkeeper, 70 Bolton 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Cox Henry N. clerk, 70 Bolton 

Cox Isaac", hats, 20-^ w Baltimore, and prest. 

Consolidated Real Estate and Fire Ins. Co. 

dw Mulberry nr Strieker 
Cox Isaac, bricklayer, 61 Boyd 
Cox James E. painter. 343 n Eden 
Cox James H. sr. bookkeeper, 58 n Greene 
Cox James H. jr. sec'y Mutual Lite Ins. Co. 

196 Baltimore, dw Baltimore co 
Cox James, laborer, 77 s Carey 
Cox James L. cigar maker, 115 Stirling 
Cox John, carpenter 336 e Pratt 
Cox John, printer and stationer, n e cor Gay 

and Lombard, dw 56 e Fayette 
Cox John F. bricklayer, 17 s High 
Cox John T. carpenter, 226 n Bond 

Cox, D. F. Pop?) Produce and 
Commission Merchants, s w cor 
Fayette and Howard 

COX JOHN R.(J.R.C. &Pope)316w Lombard 

Cox Jo.?eph, clerk, 257 Harford av 

Cox Joseph, (Freeland, Hall & Co.) 45 South 

Cox Lawrence N. clerk, 70 Bolton 

Cox Luther J. jr. (Cox, Warden & Merritt) 

Baltimore co 
Cox Mrs. Luther J. 247 Saratoga 
Cox .Mrs. Margaret, Indian vegetable medicine, 

158 e Baltimore 
Cox Mrs Mary, trimmings, 229 w Biddle 
Cox Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 91 Jefferson 
Cox Melchoir. stonemason, 1 s Gilmor 
Cox Michael jr. currier. 46Hil!en 
Cox Michael, laborer 109 s Strieker 
Cox Michael, laborer, 46 Hillen ^ 
Cox Perrv. upholsterer, 597 w Loinbard 
Cox Richard W.(R.W.C. & Co ) 310 Saratoga 
COX RICHARD W. & CO.{R.W.Cox)bankers 

and brokers, n w cor Baltimore and Charles 
Cox Stephen G. bricklayer, 161 n Caroline 
Cox Thomas, grocery, 169 Dover 
Cox Thomas, currier, 46 Hillen 
Pox Mrs Vireinia R. P.. Saratoga nr Carey 
COX. WARDEN i MERRITT, (L. J. Cox, jr. 

Jas. Warden, Jas. A. Merritt)com. merchts. 

72 South and 8 Bowlv's whf 
Cox Wm. H., (Freeland, Hall ^ Co.)Barnum's 

Cox & Ward, (W. A. Cox, Joseph W. Ward) 

photographers, 56 n Charles 

»— I 




WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 






• I— t 


Cox W. A. (C. & Ward) 56 n Charles 

Cox Wra. G. teacher, 512 w Baltimore 

COX WM. H. merchant tailor, 606 w Baltimore 

Cox Wm. C. plasterer, 229 w Biddle 

Cox Wm. F. bookkeeper, 16 s Bond 

Cox Wm. Perry, 58 n Greene 

Coxon Francis, potter, 197 Eastern av 

COY BYRON F. dentist, 141 n Charles 

Coy John H. machinist, 4 Williamson al 

Coyle Bernard F. fancy store, cor Calhoun and 

Coyle Fred, machinist, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle Henry H. collector, American ofiBce, 38 

Coyle James, laborer, 64 Essex 
Coyle John F. locksmith, 55 Buren 
Coyle John, (J. Coyle & Bros.) 102 s Eutaw 
Coyle John, shipcarpenter, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle John jr. caulker, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle Johu T. gilder, 105 Lexington 
Coyle John & Bros. (John, Wm. and Richard 
Coyle )marbleized slate mantels, 328 w Pratt 
Coyle Rev. Leo E. 65 Barre 
Coyle Mrs. Margaret, 105 Lexington 
Coyle Mrs. Mary A. 240 Penna av 
Coyle Matthew C. puddler, 6 Cuba 
'~'oyle Patrick, umbrellas, 11 nPine 
Coyle Patrick H. currier, 61 Short 
Coyle Richard, (J. C. & Bros.) Trov, N. Y. 
Coyle Dr. T. P. dentist, 140 Lexington 
Coyle Dr. Terrence W. dentist, 105 Lexington 
Coyle Thos. J. carpenter, 60 Buren 
Coyle Wm. F. A. publisher of Star, 287 

Coyle Wm. (J. C. k Bros.) Troy, N. Y. 
Coyle Wm. H. machinist, 65 Hamburg 
Coyne Jeremiah, carpenter, 26 n Poppleton 
Coyne Jerome, painter, 26 n Poppleton 
Coyne John sr. 181 s Charles 
Coyne John jr. (J. C. & Co.) 181 s Charles 
Coyne John, grocery, 215 Raborg 
Coyne John & Co. (John Coyne jr.) lighters 
and tug boats, ofiBce Boyce's whf, Locust 
Point and 95 w Lombard 
Coyne Patrick, shipcarpenter, 161 Elliott 
Coyne Patrick, laborer, 558 w Lombard 
Coyne Peter, laborer, 522 w Lombard 
Covner Dr. Samuel F. 128 n Gay 
Coy ton Patrick, laborer, 31 Oxford 
Cozine James W. restaurant and dining rooms, 

18 St. Paul 
Cozine Wm. G. painter, 64 Harford av 
Crabbe Allen, plasterer, 124 e Eager 
Crabbe Eugene, clerk, 253 w Fayette 
Crabbe Mrs. Jane F. 253 w Fayette 
Crabbe John E. R. (Weedon, Johnson & Co.) 

30 n Strieker 
Crabbe Wm. H. clerk, 253 w Fayette 
Crabtree Chas. C. carpenter, e end O'Donnell 
CRABTREE LEONIDAS C. shoes, 2n Repub- 
lican, dw 859 w Baltimore 
Cracker Chas. tailor, 22 Granby 
Craddick Jos. carpenter, 373 e Lombard 
Craft Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 224 Orleans 
Craft Geo. wheelwright, 212 Orleans 
Craft Geo. W. painter, 71 n Amity 
Craft Jacob jr. 38 s Eutaw 
Craft John Crew, (C. & Rosello) 296 Hollins 
Craft & Rosello, (J. C. Craft, A. Rosello) up- 
holsterers, 264 w Baltimore,and carpet clean- 
ing, 16 McClellan 
Craft Mrs. Sarah E. Ill n Front 

Craft Wm. G. hatter, 40 n Eutaw 
Crager Geo. L. clerk, 181 Lexington 
Cragg Geo. R. clerk, 306 n Eden 
Cragg George, glassblower, 352 Ostend 
Cragg James, finisher, 399 s Eutaw 
Cragg John, cotton spinner, 352 Ostend 
Cragg John jr. glassblower, 370 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, laborer, 352 Ostend 
CRAGG JOSEPH, consulting engineer, 18 

Second, dw 306 n Eden 
Cragg Robert, glass blower, 352 Ostend 
Cragg Samuel, laborer, 352 Ostend 
Cragg Wm. laborer, 352 Ostend 
Craggs Wm. cracker baker, 87 n Ann 
Craig Alex, mariner, 13 George 
Craig Bernard, laborer, 44 n Amity 
Craig David B. finisher, Wilkens la nr Freder- 
ick av 
Craig David F. agt. Highland Real Estate Co. 

69 Courtland 
Craig Mrs. Ellen, grocery, Cathedral nr North- 
ern av 
Craig Eliza J. confectionery, 175 Hughes 
Craig Francis, clerk, 65 Front n of Foundry 
Craig Geo. W. plumber, 395 n Central av 
Craig John, laborer, 164 West 
Craig John, drayman, 235 Chesnut al 
Craig John, type founder, 395 n Central ay 
Craig J. Morrell, clerk, 98 s Paca 
Craig L. M. huckster, 360 e Monument 
Craig John W. mariner, 234 s Charles 
Craig Joshua L. farmer, 148 n High 
Craig Levin, pilot, 197 Montgomery 
Craig & La Porte, (0. B. Craig, H. La Porte, 
jr.) wholes, notions and trimmings, 259 w 
Craig Mrs. Mary A. 148 n High 
Craig Oliver B. (C. & La Porte) 148 Druid 

Hill av 
Craig Robert, saddles, harness, &c., 151 w 

Fayette, dw 21 n Calvert 
Craig Robert, porter, 236 n Bond 
Craig RobertR. moulder, Wilkens nrFred'k ay 
Craig Mrs. Sarah, groc. 65 Front n of Foundry 
Craig Selden F. clerk, 375 n Central av 
Craig Mrs. Susan, s w cor Druid Hill av and 

Craig Theodore W. farmer, 148 n High 
Craig Thos. boilermaker, 71 Hamburg 
Craig Thos. W. huckster, 9 Poultney 
Craig Wm. clerk, 226 Lanvale 
Craiger Geo. carpenter, Hand house 
Craigg Josiah, dep. sheriff, 175 Hughes 
Craigg Mrs. Josiah, grocery, 475 Hughes 
Craighill Wm. N. clerk 139 Bolton 
CRAIGHILL COL. WM. P., U. S. A. 139 

Crain Peter W. attorney, 6 n Calvert, dw Bar- 

num's hotel 
Craley Patrick, laborer, 35 Booth 
Cramblitt Benj. F. bricklayer. Second ar near 

Cramblitt Benj. laborer, 54 Essex 
Cramblitt Edward A. engineer, 42 Aliceanna 
Cramblitt Geo. H. bricklayer, 134 Pine 
Cramblitt John, carpenter, 20 Mosher 
Cramblitt Thos. A. carpenter, 297 Saratoga 
Cramblitt Wm. T. paperhanger, 85 Penna ar 
Cramblitt Wm. furn. wagon, 70 n Fremont 
Cramer Casper, laborer, 194 Aliceanna 
Cramer Francis, cabinetmaker, 219 Canton aT 
Cramer Wm. F. laborer, 164 Ramsay 

WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Cramblitt John T. bricklayer, Second av nr 

Dealer in ^-r \\ 

^Paper Hangings, Window Shades,"^ 
W Cords, Tassels, &c., 

85 Pennsylvania .A-ve., //' 

-^^''oors North of «'^* 

Cramford Samuel, laborer, 39 Essex 
Cranimeas Robert, rustic work, McMechin nr 

Park av 
Crammer Joseph, moulder, 252 Bank 
Crainp John, hostler, 118 s Howard 
Cranmer Chapel, cor Spring and Mullikin 
Cra.idall Robert, carpenter, 21 Greenmount av 

i\v 374 e Monument 
Craie A. Fuller, (W. C.&Sons) 235 n Eutaw 
Crai e A. Fuller, jr. 235 n Euiaw 
Crane A. P. harnessmaker, 21 Brune 
Crane Chas. (C. & Dibbell) 181 McCuUoh 
Crane Chas. bricklayer, 40 Centre Market sp 
Crane Chas. U. salesman, 244^ n Howard 
Crane Chas. T. (Pearson, Lawrence & Co.) 

230 w HofFiuan 
•Crane & Dibbell, (C. Crane, D. S. Dibbell) 
wholes millinery goods, 249 w Baltimore 
Crane Elizabeth J. dressmaker, 130 n Exeter 
Crane Henry R., Gilmor house 
Crane Henry R. 118 St. Paul 
Crane Jas. C. (W. C. & Sons) 159 Dolphin 
Crane Jane L. authoress, 130 n Exeter 
Crane Mrs. Jean N. 159 Dolphin 
Crane Jeremiah, laborer, 213 Lemraon al 
Crane John D. (W. C & Sons) 159 Dolphin 
Crane John G. clerk, 50 n Greene 
Crane Joseph, shoemaker, 21 Brune 
Crane Joseph, shoemaker, basement Mansion 

house, dw 69 Pearl 
Crane Mrs. Kate, hats and caps, 40 and 42 

Centre Market sp 
CRANE PATRICK H. blacksmith, 322 n How- 
ard, dw Biddle nr Richmond 
Crane Philip M. cabinetmaker, 228 Conway 
Crane Rachel D. boarding, 110 n Exeter 
Crane Robert (Onion & Co.) Columbia, Pa. 
Crane S. M. clerk, 238 Saratoga 
Crane Wm. J. tinner, 40 Centre Market sp 
Crane W. W. 159 Dolphin 
CRANE W. & SONS, (A. F., J. D. and J. C. 
Crane, A. J. Lowndes) hide and leather, e e 
cor Cheapside and Wat^r 
Crangle James, boilermaker, 95 York 
Crangle James, carpenter, 81 s Greene 
Crangle James B. chemist, 3 Orleans 
(Wrangle James E. foreman, 934 Lexington 
Crangle Mrs. John, 81 s Greene 
Crangle Mary A. teacher, 81s Greene 
Cranna Jeremiah, 212 Lemmon al 
Cranston Lieut. Arthur, U. S. A., Fort Mc- 

Cranwell Geo. W. cabinetmaker, 1 s Oregon 
Cranwell Susan J. boarding, 114 German 
Crapin Capt. Samuel, 87 Orleans 

Crasser Christian, capmaker, 330 w Pratt 
Crate Fred'k. carpenter, 196 n Caroline 
Craton Michael, laborer. Curley nr Lancaster 
Craumer Frank M. clerk, N.C.R., Rider's Sta- 
tion, Baltimore co 
Craven Patrick, laborer, 522 w Lombard 
Craven Thos. rooter, 127 L. Greene 
Graver Geo. 0. clerk, 225 Henrietta 
Graver John L. confectionery, and machinist, 

89 HoUins 
Craver John S. clerk, 225 Henrietta 
Graver Thos. 36 McHenry 
Crawford Ann, 337 Canton av 
CRAWFORD A. A. freight agent P.W. & B. 

R.R. 39 Fawn 
Crawford Mrs. Ann, 94 n Exeter 
Crawford Annie B. 322 e Chase 
Crawford Chas. cooper, 8 Fountain 
Crawford Chas. E. carpenter, 28 n Liberty 
Crawford Dixon, livery stable, 276 n Eutaw 
Crawford Eliza, chambermaid, Maltby house 
Crawford Geo. W. driver, 236 William 
Crawford Horatio, laborer, 236 William 
Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 57 s Paca 
Crawford Jas. B. (W. H. C. & Co. )347n Eutaw 
Crawford Jas.W .chair ornam'r,lo7 McElderry 
Crawford John, engineer, 337 Canton av 
Crawford John, shipcarp'r, 235 Bank 
Crawford John, puddler, 496 Canton av 
Crawford Capt. John A.mariner,389Cantonav 
Crawford John C. druggist, 107 McElderry 
Crawford John L. 323 Madison av 
Crawford John, printer, 13 n Bond 
Crawford John W. printer, 94 n Exeter 
Crawford Levi C. brickmaker, 236 William 
Crawford Mrs. Mary, boarding, 15 Lexington 
Crawford Nathan H. solicitor, over cor Balti- 
more and South dw Waverley, York rd 
Crawford Patrick, grocery, 849 w Pratt 
Crawford Mrs. Rachel D. 34 Cathedral 
Crawford Rich'd I. machinist, 70 Henrietta 
Crawford Richard M. clerk, 159 n Gay 
Crawford Robt. H. bacon, Waverley, York rd 
Crawford Robt. N. bookkeeper, 163 Forrest 
Crawford Mrs. Sarah, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Thos. A. salesman, 322 e Chase 
Crawford Thos. printer, 9 n Bond 
CRAWFORD WM. H. & CO. (Wm. H. and 
J. B. Crawford) spice mills, warehouse 62 
South, mills s w cor Union al and Dallas 
CRAWFORD WM. general agent P.W. & B. 

R.R. s e cor High and Trinity 
Crawford Wm. M. 414 Orleans 

I— ( 





•I— ( 


WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & CO., Manufrs & Com. Merch'ts. 















Crawford Wm. C. 9 n Bond 

Crawford Wm. H.{Wm. H. C. ^ Co.) 1&9 w 

w Hoffman 
Crawford Wm. H. carpenter, 26 Poultney 
Crawford Wm. laborer, 656 Light 
Crawford Wm. H. jr. laborer, 26 Poultney 
Crawford Wm. T. laborer, 8 Fountain 
Crawley Edward, lab'r, rear 121 Elliott 
Crawley Mrs. Jane, 164 Chesnut 
Crawley .John, laborer, rear 121 Elliott 
Crawley Peter, laborer, rear 121 Elliott 
Cray ton Dennis, laborer, Washington av ext 
Creager Geo. W. carp'r, 42 n Paca 
Creasrer G. L. salesman, 181 Lexington 
CREAGER J. P. & CO. (J. P. Creager, J. M. 
Grant) agents Star oil and Vesta burner, 
and lamps generally, IJsHolliday. — [Seep. 
11 Advertisements, j 
Creager J. P. (J. P. Creager & Co.) 222 Har- 
ford av 
Creager Mrs. Margaret Ann,Winans' place, nr 

Spring Gardens 
Creager Noble H. deputy U. S. Marshal, 163 

w Lombard 
Creagh Mrs. Bridget, 98 s Strieker 
Creagh .Mrs. Elizabeth, 85 s Washington 
Creagh Geo. W. shipwright, 85 s Washington 
Creagh Henry A. shipcarp'r.Choptank nr Pratt 
Creagh John, 151 w Biddle 
Creagh Michael, carpenter, 98 s Strieker 
Creagh Peter, driver, 215 s Castle 
Creagh Thomas, laborer, 215 s Castle 
(.'reagh Wm. drover, 215 s Castle 
Creagau Mrs. Catherine, groc'y, 384 s Charles 
Creagan Michael, laborer, 3'^4 s Charles 
Cream John, laborer, 43 Eastern av 
Creaniei Alex, saddler, 130 Chew 
Creamer Andrew, paperhanger, 26 St. Mary 
Creamer Anno, grocery, 226 s Eutaw 
Creamer Anthony, police, 290 s Sharp 
Creamer Casper, shipcarpenter, 179 s Chester 
Creamer Ch;is. moulder, 157 L. Greene 
Creamer I'has. carp'r, Pennsylvania house 
Creamer Chas. brakeman, 144 Columbia 
Creamer C. Cookman, clerk, 127 e Monument 
Creamer Christopher, mariner, 22 Philpot 
Creamer David, lumber, cor Monument and 

Creamer David Smith, lumber insp. 49 Hillen 
Creamer Frank, harnessmaker, 230 a Caroline 
Creamer Fred, lager beer, 289 Canton av 
Creamer Geo. blackmith, 226 s Eutaw 
Creamer Geo. B. clerk, 131 n Exeter 
Creamer Henry, lab.Wilkens nr Frederick av 
Creamer Jacob, shoemaker, 220 Penna av 
Creamer Jacob, coach spring maker, 57 s Re- 
Creamer Jacob, laborer, 125 Harford av 
Creamer Jacob F. laborer, 57 s Republican 
Creamer John, shoemaker, 279 Canton av 
Creamer John, brick maker, 64 Ridgely 
Creamer John F. helper, 57 s Republican 
Creamer John, grocery, 40 Philpot 
Creamer John, cigarmaker, 125 Harford av 
Creamer Joseph, wheelwright, 3 Harmony la 
Creamer Jos. F. elk. to sheriff, 175 McCuUoh 
Creamer Joseph, milkman, 214 s Sharp 
Creamer Joshua S. carpenter, 131 n Exeter 
Creamer Louis, 244 s Charles 
Creamer Nicholas, paperhanger, 26 St. Mary 
Creamer Peter, laborer, 235 Lemmon 
Creamer Thos. 147 e Madison 

Creamer Thos. bookkeeper, 131 n Exeter 
Creamer Wm. lumber inspector, cor Eastern 

av and Concord, dw 212 n Eden 
Creamer Wm. tailor, 244 s Charles 
Creem John, laborer, 2 Trinity 
Creem John, laborer, 73 Albemarle 
Creery Wm. R., Sup't Public Schools, 295 w 

Creery Wm. T. clerk, 295 w Biddle 
Crehan Martin, laborer, 200 West Falls av 
Creighton Mrs. Cath'ne, B.& Strieker 
Creighton Mrs. Elmina, 225 Montgomery 
Creighton Geo. W. cigarmaker, 361 s Sharp 
Creighton Henry, 90 Jefferson 
Creighton Henry T. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton James, watchman, 71 William 
Creighton John, cigarmaker, 225 Montgomery 
Creighton Margaret, grocery, 28 Morris al 
Creighton Mrs. Mary A. 179 Hanover 
Creighton Miller, salesman, 77 n Eutaw 
Creighton Robt. H. police, 399 s Eutaw 
Creighton Wm. H. mariner, 379 Light 
CREIGHTON WM. V. cigars, 21 n Howard, 
dw 77 n Eutaw 

Crenshaw , student, 90 Hanover 

Creny Wm. T. painter, 185 n High 
Cress Henry, lab'r and store, rear 143 Hudson 
Cress Philip, laborer, 13 Baker's ct 
Cressy Geo. N. missionary, 190 Saratoga 
Creutzburg Ernest, laborer, 84 Leadenhall 
Creutzburg Geo. B. porter, 4 Perry 
Creutzburg Wm. cigarmaker, 84 Leadenhall 
Crew E. B. auctioneer. Mansion house 
Crew Mrs. Lavinia, Vincent al nr Ramsay 
Crew Rich'd, driver, Vincent al nr Ramsay 
Crew Thos. laborer, 14 s Gist 
Crew Wm. J. carpenter, 83 n Schroeder 
Crey A. L. salesman, 70 Buren 
Grey Mrs. Elizabeth Mary, 70 Buren 
Crey Henry J. restaurant, 3 e Madison, dw 5 
Crey John B. moulder, 70 Buren 
Creydt Herman, turn, wagon, 490 w Lombard 
Crevdt Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 490 w Lombard 
CRiCHTON MALCOLM, (Wm. C. &Son) dis- 
tiller. 136 n Hollidav, dw 70 Cathedral 
CRICHTON WM. & SOI., (W. and Malcolm 
Crichton) grain, flour, guano, and com. 
merchts. 1 Wood, cor Lowly's v?harf 
Crichton Wm. (Wm. C. ^ Son) 45 Mt. Ver- 
non pi 
Crider Daniel, 319 e Lombard 
Cridlin Eugene, coachtrimmer, 489 Aisquith 
Cridlin Jac. H. blacksTnith, 489 Aisquith 
Cridlin Liuwood, painter, 489 Aisquith 
Criete Henry, laborer, Madeira al nr Canton aT 
Crim Dr. Wm. H. n w cor Paca and Fayette 
first floor Courthouse, Robert Gilmor jr. 
judge, Wm. F. McKewen, clerk 
Crimm Mrs. Christina, 189 s Bond 
Crimm John, laborer, 219 s Bond 
Crimmings Daniel, tobac. packer, 204 Chesnut 
Crimmins Patrick, stonemason, Quaker la nr 

York rd 
Crines M. laborer, 27 Elizabeth la 
Cripi)S Geo. laborer, 4 e Monument 
Cripps Rebecca, butter, 10 Thomsen 
Cripi)s Richard, furn. wagon, 10 Thomsen 
Cripps Thomas sr. laborer, 10 Thomsen 
Cripps Thos. J. of planing mill, 10 Thomsen 
Cripps John T. nightman, 425 n Gay 
Crisall John, canmaker, 17 Perry 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Crise Geo. W. carpenter, 168 Pearl 

Crise John L. 228 Madison av 

Crisener John, driver, 7 Sterrett 

Crismer Alex, printer, 158 Harford av 

Crisp Benj police, 152 s Caroline 

Crisp Chas. jr. cigarmaker, 207 Gough 

Crisp Chas. E. jr. cigarmaker, 253 Gough 

Crisp Chas. F. sr. cigarmaker, 253 Gough 

Crisp Chiis. G. 275 Saratoga 

Crisp Elijah, painter, 102 n Paca, dw 275 

Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 42 Thames 
Crisp John R. clerk, 275 Saratoga 
Crispin John H. (W. A. Padgett & Co.) 21 n 

Crispins Henry, fisherman, Fort av nr Bat- 
tery av 
Crispins Peter, 128 West 
Crispus Conrad, glassblower, 224 Batterv av 
Criss Aaron & Son, (A. & J. T. Criss) wholes, 
grocers and com. merchts. 378 w Baltimore 
Criss Aaron, (A. C. & Son) 83 McCulloh 
Criss John T. (A. C. & Son) 202 Saratoga 
Criss Lorentz. laborer, 316 s Bond 
Crist Charles, laborer, 532 w Lombard 
Crist David, watchman, 406 w Favette 
Crist Franklin, engineer, 532 w Lombard 
Crist George, fireman, 79 s Mount 
Crist Henry, clerk, 169 HoUins 
Crist Jacob, carter, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Jacob, Western hotel 
Crist Jane R. dressmaker, 532 w Lombard 
Crist John, cabinetmaker, 96 Eistern av 
Crist Lawrence, laborer, 316 s Bond 
Crist Philip, tobacco, Gay nr Pratt, dw 169 

Crist Philip, carpenter, 115 Albemarle 
Crist Philip, clerk, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Philip, teamster, Hollins nr Oregon 
Cristal Harry, engineer, 123 Albemarle 
Criswell John W. salesman, 141 w Favette 
Crittenden Andrew C. produce, 226 German 
Crockard W. J. clerk, 150 Preston 
Crocken Daniel, huckster, 466 Saratoga 
Crocken Theodore, fire dept. 1 King ct 
Crocken Theodore, locksmith, 1 Grace ct 
Crocker James, laborer, 108 Ramsay 
Crocker Samuel G. (Robt. Hughes & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Crockett David, bricklayer, 146 s Ann 
Crockett John jr. 77 n Poppleton 
Crockett John, stonecutter, 77 n Poppleton 
Crockett Nelson, painter, 230 Lemmon al 
Crockett Xehemiah, shoemaker, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Theodore S. letter carrier, 30 Green- 
mount av 
Crockett Walter C. shoefitter, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Wm. J. conductor, 52 s Schroeder 
Crockett Wm. H. turner, 201 n Bond 
Croft Henry, boots and shoes. 96 n Eden 
Crogan Mrs. Ann, 141 Harford av 
Crogan Patrick, saddler, 141 Harford av 
Crogan Thos. moulder, 141 Harford av 
Crotran Timothy, laborer, 37 Centre ilarketsp 
Croggon Edward E. huckster, 657 e Baltimore 
Croggon Mrs. Jane E., 244 Lemmon al 
Croggon Xewton F. laborer, 104 St. Peter 
Croggon Richard A. laborer, 104 St. Peter 
Croghan Michael, laborer, 2 Slemraer al 
Ooghan Patrick, laborer, 16 East Falls av 
Croghan Peter, laborer, 3 Slemmer al 
Cromer Andrew, carter, 711 w Lombard 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Cromer Catherine, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 
Cromer Charles, helper, 94 St. Peter 
Cromer Daniel, wagoner, 24 Walker 
Cromer John J. clerk, 550 Lexington 
Cromer John, shoemaker, 165 Ensor 
Cromer John H. laborer, 94 Warner 
Cromer Mary, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 
Cromer Margaret, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 
Cromer Thomas W. (Wm. A. Boyd &Co.) 

305 Hollins 
Cromis Wm. shoemaker, 39 Oxford 
Cromwell Alex, canmaker, 39 Chew 
Cromwell Andrew J. blacksmith, 31 Scott 
Cromwell Carrie W. teacher. Mosher nr Walsh 
Cromwell Mrs. Catherine, Mosher nr Walsh 
Cromwell Edward, printer, 50 s Strieker 
Cromwell Mrs. Eliza, 179 Barre 
Cromwell George, roadmaster, 82 n Poppleton 
Cromwell Geo. W.sailmaker, 144 Bank 
CROMWELL HAMILTON C. attorney, 8 Spur- 
rier ct, dw 257 Walsh 
Cromwell Jacob G. cabinetmaker, 257 Walsh 
Cromwell Jacob G. bricklayer, 24 Brune 
Cromwell John, patternmaker, 31 Scott 
Cromwell John E (J. C. <j- Son)547 e Fayette 
Cromwell Capt. John G. mariner, 183 Conway 
Cromwell J. Oliver, moulder, Strieker nr 

Cromwell Joseph, agent Knickerbocker Life 

Ins. Co. 126 Park av 
Cromwell Joseph, (J. C. & Bro.) 115 Bank 
Cromwell Joshua, (J. C. & Son) 136 s Ann 
Cromwell Joshua & Son, (Joshua and John E. 

Cromwell) sailmakers, foot of Anu 
Cromwell J. & Bro. (Joshua jr. and Jos. Crom- 
well) sailmakers. over 150 w Pratt 
Cromwell Joshua jr. J. C. & Bro.) 127 s Wolfe 
Cromwell Lambert, sailmaker, 136 s Ann 
Cromwell Mrs. Margaret, 113 Thames 
Cromwell Michael, carpenter, 78 n Amity 
Cromwell Oliver H. salesman, 242 n Caroline 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmaker, 39 Chew 
Cromwell Randolph S. 13 Penn 
Cromwell Richard, farmer. 89 n Paca 
CROMWELL RICHARD, agricult. and horti- 
cultural imp. manufac. and nurseryman and 
seedsman, 35 South, dw Anne Arundel co 
Cromwell Richard, (C. Sydney Norris & Co.) 

York rd n of Northern av 
CROMWELL T. ELVIN, gunsmith, 271 s 

Ann and 118 Thames, dw 118 Thames 
Cromwell Wallace, (Parlett & Co. )58 s Greene 
Cronan Chas. P. painter, 4 Humes 


I— 1 







WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 











Cronan Martin, laborer, 180 Raborg 
Crone Celenia, dressmaker, 78 Barre 
Crone Edward, beer, 24 Centre Market sp 
Crone Ellen, dressmaker, 73 Barre 
Crone F. A. laborer, 217 Henrietta 
Crone Jacob, grocery, s end Clinton 
Ci'one Mary, dressmaker, 78 Barre 
Crone Wm. C. chief detective, 23 n High 
Cronelley Mrs. Marj, 51 Front n of Foundry 
Cronen James, police, 20. Callendar al 
Croner Michael, laborer, 24 Fludson al 
Cronej Chas. W. K. sailmaker, 77 Milliman 
Crouey Philip H. cigarmaker, 478 w Lombard 
Cronhardt Albert, clerk, 172 n Exeter 
Cronhiirdt Chas. 172 n Exeter 
Cronhardt Fred'k, cigarmaker, 596 Penna av 
Cronhardt John, clerk, 29 Ensor 
Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 29 Ensor 
Cronhardt John H. grocery, n e cor Douglass 

and East 
Cronin Rev. C. 295 McHenry 
Cronin David, laborer, 2 Foundry 
Cronise G. Proctor, 11 Mulberry 
Cronise Mrs. M. 0. G. II Mulberry 
Crook August, helper, 265 Franklin 
Crook Aug. (C. & Co.) 267 w Fayette 
Crook Mrs. Caroline, 404 Saratoga 
Crook Chas. scriptural knowledge inst. 308 w 

Crook Chas. C. cabinetmaker, 404 Saratoara 
CROOK & CO. (A. Crook) wood and coal, 19 

Crook .Mrs Charlotte,s w cor. Madison av and 

Crook Edward, engineer, 195 Dolphin 
Crook Francis M. clerk, 689 w Fayette 
Crook Francis A. treas. Balto. Equitable So- 
ciety, 19 South, dw s w cor Madison av and 
Crook Geo. A. jr. clerk, 4 n Washington 
Crook Geo. A. ins. agt. 4 n Washington 
Crook Geo. W. M. boots, shoes and gaiters, 
69 w Baltimore and 43 n Eutaw, dw 43 n 
Crook Henry, bookkeper. Gist nr Pratt 
Crook Henry, 4 n Washington 
Crook James, engineer, 195 Dolphin 
Crook John C. police, 52 Jackson sq av 
Crook Thos. laborer, 52 Jackson sq av 
Crook Thomas W. clerk, 404 Saratoga 
Crook Capt. Victor V. 499 w Fayette 
CROOK WALTER, JR. upholstery and cur- 
tain materials, 220 w Baltimore, dw 172 
Crook Wm. H. finisher, 463 w Lombard 
Crook Wm. provisions, cor Biddle and Cen- 
tral av, dw 267 e Biddle 
Crook Capt. Wm. S. 338 e Baltimore 
Crooks Mrs. Annie, 56 Boyd 
Crooks John, laborer, 124 Hollins 
Crook Marion, clerk, Fayette nr Fulton 
Crooks Mary, tailoress, 56 Boj^d 
Crooks Nimrod, butcher, 5 Richmond mkt, 

dw 338 Penna av 
Crooks Rezin H. blacks'th, 135 Druid Hill av 
Crooks Thomas, sawyer, 15 Ogston 
Crookshanks Chas. (Lynch &Co.) 95 n Broad- 
Croper Reuben, boilermakr,34 Williamson al 
Croper Stephen, tinner, 1 Williamson al 
Cropper Ellen, 277 n Eutaw 
Cropper Thos. J. laborer, 404 e Monument 

Cropper Wm. shoemaker, 1 Williamson al 

Crosby Mrs. C. 76 Mound 

Crosby Chas. laborer, 76 Mound 

Crosby Capt. Chas. 66 n Caroline 

Crosby Eager, carver, 100 e Madison 

Crosbv Emma A. dressmaker, 18 Willow 

Crosby Frances A. dressmaker, 13 Willow 

Crosby Francis, fireman, 76 Mound 

Crosby Geo. W. fireman, 369 Cathedral 

Crosby Jas. sr. carpenter, 268 Division 

Crosby Joseph, 571 w Fayette 

Crosby Lewis, engineer, 219 n Caroline 

Crosby Lewis, painter, 24 Essex 

Crosby Samuel, mariner, 17 n Caroline 

Crosby Thos. H. police, 18 Willow 

Crosby Virginia, 139 n Central av 

Crosby Wm. C. 571 w Fayette 

Croshaw Rebecca, 212 e Baltimore 

Croshaw Wm. driver, 140 e Madison 

Crosley Thos. H. salesman, Mosber nr Oregon 

Cross Amelia, dressmaker, 429 Lexington 

Cross Andrew, clerk, 429 Lexington 

Cross Rev. Andw. B. cor St. Paul and Chase 

Cross Mrs. Columbia. dressmkr, 52 George 

Cross Cyril, tinner, Lombard nr Bond 

Cross Cyrus, chair factory, 147 n High, dw 52 

Cross David, wheelwright, 67 Columbia 
Cross David H. painter, Etting nr Lanvale 
Cross D. H. firedep't, Walsh nr .McMechin 
Cross Edward, rigger, 216 s Wolfe 

CROSS E. D. Commission Merchant 
and dealer in Roofing Felt, Coal 
Tar, &e., n e cor Eastern av and 
President st., dw s w cor St, Paul 
and Chase 

CROSS E. J. D. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 

s w cor St. Paul and Chase 
Cross F. T. jr. carpenter, 41 Valley 
Cross F. T. sr. carpenter, 19 e Madison 
Cross George R. clerk, 67 Columbia 
Cross Geo. T. 45 Jackson 
Cross Geo. W. coachsmith, 139 Camden 
Cross Geo. W. laborer, 40 Boyd 
Cross Geo. W. laborer, 216 s Wolfe 
Cross James, 4 Stockton al 
Cross James W. butter, 358 e Pratt 
Cross John, carpenter, Waverley, York rd 
Cross John, screwman, 543 e Fayette 
Cross John E. boilermaker, 108^ e Lombard 
Cross Jo*iu T. clerk, 67 Columbia 
Cross Joseph, laborer, 2 Foundry 
Cross Joseph A. clerk, 2 Foundry 
Cross J. H. clerk. 52 George 
Cross Louisa, 6 Mosher 
Cross M. F. shoefitter, 171 Lee 
Cross Mrs. Mary, 2 Foundry 
Cross Philemon, carpenter, 41 Valley 
Cross Richard K. ( Wm.S.C. & Bro.) s w cor 

St. Paul and Chase 
Cross Samuel B. coachmaker, 139 Camden 
Cross Samuel J. coachmaker, 139 Camden 
Cross-St. Chapel, s e cor Cross and Warner 
Cross Thomas, gardener, 67 Watson 
Cross Thos. W. bricklayer, 419 Lexington 
Cross Trueman,cash'r,Commercial & Farmers 

Nat. Bank, 9 s Howard 
Cross Wm. B.B. attorney, n e cor St. Panl 

and Saratoga, dw 140 Cathedral 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best Intbe 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Cross Wm. fireman. 289 Cathedral 

CROSS WM.S. & BRO. (W. S. and Richard K. 

Cross) lumber com. merchts, n e cor East 

Falls and Eastern avs 
Cross Willis, brakeman, 52 s Schroeder 
Cross Wm. H. sergt. police. 139 Camden 
Cross Wm. S. (W. S. C. &Bro.) St. Paul and 

Cross Wm. D. jr. laborer, 271 s Bond 
Cross Wm. D. mariner, 271 s Bond 
Cross Wm. T. mariner, 216 s Wolfe 
Crosslev J. P clerk, 565 n Gay 
Crossley Mrs. Mary C. 565 n Gay 
Croswell George, 197 Eutaw 
Croswell Capt. John W. mariner, Choptank nr 

Crothers Chas. builder. Miller's hotel 
Crothers David, carpenter, 28 Spring row 
Crothers David jr. carpenter, 28 Spring row 
Crothers Elizabeth, teacher, 224 Conway 
Crothers Jas. W. carpenter, 28 Spring row 
Crothers John M. carpenter, 28 Spring row 
Crothers Robert, carp'r, 62 Courtland, dw 28 

Spring row 
Crothers Wm. M. agent, 224 Conway 
Crotty David, grocery, 98 Mullikin 
Crotty James, stonemason, 81 n Oregon 
Crouch Chas. clerk. 212 Barre 
Crouch Chas. coachsmith, 175 Lee 
Crouch E. D. machinist, 228 Light 
Crouch Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Gough 
Crouch Fred'k N. music teacher, .386 William 
Crouch Geo. W. mariner, 271 e Monument 
Crouch James T. shoemaker, 134 Camden 
Crouch John, laborer, 57 Buren 
Crouch John W. boilermaker, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Levi, stonecutter, 47 s Calhoun 
Crouch Matthias, laborer, 109 Leadenhall 
Crouch Stewart, glasspacker, 59 L Montgomery 
Crouch Thos. D. blacksmith, 206 Montgomery 
Crouch Wm. J. printer, 204 Greenmount av 
Croucher Geo. mariner. 1 Wills 
Croughan .Michael, lab'r, Slemmer al nr Pratt 
Croughan Peter, laborer, 3 Slemmer al 
Crouse Geo. F. brakeman, 119 Pennaav 
Crouse J. B. (Sfansbury & C.) Bee Hive hotel 
Crouse John, tailor, 16 n Castle 
Crouse Joseph A. shoemaker, 158 n Fremont 
Crouse Mrs. Rebecca, varieties, 119 Penna av 
Crout Hezekiah, tin and sheet iron worker, 

132 Penna av, dw 246 
Crout Paul G. tinner, 25 Stockton al 
Crout Wm. F. tinner, 246 Penna av 
t'rovo Francis, shoemaker, 43 Low 
Crow A. J. farmer, Pennsylvania house 
Crow Emma, teacher Sisters of Good Shep- 

pard, cor Fayette and Calhoun 
Crow Geo. L. paper dealer, 41 s Broadway 
Crow Mrs. Jane, grocery, 123 Aisquith 
Crow John, laborer, 123 Aisquith 
Crow Nathaniel J. chair painter, 9 s Front 
Crow Thomas, stonecutter, 160 e Baltimore 
Crowder Flemming, coach trim. 246 e Madison 
Crowe Anna, seamstress, 47 Valley 
Crowe Emma, Church home 
Crowe Geo. cooper, 72 President 
Crowe John sr. 47 Valley 
Crowe John jr. clerk, N. C. R. 47 Valley 
Crowe Mrs. Rebecca, grocery, Fortav and Hall 
Crowell Abner B. pattn'mkr, 208 Greenmt av 
Crowell John 0. mate, 352 e Pratt 
Crowell John, driver, rear 318 William 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Crowell M. B. clerk, 338 n Eutaw 

Crowfoot Austin, stove brick moulder, 143 

Crowfoot Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 143 Johnson 
Crowfoot Mrs. Mary, 145 Johnson 
Crowfoot Wm. H. brickmaker, 139 Johnson 
Crowl & Co. (E. Waugh Crowl, Rufus Ben- 
nett) real estate brokers, s w cor Lexington 
and St. Paul 
Crowl Edward W. (C. & Co.) 305 w Hoffman 
Crowl David H. clerk, 166 e Eager 
Crowley Charles, laborer, 51 s Monroe 
Crowley Clara J. teacher, 222 e Monument 
Crowley Daniel, finisher, 176 L Constitution 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, 176 L Constitution 
Crowley Mrs. Honora, grocery, 36 s Chester 
Crowley James, books and periodicals, n w 
cor Baltimore and North, dw 222 eMonument 
Crowley James jr. clerk, 222 e Monument 
Crowley James, laborer, 152 s Chester 
Crowley Mrs. Jane, nurse, 164 Chesnut 
Crowley John, printer, 11 Centre Market sp 
Crowley John, police, 621 Penna av 
Crowley John, carpet weaver, 84 s Spring 
Crowley John W. clerk, 36 s Chester 
Crowley Margaret C. teacher, 225 w Lombard 
Crowley Mary, 51 s Monroe 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, 182 n Central av 
Crowley Philip, laborer, 4 Walsh 
Crowley Robt. A. (John Glenn & Co.) 36 s 

Crowley Thos. H. police, 7 Pleasant 
Crown Joshua R. (Taylor, Neer, C. & Co.) 39 

Crown Marion A. clerk, 103 Walsh 
Crown Mrs. Matilda. 103 Walsh 
CROWNFIELD HERMAN F. attorney, room 

4, 8J St. Paul, dw 127 Aisquith nr Gay 
Crowtber Amos W. 229 Peirce 
Crowther Benj. P. stonemason, 269 s Ann 
Crowther Dr. David W. dentist, 131 n Eutaw, 

dw 44 w Biddle 
Crowther Henry, painter, 36 St. Mary 
Crowther James, stonemason, 573 n Fremont 
Crowther Capt. John, mariner, 248 e Pratt 
Crowther John, carpenter, 218 n Eutaw 
Crowther Joshua, stonemason, 321 w HoflFman 
Crowther Dr. LlcM'ellyn, dentist, 131 n Eutaw, 

dw 202 Druid Hill av 
Croyeau Augustin, 3 n Calhoun 
Croyeau Chas. H. clerk, Adams Exp. 3 n Cal- 
Croyeau Thos. stonecutter, 201 e Baltimore 

h— ( 


I— ( 





WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Dust and 







I— H 





•I— I 


I— I 



Croxall Morris L. clerk, 94 n Eutaw 
Croxall Richard, 225 Walsh 
Crozer Geo. mariner, n Caroline 
Crozer Thomas, bricklayer, 73 n Caroline 
Crozier Charles, hatter, 137 s Bond 
CrozierE. Johnson, printer, 137 s Bond 
Crozier James, moulder, 46 McElderry 
Crozier John H. (J. T. Bowling & Co.) 121 n 

Crozier John R. sailmaker, 121 n Broadway 
Crozier Wm. sailmaker, 121 n Broadway 
Ciozier Wm. W. clerk, 121 n Broadway 
Crudden Joseph, driver, 353 Saratoga 
Crudden Jas. furniture wagon, 371 Franklin 
Crudden Margaret, grocery, 371 Franklin 
Cruden Edward, laborer, 95 McElderry 
Cruett John W. (C. & Virtue) 36 Gough 
Cruett & Virtue, (J. W. Cruett, D. B. Virtue) 

grocers, 36 Gough 
Cruger Lewis, boarding, 59 Courtland 
Cruni Isaac, laborer, 1,50 s Paca 
Crura James, fireman, 562 w Lombard 
Crum John W. shoemaker, 206 Mullikin 
Crumbacker Chas. W. telegraphist, 253 w 

Crumbacker Emma V. teacher, 253 w Hoffman 
Crumbacker Ephraim, clerk, 253 w Hoffman 
Crumbie John, huckster, 63 Milliman 
Crumler Josiah, conductor, 349 Cathedral 
Crummel Edward, mariner, 3 Thames 
Crummer Alexander, clerk, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Armstrong, draughtsman, 126 e 

Crummer Mrs. Eliza A. 126 e Madison 
Crummer Edward, clerk, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Henry, carpenter, 48 s Castle 
Crump Geo. T. clerk, 84 s Sharp 
Crump John G. salesman, 84 s Sharp 
Crump J. Southall, telegraphist, 50 s Sharp 
Crump Mrs. Mary, boarding, 84 s Sharp 
Crump Robt. mach'st, Chester nr Hampstead 
Crump Sylvanus G. clerk, 84 s Sharp 
Cruper John G. salesman, 316 w Baltimore 
Cruse Chas. M. clerk, 62 Mullikin 
Cruse Elias T. leaf tobacco, 39 e Fayette 
Cruse Mrs. Elizabeth, 121 Raborg 
Cruse George W. tobacconist, 70 Jefferson 
Cruse Henry, police, 180 Bank 
Cruse Mrs. Hester, laundress, 141 s Wolfe 
Cruse Isabella J. 62 Mullikin 
Cruse J. Chas. engineer, 69 s Schroeder 
Cruse John H, cigarmak. 77 Holland 
Cruse John, sweepmaster, 9 Essex 
Cruse Joseph A. finisher, 61s Schroeder 
Cruse Mrs. Mary E. grocery, 9 Essex 
Cruse Wm. machinist, 121 Raborg 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 168 Hanover 
Cruser Obadiah, clerk, 168 Hanover 
Crutchfield Andrew F. manager Sunday Tel- 
egram, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield Andrew J. printer, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield Henry, printer, 503 n Fremont 
Cruz Ramon, 104 n Broadway 
Cruzen Edward, machinist, 523 w Lombard 
Cruzen George R. filer, 308 s Sharp 
Cryer Joseph, carpenter, 541 e Fayette 
Cuban Cigar Store, postoffice rotunda, Moy- 

nello, Garmendia & Castaneda, prop'rs 
Cuddy Mrs. Eliza, 15 Oxford 
Cuddy Isaac, police, 172 Forrest 
Cuddy Dr. J. W. C. 359 Franklin 
Cuddy Michael, laborer, 58 Fort av 

Cuddy Peter, laborer, 53 Goodman al 
Cuff John, laborer, 512 w Pratt 
Cuff Patrick, grocery, 38 City Block 
Cugle Chas. (Baldwin & C.) 191 St. Paul 
Cugle John, liquors, 48 s Howard, dw 191 St. 

Cugle John jr. 122 n Greene 
Cugler Johu, butcher, 52 Belair and 60 Centre 

markets, dw Homestead 
Cuhlman Conrad, clerk, 533 w Lombard 
Cullan John, laborer, 96 Harford av 
CuUan John, wagoner, 17 Penna av 
Cullan John, 122 Harford av 
Cullan John, laborer, 30 Ryan 
Cullan Mrs. Kate, (Thomas & C.) 173 Hanover 
Cullen Mrs. Catherine, 7 L. McElderry 
CullenMrs. Catherine, trimmings, 17 Penna av 
Cullen Edward, laborer, 140 Harford av 
Cullen Mrs. Elizabeth, 334 e Lombard 
Cullen Mrs. Emily, 258 e Baltimore 
Cullen Frank, tinner, 7 L. McElderry 
Cullen Jas. horses and carts, 14 Clark ct 
Cullen Jas. lab'r, 656 Light ' 
Cullen John, lab'r, 96 Harford av 
Cullen John, lab'r, 162 West 
Cullen Mrs. Mary E. cupper and leecher, 10 s 

Cullen Michael, laborer, 229 Battery av 
Cullen Patrick, laborer, 28 Fort av 
Cullen Simon, lab'r, 7 L. McElderry 
Cullen Thos. bootmak. 173 Hanover 
Culleton Jas. printer, 62 e Madison 
Cullimore John T. (C. & Townsend) 52 s 

Cullimore John E. clerk, 2 n Washington 
Cullimore Mrs. John, 2 n Washington 
Cullimore & Townsend, (John T. Cullimore, 

Francis H. Townsend) sbipsmiths, 1 and 3 

Cullimore Wm. H. bookstore, 317 n Gay 
Cullinane Michael, mariner, 26 President 
Cullings Jas. W. provisions, 426 w Fayette 
Cullington Daniel, cigarmak. 13 Oxford 
Cullington Thos. 11 West Falls av 
Cullington Thos. tobacconist. 162 Forrest 
Cullington Thos. jr. cigarmak. 162 Forrest 
Cullington Wm. sign painter, 162 Forrest 
Cullison Mrs. Amanda, 418 Orleans 
Cullison Chas. mariner, 141 e Lombard 
Cullison Eli T. (Frazier, Forrester & Co.) 

George and Brune 
Cullison Enoch, moulder. Federal nr Hudson al 
Cullison Jas. A. stonecutter, Federal nr Decker 
Cullison Jas. R. sweepmaster, McElderry nr 

Cullison Jas. M. millwright, 89 Mosher 
Cullison Jesse'M. (Alband & C. ) 2'33 w Biddle 
Cullison John, lab'r, 134 Harford av 
Cullison John W. papeihanger, McElderry nr 

Cullison M. B. stencil engraver, 147 Conway 
Cullison Mrs. Susanna, Federal nr Hudson al 
Cullison Wm. H. stonemason, Federal nr Hud- 
son al 
Cullnan Mrs. Ann, tailoress, 28 Anthony 
Cullnan David S. hatler, 28 Anthony 
Cullnan David, hatter, 28 Anthony 
Cullum Geo. W. bacon dealer, 754 Penna av 
Cullum Henry, harnessmak. 298 n Eden 
Cullum J. W. miller, 178 Greenn.ount av 
Cullum Melville, carp. 178 Greenmount av 
Cullum Nelson, carp. 298 n Eden 

WM. H. READ, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gray and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Cullum Nelson E. tailor, 298 n Eden 
Cully Elizabeth, huckstress, 263 s Paca 
Culnann Mrs. Isabella, 172 Aisquith 
Culnann Mollie. teacher. 172 Aisquith 
Culp Michael, blacksmith, 4 n Oregon 
Culver Chas. ent^ineer, 201 Orleans 
Culver Mrs. Roda E. 175 e Fayette 
Culver Mrs. Sarah A. 175 e Fa\ette 
Culver 'Wm. T. cooper, 5 u Sharp, dw 554 

Cumberland Chas. jr. lab'r, 1.33 Hudson 
Cumberland Chas. orainer, 91 Hillen 
Cumberland Chas. boilermak. 450 Aliceanna 
Cumberland Henry, butcher, 459 e Baltimore 
Cummer Thos. furrier, 198 Eastern av 
Cumming Jas. shipjoiner, 94 s Washington 
CummiLig Jane, young ladies' literary insti- 
tute. 7 n Carey 
Gumming Jerome, saddler, Eagle hotel 
Cumming W. Augustus, (Kefauver, C & Co.) 

164 Linden av 
Cummings Ann M. confec'v, 753 Penna av 
CUMMINGS & CO. (John Cummings, Wm. 
P. Zollinger) merchandise brokers, 61 Ex- 
change pi 
Cummings Daniel J. teacher. 352 Harford av 
Cummings Francis, lab'r, 58 Davis 
Cummings Geo. A. tobacconist, 78 Hanover 
Cummings Jas. lab'r, 119 Peirce 
Cummings Jacob, plasterer, 18 Maccubbin 
Cummings John, milkman, Philadelphia road 

w of city limits 
Cummings John, clerk, 92 n Charles 
Cummings John, (C. & Co.) Baltimore co. 
Cummings Jno. L., Penna and Northern avs 
Cummings Lewis H. n e cor Eutaw and Rose 
Cummings Luke, boilermaker, 77 n Durham 
Cummings Mary A. clerk, 46 n Poppleton 
Cummings Mrs. Mary, 119 Peirce 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 157 Hughes 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 191 s Castle 
Cummings Mrs. Rosanna, seamstress, 117 n 

Cummings Mrs. Rose, 46 n Poppleton 
Cummings Rev. Samuel H. 214 Montgomery 
Cummings Wm. fireman, 17 s Outral av 
Cummins Anna, grocery, 29 Booth 
Cummins Dan'l G. confectioner, IBS n Exeter 
Cummins Jas. photographer, 232 n Bond 
Cummins J. P. ass't assessor, 27 n Pine 
Cummins John G. 64 n Exeter 
Cummins John R. bookkeeper 49 Hanover 
Cummins John W. consular clerk, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Joseph G. 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Matthew, laborer, 106 William 
Cummins Mrs. Margaret M. grocery, n e cor 

Madison and Caroline 
Cummins Patrick, laborer, 29 Booth 
Cummins Robert K. n e cor Madison and Caro- 
Cummiskey Eugene, attorney. 43 St. Paul, dw 

Barnum's hotel 
Cumor John T. oysters, 142 n Eutaw 
CundifiFCapi. Albert T. mariner, 63 n Broad- 
CundifFCajit. Wm. mariner, 705 Lexington 
Cunningham Alex, gravel roofer, 154 s Bond 
Cunningham Alex, laborer, 70 Eastern av 
Cunningham Alex, switchman, P.W. & B.R.R. 

Cunningham Mrs. Ann, 350 e Monument 
Cunningham Barthol. laborer, 2 Grinnaa ct 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Cunningham Catherine, dressmaker, 100 e 

CUNNINGHAM CHAS R. harbor master, 105 

South, dw 333 e Baltimore 
Cunningham Chas. broom maker. 385 Franklin 
Cunningham Mrs. Charlotte B. 54 n Exeter 
Cunninoham Dr. Chas. T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Clinton W. 330 e Pratt 
Cunningham Edw. bricklayer, 170 n Caroline 
Cunningham Edw. jjeddler, 5 McLeary ct 
Cunningham Elizabeth A. 60 n Fremont 
Cunningham Erastus B. watchmaker, 211 w 

Cunningham Frank, carver and turner, 93 s 

Cunningham Geo. S. oyster packer. 219 Bank 
Cunningham Geo. W. apothecary, 139 e Pratt 
Cunningham Geo. A. (Armstrong, C. & Co., 

and Robinson & C.) 320 e Pratt 
Cunningham Geo. W. carpenter, 209 Dolphin 
Cunningham Henry, carpenter, 28 n Fremont 
Cunningham Isaac H. mariner, 31 Rnndall 
Cunningham Jas. clerk, 50 s Broadway 
Cunningham Jas. salesman, 306 w Baltimore 
Cunningham Jas. 78 e F4yette 
Cunningham Jas. B. 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Jas. M. salesman, 54 n Exeter 
Cunningham Jas. gasfitter, 99 n Caroline 
Cunningham Jane, 51 n Frederick 
CUNNINGHAM JOHN E. A. wholesale and 

retail stoves, &c., 53 and 55 s Calvert and 

Cheapside, dw 240 w HoflFman 
Cunningham John, laborer, 146 Saratoga 
Cunningham John B. 93 Front n of Foundry 
Cunningham John, laborer, 189 n Holliday 
Cunningham John, laborer, 111 Peach al 
Cunninpham John F. clerk, 93 Front n of 

Cunningham John, (Saml, Wilhelm & Co. I 

953 w Pratt 
Cunningham John, laborer, 5 Callendar al 
Cunningham John, laborer, 72 Boyd 
Cunningham John W. 94 Gough 
Cunninghnm Jno. D. hackman. 288 Harford av 
Cunninoham Jno. W. conductor, 287 e Pratt 
Cunningham J. W. (Browne & Co.) 94 Gough 
Cunningham John P. lab. 189 n Holliday 
Cunningham J. A. watchman, 50 O'Donnell 
Cunningham Jos. carpenter, 100 e Madison 
Cunningham Jos. J. 298 e Lombard 
Cunningham Mary J. confectionery, 170 n 

Cunningham Mrs. Mary, 3 n Eden 










WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 











I— ( 



Cunningham Mary E. 42 Milliman 
Cunningham Michael, porter, Block nr Wills 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 189 n Holliday 
Cunningham Mich^iel, laborer, 630 w Pratt 
Cunningham Mortimer, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Patrick, moulder, 102 s Chapel 
Cunningham Peter, laborer, 304 Cross 
Cunningham Robert H. carp. 173 Townsend 
Cunningham Saml. D. hackman, 54 e Eager 
Cunningham Samuel, watchman, 180 East 
Cunniugh;im Samuel laborer, Greenmount av, 

nr Point la 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, confec. 304 Cross 
Cunningham Sarah J, Peuna av and Isorth av 
Cunningham Susan, 257 Light 
Cunningham Mrs. Susan, seamstress. Green- 
mount av, nr Point la 
Cunniimham Thus. J. 15 Goodman al 
(JUXXINGHAM THOMAS A. coal agent, 31 

South, dvv n \v cor Madison and Calvert 
Cunningham Waj.R jr. bookkeeper, 276 nEden 
Cunningham Wm. 56 Exchange pi, dw 248 

Linden av 
''unningham Wm. C. clerk, 316 e Chase 
Cunningham Wm. E watchmkr, 211 w Pratt 
Cunningham Wm.J. (Hagger& C.) 130 e Pratt 
CUNNLXGHAM WM.R. wholesale liquors, 48 

w Lombard, dw 276 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm.H. (Wm. H.C. & Co.) Bal- 
timore CO 
Cunningham Wm. H. & Co. (Wm. H. Cun- 
ningham, Thos. M. Ditman, Wm. A. Cun- 
ningham) flour, feed and lime, s w cor 
Ensor and East 
Cunningham Wm. A. (Wm. H.C. & Co.) Eagle 

Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 90 n Eden 
Cunzemann Wm. hay, 112 n Bethel 
Cunzeman J. A. stoves and tinware, 140 s 

Cupp Francis, brewer, 252 e Fayette 
Cuid Wm. basketmkr. 26 s Eutaw 
Curl John, clerk, 32 n Eutaw 
Curl Nancy, tavern, 137 Eastern av 
Cuilett Edward, plasterer, 456 e Lombard 
Curleit Hugh, shoemkr. 23 Bank 
Curlett John, jr. (.Smith k C.) i85 St. Paul 
Curlett Lewis G. com. merch. 12 Camden, dw 

12'j Lee 
Curlett Mrs. Mary, 208 e Fayette 
Curlett Wm. 82 McCulloh 
Curley Albert, clerk, Druid Hill av ext 
Curley Ann R. 83 Park 
Curley Bernard, engineer, 29 Cambridge 
Curley Chas. H. bookkeeper, 1 Hanover 
Curley Daniel, laborer, 29 w Chase 
Curley Henry R. lumber,cor John and Charles, 

dw 177 John 
Curley Hugh, lab'r. East Falls and Canton avs 
Curlev J.imes. moulder, 212 Hollins 
CURLEY JAMES W. imp'r hardware, 17 n 

Howard, dw Baltimore co 
Curley James F. clerk, 208 Saratoga 
Curley John D. cierk, 17 n Howard 
Curley Jolin D. clerk, 95 e Madison 
Curley John T. bookkeeper, 1-13 n Eutaw 
Curley Johc, liquors, 44 Park av 
Curley Dr. Joseph H. (C. & Robertson) Ca- 

Curley Jos. H. jr. ins. broker, 3 Post Office av 
Curley Margaret, confectionery, 10 Hawk 
Curley Michael, laborer, 33 Bevan 

Curley Michael, laborer, 268 Light 
CURLEY & ROBERTSON, (Dr. J. H. Curley, 

H. W. Robertson) gen'l ins. agents, 3 Post 

Office av 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 5 Scott 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 2 Webb 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 37 York 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 71 Buren 
Curley Timothy, brakeman, 25 Ryan 
Curley Wm. boilermkr, 240 s Eutaw 
Curley W^m. E. clerk, Park la 
Curley Wm. laborer, 39 York 
Curns Matthew, driver, Eden s s of Aliceanna 
Curr John, painter, 160 e Madison 
Curran Bridget, grocery, 44 Cooksie 
Curran Chas. A. machinist, 263 n Caroline 
Curran Edmund, laborer, 368 Canton av 
Curran Benjamin, carpenter, 172 n Front 
Curran Francis, laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Francis, jr., laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Edward, laborer. 79 Watson 
Curran Edward, laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Henry, porter, 39 East 
Curran James, laborer, 121 Dover 
Curran James, currier, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Jas. T. water engineer, 263 n Caroline 
Curran John, sexton Loyola College 
Curran Joseph, canmkr, 34 President 
Curran Lewis C. machinist, 263 n Caroline 
Cnrrau Mrs. Mary, 16 Scott 
Curran Matthew, carter, Eden nr Aliceanna 
Curran Michael, 310 Light 
Curran Nicholas F. salesman, 133 Bank 
Curran Patrick, laborer. 111 e Eager 
Curran Patrick, laborer, 44 Cooksie 
Curran Peter, stonecutter, 111 e Eaj^r 
Curran Thomas, toundryman, 37 Eastern ay 
Currell Samuel H. shoemkr, 4 China 
Curreu Johanna, boarding, 310 Light 
Curren Patrick, laborer, lil e Eager 
Currey Dr. James H. 78 s Paca 
Currie Frank, bookkeeper, 382 w Fayette 
Curry <Jhas. E. dentist, 84 Hanover 
Curry Daniel C. clerk, 84 Hanover 
Curry Daniel, clerk, 345 n Gay 
Curry Edward, carpenter, 253 Mulberry 
Curry Edward, carpenter, 28 Penna av 
Curry Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 34 n ( alvert 
Curry Frank, laborer, s end of Clinton 
Curry Henry L. clerk, 84 Hanover 
Curry Dr. Jas. H. 124 s Sharp, dw 237 Saratoga 
Curry Mrs. Jane, boarding, 84 Hanover 
Curry John, engineer, 289 Cathedral 
Curry John T. shoecutter, 56 Somerset 
Curry John, laborer, 278 n Eutaw 
Curry John, laborer, 187 s Castle 
Curry John, jr. carpenter, 187 s Castle 
Curr^' John, laborer, s end Clinton 
Curry John M. morocco finisher, 84 Hanover 
Curry Joseph, huckster, 278 n Eutaw 
Curry Mrs. Mary N. 88 s Washington 
Curry Mrs. Margaret, 423 w Pratt 
Curry Mrs. Margaret, 301 w Hoffman 
Curry Newman, telegraphist, 56 Somerset 
Curry Patrick, laborer, s end Clinton 
Curry Richard, carpenter, 561 n Fremont 
Curry Wm. J. cardriver, 98 Greenmount av 
Curry Wm. H. bricklayer, 215 w Biddle 
Curry Wm. stonecutter, 506 Canton av 
Cnrry Dr. Wm. H. 143 n Eutaw 
Curtain Henry G. (F. H. Grupy & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and 
throats almost vanish at its touch 

Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Curtain Henry, butcher, 16 Centre, 20 Lex- 
ington and 10 Ricbmond markets, dw Har- 
ford av nr city limits 
Curtain James D. cooper, 417 n Gay 
Curtain James, butcher, 14 Centre, 25 Lex- 
ington and 10 Richmond markets, dw Har- 
ford av nr city limits 
Curtain James t., Harford av nr city limits 
Curtain Johanna, huckstress, 17 Diamond 
Curtain Oliver, cooper, 417 n Gay 
Curtain Samuel, cooper, rear 37 Light, dw 

204 n Eden 
Curtain Wm. 17 Diamond 
Curth Wiegand, lager beer, s e cor Washing- 
ton and Jackson sq av 
Curtin Mary, dressmkr, 88 Saratoga 
Curtin Patrick, barkeeper. 121 Vine 
Curtis Rev. Alfred A. 49 McCulloh 
Curtis H. Albert, clothing cutter. 230 German 
Curtis James, wagoner, 102 Dolphin 
Curtis John A. (Wolf & C.) 381 Saratoga 
Curtis John, huckster, 163 Ensor 
Curtis Mrs. Mary A. 230 German 
Curtis Pe'er, laborer, 526 w Pratt 
Curvel Chas. bricklayer. 237 w Hoffman 
Curvill Wm. laborer, 117 s Ann 
Curviii Samuel, carpenter, 124 s Wolfe 
Cuseck Laughlin, laborer, 27 e Monument 
Cushaw John, cigarmaker, 217 Mulberry 
Cushing David, coal agent. 50 McCulloh 
Gushing David jr. 50 McCulloh 
Cushing Francis C. 173 .Madison av 
Cushing Lieut. Henry C, U. S. A., Fort Mc- 

Cushing Henry M. clerk, 23 George 
Cushing Henry, bookkeeper, 23 George 
Cushing James. Vilacksmith, 193 s Ann 
Cushing John, (C. & Medairy) 173 Madison av 
Cushing John jr. cashier, 23 Georse 
Cushing Joseph jr. (C. & Bailev) i34 Park 
Cushing Joseph M. (C. & Bailey) 134 Park 
Cushing & Medairy, (John Cushing. Jacob H. 
Medairy )bookslrs and stationers.Bnlloward 
Cushing Richard C. 173 Madison av 
Cushinff Wilev E. (W. Miller & Co.) 134 Park 
CUSHINGS & BAILEY.(J. Cushing jr. L.E. 
Bailey, J. .M. Cushing) booksellers and sta- 
tioners. 262 w Baltimore 
Cushley John A. printer, 160 Gough 
Custer Revil. bricklayer. 709 w Lombard 
Custis Revil. bricklaver. Division nrPenna av 
CUSTOM HOUSE (U. S.) n w cor Lombard 

and Gav 
Custy John, tailor, 268 Light 
Custy Mary, 7 Rock 
Custy Michael, laborer, 208 Cross 
Custv Patrick, carpenter, 7 Rock 
CUTAIAR FRANCIS, tobacconistand liquors, 

TOOj w Baltimore 
Cutcher Barney, butcher, 878 w Baltimore 
Cutcher Francis, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Cutcher Henry, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Cutcher Joseph, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Cutcomb Everhardt, laborer, 398 Canton av 
("utler Smith, carpenter, 3!'8 Wiliiam 
Cutino Alexander, barber, 47 e Baltimore 
Cntino Fortune, tailoress, 132J n Gay 
Cutino Frances, tailoress, 132 j^n Gay 
Cutino Joseph, barber, 132^ h Gay 
Cutts Thos. W. gas pipe insp'r, 277 Aisquith 
Czarno-wsky Francis, paints and oils, 662 and 
664 w Baltimore 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Dach Conrad, weaver, 144 Orchard 

Dach Frank, machinist, 144 Orchard 

Dade & Davis, (R. Dade, G. H. Davis) tobacco 

com. merchants, 105 s Charles 
Dade Robt. (D. & Davis) 271 w Lombard 
Dadnum Nath'l W. mach. 102 s Washington 
DafiFaulter Wm. butcher, 492 Penna av 
Daffin Mrs. Ann. 258 Bank 
Daffin Mrs. B. 44 n High 

DaflSn Benj. cutler, 15 n Gay, dw 60 n Exeter 
Daffin Chas. C. D. engineer," 229 w Fayette 
Daffin Francis D. printer, 154 Jefferson 
I Daffin Joseph G. printer, 118 Barre 
j Daffy Michael, hackman, 248 Harford av 

Dagan Patriclv, lab'r. Central av nr Fawn 
I Dagenhart Andrew, tailor, rear 14 Diamond 
1 Dagenhait Anton, glue, 402 w Fayette 
i Dagenhart Geo. tailor, 141 s Spring 
I Dagner Lawrence, lab'r, 4 L Constitution 
Dagon Geo. driver, 220 Penna av 
Dagon James, cari)enter, 481 w Pratt 
Dahl Geo. stove polisher, 33 Philpot al 
Dahl Henry, blacksmith, 31 Union 
Dahl Jacob, grocery, 31 Union 
Dahl Jacob jr. wool, 31 Biddle al 
Dahl Louis, tinner, 123 Boyd 
Dahle Chas. express messenger, 16Y n Front 
Dahle Conrad H. merch. tailor, 572 oGray, dw 

215 Hanover 
Dahle Henry & Bro. (H. and W. Dahle) provi- 
sions. 215 Hanover 
Dahle Henrv. (H. D. & Bro.) 215 Hanover 
Dahle Wm.'(H. D. & Bro.) 215 Hanover 
Dahler Mary. 100 Paluxent 
Dahlweiner Mrs. Hannah, 143 Raborg 
Dahhveiner Henry, truukmaker, 143 Raborg 
Dahlweiner Jacob J. harnessmkr. 143 Raborg 
Dahme Capt. Adolph, 157 s Ann 
Dahme Peter, messenger Adams Exp. 209 Barre 
Dahoff John W. fireman, 424 w Louibard 
Daible Joseph, carjienter, 278 Bond n of Gay 
Daicker Lewis, gilder, 206 Franklin 
Daiger Chas H. (D. & Bramble) lt;9 Cathedral 
DAIGER & BRAMBLE,(Chas.H.Daiger.Chas. 
H. Bramble, J. V. and Edw. Daiger) com. 
merchants, 4 HoUingsworth. — [&« p. 12 
Advertisements .^ 
Daiger Edward, (D. & Bramble) 333 w Pratt 
Daiger Mrs. Francis A.millny,878 w Baltimore 
Daiger Francis A. clerk, 487 w Fayette 
Daiger Francis A. foreman, 878 w Baltimore 




• r-H 






WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manufrs & Com. Merch'ts. 

















DaigerFred. hardware, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger Geo. driver, 220 Penna av 
Daiger J. Tbos. printer, 74 s Broadway 
Daiger Jas. V. (D. ^ Bramble) 244 n Howard 
Daiger Josepbi F. printer, 74 s Broadway 
DAIGER M. A. cabinetraaiierand undertaker, 

74 s Broadway 
Daiger Wm. H. teacher, 129 Orleans 
Dail Mrs. Mary E. grocery, 91 n Pine 
Dail T.J. & Co.(T.J.Dail, Jno.L.Hebb) wholes. 

grocers and com. merch'ts, 27 Cheapside 
Dail T. J. (T. J. D. & Co.) 161 n Charles 
Dail T. Howard, salesman, 161 n Charles 
Dail Wm. L. carpenter, 91 n Pine 
Dailey A. Sf Ero. (Andrew and John Dailey) 

tinsmiths, 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey Andrew, ( A.D.i^Bro.)759 w Baltimore 
Dailey Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 250 e Lombard 
Dailey Mrs. Clara, 50'Mulberry 
Dailey Jlrs. Eleanor, laundress, 213 Hollins 
Dailej' Francis, laborer, 128 Battery av 
Dailey Francis, laborer, 83 Goodman al 
Dailey Mrs. Isabella, 27 n Bond 
Dailey James, salesman, Fountain hotel 
Dailey John, (A. Dailey & Bro.)759w Baltimore 
Daile^' John, laborer, 38§^ u Amity 
Daile}' John, blacksmith, Columbia and Scott 
Dailey Michael, lab'r, 250 e Lombard 
Dailey Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 
Dailey, Michael, porter, 172 Penno av 
Dailej' Michael, laborer, 214 Raborg 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 48 s Republican 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 239 Hamiiurg 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 48 Hillen 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 59 Chestnut 
Dailey Mrs. Rebecca, grocery, cor Fort av 

and Hull 
Dailey Samuel, carpenter, 24 Orleans 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 9 Willow 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 167 Hudson 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 7 Abey al 
Dailey Thos. cigarmaker, 73 Oxford 
Dailey Wm. varnisher, 146 e Fayette 
Daily" Bulletin Office, 132 w Baltimore 
Daily Charles, marble polisher, 33 Front n of 

Daily Ephraim V. surgical insts. 234 w Balti- 
more, dw 98 n High 
Daily Frank Y. clerk, 146 e Fayette 
Daily Geo. H. pub'r monthly Oho, 98 n High 
Daily Henry C. clerk, 146 eFayette 
Daily Mark, grocery, 109 Cathedral 
Daily Owen, laborer, 85 s Dallas 
DAILY THOS. magistrate, 125 Forrest, dw 353 

n Central av 
Daily Trade Journal, J. A. Houston publisher, 

over 12 South 
DAILY WM. F. surgical instrument maker, 

234 w Baltimore, dw 46 w Monument 
Daily Wm. H. clerk, 46 w Monument 
Dal Alphonse, confectioner, 25 Ensor 
Dal John, baker, 25 Ensor 
Dal Henry, harnessmaker, 25 Ensor 
Dalbaugh Reuben M. mariner, 204 s Wolfe 
Dale Robert, carpenter, 244 Mulberry 
Dale Samuel, laborer, 515 Saratoga 
Dale Samuel jr. Thompson ur Republican 
Daley Edward, brushmaker, 630 Lexington 
Daley Elijah, plasterer, 52 n Front 
Daley Mrs. Elizabeth, 325 e Biddle 
Daley Henry R. cabinetmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley Jacob, laborer, Winans' distillery 

Daley Jacob, clerk Water dep't, 58 n Carolin* 

Daley John L. hackman, 355 s Charles 

Daley Joseph W. clerk D. S. N. 24 Jackson 

Daley Joseph, collector, 24 Jackson 

Daley Mrs.ilary, hairworker, over 49 s Monros 

Daley Jlrs. ^lary, grocery, 85 n Dallas 

Daley Mrs. Mary A. dressmaker, 295 Saratoga 

Daley Mary, tailoress, 2 Brune 

D^ley Martin, laborer. West nr William 

Daley Michael, 28 Smith 

Daley Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 

Daley Owen, laborer, 85 n Dallas 

Daley Patrick, laborer, 355 s Charles 

Daley Philip, clerk. 52 n Front 

Daley Thos. S. painter, 325 e Biddle 

Daley Wm J. carpenter, 475 Penna av 

Daley Wm. huckster, 206 Chesnut 

Daley Virginia, dressmaker, 52 n Front 

Dalius Gotleib, tailor, 209 s Bond 

Dail Austin, Waverley, York rd 

Dail Chas. W. 38 n Charles 

Dail H. McP. clerk, 91 Saratoga 

Dail Joseph E. dry goods com. merch. 22 

Hanover, dw 91 Park 
Dail Rev. Penfield. 103 Hanover 
Dallam Charles F.'41 w Biddle 
Dallam Edward B. sec' 3* Md. Ins. and Securitj 

Co. 57 Second, dw Harford co 
Dallam F. W. clerk, 85 Bolton 
Dallam Francis, 83 Bolton 
Dallam H. Clay, attorney, cor St. Paul and 

Saratoga, dw 269 n Eutaw 
Dallam Joseph W. clerk, 49 s Exeter 
Dallam Sarah S. 83 Bolton 
Dallam Wm. L. attorney, 7 Courtland, dw 40 

Dallam W. H. (Herbert, Hairston & Co.) 83 

Dallusick James, laborer, 40 Barnes 
Dallwig Conrad, pianomaker, 100 n Pine 
Dallwig Mrs. F. milliner, 100 n Pine 
D'Alraaine Geo. 520 w Fayette 
D'Almaine Geo. M. clerk, 520 w Fayette 
D.Jmon Prof. H. 192 n Calvert 
Dalrymple Alex. P. coal agent, 103 s Exeter 
Dalrymple Mrs. Agnes, 517 n Gay 
Dalrymple Dr. Augustine J. 330 e Pratt 
Dalrymple Rev. Edwin A . pres't University of 

Md. 32 Mulberry, dw 195 w Lombard 
Dalrymple Mrs. Emily J. boarding, 143 n 

Dalrymple Geo. W. police, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple James A. clerk, 103 s Exeter 
Dalrymple Janet, dressmaker, 517 n Gay 
Dalrymple John, machinist, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Thomas, tinner, 153 Forrest 
Dalrymple boxmaker,7 L Constitution 
Dalsheimer D. & Son (David and Sylvan Dal- 

sheimer) wholesale boots and shoes, 6 n 

Howard and 159 Lexington 
Dalsheimer David, boots and shoes, 233 w Pratt 
Dalsheimer David (D. D. & Son) 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Henry C. clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Leon, clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Sylvan (D. D. & Son) 159 Lex- 
Dalton John, police, 132 Harford av 
Dalton Wm. laborer, 215 s Beihel 
Dalton Mrs. Margaret, 6 Swan 
Dalton Wm. grocery, 97 s Dallas 
Dalven Peter, porter, 59 Leadenhall 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 

Daly Mrs. Ann, 71 Hollins 

Daly Chiis. polisher, 33 Front u of Foundry 

DALY EUGENE M. prop'r German St. Ball, 

26 German 
Daly George, laborer, 25 Port 
Daly Henry E. marble polisher, 63 u HoUiday 

DALY JAMES, Restaurant 
Boarding, 85 North 


Daly John, varnisher, 205 Hanover 

Daly John, laborer, 80 Front n of Foundry 

Daly John, varnisher, 295 Hamburg 

Daly John A. bookkeeper, 71 Holland 

Daly Joseph, stonecutter, 68 n Holliday 

Daly Mrs. Margaret, 168 n Front 

Daly Patrick, nurse, 59 Chesnut 

Daly Thomas, varnisher, 2u3 Hanover 

Damnst Philip, carpenter, 202 Montgomery 

Dambniann G. F. Ph. (Loreutz & Ritter) 51 

n Gilmor 
Darner Andrew, cabinetmaker, 143 Dover 
Darner Jlrs. Barbara, tailoress, 9 Williamson al 
Damer Frederick, porter, 242 Hollins 
Damer John S. clerk. Fountain hotel 
Darner Joseph, saddler, 125 Saratoga 
Damer Matthew, tailor, over 150 Franklin 
Dames John H. police. General Wayne hotel 
Damm Albert, cabinetmaker, 246 Hanover 
Damm August, grocery, 439 Canton av 
Damm Conrad, tailor, 61 Orleans 
Damm Henry, laborer, 111 Leadenhall 
Damm Henry, butcher, 616 Light 
Damm John, laborer, 11] Leadenhall 
Damm Wm. cabinetmaker, 144 Orleans 
Damm Wm. laborer. 111 Leadenhall 
Damm Wm. G. clerk, 64 n Broadway 
Dammann F. W. & E. imp'rs of cloths and 

hosiery. 19 Hanover 
Dammann Ernest, (F. W. & E. D.) Lanvale, 

bet Fremont and Chatsworth 
Dammann F. Wm. (F. W. & E. D.) Lanvale, 

bet Fremont and Chatsworth 
Dammann John F. clerk, Lanvale nr Fremont 
Dammann Dr. Lewis H. 191 Mulberry 
Damme Henry, shoemaker, 214 s Broadway 
Damme Sophia, boots and shoes, 214 s Broad- 
Dammer Mary, butter, 289 Franklin 
Dammer Sebastian, huckster, 289 Franklin 
Dampnian Mrs. Elizab. dressmaker, 63 Jefferson 
DANDELIiT F. & CO. (Wm. D. English, J. 
Butterfield) brewers, n e cor Conway and 
Hanover. \_See p. 15 Advertisements. "^ 
Dandelet Francis, 107 Hanover 
Dandelet Francis jr. clerk, 107 Hanover 

From Paris, 

(Successor of f. Guerand.) Establialied 1835. 

French Steanj Dyer & Scourer 

\No. 122 N. Ho^ 

Howard Street, 

RE. MD. 

Dandelet G. A. clerk, 107 Hanover 
Danefitzer Conrad, lab'r, Aliceanna nr Burke 
Daneker Chas. W. shipsmith, 181 William 

.Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Daneker David H. engineer, 224 Montgomery 
Daneker Edwin T. sup't C.H. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Frank A. clerk. 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Geo. C. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker John F. millwright, 25 Henrietta 
Daneker John J. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Samuel H. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Sarah A. 192 Montgomery 
Daneker Thos. 0. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Danels Bolivar D., Judge Orphans Court and 

Consul for Venezuela, 43 Lexington, dw 143 

St. Paul 
Danels John D. jr. prop'r Clagett's brewery, 

e Lombard, adj'ing Falls, dw 254 n Charles 
Danels Joseph D. clerk, 254 n Charles 
Dangerfield Washington I. cigarmaker, 113 

Dangle Geo. carpenter, 196 s Durham 
Danhardt Casper, machinist, 23 n Frederick 
Danhardt Conrad, liquor, 344 s Charles 
Daniel Andrew, shoemaker, 191 Vine 
Daniel Aug. varnisher, 11 Sterrett 
Daniel Daniel, grocery, 66 s Paca 
Daniel David, dry goods, 258 Eastern av, dw 

211 s Paca 
Daniel Mrs. Mary, 252 e Baltimore 
Daniel Michael, 211 s Paca 
Daniel JohnH.(Penniman & Bro.)Eutaw house 
Daniel Joseph 1). clerk, 26 Pearl 
Daniel Robert, collegiate institute for young 

ladies, 241 n Eutaw, Hamilton terrace 
DANIEL WM. attorney, 7 Courtland, dw 

Barnum's hotel 
Daniels Aaron, glass blower, 110 Hughes 
Daniels Daniel, laborer. Gist nr Canton av 
Daniels Geo. W. chairmaker, 162 n Spring 
Daniels Giles, cigarmaker, 144 Mullikin 
Daniels James D. scroll sawyer, 178 s Wash- 
Daniels Mrs. Julia A. milliner, 1 s Exeter 
Dankmeyer John F. baker, 905 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Theodore, Ifaker, 661 w Baltimore 
Dannaher Daniel, laborer, 121 Chesapeake ^ 
Dannaher Michael J. huckster, 76 n Amity 
Dannaly Daniel, carter, 176 s Central av 
Danuattel Louis, joiner, 127 Cross 
Dannelly Dr. F. Olin, 473 n Fremont 
Danneman Geo. car{iet weaver, 271 s Ann 
Dannenberg Frederick K. 339 Lexington 
Dannenberg Mrs. Louisa, 339 Lexington 
Dannenberger Anchel, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger August, clerk, 24 Douglass 

r— I 





•1— I 



WM. H. BEAD, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 






Dannenberger Isaac, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Isaiah, tailor, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Philip, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenfelser Adam, cooper, 188 s Central av 
Dannenfelser Lewis, cooi)er, 109 Eastern av 
Dannenfelsffl- Martin, shoemaker. 6 Cotton row 
Dannenfelser Philip, grocery, 101 Albemarle 
Danner Wesley C, Franklin house 
Dannettel & Co (J. H. Dannettel, F. Schultze, 

J. A. Silberzahn) packing boxmakers, 15 n 


DANNETTEL & CO.. Packing Box 
Makers, No. 15 North Sharp St., 
Baltimore. All Orders Promptly 
Attended to. Terms Moderate, 

Dannettel Geo. F. apothecary, 78 n Schroeder 
Dannettel Henry L. cabinetmaker, Scott nr 

Dannettel John H. (D. & Co.) Washington 

Danskin Washington A., (D. ^' Co.) 38 

DANSKIN & CO. (W. A. Danskin) gentle- 
men's furnishing store, 155 w Baltimore 
Danson Lewis, mariner, 29 n Poppleton 
Danver Robert, clerk, 129 s Sharp 
Danver Thomas, laborer, 65 Elliott 
Danvers Francis, laborer, 17 New Church 
Danz Chas. A. shoemaker, 8 Jew a] 
Danz Edward, capmaker, 22 e Pratt 
Diinz Erasmus, shoemaker, 194 s Washington 
Danz Frederick, shoemaker, 121 n Spring 
Danz Henry, bakery, 166 n Eden 
Danzaelch Henry, cabinetmaker, 154 n Cen- 
tral av 
Danzeglock August, barber, 154 Low 
Danzeglock Henry, shoemaker, Calverton rd 

nr Lexington 
Danzeglock Henry, shoemkr, 855 w Baltimore 
Danzeglock John H. cabinetmaker, 254 n Cen- 
tral av 
Darbent August, 96 Park 
Dapprick Emil, teacher, 74 s Eden 
DARHY & CO. (Benj., Philip, David and 
Beuj. F. Darby )steam candy manufacturers, 
325 w Baltimore 
Darby Benj. (D. & Co.) 315 w Fayette 
Darby Ben]. F. (D. & Co ) 315 Favette 
Darby David, (D. & Co.) 531 w Fayette 
Darby Montillion, machinist,456 w Lombard 
Darby N. H. & Co. (N. R. Darby, T. Duvall) 

com. merch'ts, lOls Charles 
Darby Nicholas R.(N.R.D.& Co.) 101 s Charles 
Darby Philip, (D & Co.)634 w Fayetie 
Darch Philip, laborer, 95 Warner 
Dare Carrie, 296 Pennaav 
Dare Dr. Geo. H. Frederick av nr Monroe 
Dare Gideon G. (Dare & Edwards)228w Lom- 
bard '■ 
DARE & EDWARDS, (Gideon G. Dare, S. 
Edwards,) genl. com. merch'ts, 95 s Charles 
Dare James G. clerk, 23 n Greene 
Dare Wm. H. hardware, 258 w Pratt, dw 183 

s Paca 
Darley John W. shoemaker, 162 n Bond 
Darley Mrs. Sarah, 142 Park av 
Darling Mrs. Eliza, 166 n High 
Darling F. Taylor, 276 w Fayette 
Darling F. Taylor, gauger, l'66 n High 

Darling Dr. Henry, 65 n Greene 
Darling Isaac, of C. H. 166 n High 
Darling James T. carpenter, 5 s Carey 
Darling John, sr. police, 95 Aisquith 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darman Mrs. Jane G. .o49 w Lombard 
Darmstadt Henry, laborer, 56 e Pratt 
Darmstadt Philip, miner, 147 s Castle 
Darnell J. M. patternmkr,Clinton n of Boston 
Darraugh M. A. 247 e Lombard 
Darraugh Wm. police, 396 Harford av 
DARRELL CHAS & CO.(C. Darrell, Jas. W. 

Boyle)imprs. wines and liq'rs,4 Exchange pi 
Darrell Chas. (Chas. D. & Co.) 245 u Calvert 
DARRELL STEWART <|- CO. ( S. Darrell) 

ship, and com. merchts, over 66 s Gav 
Darrell Stewart, (S. D.& Co.) 245 u Calvert 
Darringtou James, clerk, Waverley, York rd 
Darsch Conrad, barkeeper, 185 Lexington 
Darsch Mrs. Catherine, 290 s Sharp 
Darsch Philip, gas fitter, 290 s Sharp 
Darssing Wendel, laborer, 366 Light 
Darteln Theodore, tobacco, 83 s Paca 
Darweiner Henry, boxmaker, 243 Raborg 
Darweiner Jacob J. harnessmaker,243 Raborg 
DASGH CHAS. W. restaurant, 189 HoUins 
Dasch Max. umbrellas, 239 n Bond 
Dasey Cornelius, laborer, 43 Haubert 
Dasey Jeremiah, laborer, 43 Haubert • 
Dash Adam, silversmith, 59 s .Monroe 
Dash Casper S. com. mercht. 124 Mulberry 
Dash Geo. bristle comber, 238 Frederick av 
Dash John, bristle comber, 55 s Monroe 
Dash Mary, laundress, 106 s Dallas 
Dash Wm. stonecutter. Falls rd nr toll gate 
Dashields Thos. grocery, 91 s Exeter 
Dashields Wm. H. caulker, 105 Johnson 
Dashiell Chas. E. carver, 139 s Washington 
Dashiell E. E. G. 60 St. Paul 
Dashiell Jno. B. carver, Chojjtank nr Pratt 
Dashiell Rev. John H. 49 w Biddle 
Dashiell Levin H. ropemaker, 11 s Washington 
Dashiell Mrs. Mary E. 333 e Baltimore 
Dashiell Mrs Matilda, 27 \ Aisquith 
Dashiell Capt. Mitchell, 2''7^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Dr. Nicholas Leeke, 207 s Broadway 
Dashiell Rich'd,canmaker,Choptauk nr Pratt 
Dashiell Richard H. canmaker, 175 Bank 
Dashiell Robt. D. teacher, 49 w Biddle 
Dashiell Robert, watchman, 2 Aisquith 
Dashiell S. K. real estate broker, 32 St. Paul, 

dw Howard co 
Dashiell Wm. 0. clerk, 44 Spring row 

gashiell Wm. R. bricklayer, 246 Holland 
aton Chas. mariner, 12 Hammond al 
Daub Adam, bL-^cksmith, 398 n Gay 
Daub Mrs. Barbara, confectionery, 398 n Gay 
Daub Christian, grocery, 432 n Gay 
Daub Jacob, shoemaker, 438 n Gaj^ 
Daub Lewis, tinner, 139 Bank 
Daubert Frederick, laborer, 57 Elliott 
Daubman Chris, shoemki, I'ajson nr Lombard 
Dauchert Charles, watchmaker, 66 s Central av 
Dauenhauer Louis, carpenter, 280 e Lombard 
Daugherty Chas. fire dept. 32 Laurel 
Daugherty Mrs. Delia, dressmkr, 605 w Lom- 
Daugherty Geo. harnessmaker, 293 f'ross 
Daugherty James F.stonemason,417 Lexington 
Daugherty John police, 132 Harford av 
Daugherty John T. carpenter, 221 Hollins 
Daugherty Rev. John J. 106 n Charles 

WM. H. HEAD'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimoaa-st. 

Anctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Daugherty J. M. (D., Maguire & Wright) 49 

Daugherty J. W. laborer, s end of Clinton 
Daugherty, Macruire & Wright, (J. M. Daugh- 
erty, J. F. Maguire, J. N.Wright) job print- 
ers, 20 Second 
Daugherty Mrs. Mary A.jChoptank nr Gongh 
Daugherty Michael, laborer, 162 West 
Daugherty P. Henry, salesman, 44 Fawn 
Daugherty Mrs. Priscilla A.( Wm.G.D.& Co.) 

16 Jackson sq 
Daugherty Rev. Thos. 547 n Fremont 
Daugherty Saml. stonecutter, 43 Milliinan 
Daugherty Mrs. Virginia, ,^8 n Broadwav 
Daugherty Wm. G. & Co. (W . G. and P. A. 
Daugherty )coal cor Central ay and Fayette 
Daugberty "Wm. G. { W. G. D. & Co.) 16 

Jackson sq 
Daugherty Wm. H. conductor, 335 Cathedral 
Daulin Geo. jeweler, 21 n Calvert 
Daum Lawrence, tailor, 60 s Wolfe 
Dauman Geo. laborer, 126 s < hapel 
Daurae Geo. laborer, cor Mill and Boston whf 
Damraann Geo. basket maker, 25 Perry 
Dausch Anthony, stevedore, 3 e cor Broad- 
way and Jackson sq av 
Dausch Charles, s w cor Baltimore and Wash- 
Dausch Jacob, laborer, 233 Gough 
Dausch J. P. stevedore, cor Baltimore and 

DAUSCH DR. PIERRE, s e cor Broadwayand 

Jackson sq av 
Dauterich Henry, beer, cor Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich John, tavern, 8 n Eden 
Dnuterweil Sebastian, grocery, 60 Frederick av 
Davalt Mary Ann, seamstress, 110 Hamburg 
Davault Wm. barkeeper, 126 Light 
Davenport Bartham, agt. 205 e Pratt 
Davenport Dr. B. H. R. 38 n Sohroeder 
Davenport B. H. R. apothecary, cor Mulberry 

and Schroeder 
Davenport James, clerk, IT n Fremont 
Davenport Mrs. Jane, 180 e Baltimore 
Daveris Chas. clerk, 59 President 
Davids Albert G. 274 Park av 
Davids Garrett B.(Denmead & Son)274Park av 
Davidson A. B. 60 McCulloh 
Davidson Chas.C. shoemaker,6I2 w Baltimore 
Davidson C. Falconer, clerk, 46 n Freaiout 
DAVIDSON C. Y. gas fixtures, 5 n Liberty, 

dw 201 n Calvert 
Davidson Deborah, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Edward, conductor, ITO Penna av 
Davidson F. H. hardware, 158 Franklin, dw 

Druid Hill av nr McMechin 
Davidson Francis, 119 n Central av 
Davidson John E. bookkeeper, 85 s Paca 
Davidson John G. clerk, 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson John U. shoefitter, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson John J. butcher, 14 Belair market, 

dw cor Harford av and Point la 
Davidson Joseph E. clerk, 85 s Paca 
Davidson Mary B. 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson & McElhiney, ( Wm. T. Davidson, W. 
J. McElhiuey, J. E. Clark) com. merchs. 
and wholes, liquors, 7 Commerce 
Davidson Mrs. Margaret E. 85 s Paca 
Davidson Robert, roofer, Durham nr Fayette 
DAVIDSON ROBERT J. gastitter, 776 w" Bal- 
timore, dw Pratt nr Strieker 
Davidson R. C. lab'r, 77 n Eutaw 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Davidson Saml. G. police, cor Point la and 

Harford av 
Davidson Wallace C. clerk, 154 Pearl 
Davidson Wm.ropemkr.Harford avnrPointla 
David on Wm. T. (D. \^ McElhiney) 213 St. 


Davidson Wm. S. shoefitter, 612 w Baltimore 
Da vies Mrs. M. A. 101 St. Paul 
Davies Sam'l K. clerk, 101 St. Paul 
Davies Col. Wm. H. farmer, 101 St. Paul 
Davies Wm. T. clerk, 42 Conway 
Davis Abrani, engineer, 5 w Biddle 
Davis Dr. A. D. 14 w Baltimore 
Davis A. T. canmak. 418 Mulberry 
Davis Alfred H. lab'r. 48 Hammond al 
Davis Alfred H. gilder, 48 Miller 
Davis Albert, shoemak. 77 Hanover 
Davis Albert, sup' I light house, 134 Mont- 
Davis Albin P. machinist, 10 s Republican 
Davis A. G. sup't teleg'h B.&O.R.R., 105 n 

Charles • 
Davis Allen B. former, 378 Madison av 
Davis Alex. G. barber, 54 w Fayette, dw 62 

Davis Amos M. cooper, 139 Hamburg 
Davis Andrew, stairbnilder, 225 Lanvale 
Davis Mrs. Andrew J. brassfinish. 207 n Dallas 
Davis Mrs Ann, 89 s Strieker 
Davis Mrs. Annie E. 226 n Eden 
Davis Mrs. Annie E. dressmak. 62 Richmond 
DAVIS ARCHIBALD M. foreman, Geo. S. 

Clogg, 68 Lee 
Davis Archibald T. canmak. 418 Mulberry 
Davis August, laborer, 108 Thames 
Davis Augustus, tailor, rear 70 Harrison 
Davis Benj. copper smelter, Clinton s ofBoston 
Davis Benj. M. junk, 30 Henrietta 
Davis Capt. Bradford A. ferry boat, 63 s Bond 
Davis Mrs. Caroline, 166 Druid Hill av 
Davis Mrs. Cathine, laundr's, 47 Constitution 
Davis Chas. A. inspr. C. H. 30 n Republican 
Davis Chas. junk, Aliceanna nr Essex 
Davis Chas. W. bookkeeper, 134 Mulberry 
Davis Chas. H. pilot, 214 Gough 
Davis Chas. M. carp. Townsend nr Fremont 
Davis C. T. shoecutter, 97 s Paca 
Davis Chas. T. clerk, 35 s Exeter 
Davis Chas. T. tailor, 97 s Paca 
Davis Chas. H. printer, 29 Greenmount av 
Davis Chas. J. block and pumpraaker, foot of 

Montgomery, dw 91 Battery 
Davis Mrs. Clara, boarding, 60 n Central av 





WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 


Dust and 








I— I 











Davis Mrs. Clara, 76 e Lombard 

Davis Mrs. Clarissa H. seam'rcss, 43L.Hamp- 

Davis Chris. C. B. bag' master, 244 w Fayette 
Davis Clinton W. clerk, 3 I Jackson 
Davis Cyrus, printer, 31 Jackson 
Davis Daniel, smelter, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Daniel, lab'r, 4 Abbot 
Davis David W. confectioner, 5 w Biddle 
Davis Edtrar, clerk, 88 Ridgely 
Davis Edgar, canmak. 355 Cathedral 
Davis Edward T. clerk, 207 Saratoga 
Davis Edward G. lab'r, 48 Hammond al^ 
Davis Edward, millwright, 12 Smith 
Davis Edward, lab'r, 83 Stiles 
Davis E. R. salesman, 23 s Howard 
Davis Eliza, artist, 166 Druid Hill av 
Davis Edwin R. attorney' and real estate agt, 

2 South, dw 162 Hanover 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 349 Franklin 
Davis iMrs. Elizabeth, 455 Franklin 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, 361 e Baltimore 
Davis p]lizabeth, 24 Front n of Foundry 
Davis Emma, seamstress, 43 L. Hampstead 
Davis Enoch, carpenter, 12 n Poppleton 

DAVIS FRANK E. Architect, 
Koom No. 1, 2d Story, over s e 
cor Charles 8nd Fayette, dw 64 
n Greene. 

Davis Geo. junk, 8 Windsor 

Davis Geo. A. machinist, 87 s Mount 

Davis Geo. A. jr. machinist, 87 s Mount 

Davis Geo. T. boilermak. 160 Hughes 

Davis Geo. W. clerk, 266 Druid Hill av 

Davis Geo. W. upholsterer, 11 e Monument 

Davis Geo. S. plasterer, 75 Pearl 

Davis G. H. (Dade 4- D.) Carroll co 

Davis Geo. W. shipsmith, 128 Cross 

Davis Geo. \V. carp. 455 Franklin 

Davis Geo. H. stonecutter, 331 Eastern aT 

Davis Geo. VV. 91 Lexington 

Davis Geo. W. carp. 18 s Schroeder 

Davis Geo. A. jr. plasterer, 75 Pearl 

Davis Geo. A. builder, Townsend, one door w 

of Fremont 
Davis Dr. Geo. W. 361 e Baltimore 
DAVIS GEO. W. justice of the peace, 15 St. 

Paul, dw 266 Druid Hill av 
Davis Geo. M. carp. 188 n Oregon 
Davis H. B. clerk, 49 South 
Davis Mrs. Harriet, 106 HiUen 
Davis Henrietta, 348 Franklin 
Davis Henrietta, teacher, 35 Walsh 
Davis Henry C. clerk, 312 w Baltimore 
Davis Henry T. coppersmelter, 38 O'Donnell 
Davis Hy. moulder, Mt. Royal hill nr reservoir 
Davis Mrs. Henry W. 56 pVanklin 
Davis Howard, stonecutter, 331 Eastern av 
Davis Hugh, 32 A bey al 
DAVIS I. THOMAS & CO. (L Thomas Davis, 

VVm. Marbury) salt dealers, 49 South 
Davis I.Thomas, (I. Thomas D. & Co.) George- 
town, D. C. 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 177 Townsend 
Davis Jacob T. millwright, 348 Franklin 
Davis James B. fireman, 236 s Sharp 
Davis James, carpenter, 258 w Pratt 
Davis James A. clerk, 669 w Fayette 
Davis Mrs. Janet, 62 n liolliday 






s James E. coal, s w cor Bond and Lom- 

rd, dw 6 n Washington 

s John, carpenter, 44 Orleans 

s John G. laborer, 49 Hill 

s John, shipcarp. Bank and Chester 

s John, laborer, 23 s Regester 

s John, jiink, 30 Aliceanna, Canton 

s JohnC. mast, of machinery B. & O.R.R. 

w Fayette 
is John, smelter, Clinton nr Boston 

John H. painter, 93 Boyd 
S John, tailor, 318 n Central av 
s Jolm, feed, 81 Ensor 
s John C. i)ainter, 3 s Oregon 
s John Charles, 455 Franklin 
s John A. C. clerk, 24 n Front 
s John E. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
s John E. rigger, 21 s Oregon 
s John F. jr. carpenter, 97 s Paca 
s John F. carpenter, 97 s Paca 
s .lohn T. tinner, 76 Henrietta 
s John T. laborer, 151 n Bethel 
s John T. blacksmith, 227 Light 
s John H. bricklayer, 194 Druid Hill ar 
3 John C. carpenter, 369 w Fayette 
is John, plasterer, Belair av nr Hoffman 
s John K.coachtrimmer, 266 Druid Hill ar 
s John W. laborer, 48 Hammond al 
s John W. pres't Board Police Commis- 
ners, Park av nr Townsend 
is John W. tinner, 85 Hamburg 
sJohn W. builder, 102 n Bond 
s John T. stonecutter, 78 George 
s Joseph E. driver, Wolfe nr Monument 
s Joseph, chairmaker, 230 a Bond 
s Joseph L. carpenter, 300 Light 
s Joseph H. miller, 461 Franklin 
s Lawrence B. carpenter, 101 Granby 
s Lawrence C. clerk, 64 Chatsworth 
s Louisa, laundress. Fountain hotel 
is Mrs. Lucy, seamstress, 20 Albemarle 
is Mrs. Marian, Clinton nr Boston 

Marion, tinner, 90 s Exeter 
s Margaret, 1 Cuba 
s Mark N. carpenter, 76 n Amity 
3 Martha A. 43n High 
is Mrs. Jlary E. dressmaker, 53 s Caroline 
s Mrs. Mary, 48 Hammond al 

Mrs. Mary A. 127 s Paca 

.Mrs. Mary, 230 e Monument 
s Mrs. Mary L. tailoress, 93 Boyd 
is Mrs. Mary C. 224 Lee 
s iMrs. Mary. Clinton s of Boston 
s Mary M. 179 Franklin 
s Mrs. Marv E. grocery, 38 O'Donnell 
"'& MILLER, (A. J. Miller) wholesale 
uggists, 12 n Howard 
s Orlando S. operator, 7 Hanover 
s Oliver, stonecutter, 88 Ridgely 
3 Peter W. laborer, 16 L. Church 
s Mrs. Rachel A. dressmaker, 91 Lexington 
3 Ralj)h, clothing, 22J Harrison 
is Revcrdy, can maker, 156 Columbia 
s Richd. laborer, Mount Royal hill 
s Richard L. carpenter, 66 Raborg ■ 
s Richard L. carpenter, 53 Scott 
s Richard, collector, 198 e Pratt 
is Richard T. clerk, 79 n Liberty 
.s Richard T. sr. salesman, 79 n Eutaw 
s Robert, engineer, 34 s Strieker 
3 Robert P. police, 117 n Eden 
s Robert N. painter, 1 Hall al 

W. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for the 
sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Davis Robert McL. clerk, n w cor Park av and 

Davis Roswell, shoemaker, 105 w Fayette 
Davis Samuel, laborer, Northern av nr Cathe- 
Davis Samuel, laborer, Clinton a of Elliott 
Davis Samuel G. laborer. "7 s Fremont 
Davis Samuel S. clerk, Park av nr Townsend 
Davis Mrs. Sarah E. 349 Franklin 
Davis Shalmaneser, produce aad com. mercht. 

27 Barre ,dw 34 Conway 
Davis Silas W. police, 91 n Schroeder 
Davis Mrs. Sophia, clothing, 66 Thames 
Davis Stephen, boot and sboemanuf. 150 Lex- 
ington, dw 207 Srratoga 
Davis Mrs. Susan, grocery, 86 Holland 
Davis Thos. boots and shoes, 196| Lexington. 

dw 5 '0 w Fayette 
Davis Thos. drayman, 12 s Bond 
Davis Thos. trunks, McHenry nr Gilmor 
Davis Thos. P. huckster, 366 Canton av 
Davis Thos. G. blacksmith, 223 Dolphin 
Davis Thos. mariner, 263 s Wolfe 
Davis Thos. mariner, 267 s Wolfe 
Davis Thos. B. cooper, 42 Ramsay 
Davis Thos. B. bookkeeper, 125 Park av 
Davis Thos. tailor, 133 e Monument 
Davis Thomas W. trunkmaker, McHenry cor 

Davis Thomas W. stonemason, 27 e Monument 
Davis Thos. laborer, York rd nr 1st tollgate 
Davis Thos. J. carpenter, 26 Greenmount av 
Davis T\ ler, exp. mess. Strieker nr McHenry 
Davis Rev. Wesley B. S3 w Biddle 
Davis Wm. peddler, Wolfe nr Monument 
Davis Wm. clerk, 42 Conway 
Davis W. E. W. plasterer, 75 Pearl 
Davis Wm. clerk, 79 n Liljerty 
Davis Wm. plasterer, 30 n Washington 
Davis Wm. Edward S. bookkeeper, Belair av 

nr Hoffman 
Davis Wm. A. shoemaker. 255 n Eden 
Davis Wm. laborer, 390 Harford av 
DAVIS DR. WM. H. 193 n Howard 
Davis Wm. B. boilermkr. Strieker nr McHenry 
Davis Wm. H. painter, 211 Bank 
Davis Wm. M. machinist, 97 w Biddle 
Davis Wm. E. (W. E. D. & Co.) 64 n Greene 
DAVIS WM. E. & CO. ( W. E. Davis) manuf. 

iron railing, 144 Camden 
Davis Wm. B. cooper, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. B. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. H. printer, 157 Aisquith 
Davis Wm. H. boatbuilder, 157 Hudson 
Davis Wm. J. shipcarpenter, 118 Hughes 
Davis Wm. 0. carpenter, 361 e Baltimore 
Davis Wm. R. carpenter, 86 Holland 
Davis Wm. smelter. First av nr Toone 
Davis Wm. hackman, 54 Jefferson 
Davis Wm. H. cigarmaker, 224 Lee 
Davis Wm. H. carpenter, 144 Conwav 
Davis Wm. J. 127 s Paca 
Davis Wm. liquors, 85 Druid Hill av 
Davis Wm. T. cigarmaker, 188 e Monument 
Davis Wm. H. marble cutter, 8 Windsor 
Davis Wm. B. bricklayer, 160 Franklin 
Davis AVilson, mariner, 82 York 
Davis Zim, moulder, 2i6 Columbia 
Davison Beuj. salesman, 89 Harrison 
Davison Calvin T. 179 n Charles 
Davison C. S. bookkeeper, 54 Saratoga 
Davison Geo. W. (W. D. & Co.) 72 Bolton 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Davison John, chemist. 72 s Eutaw 

Davison Robert, bricklayer. 165 n Central av 

Davison Sophia, 80 n Bethel 

son. W. S. and T. A. Symington) manufs. 
acids, over 104 w Lombard 

Davison Thomas H. 179 n Charles 

Davison AVm. J. (Wm. D. & Co.) 129 n Re- 

DAVISON WM. &CO. (Wm., Wm. 
J. and Geo. W. Davison) Manufac- 
facturers of Varnishes, White 
Lead. French and American Zincs 
in Oil, Colors, Whiting, Putty, He- 
fined Saltpetre, Spanish Brown, 
Venetian Red. Epsom Salts, &c., 
104 w Lombard-st 

Davison Wm. (W. D. & Co. and D. Syming" 
ton & Co.) and prest. Md. White Lead Co- 
179 n Charles 
Davy John M. clerk, ilaltby house 
Davy John W. salesman. 273 w Baltimore 
Daw Wm. T. bootmaker. 211 n Central av 
Dawalt Wm. H. police. 420 Hanover 
Dawes Edward B. sr. tiigineer. 198 s Fremont 
Dawes Edward B. canmaker, 198 s Fremont 
Dawes Francis, cooper, Central al nr w Fay- 
ette, dw 159 w Fayette 
Dawes George R. mate, 37 n Eden 
Dawes George H. gen. com. mercht. over 101 

South, dw 21 s Howard 
Dawes John, huckster, 261 s Paca 
Dawes Capt. Jos. D. mariner, 15 n Bond 
Dawes Mrs. Mary, 15 n Bond 
Dawes Richard, cooper, 229 w Fayette 
Dawes Wm. H. plasterer, 198 s Fremont 
Dawkins Jas. A. shipping clerk, 91 Saratoga 
Dawley H. S. business manager Weed Sewing 

Machine Co. 53 n Charles.dw 74 McCuUoh 
Daws Henry, conductor, 206 George 
Dawson Anna, laundress, 126 Penna av 
Dawson C. Scott, bookkeeper, 54 Saratoga 
Dawson Daniel, porter, 24 Arbel al 
Dawson Edgar G. 70 w Madison 
Dawson Edward, barber, 133 .Mulberry 
Dawson Gideon R.(J. J. Bunting &Co.) Man- 
sion house 
Dawson Hugh, currier, 231 Conway 
Dawson James, wheelwright, 2 e Baltimore 





I— I 


• f— t 

WM. H. BEAD Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO., 308 W. Baltimore-st. 













Dawson James, mariner, n w cor Caroline and 

Eastern av 
Dawson John, watchman, 30 Cross 
Dawson Joseph painter, 100 n Fremont 
Dawson Linsaj- T. watchman, 116 Hughes 
Dawson. Love & Co. (N. Dawson, J. F. Love, 

JL Osburn) wholes, liquors, nw cor Howard 

and Pratt 
Dawson Nicholas, (Dawson, Love & Co.) 18 

Dawson Owen, porter, Harford av ext 
Dawson Philip T. 243 Druid Hillav 
Dawson Samuel, shipcarpenter, 83 s Ann 
Dawson Sarah E. teacher, 83 s Ann 
Dawson Thomas, gilder, 178 w Lombard 
Dawson Wm. H. jr. attorney, s e cor Fayette 

and North, dw 21 Courtland 
Dawson Wm. H. carpenter, Biddle nr Wolfe 
Dawson Wm. H. carpenter, 100 n Fremont 
Dawson Wm. P. (Thos R. Matthews & Sons) 

152 McCulloh 
Day Alex. H. shipcarpenter, Washington nr 

DAY ALFRED G. saddler, harness and trunk 

maker, 421 w Baltimore, dw 252 w Fayette 

Day Athia J. teacher, 189 Bank 
Day Chas. S. millwright, 379 e Fayette 
Day Edward H. shipcarpenter, 189 Bank 
Day Mrs. Eliza, 304 e Chase 
Day Enoch, laborer, 93 Druid Hill av 
Day Fred'k, drayman, 25 Goodman al 
Day Geo. W. (Evans, Reeves & Co.) Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 
Day Mrs. Harriet, trimmings, 379 e Fayette 
Day Hazen, baker, 186 Vine 
Day Ira, cashier N. C. R. 231 Druid Hill av 
Day Isaac, mariner, 224 e Lombard 
Day Ishmael, inspector C. H. 105 n fligh 
Day Jacob, tinner, 304 e Chase 
Day John, laborer, 64 s Oregon 
Day John W. moulder, 105 s Strieker 
Day John, bricklayer, 38 e Fayette 
Day John, laborer, 42 Boyd 

Day Lexington M. D. attorney, 166 German 
Day Margaret, upholsteress, Washington nr 

Jackson sq av 
Day Mark, engineer, 151 Gough 
Day Milton, patent agent, Strieker bet Me- 

Henry and Ramsay 
Day Nicholas, moulder, 105 s Strieker 
Dav Norman, (Turner k D.) 261 e Baltimore 
Day 0. F. (R. Lawson & Co.) 280 w HoflFman 
Day Samuel G, tinner and house furn. goods, 

91 n Calvert, dw 304 e Chase 
Day Samuel, wood, 116 e-Lombard 
Day Rev. Willard G. 255 n Eutaw 
Day Wm. A. shipcarpenter, Washington nr 

Day Wesley, fireman, 276 McHenry 
Day Wm. H. brakeman, 186 Vine 
Deacey Cornelius, laborer, 43 Haubert 
Deacey Jeremiah, laborer, 43 Haubert 
Deacon Chas. R. agent sewing machines, 3€ 

Deacon Daniel, shoemaker, 26 Greenmonnt 
Deacon Frederick W. 123 s Chester 
Deacon John, grocery, 30 Hampstead 
Deacon Louisa, 123 s Chester 
Deacon Wm. J. clerk, 30 L. Hampstead 
Deacon Wm. laborer, 123 s Chester 
Deady Henry, milk, Philadelphia road nr city 

Deady John L. sailmkr, 69 n Bond 
Deady Mrs. Mary, milk, Philadelphia road nr 

city limits 
Deagan Wm. J. 223 Madison av 
Deal Adam, laborer, Gist nr Canton av 
Deal Catherine, 8 Mott 
Deal Charles S. plumber, 25 Buren 
Deal Geo. stonecutter, 42 Preston 
Deal Geo. W. tinner, 211 n Exeter 
Deal Geo. W. bricklayer, 32 Chapel 
Deal James A. clerk, 249 e Monument 
Deal John H. police, 15 Constitution 
Deal Rev. John S. 96 n Broadwav 
Deal John T. brassfinisher, 206 n Central av 
Deal Wm. C. plumber, 25 Buren 
Deal Wm. N. printer, 25 Buren 
Deal Wm. B. painter, 25 Bureu 
Deal Wm. carpenter, 25 Buren 
Deal Wm. laborer, 16 Callendar al 
Deal Wm. C. plumber, 90 Park, dw York rd 

nr tollgate 
Deale James F. clerk, 370 Hollins 
Deale Mrs. S. A. 370 Hollins 
Deale Lemuel, cabinetmkr, 275 e Madison 
Dealys Wm. M. builder. 72 n Eden 
Deamer Jos. blacksmith, Elliott and Clinton 
Dean Geo. A. salesman, 175 n Dallas 
Dean Ira, carpenter, 76 Block 
Dean James, puddler, 30 Aliceanna, Canton 
Dean Michael, 67 Park 
Dean Michael, carter, 277 e Monument 
Dean Richard, turner, 178 e Fayette 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, 241 Franklin 
DEAN WM. sec'y and treas'r Canton Co. cor 

Boston and Patuxent 
Dean Wm. H. carpenter, 32 s Schroeder 
Deaner John, cabinetmkr, 183 w Pratt 
Dear John T. engineer, 162 Hughes 
Dear Leonard, driver, 222 s Paca 
Dear Michael, basketmkr, 157 s Washington 
Dear Wm. basketmkr, 157 s Washington 
Dearenk Christian, shoemkr 3 Penn al 
Dearing Conrad, laborer, 360 e Eager 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore 

Aiictioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Dearinp Fredeiick, laborer. 153 s Charles 
Dearincf Geo. cabinetmkr. Bethel nr Baltimore 
Dearing H. R. salesman, 318 w Baltimore 
Dearing Margaret, grocery, 267 L Hughes 
Dearing Susan, saleswoman, 213 w Biddle 
Dearman Henry, tailor, 9 L Gon>jh 
Dearkar Henry, drayman, 88 York 
Dearker Wm.elerk.' 88 York • 
Dears Frederick, butcher, Washington a^' 
Dearshner Conrad, shoemkr, 67 Monroe 
Deary .lamps, bricklayer. 14 Prospect la 
Deary Michael, laborer. 182 Flasi 
Deary Wni. blacksmith, 21 Sierrett 
Deatel Andrew, butcher. Penna av ext 
Deatel Chas. butcher, 16 Cross-st market, dw 

Penna av ext 
Deaver Geo. R. police, 60 Gough 
Deaver Jas. waterman. 273 e Monument 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist. 175 Chesnut 
Deaver Jehu, canmaker, 177 e Pratt 
Deaver John, capmaker. 177 e Pratt 
Deaver Margaret A. 177 e Pratt v,^^ 

D'^aver Margaret R. dressmaker, 110 Hillen • 
Deaver Mrs. Mary Ann, 110 Plillen 
Deaver Obadiah, clerk, 172 Chesnut 
Deaver Stephen, laborer, 287 s Paca 
Deaver Wra R. painter. Penna av nr Mosher 
Deaver Wm. engineer. 177 e Pratt 
Deaves Geo.T. tinner. 74 s Caroline 
De Baufre James, clerk, 280 Eastern av 
De Baufre Mrs. Sarah. boarding, 280 Eastern av 
De Baufre Wm. H. 280 Eastern av 
Debbold .Martin, tailor, 79 n Central av 
Debeer John, peddler, 642 w Baltimore 
Debeer Solomon, tailor, 128 Saratoga 
De Beet Wm. C. orna'l painter, 23 e Fayette 
Debelus Martin, laborer, 49 s Regester 
Debertin Andrew, tavern, 239 Hollins 
Debertin John, 87 Penna av 
Debess Elizabeth, grocery, 394 Saratoga 
Debess Joseph, brewer. 394 Saratoga 
Debilius Peter, tinner, Regester nr Lombard 
Debo Sarah, 2 Green willow 

Deboer , portrait painter. 438 w Fayette 

De Boer Bernard, bookkeeper. 178 w Lombard 
Debow Chas. T. miller, 107 Hollins 
Debow Christian, tinner, 47 n Durham 
Debring Anthony, florist, 16,5 Druid Hill av 
Debring Anihony, engineer, 2S8 n Eutaw 
Debring Bernard, ironworker. 134 L Greene 
Debring Gerhard A. shoemaker, 165 Druid 

Hill av 
Debring John C. boots and shoes. 133 n Eutaw 
Debring John C. clerk, 288 n Eutaw 
Debrow Francis, plasterer, cor Caroline and 

De Caindry Auguslin, carpenter, 113 Chesa- 
De Castro Salvador, 258 n Eutaw 
Decamp Mary J. 48 Conway 
Debuler James E. huckster, 109 Ensor 
Debutz Mrs. Mary, 119 n Howard 
Deching Frederick, shoemaker, 154 s Spring 
Deck Henry, tobacco warehouse, 455 Saratoga 
Deck John, boilermkr, 366 Penna av 
Deck John S. bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck Jos. G. laborer. 21 Rose 
Deck Lanehart, nightman, 231 g Mulberry 
Deck Martiu, cooper, 326 s Sharp 
Deck Wm. sr. lager beer, 455 Saratoga 
Deck Wm. jr. carter, 455 Saratoga 
Deckelman Geo. shoemkr, 99 Peirce 

Deckelman John, shoemaker, 42 Chatsworth 

Decker A . 88 Camden 

Decker Mrs Barbara, 15 s Chapel 

Decker Christian, exprt^ssman, Sarah Ann nr 

Decker Ciiarles. butcher, 35 Fell's Pt Market, 

dw Hudson nr Clinton 
Decker Everhardt, shoemaker, 8 Callendar al 
Decker Francis, tobacconist, 319.\ Penna av, 

dw 222 Madison av 
Decker Francis, tailor, 273 n Central av 
Decker Fred, ((iissel & D.) 241 e Biddle 
Decker George. 149 w Fayette 
Decker Henry, blacksmith, 96 n Ann 
Decker Henry, merchant tailor, 262 n Gay 
Decker Henry, laborer, 10 n Oregon 
Decker Jacot"> F. 149 w Fayette 
Decker Jacob, wajroner, 5'< s Chapel 
Decker John, clerk, 1«2 s Exeter 
Decker John, bricklayer, 113 s Castle 
Decker John G. rags, 57 Carlton 
Decker Joseph, 273 n Central av 
Decker Joseph J. cigarmkr, 262 n Gaj- 
Decker Lewis, clerk, 149 w Fayette 
Decker Mrs. Mary A. dry goods, 273 n Cental av 
Decker Mrs. Mary A. 4 s Chapel 
Decker Wm. grocery, 755 Lisrht 
Deckhardt Chas. drayman, 246 Conway 
Deckhart Adam, huckster. 219 Aliceanna 
Deckleman Geo. shoemaker, 99 Peirce 
Deckman Henry, blacksmith. 5 Orchard 
Deckman Henry, lab'r, 110 Ramsay 
Deckman John, confectioner, 246 s Eutaw 
Deckman John H. porter, 246 s Eutaw 
Decorcv Mrs. Joanna. 251 Gough 
DeCorinis&Co. (E. DeC. jr.. J. Donnelly) 

wholes, liquors. 21 Cheapside 
DeCormis Edward jr. (De C. &Co.) Franklin 

nr Pine 
De Coursay John, tailor, 175 Lee 
De Coursey Mrs. Eleanor R. 86 Warner 
De Court Julian. French vice consul, 79 Ex- 
change place, dw (i9 n Charles 
Dedion Peter, bricklayer. 15 n Chapel 
Dedsler John, carp. 368 Canton av 
Dee Mrs. Ann, 25 Leramon 
Dee Jas. lab'r, 25 Lemmon 
Dee Morris M. machinist, 25 Lemmon 
Dee Morris, confectioner, 4 Swan 
Dee Mrs. Sarah. 3 Bloodgood ct 
Deeg John, cigars. 243 s Charles, dw 262 
Deeg Margaret, trimmings, 262 s Charles 
Deehning Fred, porter, 27 Barre 

I— < 





WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoa- 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


JOSHUA HORNER jr- & CO., Manuf'rs & Com. Merch'ts. 








Deel Charlotte, 95 Lancaster 

Deel John, lab'r, 38 Haubert 

Deemer Dorneion, tailor, 1 s Poppleton 

Deeuier Henry, grocery, 341 e Monument 

Deemer Henry, cooper, 194 s Bond 

Deemer Josepli, blacksmith, cor Pulaski and 

Frederick av 
Deemer Lewis, butcher, McElderry rear Md 

Deemer Mary, tailoress, 30 Albemarle 
Deems Adam, huckster, 147 Burgundy la 
Deems Adam W. blacksmith. 379 Hamburg 
Deems Chas. W. butcher. Harford av nrtoUgate 
Deems Geo. machinist, 22 s Schroeder 
Deems Mrs. Geo. W. 28 s Calhoun 
Deems George W. jr. clerk, 2>s s Calhoun 
Deems Geo. W. machinist. 375 Hamburg 
Deems Harriet M. dressmak. 273 Hanover 
Deems Jacob, moulder, Mount Roval Hill nr 

Deems Jacob C. painter, 162 Dover 
Deems Jacob jr. redemption clerk U. S. treas- 
ury. 6 Holiins 
DEEMS JAS. M. music school, over n e cor 
Baltimore .ind Paca, Aw 1 HoUins cor Fre- 
Deems Jas. moulder, 22 Hudson al 
Deems J. Harry, music teacher, 1 Holiins 
Deems John, driver. 42 n Amity 
Deems Mrs. Sophia, grocery. 121 L. Greene 
Deems Thos. moulder. 25 O.^ford 
Deems Wm. G. moulder. 121 L Greene 
Deer Conrad, lab'r, Belair rd nr tollgate 
Deer Conrad, lab'r, 68 Essex 
Deer Frank, carver, 1 s Howard 
Deer ^Irs. Margaret, Durham nr Fayette 
Deering Louis, lab'r, 119 s Broadway 
Deering Valentine, tailor, 140 s Caroline 
DEETJEX TVARK, imp. wines and liquors, 

225 s Broadway, dw 60 
Deetman John, lab'r, 181 s Durham 
Deets Frederick, salesman, 67 n Broadway 
Deets Geo. W. restaurant, 152 n Calvert 
Deets Geo. W. restaurant, 2 e Pratt 
Deets Landnim H. carpenter, 66 s Broadway 
Deets Wm. G. barkeeper. 1 Maccubbin 
Deets Wm. H. c'erk water dep't. 162 Aisquith 
Deever Susan, 54 n Front 
Defalco Pasquil, lab'r, 135 West 
Deffner Martin, 122 s Durham 
De Fief F.. ]\Iansion house 
De Foutes Charles (F. De F. & Bro. ) 120 n Gay 
DeFontesF. & Bro. (Frank and Charles De 

Fnntes) barbers WiO n Gav 
De Fontes Frank (F. DeF. & Bro.) 152 n Gay 
Deford Benj. F. (D. & Co.) 207 Madison av 
DEFURD & CO. (B. F. Deford, J. F. Ely, T. 
Deford ) hides, leather and oil com. merchs. 
n w cor Calvert and Lombard 
Deford D. W. salesman, 148 Lee 
Deford Mrs. Isaac, 83 n Greene 
Deford Thos. G. jr. bookkpr. 472 w Baltimore 
Deford Thos. G. messenger, 23 Penn 
Deford Thos. (D. k Co.) 207 Madison av 
De Ford Wm. Y.. 42 Cathedral 
De Forest David L. clerk, Three Tuns hotel 
Defratice Emanuel, mariner, 131 s Washington John, lab'r, 58 s Dewberry al 
Degardner Conrad, driver. Battery av nr Fort 
Degaw Geo. L. clerk, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw John T. potter, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thos. sr. teamster, 444 w Lombard 

Degele John F. watchmaker, 51 Orleans 
DEGEX ALBERT, principal Franklin Insti- 
tute, cor Fulton and Lombard, dw 4 Monroe 
Degenhardt Chas. mariner, 198 s Ann 
Degenhardt August, carp. 6 German, dw 258 

Degenhardtyoseph, whipmak. 225 n Bond 
Degibbin Mrs. Sarah, Ills Regester 
Degler Gotleib, tailor, 18 Comet 
Degney John, lager beer, 66 s Oregon 
De Goey Chas C. wharfinger, Chase's whf, 

dw 13 s Exeter 
De Goey John, carpenter, S3 Ensor 
De Goey Jno. M. dep. sheriff. 190 n Central ar 
De Goev Wm. ^ Co. (Wm. De Goey, Emelius 

.\dams) coffee renovators, 74 Thames 
De Goey Wm. (Wm. De G. & Co.) 416 e Bal- 
De Goey Wm. 563 Lexington 
De Goey Wm. W. jr. clerk, cor Baltimore and 

De Gourray Paul F. editor Catholic Mirror, 

46 Lexington, dw 274 Franklin 
Degrafft John, blacksmith, 7 Binney 
Degrafift Lewis jr. blacksmith, 3 Binney 
Degrafift Lewis sr. blacksmith, 3 Binney 
De Grofft Mrs. Sidney, 62 Ramsay 
De Haven Samuel, beer, 10 Centre Market sp 
Dehaven Jesse G. shoemaker, ]05 Mullikin 
Dehaven William D. blacksmith. Falls road nr 

Dehl Fred, laborer, 297 s Sharp 
Dehl Mrs. Helena, grocery, 31 Union 
Dehl Jacob, scavenger, 31 Union 
Dehl John, laliorer. 312 s Charles 
Dehler Ad. cabinetmkr, cor Forrest and Low 
DehlerGeo. laborer, 33 Philpotal 
Dehler Joseph, mariner, 229 s Ann 
Dehn August, laborer, 55 Conway 
Dehn Fred'k, hackman, 55 Conway 
Dehn Dr. Theodore, 55 Conwaj- 
Dehne August, lab'r, ilonroe nr Lombard 
Dehner .Michael, laborer, 199 Eastern av 
Dehnhardt John, tailor, 61 Raborg 
Dehoff Geo. P. clerk, 962 w Baltimore 
Dehoff Jesse, paper carrier, 112 Vine 
Dehow Geo. P. clerk, 962 w Baltimore 
Dehr Leonard, brewer, Eastern av ext 
Dei -Martin, rags, 5 Spring-st ct 
Deibel & Co. (P. Deibel) flour, feed, &c. 675 

w Baltimore 
Deibel Geo. carpenter, 403 s Charles 
Deibel Peter, (D. & Co.) 1 n Schroeder 
Deichbore & Brigger, (.Mrs. E. Deichbore, L. 

Brigger) butchers, 49 Fell's Point market 
Deichbore .Mrs. Elizabeth, (D. & Brigger) Fay- 
ette and Gist 
Deichmaun Henry, machinist, 110 Ramsay 
Deichmiller Fred'k, grocery and cabinetmaker, 

191 s Charles 
Deigan James, laborer, 3 Ellicott 
Deigan Thos. jr. 3 Ellicott 
Deigau Thomas. 3 Ellicott 
Deil Alfred, baker 25 Ensor 
Deil John, baker, 25 Ensor 
Deininger Fred'k, brewer, Beck's la nr Cal- 

verton rd 
Deinlein Banchrast, laborer. 78 s Chapel 
DEIXLEIX CHRISTOPH. laborer, Madeira al 

nr Canton av 
Deipel Jacob, Aged Men's Home 
Deist John H. tailor, 200 Cross 

WM.H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew <Sc Stirling. 




Deist Martin, baker, 225 w Fayette 

Deitch Fred'k, tailor, 383 w Pratt 

Deitch George, cooper, Belair av ext 

Deitch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 

Deitch S. W. teacher, 2 Garden 

Deiter Eliz.ibeth, matron Baltimore Citj Jail 

Deiter Peter, paperhanger, 267 Raborg 

Deitrick Geo. brewer, Fayette and Durham 

Deitrick Luuis, surveyor, 84 Barre 

Deitz Bernard, brewer, Belair av ext 

Deitz Henry, confectionery, 200 HoUins 

Deitz Jane, dressmaker, 78 Barre 

Deitz John, carpenter, 65 s Monroe 

Deitz Peter, paver, Lombard nr Paysoa 

Deitzell Fred'k, driver, Frederick av nr Mt. 

Olivet cemetery 
De Kalb Chas. taUor, 118 e Monument 
Delacour Chas. F. clerk. 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Emma, teacher, 24 n Pine 
Delacour Florence, 24 n Pine 
Delacour Lewis^. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Salome, teacher, 24 n Pine 
Delacour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Delacy Geo. W. carpenter, 31 Byrd 
Delacy Michael, laborer, 4 Ulrich al 
Delahay Elizabeth, dressmaker, 20 George 
Delahay James C. 20 George 
Delahay James H. carp'r, 6 Cumberland 
Delahny Jennie, saleswoman, 294 w Pratt 
Delahay Jesse S. carp'r, 74 Dover, dw 112 Lee 
Delahay Mrs. Mary, 20 George 
Delahay Wm. tinner, 20 George 
Delahay Wm. S. canmaker, 20 George 
Delaney Chas. grocery, 29 Scott 
Delane'y & Griffin, (Kate Delaney, Elizabeth 

Griffin) dressmakers. 24 n Liberty 
Delaney Joseph, clerk, 64 Park 
Delanev Joseph E. shoemaker, 150 Barre 
Delaney Kate, (D. & Griffin) 24 n Liberty 
Delaney Mrs. Rebecca, 129 Thames 
Delaney Wm. laborer, 151 Raborg 
Delano' Wm. H. block and pump maker, 72 w 

Pratt, dw 233 e Pratt 
Delanty Emma, teacher, 171 s Charles 
Delanty MoUie, teacher, 171 s Charles 
Delanty Wm. capt. police, 171s Charles 
Delany J. J: tailor, 64 Park 
DELANY JAMES H. tavern, 75 Thames 
Delany John, laborer, 175 Burgundy al 
Delapiane Catherine, provisions, 176 George 
DELAPLANB & CO. (Jos. Delapiane, Thos. 

J. Osbourne) express, freight and market 

line, 199 North 
Delapiane Jos. E. (Delapiane & Co. )176 George 
■ Delapierre Thos. 187 w Pratt 
De laReintrie Henry R. prest. Baltimore and 

Texas Steam Transp'n Co. 34 Postoffice av, 

dw 27 s Chester 
De la Roche, Wm. J. F. messgr. Adams Exp. 

Western hotel 
De la Rue Ann F. 17 Orchard 
De Lat Frank, shoemaker, 177 s Sharp 
De Lat F. H. H. shoemaker, 177 s Sharp 
Delauney Chas. M. boilermaker, 140 n Bond 
Delaware Mutual Life Ins. Co. agency, 6 n 


H. C. Delcher) produce and com. merch'ts, 

154 w Pratt 
Delcher David, laborer, 59 s Republican 
Delcher Elizabeth, 113 Greenmount av 
Delcher E. W. (D. Bros.) 417 n Central av 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave 

— H 

Delcher Geo. B. produce, 6 Hollingsworth, dw 

265 Mulberry 
Delcher Howard G. printer, 174 Greenm't av 
Delcher H. C. (D. Bros.) 377 n Central av 
Delcher James A. produce, 355 n Broadway 
Delcher John T. painter, 174 Greenmount av 
Delcher John, brewer, 79 Columbia 
Delcher Mrs. Margaret. 59 s Republican 
Delcher Mary J. grocery, 174 Greenmount av 
Delcher Thos. huckster, 115 n Broadway 
Delcher Wm. carpenter, 75 St. Peter 
Delcher W. J. (D. Bros.) 405 n Central av 
De Lear John D. painter, 50 n Paca 
Delerman Conrad, driver, 214 Preston 
Delevie Isaac, clothing, 24 Harrison 
Delevie Mrs. Solomon S. gents' furn. goods, 

2 Harrison, dw 67 e Fayette 
Delevingue Theodore H. barkpr, 16S e Eager 
Delfler Michael, laborer, foot of Ridgely 
Delker John, laborer, 40 Clifford al 
Dell Charles, carter, rear 76 Frederick av 
Dell Mrs. Eliza, 27 n Pine 
Dell Geo. E. bookbinder, 167 w Hoffman 
Dell John E. clerk, Charles nr Pleasant 
Dell L. Gobright, (Thos. E. Dell & Son) 225 >;» 

George ^^ 

D(.ll Joseph, locksmith, 228 s Dallas o 

Dell, Knapp & Co. (T. E. Dell and Theodore g 

Knapp) steam bookbinders, 84 w Fayette and ._h 

Bank la nr Barnum's E~* 

Dell Thos. E. & Son, (Thos. E. and L. G. Dell) ^ ^ 

bookbinders, over 6 n Howard, and Bank 

la nr Barnum's 
Dell Thos. E. (Thos. E. Dell & Son, and Dell, 

Knapp & Co.) 167 w Hoffman 
Dell Wm. A. bookbinder, 88 Pearl 
Delia Luther M. brickmaker, 239 Montgomery 
Delia Peter B. blacksmith, 150 Battery av 
Delia Peter D. nightman, 6 Henrietta 
Delia Wm. brickmaker, 161 Montgomery 
Dellenback Christian, sawyer, 307 Canton av 
Deller Christopher, pianomaker, 53 Fawn 
Dellevie Abraham, clerk, 67 e Fayette 
Dellevie Mrs. Hester, clothing, 2 Harrison, dw 

67 e Fayette 
Dellevie Israel, clerk, 67 e Fayette 
Dellevie Jacob, clerk, 67 e Fayette 
Dellevie John, clerk, 48 Granby 
Dellevie Samuel, tobacconist, 4 w Pratt, dw 

48 Granby 
Dellevie Uriah, (Liebman & D.) 14 e Fayette 
Dellevit Matilda, shoebinder, 57 Watson 
Dellman Wm. barber, 94 Harford av 





WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st. 














Delass Jackson, bookeeper, 405 Eutaw 
Deloihme L. painter, 88 n Exeter 
Delougherj^ Dr. Edward, 194 n Calvert 
Delphe.v Geo. livery stables, Howard next to 

Delphey house, and Linden av nr Preston, 

dw 334'^ n Euta-w 
DELPHEY & WALTERS, (Wm. Delphey and 

Win. H. Walters) propr's Penna. bouse 
Delphey Wm. (D.& Walters) 158 Franklin 
Dels Christian, lager beer, 60 n Howard 
DeMangin Francis A. 263 w Fayette 
DeMarcelle, Dr. E. B. 533 w Baltimore 
Deming E. H. Calhoun nr Preston 
Demiugs M., Steamboat Line, pier No. 6 Light 

st wharf 
Demitz Cbas. H. cooper, 26 Lee 
Demitz Chas. F. cooper, 26 Lee 
Demitz Henry F. tobacconist, 124 Light-st whf 
Demling Nicholas, laborer, 23 Perry 
Demme Geo. bark'pr. cor Lexington and Park 
Demme Geo. C. pianomaker, 115 Leadenhall 
Demoss David 0. grocery, 152 n Eden, dw 160 
Dempsey John B. clerk, 327 u Broadway, 
Dempsey John F. foreign fruits and confec'ry, 

] 12 n Calvert 
Dempsey John M. moulder, 143 s Chester 
Dempsey John, drayman. 54 Jefferson 
Dempsey Julian D. clerk, 115 n Calvert 
Dempsey Theresa, 246 e Fayette 
Dempsey Wm. blacksmith, 19 McLeary ct 
Dempster Mrs. Ann, 89 Cross 
Dempster Geo. E, bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster Jas. T. brakeman, 55 William 
Dempster John T. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster John, jiaperhanger, 79 Cross 
Dempster Mary, 55 William 
Dempsy Patrick, tailor, 93 Orleans 
Demuth Casper, blacksmith, 144 s Washington 
Derauth G. Otto, prof, music, 49 n Gilmor 
Demuth Harmon F. lab. 220 s Paca 
Demuth John H. bricklayer, 417 Franklin 
Denager John, drayman, 391 s Sharp 
Denboer Julia A. saleswoman, 255 n Eden 
Denboer Mary A. 255 n Eden 
Denby Aaron, silversmith, 102 Mulberry 
Denby Wm. L. bricklayer, 157 n Entaw 
Deneke Chas. moulder, 144 Vine 
Denger Peter, bootmaker, 22 Park 
Denger Henry, beer, Frederick av nr Wilkens' 

Denges Henry, beer, 248 Frederick av 
Dengler Andrew, laborer, 180 s Eden 
Dengler John, laborer, 348 Light 
Dengler Sigmund, tinner, ISd s Eden 
Dengler Wm. tailor, 264 n Central av 
Denhardt Casper, candy maker, 168 Hamburg 
Denhardt (.^asper, machinist, 20 n Frederick 
Denhardt Frederick, brewer, 193 Frederick av 
Denhardt Henry P. C. confect'r, 168 Hamburg 
Denhardt John, tailor, 14 Thomsen 
Denhardt Nicholas, varnisher, 16 Penn 
Deninger Chas. J. B. apothecary, s e cor Mc- 

Elderry and Eden 
Denins John, laborer, 108 n Central av 
Denio Chas. Adams Exp. driver, Starr hotel 
DENISON ANDREW W. (M. D. &Son) post- 
master, 13 s Gay 
Denison Chas. attorney, 7 St. Paul, dw 3 n 

Denison Mrs. Ellen E. 3 n Carey 
Denison Mrs. Jane, 126 Penna av 
Denison John M., treasurer P.O. 54 u Calhoun 

Denison Marcus, (M. D. & Son) 13 s Gay 
Denison M. & Son (M. and A. W. Denison) 

grocers, 51 w Baltimore 
Denison Thos. H. (Fisher & D.) 392 n Eden 
DENMEAD & SON, (Talbott Denmead, G. B. 
Davids) Monument foundry, n e cor Monu- 
ment and North. [&€ p. 17 Advertisemenls.'^ 
Denmead Edward jr. coal and wood, 3 North, 

dw 259 Linden av 
DENMEAD FRANCIS, proprietor city malt 
house, foot West Falls av, dw 252 n Charles 
Denmead Talbott, (Denmead & Son) n Charles 

nr city limits 
Denmead Robt. Wm. rigger, cor Orleans and 

Dennell Mrs. Bertha, 109 Jackson sq av 
Dennell Henry A. mariner, 109 Jackson sq av 
Deniier John, brushmaker, 212 s Ann 
Denuer Joseph, brushmaker, 212 s Aim 
Denner Wm. brushmaker, 243 s Durham 
Dennigan John, lab. 114 Harford av 
Dennigan Thos. lab. 114 Harford av 
Denning John, porter, 4 Plowman 
Denning Lawrence, lab. 49 Goodman al 
Denning Mary A. 49 Goodman al 
Dennis Andrew T. salesman, 407 Saratoga 
Dennis Benj. M. sr. of John, paper hanger, 14 

Dennis BLnj. M. of Wm. salesman, 456 Lex- 
Dennis & Bro. (Emory and Geo. W. DejDis) 
paper hangings and window shades, 51 n 
Dennis Chas. A. 197 Hanover 
Dennis Emory, (D. & Bro.) 33 n Poppleton 
Dennis Francis A. shoemaker, 187 Chesnut al 
Dennis Geo. W. (D. & Bro.) 40 n Poppleton 
Dennis Grafton, paper- hanger, 14 Rock 
Dennis James M. paper hanger, 16 Rock 
Dennis J. Upshur, (Dennis & Scott) 72 Lex- 
Dennis John, laborer, 129 n Spring 
Dennis Jas. K. tailor, 211 Aisquith 
Dennis & Scott (J. U. Dennis, John Scott jr.) 

attorneys, 49 w Fayette 
Dennis Peter J. barber, s e cor Preston and 

McCuUoh, dw 197 n Eutaw 
Dennis Thomas S. paper hanger, 10 Rock 
Dennis Wm. cooper, 8 Rock 
Dennis Wm. A. carpenter, 239 Conway 
Dennis Wm. A. carp. Frederick avnr Wilkens 
Dennis Wm. H. papers, 239 Conway 
Dennison John, driver, 127 North 
Dennison Robert M. 167 Linden av 
Dennison Thos. J. confect'y foot Centre Mar- 
ket, dw 35 e Lombard 
Dennstaedt G. A. lager beer, 58 Ensor 
Denny Mrs. Ann, 70 St. Paul 
Denny Daniel, mariner, 14 L Gough 
Denny Daniel, mariner, 146 Gough 
Denny Mrs. E. T. 210 George 
Denny G. B. M. clerk N. C. R. Gilmor boost 
Denny George, carpenter, 12 L Gough 
Denny James A. 166 German 
Denny Jas. W. (Owens & D.) 51 Lexington 
Denny John, painter, 294 s Ann 
Denny John, (Armstrong & D.) 212 Mont- 
Denny Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 117 Peach al 
Denny Owen, tavern and grocery, 101 Lee 
Denny Patrick, collector, 149 Greenmount av 
Denoe Thos. grocer, Carey and Baltimore 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Denoe Thos. E. clerk, Carev and Baltimore 
sou, J. D. Quincy) com. merchs. and gen- 
eral dealers. 61 s Gay 
Denson Isaac M. (Isaac M. Denson Jf Quincy) 

279 w Lombard 
Denson John, cabinetmaker, 563 w Baltimore 
Densonbocker John, shoemaker, 96 Somerset 
Denton B. B. (Reeves & Denton) 23 Hill 
Detrick Louis, com. merchant. 74 Bolton 
Dentry Mrs. Catherine. 58 n Front 
Dentz August, blacksmith. 33 Low 
Denver Robert, 129 s Sharp 
Denver Thos. soapmaker, 1 Robinson, Canton 
Denz August, printer, 5 n Wolfe 
Denz Rachel. 5 n Wolfe 

DeOtt Gabriel, Soldiers home, 76 e Baltimore 
DePaepe John. (Brown & DeP.) 100 s Ann 
McPherson. supt. 31 n Calvert 
Depefort Peter, carpenter, 206 e Chase 
DePass Mrs. John. 124 Jefferson 
DEPEW & CO. (Geo. W. Depew, H. T. Wor- 

ster) acrricult. castings. i04 s Howard 
Depew Geo. W. (D. ^ Co.) 236 w Lombard 
Depkin tf-Brauer, (E. A. Depkin, H. Brauer) 

merchant tailors. 129 w Lombard 
Depkin Ernest A. (D. & Brauer) 445 n Gay 
DEPKIX HEXRY, merch. tailor, 89 w Lom- 
bard, dw 57 n Liberty 
Depkin Henry, driver, 349 Canton av 
Deppish Edward, tinner, Eden nr McElderry 
Deppish Francis, cooper. Brown al nr Low 
Deppish Francis, carpenter, 159 n High 
Deppish George, varnisher, 83 n High 
Deppish John, tinner. Brown al nr Low 
Depro Augustus, shipjoiner. 185 Gough 
DeproMrs. Lenora. 185 Gough 
Depsar John, tailor, 556 w Pratt 
Deran Jas. J. clerk, 119 n High 
Deran James L. butter, 212 n Gav, dw 119 n 

Derenberger Geo. confect'y, 122 n Schroeder 
Derenberger Henry, carp'tr, 52 Druid Hill av 
Derenberger Jacob, confect. 52 Druid Hill av 
Derbreck Chas. tinner, 192 Raborg 
Derfler Michael, tailor. 44 e Durham 
Deri Chas. clerk, 196 Lexington 
Derket August, huckster, 62 Ridgely 
Derlin August, parasols, umbrellas and canes, 

146 n Eutaw 
Derlin Chas. umbrellas and parasols, 115 Sar- 
De Ronceray Mrs. Margaret. 131 n Paca 
De Ronceray Rosina, 131 n Paca 
De Rosset Dr. M. J. 220 Linden av 
Derr Chas, cooper, 311 Cross 
Derr Chas. H. tinner. 51 Scott 
Derr John, 281 Franklin 
Derr Samuel B. carp. 385 Lexington 
Derrenberget David, clerk, Lexington nr Cal- 

verton rd 
Derrick Emily, 9 e Monument 
Derrick Louis, 9 e Monument 
Derr Geo. W. iron roller. Bank and Chester 
Derr Harry, baker. 11 Harford av 
Derr John, carpenter, 184 s Ann 
Derr Leonard, bookkeeper. 24 e Lombard 
Derr Martin, carpenter. 162 Pearl 
Derr Wm. carpenter, 385 Lexington 
Derring August, caulker, 29 Thames 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Derry Catherine, 180 n Central.av 
Derry Patrick, laborer, 239 Hamburg 
Derwjart John, laborer, 258 Lee 
Dery Ann, dressmaker. 59 Harford av 
Dery Margaret, seamstress. 59 Harford av 
Desch Alliert, blacksmith. 28 Bevan 
Desch C. S. (C. S. D. ^- Co.) 124 Mulberrv 
DESCH C. S.& CO.(C. S. Desch) com. merchts. 

and feed, 128 s Charles 
Desch Catherine, 308 s Eutaw 
Desch Geo. shoemaker. 110 n Spring 
DESCH GEORGE, billiard saloon and res- 
taurant, 166 s Broadway 
Desch Henry, blacksmith, 504 n Gay 
Desch Peter, blacksmith. 504 n Gay 
DES FORGES JOHN P. dealer in old books, 
pictures and curiosities, 3 St. Paul, dw 27 n 
Deshazo Jlortimer, carpenter, 268 Walsh 
Deshields Mrs. Ellen, nurse, 76 McElderry 
Deshields Henry C. (D. & Peirce) 87 Mulberry 
Deshields John, mariner. 76 McElderrv 
DESHIELDS & PEIRCE. (H. C. Deshields, W. 
H. Peirce) genl. agts. Piedmont and Arling- 
ton Life Ins. Co. 32 Post Office av 
Deshinger Martin, laborer, 76 Towson 
Deshon Christopher M. agent, cor Charles and 

Lexington, dw Baltimore co 
Deshon John W. shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Deshon Welsh, clerk. Charles and Lexington 
Desmond Timothv, laborer, 6 Swan 
DESPARD COAL CO. Joseph W. Jenkins, 

prest, office 29 South 
Despeaux Anthony, shipcarpr. 86 s Exeter 
Despeaux Chas. H. carpenter, 9 s Choptank 
Despeaux Elizabeth, fancy store, 197 e Pratt 
Despeaux John, carpenter, 59 Holland 
Despeaux Jos. D. cloth, cutter, 131 e Monu- 
Desprey Louis, clerk, 196 Cross 
Dess Frank, cabinetmaker, 12 Anthony 
Dessel Simon, porter, 325 Eastern av 
Desvarreux James, shoe findings and garden 

seeds. 164 n Gay 
Detectives' Office, 25 n Calvert 
Detective Police, (Independent) 47 w Fayette 
Detering Frederick, wagonmaker. 600 w Pratt 
Deters Bernard, laborer. 198 Hamburg 
Detken Fred'k W. mariner. 41 Cambridge 
Detmer George, machinist, 269 William 
DETRICK L. F. fertilizers, 13 Patterson, dw 

74 Bolton 
Detsler John, laborer, 21 s Burke 




WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

HORNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates, 









I— I 


Dettelbachen Elias, clerk, 135 German 
Dettentbaler Henrj, laborer, 9 n Chapel 
Dettenthaler Joseph, laborer, 9 n Chapel 
Dettes John, 105 Ensor 
Dettmer Henry, pianomaker, 21 Brown 
Dettmer John, cooper, 510 Light 
Dettmer John H. laborer, 38 Clifford al 
Dettmer John H. G. cooper, 297 William 
Detz^ar John, canniaker, 6 Gist 
Detzel Frederick, driver, 64 s Smallwood 
Detzer John, locksmith, 34 n Bond 
Deuber Conrad, laborer, 90 s Carey 
Deuber Lawrence, tailor, 188 s Caroline 
Deubrick Conrad, carpenter, 172 Preston 
Deubrick George, carpenter, 170 Preston 
Deuering Geo. cabinetmaker, 11 n Bethel 
Deuering Julius, cooper, 11 n Bethel 
Deuley John, moulder. 563 w Lombard 
Deuning Geo. S. bricklayer, 281 Walsh 
Deupert John, laborer, Durham nr Fayette 
Deutsch Fred'k, tailor, 383 w Pratt 
Deutsch Rev. Dr. Solomon, 48 e Pratt 
Deutsch Wm law student, 40 St. Paul 
De Valin John H. blacksmith, 87 Harrison, 

dw 207 n Central av 
Devaliu Clias. E., U.S.N. 46 n Front 
Devaliu Henry P. bricklayer, 201 e Eager 
Devalin Hugh, 46 n Front 
Devan Wm. stonecutter, 60 Centre Market sp 
Devane John, carpenter, 95 n Fremont 
Devane .Mrs. Julia, 32 Rock 
Devaugh Lewis, plasterer, 408 Orleans 
Devaughn Mrs. Ann M., L Gough and Granby 
Devaughn Mrs. Ann M. seamstress, 49 Lead- 

Devaughn Geo. wagoner, 229 n Bond 
Devaughn Silas, spike cutter, 250 Eastern av 
Devaughn Peyton, glassblower, 49 Leadenhall 
Devaughn Wm. D. spike cutter, cor L Gough 

and Granby 
Devenney Hugh, drayman, 20 Comet 
Devenny Mrs. Ann 42 Milliman 
Devenny Robt. grocery, 2 Orleans 
Dever Geo. brakeman, Lemmon al nr Calhoun 
Dever Mrs. Reberc:i, Lemmon al nr Calhoun 
De Vere Wm. 238 e Fayette 
Devereu.x James, shoemaker, 61 Harford av 
Devereux Thomas, laborer, 199 Lemmon al 
Devering John, laborer, 145 Welcome al 
Devers Geo. plasterer, 242 German 
Devin Lawrence, clerk, 7 Humes 
Devin .Mrs. Mary, 7 Humes 
Devin Thos. barkeeper, 193 Boston 
Devine Jlrs. Catherine, 5 Perry 
Devine Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, 40 n Spring 
Devine Franc!?, engineer, 11 Hawk 
Devine John, laborer, 8 Hawk 
Devine John, police, 7 Plowman 
Devine John, watchman, foot of Leadenhall 
Devine Mrs. Julia, 32 Rock 
Devine Michael, brassfinisher, 137 North 
Devine Patrick, laborer, 137 North 
Devine Wm. shoemaker, 40 n Spring 
Devinney Mary, seamstress, 23 n Spring 
Devire Alice V. 369 Lexington 
Devis Geo. plasterer, 57 Boyd 
Devlin John, clerk, Cathedral nr Biddle 
Devlin John, grocer, 130 Jefferson 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, 117 Chesapeake 
Devlin Peter, 59 Milliman 
Devlin Sarah A. 124 Chesnut 
Devon Mrs. Elizab.confec. Fayette nr Gay 

Devon Lawrence, drayman, 7 Humes 

Devon Mrs. Mary, 7 Humes 

Devon Wm. H. teacher at Business College, 

25 n Paca 
Devos John, mariner, 13 Barnes 
Devouge Alphonse, dyer, 131 w Madison 
Devouge Mrs. Theresa, ladies' hair dresser, 

131 w Madison 
Devouges Victor A. clerk, 40 n Charles 
Devries C. of S.(Wm. D. & Co.)Eutaw house 
Devries Stephen, bagg. master. Western hotel 
Devries S. K. G. clerk, 74 w Monument 
DEVRIES WM. & CO.(Wm., C. of S. and 

Wm. R. Devries, S. Kimmel, G. E. Ducker) 

wholesale dry goods, 312 w Baltimore 
Devries Wm. (Wm. D. & Co. and D., Young 

& Co.) 74 w Monument 
Devries Wm.R.(Wra.D.& Co. )74 w Monument 
DEVRIES. YOUNG & CO. (Wm. Devries 

Alex. Young) wholesale boots and shoes, 

310 w Baltimore 
Dew Alb't B. W bookkeeper, 52 s Gilmor 
Dew George R. clerk, 34 w Biddle 
Dew Jabez, marblecutter, 164 e Eager 
Dew James W. clerk, 34 w Biddle 
Dew Dr. James, agent, 34 w Biddle 
Dew Joshua S. salesman, 162 Lee 
Dew Robt. H. teacher, Gilmor nr Pratt 
Dew Theodore W. letter carrier. 164 e Eager 
Dew Wm. patternmaker, Gilmor nr Pratt 
Dew Wm. J. patternmaker, 99 s Strieker 
Dewald Geo.furn. wagon, 229 u Bond 
Dewald Henry, driver, 25 L. Gough 
Dewald John, furn. wagon. 25 L. Gough 
Dewald Peter, furn. wagon, 229 n Bond 
Dewalt Wm. H machinist, 114 AVilliam 
De Witt Abraham H. salesman, 232 George 
De Witt Catherine, 199 n Exeter 
De Witt Gabriel clerk, 203 Ensor 
Dewlin Mary L. 32 Henrietta 
Dewling Geo. W. blacksmith, 137 Cross 
Dewling Dr. Isaiah, 97 s Chester 
Dewling Thomas, blacksmith, 126 West, dw 

1 37 Cross 
De Wolfl Levi, clerk, 22 n Gay 
Dexel Michael, plasterer, 3 Hammond al 
De Young Elias, provisions, 80 Jackson sq av 
De Young Thos. J. machinist, 220 Orleans 
Dhiel Francis, huckster, 50 Josephine 
Diamond Adam, salesman, 123 Eastern av 
Diamond Anton, carpenter, 315 e Chase 
Diamond Geo. H. shipjoiner, 5 Choptank 
Diamond Hugh, laborer, 99 Cambridge 
Diamond James, sr. cooper, 20 Philpot, dw 

143 s Ann 
Diamond James, carter, 99 Cambridge 
Diamond James, jr. cooper, 88 s Regester 
Diamond John, clerk, 203 e Baltimore 
Diamond John, laborer, 7 O'Donnell 
Diamond Mrs. Mary A. nurse, 31 Stirling 
Diamond Wm. cooper, 70 s Ann 
Dibb James, engineer, 95 s Poppleton 
Dibbell David S (Crane <^ D.)203 Townsend 
Dibilus Martin, laborer, 110 s Spring 
Dice Adam, laborer, 268 s Caroline 
Dice Andrew, car|)enter, Bond nr Gay 
Dick Christian, shoemaker, 27 w Fayette 
Dick -Martin, cooper, 82 Leadenhall 
Dick Wm. bookkeeper, 3(i3 w Pratt 
Dickas John, carpetweaver, 137 e Fayette 
Dickel Mrs. Ann B. grocery, 202 s Fremont 
Dickel tharles, porter, 126 William 

WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Dickel Chas. Z. clerk, 224 German 
Dickel Conrad, carpetweaver, 19 n Schroeder 
Dickel Geo. H. tailor, 224 German 
Dickel Harry L. salesman, 2 n Eden 
Dickel Henry, Maryland house 
Dickel Henry, gardener, 3 Cooke 
Dickel John, shoemaker, 126 William 
Dickelman Mrs. Vincent, milk, Harford av ext 
Dickerlier Lewis, laborer, s end of Clinton 
Dickerson Geo. musician, 4*7 n Paca 
Dickens Henrj-, ropemaker, 30 Gittines 
DICKERSON'CAPT. GEO. W. com. merch't, 

Buchanan's whf. dw 194 e Pratt 
DICKERSON ISAAC W. stevedore, Buchan- 
an's whf. dw 244 Goug-h 
Dickerson Mary M. boarding, 12 n Paca 
Dickerson Peter, carpenter, 631 w Fayette 
Dickerson Wm. I. watch'n, Biddle nr Belair av 
Dickerson Wm. P. tavern, ft of Washington 
Dickey Mrs. A. E. 249 w Biddle 
Dickey, Baker & Co. (C. E. Dickey, E. J. 
Baker, T. Tansley) proprietors Md. meter 
works, 53 North and 22 Saratoga 
Dickey Chas. E. (D., Baker ^ Co.) Charles-st 

av nr Huntingdon av 
Dickey G. Alle'n (Wm. J. D. & Son) Philada 
Dickey Harold, clerk, Saratoga nr Myrtle av 
Dickey Harold R. clerk, 336 Saratoga 
Dickey John, clerk, 536 n Gay 
Dickey John, carpenter, Biddle nr Wolfe 
Dickey Leo, blacksmith, 68 Greenmount av 
Dickej' Robert C. clerk, 404 e Lombard 
Dickey Mrs. Sarah, grocery, Bond and Ch:'.se 
Dickey Wm. J. & Son, (Wm. J. and G. A. 
Dickey) manufac. plaids, checks, linseys, 
&c., 16 Hanover 
Dickey Wm.J.( Wm. J.D.&Son) 309 w Fayette 
Dickey W\ nkoop W. carp'r, Bond and Chase 
Dickhaut Jacob, tailor, 39 Orleans 
Dickinson Arthur, bookseller and stationer, 

514 w Baltimore, dw 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson David A. 96 Division 
Dickinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Gideon J. clerk, l61 Conway 
Dickinson Gideon, carpenter, 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson Harvey E. teacher, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Henry W. carp. Strieker nr Ramsay 
Dickinson 1. L. tinner, 47 Harrison 
Dickinson James A. bookkeeper, 179 Lee 
Dickinson Jarvis, carpenter, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Jno S. (Whedbee & D.)275 St. Paul 
Dickin-on Mrs. Martha, 96 Division 
Dickinson Mrs. Mary, 57 Lee 
Dickinson Wm. mariner, 201 Eastern av 
Dickinson Wm. H. printer, 201 Easti rn av 
Dickinson Wm. T. clerk, 77 n Chark-s 
Dickinson Wm. A. clerk, 11 Commerce 
Dickson (has. clerk, 219 Dolphin 
Dickson Rev. Cyrus, 308 w Faj-ette 
Dickson Eliza, midwife, 841 w Pratt 
Dickson John T. bookkeeper, 122 Bolton 
Dickson John, tinner, 397 Franklin 
Dickson Joseph, tavern, 60 Lancaster 
Dickson Mrs. Mary E. 122 Bolton 
Dickson Mrs. Marjs 162 McHenry 
Dickson Mary, tavern, 161 Eastern av 
Dickson Wm. clerk, 129 Montgomery 
Dickson Wm. clerk. Hand house 
Dickson Wm. J. tinner, 397 Franklin 
Didemann John, provisions, Eden nr Baltimore 
Didier Alex. H. produce, cor Pratt and Cheap- 
side, dw 236 n Eden 

Office, 23 Post Office Ave. 

Didier Rev. Edmund, 93 Barre 
Didier Mrs. Edmund, 74 Cathedral 
Didier Eugene L. (D. & Robinson) 56 George 
Didier & Robinson, (E. L. Didier, W. S. Rob- 
inson) stenographers, 28 St. Paul 
Didier Henry A. agent Ins. Co. N. America, 30 

Post Office av, dw 19 Read 
Didier Mrs. Julia, 56 George 
Didlake Wilfred, puddler, 294 Johnson 
Diebitsch Johanna, teacher. 4 Pearl 
Diebitsch Richard, baker, 128 Low 
Diebzen Wm. laborer, 45 s Frederick 
Dieckmann Henry 0. clerk, 30 n Greene 
Dieckmann L. tiader, 30 n Greene 
Dieckmann John H. porter, 127 e Lombard 
Diedel Henry, laborer, 1 Hammond al 
Dieder Geo. laborer, 154 Raborg 
Dieder Philip, paperhanger. 154 Raborg 
Dieder Philip, laborer, 148 Raborg 
Diedrich Bernard, laborer, 50 Haw 
Diederich Casper, coojier, 192 William 
Diederly Henry, laborer, cor Charles and York 
Diedrichs Bros. (Martin c^' John Diedrichs) 

gasfitters and plumbers, 34 n HoUiday 
Diedrichs John, (D. Bros.) 21 n Frederick 
DIEDRICHS JOHN H. civil and mechanical 

engineer, 8 s Gay 
DIEDRICHS J. civil and mech.engin.58 n Gay 
Diedrichs John, carpenter, 250 Montgomery 
Diedrichs Martin, (D. Bros.) 34 n HoUiday" 
Diefenbach Henry, bookkeejjer, 65 Hanover 
DiefFenbach Chas. H. (U.& Moore and Moore & 

D.) 203 Hanover 
Dieffenbach & Moore, (C. H. Dieifenbach, G. 

A. Moore) druggists, n e cor Barre and 

Diegel Adam, furn. wagon, 128 s Bond 
Diehl Adam, laborer. Gist nr Canton av 
Diehl Charles, tailor, 245 e Eager 
Diehl Conrad, cabinetmaker, 29 n Eden 
Diehl Henrj', shoemaker, 187 Montgomery 
Diehl Henry, stevedore, 24 Shaksi)ear 
Diehl John, laborer, 312 s Charles 
Diehl John, barber, 122 n Eutaw 
Diehl Mrs. Louisa, ladies' hair dressing, 122 n 

Diehl Ludwig, teacher, 166 s Wolfe 
Diehhnan Christian, paperhanger, 186 Cross 
Diehlman John, baker, 190 w Biddle 
Diel Harman, laborer, 173 s Wolfe 
Diemer Henry, cooper, 194 s Bond 
Diemer Joseph, 253 n Central av 
Diemer Joseph, laborer, 381 s Charles 


I— ( 









WM. H. BEAD'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DEITZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st- 




I— I 

r— I 






Diemer Joseph, blacksmith, 119 n Front 
Diener Tsrael, sec. hand goods, 300 s Bond 
Dienig Nicholas, laborer, 213 Battery av 
Dieniuger Frederick, brewer, Beck's la nr Cal- 

verton rd 
Dteustbach Philip, harnsmak, 12 Greenm'tav 
Diensthier Geo. iiorter, lu Harmony la 
Dier George, laborer, 243 Bank 
Dier John, carpenter, 184 s Ann 
Dierback Elizabeth, tailores.«, 260 e Biddle 
Diercont Adam, wagoner, 123 Eastern av 
Dierfelter Geo. cooper, 170 Eastern av 
Diering Christopher, liquors, 209 e Lombard 
Diering C. H. carpenter, 14 Warner 
Diering Herman F. baker, 14 Warner 
Diering H. F. (H. L. D. & Son) 40 e Pratt 
Diering H. D.<|- Son)325 Cantoaav 
Diering H. L. k Son. (Henry L. and Henry F. 

Diering) wholes, liquors, 40 e Prati 
Diering Henry L. grocery. 325 Canton av 
Diering Martin, shoemaker, Gistnr Canton av 
Dieroon Dietrich, carpenter, 62 Vine 
Dierrbuk Geo tailor, cor Durham and Fayette 
Diers Frederick, butcher, 15 Cross st. market, 

dw Washington rd 
Dierken Fred'k, shoemaker, 113 n Spring 
Dierker Bernard W. clerk, 88 York 
Dierker John H. drayman, Srf York 
Dierksenn J. Christian, clerk, 445 w Baltimore 
Dieser John, laborer, 54 Philpot 
Diessel Henry, laborer, 134 Eastern av 
Diescheter John H. tailor, 17 Butler 
Diestpear Conrad, laborer, 171 s Wolfe 
Dietenrost Fred, blacksmith, 130 Barre 
Dieter Mrs. Adelaide, grocery, 10 n Poppleton 
Dieter Mrs. Catherine, laundress, 156 Raborg 
Dieter Geo. laborer, I'lG Raborg 
Dieter Jacob, carpenter, 15G Raborg 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 96 Saratoga 
Dieter Louis A. paperhangiags, 28 n Howard 

dw 96 Saratoga 
Dieter Philip, lal)orer, 156 Raborg 
Dieierich Ferdinand, glass stainer, Exeter nr 

Dieterich Leonhardt, sec. hand goods, 313 n 

Dieterich Louis, artist, over s w cor Charles 

and Fayette, dw 12 s Exeter 
DiettrichMichael, laborer. 85 Johnson 

cor Baltimore and Eden, dw 121 Jefferson 
Dietermann Geo. laliorer, 9 Cotton row 
Dietrich Adam, barkeeper, 249 George 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 354 s Charles 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker. 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich Charlotte, seamstress, 195 Conway 
i'ietrich Daniel, paver, 101 s Wolfe 
DIKTRICU & DISTLER, (M. Dietrich, J. K. 
Disiler) coal and wood, cor Canton av and 
Dietrich Mrs. Henry, groc'y, 62 s Central av 
Dietrich Henry, varnisher, 62 s Central av 
Dietrich Henry. 41 Walsh 
Dietrich HenrV, slioemaker, 354 s Charles 
DIETRICH JOHN, propr. Mechanics' hall, 152 

w Fayette 
Dietrich John, shoemaker, 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich John, tailor. Waters' ct nr Biddle 
Dietrich John, tailor, 21 n Schroeder 
Dietrich John, baker, Mulberry and Pine 
Dietrich John A. tobacconist, 192 William 
Dietrich John C. cooper, 95 Battery av 

Dietrich John H'. shoemaker, 16 Jackson ct 

Dietrich Julius, laborer, 247 s Bethel 

Dietrich Martin, (D. k Distler) 202 s Ann 

Dietrich Philip, shoemaker, 347 w Fayette 

Dietrich Philip jr. clerk, 428 w Fayette 

Dietrich Wm. baker, 336 s Bond 

Dietsch John, tailor, 216 HoUins 

Dietsch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 

Dietz Adam, barber, 203 s Charles 

Dietz Mrs. Barbara, 21 Armistead la 

Dietz Bros. (Louis and Frank Dietz)furniture, 

62 n Howard 
Dietz Casper, butcher, 557 e Fayette 
Dietz Catherine, lager beer, 84 Johnson 
Dietz Charles, driver, 236 e Eager 
Dietz ^ Claude. (S.B. Dietz, Hammond Claude) 

com. merchts. 147 w Pratt 
Dietz Conrad, aborer, 275 s Sharp 
Dietz Elizabeth, fancy goods, 212 s Sharp 
Dietz Francis, clerk, Gilmor nr Cook 
Dietz Francis X. carpenter, 205 w Biddle 
Dietz Frank, (D. Bros.) 67 s Eutaw 
Dietz Fred'k, butcher, 352 Washington av 
Dietz George, baker, 157 s Bond 
Dietz Geo. A. laborer, 21 Armistead la 
Dietz Gustav, cigarmaker, 157 s Bond 
Dietz Henry, 67 s Eutaw 
Dietz Henry, shipcarpenter, 87 s Chester 
Dietz Jacob, varnisher, 212 s Sharp 
Dietz John, laborer, 125 s Chapel 
Dietz John, cigarmaker, 79 Hanover 
Dietz John, porter, 133 s Regester 
Dietz John H. tobacconist, 79 Hanover 
Dietz John, scissors grinder, 497 n Gay 
Dietz John, 273 w Pratt 
Dietz John B. clothier, 204 w Pratt 
Dietz Joseph, laborer, rear of 177 s Choptank 
Dietz Joseph \. cigarmaker, 224 n Dallas 
Dietz Joseph L. F. clerk, Gilmor nr Cook 
Dietz Killian, shoemaker, 300 Aliceauna 
Dietz Mrs. Kunigunda, 648 Light 
Dietz Lawrence D. (L. D. D. &Co.) Gilmor 

nr Cooke 
DIETZ LAWRENCE D. & CO. (L. D. Dietz) 
auctioneers and com. merchants, 308 w Bal- 
timore. \Sce lines lop pages. \ 
Dietz Louis, (D. Bros.) 203 Lee 
Dieiz Mrs. .Mary, grocery, 236 e Eager 
Dietz Mrs. Mary, knitting, 211 Lee 
Dietz Philip, laborer, 254 e Chase 
Dietz Reinhardt, grocery, 115 n Euta.u 
Dietz S. B. (D. & Claude) 212 George 
DIETZ VALENTINE, lager beer,223Aliceanna 
Dietz Wm. H. clerk, 162 Aisquith 
Dietzel Adam, tailor, 312 s Bond 
Dietzel Conrad, laborer, 63 .A.lbemarle 
Dietzer Franz, laborer, 6 s Gist 
DietzwcK Frauds, shoemaker, 16 Orleans 
Dietzwek Franz, shoemaker, 121 s Chajiel 
Diez Johu, niercht. tailor, 224 s Broadway 
Diez Wm. manner, 13 Jew a! 
Diezel John, cooper, In Bevan 
Diffenbau^h Christ, shoemaker, 390 n Gay 
Ditl'endall Charles, brickinaker, 96 St. Peter 
Diffendall Mrs. Emily, dressnikr. 90 St. Peter 
Ditieudall Mrs. Margaret, 185 Vine 
Dilfeuderfer Adam, brakeman, 10 Park av 
Diffi-nderfer John P. druggist, 197 Bane 
DiffendertTer Edwd. H. carpr. 436 I^e-xington 
Ditfendertler Edwm, carpenter, 436 Lexington 
Diffendertfer Mrs. Elizabeth A. 183 n High 
Diffendertfer H. H. 1 s High 

WM. H. HEAD'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




DiflFenderffer Jas. T. clerk. 255 Linden av 
Diffenderflfer Jas. T.provis'ns,183 wTownsend 
DifiFenderffer Jas. F. carpenter, 194Mosher,d\v 

255 Linden a.v 
Diffenderffer .John F. salesman, 255 Linden av 
Diffenderffer Michael, ins. agent, 1 s Hi^h 
Diffenderffer Octavius. (Chas. H. Ross & Co.) 

257 n Charles 
Diffenderffer Robt. E. carp, rear Pennaav, dw 

12 Georse 
Diffenderffer Dr. Wm. H. 1 s High 
Diffenderffer VTm. bookkeeper. 183 n High 
Differ Chas. S. machinist. 58 s Poppleton 
Differ Mrs. Mary, nurse, 218 Lee 
Diffey Mrs Mary S., 58 s Poppleton 
Difflev John, stonemason. 35 Willow 
Digelraan Jos. carp. T8 Somerset 
Diggan Adam, lab'r, 123 Eastern av 
Diggan James, lab'r, 11 Cotton row 
Diggan John, lab'r, 11 Cotton row 
Diggs Beverly, dept. sheriff, 48 Gough 
Diges Chas. F. sales agent Baltimore Coal and 
Union R. R. Co.. 2 South, dw Park av n of 
Diggs Chas. W. clerk. 315 e Baltimore 
Diggs Daniel E. sergt. police. 209 Gough 
Diffgs Jlrs. Edward G. dressmak. ITS n Paca 
Diggs Eliza E. boarding. 9 Hill 
Diggs Henry, lumber inspector. 64 Albemarle 
Diggs Henry S. wood, 131 McElderrj's whf, dw 

130 e Pratt 
Diggs Jas. agent Baltimore Coal and Union R. 

R. Co.. 2 South, dw Parkav nr Mosher 
Diggs J. Wesley, U. S. guager, 71 Exchange 

pi, dw 24 Constitution 
Diggs John R. jr. bookkeeper, 177 w Hoffman 
Diggs John R. fancy goods, toys, &c., 18 n 

Charles, dw 177 w Hoffman 
Diggs Joseph R. clerk. 177 w Hoffman 
Diggs Letitia J. 9 Hill 
Diggs Richard H. & Son, (R. H. and Samuel 

J. Diggs) lime and feed, 258 s Caroline 
Diggs Rich. H. (R. H. D. &. Son) 315 e Bal- 
Dig2s Samuel J. (R. H. D. & Son) 95 s Bond 
Diggs Wm. B. (J. J. Gray & Co.) 58 s Chop- 
Diggs Capt. Wm. J. mariner. 35 Warren 
Dignan Bridffet, seamstress. 182 L Constitution 
Dignan Denuis, laborer, 161 Forrest 
Dignan Jerome, laborer, 110 e Fayette 
Dignan John, boilermk. 2 Webster al 
Dignan Lawrence, lab'r. Durham nr Fayette 
Dignan Lawrence, lab'r. 46 Stirling 
Dignan Lawrence, lab'r, 17 Willow 
Dignan Mrs. Mary. 182 L Constitution 
Dignan Michael, flour and feed, 146 Ca.thedral 
Dignan Peter, drayman. 70 York 
Dike Leonard, blacksmith, 68 Greeumount av 
Dilfelder Geo. cooper. 174 Eastern av 
Dilfelder Mrs. Margaret. 157 s Washington 
Dill Adoiph, cabinetmak. 164 German 
Dill Andrew E. clerk. 118 e Lombard 
Dill August, shoefindings, 60 s Sharp 
Dill Conrad, grocery, Pratt and Carey 
Dill Fred'k, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Dill Geo. E. bootfitter. 118 e Lombard 
Dill Henry H. clerk, 151 Hanover 
Dill Henry, carpenter, 3 Creek al 
Dill James, 19 Jackson 
Dill John, mariner 150 s Ann 
Dill Mrs. Margaret E. 19 Jackson 

Dill Mrs. Mary, grocery, 3 Creek al 

Dill Nicholas, shoemak. 113 s Regester 

Dill Wm. currier, 1 s High 

Dill Wm. laborer, 85 Stirling 

Dill Wm. H. grocerv. 289 s Sharp, dw 295 

Dillehunt Bros. (L.'P. and F. A. Dillehunt) 

tobacconists. 171 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Chas. E. huckster, 139 Forrest 
Dillehunt Fred'k A. (D. Bros.) 171 e Balto 
Dillehunt John G. guano insp'r, over 48 Sec- 
ond, dw 380 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt John T. huckster, 229 Harford av 
Dillehunt Louis P. (D. Bros.) 171 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Wm. dep. warden penitentiary, 171 

e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinetmak. 229 Harford av 
Dillen Jas D. conductor, 1 Randall > 
Dillenbach Chris, sawver. 213 Aliceanna 
Diller Philip, lab'r, ! 10 s Bethel 
Dilley James, mariner. 234 s Wolfe 
Dillfelder John G. sr. clock repairer, 179 s 

Dillman Wm. porter, 121 Sarah Aon 
DILLOX A. H. Jr.. gen. auent Connecticut 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. 8 South, dw 293 Madi- 
son av 
Dillon Edward, lab'r, 634 w Pratt 
Dillon Jas. hostler, 99 Franklin 
Dillon Jeremiah, lab'r. 79 Harapstead 
Dillon Jerome J. clerk, 178 w Lombard 
Dillon John D. tinner, 253 Dolphin 
Dillon John, drayman, 4 Addison 
Dillon John R. tinner. 142 McCulloh 
Dillon Kate, servant, Maltby house 
Dillon ilathew, lab'r. lo9 Dover 
Dillon Owen, clerk. 4 Maccubbin 
Dilbin Richard, heater, 37 Elliott 
Dillow Mrs. Eliza J. grocery, 8 McElderry 
Dillow Wm. tinner. 8 JIcElderry 
Dillow Wm. jr. oarp. 8 McElderry 
Dilmor Mrs. Marv. 129 Elliott 
Dilmor Thos. lab'r, 125 Elliott 
DiltsDr. G. S. 9 s Greene 
Dilworth Oliver, huckster, 27 St. Mary 
Dim John, shoemak. 335 u Central av 
Dimbert John, painter. 121 Eastern av 
Dimdrath Francis, lab'r. 82 Granby 
Dimig Nicholas, lab'r. 213 Battery av 
Dimling Henry, lab'r. 71 Grindall 
Dimling Saml". boots and shoes. 283 n Howard 
Dimme Geo. barkeeper, Lexington and Park 
Dimmling Chas. F. butcher, 5 and 32 Fell's 
Point market, dw Chester n of Monument 


WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
■world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & Co, Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 






I— I 




• I— I 







Dimmier Abraham, rags, rear 59 e Monument 
Dimmling Conrad, butcher, 25 Hollins mar- 
ket, d\v Frederick j-d nr tollgate 
Dimmling Frederick, butcher, 61G Light 
Dimmling John, tailor, 62 s Sharp, dw 82 e 

Dimmitt Charles E. clerk, 63 n Liberty 
Dinger Geo. carpenter, 196 s Durham 
Dinges Mrs. Annie, prov'ns. Smith and Walsh 
Dinges John, porter. Smith and Walsh 
Dinu:felder Anthonj-, shoemak. 143 L Greene 
Dingle Elizabeth. 8 Armistead la 
Dingle Francis, lab'r, 8 Armistead la 
Dingle Henr^-, mariner, 8 Armistead la 
Dingle Henry, dyer, 139 Forrest 
Dingle Otto, cooper, 116 Frederick av 
Dinkelman Henry R. grocery, 80 Penna av 
Dinnisch Jno. lager beer and grocery, 184 Bank 
Dinmore Walter, (D. & Wilson) Eutaw nr 

Dinmore Walter, photographer, over w Balti- 
more nr South, dw 32 n Exeter 
Dinmore & Wilson, (W. Dinmore, C. A. Wil- 
son) photographers' stock, 251 w Baltimore 
Dinon James, ihucker, 65 w Pratt 
Dinsmore Charlotte, 179 Preston 
Dinsmore David, lab'r, e end of O'Donnell 
Dinsmore Mrs. Elizab. boarding, 89 s Chester 
Dinsmore John T. moulder, s w cor Albemarle 

and Stiles 
DINSMORE & KYLE, (Geo. H. and S. A. S. 
Kyle) wholesale grocers and com. merch'ts, 
156 w Pratt 
Dinsmore Mrs. Rosanna, 21 s Republican 
Dinsmore Robert, mariner, Harrison nr Hud- 
son, Canton 
Dinsmore Wm. shoemaker, 221 w Fayette 
Dinwise Martin, tailor, 420 Canton av 
Dippel Daniel, cigarmaker, 144 Peirce 
Dipi>el Elizabeth, 144 Peirce 
Dippel John, cigarmaker, 144 Peirce 
Dippel Sophia, confectionery, 129 Bank 
Dippel Weudelin, cabinetmaker, 151 s Bond 
Dip[)els John, cigarmaker, 344 Mulberry 
Dirk Sebastian, cooper, 149 s Spring 
Disch Henry, shoemaker, 59 Watson 
Disenrodt Jacob, mariner, 79 Cambridge 
Diskin John, drayman, 105 York 
Di.^ney Aaron, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Disney Beal, laborer, 42 Essex 
Disney Beuj. carpenter, i31 Conway 
Disney Chas. H. blacksmith, 55 Booth 
Disney Mrs. Elizabeth A. 55 Booth 
Disney Mrs. Elizabeth, 167 Bank 
Disney h'enry E. clerk, 167 Bank 
Disney James, laborer, 75 s Chester 
Disney James G. mariner, 114 n Eden 
Disney John W. 114 n Eden 
Disney John W. painter, 223 Conway 
Disney Joseph A. huckster, 290 Saratoga 
Disney Mrs. Marv A. 55 Booth 
Disney Richard E. painter, 148 Camden 
Disney Richard P. produce, 131 Conway 
Disney Wm. painter, 11 Walker 
Disney Wm. bookkeeper, 103 n Broadway 
Disney Wm. A. magistrate, 17 St. Paul, dw 

129 w Biddle 
Disnej' Wm. H. nightman, 172 s Washington 
Disney Wm. T. bricklayer, 238 Bank 
Dissez Rev. P. F., St. Mary's seminary 
Distelbart Geo. lock and gunsmith, 159 East 
Distler Conrad, tailor, 78 Albemarle 

Distler John K. (Dietrich & D.) 225 Canton ar 

Ditch John S. milk. 191 w Biddle 

Diter Philip, 148 Raborg 

Ditman Thos. M. (Wm. H. Cunningham & 

Co.) n w cor Ensor and East 
Ditman Wm. B. clerk, Eden nr Biddle 
Ditman Wm. H. clerk, 396 n Eden 
Ditshear Geo. butcher, 10 Harmony la 
Dittert Chas. shoemaker, 119 Low 
Dittraan John H. jr. clerk, 28 Gough 
Dittman John W. lager beer, Nicholson nr 

Dittmar Peter, laborer, 678 Saratoga 
Dittmar Philopena, grocery and lager beer, 

678 Saratoga 
Dittmer Amelia, saleswoman, 328 Light 
Dittmer Herman, tobacconist, 328 Light 
Dittmeyer John, carpet weaver, 21 Union 
Dittner Henry, pianomaker, 21 Brown 
Dittrich Chas. H. shoemaker. 36 n Dallas 
Dittrich Francis, hat and cap manufac. 178 n 

Gay, dw 167 n Exeter 
Dittrich Herman, shoemaker, 36 n Dallas 
Dittus Chas. L. butcher, Penna av ext 
Dittus Geo. clerk, Penna av ext 
Dittus John F. driver, 609 Penna av 
Dittus Mrs, J. Fred'k, butcheress, 87 Centre 

and 24 Lexington markets, dw Butchers' 

row, Penna av ext 
Dittus Wm. porter, 57 s Bond 
Dittus Wm. P. butcher, 24 Lexington and 87 

Centre markets, dw Penna av nr North av 
Ditty C. Irving, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw234 

Ditzell Andrew, 136 s Spring 
Ditzell Mrs. Elizabeth, 185 s Regester 
Diven Mrs. Ann R. provisions, 45 s Oregon 
Diven Edward R carpenter, 61 n Poppleton 
Diven Edward C. tinner, 45 s Oregon 
Diven Edw'd T. conductr. Strieker nr Ramsaj 
Diven Edward T. 41 Stockton al 
Diven Francis, fireman, 57 s Schroeder 
Diven James W, ])ainter, 45 s Oregon 
Diven John, laliorer, 147 Hollins 
Diven John L. well digger, 290 n Eutaw 
Diven Lizzie, tailoress, 147 Hollins 
Diven Wm. H. moulder, 560 Lexington 
Diver Frederick, driver, 64 n Washington 
Diver Henry, laborer, 95 Cross 
Diver John, tailor, 50 n Central av 
Diver John A. sr. cloth cutter, 95 Cross 
Diver John A. jr. machinist, 95 Cross 
Diver Wm. machinist, Lancaster nr Potomac 
Divers Bridget, 11 Hull 
Diving George, laborer, 394 Cross 
Diviny John, stonemason, 104 York 
Diviny Patrick, lal)orer, 380 s Charles 
Dix Benj, F. fireman, 91 Mound 
Dix J, Franklin, (D. k Steiner) 231 n Eutaw 
Dix Mrs. Laura. 142 e Fayette 
Dix Preston, trader, 12 Chatsworth 
DIX & STEINER. (J. F. Dix, F. B. Steiner, 

Williard C. Wilkius) imp. and dealers for- 
eign fruits, cigars, &c. 112 w Lombard 
Dix William, clerk, 109 s Eden 
Dix Wra. T. clerk, 44 Jackson 
Dixon Alonzo, clerk, 882 w Baltimore 
Dixon Augustus, bricklayer, 882 w Baltimore 
Dixon Annie, dressmaker, 165 Hughes 
Dixon Bradley S. drj- goods, 716 w Baltimore 
Dixon Charles, 123 Preston 
Dixon Chas. A. bricklayer, 882 w Baltimore 

WM. H. EEAD'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Dixon & Carson, (T. Dixon, C. L. Carson) 
architects and measurers, over 117 w Balti- 
Dixon Francis, sexton, 93 Barre 
Dixon Isaac, laborer, 40 Cross 
Dixon Isaac F. 222 w Fayette 
Dixon Isaac F. jr. 81 Park av 
Dixon Isaac H. (Sn;ith.D.& Co.) Eutaw house 
Dixon James, mariner, 58 Lancaster 
Dixon James, painter, 882 w Baltimore 
Dixon James F. laborer, 92 e Madison 
Dixon James W. salesman, 261 w Baltimore 
Dixon John A. machinist, 12 Georgre 
Dixon John A. J. brickraaker. Fort road, dw 

Mosher and Oregon 
Dixon John, carpet weaver, 371 e Favette 
Dixon Jno. B. (William T. D. & Bro.) Eutaw 

Dixon John C. butcher, 1 Hanover market, 

dw 121 Columbia 
Dixon John F. brickmaker. 415 Light 
Dixon Joseph, laborer. 5 Perry 
Dixon Mrs. Kate, 122 Park av 
Dixon Capt. Robt. R. mariner, 142 Cross 
Dixon Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 219 Dolphin 
Dixon Mrs. Rosanna, 181 Barre 
Dixon R. W. K. & Co. (R. W. K. Dixon,) 

com. merchts. 119 Smith's wharf 
Dixon R. W. K. (R. W. K. Dixon & Co.) 167 

Dixon Thus. (D. & Carson.) Mt Washington 
Dixon Thos. carpenter, 109 n Pine 
Dixon Wm. engineer, 36 McHenry 
Dixon Wm. seaman's boarding, 334 s Bond 
Dixon Wm. laborer, 646 w Pratt 
Dixon Wm. A. police. 8"'2 w Baltimore 
Dixon Wm. T. clerk, Hand house 
DIXON WM. T. &. BRO. (W. T. and J. B. 
Dixon) whols. boots and shoes, 306 w Balti- 
Dixon Wm. T.(W.T.D.&Bro.) 435 Madison av 
Dize Wm. mariner, rear 41 Clay 
Dobbin Francis M. produce, 78 George 
Dobbin Geo. W. Judge Superior Court, office 

44 St Paul 
Dobbin James, laborer, 24 Philpot 
Dobbin James W. clerk. 58 n Front 
Dobbin James W. jr. clerk, 58 n Front 
Dobbin John, coach and livery stable, 36 and 

38 Xorth, dw 53 n Front 
Dobbin John C. clerk, 58 n Front 
Dobbin John W. clerk, 58 n Front 
Dobbin Mrs. Marv W. 146 w Biddle 
DOBBIN R. A. attorney, 44 St. Paul, dw 97 

w Chase 
Dobbin Samuel. 58 n Front 
DOBBIN THOMAS M. attornev, 44 St. Paul 
Dobbin Mrs. Wm. B. 72 Courtland 
Dobbs Geo. H. carpenter, 729 w Baltimore 
Dobbs Thos. carpenter, 729 w Baltimore 
Dobbs Wm. D. carpenter. 729 w Baltimore 
Dobbyn Geo. W. harness maker. 111 w Biddle 
Dobe Chiistian, porter, 2 West al 
Doberer Charles, barkeeper, 199 Lexington 
Doberer John C. salesman, 399 w Lombard 
Doberer John C. salesman, 199 Lexington 
Doberer J. G. butcher, 76 Lexington market 

dw. Garrison la nr Western cemeterv 
DOBERER MRS. MARY E. restaurt, 199 Lex- 
Dobernick John, stevedore, 213 Eastern av 
Dobler David, clerk, 156 Front, n of Foundry 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave, ^ 

Dobler David, jr. machinist, 156 Front, n of 

Dobler Fred, clerk, 156 Front, n of Foundry 
Dobler Geo. clerk. 17 Jackson 
DOBLER GCSTAVDS A. ( Wheelwright, 

Mudge & Co.) 88 n Central ay 
Dobler Jacob, 17 Jackson 
Dobler John, 158 Front, n of Foundry 
Dobler John J. bookkeeper, 158 Front, n of 

Dobler Kate, teacher, 17 Jackson 
Dobler Theodore, clerk, 156 Front, n of 

Dobler Walter, clerk, 156 Front, n of Foundry 
Dobbioger Frank, blacksmith. 235 s Ann 
DOBSON CH.ARLES J. agent Lambs knitting 

machines, 135 w Favette 
DOBSON CHARLES J. manuf. worsted goods, 

135 w Fayette 
Dobson Geo. H. (Johnson & D.)14 s Broadway 
Dobson James T. letter carrier, 229 e Fayette 
Dobson John, 67 e Baltimore 
Dobson John, huckster, 375 William 
DOBSON JOHN A. agent Eastern & Western 

Glass Co. 31 s Charles,dw Charles nr Town- 
Dobson John T. police, 403 n Gay 
Dobson Mrs. Matilda C. grocery, 375 William 
Dobson Thos. mariner. 177 s Chester 
Dobson Thos. H. painter, 269 e Lombard 
Dobson Wm. bricklayer, 100 Jeiferson 
Dochtermann Conrad, confect'r, 155 Hughes 
Dockney Patrick, laborer, 129 s Castle 
Dodd Alexander, 270 Walsh 
Dodd Alexander, jr. 270 Walsh 
Dodd Danl. sr. engineer, 149 Hudson 
Dodd Danl. jr. laborer, 163 Hudson 
DODD DR. GEORGE B. 412 w F.iyette 
Dodd Joseph, laborer. 149 Hudson 
Dodd Joseph L huckster, 99 n Poppleton 
Dodge A. H. coal agent, 8 Irvine place 
Dodge Dr. Augustus W. 201 Hanover 
Dodge Charles S. shoemaker, 83 Hill 
Dodge Geo R. & Co. (Mary A. Dodge, W\ H. 

Jillard) artists and painters store, 42 w 

Dodge Mrs. Mary A. (Geo. R. D. & Co.) 261 

n Eutaw 
Dodge John W. supt. Abbott Iron Works, 

262 e Baltimore 
DODGE & WORLEY, (Wm. E. Dodge, W. H. 

Worley, ) lumber and genl. com. merchants, 

office and wharf, head of Union dock 





• i-H 



• I— ( 


WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st. 






f— I 










• ^^ 









Dodge Wm. E. (D. ^ Worley,) 298 Penna av 
Dodg:e Warren, conductor. 275 Walsh 
Dod?on Ann R. dressmaker, 97 Hanover 
Dodson Cornelia, 95 Hanover 
Dodson Oeo. S. clerk, 256 w Lombard 
Dodson Geo. S. wireworker. 32 s Reg-ester 
Dodson John W. (Turner & D.) 638 w Lom- 
Dodson ifadame, mu.eic teacher, 1-^3 St. Paul 
Dodson Melancthon I. clerk, n e cor Eutaw 

and Baltimore 
Dodson Richard S. Charles st av beyond toll- 

Dodson Robt. carpenter, 138 n Pine 
Dodson Mrs Susan C. 240 e Lombard 
Dodson Thaddeus C. carpenter, 26 Stiles 
Doe Capt. Wm. 268 Druid Hill av 
Doebel Alois, shoemaker, 258 e Lombard 
Doebel Casper, shoemaker. 160 s Washincton 
Doehler G. Conrad, butcher, 11 Fell's Point 

market, Aw Canton 
Doeler Charles, clerk, 53 Franklin 
Doelinirer Lawrence, shoemaker, 101 n Paca 
Doell Christian, junk, 87 Grindall 
Doell Wm. baker, 167 n Central av 
Doeller Christopher, organ manuf, 53 Fawn 
Doenges ."^nd'w, furn. wagon, 333 ,s Charles 
Doenges Ernest, shoemaker, 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges Fred'k, cigarmaker, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Geo. processer, 120 Hollins 
Doenges Henry, baker. 421 n Gay 
Doenges John, shoemaker. 25 Stirling 
Doenges Mrs. Lena, grocery, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Philip, vinegar depot, 141 King 
Doensch Geo. shoemaker, 217 e Madison 
Doeplitz Sol. millinery goods, 78 Lexington 
Doerner John, veterinary surgeon, 243 s Ann 
Doerr Conrad, restaurant, 20 Camden 
Doering Henry, plasterer, 98 Henrietta 
Doetsch Geo. shoemkr, 102 n Spring 
Doetsch Josephine. 19 Waesche 
Doetsch Louis, lithographist. 19 Waesche 
Doetz Martin, stevedore, 5 Shakspear 
Doft Ella, saleswoman, 174 Chesnut 
Doft George, tin and sheet iron worker, Hillen 

nr Front, dw 174 Chesnut 
Doged James S. clerk, 245 George 
Dosed James M. cooper, 69 Harford av 
Doged Wm. C. farmer. 299 e Madisoa 
Dogge Albert, tinner. 308 Multierry 
Doggo Gusdorf. shoemkr, 133 Saratoga 
Doherty Eliza,(M.& E.Doherty)223 Lexington 
Doberty Kate. 223 Lexinffton 
Doherty Mrs. Mary, C3 McMechin 
Dohertv M. & E. dry goods, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Mary, (M.& E. Doherty )223 Lexington 
Doherty Wm. J. sale>man. 63 McMechin 
Dobler Conrad, butcher, Dillon nr Third av 
Dnhlcr Mathias, laborer, 10 Clinton 
Dohm Franci.s, carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Dohme Chas. E. (Sharp & D.) 263 w Pratt 
Dohme Lewis, (Sharp & D.) 203 w Lombard 
DOHME Dr. G C. 86 e Fayette 
Dohmyer Engelhardi, laborer, s end Clinton 
Dohoney Thomas, tavern, 202 Cathedral 
Dolack John, tailor, 67 s Durham 
Dolan Mrs Ann, 662 w Pratt 
Dolan Bridget, York rd nr Kennedy's la 
Dolan Daniel, laborer, 19 Centre Market sp 
Dolan Edward, laborer, 42 s Dewberr}^ al 
Dolan Edward, shoemkr, 25 e Monument 
Dolan Hugh, laborer, 217 Boston 

Dolan James, laborer, 10 Cotton row 

Dolan James, stonecutter, Swan Tavern 

Dolan James, laborer, 99 Battery av 

Dolan James, laborer, 239 Cross 

Dolan John, laborer, 10 Prospect la 

Dolan John, stonecutter, 181 n Eden 

Dolan Matthew, laborer, 65 Frederick av 

Dolan Mary Ann, 525 w Lombard 

Dolan Mrs. Maria, Frederick av or Monroe 

Dolan Michael, mariner, 43 Centre Market sp 

Dolan Michael, machinist, 72 Essex 

Dolan Nathaniel, laborer, 269 Orleans 

Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 65 PVederick av 

Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 79 Mulberry 

Dolan Patrick, laborer, 122 Harford av 

Dolnn Thomas, laborer, 33 Bevan 

Dolan Thomas, blacksmith, 482 n Gay 

Dolan Wm. tinner, 250 e Lombard 

Dolan Wm. P. carpenter, 149 AHceanna 

Doland Kate, chambermaid. Maltby house 


Dolch John C. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 

Dolch John W. jr. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 

Dolch Mary, 266 w Biddle 

Dolch Mary, seamstress, 262 w Biddle 

Dolch Wm". H. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 

Dolfield Alex. Y. teller Franklin Bank, 80 8 

Dolfield Frederick grocery, 188 s Bond 
Doll Chas. W. 103 Hanover 
Doll Chas timekeeper, 367 w Lombard 
Doll Dan'l, receiver of trains, 367 w Lombard 
Doll Geo. cupper and leecher, 86 n HoUiday 
Doll Geo. police, 109 West 
Doll Isaac, shoemkr. 224 Frederick av 
Doll John H. bookkeeper, 84 Mulberry 
Doll Jacob, driver, McElderry ext 
Doll Leander Z. (Fangmeyer & Doll) 14 n 

Doll Lewis, bristle comber, 238 Frederick ay 
Doll Maurice, currier, 27 Haw 
Doll Rev. Penfield. 45 n Howard 
Dollard John, engineer, Buren nr Front 
Dollard Michael, stonecutter, 14 Constitution 
Dolle George, machinist, 12 Etna la 
Dolle Lawrence, cabinetmkr, 23 n Pine 
Dolle Thomas, cabinetmkr, 23 n Pine 
Dollefeltzer Louis, laborer, 109 Eastern av 
Doller Elizab. Cove al and Baker ct 
Dollery John, 244 n Bond 
Dolliver Wm. F. mariner. 43 s Ann 
Dollinger Chas. butcher, 30 Belairand 90 Cen- 
Dtre markets, dw Belair rd 
Doljjhin Francis, butcher, 383 s Eutaw 
Dol])hin Mrs. Frances, 201 Mulberry 
Dolphin John 15. city yard, 399 s Eutaw 
Domash Joseph, laborer, 17 Spruce al 
Donier D. D. chief clerk B & P. R., Mansion 

Dominie John, jirovisions, 221 e Baltimore,dw 

56 s Bond 
Domling Geo. beer, 4 n Wolfe 
Donagan Bernard, laborer, s end Clinton 
Donagan Edward, tavern, s end Clinton 
Doiiaher Tliomas, bottler, 47 ii Front 
Donahue Andrew, tavern, Forrest and Monu- 
Donahue Bernard, bleacher, 267 n Gay 
Donahue Catherine, chamber maid, 3 Jen- 
kins al 
Donahue Daniel, 72 McKiiii 
Donahue Daniel, laborer, 176 s Central av 

WM. H. BEAD'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer DiseaBes, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Donahue James, brassfinisher, 176 Constitution 
Donahue John, foreman, 21 Granbj 
Donahue John T. jr. clerk, Granby and Slem- 

mer al 
Donahue John, (J. k P. Donahue) 253 n Gay 
Donahue J. & P. bleachers, pressers and bou- 
.net flames, 253 n Gay 
Donahue Mutihert', laborer, 183 Vine 
Donahue Morgan, laborer, 137 North 
Donahue Patrick, (J. & P. Donahae)253 n Gay 
Donald James, (Levy k D.) 139 n Eutaw 
Donaldson Alex, clerk, Pine nr Josephine 
Donaldson Elizabeth, 122 McCuIloh 
Donaldson .Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 tit. Paul 
Donaldson Capt.Edw'd, U.S.X. 105 n Charles 
DONALDSON DR. FRANK, prof. University 

of Md., office and d\v 112 Park 
Donaldson Frank, tinner, 36 Ryan 
Donaldson Frank, driver, 146 Cathedral 
Donaldson James L. tobacconist, 139^ n Gay, 

dw 113 .McElderry j 

Donaldson James B. carter, 121 Peirce 
Donaldson John, 62 Fawn I 

Donaldson John, 122 McCuUoh 
Donaldson Mrs. Margaret, 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson Noah 1. tinner, 36 Ryan 
Donaldson Owen, laborer, 219 s Paca 
Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 112 s Exeter 
Donaldson Theodore H. carpenter, 568 Lex- 
Donaldson Thos.W.,U.S. storekeeper. 52 Fawn 
DON.-»LDSON, 38 St. Paul, 

dw Huward co 
Donaldson Ward H. 434 Penna av 
Donnalleu Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
Donalliu Virginia, 382 Light 
Donat Julian, hairdresser, 172 n Gay 
Donat Mrs. Mary, ladies' hairdresser, 172 n Gay 
Donat Peier, liquors, 244 Light 
Donav.u Dr. Matthew W. apothecary, s e cor 

Lee and Sharp, dw 102 Lee 
Donovan Michael, grocery, Liberty road near 

Donovan Michael, laborer, 50 s DewbTry al 
Donovan Peter, laborer, 7 Lancaster 
Dondero Emanuel, cake stand cor Charles and 

Baltimore, dw 23 .New Church 
Dondorf Jacob, laborer, rear 214 Canton av 
Done Juliet H. 229 Madison av 
Done Stephen, laborer, 273 s Dallas 
Done V.' m. L. clerk, 24 McCulloh 
Donefeltzer Lewis, cooper, lu9 Eastern av 
Donegan Owen, tailor, 11 McLeary ct 
Donelson James L. tobacconist, 139j n Gay, 

dw 113 McElderry 
Donelson Richard, tobacconist, 11 McElderry 
Donelson Robt. fireman, Winan's row 
Donhauser Geo. paint and glass, 298 Aliceanna 
Donhauser Sebastian, painter, 298 Aliceanna 
Doniphan Mrs. Ann, 92 Chatsworth 
Donlan John, laborer, 114 Hughes 
Donlaa John, laborer, 364 s Charles 
Donlan Lawrence, mariner, 19 Slemmer al 
Donlan Peter, laborer, 23 Buren 
Donlau Thomas, stonecutter, 19 Slemmer al 
Donlevy John, snutfmaker, 1 Perry 
Donley' Peter, laborer, 117 West 
Donnefeltzer Adam, cooper, 188 s Central av 
Donnefeitzer Geo. shoemkr, 5 Cotton row 
Donnefeltzer Juo. shoemkr, 5 Cotton row 
Dounefeitzer Martin, shoemkr,5 Cotton row 
DonnefeitzerMartin, shoemkr, Boston nrClinton 

Ice, 26 

Donnegan Mrs. Jane. 65 President 
Donnell Mrs. Emily. 308 Canton av 
DonnellGeo. mariner, 308 Canton av 
Donnell James, machinist. 60 s Republican 
Donnell James, jr. 179 s Broadway 
Donnell James M. machinist, 403 Canton av 
Donnell John E. mariner. 308 Canton av 
Donnell John S. o9h Franklin 
Donnell Wm. 59i Franklin 
Donnelly Bernard, coachmak, Pratt and Scott 
Donnelly ,^- Bro. (C.J. and J. M.Donnelly )match 

manufrs. s e cor Scott and McHenry 
Donnelly Chas. J. (D. & Bro.) 75 McHenry 
Donnelly Cornelius A.bailiff,l07 Greenmn'tav 
Donnelly Daniel, laborer, 11 Rose 
Donnelly Danl.type founder,308 Greenmn'tav 
Donnelly Danl. brickink'r. Greenwood Park 

nr Mine Bank la, dw 73 Harford av 
Donnelly D.miel bricklayer, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly Edward, laborer, 141 Hudson 
Donnelly Edward, laborer, 36 AVilliam 
Donnelly .Mrs. Ellen, seamstress, 158 s Wash- 
Donnelly Francis, stonecutter, 213 Dolphin 
Donnelly Henry, gardener, 42 Frederick av 
Donnelly Hugh, 6 Front n of Foundry 
Donnelly James, laborer, 416 s Charles 
Donnelly James, 17 Front n of Foundry- 
Donnelly James, cardriver, 123 Chesapeoke 
Donnelly James of water dept. 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly James, machinist, 149 Burgundy al 
Donnelly James, painter, 335 Canton av 
Donnelly James A. tobacconist, 388 Canton av 
Donnelly James B. clerk, 107 e Fayette 
Donnelly John, blacksmith, 13 Hudson al 
Donnelly John, laborer, 416 s Charles 
Donnelly John, marble polisher, 161 Ensor 
Donnelly John, (DeCormis & Co. )397Lexiagton 
Donnelly John, laborer, Hudson nr Canton 
Donnelly John, laborer, 579 Penna av 
Donnelly John, porter, 5 Valley 
Donnelly John, plumber, 336 n Howard 
DonnellV John, laborer, 21 Foundry 
Donnelly John M. (D. & Bro.) 117 Columbia 
Donnelly Joseph, plumber, 21 Foundry 
I Donnelly Mrs. Maria, china,&c. 385 Canton av 
I Donnelly Martin, laborer, 23 Block 
Donnelly Maiy, tavern, 155 Eastern av 
Donnelly Mrs. Mary, 21 Foundry 
I Donnelly Michael, "drayman, 35 Block 
I Donnelly Michael, laborer, 9 Grace ct 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 511 n Gay 
Donnelly Richard D. machinist, 8 Neighbor 

I— I 





WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Dust and 








• l-H 






Donnelly Thos. laborer, Potomac, nr Hudson 
Donnelly Thos. huckster, 511 n Gay 
Donuelly W. J. carpenter, 579 Penna av 
Douner Rev. Frederick, Wilkens nr Lombard 
Donohue Andrew, tavern, s w cor Forrest and 

Donohue Anne, huckstress, 44 Front n of 

Donohue Bernard, bleacher, 7 L JIcElderry 
Donohue Buck, laborer, 121 Chesapeake 
Donohue Chas. laborer, 281 Eastern av 
Donohue Cornelius, laborer, 49 Buren 
Donohue Cornelius, jr. laborer, 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, porter, 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, laborer, 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, laborer, 31 Chew 
Donohue Daniel, carter, 10 Hubbard al 
Donohue Daniel S. laVjorer, 104 n Bond 
Donohue Daniel T. laborer, 226 e Fayette 
Donohue .Mrs. Elizabeth, 104 n Bond 
Donohue Mrs. Elizabeth, 226 e Fayette 
Donohue Geo. W. carpenter, 12 s Gist 
Donohue Henry, tinner, 104 n Bond 
Donohue Henry K. tinner, 226 e Fayette 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 161 Gough 
Donohue James, 309 e Pratt 
Donohue James D. shipjoiuer, 12 s Ann 
Donohue James H. salesman, 60 e Pratt 
Donohue John, bricklayer, 8 Gould ct 
Donohue John, 69 Front n of Foundry 
Donuhue Jno.(Holloway, D. & Co.) 60 e Pratt 
Donohue Juo. grocery, cor Amity and Raborg 
Donohue Michael, laborer, 21 Hudson al 
Donohue M. L. 252 Bank 
Donohue Oscar L. laborer, 104 n Bond 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 355 Eastern av 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 99 Granby 
Donohue Patrick, porter, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, Bolton nr John 
Donohue Patrick, Clifton nr Penna av ext 
Donohue Patrick H. laborer, Clifton nr Penna 

avenue ext 
DONOHUE RICHARD, shirt manuf. over 205 

w Baltimore, dw 9 Pearl 
Donohue Stephen, huckster, 44 Front n of 

Donohue Thos. police, cor Hanover and West 
Donohue Thos. laborer, Fortav nr Hull 
Donohue Thos. laborer, 103 Vine 
Donuhue Thos. supt. Crescent Coal Oil Works 

s w cor Howard and West 
Donohue Thos. helper, 31 s Stockton 
Donohue Wm. 0. conductor, Madison av nr 

Northern av 
Donohue Wm. J. tailor, 203 Montgomery 
Donohue Wm. driver, 17 Front n of Foundry 
Donovan Mrs. C. 122 w Hotfman 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, 847 w Pratt 
Donovan Jas. pressman, over 63 n Frederick 
Donovan John, laborer, 39 Liberty al 
Donovan John, laborer, rear 25 Bank 
Donovan Mrs. Margaret, 131 North 
Donovan .Michael, laborer, 50 s Dewberry al 
Donovan .Michael, pressman. 83 n Exeter 
Donovan .Michael, grocery, 84 Gough 
Donovan Mich'l, groc'y, Presstman & Chappell 
Donovan Simon, peddler, 26 s Ann 
Donovan Timothy, blacksmith, Chappell nr 

Penna av 
Donovan Wra. tavern, 176 s Central av 
Doo Elizabeth, 153 Eastern av 
Doolan .Maurice, currier, 27 Haw 

Dooley Jas. horse shoe nail manuf. 1 Marion, 

dw 139 Mulberry 
Dooley James, grocery, 88 Harford av 
Dooley Lawrence, n dlmaker, 202 .Madison aT 
Dooley .Mrs. .Margaret, seamstress, 111 n Howard 
Dooley .Martin, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dooley Vinton, laborer, 25 Haw 
DooHd Hugh, laborer, Clinton s of Boston 
Dooliu James, laborer, 10 Cotton row 
Dooliu Patrick, Clinton s of Boston 
Doory Thomas, laborer, 206 n fixeter 
Dopman Henry, ironworker, 192 s Wolfe 
Dopman John, laborer, 192 s Wolfe 
Dopman Mrs. Julia, 192 s Wolfe 
Doran .\nthony, laborer. 9 Hillen 
Doran John, laborer, 23 Low 
Doran Mary J. saleswoman, 136 Hollins 
Doran Michael, laborer, Nicholson nr Towson 
Doran Sarah E. 32 n Oregon 
Doran Peter, teacher, 32 e Lombard 
Dorbaker .\d.un, 91 s Fremont 
Dorbert George, shoemaker, 105 s Dallas 
Dorcherding John, currier, 13 Dover 
Doreraus Peter B. plasterer, 311 Druid Hill av 
Doreng John, cigar maker, 89 n Poppleton 
Doreng Valentine, laborer, 89 n Poppleton 
Dortf Albert, tinner, 45 McHenry 
Dorflin Jacob, tailor, 51 .McElderry 
Dorgan k Co. (T. A. Dorgan) stoves, ranges, 

4'c., s e cor Lumbard and Light 
Dorgan Gustavus A.shipcarp.45 s Washington 
Dorgan Theod. A. (D. & Co.) s w cor Charles 

and Mulberry 
Dorgett Fritz, cooper, 57 Eastern av 
Dorick John, laborer, 20 s Gist 
Dorm Chas. brickmaker, Clement nr William 
Dorman Ann, confectionery, 75 s High 
Dorman Catherine, teacher, 75 s High 
Dorman F. W. (F. W. D. & Co.) and Pres't 

U. S. M'f'g Co., 97 w Lombard 
Dorman F. W. cj- Co. (F. W. Dorman, Wm. 

F. Sutz) stencilcutters, diesinkers and en- 
gravers, 97 w Lombard 
Dorman Fulton P. actor, 53 Harrison 
Dorman Capt.Geo.T. oystertrade, 255 Hoffman 
Dorman Mrs. Helen C. seamstress, Choptank 

nr Lombard 
Dorman James, laborer, 277 Aliceanna 
Dorman Jane G. 349 w Lombard 
Dorman John, mariner, 381 Hamburg 
Dorman John S. huckster, 2 Williamson al 
Dorman Kate, teacher, 75 s High 
Dorman Mrs. Mary, 277 Aliceanna 
Dorman .Mrs. Matilda B., Choptank nr Gough 
Dorman Wm. carpenter, 277 .-Vlicemna 
Dorman Wm. T. plasterer, 48 n Caroline 
Dorn Ellen, laundress, 22 n Amity 
Dorn Fred.painter.s e cor Park and Richmond 
Dorn Geo. laborer, Madeira al nr i.'anton av 
Dorn James, laborer, 64 Essex 
Dorn Jno. groc'y, s e cor Park and Richmond 
Dorn John, milk, O'Donueil nr Clinton 
Dorn John, beer, 87 e Lombard 
Dorn Joseph, shoemaker, 83 Elliott 
Dorn Philip, clerk, 97 w Biddle 
Dornburg .Mrs. .Margaret, 151 Conway 
Dorner John A. 118 Frederick av 
Dorner John T. packer, 177 n Fremont 
Dorney .A.lbert D. produce, s e cor Exeter and 

Granby, dw 70 e Pratt 
Dorney Jackson, wood, 126 s High 
Dorney Thos. J. salesman, 126 s High 

WM. H. 

READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Offices, 54 S. Gray and cor. Cliew & Stirling. 




Dorney Wm. J. dairy, cor Exeter and Granby, 

dw 72 e Pratt 
Dorain R. E. druggist, 103 s Broadway 
Dorr Casper, printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr Charles, cooper, 211 Cross 
Dorr Edward, clerk, 42 Conway 
Dorr Henry, baker, 816i w Baltimore 
Dorr Lawrence A. tobacconist, 78 s Howard, 

dw 42 Conway 
Dorr Louis, baker, 816j w Baltimore 
Dorr Peter, cigarmaker, 263 s Sharp 
Dorr Peter, printer, 255 Hanover 
Dorr Capt. Wra. mariner, 179 llcCuUoh 
Dorrance Geo.E. (G.E.D.i)'- Co.) Gilmor house 
Dorrance George E. & Co. (G. E. Dorrance) 

vinegar manufs, 122 North 
Dorrell Edward, potter, 294 e Monument 
Dorrell Mrs. Elizabeth, 294 e Monument 
Dorrell Wm. potter, 294 e .Monument 
Dorrett Wm. W. tobacconist, 163 e Fayette 
Dorries Chas. tobac't. Constitution and Buren 
Dorrington A. 158 w Fayetie 
Dorritee C. W. bookkeeper, 609 Belair av 
Dorritee Edward, laborer. 184 Dover 
Dorritee Mrs. Ellen, 609 Belair av 
Dorritee Lorenzo, painter, 173 e Fayette 
Dorritee Wm. S. (Green & Co.) Harford av 

opp Darley Park 
Dorry ^Irs. E. G. boarding, 92 s Broadway 
Dorry Mrs. Henrietta, 502 w Baltimore 
Dorsch Geo. cooper, 1 Spring ct 
Dorsch George, shoemaker, 102 s Spring 
Dorsch George jr. cutter, 1 Spring ct 
Dorsch \Volf, cooper, 202 s Bond 
Dorscbel Wm. butcher, 3 Fell's Pt market, dw 

295 Hamburg 
Dorsett John F. salesman, 80 s Sharp 
Dorsett Josiah H. (Mitchell, Dorsett & Co.) 56 

Dorsett John H. clerk, 80 s Sharp 
Dorsey Allen,( Walker,D.& Co.) 193 n Charles 
Dorsey Arthur, clerk, 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Bartus C. (Smith, Dixon & Co.) 178 

Dorsey Mrs. Catherine, 100 Lexington 
Dorsey Chas. machinist, 57 Columbia 
Dorsey Charles H. engineer, 236 George 
Dorsey Comfort W. 36 Pleasant 
Dorsey D. Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Dan'l W. gilder, 63 Stirling 
Dorsey David, marble worker, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey Edgar 0. 72 n Paca 
Dorsey Edw d, (D. & Spillman) 479 Saratoga 
Dorsey Edward, coachpainter, 121 Hillen 
Dorsey Edward, laborer, 554 w Pratt 
Dorsey Eoieline, 156 e Lombard 
Dorsey Evan L. paperhanger, 102 Mulberry 
Doisey Ezfkiel S. bookkeeper, 88 s Eden 
Dorsey Ferguson, salesman, 5 Commerce 
Dorsey Frank. G. clerk, 35 Conway 
Dorsey G. D. n w cor Prait and South 
Dorsev Geo. E. law student. 35 Conway 
Dorsey Geo. W. wood corder, Clinton s of 

Dorsey Geo. W. shoemaker, 193 Preston 
Dorsey Henry, cabinetmaker, 9 Leadenhall 
Dorsey James, marble polisher, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsev James B. clerk, 142 n Charles 
Dorsey James E. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey James L. flour broker, 35 Conway 
Dorsey John, tavern, 9 s Front 
Dorsey John, cellar digger, 29 s Wolfe 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Dorsey John A. (Etchison <j- D.) Howard co 
Dorsey John, laborer. 384 Hanover 
Dorsey John, stonecutter. 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey John, mariner, Chester nr Pratt 
Dorsey John R. bookkeeper, 35 Conway 
Dorsey Dr. J. S. dentist, 142 Lexington 
Dorsey John, tailor, 305 Paca s of Hamburg 
Dorsey Joseph, Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Jos. I. granite stonecutter, 90 Hollins 
Dorsey Joseph, magistrate, office cor Clinton 

and Boston, dw Toone and First av 
Dorsey Joseph S. 309 e Eager 
Dorsey Joseph, moulder, 240 s Sharp 
Dorsey Mrs. Lucy, 193 n Howard 
Dorsey Mrs. Mjiry A. 664 Lexington 
Dorsey Mrs. .Michael 31 <'onway 
Dorsey Michael, laborer, 140 s Castle 
Dorsey Patrick, carter, 30 New Church 
Dorsey Peter, dredger, 9 s Front 
Dorsey Rich'd H. shoemaker, 635 Belair av 
Dorsey Robert, boilermaker, 107 e Eager 
Dorsey Dr. Robert E. 215 Madison av 
Dorsey Robt.H.boilerm'r.Martin al nr HofiFman 
Dorsey Dr. Robt. W. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Dr. Robt. (of Edwd.) 79 w Monument 
Dorsey Saml. lab'r, Lemmon al nr Carey 
Dorsey Samuel W. public weigher, over 67 s 

Gay, dw Lexington and St. Paul 
Dorsey .Mrs. Sarah, Durham nr Orleans 
Dorsey Sarah, 164 Chesnut 
Dorsey & Spilmau. (Edward Dorsey, D. Spil- 

man) carpenters, rear 118 n Calvert 
Dorsey Theodore C. bookkpr, 425 Madison av 
Dorsey Thos. A. clerk. 82 Columbia 
Dorsey Thos. N. engineer 9 Henrietta 
Dorsey Thos. R. (Morgan & D.) 205 Franklin 
Dorsey Upton W. clerk. Miller's hotel 
Dorsey Wash. L. canmaker, 401 Lexington 
Dorsey W. Alexander, (Heald ^j- D.)72 n Paca 
Dorsey Wm. baggagemas'r. Gen. Wayne hotel 
Dorsey Wm. H. paving teller Western Nat- 
Bank, 413 w Fayette 
Dorsey Wm. Henry, stonecutter, Belair av nr 

Baltimore cemetery 
Dorsey Wm. R. coachmaker, 121 Hillen 
Dorsey Wm. laborer. 142 s Castle 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 75 Frederick av 
Dorsey Wm. groc'y.Jackson sq av and Chapel 
Dorsey Wm. engineer, 115 e Pratt 
Dorsev Wm. coachmaker. 48 n High dw 121 

Dorsh John, wheelwright, 178 Peirce 
Dorsh Louisa, 178 Peirce 







WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 "W. Baltimore-st- 
















Dorsh Rev. Michael, 25 n Front 

Dorton Henry F. mariner, 119 Lexington 

Dorweis Eckliardt, painter, 184 Forrest 

Dorweis Mrs Eliza, confect'_y, 184 Forrest 

Dose Chas. orrocerv, 372 Light 

DOSH REV. JO i'N H. C. 308 e Baltimore 

Dosh Woolf, cooper, 268 s Bond 

Dossinger Barbara, laundress, 11 8 Frederick av 

Dost Theodore, bristle comber, 240 Fred'k av 

Doster John, tailor, 72 Milliman 

Dotel Mrs. Eliscabeth, II Cambridge 

Dotter Chas. carpenter, 59 Aliceanna, Canton 

Dotterweich Franz, tailor, 67 Somerset 

Dotterweich Fred, cigarmak, 189 Druid Hill av 

Dotterwaich Sebastian, cooper and grocery, 

40 Frederick av 
Doty Mrs. Phebe, Lombard nr Fulton 
Doty Samuel W., Barnum's hotel 
Dotzer John, grocery, 466 Canton av 
Douber John, brassfinisher, 12 s Liberty 
Doubleday & O'Dell, (S. Doubleday, W. G. 

O'Dell) agric. implem'tsand seeds, 41 n Paca 
Doubleday Saml. (D. & O'Dell) cor Franklin 

and Stockton al 
Doublehan Augustus, machinist, 55 s Bond 
Doud John, laborer, 103 Stirling 
Doud John A. M. police, 236 e Madison 
Doud Mrs. M. L. dressmaker, Madison av nr 

Doud Martin, laborer, 159 s Washington 
Doud Michael, laborer, 646 w Pratt 
Doud Patrick, laborer, 78 Harford av 
Doud Thos. blacksmith, 40 Pine 
Doudiken John, laborer, 6 Chappell 
Doudy Nehemiah, carpenter, 157 Columbia 
Dougherty Anthony, laborer, 40 Boyd 
Dougherty Chas. mariner, 32 s Caroline 
Douiiherty Chas. jiaper carrier, 55 n Exeter 
Dougherty Charles M. prest. Baltimore Oil 

\Vork.s, 31 Franklin 
Dougherty Catherine, huckst's, 17 Goodman al 
Dougherty Daniel. laborer, 11 Hull 
Dougherty Daniel, laborer, 81 Forrest 
Dougherty Daniel, carter, 184 s Washington 
Dougherty Darby, driver, 42 w Eager 
Dougherty Dennis, laborer, 82 s Republican 
Dougherty Geo laborer. 125 Elliott 

and Saml. K. Dougherty) patent medicine 

depot, 112 w Baltimore 
Dougherty Geo. W..(G W. D. & Bro.) Phila 
Dougherty Geo. W. finisher, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty James, oysters lis Caroline 
Dougherty John, laborer, 31 Willow 
Dougherty John, brooramaker, 28 St. Mary 
Dougherty John F. grocery, 170 Tyson 
Dougherty Jonas, machinist, 56 Thames 
Dougherty J. J. C. clerk, 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty Kate, laundress, Maltby house 
r)ougherty Margaret, 11 w Biddle 
Dougherty .Martin, huckster, 53 L. Church 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary, 326 e Madison 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary V. boarding, 146 s Ann 
Dougherty Michael, salesman, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 275 s Eutaw 
Dougherty Michael J. (D. & Share) 326 e 

Dougherty Michael, laborer, 162 West 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 34 n High 
Dougherty Neil, laborer, rear Baltimore white 

lead works, Fort av 
Dougherty Philip sr. paper carrier, 20 n Bond 

Dougherty Philip H. paper carrier, 26 n Bond 
Dougherty & Share, (M. J. Dougherty, A. 

Share) plumbers and gasfit's,86 sBroadway 
Dougierty Saml K. (G.W. Dougherty &Bro.) 

112 w Baltimore 
Dougherty Thos. laborer, 31 Albemarle 
Dougherty Thos. B. printer, 119 e Eager 
Dougherty Thos. 13 n Caroline 
Dougherty V.'m. laborer, 187 East 
Dougherty Wm. peddler, 68 Thames 
Dougherty Wm. P. salesman, 78 s High 
Dougherty Wm.H. (Sands <.fCo.) 16 s Chester 
Doughney Michael, laborer, 235 Gough 
Doug'hton Wm. stonecutter, 26 w Fayette 
Doughty Henry C. clerk, 164 s Charles 
Doughty John C. 75 Hollins 
Doughty Thos. P. salesman, 43 Hanover 
Douglas & Co. (A. Douglas) wine, liquors 

and cigars, 57 Exchange pi 
Douglas August, (D. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Douglass Chas. laborer, 158 e Lombard 
Douglass D. C. clerk, 299 w Lombard 
Douglass D. L. clerk, 299 w Lombard 
Douglass David, cooper, 110 Ramsay 
Douglass Ella, 98 North 

Douglass Mrs. Emma, trimmings,245e Fayette 
Douglass Mrs. Fannie, shoe binder, 22 s Exeter 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 281 Columbia 
Douglass Geo. plasterer, 335 e Chase 
Douglass Mrs. Harriet, cakes, &c., 33 Chew 
Douglass Institute, 1 1 Lexington 
Douglass James H. painter, 2 Webster al 
Douglass John, hackman, 288 Harford av 
Douglass Joseph, hacks, 33 Chew 
Douglass Mary, servant, Lombard nr Spring 
Douglass Mrs. Mary J. 87 Hamburg 
Douglass Robt. cooper, 165 Raborg 
Douglass Robt. huckster, 37 Wyeth 
Douglass Robt. cooper, 20 Sterrett 
Douglass Susan, shoebinder, 17 Baker's ct 
Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 31 Marion 
Douglass Thos. J. cooper, 138 L Greene 
Douglass Wm. cooper, 8 Walker 
Douglass Wm. R. painter, 245 e Fayette 
Doulongn Conrad, tailor, 272 Canton av 
Douthat Wm. H. clerk, 65 n Charles 
Dove Mrs, Ann J. 14 s Oregon 
Dove Benjamin F. watchman. 548 w Pratt 
Dove John R. laborer, 26 Ramsay 
Dover .lohn, shoemaker, 499 w Pratt 
Dow Jos. A. shoemaker, Fremont and Barre 
Dowd Anna, 113 s Chester 
Dowd Bridget, huckstress, 46 Short 
Dowd Catherine, 46 Short 
Dowd John, laborer, 37 s Stockton al 
Dowden Francis P. laborer, 290 e Lombard 
Dowell George E. auditor C. H. 203 Aisquith 
Dowell James, clerk. Park av nr Townsend 
Dowell John, com. mercht. 96 Light st wharf, 

dw Park av nr Townsend 
Dowell Kate, Park av nr Townsend 
Dower John, shoemaker, 39 Brown la 
Dower Jlrs. John, grocery, 39 Brown la 
Dowling Mrs, Ann, 28 Mulberry 
Dowling Mrs. Mary, 40 n High 
Dowling Michael J. carriagemaker, 153 and 

155 n High, dw Brown's hotel 
Dowliug Patrick, laborer, 546 w Lombard 
Dowling Thomas, laborer, Johnson nrFortav 
Dowling Thos. J. printer, 85 Booth 
Dowling Thos. laborer, 85 Booth 
Downey Edmund, carpenter, 13 L. Gough 

WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 



Downey Edward, polisber, 293 Johnson 
Downey Edward, grocery, 203 e Lombard 
Downey Geo. lightning rods, 74 n High 
Downey John, mariner, 237 Henrietta 
Downey John, grocer and com mercht. 

Franklin, dw 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Joseph, laborer, 59 s Dewberry al 
Downey Michael, iron roller, 238 Gough 
Downey Patrick, laborer. 20.1 e Lombard 
Downey Patrick, laborer. 103 Elliott 
Downey Thos. G. 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Wm. labr. cor Hudson and Potomac 
Downey Wm. laborer, 237 Henrietta 
Downey Wm. plumber, 13 L. Gough 
Downey Wm. T. watchman, 141 Dover 
Downing Chas. bricklayer, 319 Saratoga 
Downing Howell, broker, s w cor Frederick 

and Fayette, dw 158 w Biddle 
Downing Lucas, shoemaker. 154 w Lombard 
Downing Nathaniel F.bricklayer,61 u Strieker 
Downing Mrs. S. J. grocery, s e cor Saratoga 

and Strieker 
Downing Walter, bricklayer, 163 n Fremont 
Downing Wm. H. bricklayer, s e cor Strieker 

and Saratoga 
Downs ('has. G. salesman, 73 Hill 
Downs Clara M. grocery, 73 Flill 
Downs Harris T. police, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs Henry 0. butcher, Choptank nr Fayette 
Downs Jas. H. painter, Fremont nr Franklin 
Downs Jas. H. upholsterer, 361 Franklin 
Downs John N. painter, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs John I. carpenter, 722 Penna av 
Downs Jos. B. butcher, 67 Hanover, 31 Centre 

and 46 Lexington markets, dw 470 Light 
Downs Martha, Presstman nr Fremont 
Downs Patrick, 21 Perry 
Downs Robt. F. millwri<;ht, 213 n Central av 
Dewns Samuel A. carpenter. 125 Montgomery 
Downs Samuel F. moulder, 176 n Fremojt 
Downs Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, 142 William 
Downs Thaddeus L. watchman, 76 William 
Downs Wm H. carpenter, 247 Lee 
Downs Rev. WMlford. 202 Eastern av 
Downs Winifred, 37 Cambridge 
Doxen Kinsey J. carp. 69 McHenry 
Doyle Mrs. Agnes, 74 Johnson 
Doyle A. Courtney, clerk, 44 McCulloh 
Doyle Andrew J. grocery, 59 Pearl, dw 189 

Doyle Ann, grocery, 67 Clay 
Doyle Arthur, shipcarp. 139 s Castle 
Doyle Benj. H. marble polisher, Eagle hotel 
Doyle Mrs. Bettie, dressmak. 69 n Schroeder 
Doyle Clarence, clerk, 44 JlcCulloh 
Doyle Ellen, huckstress, 12 e Lombard 
Doyle Ellen, confectionery, 50 n Fremont 
Doyle Frank, police, 380 s Charles 
Doyle Gerald, chemist, 160 e Madison 
Doyle Hugh, lab'r, 218 s Castle 
Doyle Henry, clerk, 44 McCulloh 
Doyle Henry, lab'r. Ills Spring 
Doyle Jas. blacksmith, Eden nr Eastern av, 

dw Eden nr Aliceanna 
Doyle James, laborer, 8 Fall 
Doyle Jas. E blacksmith, 13 Lloyd 
Doyle Jas. H. printer, 1 89 Saratoga 
Doyle Jas. M. liquors, 45 s Charles, dw 353 

Doyle Mrs. Jane, 50 n Fremont 
Doyle Mrs. Jane G. 32 Camden 
Doyle John, fancy soap, 217 Barre 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Doyle John, 218 s Castle 
Doyle John, lab'r, 18 Abey al 
Doyle John, baker, 67 Clay 
Doyle John, lab'r, 23 Ringgold al 
Doyle John, nailmaker, 209 Vine 
Doyle John, lab'r, 1 1 Second 
Doyle John B. clerk, 401 Franklin 
Doyle John I. clerk, 136 Hanover 
Doyle John, engineer, 21 Barre 
Doyle John A. G. painter, 42 Park 
Doyle Dr. John A. loh Saratoga 
Doyle Jos. lab'r, Clinton and Boston 
Doyle Martin, lab'r, Curleynr Lancaster 
Doyle Maria, nurse, 376 Eutaw pi 
Doyle Matthew, lab'r, 27 Constitution 
Doyle Matthew, barber, 74 Frederick av 
Doyle Michael, carp. 254 Mulberry 
Doyle Michael, lab'r, 36 Curtis al 
Doyle Michael, police, 164 Dover 
Doyle Michael, sawyer, 46 Johnson 
Doyle Michael, ironmoulder, 67 Clay 
Doyle Michael H. printer, 34 e Baltimore 
Doyle Morris, engineer, 21 Barre 
Doyle Nicholas, hostler, 77 e Baltimore 
Doyle Patrick, lab'r, 62 s Oregon 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 202 Cathedral 
Doyle Saml. B. clerk Adams Ex. 401 Franklin 
Doyle Thos. lab'r, 10 Cuba 
Doyle Thos. sawyer, 90 Battery ar 
Doyle Thos. tavern. Henrietta nr Sharp 
Doyle Thos. G. bookseller, 295 n Gay 
Dovle T. Harrie, clerk, 51 Courtland 
Doyle Walter, (Odem cf- D.) 41 Courtland 
Doyle Wm. clerk, 25 i Mulberry 
Doyle Wm. H. carpenter, 254 Mulberry 
Doyle Wm. J. jr. bookkeeper, 189 Saratoga 
Doyle Wm. carter, 42 Park 
Dozier E. B. clerk Merchants hotel 
Dozier Wm. R. (N. Robinson & Co.) 42 n Re- 
Drager Fritz, baker, 141 e Pratt 
Drager Henry, cigarjiacker, 14 n Eden 
Drager Theodore, cigarra.ik. 228 Battery av 
Drager Wm. shoeiuaker, 326 s Bond 
Draish Jos. j)orter. 37 Marion 
Drake Edward F. blacksmith, 203 Columbia 
Drake Geo. painter, 341 e Baltimore 
Drake Hiel, blacksmith, 203 Columbia 
Drake Jas. T. cigarmak. 203 Columbia 
Drake Wm. blacksmith, cor Penn and King, 

dw 22 St. 'Peter 
Drakeley Geo. (Tilghman & D.) 317 w Fayette 
Drakeley Hy. W. (D. & Fenton) 291 w Fayette 





• I— I 


WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Mercii'ts. 













DRAKE LEY & FENTON, (H. W. Drakeley, 

A. Fenton, Joel Hinman) wholes, produce 

com. raerchs. 387 w Baltimore 
Drakeley Thos. (Tilghman &D.) 291 wFayette 
Dramer Fortune, 60 President 
Drane D. lab'r, 136 Harford av 
Drane Jas. lab'r, 226 George 
Draue Jas. E. jr. machinist, 226 George 
Drane John F. moulder, 226 George 
Drane John M. plasterer. 236 n Bond 
Drane Mrs Maroaret, 226 George 
Drane Richard, hoilermak. 79 Stirling 
Drane Wm. wagoner, 187 Stirling 
Draper Chester, wagoner, 178 Dover 
Draper Kate, 6 Josephine 
Draube Justine, pickler, 12 n Amity 
Drande Andrew, tailor, 60 Stiles 
Dreachm Henry, lab'r, Bolton depot 
Drebinx Geo. shipjoiner, 11 n Choptank 
Drebing Harriet, is n Choptank 
Drebing Wm. A. tinner, 13 n Choptank 
Drechler Barbara, milk, Thompson nr Carey 
Drechler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Drechsel Louis, clerk, 376 Penna av 
Drechsler Fred'k, tailor, 132 s Wiishington 
Dreohsler Jno. engn'r.Belair aveof Broadway 
Drechsler Thos. lager beer, cor Forrest and Low 
Dreeman V^m. lab'r, 8 s Gist 
Dreger Henry, driver, 326 s Bond 
Dreisch Joseph sr. porter. 37 Marion 
Dreisch Joseph N. clerk, 78 Mulberry 
Dreke August, tailor, 224 s Bond 
Drenner Francis, carp. 512 w Lombard 
Drenner Jeremiah, carp. 17 Carlton 
Drenner Otho W. carp. 152 Scott 
Dresch Joseph, clerk, 37 Marion 
Dresel Ferdinand, clerk, 110 Park 
Dresel Werner, (F. L. Brauns & Co.) consul 

for Wartenburg, Baden, Bavaria, Hesse 

Darmstadt and North German Union, 37 s 

Gay. dw 110 Park 
Dresher Henry, blacksmith, 159 e Lombard 
Dreslier Peter, sboemak. 16 Willow • 

Dresbfield L. grocery. 182 Cross 
Dressel Adam, blind maker, 532 n Gay 
Dressel Chas. currier, 233 Aliceanna 
Dressel Conrad, weaver, 50 u Spring 
Dressel Geo. driver, 31 Rose 
Dressel Geo. lab'r, 13 Henry 
Dressel John G. lab'r, 102 Somerset 
Dressel John J. bakery, 141 e Pratt 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 267 n Eden 
Dressel Leonard, blindmaker. 532 n Gay 
Dressel Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 50 n Spring 
Dreves Francis, cigar store, 145 w Fayette 
Drew Amanda L. 160 w Madison 
Drew Avihur, laborer, 2 n Poppleton 
Drew Catherine. 47 n Front 
Drew Ellen, 47 n Front 
Drexel August, tobacconist, 59 n Gay 
Drexel Francis, glassware, 138 s Charles, dw 

!5S German 
Dre.xel Henry, confectionery, 5 Cooke 
Drexel H. C. steam scourer and dyer, 42 w 

Fayette, dw 112 n Exeter 
Drexel John, laborer, 23 Smith 
Dresel Michael, lab. 434 Canton av 
Drexel Moritz, confectioner, 57 n Gay 
Drexler Chas. brewer, Belair av nr Schiietzen 

Drexler Ferdinand, laborer, 231 Bond 
Drexler John, brewer, Belair av ext 

Drev Abraham (L. Lauer & Co.) 109^ Mc- 

Drey Elkan (L. Lauer & Co.) 64 Conway 
Dreyer Cbas. cigarm'kr, Fred'k av nr Wilkens 
Dreyer Ernest, fresco painter. 246 w Fayette 
Dreyer Henry, carpenter, 49McHenry 
Dreyer John, butcher, Monument nr Wash- 
Dreyer John F. boxmaker, 49 McHenry 
Dreyer Wm. A. shoes, 168 s Broadway 
Drieke August, tailor, 240 s Bethel 
Drier Abraham, rags, 81 Harrison 
Driesocher Fred. lab. Wilkens nr Baltimore 
DRILL JAMES M. gen'l freight agt N. C. R., 

Park av n of Townsend 
Drischman Geo. carver, 346 Cross 
Driscoll Mrs. Ann, 3 HoUins 
Driscoll Annie E. teacher, 3 HoUins 
Driscoll Mrs.CarolineR. teacher,42 n Poppleton 
Driscoll Dennis, laborer, 536 w Pratt 
Driscoll Dennis, stonemason, 82 n HoUiday 
Driscoll Ellen, grocery, 217 Chesnut 
Driscoll Emma, teacher, 42 n Poppleton 
Driscoll Jas. laborer, Duncan al nr Bank 
Driscoll .John, grocery, 2 Front n of Foundry 
Driscoll Mrs. Mary, 61 Centre Market sp 
Driscoll Richard J. tailor, 58 s Howard 
Driscoll Timothy, 2 Front n of Foundry 
Driscoll Thos. laborer, 155 Aliceanna 
Drissell Martin, laborer. Gist nr Eastern av 
Driver Alex, cardriver, 154 s Chapel 
Driver Chas. barber, 142 Penna av 
Driver Chas. F. painter, 184 s Chapel 
Driver Christina, 12 n Amity 
Driver David, confectioner^-, 135 Peirce 
Driver John, moulder, 110 St. Peter 
Driver Josiah, laborer, 110 St. Peter 
Droge Frank, blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 
Droge Theodore, blacksuiiih, 56 Henrietta 
Drohan David, [^'olice, 84 s High 
Drohan Thos. watchman, 91 n Exeter 
Droney Martin, tailor, 29 XewtHiurch 
Droscher Adolph,( J.P.Lubs & Co.)51 n Greene 
Drost Chas. clerk, Charles-st. and Hun'ing- 

ton avs 
Drost Gustav. A. (D. & Sutro) Charles-st. and 

Huntingdon avs 
Drost Louis, bookkeeper, 105 Hanover 

DROST & SUTEO, (G. A. Drost, 
E. Sutro, L. Suti'o,) Importers of 
Hosiery, Zephyr Worsted, Dress 
Trimmings, &c., 25 Hanover. 

Drost Michael, shoemaker, 249 Gough 
Droste John E. police, 70 Barre 
Droste Wm. H. sergeant police, 78 Hill 
Drought Carrie A. teacher, 138 Montgomerj'- 
Drought Francis, carp. 13S Montgomery 
Drought George, wheelwright, 129 Elliott 
Drugan Hugh( Wm. Botid & Co. )55s Poppleton 
Druid Hall, n e cor Gay and Baltimore 
Druid Hill Assembly Rooms, 126 Druid Hill ay 
Druid Kill Park, Madison av ext 
Drumgoole Patrick, carpenter, 3 Valley 
Drumgooie Pat'k T. carpenter, 133 n Spring 
Drumniarder Christian, laborer, 25 Rock 
Drummond Baltimore, clerk, 15 s Exeter 
Drummond Mrs. Joanna E. 15 s Exeter 
Drummond .Margaret, teacher, 15 s Exeter 
Drummond Waverley G. clerk, 392 w Fayette 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh PoVi^der, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. 


and cor. 

Chew & Stirling. 




Drummond Wm. laborer, 15 s Exeter 
Drummj Coraelius, blacksmith, 7 Baker 
Drurey Chas. B. clerk, 48 Conway 
Drury Mrs. Marian. 335 e Madison 
Drury Samuel C. police, 15 s Fremont 
Drury Wm. rigger, 254 Bank 
Drury Wm. A. mariner, 127 William 
Dry Fred'k. conductor, 15 s Republican 
Dryden Ales. jr. huckster, 64 Clay 
Drvden Alex, huckster, 64 Clay 
Dryden C. 0. clerk, 254 w Hoffman 
Dryden J. Edward, clerk, 47 s Greene 
Drvden Jas. blacksmith, 195 e Madison 
Drvden J. Meredith, (J.M.D.&Co.) 157 Charles 
Dryden J. Meredith & Co. (J. M. Dryden) dry 

goods com. merchs. 9 German 
Dryden Joshua, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Joshua, Ins. agent, 50 Sharp 
Dryden Joshua R. clerk, 254 w Hoffman 
Dryden Mrs. Rebecca, 111 n Calvert 
Dryden Robert J. salesman, 344 w Fayette 
Dryden Robt. H. shoemaker, 257 n Central av 
Dryden Robert W. 167 n Charles 
Dryden Robert, clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Dryden Samuel, bricklayer, 49 Warren 
Dryden Samuel, shoemaker, 397 w Baltimore, 

dw 11 s Eutaw 
Dryden Thomas, huckster, 64 Clay 
Drvden W. Svdnev, salesman, 47 s Greene 
Dryden Wm.'H. (Moore, Larrabee & Co.) 342 

w Fayette 
Drver Wm. shoemaker, 291 s Bond 
Drvsdale Jas. M. (Sadler k D.) 660 Lexington 
Drysdale J. M. (of Bryant, Stratton & Sadler) 

Business College, 660 Lexington 
DDBARRY J. X. vice prest. and chief engi- 
neer X.C.R., Calvert Station, dwHarrisburg 
Dubel Capt. Jas. A. com. merch, 88 Light-st. 

whf, dw 155 Barre 
Dubois Edward S. printer, 81 s Exeter 
Dubois E. C. clerk, 272 Madison av 
Dubois Leo, watchmaker, 16'> s Ann 
Dubois Mary, confectionery. 165 s Ann 
Dubree Geo. W. silversmith. 220 e Madison 
Dubree John B. clerk, 38 w Biddle 
Dubree John H. carpenter, 3S w Biddle 
Dubreuil Armand, clerk, 29 Camden 
Dubreuil Madame Armanda, 29 Camden 
Dubreul Rev. J. Paul, St. Mary seminary 
Ducatel Mrs. Joanna, boarding, 38 Mulberry 
Duchaulte Chas. G. clerk, 309 Aisquith 
Duck Dr. Chas. E. dentist, 147 Saratoga 
Duck Frederick, laborer. 314 Eastern av 
Ducker George E. (Wm. Devfiesifc Co.)Maltbj 

Duckett Augustus, boilermaker, Clement nr 

Duckett Jeremiah, laborer, 257 Preston 
Duckett John, oysters, 310 William 
Duckett Mrs. Mary, provisions, 49 Columbia 
Duckett Richard tax ofiBce, 308 Saratoga 
Duckett Robert L. carter, 49 Columbia 
Duckett Wm. H. carter, 49 Columbia 
Ducsh Henry, engineer. 10 Abbot 
Dudley Mrs. A. E. n e cor Fayette and Gilmor 
Dudley Asa P. carpenter, 135 n Eutaw 
Dudley Mrs. Asa P. fancy goods. 135 n Eutaw 
Dudley A. G. shoemaker, 296 w Pratt 
Dudley Chas. engineer, 296 s Sharp 
Dudley Christopher, blacksmith, 112 Stirling 
Dudley Frederick M. grocery, 255 Light 
Dudley Mrs. Hannah, boarding, 25 Courtland 

Dudley Hiram G. clerk, 54 Saratoga 

Dudley Mrs. Hester A. boarding, 74 Henrietta 

Dudley James M. stove mounter, 74 Henrietta 

Dudley Jennie, 7 Lewis 

Dudley Joseph, iron moulder, 49 Milliman 

Dudley Mrs. M. seamstress, 1 Harnden ct 

Dudley Marcus L. 312 Light 

Dudley Michael, shoemaker, 165 Peirce 

Dudley Milton, 74 Henrietta 

Dudley Richard, machinist, 49 Milliman 

Dudley Thomas, blacksmith, 41 Front n of 

Dudlev Rev. Thomas W. 253 St. Paul 
Dudley Wm. G. 25 Courtland 
Dudrow Charles, brakeman, 157 Vine 
Dudrow Chas. E. cigar maker, 42 s Caroline 
Dudrow Geo. W. laborer, 42 s Caroline 
Dudrow John C. carpenter. 42 s Caroline 
Dudrow Robert, engineer, 157 Vine 
Dudrow Thos. C. barkeeper, 42 s Caroline 
Dueberg Helmuth, (Wedekind & Dueberg) 34 

n Calvert 
Duer A. Adgate,( J. Duer & Son) 147 n Charles 
Duer Charles, 120 Aisquith 
Duer Douglas H. clerk, 147 n Charles 

I— I 


I— ^ 


DUER JOHN & SON, (John Duer c 
and A. A. Duer'i Hardware and £ 
Slate Mantles, 24 S Charles street cl^ 

Duer John, (J. D. & Son) 147 n Charles 

Duer Ralph, ganger, 120 Aisquith 

DUER SAMUEL, merchant miller, 38 and 53 

Commerce, dw 301 Hollins 
Duering Mrs. David F. huckstress. 122 Orchard 
Duering Geo. bricklayer, 182 Walsh 
Duering James, blacksmith, 122 Orchard 
Duering John F. chair maker, 122 Orchard 
Duering Jos. H. brakeman, 122 Orchard 
Duering Julius, cooper, 213 s Castle 
Duey George, carpenter, lo3 McElderry 
Duff Andrew, huckster, 283 e Madison 
Duff Mrs. Celestine, dressmaker. 144 Aisquith 
Duff Chas. W. clerk, 130 Harford av 
Duff Geo. can maker, 383 n Gay 
Duff Henry C clerk, 351 e Baltimore 
Duff James, stationery, 115 s Broadway 
Duff James, stevedore, 131 Harford ar 
Duff John, 121 Albemarle 
Duff J. Luther, bookkeeper, Walsh nr Smith 
Duff J. Wm. 223 e Pratt 
Duff Mrs. Margaretta, 351 e Baltimote 





I— I 

WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st 




I— ( 








DUFF KENNEDY, manager Franklin and 
Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Companies, 
21 South, dw66 Chew 
Diiff Patrick, drayman, 437 Hamburg 
Duff Wm. E. attorney, 54 w Fayette, dw 115 

s Broadway' 
Duffey Daniel, clerk, 108 s Eutaw 
Duffy B. contractor. Mansion house 
Duffy Bridget, groc'y,Maccubbin and Regester 
Duffy Mrs. Catherine, 89 Mosher 
Duffy Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 55 Buren 
Duffy Edward, attorney, 15 St. Paul, dw 

Tuwnsend bet John and Park av 
Duffy Mrs. Ellen, 77 Hillen 
Duffy James, laborer, 127 Albemarle 
Duffj' James, liquors, 55 Holland 
Duffy James, (M. & J. Duffy) 172 Cathedral 
Duffy James, car driver, 32 Frederick av 
Duffy John H. carpenter, Black Horse hotel 
Duffy John, constable, 14 Neighbor 
Duffy John, blacksmith, Miller and Broadway 
Duffy Jo-'sejih, laborer, 18 Duncan al 
Duffy Mrs. Mary, 116 n Schroeder 
Duffy Mary A. tailoress, Maccubbin and 

Duffy Mrs. Mary J. 62 Union 
Duffy M. & J. grocery and feed, 164 Cathedral 
Duffy Michael, (Clapsaddle & D.) Preston nr 

Penna av 
Duffy Michael, soldier, 62 Union 
Duffy Michael, blacksmith, 222 Preston 
Duffy Michael, blacksmith, 239 Preston 
Duffy Michael, (M. & J. Duffy) 67 Cathedral 
Duffy 0. T. printer, Maccubbin and Regester 
Duffy Patrick, tinner, 3 Littel al 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, 35 Haw 
Duffy Peter, laborer. 141 s Chester 
Duffy Thomas, brakeman. 39 Scott 
Duffy Wm. laborer, 127 Albemarle 
Dufur Annie, cook, 448 w Pratt 
DUFUR & CO. (G. J. Dufur) wire workers,36 

n Howard 
Dufur Geo. J. (D. & Co.) 69 Columbia 
Dufur Geo. J. iron railings, 28 Marion, dw 69 

Dufur Orlando jr. railingmkr. 69 Columbia 
Dufur Orlando sr. railing mkr. 69 Columbia 
Dufur Wm. H. cigarmaker, 69 Columbia 
Dugan & Baldwin, (J. 0. Dugan, T. Baldwin) 

auctioneers, 182 w Baltimore 
DUGAN & BOWEN, (J. O. Dugan, Jos. M. 

Bo wen) dry goods, cor Gay and High 
Dugan Catherine, 146 Saratoga 
railrd. and machinists supplies, 26 s Charles 
Dugan Cumberland, (C. D. & Co.) Balto co 
Dugan Daniel, clockmkr.cor Orleans and Ann 
DUGAN HAMMOND, attorney, 45 St. Paul, 

dw Balto CO 
Dugan James, attorney, 311 n Broadway 
Dugan John jr. laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John, laborer, 456 Canton av 
Dugan John, hostler, Pratt nr Paca 
Dugan John, hostler, 67 Dawson al 
Dugan J. Osborne, (D. & Baldwin) 36 n Front 
Dugan J. Osborne, (D. & Bowen) 36 n Front 
Dugan Michael, laborer, 56 n Dallas 
Dugan Michael, laborer, Bank nr Central av 
Dugan Theo. A. clerk, 91 Saratoga 
DUGAN PIERRE C. real estate and money 
broker, 29 St. Paul, dw 85 Cathedral 

Dugau Wm. 0. carp'r. Ills High 

Dugas Lewis C. clerk to Register of Wills, 152 

Dugdale Geo. (D. & Girvin) Baltimore co 
DUGDALE &GIRVIN, (Geo. Dugdale, Jas. 

M. Girvin, Wm. Dugdale) wholes, fertili- 
zers, 55 South 
Dugdale Wm., Mount nr Lexington 
Dugdale Wm. (D. & Girvin) 278 Lexington 
Dugent Eli, carpenter, 215 e Pratt 
Dugent Francis jr. carp. Ensor nr Monument 
Dugent Francis, grocery, 215ePratt 
Dugent Frank, carpenter, 125 e Madison 
Duggan Anthony, carpenter, 162 e Madison 
Duggan John, porter, 67 Dawson al Patrick, laborer, fear 42 n Front 
Duggon Michael, laborer, Lefferman al 
Duggon Patrick, laborer, Lefferman al 
Duhamel Dr. Wm. J. C. 214 n Howard 
Duhurst Chas. H. druggist, 27 w Pratt, dw 1 

n Front 
Duhurst F. G. clerk, 101 s Poppleton 
Duhurst Frank, huckster, 101 s Poppleton 
Duhurst Henry P. pres't Firemen's Ins. Co. 1 

n Front 
Duhurst Wm. cooper, 172 n Eden 
Dujarie Rev. J. H., St. Mary's Seminary 
DUKE A. W. pharmaceutist, n w cor Harford 

av and Eager 
Duke Mrs. Eliza, 196 e Monument 
Duke Dr. James, clerk, tobacco wareh. No. 3 
Duke James B. restaurant, 175 North 
Duke James N. (Mills & D.) 103 s Charles 
Duke James S. clerk, 175 North 
Duke Walter, clerk. 82 Centre Market sp 
DUKEHaRT E. W. & SON, (E. W. and G. 

Dukehart) snuff manufs. 29 s Calvert, mills 

3 Perry 
Dukehart Edward W. (E. W. D. & Son) 164 



grapher,157 West Baltimore street 
opposite Eutaw House 

Dukehart Graham, (E. W. D. & Son) 164 

Dukehart Geo. baker, 94 Albemarle 
Dukehart John, clerk, 164 Hanover 
Dukehart John, secret'y Associated Firemen's 

Ins. Co. 25 n Gilmor 
Dukehart Capt. John M. mariner, 94 n Greene 
Dukehart Capt. John M.mariner,378 w Fayette 
Dukehart Capt. John P. conductor, 513 w 

Dukehart J. & Co. (J. Dukehart) fjshing 

tackle, twine, 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Jos. (J. D. & Co.) 201 Aisquith 
Dukehart Mary, 25 McElderrj 
Dukehart Robert W. hosemaker, basement 18 

Water, dw 439 w Fayette 
Dukehart Samuel L. provisions, 183 Town- 
send, dw 230 n Howard 
Dukehart Saml. M. storekeeper Int. Rev. Dep't 

at Distillery No. 1, dw Balto co 
Dukehart Samuel T. clerk, 67 n High 
Dukehart Mrs. William, 67 n High 
Dukehart Thos. M. plumber, 25 McElderry 
Dukehart Thos. M., U.S. N. 205 Townsend 
Dukehart Wm. B. hosemaker, 439 w Fayette 
Duker Henry, (D. ^ Co.) 55 Albemarle 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. .Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




DUKER & CO., (H. Duker and 
Otto Duker) Boxmakers and 
Steam Sawyers, S. W. cor. Lom- 
bard and West Falls av. 

Duker John H. 55 Albemarle 

Duker Otto. (D. Wilson & Co. and Duker & 

Co.) 79 sHigh 
Dukes Mrs. Dolly, laundress, 257 Forrest 
Dukes Isaac P. carpenter, 35 Camden 
Dukes I. Reyner, (Gould, D. & Eareckson) 73 

Dukes Jas. T. brick moulder, s end Clinton 
Dulan John, laborer, Payson nr Lombard 
Dulan Michael, laborer, Cotton row 
Dulaney Bledingr, laborer, Johnson nr Fort av 
Diilanev Chas. machinist, 83 McHenry 
Dulaney Mrs. Elizabeth, 217 Battery av 
Dulaney Francis J. carpenter, 352 n Gay 
Dulaney Henry S. bookkeeper, 86 Camden 
Dulaney J. C, Ins. agent, 94 Saratoga 
Dulauev Rev. Jas H.. Frederick avnr tollgate 
DULANY & CO. (J. M. Dulany) lamps and 

oil, 316 w Baltimore 
DULANY & EICHLER. (Mrs. Sarah Dulany, 

C.C.F.Eichler)merch't tailors, 52 n Howard 
Dulany H. R. (B;ill & D.) 187 n Charles 
Dulany John, gilder, 154 Pearl 
Dulan V John, laborer, 26 Harford av 
Dulany John M. (D. & Co.) 316 Saratoga 
Dulany John N. tobacconist, n e cor Baltimore 

and Republican 
Dulanv Mrs Olivia. 187 n Charles 
Dulanv Mrs.Sarah,(D.cj- Eichler) 316 Saratoga 
Dulany T. B. 43n Gilmor 
Dulany Walter, (H. W. Rogers & Co.) 187 n 

Dulany Mrs. William, 43 n Gilmor 
Dulanv Dr. Wm. H. dentist, 102 Lexington 
Dulany Wm. J. 0. (W. J. C. D. & Co.) 336 

Dulany Wm. J. C. & Co. ( Wm. J. C. Dulany) 

publishers, booksellers and stationers, 332 

w Baltimore 
Duley John C. moulder. 563 w Lombard 
Duley Jolin C. jr. moulder, 537 w Lombard 
Duley Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, 269 Orleans 
Dule'v Mrs. Mary, 113 York 
Dulin A. F. Dr.' 83 w Monument 
Dulin James, shoemaker, 535 e Fayette 
Dulin Johu H. shoemaker, 535 e Fayette 
Dulin Rebecca. 90 Johnson 
Duling Ann, seamstress, 251 s Charles 
Duling John, fireman, 77 s Ann 
Duling John, 168 Greenmount av 
Duling John F. cigarniaker, 77 s Ann 
DuU Mrs. Elizab. laundress, Monroe nr Lombard 
Dull Casper, fisherman, 40 Fort av 
Dull George, police, 109 West 
Dull Johu C. 62 w Favette 
Dull Michael, police, 123 West 
Dumaresq Jas. S. dry goods, 7 German, dw 

Charles nr Biddle 
Dumas Eliza A. seamstress, 49 Granby 
Dumax Benj. L. carpenter, 150 Mulberry 
Dumax Elizabeth 0. seamstress, 158 Pearl 
Dumax Mary E. dressmaker, 158 Pearl 
Dumax Sarah, tailoress, 158 Pearl 
Dumbolton Frank A. clerk, sw cor Charles 

and Saratogfa 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Dumbolton H. R. clerk, s w cor Charles and 

Dumler Barbara, seamstress. 31 s Washington 
Dumler Conrad, rags, 31 s Washington 
Dumler Geo. shoemaker, 253 e Eager 
Dumler John F. coUarmaker, 461 w Baltimore, 

dw 215 w Faj^ette 
Dumler Joseph, currier, 326 Aisquith 
Dumler Matthias, cooper, 60 n Schroeder 
Dumphy John, laborer, 7 Wells 
Dumphv Patrick, 10 Diamond 
DUN R. G. & CO. (R. G. Dun, Wm. G. Scar- 
let) mercantile agency, over s e cor Balti- 
more and Charles 
Dun R. G. (R. G. D. & Co.) x\ew York 
Dunahen Mrs. Elizabeth, teacher, 96 Druid 

Hill av 
Dunan Louis, Lombard nr Fulton 
Dunan S. H. clerk. 245 Walsh 
Dunan Winfield S. sec'y Navassa Guano Co. 

264 Druid Hill av 
Dunaway Thos. distiller, 361 HoUins 
Dunbar Henry F. com. merchant, 290s Paca 
Dunbar James E. 151 w Lombard 
Dunbar John M. 151 w Lombard 
DUNBAR DR. JOHN R. W. ]51 w Lombard 
Dunbar R. Hay, 151 w Lombard 
Dunbar William W. storekeeper exp. bonded 

warehouse. 56 w Centre 
Dunbracco Mrs. M.M. dressm"r, 14 w Baltimore 
Dunbracco Wm. T. clerk, 14 w Baltimore 
Duncan Adam, produce, 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Alexander, asst. surveyor, 1st toll- 
gate, Frederick rd 
Duncan Anna, rear 114 Scott 
Duncan David, 85 n Calvert 
Duncan Emily, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Geo. 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Geo. \V. brass moulder, 268 Light 
Duncan Harrison W. clerk, 49 n Paca 
Duncan Helen, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Henry W. clerk, 49 n Paca 
Duncan Isaac A. engineer, 27 Buren 
Duncan James, grocery, 289 Saratoga 
Duncan James, tailor, 213 n Eden 
Duncan James S. machinist, 156 e Lombard 
Duncan Mrs. James W. 289 s Bond 
Duncan Jane, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Jesse, brickmaker, 162 McHenry 
Duncan John G. clerk, 953 w Pratt 
Duncan John F. foreman, 146 s Bond 
Duncan John J. bricklayer, 521 Lexington 









WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

HOKNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates, 
















Duncan John P. nautical inst. mak. 268 Light 
Duncan Jos. W. (D., Rhein & Conaway) 144 

Duncan Mrs. Julian, 498 Franklin 
Duncan Lehman, miller, 1st tollgateFred'krd 
Duncan Mrs. Mary, 18 Warner 
Duncan Mrs. Mary, 268 Light 
Duncan, Rhein & Conaway, (J. W. Duncan, 
John Rhein, C. Conaway) carriage factory, 
n e cor Frederick and Second 
Duncan Richard, machinist, 892 w Pratt 
Duncan Thos. M. enj^ineer, 142 Hollins 
Duncan Wm. 1,56 e Lombard 
Duncan Wm. C. 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Wm. D. cattle, Lombard nr Paj-son 
Duncan Wilson B. mariner, 289 s Bond 
Dundon James, drayman, 55 Portland 
Dundon James jr. laborer, 55 Portland 
Dundon Jas. R. packer, 55 Portland 
DUNDON MICHAEL, tobacconist and D. S. 

tobacco insp'r, 267 Light 
Dundon Thos. drayman, 55 Portland 
Dundon Wm. cooi>er, 20 St. Peter 
Dundon Wm. wood finisher, 20 St. Peter 
Dundor Mrs. Lavinia C. 285 Canton av 
DUNCAN & CO. (L. Dungan) fish and com- 
mission merchants, 79 South 
Dungan C. P. clerk, 357 w Fayette 
Dungan David, carpenter, 1 Scott 
Dungan Jesse, machinist, 1 Scott 
Dungan John V. blacksmith, 236 George 
Dungan Louis, (D. & Co.) 274 e Baltimore 
Dungan Mrs. L. L. trimmings, 59 e Baltimore 
Dungan Mrs. Ruth, 267 Saratoga 
Dungan Stephenson H. clerk, 160 Myrtle av 
Dungan Theodore, salesman, 267 Saratoga 
Dungan Wm. W. eug'r U.S.N. 337 e Baltimore 
Dungan Wilkinson, 357 w Fayette 
DUNHAM A. & CO. (A. Dunham, A. Marti- 
nez) commission merchants, over 40 w Pratt 
Dunham Azariah, (A. D. Sf Co.) Somerset, Pa 
Dunham Rev. Francis B. 23 s Calhoun 
Dunham Samuel El. clerk, 23 s Calhoun 
Dunhouse Henry A. waiter, 257 s Durham 
Dunigan Mrs. Bridget, 104 Patuxent 
Dunigan Jas. C. A. shipjoiner, 135 Bank 
Dunigan Thos. laborer. 67 Elliott 
Dunisan Wm. 191 Bank 
Dunkel Joiin, laborer, 168 n Spring 
DUNKERLY GKORGE L. watch case maker, 

93 w Baltimore, dw Starr hotel 
Dunkerly Joseph, machinist, 291 Ramsay 
Dunkers Frank, laborer, 8 s Gist 
Dunkle Chas. clerk, 15 s Howard 
Dunklee C. A. salesman, 17 s Howard 

DUNLAP A. H. Wholesale and Re- 
tail Grocer, cor Howard and Lex- 
ington Sts. dw 244 Saratoga 

DUNLAP C. LEWIS, Wholesale 
and Retail Dealer in Flour, Teas, 
Wines, Groceries, &o,, 13 w Bal- 
timore St. dw 3 n Front 

Dunlap Charles, 2 Saratoga 

Dunlap Charles, 249 Saratoga 

Dunlap Eliza J. teacher 96 n Central av 

Dunlap Hugh, sand excavator, 465 Saratoga 

Dunlap Jno. engineer U.S.N. 49 s Stockton al 

Dunlap John, shoemaker, 105 Cross 

Dunlap Maggie, music teacher, 96 n Central ar 

Dunlap Mary, teacher, 96 n Central av 

Dunlap Samuel, clerk, Miller's hotel 

Dunlap Thos. H. conductor, 205 Montgomery 

Dunlap Wm. book agent, 96 n Central av 

Dunlap Wm. jr. bookkeeper, 96 n Central av 

Dunlevy Thos. C. 91 Jlulberry 

Dunlop Joseph 0. 22 Pleasant 

Dunn .A-ndrevv, tailor, 126 n Schroeder 

Dunn Andrew J. grocery, foot of Washington 

Dunn Andrew, harnessmak. 29 s Carey 

Dunn Mrs. Ann, 83 s Greene 

Dunn Barbara, grocery, 37 Raborg 

Dunn Barney, lab'r, 11 Monroe 

Dunn Benj. F. butter, 534 w Baltimore 

Dunn Benj. F. huckster, Biddle nr Wolfe 

Dunn Bernard, lab'r, 101 n Front 

Dunn Mrs. Bridget, 312 Mulberry 

Dunn Mrs. Bridget, 59 n High 

Dunn Chas. carp. 73 Hargrove al, dw 6Parkav 

Dunn Christopher, canmak. 534 w Pratt 

Dunn Christopher C. typefounder, 134Mosher 

Dunn Christopher J. lab'r, 283 Forrest 

Dunn C. Irwin, (Habersham & Co.) 234 n 

Dunn Christopher J. trunkmak. 90 e Pratt 
Dunn Daniel H. bookkeeper, 20 s Greene 
Dunn Daniel, 104 Preston 
Dunn David, carp. Biddle nr Wolfe 
Dunn Edward, type founder, 232 n Caroline 
Dunn Edward, tavern, 116 North 
Dunn Edward, currier, cor Front and Foundry 
Dunn Edward T. paymaster U S. N., 234 n 

Dunn Edw'd H (Thorpe ^- Co.) Baltimore co 
Dunn Mrs. Ellen, 526 w Lombard 
Dunn Mrs. Ellen, 145 s Chester 
Dunn Mrs. Frances, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Mrs. Frances, 192 Vine 
Dunn Geo. lab'r, 37 Raborg 
Dunn Geo. W. huckster, 38 Warren 
Dunn Geo. W. conductor, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Geo. B. shoemak. 96 s Sharp 
Dunn Jacob, lab'r, 217 Lexington 
Dnnn James, moulder, 403 w Lombard 
Dunn James F. clerk, 126 n Schroeder 
Dunn James, photographer. 59 n High 
Dunn John, lab'r, Russell and West 
Dunn John, engineer, 59 n High 
Dunn John, cattle, 29 s Carey 
Dunn John, shoemaker, 10 Booth 
Dunn John, hackman, 24 Constitution 
Dunn John J. clerk, 20 Stiles 
Dunn John C. stove moulder, 3 Scott 
Dunn Joseph, grocery, 87 Chesnut 
Dunn Joseph, huckster, Biddle nr Wolfe 
Dunn Josejih, shoemaker, 100 n Paca 
Dunn Joseph L. 170 n Eden 
Dunn Kern, of C. H. 54 s Oregon 
Dunn Martin, shoemaker, 22 n Poppletoa 
Dunn Mrs. Mary, 146 s Central av 
Dunn Mrs. Mary, 54 s Oregon 
Dunn Mary J. 170 n Eden 
Dunn ^Irs. M. E. boarding, 88 Hanover 
Dunn Michael, lab'r, 12 Grove al 
Dunn Jlichael, hack stables, 156 n Calvert 
Dunn Michael, furn. wagon, 14 n Oregon 
Dunn Patrick, lab'r, 31 Front n of Foundry 
Dunn Patrick, lab'r, 17 Jew al 
Dunn Patrick, lab'r, 71 s Chapel 
Dunn Patrick, lab'r, 87 Patuxent 

WM. H. READ, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Dunn Paul, lab'r, 38 Harford av 

Dunn Peter, tailor, 101 n Front 

Dunn Peter, carter, 30 Haw 

Dunn Peter, iron worker, 83 Luzerne 

Dunn Peyton A. (D., Todd & Co.) 66 n Carey 

Dunn R. A. salesman, 83 s Greene 

Dunn Richard, rijrorer, 20 Stiles 

Dunn Samuel, butcher. 245 Light 

Dunn Mrs. Sophia, 119 Thames 

Dunn Mrs. Susan. 59 n High 

Dunn Thos. lab'r, 66 n Dallas 

Dunn Thos. lab'r, 119 Elliott 

Dunn Thos. lab'r, 479 w Lombard 

Dunn Thos. cattle, 29 s Carey 

Dunn Thos. 33 s Regester 

DUXX, TODD & CO. (P. A. Dunn. B. Todd, 

John S. Reese) com. nierchs. over 44 South 
Dunn Walter B. mariner, 66 n Carey 
Dunn Walter F. wagoner. 16 Comet 
Dunn Wm. A. iron moulder, 170 n Eden 
Dunn Wm. E. mariner. 10 L Gough 
Dunn Wm. lab'r, Washington nr Fayette 
Dunn Wm. conductor, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Wm. W. bookkeeper. 17 s Howard 
Dunn Wm. lab'r, 23 s Regester 
Dunn Wm. carp. 117 Lexington 
Dunnavant Thos. J. canmaker, i07 L Greene 
Dunne Joseph, huckster, 81 York 
Dunnett Wm. plumber, 171 n Eutaw 
Dunnigan James, 100 s Washington 
Dunning Mrs. B. H. 269 w Lombard 
Dunning Joseph H. oyster packer, rear 1 72 

Light-st whf, dw 153 Barre 
Dunnigan Thos 100 s Washington 
Dunning Thos. B. lab'r. 144 L Greene 
Dunning Wm. E. tinner, 131 s Bond 
Dunning Wm. S. huckster. 236 n Dallas 
Dunnington .Mrs. Annie 117 w Madison 
DUNNINGTON WM. A. plaster mill, lower 

end Hughes, nr the Basin, dw 45 McCulloh 
Dunnock Mrs. E. P. 56 Barre 
Duns John S. marble cutter, 4 Parrish 
Dunsmore Ellen, 292 n Howard 
Dunsraore Jno. M. telegraphist, 292 n Howard 
Dupont Adam, gold beater. 35 n Frederick 
Duran Joseph, salesman. Brown's hotel 
Durand John H. &. Son, (J. H. and T. W. 

Durand) lope manufs. cor Eden and John, 

and 132 w Pratt 
Durand John H. (J. H. D.^Son) 265 e Biddle 
Durand Thos W. (Jno. H.D.&Son) 250 eBiddle 
Durborow Anna D. confec'y. 44^^ e Baltimore 
Durborow Hammond, 359 Lexington 
Durding John E. clerk, 468 Light 
Durding John T. grocer and comm'r for open- 
ing streets, 464 Light, dw 468 
Durding Leander A. printer, GilraornrMoslier 
Durding Wm. stonecutter, 26 w Fayette 
Durfur Wm. carp. 54 s Ann 
Durham Albert, furn. wagoner, 236 Eastern av 
Durham Alex, lab'r. 236 Eastern av 
Durham Alex. H. oyster packer. Eastern av nr 

Durham Chas. brickmaker, 4 Clement 
Durham Columbus R. bricklayer, 95 Conway 
Durham Elizabeth, servant, 120 West 
Durham James E. lab'r, 131 Lancaster 
Durham James, lab'r, 123 s Chester 
Durham James M. helper, 98 Cliesapeake 
Durham Jerome, restaurant, 138 s Broadway 
Durham John W. engineer, 94 Hamburg 
Durham John, canmaker, 39 Gittings 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. ^- 

Durham John. (D. <|- Sohl) 490 w Baltimore 
Durham Mrs. Rhoda, grocery. 15 New 
Durham Samuel, painter. 94 Hamburg 
Durham & Sohl, (John Durham, Henry S. 

Sohl) hosiery, gloves, &c. 490 w Baltimore 
Durham Stewart, mariner, Granby nrCentralav 
Durham Walter, clerk, 327 n Eutaw 
Durham Wesley, pain er, 94 Hamburg 
Durham Wm. 94 Hamburg 
Durham Wm. shoemkr, 101 Lancaster 
Durham Mrs. Z. 327 n Eutaw 
Durigan Ernst, turner, 280 s Charles 
Durkee Henry H. police, 315 e .Monument 
Durkin James, brickmkr. 634 Light 
Durkin James, laborer, 72 Durst al 
Durkin John, laborer, 138 s Castle 
Durkin John, laborer, 72 Durst al 
Durkin Patrick, laborer. 13-^ s Castle 
Durkin Patrick jr. laborer, 138 s Castle 
Durkin Wm. laborer. 138 s Castle 
Durkin Wm. brickmkr, 544 Light 
Durm Jacob, brickmkr, 4'. 1 Light 
Durm John, tinner, 39 Gittings 
Dunn Wm. laborer, 39 Gittings 
Durnell Mrs. Ann. millinery, 137 Saratoga 
Durning Mary, srrocery, 147 n Central av 
Durney J. T. (Maddux & D.) cor Canton av 

and Washington 
Durney Mrs M. A., Washington house, Canton 

av and Washington 
Durocher Augustus H. 10 Waverly terrace 
Dnrr Charles L. painter, 607 Penna av 
Durr Francis, 177 n Eutaw 
Durr Rachel, housekeeper, One Mile house, 

York rd 
Durout Mrs. Anna, 255 Pres'on 
Durrell Chas. mariner, 7 Plowman 
Durst Geo. clerk, 307 Light 
Durst Geo. A. salesman, 307 Light 
Durst James E. bricklayer, 307 Light 
Durst John U, maiiuf.cotton wadding, 37 Abey 

al. dw 307 Light 
Dusche Francis, laborer. 30 Abbot 
Duseng Frank, laborer, Pratt nr Howard 
Dushauc Cornelius. 55 s Sharp 
Dushane Mrs. Elizabeth, 345 w Fayette 
Dushane Mrs. E. T. laces, 189 w Baltimore, dw 

209 w Fayette 
Dushane Geo. H. carpenter. 345 w Fayette 
Dushane Mrs. H. A. 8 Cathedral 
Dushane James A. 209 w Favette 
DUSHANE JOHN T. apothecary. 559 w Fayetet 
Dushane Mrs. Col. N. T. 59 n Paca 







WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory isi W. Baltimore. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st. 












Dushane Jno. A. paper, 40 s Charles, dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Dushane Valentine, bookkeeper, Druid Hill av 

nr Wilson 
Dutousch Bernard, tailor, 76 Mulberrj- 
Putousch Fi-ank, tailor, 76 Mulberry 
Dutousch Nicholas, 76 Mulberry- 
Dusten Frank, engineer, Wolfe nr Fayette 
Duterwich Francis P. shoenikr, rear of 193 s 

Diitor Michael, painter, 5 Orchard 
Duirow Wm. fireman, 514 w Lombard 
Dutton And. M. feed, 159 Orleans, dw 139 Jef- 
Dutton Geo. H. (John T. Mitchell & Co.) 596 

Duiton John, lime inspector 1 s Exeter 
Dutton John R. furniture, 131 Jefferson 
Dutton Lavjnia, 1 s Exeter 
Dutton Mrs. Mary A. 325 e Pratt 
Dutton Capt. Nathan, mariner, 17 n Broadway 
Duiton Motly J. tobacconist, 169 vv Pratt, dw 

103 Hanover 
Dutton Robt. J. 325 e Pratt 
Dutton Thomas H. 325 e Pratt 
Du Val Chas. W. mariner, 80 Grindall 
DU VAL E. B. agt Penn Mutual Ins. Co. 10 s 

Holiiday, dw 163 w Lombard 
DU VAL PETER, stonecutter, 212 Penna av 

dw 192 
Duvalin John H. blacksmith, 2o7 n Central av 
Duvail A. Leslie, civil engineer, 1 n Carey 
Duvall Adeline, 2 Franklin 
Duvail Algernon .S. salesman, 394 w Fayette 
Duvall Anna E. teacher, 223 w Fayette 
Duvail Mrs. Ann E. Ijoardiug, 86 n Charles 
Duvall Benj. blacksmith, 33 s Calhoun 
Duvall Celestia A. 154 Mullikin 
Duvall Chas. (Moorhead k D.) 181 Franklin 
Duvall Chas. A. clerk, 71 HoUius 
Duvall Chas. baggage master, 37 Garden 
Duvall Edward, brakeman, 2 Franklin 
Duvall MiS. Emma, 272 Walsh 
Duvall Francis, druggist, Jetterson nr Durham 
Duvall Gabriel, clerk, 163 w Lombard 
Duvall Geo. W. (Louis Weiglein & Co.) 177 

( hesnut 
Duvail Francis N. clerk, 49 Calvert 
Duvall Mrs. E. R. 197 n Howard 
Duvall E. Harry, clerk, 324 w Baltimore 
Duvall Elizabeth, 13 n Gilmor 
Duvall Frederick, engineer, 186 Lee 
Duvall Geo. W. clerk, 229 Druid Hill av 
Duvall Geo. W. shoemkr, ll)8 Hillen 
Duvall Georgie A. teacher, 86 u Charles 
Duvall Henry C. clerk, 71 HoUins 
DUVALL HENRY, produce com. mercht, 68 

.South, dw 26 HoUins 
Duvall rieury C. conductor, 215 Barre 
Duvall H. R. clerk, 197 n Howard 
Duvall James, patternmkr, 163 Elliott 
Duvall James T. bookbinder, 100 n Frederick 
Duvall Jesse, keeper Mt. Royal Reservoir 
Duvall John, bookkeeper, 2 Franklin 
Duvall John H. carpenter, 79 Boyd 
Duvall John, blacksmith, 129 Franklin 
Duvall John H. clerk, 61 Exchange pi 
Duvall John R. clerk, 197 n Howard 
Duvall John M. salesman, 86 n Charles 
Duvall J. Ijams, (Wm. V. HaUer & Co.) 163 

w Lombard 
Duvall xMary E. 264 w Biddle 

Duvall Joseph, (M. A. Hamilton & Co.) 133 n 

Duvall Mrs. Julia, Jefferson nr Durham 
Dnvall Mary, boarding, 16 s Frederick 
Duvall Mrs! Mary E. 250 Hollins 
Duvall Mary A. boarding, 86 C-imden 
Duvall Nicholas C. wheelwright, 13 n Gilmor 
Duvall Luther, plowmkr, 13 n Gilmor 
Duvall Richard, cooper, 223 w Fayette 
Duvall Richard C. moulder, 307 Columbia 
Duvall Rich. T. paperhanger, 223 w Fayette 
Duvall Ridgely, bookkeeper, 20 Read 
Duvall Robt. E. asst. flour iusp. 274 w Pratt, 

dw Harford co 
Duvall Mrs. Ruth A. dressmkr, 108 Hillen 
Duvall Samuel W. clerk, 108 Hillen 
Duvall S. Turner, clerk, 26 Hollins 
Duvall Thomas, painter. 83 n Ann 
Duvall Thos. J. shoemkr, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Thos. clerk, 394 w Favette 
Duvall Truemau, (N. R. Darby & Co.) Mer- 
chants' hotel 
Duvall Wm. A. 277 Mulberry 
Duvall Mrs. Wm. B. 233 St. Paul 
Duvall Wm. B. jr. clerk, 233 St. Paul 
Duvall Wm. H. clerk, 264 w Biddle 
DUVE JULIUS, gen'l ag't Widows' and Or- 
phans' Benefit Life Ins. Co. of New York,ll 
s Holiiday, dw 230 e Fayette 
Dwen Mrs. S. C, Gilmor nr Townsend 
Dwem^ Agnes, dressmkr, 22 s Carey 
DWINELLE DR. JAS. E. s e cor Broadway 

and Baltimore 
Dwyer Capt. Albert, 503 Saratoga 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, 286 Franklin 
Dwyer Capt. Franklin, mariner, 98 Preston 
Dwyer Geo. W. cigarmkr, 353 e Monument 
Dwyer Henry, Ijlacksiuith, 30 n Oregon 
Dwyer Jas. horseshoer, 55 n High, dw Lom- 
bard nr Jones Falls 
Dwyer Jeremiah, laborer, 10 South 
Dwyer John, basketmaker, 97 n Eutaw 
Dwyer Michael, laborer, 25 Hampstead 
Dwyer Michael, blacksmith, 65 n High, dw 

Fayette nr Aisquith 
Dwyer Patrick, laborer, 88 Ramsay 
Dwyer Peter, potter, 41 s Carey 
Dwyer Wm. blacksmith, 41 s Carey 
Dyer Benj. flour and feed, 49 n Paca 
DYER, HILL & CO. (J. and T. B. Dyer and 
Clement D. Hill) general com. merchts, 8 
Dyer Jacob S. machinist, 8 Ramsay 
Dyer James, laborer, 55 Buren 
Dyer Jere. (Dyer, Hill & Co.) 626 Lexington 
Dyer John J "clerk, 17 n Howard 
Dyer Levi R. machinist, 8 Ramsay 
Dyer Thos. J. shoecutter, Starr hotel 
Dyer T. Baker, (Dyer, Hill & Co.) 1()6 Town- 
Dyer Walter & Son Walter and W. J. L. 
Dver) grocers, s w cor Lexington and Paca 
Dyer Walter J. L. (Van Wagner & D.) 238 w 

Dyer Walter J. L. (Walter D. & Son) 486 w 

Dyer Walter, (W. D. & Son) Baltimore co 
Dyott Mrs. Ann, 221 n Eden 
Dyott John C. carbuilder, 17 Mott 
Dyrenfuth Myer, 12 Lee 

Dyreufuth Solomon, furs, wool and rags, 27 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Dysart Moses A. collector, 150 Aisquith 
Dyson Mrs. Mary E. mantiiamaker, 92 Lee 


Eachus Edwin, Penn av nr Northern av 
Eachus Mrs. Jane, Penna av nr Northern av 
Eader Jacob R. flour and feed, 489 w Balti- 
more, dw 43 n Gilmor 
Eader John W. carpenter, 811 w Baltimore 
Eader Lawrence, laborer, 261 Aisquith 
Eagan Andrew. 88 Saratoga 
Eagan Edward, police, 102 Ensor 
Eagan Francis, lamplighter, 6 Albemarle 
Eagan John, laborer, 10 Armistead la 
Eagan John, laborer, 3 Jew al 
Egan Julia, 88 Saratoga 
Eagan Martin, lab. cor Neighbor and Valley 
Eagan Michael, laborer, 582 w Pratt 
Eagan Sarah, 280 Walsh 
Eager James, laborer, 295 Orleans 
EAGLE J. THOMAS, piano tuner, Md. Insti- 
tution for Instruction of the Blind 
Eagle Hotel, 132 Hillen, VV. H. Kelley, propr. 
Eagle, Judik & Co. (Wm. H. Eagle, .Joseph H. 

Judik) lumber, cor Canton and Falls avs 
Eagle Wm. H. (E., Judik & Co.) Pa 
Eagleston Chas. bacon, Castle and Orleans 
Eagieston John T. bacon, < 'astle and Orleans 
Eagleston Mary G. 771 w Baltimore 
Eairle John, shoemaker, 46 James la 
Ealey Joseph, 87 n Amity 
Ealey Wm. 11. shipcarpenter, 118 Bank 
Eaman Fred'k, stonecutter, 51 McKim 
Eames Harry, shoe cutter, 181 Conway 
Eames Henry E. shoecutter, 181 Conway 
Eames James, clerk, 190 n Calvert 
Eames Dana, 190 n Calvert 
EAMES WM. A. manufacturers' supplies and 
manuf. leather belting, 25 Light, dw Fayette 
nr Liberty 
Eamma John, basket maker, 238 s Ann 
Eardley Solomon, potter, 97 Albemarle 




EAHECKSON C. F. (Successor to 
E. F. Pope,) General Commission 
Merchant and wholesale dealer 
in Mackerel, Herring, Cod Fish, 
Hake, and Salt Pish of all kinds, 
No. 85 South St.. dw 286 n Eden. 
Ordei's thankfully received. 

EARECKSON DR. EDWIN, apothecary, ne 

cor Baltimore and High 
Eareckson Geo. machinist, 388 e Monument 
Eareckson Mrs Henrietta, 388 e Monument 
Eareckson Dr. Roderick W. (Gould, Dukes & 

E. ) Quet-n Ann co 
EARECKSON V. 0. lumber mercht. 18 West 

Falls av, dw 80 e Pratt 
Earhart Benj. laborer, 83 s Exeter 
Earhart Geo. W. jr. police, 255 w Biddle 
Earhart Geo. W. property agt. 289 w Biddle 
Earhart Jacob, shoes, 491 Penna av 
Earhart John, paper carrier, Belair av nr Bal- 
timore cemetery 

Earland Mrs. Frances, 39 Henrietta 
Earlougher James P. 113 Aisquith 
Earlougher John M. cUrk, 113 Aisquith 
Earl John, restaurant, 86 German, dw 105 

Earl Dr. H. 43 Valley 
Earl Henry W. clerk, 7 Watson 
Earl Wm.'(Fish k E.) St. Nicholas hotel 
Early Bernard, tailor, 113 n Eden 
Early Clinton, laborer, 151 Choptank 
Early Eugene A. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 95 

n Front 
Early Jacob, can maker, 139 China 
Early John D. paying teller Commercial and 

Farmers' Nat'l Bank, 396 Eutaw pi 
Early Rev. John, pres't Loyola College, s w 

cor Calvert and Madison 
Early Rosanna, 228 Frederick av 
Early Thos. wheelwright, 53 e Madison 
Early Thos. jr. patternmaker, 53 e Jladison 
Early Wm. watchman, over 84 Centre .Mkt sp 
Earnest Anthony, laborer, 294 n Central av 
Earnest Auu, 186 n ' alvert 
Earnshaw John, clerk, 52 Jackson sq ar 
Earnshaw Thomas, 121 HoUins 
Earp Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 379 Franklin 
Earp John, shoemaker, 136 Druid Hill av 
Easley Mi'S. Emily, trimmings, 300 Eastern av 
Easley John T. sbijicarpenter, 300 Eastern av 
Easley Samuel W. huckster, 183 s Ann 
Easley Thos. boatbuilder, 183 s Ann 
Easley Wm. H. shipcarp'r, 124 s Regester 
East Baltimore Association. 49 s Caroline 
East Baltimore Perpetual Building and Savings 

Association, s e cor Eastern av and Exeter 
East Henry T. milkman, 15 Henrietta 
Eiist .Mrs. Jacob, 108 Low 
East Robert, engint'er.s w cor Fort av & Johnson 
E. Blaster, Chiis. E. Waters, ) imports, job- 
bers and retiulers of dry goods, 199, 201 
and 203 w Baltimore 
Easter Hamilton, (H. E. & Sons) Liberty rd 
Easter Henry H. clerk, 266 n Howard 
Easter Mrs. Mary, 266 n Howard 
Easier Peter, brickmaker, 408 s Charles 
Easterbig Mrs. Sarah, 8 L. Gough 
Eastern Av. M. E. Church, Eastern av near 

Eastern and Western Glass Co. John A. Dob- 
son, agent, 31 s Charles 
Eastern City Spring, bounded by Eden, Lom- 
bard, Pratt and Spring 








WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st, 

JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manuf rs & Com. Merch'ts. 







• p— I 






Eastern Dispensary, n e cor Baltimore and 

Central av 
Eastern Hay Scales, s e cor Buren and Mon- 

Eastler Annie R. dressmaker, 523 w Lombard 
Eastman Henry W.(E.&; Rogers) 15 Columbia 
EASTMAN &'R0GKRS, (H. W. E., Wm. F. 

Rogers) furniture, 49 Hanover 
Eastman Dr. Lewis M. 349 Lexington 
Easton J. T. (E. & McMahon) New York 
EASTON k McMAHON, (J. T. Easton, J. 

McMahon )shipping and com. merch'ts, over 

45 w Pratt 
Easton Lewis, mariner, 263 s Dallas 
Easton Stanley, gazette office, dw 119 n Exeter 
Easton Wm. laborer, 119 n Exeter 
Eastwood Geo. H. sailmaker, 234 e Madison 
Eaton Albert, mariner, rear of 175 Choptank 
Eaton Brothers & Co. (G. N. and H.C. Eaton) 

dry goods and com. merch'ts, German bet. 

Light and Charles 
Eaton Chas. J. M. 52 Mt Vernon place 
Eaton Geo. N (E. Bros. & Co.) 80 Franklin 
Eaton Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 119 n Exeter 
Eaton Hooper C. (E. Bros, k Co.) 92 Park 
Eaton Hester J. boarding, 16 Jackson 
Eaton Isham. 1 -borer, 199 William 
Eaton John T. boilermaker, 97 Hamburg 
Eaton Mary Ann, 648 w Lombard 
Eaton Robinson, driver, 102 s Chester 
Eaton Thos. carmaker, 102 s Chester 
Eaton Wm. H. officer at penitentiary, dw 

Harford av ext 
Eaton Wm. H. shoemaker, 327 Aisquith 
Ebardt Raymond, butcher, 34 Hanover, and 8 

Hollins mkt. dw Garrison la nr Frederick rd 
Ebaugh Caroline, grocery, 75 Mosher 
Ebaugh David F. ladies' shoes, 196 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh Edwin R. laborer. 75 Mosher 
Ebaugh Francis A. clerk.' 230 w Biddle 
Ebaugh Francis T. plasterer, 661 Penna av 
Ebaugh Guly E. dressmaker, 230 w Biddle 
Ebaugh Henry, watchmaker, 111 n Gay 
Ebaugh Henry, jr. watchmaker. 111 n Gay 
Ebaugh Jacob, huckster, Penna av ext 
Ebaugh Joseph, 75 Mosher 
Ebaugh Wm. laborer, 661 Penna av 
Ebbeghausen Augustas, tobacco, 199 Light 
Ebbeghausen Henry, tobacco, 256 Canton av 
Ebbeghausen Monia, grocery, 199 Light 
Ebberts Geo. cigarmaker, 20 s Republican 
EbbertsGeo. H. laborer, Fulton nr Pratt 
Ebberts Lemuel, cigarmaker, 20 s Republican 
Ebberts Sylvester, laborer, 54 s Republican 
Ebberts Wm. H. machinist. 43 s Calhoun 
Ebel Conrad, shoemaker 70 n Caroline 
Ebel Jacob, tailor, 677 w Baltimore 
Ebelein Michael, clerk, 63 s Eutaw 
Ebeler Ernest H. cutter, 68 Mulberry 
Ebeling Otto, laborer, 489 Penna av 
Ebell Michael, laborer, 248 e Chase 
Eben Henry D. cigarmaker. 202 n Broadway 
Elmer Dr. Fred'k, 301 n Central av 
Eberhart Chas. engineer, 168 Hughes 
Eberhart Christian, grocery, s end of Clinton 
Eberhart Mrs. Elizabeth, 134 McHenry 
Eberhart Geo. F. tinner, 101 Cross 
Eberhart Geo. B. tinner, 2 Henrietta 
Eberhart Henry, 134 McHenry 
Eberhart John G. brickmaker, 134 McHenry 

Ebering August, cigarmaker, 176 Cross 
Eberle Geo. cooper, 189 s Ann 
Eberle Jos. stoves and tinware, 123i n Front 
Eberle Philip, tinner, I235 n Front 
Eberlein Chas. porter, 127 Saratoga 
Eberlein John, butcher, 63 Gough 
Enerlein Mrs. Kate, confect'y, 127 Saratoga 
Eberlein Michael, scroll sawyer, 127 Saratoga 
Eberline Andrew, lager beer, 257 s Bond 
Ebert Anton, tailor, 3 Willinger ct 
Ebert Chas. fisherman, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Ebert Elizabeth, grocery, 30 Cross 
Ebert Fred'k, laborer, 30 Cross 
Ebert Frederick, tailor, 272 s Sharp 
Ebert John C. pianomaker, 54 Leadenhall 
Ebert Joseph, musician, 39 n Central av 
Ebert 0. A. & Co. (O. A. Ebert) com mer- 
chants, 11 Patterson 
Ebert Octavius A. (0. A. Ebert & Co.) 62 w 

Ebert Peter, tailor, 191 Bethel 
Ebert Robert, laborer, 17 Port 
Ebert Sophia M. dry goods, 272 s Sharp 
Ebert Wm. boxmaker, 358 s Sharp 
Ebert Wm. F. glassblower, 358 s Sharp 
Eberwein Augustus, cigarmaker, 164 Cross 
Eberwein Wm. F. locksmith, 2o3 n Central av 
Eberwein ATm. F. constable, Fayette and St. 

Ebinger Frederick, laborer, 93 Plumal 
Ebrenz Simon, lager beer, 259 e Eager 
Ebsworth Mrs. Ann. 363 e Lombard 
Ebs worth Daniel carpenter, 359 e Lombard 
Ebsworth David, carpenter, 361 e Lombard 
Ebsworth Mrs. Thomas, 363 e Lombard 
Ebsworth Zechariah, 363 e Lombard 
Eccles Samuel, jr. (Eccles, Thorns & Co.) 148 

w Biddle 
Eccles Wm. tea, 142 s Broadway, dw White 

Hall hotel 
ECCLES. THOMS & CO. (S. Eccles, jr. J.B. 
Thomas, E. T. Robb, P. Thorns) Canton 
Steam Sugar Refinery, office cor Commerce 
and Excliange pi 
Eccles Wm. 148 w Biddle 
Eccleston Chas. carpenter, 53 Stirling 
Eccleston Geo. carpenter, 131 e Monument 
Eccleston James, shoemaker, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston John A. bricklayer, 193 n Eden 
Ecclesion Robert E. blacksmith, 256 Green- 
mount av 
Eccleston Mary, 131 e Monument 
Eccleston Wni. W. coach painter, 193 n Eden 
Echemendia Marian, (E. k Camejo) 98 n Gay 
Echemendia k Camejo, (Marian Echemendia, 

Augustin Camejo) tobacconists, 98 n Gay 
Echler Henry, shoemaker, 10 s Dallas 
Echols J. Rowland, salesman, 208 e Baltimore 
Eck Henry, turner, 22 Walker 
Eck August, tailor, 107 Jefferson 
Eck Chas. laborer, 128 Granby 
Eck Frederick, lager beer. 10 n Frederick 
Eck Henry, tobacconist, 195 Eastern av 
Eck J ohm laborer, 2.^0 s Durham 
Eck Henrv, tinner, 89 e Pratt 
Eck Mrs. Mary, grocery, 22 Walker 
Eck Philip, shoem.iker, 273 s Sharp 
Eck Priscilla, 317 Franklin 
Eckart John C. bei-r, 75 Jackson Square av 
Eckel Conrad, grocery, 55 s Caroline 
Eckell Elizabeth, 47 Abbot 
Eckell Adam, tailor, 47 Abbot 

WM. H. READ MaBufaetures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Eckelman Herman S. grocer, 45 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Eckels Louis, carter, 90 Eastern av 
Eckels Will. A. helper, 79 n Amity 
Eckert Adam, ojsttrs. 249 e Monument ' 
Eckert Christian, restaurant. 17 Dover 
Eckert Edward, marble polisher. 14 Addison 
Eckert Edward C. marble polisher. 73 Harrison 
Eckert Gotleib, cooper, 245 Frederick av 
Eckert Mrs. Hannah, 173 King 
Eckert Henry, laborer, 35 China 
Eckert John, driver, 212 Henrietta 
Eckert Joseph, tailor, 11 n Wolfe 
Eckert Kate, tailoress, 151 Burgundy al 
Eckert Lewis, cabnt makr, Raborg and Re- 
Eckert Martin, laborer, 135 Raborg 
Eckert Mrs. Theresa Ann, 119 n Paca 
Eckert Theodore, huckster, 83 n Pine 
Eckert Vincent C. S. ganger -customs, 315 e 

Eckert Wm cooper, 169 King 
Eckert Wm. 0. laborer 16 Abey al 
Eckes Henry, lager beer, 58 Eastern av 
Eckes John, wagoner, 141 s Exeter 
Eckhardt Andrew, beer, 18 Bank 
Eckhardt Mrs. I'aroline, 5 n High 
Eckhardt Charles, shipcarp, 130 Battery &v 
Eckhardt Conrad L. paperhanger, 5 n High 
Eckhardt Henry, boilermaker, 135 Hamburg 
Eckhardt Henry, (E. & Ochs. ) 140 e Pratt 
Eckhardt J. if- Co. (J. Eckhardt, H. Liesegang) 

liquors, 130 Barre 
Eckhardt Jacob. (J. E. & Co.) 130 Barre 
Bckhardt John, laborer, 274 Hamburg 
Eckhardt John, cooper. Wagon al nr Amity 
Eckhardt Louis, jr. beer, 176 Cross 
Eckhardt Louis, srrocerv, 264 s Howard 
ECKHARDT LOUIS, manufacturer of looking 
glasses and frames, and gilder, over 246 w 
Baltimore, dw 26 Albemarle 
Eckhardt Louis, sr. shoemaker, 387 Light 
Eckhardt & Ochs, (H. Eckhardt, Geo. Ochs) 

coal, 1 n Central av 
Eckhardt Sebastian, shoemaker, Broadway and 

Eckhardt Wm. upholsterer, 260 s Sharp 
Eckholdt Edward, carpt. 73 Elliott 
Eckhart Wm. pict. frames, 39 Portland 
Eckman Geo. T. drayman, 77 Frederick ct 
Eckstein John, burrstone bldr, 14 President 
Eckstiue George, paver, 514 Penna av 
Eckstine Geo. J. laborer, 514 Penna av 
Eckstine Geo carpenter, 61 Harrison 
Eckstine John, carpenter, 494 n Fremont 
Eckstine Lewis, paver. 514 Penna av 
Eckstorm Henry, stovemoulder, 1G8 s Wash- 
Eclectic Life Ins. Co. of New York, Frank A. 

Tormey, manager, 16 Post Office av 
Ecksturm M. moulder, Washington nr East- 
ern av 
Edel Casper, laborer, 4 Jackson av 
Eddy Rev. Thos. M. 195 w Fayette 
Edel Henry, tailor, 7 Somerset 
Edel Henry, fire dept. 368 e Eager 
Edel Henry J. tailor, 368 e Eager 
Edel Joseph, painter, 368 e Eager 
Edel Josiah, (J, E..& Sons) 257 Harford av 
Edel Josiah & Sons, (J., S. T. and John W". 
Edel, John Sheppard, ) butter, &c. corner 
Charles and Centre and 257 Harford av 

OfTce, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Edel John W. (Josiah E. & Sons) Balto. co 

Edel Mary, tailoress, 347 e Eager 

Edel Philip, tailor, 368 e Eager 

Edel Philip, jr. cigarmaker, 368 e Eager 

Edel Saml. T. (J., E. k Sons) 257 Harford av 

Edelen Alex, clerk, 16 n Eutaw 

Edeler Edward, harnessmaker, 142 Forrest 

Edeler Ernest W. harnessmaker 346 w Pratt 

Edeler Geo. grocery, 78 Penna av 

Edel man Adam. 86 Johnson 

Edelman August, shoemaker, 56 Portland 

Edelman Chas. moulder, 373 Eastern av 

Edelman (lias, boxmaker, 86 Johnson 

Edelman Francis, baker. 232 n Gay 

Edelman John H. butcher, 14 Cross st market, 

dw 108 Jackson Square av 
Edelman Jacob, carter, 167 s Eden 
Edelman Ranibart J. wheelwright, s e corner 

Payson and Frederick av 
Edelman Romwald, wheelwright, Frederick 

av and Payson 
Edelman Valentine, boxmaker, s e cor Water 

and Grant, dw 86 Johnson 
Eden Alexander, butcher, Williams la nr Fred- 
erick av 
Eden James, (Fitzsimins & E.) 22 s Front 
Eden John W. butcher, 3 Hollins market, dw 

Wilkens la nr Frederick av 
Eden Mark, cheese, 149 Aisquith 
Eden Richard, papercarrier, 79 n Bond 
Eden Robt. laborer, 92 n Ann 
Eden Robt. laborer, 49 n Caroline 
Eden Wm. 45 u Strieker 
Eder Casper, cinraaker, 183 s Eden 
Eder Francis J. peddler, 170 s Durham 
Eder Macarius, laborer, 116 s Chapel 
Eder Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 170 s Durham 
Edes Mrs. Mary A. 173 Linden av 
Edgar Geo. H. shipchandler, 73 Smith's wbf, 

dw 76 e Pratt 
Edgar Thomas, mariner, 54 s Exeter 
Edgar Wm. painter, 210 w Pratt 
Edgar Wm. clerk, 54 s Exeter 
Edgar Charles, 169 w Lombard 
Edger Thomas J. shoemaker, 93 Mullikin 
Edgerton Thos.' police, 189 s Washington 
Edgerton Thomas, police. 5 Essex 
Edie Louisa, 141 Mullikin 
Edie Margaret, 141 Mullikin 
Edkins Mrs. Frances, 52 Philpot 
Edkins Joseph, (Leach & E.) 7 w Baltimore 
Edler Peter, laborer, 121 s Dallas 
Edling John, pianomkr. 441 w Fayette 







WM. H. BEAD, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st. 












Edlinp;er Frederick, clerk, 49 Granby 
Edmeades Wm. T. (E. & Pilsch)491 Aisquith 
EDMEADES&PrLSCH,(Wm.T. Edmeades.J. 

Pilsch) wholesale liquors, 29 s Gay 
Edinond Michael, paper hanefer, 7 Vincent al 
Edmonds & Bro.(Sanil. and Wm.E. Edmonds) 

grocers, n w cor Pearl and Lexington 
Edmonds Fanny, 48 n Front 
Edmonds John J. laborer. 311 s Sharp 
Edmonds Samuel, (E. & Bro.) 70 n Carey 
Edmonds Wra. E. (E. ct Bro.) 394 Lexington 
Edmondson Albert N. P. sailmkr. 17 Henrietta 
Edniondson Chas. laborer, 195 Forrest 
Edmondson J. A. <^- Son, (J. A. and W. W. 

Edmondson) grocers and com. nierchts. 11 

Edmondson James H. clerk, 197 Hanover 
Edmondson Jos. A. (J. A. E. & Son) Battoco 
Edmondson Wm. E. clerk, 77 Exchange pi 
Edmondson W. Winder, 56 Barre 
Edmondston Mrs. Elizabeth, 220 e Madison 
Edmoudston Thos. L. painter, 220 e Madison 
Edmonson Hann.ah, 194 Lanrale 
Edmonston Francis 0. clerk. 647 w Fayette 
Edmonston Owen J. carpenter, 647 w Fayette 
Edmonston Wm. E. clerk, 20 n Republican 
Edmunds James R. bookkeeper. Farmer's and 

Merchants' Nat. Bank, 230 Lanvale 
Edwards A. A, 31 s Howard 
Edwards Mrs. A. A. boarding, 31 s Howard 
Edwards Mrs. Amanda, 203 e Monument 
Edwards Mrs. Avarilla, 432 e Monument 
Edwards Benj. F. mariner, 170 Gough 
Edwards Benj. F. mariner, renr of 1 2 s Gist 
Edwards Chas. carpenter, 128 Hughes 
Edw.ards Ciias. G. teacher, 432 e Monument 
EDWARDS E. G. agent Whann & Co. raw 

bone super phosphate, 57 s Calvert, dw 686 

Edwards Edward J. laborer, 10 Patuxent 
Edwards Eli P. barber, 46 s Republican 
Edwards Mrs. Eliza Ann, 242 s Broadway 
Edwards Emory, engineer, 60 n Ann 
Edwards Fleming, mariner, 96 Jolmson 
Edwards Frank A. clerk, 58 s Greene 
Edwards Fred'k, gilder, 69 n Ann 
Edwards George, 203 e Monument 
Edwards Geo. W. law student, 686 Saratoga 
Edwards Capt. Hiram, mariner. 32 Henrietta 
Edwards James B. sec'y Baltimore Warehouse 

Co. 163 Linden av 
Edwards James S. actor, 49 Stirling 
Edwards John, grocery, Clinton nr Boston 
Edwards John R.H.ass't. asses' r, 444 w Fayette 
Edwards John H. mariuer, 170 Gough 
EDWARDS JOHN R. bookbinder, over h\ 

North, dw 201 Mulberry 
EdwHrds John T. engineer, 199 Hamburg 
Edwards John T. caulker, 217 Cross 
Edwards Rev. Jonathan, 5 Lloyd 
Edwards Joseph, moulder, 14 Cioss 
Edwards Joseph jr. caulker, 14 Cross 
Edwards Joseph, moulder, 66 Johnson 
Edwards Joseph H. caulker, 66 Johnson 
Edwards Leroy. 280 Saratoga 
Edwards Marcellus, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Mrs. Margaret, saleswoman, 122 

Edwards Mrs. Mary, Washington nr Fayette 
Edwards Mrs. Rachel, IS Jefferson 
Edwards Richard, 1 n Carey 

Edwards Richard, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Rich'd H. asst. asses'r.444 w Fayette 
Edwards Rich'd, huckster, 14 Williamson al 
Edwards S. R. clerk, 114 s Eutaw 
Edwards Samuel H. huckster, 29 s Front 
Edwards Sophia, teacher. 188 Penna av 
Edwards States, (Dare & Edwards) 252 w 

Edwards Thos. carpr. Orleans nr Chester 
Edwards Thos. laborer, 103 Peach al 
Edwards Thomas B. clerk, 51 Oxford 
Edwards Thomas H. carpenter, 9 Scott 
Edwards Thomas J. teacher, 69 n Ann 
Edwards Wm. A. carpenter, 91 Penna av 
Edwards Wm. inspectr. C. H. 250 w Hoffman 
Edwards Wra. H. carpenter, 10 Grove al 
Edwards Wm. M. bookkeeper National Me- 
chanics' Bank, dw 63 Barre 
Eff Hubbard, lager beer, 114 e Monument 
Efferman Herman, laborer, 138 Hollins 
Effing Henry, tailor, 3 Elizabeth la 
EfBnger John, grocery, 107 Low 
Egan Edward B. police, 102 Ensor 
Egan Kate, grocery, 20 Liberiy al 
Egan Mrs. Lavinia, china, &c. 41 n Eutaw 
Egan Martin, laborer, 20 Liberty al 
Egan Michael, laborer, 15 Elizabeth la 
Egan Michael, blacksmith, .'^64 William 
Egan Moses, laborer, Dover nr Fultou 
Egan Thos. shoemaker, 105 w Fayetie 
Egan Thos. C. cedar cooper, 2 Ryan 
Egan William, laborer, 9 Bevan 
Egnn Wm. J. Siilesman, 280 n Iilutaw 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 134 Penna av 
Eger John, tailor, 138 Cross 
EgertonA. Dubois, (A. D. E. ^ Co.) 230 n 

Egerton A. D. & Co. (A. Dubois and C. C. 

Egeiton) produce com. mers. 174 w Pratt 
Egerton Chas. C. (A. D. E. & Co.) 192 n Cal- 
Egerton J.imes C. bookkeeper, 14 s Strieker 
Egerton John B. 143 St. Paul 
Egerton Mrs, M. 104 Mvrtle av 
Egerton Saml.E.(S. E. E. ^- Co.)42 Courtland 
Eggar Balthazar, carpenter, 33 Waesche 
Eggar Henry, cigarmaker, 33 Waesche 
Eggers Claus, varnisher, 319 Mulljerry 
Eggers Henry A. shoemaker, 8 Ridgely 
Egginsperger Philip, carp'r, n w cor Mosher 

and liolton al 
Eggleon Mrs. E. housekeeper, Fountain hotel 
Eggieston Benj. magistrate, 322 u Eutaw 
Eggleston Chas. E. carp'r, 212 Mulberry 
Eggieston Edwin C. plumber and gasfitter, 

144 n Giy 
Eggieston Edward J. carp'r, 52 n Greene 
Eggieston Emory, blacksmitli, 256 Green- 
mount av 
Eggieston J. carpenter, 212 Mulberry 
Eggieston Joseph, printer, 322 n Eutaw 
Eggieston Jos. W. carpenter, 44 Peirce, dw 

212 Mulberry 
Eggieston Wash"n, telegraphist, 35 Camden 
Eggieston Wm. H. engineer, Johnson and 

Eggling Geo, W. moulder, 25 Scott 
Egner Chas, dra,vman, 163 Dover 
Egner Louis, butcher, 91 Lexington market, 

dw 10 Calvcrton road 
Ehart Anselm, cooper, 30 Bevan 

WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimoo.i-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 


Ehlen George, carp'r, 361 Penna av 

Ehlen Geo. W. clerk, 1 so Saratoga 

Ehlen John H. clerk, 320 Lexington 

Ehlen John F. coal. 320 Lexington 

Ehlen Mrs. Mary a'. 137 n Paca 

Ehlen Thos. A. car driver, 361 Penna av 

Ehlen Wra. M. K.clork \. C.R. 320 Lexington 

Ehlers Aaron, confectioner, 177 eMonjment 

Ehlers Henry, grocery, 60 McEIderrj- 

Ehlers John D. & Co. (J. D. Ehlers) job 

printers and wood engravers, 87 Secund 
Ehlers John D. (J. D. E. & Co.) 56 Chew 
Ehlers Lewis, groceries and feed, 378 Light 
Ehlert Geo. painter, Calvertou road nr Fred- 
erick av 
Ehlies Wm. Henry jr. police, 193 s Paca 
Ehlies Wm. Henry, 193 s Paca 
Ehm Peter, lager beer, 238 n Gay 
Ebmann Gotfried, butcher, 21 Helair market, 

dw Castle nrMontiment 
Ehotf William, shoemaker, 238 Aliceanna 
Ehren Audrew, coppersmith, 831 w Baltimore 
Ehren Louisa, fancy goods, 831 w Baltimore 
Ehrhard Albert, music teacher, 227 Saratoga 
Ehrhardt Fredk. lithographer, 252 s Eutaw 
Ehrhardt Geo. cedar ware, 252 s Eutaw 
Ehrhardt John, Belair ar ext 
Ehrhardt Mrs Maggie, 280 s Bond 
Ehrhardt Mrs. Margaret, 252 s Eutaw 
Ehrlein Nicnolas, boilermaker, 22 n Dallas 
Ehrlich Alexander, peddler, 51 Holland 
Ehrlich Jacob, furniture, 78 Hillen 
Ehrlich Moses, bookkeeper, 51 Holland 
Ehrman & Bersch, (John Ehrman, Christian 
Bersch) steam planing, flooring, door, sash 
and scroll sawing, 210 s Howard and s w 
cor Howard and Henrietta 
Ehrmau Mrs. Bertha, 146 u Eden 
EHRMAN & BKO. (L. and F.Ehrman)giocers, 

coal and wood, 282 s Broadway 
Ehrman Chas. H. express agent, il McElderry 
Ehruan Edward, clerk, 166 Franklin 
Ehrman Fred k, (E. k Bro.) 91 Gough 
EHRMAN GEO. M. flour and feed, 47 s How- 
ard, dw 22 s Greene 
Ehrman Geo laborer, s end Clinton 
Ehrman Geo. grocery, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Jacob, 22 s Greene 
Ehrmiin John, clerk, 106 s Wolfe 
Ehrman John, (E. & Bersch) 70 Columbia 
Ehrman Lewis. (E. <^ Bro.) grocery, cor Nich- 
olson and Towsou 
Ehrman Philip, laborer, 276 Aliceanna 
Ehrman Theo. engineer, 287 Cathedral 
Ehrman Wm. dry goods, 166 Franklin 
Eibert Simon, tailor, 233 s Ann 
Eichart Henry, locksmith, 23 Brown la 
Eicbelberger Chas. E. painter, 93 n Fremont 
Eichelberger Chas. \\ . painter, 93 n Fremont 
bichelberger Edw. C. apothec'y, HoUins nr 

Eichelberger Mrs. Elizabeth, 506 w Fayette 
EICHELBERGER HENRV, dry goods, 240 

Penna av 
Eichelberger James, student, 275 w Fayette 
Eichelberger James F., nged Men's Home 
Eichelberger JohnM. painter, 473 Franklin 
Eichelberger John W. painter, 473 Franklin 

ard, dw 41 u Calvert 
Eichelberger Mrs. P. L., HoUins nr Gilmor 
Eichelherger Wm.W. salesman, 5o6 w Fayette 

er, 5 Spear's whf, dw 52 Spring row 
Eichelberger Wm., American coffee, 518 Lex- 
EICHELBERGER WM. H. attorney, 71 w 

Fayette, dw Gilmor nr Hollins 
Eichenauer Christian, shoemaker. 54 L Church 
Eichenberg Jacob, clothing. 201 L Hughes 
Eichengreen David, clerk, 200 s Broadway 
EicLengreen Moses(M.E.& Co.)200 s Broadway 
Eichengreen Wm. clerk, 200 s Broadway 
Eichengreen M. E. & Co. (.Moses Eichengreen, 
Isaac Whitehill) boots and shoes, 200 s 
Eichhorn Diedrich, lager beer, 128 Gough 
Eichhorn George, laborer, 60 James' la 
Eichliorn Henry, 90 s Bethel 
Eichhorn John, brewer. Cross nr Covington 
Eichhorn Martin, butcher, 559 e Fayette 
Eichhorn Theo. groc'y.cor Watson and Exeter 
Eichinger George, liquors, 29 Brown la 
Eichinger Henry, canmaker, 37 Stiles 
Eichler Chas. C.F. (Dulany & E.) 157 German 
Eichler Frederick, driver, 97 s Poppleton 
Eichler Frederick, driver, 81 Orleans 
Eichler George, sawyer, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Henry, driver, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Jacob, canmaker, 37 Stiles 
Eichler John, blacksmith, 66 Sterrett 
Eichler John G. porter, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Wm. blacksmith, 81 Orleans 
EichmanJ. Charles, (Hopkins &E.) 128 e Bal- 
Eichman John J. cabinetmaker, 238 Hanover 
Eichner Andrew, cooper, 188 Lemmon al 
Eichner Christiana, laundress, 39 s Monroe 
Eichner Frank, laborer. 11 n Chapel 
Eichner Jacob, shoemaker, 18 Lloyd 
Eichner John, grocer, Frederick rd nr toll gate 
Eichnor Henry, confectionery, 79 Bank 
Eichorst Wm. laborer, 263 s Ann 
Eickhoff Catherine, grocery, 36 n Holliday 
Eickhoff George, shoemaker, 224 Harford' av 
Eickel Henry, dyer and scourer, 135 n Eutaw 
Eickenberg August, laborer, 252 Aliceanna 
Eickenberg Chas. cigar manuf. 252 Aliceanna 
Eidel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadenhall 
Eideleichel Mrs. Theresa, 14 Union 
Eidig Frederick, tailor, 1 New Church 
Eidmann Dan'l, huckster, 600 Penna av 
Eidtnann George, tailor, 140 Hamburg 
Eidmann Frederick, drayman, 5 Chesnut al 
Eidmann Margaret, 5 Chesnut al 

I— ^ 






WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 


















Eiermann Paul K. baker, 35 s Regester 
Eiermann Wra. 36 n Frederick 
Eigelberner Thos. F. 123 s Paca 
Eigenbrodt Henry, tailor, 36 Low 
Eigenbrot Amelia, saleswomaa, 314 s Sharp 
Eigeubrot G. 0. grocery, 101 s Fremont 
Eigenbrot C. C. lager beer, 314 s Sharp 
Eigenbrot Henry, machinist, 314 s Sharp 
Eigeuburg Henry, tailor, 193 n Gay 
Eigenraug Frederick, harness, 142 Forrest 
Eigner Adam, baker, 34 s Caroline 
Eigner John, tailor, 41 n Dallas 
Eigner John, laborer, 126 s Dallas 
Eilau Abraham, (Bamberger & Eilau) 350 

Eilau Abraham, Iac«s, millinery and fancy 

goods, 69^ n Howard, dw 350 Lexington 
Lilau Emanuel, clerk, 62 s Ann 
Eilau David, 350 Lexington 
Eilau Wm. 62 s Ann 
Eiler Henry, cooper, lOo e Lombard 
Eilbacher George, blacksmith. 16 Lee 
Eilbacher John V. blacksmith, 16 Lee 

Harness Maker, 85 Frederick av 

Eillerman John, grocery, 122 s Howard 
Eillermann G. painter, 152 Lancaster 
Eimken Charles, mariner, 244 s Dallas 
Eimken Pauline, 244 s Dallas 
Einlirod Chas. confectioner, 105 s Paca 
Einbrod i harles H. elerk, 105 s Paca 
Eiubrod David, 105 s Paca 
Einolf Chas. baker, 70 Portland 
Einolf Conrad, shoemaker, 72 Portland 
Einstein I. W. clerk, Lombard nr Howard 

ery, 171 w Pratt, dw 23 Conway 

Einwaechter Adam, 25 s Charles 
Einwaechter Alex, blacksmith, 116 Columbia 
Einwaechter Elizabeth, grocery, 255 s Charles 
Einwaechter Fred. F. salesman. 116 Columbia 
Einwaechter Geo. A. blacksmith, 118 Eisleia 
Einwaechter John A. blacksmith, 118 Eislein 
Einwich Henry, laborer, 148 s Chapel 
Eiriug John, beer, 130 Aisquith 
Eirly Mrs. Mary, 10 Warner 
Eisel Mrs. Amelia, provisions, 488 Penna av 
Eisel George, butcher, 35 Hanover market, dw 

488 Penna av 
Eisel Geo. butcher, 488 Penna av 
Eiseman Bernard, butcher, 221 Aisquith 
Eiseman John, laborer, 496 Penna av 
Eiseman Moses, boots and shoes, 104 n Gay 
Eisenbach John, porter, 2b Gist nr Canton av 
Eisenbach Andrew, shoemkr, 93 Frederick av 
Eisenbach Wm. laborer, 25 Peach al 
Eisenberg Andrew, provn's, 152 s Washington 
Eiseuberg Fred. W. clerk, 151 German 
Eisenberg Geo. laborer, 152 s Washington 
Eisenberg Henry, laborer, 152 s Washington 
Eisenberger Geo. cooper, 168 s Choptank 
Eisenbrandt Henry R. musical instruments, 78 

w Baltimore, dw 39 s Broadway 
Eisenbrodt John, carpenter, 83 Boston 
Eisenbrodt Mary, dry goods, 83 Boston 
Eisenbardt Anton, coal oil,lamps,(S:c,254 n Gay 
Eisenhardt J. August, cigarmkr, 236 Franklin 

Eisenhardt John, tobacconist, 114 n Eutaw, 

dw 25 St. Mary 
Eisenrich Joseph, laborer, 158 s Eden 
Eisenrode George, laborer, 68 Granby 
Eiserbeck Ferd. shoemak. 494 w Lombard 
Eiserman Bernard, baker, 147 s Paca 
Eisfeld Mrs. Caroline, 218 s Bond 
Eisfield L. huckster, 16 Gough 
Eisler Mrs. Ellen, 62 e Fayette 
Eisley John, tailor, 197 Orleans 
Eisman Mrs. Elizabeth, 644 Penna av 
Eisman John, huckster. 644 Penna av 
Eitel Edward, porter. 26 Sarah Ann 
Eitel Mrs. Elizabeth, 297 s Sharp 
Eitel George, cigartiiaker. 26 Leadenhall . 
Eitel Gotleib, porter, 26 Sarah Ann 
Eitel Jacob, cioper, 26 Leadenhall 
Eire! Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitemuller Ferd. drayman, 168 West 
Eitemuller Christian, laborer, 168 West 
Eitemuller Mary, grocery, 163 West 
Eivin Abram, laborer, 5 Vincent al 
Ekert Conrad; laborer, 135 Johnson 
Elbert Daniel, printer, 102 n High . 
Elbert Josei)b, turner, 21 s Wolfe 
Elberth August, butcher, 616 Light 
ElbrinkH. R. salesman, 18 Calverton rd 
Elclip Mrs. Louisa. 103 e Fayette 
Elder Rev. A. J , St. Mary's Seminary 
Elder Chas. M. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Elder Mrs. Eliza. 226 w Favette 
Elder Francis W.(F. W. E.'& Co.)80 w Mon- 
ELDER F. W, 4- CO. (Francis W. Elder, Jno. 
R. Yates jr.) merchandise brokers, s e cor 
Exchange pi and Commerce, and 15 Thames 
Elder Francis, painter, 79 Hillen 
Elder Geo. W. bricklayer. 79 Hillen 
Elder Henry C. engineer, 6 n Republican 
Elder James A. carpenter 6 s Oregon 
Elder Jereu.iah B. shoemaker, 253 u Dallas 
Elder John T. wheelwright, 197 Hollins 
Elder John H. engineer, Ramsav nr Strieker 
Elder & Maddux (P. L. Elder, H. C. Maddux) 
ins brokers and agents for St. Louis Mu- 
tual Life Ins. Co, 6 s Holliday 
Elder Mrs. Mary Ann, 79 Hollins 
Elder Michael, blacksmith. 102 s Strieker 
Elder Michael, 296 Harford av 
Elder Philip L. ( Elder & Maddux) 165 w John 
Elder Philip L. clerk. Park av nr Dolphin 
Elder Samuel & Co. (0 F. Lantz, Jacob F. 

Lantz) flour mercbants, 32 n Howard 
Elder Mrs. Sophia, dressmaker, 68 Richmond 
Elder Wm. B. machinist, 453 Franklin 
Elder Zechariah, miller, 165 Ensor 
Elderdice Irvin, suident, 15 McHenry 
Elderdice Mrs. Louisa, 15 McHenry 
Elderkin Sarah E. 44 n Gilmor 
Eldou Hall restaurant, 78 w Fayette 
Eidridge Frank R. clerk, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Geo. clerk, 72 e Pratt 
Eidridge Melvina D. teacher, 533 n Gay 
Eldridge Robert, bakery, 108 e Pratt 
Eidridge Robert jr. clerk, 72 e Pratt 
Eldridge Wm. D. baker, 533 n Gav 
Eldridge Wilson, baker, 32 Druid Hill av 
Elenbrok Fred'k, flour and feed, cor Calver- 
ton and Frederick rds 
Elfrey Philip, machinist, 120 Boyd 
Elg John, carpenter, 42 Haubert 
Elgert John A. lager beer. Eastern av ext 

W. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for the 
sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirlii 



Elgert Geo. H. grocery, Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 
Elgert John, shoemaker, 37 Bank 
Elgert John clerk, 63 Holland 
Elgert John \T. drayman, 121 3 Dallas 
Elgert \Vm. drayman, 121 s Dallas 
Elhart Adolph, "(E., Lowenbach & Co.) 13 w 

hart. Adolph Heller, M. I). Heller, Isaac 
Witz. Levi Witz)wholesale notions, 331 and 
333 w Baltimore 
Eli Francis. Calhoun nr Cooke 
Elias Eli, clerk. 113 Camden 
Elias Joseph & Son, (J. and' Wm. Elias) stoves 

and furniture. 55 Penna av 
Elias Jos. (J. E. i Son) 55 Penna av 
Elias Wra. (J. E. & Son) 55 Penna av 
Eliel & Mayer, (Solomon Eliel, Elias Mayer) 
wholes, boot and shoemakers. 208 w Pratt 
Eliel Solomon, (E. & Mayer) 268 w Pratt 
Eline Frank, builder, G2 Wilmer al 
Elings worth Mrs. Eliza. 247 e Fayette 
Elingsworth John E. goldsmith, 247 e Fayette 
Elingsworth Wm. laborer, 222 e Lombard 
Elkin Samuel D. notions. 1 s Caroline 
Elkins Chas. H. carpenter, 162 German 
Elkman Herman, laborer. 37 Cambridge 
Ellenbrok Fred'k, Fredk^ir and Calverton rd 
EUender ("has. F. tinner, 135 e Madison 
Ellender Fred'k. bricklayer. 15 Orleans 
Ellender Fred'k. tinner, 183 e Madison 
Ellender Geo. \V. ass't engineer fire dep't, 73 

Ellender Mary, 11 Orleans 
Ellender Sarah. 1 1 Orleans 
Ellerbrock August, baker, n w cor Bank and 

Ellerbrock Frank M. fancy goods, 226 s 

Ellerbrock Herman, (E. &Schneider) 4 Second 
Ellerbrock Lewis, shoemaker, 179 Lexington 
brock, F. Schneider )coppersmiths, 65 Centre 
Market sp 
EUerkamp Henry, carpenter, 200 s Eutaw 
EUermau Herman, laborer, 84 u Fremont 
Ellermeyer Chas. A. tailor, 14 Ensor 
Ellermeyer Emma, dressmaker. 14 Ensor 
Ellers Bernard, carpenter, 245 Bank 
Filers Christian, ciearmaker. SQ s Central av 
Ellett Frank M. (Larrabee, Smith & E.) Balti- 
more CO. 
Ellick Henry, cooper, 382 s Charles 
EUicott Mrs. Ada, 183 Lanvale 
EUicott C. Lewis, clerk, 3 Spear's whf 
Ellicott C. J. F. letter carrier. 141 w Favette 
EUicott David B. clerk, 3's whf 
Ellicott Mrs. Evan T. 174 w Lombard 
Ellicott Francis F. clerk, 141 Townsend 
Ellicott H. 'Wm., Maryland Blast Furnace, s 

side Basin, dw 63 Franklin 
EUicott James P. 341 e Pratt 
Ellicott John, architect and civil engineer 24 

n Charles, dw 35 Mount Vernon pi 
Ellicott Dr. Lindley, 193 n Howard 
Ellicott Mrs. Louisa, 50 w Madison 
Ellicott Mary, 183 Elliott 
Ellicott Samuel. 354 n Eutaw 
Ellicott Thos. P. ('tt'm. M. E. & Sons) Balto co 
Ellicott Wm. M. (Wm. M. E. & Sons) Balti- 
more CO. 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. ^_ 

ELLICOTT WM. M. & SONS. (Wm. M. and 
Thos. P. Ellicott) commission merchants, 3 ^ 
Spear's whf 
Ellicott Wm. C. painter, 11 Barnet 
Elligson Julius, tailor. 158 n Caroline 
Ellinsrer Emanuel, drover, 541 n Gay 
Ellinger Geo. drover, 541 n Gay 
EUinger Jacob, cattle, 541 n Gay 
Ellinger John F. 30 Albemarle 
Ellinger Julius, clerk, 153 Lexington 
Ellinger Sain'l, cor Broadway and JeflCerson 
Ellinger Wm. showman, 49 Ensor 
EUinghaus Chas. mariner, 83 s Chester 
Elliot Abraham, peddler, 351 w Lombard 
Elliot Mrs. Amanda. 53 n Paca 
Elliot Robert 0. canmaker, 38 .Milliman 
Elliott Augustus F. carpenter, 38 Milliman 
Elliott Augustus, printer. 38 Milliman 
Elliott & Blacklar, (X. J. Elliott, A.C. Black- '=<3 

lar) flour and feed. 15 and 17 w Pratt 
ELLIOTT BROS. (W. L. and J. P. Elliott) 
cotton, crain and produce com. merchants, 
59 s Ga%- 
Elliott Charles. 180 n Calvert 
Elliott Chas. W. brickmaker, 57 Fort av 
Elliott Cooper, cabinetmaker, 40 e Baltimore 
Elliott C. H. clerk. 40 e Baltimore 
Elliott Curtis, engineer, 176 s Eutaw 
Elliott Danl. S. brickmkr. Clement nr William 
Elliott Edward, notion store, 126 Lexington, 

dw 296 n Howard 
Elliott Geo. 393 w Lombard 
Elliott Geo. G. coachmak. 17 Booth, dw 393 w 

Elliott Geo. T. porter, North nr John 
Elliott Geo. shoemaker, 121 n Fremont 
Elliott Geo. carpenter, 171 Aisquith 
Elliott Gideon B. carp. 473 w Pratt 
ELLIOTT HENRV A. & BRO. (Henry A. and 

W. Elliott) apothecaries, 286 Lexington 
Elliott Henry A. (H. A. E. & Bro.) 284 Lex- ^ 
ington ^^ 

Elliott Herbert, shoemak. Clement nr William ;J" 
Elliott James B. paperhanger, 332 Franklin !2 
Elliott James, brakeman, 182 McHenry O 

Elliott James B. bricklayer, 286 Bond n of Gay ^ 
Elliott James H. moulder. 16 Henry 
Elliott Jas. I. provisions, 10 Fish Market sp., 

dw 326 n Caroline 
Elliott John, driver, 205 Lemmon al 
Elliott John, mariner, 65 Cambridge 
Elliott John A. letter carrier, 8 Decker 
Elliott John, carp. 284 Bond n of Gay 








Wr<I. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st. 







ott John W. bricklayer, 40 e Baltimore 

ott John T. lab'r, Burrough nr Fort av 

ott Joseph W. lab'r, 81 Eastern av 

ott Joseph, carp. 38 Aliceanna, Canton 

ott Joseph, carp. 454 e Monument 

ott Joseph, 332 Franklin 

ott Joseph, driver, 61 Granby 

ott Jos. P. (E. Bros.) 87 n Paca 

ott Lewis A. bookbinder, 151 Montgomery 

ott Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 38 Milliman 

ott l\Iary S. tailoress, 38 Milliman 

Ellsoti Mrs. Mary A., Saratoga nr Gilmor 
Elliott Mrs. Matilda, grocery, 219 Battery av 
Elliott Mrs. Matilda, 54 n E.xeter 
Elliott N. J. (E. & Blacklar) 658 Penna av 

G. Otto Demuth. agent 

ott Mrs. R. C. boarding, 40 e Baltimore 

ott Richard L. carp. 7 Maccubbin 

ott Robt. bricklayer, 228 n Central av 

ott Robt. 0. carp. 14 Mott 

ott Mrs. Sarah Ann, tailoress, 177 e Mad- 

Elliott Mrs. Sarah E. tailoress, 7 Maccubbin 
Elliott Mrs. Sophia, upholsteress, Hudson al 

nr Federal 
Elliott Tlios. huckster, 332 Franklin 
Elliott Thos. H. salesman. Merchants hotel 
Elliott Thos. mariner, 147 Johnson 
Elliott Thos. clerk, 284 Lexington 
Elliott Thos. F. painter, 332 Franklin 
Elliott Thos. J. butcher, 5 Centre and 55 

Fell's Point markets, dvv 16 n Choptank 
Elliott Thos. H. clerk. Miller's hotel 
Elliott Thos. C. watchman, 358 Eastern av 
Elliott Walter H. salesman, 62 s Gay 
Elliott. Wm. H. salesman, 32 s High 
Elliott Prof. Wm. jr. Baltimore City College, 

307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wni. E. huckster, 367 n Central av 
Elliott Wm. stonecutter, 282 Bond n of Gay 
Elliott Wm. H. carp. 128 Stirling 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, 10 Laurel 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, 199 n Bond 
Klliott Capt. Wm. mariner, 67 Henrietta 
Elliott Rev. Wm. 307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. piano rooms, 24 n Liberty 
Mliott Wm. (H. A. E. & Bro.) 284 Lexington 
Elliott Wm. H. clerk, Maltby house 
Elliott Wm. H. of tobacco warehouse, 214 w 

Elliott Wm. L. (E. Bros.) 132 n Charles 
Elliott Wm. T. carp. 171 Aisquith 
Elliott Wm. W. clerk, 214 w Lombard 
Ellis Alex. B. (Louis McMurray & Co.) 280 

Druid Hill av 

ELLIS & CAIRNS, (Thomas Ellis, 
James Cairns) Wholesale and Re- 
tail Dealers in Foreign and Do- 
mestic Liquors, and Agents for 
Robison's Improved Phosphate of 
Lime, 14 s Gay 


s Catherine, 81 Eastern av 

s Christopher, lab'r, 17 Chesnut al 

s Edwd. bricklayer, rear 17 n Washington 

s Edward, lab'r, 54 Rock 

s Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 31 McElderry 

s Ellen, grocery, 17 Chesnut al 

Ellis Emma, teacher, 154 Druid Hill av 
Ellis Geo. carp. 387 n Gay 
Ellis Isabella, grocery, 615 Light 
Ellis Jas. painter, 615 Light 
Ellis John, carp. 19 s Washington 
Ellis John, lab'r, rear of 17 n Washington 
Ellis John D. manager Adams Ex. 183 Lee 
Ellis John D. clerk, 182 s Eutaw 
Ellis John E. clerk, 31 (^onwav 
Ellis John T. laborer, 169 Vine 
Ellis Luke, tinner, 615 Light 
Ellis Mrs. Mana, 154 Druid Hill av 
Ellis Mary. 61 s High 

Ellis Mrs. Mary C. seamstress, 106 Chesnut al 
Ellis Richard, lab'r. 294 Johnson 
Ellis Saml. H. clerk, N. C. R. Baltimore co 
Ellis Thos. (E. & Cairns) Harford rd 
Ellis Wm. L. (W. L. E. & Co.) 301 e Balto 
Ellis Wm. L. & Co (Wm. L. Ellis, F. M. 
Ketchum) oyster p'ckrs.Aliceanna nr Boston 
Ellis Wm. bounty agent, 159 s Dallas 
Ellison John, bricklayer, 159 Holiins 
Ellison John, coachtrimmer, 35 Milliman 
Ellison Wm. lab'r. Eastern av ext 
EUmer Herman, upholsterer, 36 Marion 
Rllsler Henry, bakery, 232 n Gay 
Ellson Thos. laborer, 29^ Front n of Foundry 
Elman Frederick, 53 McKim 
Elmer Elizabeth H. tsacher, 174 Hanover 
Elmer George H. clerk, 174 Hanover 
Elmer Lewis & Son, (Lewis and Wm. S, El- 
mer) vinegar depot, 2 O'Dounell's whf 
Elmer Lewis, (Lewis E. & Son) 174 Hanover 
Elmer Lydia H. teacher, ! 74 Hanover 
Elmer Wm. S. (Lewis E. & Son) 5 Warren 
Elmore Annie, actress, 111 n High 
Elmore Chas. A.,R.R.agt. Gilmor nr Strieker 
Elmore James, butcher, 135 n Broadway 
Elphring Wm. H. clerk, 66 Hillen 
Elsasser Henry, lager beer, 128 s Wolfe 
Elsasser Levi, teacher, 26^ n Exeter 
Elslagle Frank, 11 Ellicott 
Eisner Carl, comp. of liquors, 358 e Eager 
Eisner Frederick M. moulder, 369 e Eager 
Eisner Jos machinist, cor Fort av and Johnson 
ELSRO.-VD JESSE, blacksmith, McHenry nr 

Elsroad John, heater, 258 Canton av 
Elsroad John T. gas fitter, 632 w Baltimore, 

dw 11 s Republican 
Elsroad Michael G. clerk, lis Republican 
Elsroad Nelson, huckster, 158 s Fremont 
Elston Ann D matron, 162 n Howard 
Elterman Fredk. agent, 163e Baltimore 
Elton Chas. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton Chas. W. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton Wm. H. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Eltonhead Arnold D.watchmakr,21 n Caroline 
Eltonhead James H. clerk, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Mrs. Sarah, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Thos. D. laborer,21 n Caroline 
Eltonhead Wm. clerk, 78 Chew 
Elwood Frank, laborer, 66 8 Oregon 
Elwood Thos. laborer, 44 Bennett 
Elwood Thomas, laborer, Truxton nr Green- 
mount av 
Ely Chas. B. furn. wagon, 354 Eastern av 
gly Chas. W.(Maynard, E. & Rose) 651 Lex- 
Ely Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 52 Milliman 
Ely Enoch N. engineer, 185 s Ann 
Ely James, laborer, 127 s Chester 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 



Ely Jesse F.(l)eford & Co.)Piirk nr Richmond 

Ely John, laborer, 498 n Guy 

Ely John J. letter carrier, 66 s Bond 

Ely John W. wheelwright, 60 n Hijih 

1- ly J. Benj. boots and shoes, J 70 n Gay 

Ely Jno. B. bridge and whf builder, 203 e Pratt 

Ely Jno. N. bridge and wharf builder, 143 s 

Ely Jobn N. sr. bridge and whaif builder, 143 

s Broadway 
Ely Joseph, wagon, 356 Eastern av 
Ely Joseph E. clerk, 136 n High 
Ely Josephine, seamstress, 52 Milliman 
Ely Mahlon S. 1*70 n Gay 
Ely Samuel, mariner, 76 s Washington 
Ely Samuel S. shoe dealer, 182 n Gay, dw 

205 e Monument 
Ely Wm. printer, 65 n Frederick 
Ely Wm. N. 185 s Ann 
Ely Wm. F. clerk, 35 e Lombard 
Ely Wm. T. apothecary, s e cor Calvert and 

Saratoga, dw 86 n Calvert 
Elzey Arnold J. clerk, 87 n Charles 
Elzey Letitia, boarding, 40 n Calvert 
Emack C. S. civil engineer, 70 n Calvert 
Emanuel Church of the Evangelical Associa'n 

cor Greene and Cider al 
Emanuel Ger. Luth. Church, Caroline near 

Emanuel P. E. Church, corCathedral and 
Emerich Baruet,(E. & Bro.)323 Saratotia 
Eraerich & Bro. (Barnet & M. Emerich) fancy 

goods, 98 Lexington 
Emericli Conrad, porter, 19 n Howard 
Emerich David, clerk, 323 Saratoga 
Kmerich George, barber, 37 German, dw 212 

Emerich John, laborer, 14 Poultuey 
Emericli John, laborer, 327 Hanover 
Emerich Joseph, clothing, 184 Light, dw 161 

Emericli Louis, watchmaker and jeweler, 319 

11 Gay 
Emerich Martin, (E. ^ Bro.) .S23 Saratoga 
Emerich Philip, 323 .Saratoga 
Emerick Carrie, dressmaker, 202 u Euiaw 
Emerick Wm. H. trimmings, 206 n Kutaw 
EMERSON & CO. (Cbas. H. Emerson) com. 

mercli'ts, 128 Nortb 
Emerson Charles H. (Emerson & Co.) 499 n 

Emerson Edwin, tinner, 495 w Pratt 
Emerson Geo. F. clerk, 499 n Fremont 
I'.merson John P. clerk, 8 Jefferson 
Emerson Mrs. Rebecca, 269 Light 
Emerson Wm. L. jr. police, 190 Holland 
Emery Caleb J. printer, 161 Harford av 
Emery Capt. Geo. stevedore, 765 e Lombard 
Ornery Jas. C. printer, 161 Harford av 
Emery John B. graniteyard, 329 s Eutaw, dw 

70 s Paca 
Emery John H. salesman, 19 Hollins 
Emery Samuel, 19 Hollins 
Emery Wm. W. W. painter, 142 n Bethel 
Emge Andrew, laborer, 48 s Regester 
Emge Elizabeth, tailoress, 214 e Eager 
Emge John, blacksmith, 214 e Eager 
Emge Martin, typefounder, 214 e Enger 
Emge Peter, lithograi)her, 69 s Regester 
Emhoff Elizabeth, millinery, 234 s Charles 
Emhoff Herman, drayman, 234 s Charles 
Emich Andrew, cabinetmaker, 48 n Schroeder 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. , 

Emicli (.'olumbus V. (J. H. Perkins) 136 n 

Emich Daniel J. clerk, 589 w Lombard 
Emich John V. salesman, Giimor ur Franklin 
Emich Rebecca. 496 w Fayette 
Emich Wesley D. bricklayer, 7 Lemmon al 
Emig Geo. M. wagoner, Belair av nr Schuet- 

zen Park 
Emitt Jacob, blacksmith, 163 Dover 
Emler Chas. blacksnnth, 152 Columbia 
Emniart Adolphus D. (E. & Quartley) cor 

JIcMechin and Druid Hill av 
Emmart Chas. painter, 2<'6 Stirling 
Emmart David, blacksmith, 97 n Paca,dw 104 
Emmart Henry D. conductor, 502 w Lombard ^^ 
Euimart Jarrett T. blacksmith, 123 Vine 
Emniart John, carpenter, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart John M. carpenter, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart & Quartley, (A. D. Emmart, A 

Quarlley) sign painters, over 276 w Balto 
Emmart Sarah. M. boarding, 502 w Lombard 
Emmart Mrs. Sydney, 185 Mulberry 
Emmart Thos. capmaker, 123 Vine 
Esnmart Thos. bowling saloon, 47 w Fayette, 

dw 30 n Liberty 
Emmart Vt-rnon S. bookkecicr, 104 n Paca 
Emmel Henry, clerk, 152 s Hroadw,-y 
EmmelJohn, confectioner, 152 s Broadway 
Emmerich Christian, shoemaker, 63 \v Fayette, 

dw 657 w Lomliard 
Emmerich Conrad, salesman, 90 Henrietta 
Emmerich Edward, clerk, 655 w Lombard 
Emmerich Geo. W. clerk, 657 w Lombard 
Emmerich Henry, ironworker, 134 Lancaster 
Ehiimerich J. E. 657 w Lombard 
Emmerich John, shoemaker, 145 Raborg 
Emmerich Ludwig, peddler, 135 Raborg 
Emmerich Martin, confect'>, 838 w Baltimore 
Emmersou ^Vm. L. jr. police, 2 Jefferson 
Emmert Elias E. (E. & Stonebraker) 236 w 

Emmert John T. laborer, 1 n Poppleton 
Emmert & Stonebrakc-, (E. Emmert, J. R. 
Stonebraker) wholesale liquors. 268 w Pratt 
Emmert Wm. 11. H. laborer, 1 ii Poppletoa 
Emmeti Andrew, laborer, 144 Johnson 
Emmett Daniel, labo:er, 126 Hughes 
Einmett David, boxmaker, 15 Henry 
Emmett Francis, tailor, 189 n Bethel 
Emmett Mrs. Hester, 76 Richmond 
! Emmett Joseph R. glassblower, 11 Henry 
i Emmett Morris, laborer, 126 Hughes 
! Einmitt Robert, laborer. 126 Hughes 




• 1— i 



I— I 

WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


JOSHUA HORNER jr. & CO., Manufrs & Com. Merch'ts. 
















Emraich Mra. Harriet, 3 s Schroeder 
Emmich John, shoemaker, 145 Raborg 
Emmich John, flour, St. Peter nr Paca 
EMMONS HERMON L. Jr. attorney and com- 
missioner of deeds for all the States, 3 and 4 

Law buildings, dw Franklin nr Carey 
Emmor Wm. cabinetmaker, 33 e Lombard 
Emory Ambrose M. (Seim, E. & Swindell) 88J 

Emory Amos, clerk, 203 vv Biddle 
Emory Arthur, wholesale hardware, 347 w 
. Baltimore, dw 114 Park av 
Emory Mrs. Catherine, 134 Lancaster 
Emoiy Daniel G. (Emory & Zimmerman) 552 

w Fayette 
Emory D. C. H. attorney, 4'7 St. Paul, dw 

Emory Frederick, car builder, Bolton depot 
Emory Henry, laborer, 134 Lancaster 
Emory John, tailor, 203 w Biddle 
Emory Johu jr. tinner, 203 w Biddle 
Emory Johu W. conductor, 30 s Oret;on 
Emory Dr. J. K. B. prest. Laurel Cemetery Co. 

18 Courtland, dw 264 Cbatsworth 
Emory John K. B. jr. com. mercht. G Wood, 

dw 21 n Republican 
Emory Mrs. Juliet. 65 e Baltimore 
Emory (M. K.) Church, Penna av nr HoiFmau 
Emory Philemon B. clerk. 81 n Howard 
Emory Philip, clerk, 40 e Baltimore 
Emory Philip, tinner, 72 Penna av 
Emory Thos. H. bookkeeper, 430 e Baltimore 
Emory Wm. H. clerk, 21 n Republican 
Emory Wm. H. com. mercht. 6 Wood, dw 260 

Park av 
Emory Wm. H. jr. clerk, 260 Park av 
Emory Wm. T. shipcarpenter, 15 Pleasant al 
Emory Wm. 11. tinner, 43 s High 
F^morv Wilmer, law student, 47 St. Paul 
EMORY <f- ZIMMERMAN, (D. G. Emory, Wm. 

S. Zimmerman) ins. agents, 36 Postoffice av 
Empe Peter. i)rinter, 69 n Regester 

OF NEW YORK, Proseus & Rigby, general 

agents, 22 Second 
Emrich Abraham, clothing, 16 Harrison 
Emrich Mrs. Catherine, 252 Eastern av 
Emiich Conrad, wheelwright, 205 Ensor 
Emrich Geo. barber, 37 German, dw 212 Barre 
Emrich Henry, lager beer, 221 w Biddle 
Emrich John P. jr. machinist, s e cor Bond 

and Chase 
Emrich Johu P. (Flyan & E.) s e cor Bond 

and Chase 
Emrich Louis, barkeeper, 181 Lexington 
Emrich Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 6 Etna la 
Emrich Simon, jewelry, 130 n Gay 
Emrich Wm. H. clerk, s e cor Bond and Chase 
Emrine Geo. W. coachsmith, 139 Forrest 
Emwalt Garrett H. shoemaker, 200 e Lombard 
Enckhausen lly. bookkeeper, 502 w Baltimore 
Ender Sebastian, laborer, 175 s Choptank 
Enders Conrad, porter, 93 Lexington 
Endley Francis, brushmaker, 109 Peach al 
Endres Martin, shoemaker, 106 Lancaster 
Eney B. F. clerk, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Benjamin F. shoemaker, 485 w Lombard 
Eney Jos. R. (Jos. R. E. & Co.)55s Poppleton 
ENEY JOSEPH R. & CO. (Jos. R. Eney)boots, 

shoes, hats, &c., 62 Hanover 
Eney Jeremiah, steamfitter, Pratt nr Gilmor 
Eney John E. plasterer, 598 w Baltimore 

Eney Mrs. Julia Ann, 485 w Lombard 
Eney Oliver N. paperhanger, 58 s Republican 
Eney Summerfied, clerk, Calverton Mills 
?hiey Thos. R. machinist, 14 s Oregon 
Enfret Fred, tailor, 20 e Lombard 
Engart Casper, tailor, 216 s Bond 
Engehausen Amelia, 54 Mulberry 
Engehaasen Anna E. 54 Mulberry 
Engel Mrs. Annie, 19 n Wolfe 
Engel Casper, laborer, 163 s Washington 
Engel Catherine, tailoress, 19 n Wolfe 
Engel Frederick, 209 Orleans 
Engel Geo. shoemaker, 580 w Baltimore 
Engel Geo ironworker, 184 Bank 
Engel Geo. tailor, 304 s Sharp 
Engel Gotfried, coppersmith, 474 n Gay 
Engel Henry, barkeeper, 17 Harrison 
Engel Henrv, restaurant. 33 n Gay 
ENGEL HENRY, lager beer, 17 Harrison 
Engel Jacob, steward, 192 Chesnut 
Engel Lazarus, 124 Granby 
Engel Margaret, tailoress, 19 n Wolfe 
Engel V>^m. stonecutter, 264 s Exeter 
Engelbach Fredk. bookkeeper, 65 Hanover 
Engelbright Martin, driver, 92 Lancaster 
Edgelhardt Chas. frescoe painter, 311 w Pratt 
Engelhardt Edvv. broomraaker, 221 Chesnut 
Engelhardt Francis, barber, 76 s Poppleton 
Engelhardt Fred'k, laborer, 136 n Spring 
Engelhardt Geo. laborer, 288 s Durham 
Engelhardt Gustav. bootmaker, 60 Portland 
Engelhardt Henry, shoemaker, 311 w Pratt 
Engelhardt Henry C. shoemaker, 311 w Pratt 
Engelhardt Jacob, laborer. 277 S Ann 
Engelhardt John, tailor, 327 n Central av 
Engelhardt Margaret, grocery, 136 n Spring 
Engel haupt Adam, clothier, 46 and 48 w Pratt, 

dw 52 s Hiiih 
Engelhaupt Chas. carpenter, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Fred'k, clerk, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Johu, salesman, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Philip, grocery, 183 Raborg 
Engelhaupt Wm. brakeman, 3 Lemmon 
Engelhopt Fredk. W. tailor, 26 Cove al 
Engelking Fredk. tailor, 8 Edward 
Engelking Wm. coachmaker, 8 Edward 
Engelleider Madeline, 225 Canton av 
Engelman Chas. T. tailor, 371 e Eager 
Engelman Gustav. bootfitter. 328 Raborg 
Engelman John, tailor, 2 Abbot 
Kngelmyer Joseph, tailor, 252 e Chase 
P^ngelmyer Solomon, shoes, 283 n Gay 
Engelmyer W. woodsawyer, 78 Somerset 
Eugels I'Cnry, cigarmaker, 302 Aliceanna 
Enger Adolph, joiner, 305 Aliceanna 
Engers Philip, tailor, 12 s Durham 
England Chas. clerk, 354-i w Lombard 
Fngiand Christian, shoemaker, 303 n Howard 
Kngland Francis W, insp. custom house, 171 

England Joseph II. clerk, 354^ w Lombard 
Kngland John, janitor, 12 South 
England Josefih T. gen. freight agt. B. & 0. 

R. R., 354i w Lombard 
England Julia, boarding house, 76 n High 
England Peter, gardener. Light nr Ferry bar 
England Thos. plumber, 5 n Poppleton 
England Wm. G. fireman, 10 Gould's ct 
England Capt. Wm. mariner, 76 n High 
Engle Adolph, carpenter, 305 Aliceanna 
Kngle August, carpenter, 43 Jackson 
Engle John, cooper, 1 Winter al 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew <Sc Stirling. 




Kngle Thos. tinner, 14 Fountain 

Engle Wm. J. tavern, 189 Boston 

Engle Wm. carpenter, Frederick av nr Fulton 

EngleasWm. laborer, 213 Preston 

Englebrendt Henrietta, 288 Canton av 

Englehardt Geo. cooper, cor Henrietta and 

Englerith Casper J. blacksmith, 157 Stirling 
Engles Henry, police, 159 Townsend 
English John, milk, 84 s Payson 
English John, tavern, n e cor Harrison and 

English, Pauls & Co.fZeph. English, J. Pauls, 
S. T. Gregory) wholesale grocers, 56 South 
English ^Ym. *D. (F. Bandelet & Co.) 107 

English Zeph. (English, Pauls & Co.) 56 South 
Engst Wolfgiing, gardener, Waverley,York rd 
Enke Chas. shoemaker, 98 Granbj 
Enke Ludwig, artist, 98 Granby 
Enkhausen Henry, stationery, 221 Lexington, 

d\v 502 w Baltimore 
Ennis Geo. cigarmaker, 208 Mulberry 
Ennis Geo. W. clerk, 208 Mulberry 
Ennis John A. blacksmith, 86 s Carey 
Ennis Joseph T. blacksmith, 14 s Republican 
Ennis Thos. H. carpenter, 208 Mulberry 
Ennis Wm. B. machinist, 14 s Republican 
Eiio Chas. E. clerk, 209 Conway 
Eno Richard, baker, 36 Milliman 
Enright Chas. cigarmaker. ITO e Eager 
Knright Francis, slater, 50 e Lombard 
Enright Wm. moulder, 331 Eastern av 
Ensey Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 McCulloh 
Eusey Richard F. (Towner & E.) 154 Bolton 
Ensign Howard B. treas. Md. Steamboat Co., 

98 Light St. whf, dw Barnum's hotel 
Ensor Benj. F. currier, 213 n Bond 
Ensor ("has. laborer, 3 Cotton Row 
Ensor Daniel, carpenter, 404 Mulberrj' 
Ensor Edward, shipjoiner, 345 e Monument 
Ensor Edward, jr. laborer, 345 e Monument 
Ensor Hiram, supt. B. & 0. R. R. 61 Lee 
Ensor James, 1 n Front 
Ensor James, shijjcarpenter, 139 Elliott 
Ensor Jesse A. painter, 19 Ringgold al 
Ensor John, wheelwright, 547 vv Fayette 
Ensor Wm. H tinner, 238 n Bond 
Ensley James, mariner, 204 Eastern av 
Ensy Thaddeus, carpenter, 25 s Fremont 
Enssle Mrs. John C. 20 Lee 
Enterline Dr. Samuel, 582 w Lombard 
Entler <'atherine, 24 n Pine 
Entz Andrew, salesman, 120 n Paca 
Entz Mrs. Henrietta, 184 Mulberry 
Enzerger Geo. carpenter, 329 n Central av 
Kost Jacob, laborer, 250 s Bond 
Episcopal Reading Rooms, over 53 Lexington, 

H. W. Moore, agent 
Episcopal Methodist, Rev. John Poisal, pub- 
lisher, 49 Lexington 
Epp Mrs. Maiia, huckstress, 64 James la 
Eppers Henry, laborer, 221 Frederick av 
Epple JIartin, carpenter, 258 e Chase 
Epple Will, apothec'y, Light and Montgomery 
Eppler Chas. wheelwright, 235 Forrest 
Eppler Jacob, (J. & John E.) 67 Conway 
Eppler Jacob & John, coopers, Cypress al nr 

Eppler John, (Jacob & John E.) rear of 71 s 

Eppley John A. driver, 9 Constitution 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Eppley Dr. Geo. M., Charles-star nr Hunting- 
don av 
Eppley Jas. M. (E. Haines & Co.) dw Charles 

st av, beyond city limits 
Eppley Julius A., Sumwalt w of Maryland av 
Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. 

W. F. Primrose, manager, 4 s Holliday 
Equitable Marine Ins. Asso. of Baltimore, A. 

Proseus, pres't, 22 Second 
Erb Philip, stonecutter, 258 Lee 
Erbach Dr. Sebastian, dentist, 30 s Exeter 
Erbe Henry, drayman, 252 Jlontgomery 
Erben John, shoemaker, 1 Sjiring st ot 
Erben Mrs. Matilda S. dressmaker. 19 Carlton 
Erbenshein John, provisions, 438 Canton av 
Erchelberger John W. tavern. Eager and North 
Erck Chas. tailor, 81 n Bond 
Erdbrink Harman, salesman, 25 Conway 
Erdbrink John H. (G. H. Bolenius ^ Co.) 25 

Erdl John, laborer, 13 Cuba 
Erdman Fred'k, coachtrimmer. Front and 

Erdman Henry L. tele'g operator, Harford av 
Erdman John"^C. clerk, 233 Harford av 
Erdman Mrs. Susan, 233 Harford av 
Erdman Wm. H. tinner, 374 Aisquith 
Erdt Geo. laborer, 203 Band 
Erecks John, mariner, rear 155 s Choptank 
Erek Casper, 19U n Fremont 
Erek Casper, 322 Saratoga 
Erek Daniel F. laborer, 357 Franklin 
Erek Henry, cigarmaker, 190 n Fremont 
Erek John J. driver, 357 Franklin 
Erek Mrs. Rosina, 322 Saratoga 
Erek Wm. C. clerk, 322 Saratoga 
Ergood Gabriel S. clerk, 61 n High 
Erhard Frank, lab'r, Lancaster nr Potomac 
Erhard John, laborer, 49 Abbot 
Erhard Lorentz, laborer, 3 Port 
Erhard Wm. shoemaker, 26 Josephine 
ERICH DR. AUGUSTUS F. 94 s Broadway 
ERICH HENRY C. & CO. (Henry C. Erich) 

pat. self acting pumps and plumbers, and 

gas and steam fitters and smiths in general, 

77 and 79 Gough 
Erich Fred'k, wireworker, 65 Holland 
Erich Henry C. (H. C. E. & Co.) 70 Gough 
Erickssen Chas. watchmaker, 22 n Paca 
Erie and Pacific Dispatch, Henry T. Taylor, 

agent, 12 Camden 
Ering Otto, laborer, 83 s Bethel 
Erlichman Wm. bricklayer, 280 s Durham 






WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible 
Laboratory 181 W. Ealtimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st, 





I— i 







ErlingWin. of German Correspondent, 152 s 

Erlinger Mrs. Amelia, dry goods, 109 s Paca 
Erlinger Marx, speculator, 109 s Paca 
P>ni Conrad, lab'r, 472 Canton av 
ERMER HENRY, tobacconist, s w cor Gay 

and Aisquith, dw 245 e Madison 
Ermliaw John, clerk, 52 Jackson sq 
Ermold Mrs. Catherine, 179 Conway 
Ermold Fred'k L. cabinetmkr. 155 Mulberry 
El-mold John, drayman. 54 n Pine 
Krmold John C. cabinetmaker, 155 Mulberry 
Ernie Emil, bookkeeper, 2 Calverton rd 
Krnst Mrs. Anna, 94 Lancaster 
Ernst .Anton, laborer, 277 s Dallas 
Ernst Daniel, hostler, 89 s Mount 
Krnst Henry, shoemaker, 3 May 
Ernst Henry, lao;er beer, cor Gist and Canton av 
Ernst Henry, shoemaker, 24 Fell 
Ernst John, tailor, 275 s Sharp 
Ernst John G. patternmaker, 480 Canton av 
Ernstberg Mver, laborer, 156 Lee 
Ernstberger Francis, barber, 373 Penna av 
Ernstberger Geo. beer, 755 Light 
Erpenbeck Henry, (E. & Son) 210 Aliceanna 
Erpeiibeck JohnF. (E. & Son) 210 Aliceanna 
ERPENBECK &SON, (Henry and John F.E.) 

restaurant, 210 Aliceanna 
Erpenstein Adolph, tailor, 37 n Dallas 
Erwin Edvv'd, paperhanger, 3*59 w Lombard 
kscavaille Joseph B., Grand Sec'y I. 0. 0. F. 

office Odd Fellows' Hall, dw 4 n Eden 
Eschbach Rev. E. R. 208 n Calvert 
Eschoach Francis F. street paver, 90 n Schroeder 
Eschbach John, contractor and paver, 46 


ESCHBACH JOHN E. Contractor 
for all kinds of Grading, Paving, 
laying of Sew ers with Stone, 
Brick, Iron or Tile Pipe, and Con- 
struction of Turnpike and Rail- 
roads. Ofia.ce, I65 North street, 
opposite Chesapeake Bank, dw 
226 n Howard 

Eschbach John R. contractor, 236 n Howard 
ESCHBACH DR. JOS. A. apothecary, n e cor 

Howard and Saratoga 
Pschbach Leo, paver, 206 w Biddle 
Eschbach Louis, paver, 92 n Schroeder 
Eschbach Matthias B. 46 Richmond 
Escherick Adolph, tailor, 75 Raborg 
Escherick Chas. cooper, 178 Cross 
Escherick Ferdinand, gunsmith, 75 Raborg 
Escherick Francis, 31 n Frederick 
Kschrich Chas. gunsmith, 251 Hamburg 
Esender James jr. elk. F. P. mkt, 18 s Bond 
Esender Dr. James, 1 Pearl 
Esender Theo. carpenter, 146 n High 
Esender Wtn.F. carpenter, 1 Pearl 
Eser Henry, laborer, 60 Pbilpot 
Esherick Geo. W. fireman, 6 s Ann 
Esherick Thomas, letter carrier, 6 s Ann 
Rskridge B. B. public weigher, 48 s Gay 
Eskridge Beverly B. clerk, 76 n Carey 
Eskridge«Wolfred, lab'r. Gist nr Eastern av 
Eslinger Gotleib F. carver, 129 s Chapel 
Esmann Henry, cabinetmaker, 10 w Lombard 

Eslinger Jesse, lab'r, 19 Wyeth 
Eslinger Martin, cooper. 233 Eastern av 
Esmann Mrs. Sophia, liquors, 10 w Lombard 
Esome John H. mariner, 61 Johnson 
ESPEN k BRO (J., S. and M Espen) laces, 

emtjroiderv, &c., 33 n Charles 
Espen Jacob, (E. & Bro.) Philadelphia 
Espen Moses, (E. & Bro.) 166 w Lombard 
Espen Samuel, (E. & Bro.) Philadelphia 
Espe\- Mrs. Catherine, 171 Orleans 
Espey Wm. B. cooper. 22 s Ann 
Esselinan Peter, cigarmak. 46 s E.xeter 
Essender Tlios. lab'r, Strieker nr McHenry 
Essenger Charles, huckster. 100 Hollins 
Essenger Thos. carp. Lemmon al nr Carey 
Essenwanger Jacob, lab'r, 19 Wyeth 
Essex Chas. stonecutter, 102 Harford av 
Essex John, stonecutter, 102 Harford av 
Essig Fred. sr. butcher, Penua av ext 
Essig Fred jr. butcher, Penna av ext 
Essig Louis, butcher. Penna av ext 
Essig Richard, brickmak. 142 Hudson 
Essig Wm. butcher, Penna av ext 
Esslin^er Edward, apothecary, 20j Harrison 
Esslinger Gotleib, boxmkr. 125 s Chapel 
Est Louis, provisions, 223^ Light 
Estabrook & Conbersp, (T. S. Estabrook, H. 

Conbers'') bakers, 4 n High 
Estabrook Taylor S. ( E. &Conberse) 4 n High 
Estee Frank, engi'r, Sterrett and McHenry 
Esten Robt. fisherman. 216 s Durham 
Estep John C. insurance, 48 Saratoga 
Estep Thos. 79 St Paul 
Estes Wm. T. gardener, 174 s Central av 
Estlack Hiram, engineer, 95 Jefferson 
Estlack Samuel McL. printer, 95 Jefferson 
Estran John, lab'r, 444 Canton av 
ETCHBERGKR BROS. (0. E. and W. C. 
Etchberger) liook and job printers, 22 and 
24 Md. Building, Second opp P. 0. 
Etchberger Chas.'E.(E. Bros.) 342 e Baltimore 
Etchberger Capt. Jas. mariner, 342 e Baltimore 
Etchberger Jas. S. (Mitchell ^ E,) 284 e Bal- 
Etchl)eri>er Rebecca. 17 Gough 
Etchberger Mrs. Sarah, 17 Gough 
Etchberger Wm. C. fE. Bros.) 342 e Baltimore 
Etchison & Dorsey. (Perry G. Etchison, John 
A. Dorsey) leaf tobacco and gen. produce 
com. merchs. 104 s Charles 
Etchison Fred'k, saddler, 8 Columbia, dvi' 401 

w Lombard 
Etchison .John H. tinner, 8 Decker 
Etchison Perry G. (E. & Dorsey) Montgom- 
ery CO 
Ftenbeck John, wheelwright, 432 Canton av 
Etheridge Dr. W. H. surgical and mechanical 

dentist, 21 s Broad way 
Etridge Patrick, shoemak. 299 Forrest 
Ettel Mrs. Susan L. boarding, 234 Hollins 
Etters Mary, 93 Mullikin 
Etterson Allen, stonecutter 939 Lexington 
Ettinger Geo. M. teacher, 220 e Monument 
Ettinger Jas. grocery. 141 n Eutaw 
Ettinger Rev. Jesse, 115 German 
Etting Misses, 270 Lexington 
Ettle Casper, lab'r, 4 Jackson ct 
Ettleman John F. iDricklayer, 385 Harford aT 
Ettleman Philip J. bricklayer, Harford av nr 

Ettleman Thos brickla'r. Chase nr Harford av 

WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 



Ettricks Diedrick, lab'r, 5 Pleasant al 

Etzel Eged, tobacconist, 11 n Eden 

Etzel John, plumber, 19 n Wolfe 

Etzel John L. lager beer, 67 s Eutaw 

Etzels John, lab'r, 3 n Chapel 

Eubank Giles F. (Fallin & E.) 167 w Lombard 

Eubank John L. salesman, 329 w Baltimore 

Eubank J. L. clerk, Gilmor house 

Eugenio Fo^Miis, fruit stand, cor Baltimore and 

Gay, dw 63 President 
Euler August, wheelwright, 566 Penna av 
Euler ('has. Aug. shoemaker, 99 Couwaj' 
Euler Ciias. shoemaker, 99 Conway 
Euler Christian, tailor, 1 Spruce al 
Euler Ernest, shoemaker, 184 e Baltimore 
Euler Ernest jr. barber, 134 s Regester 
Euler Jacob, tailor, 27 Druid Hill av 
Eulert Geo. tailor. 62 Jefferson 
Kunick Edmund, carp. 68 Perry 
Eunick Thos. conductor, 81 Oxford 
Eunick Thos. jr. 81 Oxford 
Eurich Henry, tinner, 407 Canton av 
Enrich Peter, stove and tinware, 407 Canton av 
European House, Thos. P. Cavanaugh, prop'r, 

cor Mulberry and Howard 
EUTAW FIRE INS. CO., of Baltimore, Wm. 

E. Owens, pres't, 122 Postoffice av 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor Eutaw and Balti- 
more, Gilmour k Sons, proprietors 
EUTAW SAVINGS BANK, secor Eutaw and 

fiutaw Sq. Baptist Church, cor Dolphin and 

Eutaw St. M. E. Church, Eutaw bet Franklin 

and Mulberry 
Evano;elic-al Lutheran Church, cor Fremont 

and Saratoga 
Evans Abel, miller, 893 w Pratt 
Evans Albert C. carp. 96 Lee 
Evans Alfred D. gen'l agent, 31 St. Paul, dw 

n e cor Aisquiih and Chew 
Evans Mrs. Amanda, 56 Choptank, nr Pratt 
Evans Andrew J. pilot, 275 e Pratt 
Evans Andrew J. carp. 156 Hollins 
Evans Andrew J. jr. 285 e Pratt 
Evans Mrs. Ann E. seamstress, 143 Preston 
Evans Ann, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans Mrs. Ann, 134 s Regester 
Evans B. F. 29 s Exeter 
Evans & Bro. (D. G. Evans) pharmaceutists, 

s e cor Ann and Aliceanna 
Evans Chas. D. shoe and gaiter upper mauuf. 

51 Harrison, dvv 159 e Eager 
Evans Ohas L. F. 18 Jackson sq 
Evans Mrs. Charlotte, 260 Bank 
Evans Daniel E. boilermak. 106 s Strieker 
Evans Dashields, 12 s Chester 
Evans Rev. David, 1 8 Jackson sq 
Evans David, coppersmelter, 14 (Hinton 
Evans David G. (E. & Bro.) 18 Jackson sq 
Evans Evan, smelter, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans Elizabeth,' dressmaker, 191 Hanover 
Evans Emily A. dressmak. 132 s Central av 
Evans Franklin, publisher, 18 n Eden 
Evans Fred'k, bricklayer, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans Rev. French S. 407 n Central av 
Evans Geo. (G. E. & Co.) 203 w HofiFman 
Evans Geo. & Co. (Geo. Evans, J. C. Sulli- 
van) coopers, 22 Patterson 
Evans Geo. T. coachtrimmer, 128 e Madison 
Evans Geo. bookkeeper, 191 Hanover 
Evans George, tobacconist, 157 Montgomery 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Evans Geo. bookkeeper, 191 Hanover 
Evans Geo. laborer, s end Clinton 
Evans Geo. W. sr. flour and feed, cor Balti- 
more and Republican 
Evans Geo. W. clerk, 3 Ligbt-st whf 
Evans Geo. W. jr. Baltimore and Republican 
Evans Geo. 0. commis'r emigration, 31 n 

Calvert, dw Barnum's hotel 
Evans Geo. brakeman, 125 Conway 
Evans Harry, canmaker, 109 Chew 
Evans Harry J. clerk, 211 n Howard 
Evans Hampton, engineer, 45 s Calhoun 
Kvans Henry S. tinner, 100 s High 
Evans Henry C. printer, 174 n High 
Evans Henry, jr. (E., Reeves & Co. )100s High 
Evans Henrietta, tailoress, 49 Granby 
Evans Henry, clerk, 64 William 
Evans Isaac, clerk, 5 Aisquith 
Evans Jacob H. machinist. 7 Orleans 
Evans James, painter, 49 Watson 
Evans James C. mariner, 85 s Ann 
Evans John P. clerk, 15 e Monument 
Evans John, carter, 12 s Chester 
Evans John, plasterer, 71 Garden 
Evans John P. clerk, 174 n High 
EVANS JOHN, housekeeping goods,18 w Bal- 
timore, dw 303 6 Baltimore 
Evans John B. painter, 45 Clay, dw 487 Lex- 
Evans John B. clerk, 28 w Baltimore 
Evans John C. carpenter, s w cor Central av 

and Hoffman 
Evans Joseph H. cardriver, 951 w Baltimore 
Evans Joseph, bootmaker, 242 Battery av 
Evans Joseph, fisherman, 181 Hughes 
Evans Josh. J. carpenter, 632 w Baltimore 
Evans Joseph, 256 n Eden 
Evans Joseph B. clerk, 120 Chew 
Evans Josephine, teacher, 256 n Eden 
Evans Levi C. printer, 174 n High 
Evans Matilda A. 51 Fawn 
Evans Mary, dairy, 125 Hollins 
Evans Mary E. 51 Fawn 

Evans Mabury, express messenger, 275 Han- 

EVANS RANDAL, (formerly of 
Winchester, Virginia) Dining and 
Boarding Saloon, No. 47 German 
street, one door from Howard st., 
Baltimore, Md. 

Evans ]\Iitchell, mariner, 5 Neilson ct 







• 1—1 




WM. H. i^EAD'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 

the sale of Marble Soda Fountains, 

HORNER'S Bone Dust and Phosphates, 

EVA 182 EYE 








Evans Mrs. Mary J. 7 Greeu's ct 

Evans Randolph, laborer, 207 Ensor 

Evans, Reeves & Co. (H. Evans, jr. Jos. F. 

Reeves, jr. Geo. W. Day) oyster and fruit 

packers, cor Boston and Patuxent 
Evans Richard B. clerk, 144 e Monument 
Evans Samuel M. collector int. revenue, 83 e 

Baltimore, dw 422 e Baltimore 
Evans Samuel, mariner, 134 s Regester 
Evans Mrs. Sarah, Clinton s of Boston 
Evans Taylor, painter, 61 Block 
Evans Thomas, 140 s Chester 
Evans Thos. H. & Co. (Thos. H. Evans) com. 

merchants and produce, 82 Light-st whf 
Evans Thos. H. (T.H.E.& Co.) 64 William 
Evans Thos. cop'r smelter, Clinton s uf Boston 
Evans Thos. carpenter, 174 n High 
Rvans Thos. J. (Ranch & E.) 66 s Washington 
Evans Dr. Thos. B. se cor Ann and Aliceanna, 

dw 18 Jackson sq 
Evans Thos. G. builder, 17 and 19 Garden, dw 

211 n Howard 
Evans Walter T. painter, 76 n Ann 
Evans Wm. collector, Calverton rd nr toll gate 
Evans Wm. cardriver, 9 Monroe 
Evans Wm. H. marblecutter, 78 e Eager 
Evans Wra. E. mariner, 285 s Ann 
Evans W^m. F. currier. West nr Leadenhall 
Evans Wm. cardriver, 951 w Baltimore 
Evans Wm. And. J. cooper, 278 Greenm't av 
Evans Mrs. Wm. 157 Montgomery 
Evans Wm. R. hatter, 12 s Chester 
Evans Wm. 353 e Baltimore 
Evans Wm. millinery and fancy goods, 145 n 

Entaw, dw 353 e Baltimore 
Evans Wm. H. H. carpenter, 152 Pine 
Evans Wm. S. hackraan, 174 n High 
Rvatt Mrs. Agnes C. 291 n Caroline 
Evatt George, police, 55 Preston 
Rvatt Henry C. clerk, 148 Lee 
Rvatt Mrs. Marv, 71 Columbia 
rVKNING BULLETIN, 132 w Baltimore 
Ever Adolpli, carpenter, 59 s Monroe 
Everett Francis R. (Pyle & Everett) 72 n Pine 
Everett Fred'k, bootfitter, 50 Holland 
Everett James, lumber wagons, 157 s Chapel 
Everett John T. mariner, 195 s Chapel 
Everett Marv, 167 Bank 

Everett Thos. H. lieut. watch C.H. 119 s Bond 
'''verett Thos. laborer, 91 n Central av 
Everett Wm. 72 n Eden 
Everhart Edward M. 92 s Howard 
Everhart Chas. confectioner, 465 Saratoga 
Everhart Mrs. Catherine, 229 Aisquith 
Everhart Geo. macliinist, 210 e Monument 
Everhart Geo G. salesman, 120 Mulberry 
Everhart John, butcher, Penna av ext 
Everhart Mrs. Martin, 92 s Howard 
Everhart Morris, laborer, 465 Saratoga 
Everhart Samuel, canmaker, 107 Conway 
Everhart Wm. confectioner, 465 Saratoga 
Evering Bernard, 91 s Wolfe 
Everist Mrs. Frances A. seamstress, 49 Granby 
Everist John M. cooper, 108 n Holliday, dw 

74 s High 
Everist John W. carpenter, 9 n Sharp, dw 192 

Myrtle av 
Everist John, shoemkr, 131 s Bethel 
Everist .Jo.seph, cooper, 377 e Fayette 
Everit Emma, tailoress, 153 Gough 
Everit Maria, tailoress, 153 Gough 
Everitt John M. driver, 195 s Charles 

Everitt ilary, 55 s Fremont 

Everline John, pianomkr, 193 Lee 

Everitt Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, s e cor Gough 

and Durham 
Everitt Francis A. clerk, 177 Barre 
Everitt Francis, photographer, 162 Columbia 
Everitt Peter, huckster, 29 L. Church 
Everitt Robt. B. harnessmkr, 177 Barre 
Everitt Thos. S. harnessmkr, 177 Barre 
Everline August, canmaker, 161 jsRegester 
Everline Mrs. Cath. laundress, 161 J s Regester 
Evers Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 288 Aliceanna 
Evers Henry W. shoemkr, 228 Battery av 
Evers Wm. H. brushmkr, 2!0 Aliceanna 
Eversman Frederick, clerk, 81 s Bond 
Eversrnan Frederick, jr. 81 s Bond 
Eversman John F. clerk, 309 s Charles 
Eversman John G. provisions, 309 s Charles 
Eversman Louis, confectioner, .309 s Charles 
Eversman Wm. clerk, 309 s Charles 
Everson Michael, 310 e Pratt 
Everson Rachel, 120 Linden av 
Everson Sarah, 120 Linden av 
Everwine Mrs. Christiana nurse, 23 Oxford 
Everwine Mrs. Mary, 161J Regester 
Everwine Sam'l, laborer, 151 Druid Hill av 
Evitt Frank, brushmkr, 143 Forrest 
Evitt & Bro. (R. and J. Evitt) wholesale shoe 

manufs. over 346 w Baltimore 
Evitt George, gasfitter, 155 Preston 
Evitt John, ( E. & Bro.) 271 w Fayette 
Evitt Robert, (E. & Bro.) 364 Lexington 
Evoy Mrs. Ellen, 8 Park av 
Ewald Martin, grinder, 37 e Pratt 
Ewaldt August! (Jas.Myer& Co.) 105 Penna av 
Ewalt Mrs. Catherine, tavern, 81 Eastern av 
Ewalt George, clerk, 7 n Bond 
Ewalt George, clerk, 3 n Bond 
Ewa t Henry, clerk, 7 n Bond 
Ewalt John E. Stockton al nr Cooke 
Ewalt John H. (Towles Bro. & Co.) 13 s Ann 
Ewalt Louisa, seamstress, 162 e Baltimore 
Ewalt Martin, restaurant, 257 s Bond 
Ewalt Samuel A. can factory, 56 German, dw 

74 n Poppleton 
Ewell Edward, machinist, 129 Division 
Ewell John, shipsmith, 98 Hamburg 
Ewell John, ( E. & Kellv) 12 St. Paul 
EWELL k KELLY, (John Ewell, John Kelly) 

prop'rs Barry hall, 12 St. Paul 
Ewens John F.' tea, 142 s Broadway 
Ewers Aug. pict. frames, Durham and Orleans 
Ewig John, laborer, 144 s Caroline 
EWIG JOHN, restaurant, b69 w Baltimore 
Ewing Samuel, shoemaker, 227 n Eden 
Ewing T. S. teicher, 176 Hamburg 
Ewiog Thos. S. clerk, 318 .Aisquith 
Ewing Thos. bookkeeper, 318 Aisquith 
Ewing Thomas W. agent Methodist Protestant 

publications, over 12 n Gay.dw 318Aisqiiith 
E wings Thomas, butcher, 158 Canton av 
Ewring Heronimus, cooper, 64 James la 

build'gs, entrance Second and Lombard, 

Geo, U. Porter, prop'r 
EXCHANGE SALESROO:\I, Exchange build- 
ings, 55 Second, Geo. U. Porter, prop'r 
E.teter-St M. E. Church, Exeter nr Gay 
Exeter Hall, Exeter n of Baltimore 
Exler John, laborer, Clinton n of Elliott 
Eve and Ear Infirmary, Lombard and Greene 

WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Extein Wm. huckster, Shad al nr Diamond 
Eyed Augrust, barber, 121^ Franklia 
Eved George, laborer, 40 AUceanna, Canton 
Eyer Wm. laborer, 98 Eastern av 
Eyerlj Wm. S. canmaker, 293 McIIeury 
Eyll George P. machinist, 487 w Lombard 
Eyll Mrs. Margaret, 487 w Lombard 
Eyll John H. moulder, 487 w Lombard 
Eymes Charles, varnisher, 122 n Spring 
Evnon James, smelter, 28 Clinton 
Eytinge Eli L.(E. & H. Eytinge)39 n Howard 
Eytinge Henry, (E. & H. Ertinge)39 n Howard 
Eytinge E. & H. boots and shoes, 193 n Gay 
and dry goods, 165 n Gay 


Faaley Michael, laborer, 18 Lemmon 

Faaley Thomas, laborer, 17 McLeary ct 

Faber Bernard, groc'y 160 s Charles 

Faber Deitrich, lager beer, 241 Aliceanna 

Faber Ellen, 4 L Gough 

Faber Frederick, grocery, 325 Aliceanna 

Faber Geo. bookbinder and stationer, 342 w 

Faber Henry, barber, 250 Hamburg 
Faber Henry, cook, 2o7 Lee 
Faber Henry, laborer, Durham nr Fayette 
Faber Henry, shoemaker, 168 s Wolfe 
Faber Henry, stoves, 275 s (Miarles 
Faber Henry, tailor, 235 w Pratt 
Faber Lewis, cooper, 2'.'7 Eastern av 
Fabrill Francis J. blacksmith, 153 n Central av 
Fabrill Henry J. blacksmith, 153 n Central av 
Face Charles H. carpenter, 8 Stockton al 
Faceay Richard, laborer, 216 s Charles 
Fach August, pianoraaker, 202 Strirling 
Each Jacob, shoemaker. 155 w Fayette,dw 140 

Fach Jacob, shoemaker, 40 Marion 
Facius Gustavus, teacher and prest. German 

Orphan asylum, 117 n Calvert 
Facius Gustavus, tobacco, 117 n Calvert 
Facius Lfopoldine, music teacher, 1 1 7 n Calvert 
Fadden Michael, laborer, 108 Dugan's wharf 
Fadden John, laborer, 108 Dugan's wharf 
Fadden Thomas, tavern, 108 Dugan's wharf 
Faden Patrick, laborer, over 19 Bank 
Faeck Geo. laborer, 257 s Sharp 
Faethe Gotfried, coach maker, 136 e Lombard 
Fagan Mrs. Alice, 83 Hargrove al 
Fagan Hugh, wagoner, 259 e Madison 
Fagan Patrick, driver, 83 Hargrove al 
Fagan Robert, drayman, 237 Columbia 
Fagan Robert, jr. clerk, 237 Columbia 
Fagels Martin, laborer, 10 n Chapel 
Fager Joseph, carpenter, 89 Boyd 
Eager Joseph, ( agineer, Boston e of Clinton 
Fager Margaret, Boston e of Clinton 
Fager Ellizabeth, 6 Spring st ct 
Fager Phili]), stable boss, Boston nr Clinton 
Fagret Alfred, clerk, 40 n Charles 
Fagret Francis, carpenter, 3 New Church 

dresser, 40 n Charles 
Fahaj' Mrs. Anna, grocery, 45 s Dewberry al 
Faherty Patrick, grocery, 194 s Howard 
Faherty Mrs. Mary, 2u3 Eastern av 
Fahey James, laborer, 484 Saratoga 
Fahey James, laborer, 37 Hill 
Fahey Jas. laborer, Elizabeth la nr Heath 
Fahey John, shipjoiner, 159 Bank 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Fahey Jno. T.dept. harbormaster, 83 Thames, 

dw 87 s Washington 
Fahey Joseph, carpenter, 63 Frederick av 
Fahey Marcus, laborer, 367 s Charles 
Fahey Mrs. .Margaret, 63 Frederick av 
Fahey Martin, hackman. 4 Oxford 
Fahey Martin, milkman, 90 Dolphin 
Fahey Matthew, porter, 367 s Charles 
Fahey Michael, laborer, 151 Aliceanna 
Fahey Michael, laborer, 71 York 
Fahey Patrick, coach painter, Preston nr Park 
Fahey Thos. laborer, 46 Buren 
Fahey Thos. C. tailor, 67 Vork 
Fahla John, tailor, 90 n Ann 
Fahlbusch Edward, tailor. 182 e Lombard 
Fahlen Misses Adeline & Albortina, millinery 

and fancy goods, 85 Lexington 
Fahlen ('has. 85 Lexington 
Fahlen Charles H. (F. & Ohlendorf ) cor Lex- 
ington and Park 
Fahlen John, laborer, 11 Vincent al 
Fahlen Julius C. apothecary, cor Howard and 


Notions, Fancy Goods, Hosiery, 


Toys. &c , 
319 W. Baltimore-st. 



.1— I 

/ 53 

Fahner Jacob, coo[)er, 81 n Bond C<3 

Fahnestock Derick, (D. F. ^- Co.) Madison av J^ 

ar Druid Hill Park O 

FAHNESTOCK D. & CO. (D. Fahnestock, C. ,- 

Brooks) bankers and brokers, 11 North ^ 

Fahnestock Edward, clerk, 205 Lanvale ^ 

Fahnestock Geo. W. wholes, millinery goods, —^ 

over 240 w Baltimore, dw 553 w Fayette fe 
Fahnestock Leymour, clerk, 94 Saratoga 
Fahrman Louis, tailor, 9 L. Gough 
Faid Henry, laborer, 420 Light 
Faid John, tinner, 424 Light 
Fair Alexander, shoemaker, 202 L Hughes 
Fairall Mrs. Athie, 189 Bank 
Fairall Mrs. Elizabeth A. 171 Hollins 

WM, H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DEITZ & CO. 308 "W. Baltimore-st. 








Fairall Geo. moulder, 237 George 
Fairall Geo. E. machinist, 237 George 
Fairall Geo. E. laborer, 171 Hollins 
Fairall Walter J. laborer, 171 Hollins 
F.iirall W. E. salesman, 40 St. Peter 
Fairall W. H. blacksmith, 139 s Fremont, dw 

40 St. Peter 
Fairbank Andrew J. agent Mt. Clare, 365 w 

Fairbank Chas. A. teacher, 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Charles, agent JMd. Soap Stone Co. 

181 German 
Fairbank .Mrs. ElizaJ. 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Mis. K. V. dressmaker, :">« s Gilmor 
Fairbank Goo. K. bricklayer, 377 Franklin 
Fairbitnk Francis M . (Riley & F.) 309 e Bal- 
Fairbank Henry T. carpenter, 32.5 Franklin 
Fairljank .John, conductor. 322 Saratojia 
Fairbank John F. clerk, 106 w Fayette 
Fairbank .Jolm W. clerk, 322 Saratoga 
Faiiljank Thos.J. bookkeeper. 2.S5 w Lombard 
FAIRBANKS k GO'S scnles warehouse, 166 w 
Baltimore, Geo. H. Gilluian, auent. [See 
/J. % Advertisement J\ 
Fairbanks Edward. 24 s <'hester 
Fairbanks James H. carjienter, 18 n Wolfe 
Fairbanks ^- Ray, ( Edw. Fairbanks, Alfred 
Ray) shi[ismiths, cor Point and Block, and 
Mill rear of i 15 McElderry's whf 
Fairbanks Samnel, carpenter, 18 n Wolfe 
Fairbanks Samuel H. shipjuiner, 18 n Wolfe 
Fairbanks Wm. H. ])olic(', 8 Russell 
FAIRUHILD MRS.R.C. proprietress Northern 
Central hotel, s e cor Calvert and Franklin 
Fairchild Wm, tailor, 227 e Eayette 
Fairfax A. C. clerk, 18 Barnet 
Fairfax Tarlyle, clerk, 18 Barnet 
Fairfax Mrs.' Eliza M. 18 Barnet 
Fairfax Edward, (Jerk 18 Barnet 
Fairfix JuH:in, clerk, 18 Barnet 
FAlRLEY THOS. florist, 226 Druid Hill av 
Fairman Gibson "W. machinist, over 77 n Front, 

dw 320 n Eden 
Faistenhamer Bernard, tobacconist, 131 Forrest 
Fait John, fancy iioods, 78 Park 
Faithful Edward J. bricklayer, 96 Chatsworth 
Faithful Dr. Joseph, 218 Mulberry 
Faithful H. G. bricklayer, 92 Chatsworth 
Faithful Peter, machinist, 611 w Lombard 
Faithful Richard, bricklayer, 91 n Poppleton 
F;iitz John, teacher, 155 s Ann 
Falck Casper W. jr. clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falck Casper W. sr. porter, :'.2 s ''arey 
Falck Geo. M. watchman, 281 Hanover 
Falck John B. clerk, 13 Chatsworth 
Falck Lewis, cigarraaker, 32 s Carey 
Falck Wm. C. clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falconar ('has. clerk, 46 u Fremont 
Falconer Alex. sr. 3 McCnlloh 
Falconer Alex, jr. clerk, 3 McCulloh 
Falconer Mrs. John, 3 McCulloh 
Fales Benj. R. mariner, 134 s Ann 
Fales ('has. R carpenter, 134 s Ann 
Fales Ebenezer C. mariner, 118 n Bond 
Fales Geo. E. moulder. 45 n Central av 
Fales James T. mariner, 134 s vnn 
Fales Jose])h A. mariner. 134 s Ann 
Fales Wm. G papcrhanger, 106 Orleans 
Falk Mrs. Catherine, confcct'y. 4^3 w Pratt 
Falk John, tavern, 172 s Howard 
Falk John B. cooper, 272 Henrietta 

Falk John P. cooper, 172 Henrietta 
Falk John M. pianomaker, 483 w Pratt 
Falk Wm. laborer, 157 Ridgely 
Falk Wm. C. bookkeeper, 295 w Lombard 
Falk Otho, tailor. 24 Barnes 
Falke Jacob, carpenter, 88 s Chapel 
Falkenham Casper, driver, 139 Gough 
Falkensteiu Fred'k, mablec'tr, 129 L Greene 
Falkenstein (tbo. lager beer, 63 n Gay 
Falkenstein Mary, confect'y, 129 L Greene 
Fallan Patrick, laborer, 24 n Schroeder 
Fallan Wm. mariner, 349 s Sharp 
Faller John, cooper. Brown nr Frederick av 
Falliu & Eubank, (J. H. Fallin, G. F. Eubank) 
gfiul. com. merch'ts, 17 Patterson 
I Fallin J H. (F. & Eubank) 176 w Lombard 
Fallin Patrick, carter, 33 s Sharp 
Fallon Annie, teacher, 121 Harford av 
Fallon Mrs, Bridget, butter 129 s Regester 
Fallon Bernard, tavern, s w cor Ensor and 

Fallon Daniel J. grocery, 92 Druid Hill av 
Fallon Dominic, 140 Forrest 
Fallon James, laborer, 57 Valley 
Fallon James, laborer, 28 Guilford al 
Fallon John, tinner, 216 Lr-xington 
Fallon John, grocery, 48 Forrest 
Fallon Luke, carpenter, 86 n Front 
Fallon Miilachi, stonecutter, 202 Madison av 
Fallon Mary, 86 n Front 
Fallon Michael, driver, 55 Tyson 
Fallon Michael, grocery, 32 Douglas 
Fallon Patrick, cooper, 121 Harford av 
Fallon Patrick, laborer, 24 n Schroeder 
Fallon Thos J. mess. Adams exp.29 s Regester 
Fallowlield W. G. student, 50 s Sharp 
Falls Josejih .M. printer, Choptank nr Gough 
FaRs Moor N. 283 Park av 
Falls Wm. clerk, 164 w Baltimore 
Falter John F. morocco finisher, 127 Low 
Falter .Mrs. Mary, huckstress, 127 Low 
Falvey Michael, stonemason. 11 Sterrett 
Famback Andrew, laborer, 132 .McHenry 
Fancher S.(S. Fancher & Co.) 368 Eutaw pi 
Fancher S. & Co (Smith Fancher, Samuel C. 

Brown) storage and forwarding, over 10 s 

Fangmeyer John, (Fangraeyer & Doll) Balti- 
more nr Gilmor 
Fangmeyer & Doll, (J. Fangmeyer, L.Z. Doll) 

com. merchs. 49 and 51 s Howard 
Fankhanel Henry, tobacconist, 206 Lexington 
Fannin Patk. plumber, 31 Harford av 
Fannon Luke, laborer, 6 Hubbard al 
Fannon Michael, laborer, 182 East 
Fannon Thos. watchman, 12 Gould la 
Fanshaw Caleb W. stonecutter. 148 n Eutaw 
Fanshaw Mrs. Mary A. 148 n Eutaw 
Fanshaw TuUy, bricklayer, 148 n Eutaw 
Fantom Elizabeth, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Fantom Margaret, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Fantom Wm. F. watchman, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Farall Wm. blacksmith, s w cor Eislein and 

Farber Henry J. (Stellmann, Hinrichs ^ Co,) 

Farber John H. (John H. F. & Co.) s e cor 

North and Pleasant 
FARBER JOHN H. .t CO. (John H. Farber, 

Charles Bauman) groceries and liquors, 8 e 

cor North and Pleasant 
Farber .Martin H. trav, agt. 52 s Eutaw 

WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and 
tbroats almost vanish at its touch 

Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Parber Sophia M. trimmings, 173 Aisquith 

Farber Win. clerk, 173 Aisquith 

Fardwell Mrs. Charlotte, tailoress, Fremont 

and s Paca 
Fardwell Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 62 Henrietta 
Fardv Mrs.Emilv .J.(F.<|- Woodall)71 McCulloh 
FARDY & WOODALL, (E.J. Fardy, Wm.E. 
Woodall) shipbuilders and marine railwaj-s, 
ft of Montsfomery and cor Hughes and Cov- 
ington, and shipchandlers, 33 Hughes 
Fardy Matthew J. 1"8 s Sharp 
Pargenheim Conrad, stonemason. 58 n Chapel 
Farhop John, shoemaker, 169 s Caroline 
Pariff L. M. clerk, 781 w Baltimore 
Faringer Chas. inspect. C. H. 497 n Fremont 
Faringer Chas. jr. 497 n Fremont 
Farland Daniel, carter, 333 s Sharp 
Farland John F. sailmaker, 81 Smith's whf, 

dw 161 Dolphin 
Farland Wm. sailmaker, 201 e Fayette 
Farley Alice, 236 Lemmon al 
Parley Edward, laborer. 84 s Poppletou 
Farley Fredk. tailor. 176 L Greene 
Farley Michael, laborer, 15 Bank 
Parley Michael, lal)orer, 31 Harford av 
Farley Patk. stonemason. 31 Harford av 
Farley Philip, drayman. 84 s Poppleton 
Farley Tlios. moulder, Duncan al nr Bank 
Parley Wm. tailor, 337 n Howard 
Farlow Hugh, clerk, 13 s Broadway 
FARLOW JOHN T. magistrate, 160 e Balti- 
more, dw 13 s Broadway 
Farlown Mrs. Ann R. 192 "s Castle 
Parlown E. Jacob, mariner, 192 s Castle 
Farmer Mrs. IClizabeth, 153 w Biddle 
Parmer James, bookkeeper. 92 Stirling 
Parmer James P. laborer, 92 Stirling 
Parmer John,, 9 Lancaster 
Parmer Patk. brassfinisher, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Mrs. Philip, china, 21 n Eutaw 
Parmer Terrence, grocery, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Dr. Wm. demist, 27 s Eden 
Farmer Wm. laborer, 64 President 
Farmers' Hotel, n w cor Hillen and Forrest, 

D. & C. Street, jiroprietors 

BANK, n w cor South and Lombard 
Farmers' Am. Fire Tus. Co. of Pa. office 45 

Farmers' and Merchs. Life Ins. Co. of N.York, 

B. JlcCormick, agt. 16J North 
Farnan Bernard, cooper, 184 Gough 
Farnan James I. clerk, 180 Hanover 
Farnan Peter, 180 Hanover 
Farnan Thos. P. sergt. j)olice, 268 Hanover 
Farnandis Dr. Geo. G. 59 w Fayette, dw 13 n 

Farnandis Walter jr. attorney, 59 w Fayette, 

dw 13 n Carey 
Farnbacher John, cooper. 18 Peach al 
Farnen C. T. & Co. (C. T. & P. Farnen) gro- 
cers, 340 Aliceanna and 24 Boston 
Farnen Clias.T. (C.T.F.& Co.) 419 e Lombard 
Farnen Peter (C. T. F. & Co ) 419 e Lombard 
Farnenk Clements, laborer, 25 s Cannon 
Parns worth Joseph, baggaoemaster, Calvert 

Station, dw 200 n Howard 
Faron Michael, laborer, 33 e Monument 
Farquhar Geo. A 28 Chatsworth Wm. P. clerk, 4 n Greene 
Parquhar.^on Mrs. Ann, 42 e Lombard 
Parquharson Mrs. Catherine, 135 n Broadway 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. .^ 

Parquharson Francis L. saddles and harness, 

7 s Calvert, dw 184 Saratoga 
Parquharson John D. com. raerch. 35 Cheap- 
side, dw 108 .Aisquith 
Parquharson John P. clerk, 108 Aisquith 
Parquharson W. Edwin. 586 Lexington 
Parquharson Wm. E. 171 w Fayette 
Parr Alex, laborer, Wolfe nr Monument 
Parr Andrew J. laborer, 1 Webb 
Parr Francis, laborer, 181 Orleans 
Parr Joseph, huckster, Wolfe nr Monument 
Farrall Joseph S. 176 e Eager 
Fan all S. 176 e Eager 
Parran David, moulder, 181 Stirling 
Parran Joseph P. salesman, 64 Barre 
Farre Mary E. saleswoman, 178 Preston 
Farrell Barney, mariner. 2 West Falls av 
Farrell Bridget, cook. 186 n Calvert 
Farrell Catherine, 116Mosher 
Farrell PMward. laborer, 41 s Wolfe 
Farrell James, laborer. 648 Light 
Farrell James, gasfitter, 77 York 
Farrell James, watchman, 45 Abey al 
Farrell Jeremiah, laborer. 7 Carlton 
Farrell John, salesman, 169 w Biddle 
Farrell John G. D. student. 169 w Biddle 
Farrell John O. oyster packer, foot of Lee, dw 

47 Conway 
Farrell John, shoemaker. 113 w Biddle 
Farrell John, laborer, 114 Cooksie 
Farrell John, (Bevans, Hannah &,- Co ) 186 e 

Farrell John, blacksmith, 146 s Chester 
Farrell John, collector. Chase nr Gay 
Farrell John, laborer. Dover ext 
Pari'ell Joseph, laborer, 77 York 
Farrell Julia, 144 n Hollidav 
Farrell Julia. 2 West Falls av 
Farrell Margaret, 104 Preston 
Farrell Michael, grocery, 40 Haw 
Parreil Michael, laborer, 5 Oxford 
Farrell Michael, mariner. 2 West Palls av 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, 332 Eastern av 
Farrell Patrick, m.-irhle polisher, 104 Preston 
Farrell Patrick, laborer. 15 Stiles 
Farrell Percy, coachmaker. Pine nr George 
Farrell Peter. w;iiter, 130 Vine 
Pairell Peter, laborer, 8 Hubbard al 
Parreil Robert, mariner, 2 West Falls av 
Farrell AVra. restaurant, s e cor Holliday and 

Payette, dw 212 Peirce 
Farrell Wm. blacksmith, 159 n Fremont 
Farrell Winifred, grocery, 7 Carlton 



WM. H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st, 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & Co., Manui rs ot uom. iviei-cn cs. 
















Farren Jno.S.(J.S.Farren&Co.)103sBroadwav 
FARREN J. S. & CO. (J. S. and Wm. Farren) 

oyster packers, cor Aliceanna and Boston 
Farren Wra. (J. S. Farren & Co ) 384 e Pratt 
Farring Aucrustus H. saddler, 38 Milliman 
Farrington James, laborer, 7 McCleary ct 
Farrior Henrv, bookkeeper, 60 Light 
Farris B. fruits, 171 w Pratt 
Farrow Mrs. Catherine A. board' g, 50 s Sharp 
Farrow Edward G. 50 s Sharp 
Farry John H. moulder, 331 Eastern av 
Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 s Ann 
Farson John S. fCook & Farson) 47 s Ann 
Fasbender Charles, 256 w Pratt 
Fassell Geo. laborer, 504 Penna av 
Fathe Charles, tailor, 8 Baker ct 
Father Christian, laborer, 244 s Dallas 
Fatherly ^apt. Jos. mariner, 34 Conway 
Fatherly Capt. Wm. J. office over 107 South, 

dw 34 Conway 
Faucett James, shoemaker, 14 Low 
Fauf Chas. stevedore, 223 s Bethel 
Faul Chas. tinner, 83 Albemarle 
Faul Gustav. printer, 77 n Eden 
Faulac Ella J. teacher, 256 Aisquith 
Faulac Mrs. Maria, 256 Aisquith 
Fauldrath Christopher, wagoner, 32 s Dallas 
Fauldrath Conrad, shoemaker, 32 s Dallas 
Faulkner Alfred B. (Baker, Bruflf & Co.) 321 

Druid Hill av 
Faulkner Mrs. H. 14 Hammomd al 
Faulkner James, laborer, 242 n Central av 
Faulkner Mary E, tailoress, 153 s Regester 
Faulkner Rebecca, 153 s Regester 
Faulkner Reuben C. carp'r, 204 Montgomery 
Faulkner Thus, huckster, 153 s Regester 
Faulkner Thus. M. grocery, 128 Jefferson 
Faulkner Wm. laborer, 153 s Regester 
Faulstich A. tailor, 74 Leadenhall 
Faulstich Mrs. Carrie, hairdresser, 236 e Pratt 
Faulstich H. tailor. 74 Leadenhall 
Fauntleroy Henry H. bookkeeper. 159 George 
Faupel Jacob, tailor, 152 n Caroline 
Faust Frederick, clerk, 188 s Bond 
Faust Henry, (J. Faust, Bro. <^- Co.) 651 w 

Faust Jacob, confectionery, 133 n Gay 
FAUST J. BRO. & CO. (John Faust, H.Faust, 
H. Hohman) boots, shoes, &c. 318 w Balti- 
Faust Jno.(J. Faust, Bro. & Co. )299 Lexington 
Faust Joseph, carpenter, 287 e Eager 
Faustman Annie M, tobacn'st, 40 s Republican 
Favier John, millwright, 415 Lexington 
,Favier Susan, shoes, 415 Lexington 
Favour Chas. R. farmer. Baker nr Division 
Favour Joseph, Exeter nr Gay 
Fawcet Lucy A. school, Fremont and Adams 
Fawcett Dr Christopher, resd't phys. Union 

Prot. Infirmary, 93 Mosher 
Fawcett Francis, County Commiss'r, e Monu- 
ment nr city limits 
Fawcus ('atherine, huckstress, 28 Anthony 
Fawcus John W. huckster, 'Is Anthony 
Fawkes Mrs. Frances, 381 Saratoga 
Fawness Nicholas, shoemaker, 387 Eastern av 
Fawsett Asbury F. 2 Waverly terrace 
Fay Chas. canmaker, 159 Bank 
Fay Charles, stoves, tinware, &c. 159 Bank 
Fay Fordyce,insp'r of leather, 369 e Baltimore 
Fay Dr. Geo. VV. 283 e Baltimore 
Fay Geo. painter, 27 McHenrj' 

Fay Geo. canmaker, 211 n Exeter 

Fay Henrv, clothier, 48 and 50 Centre Mkt sp 

Fay John C. (F. & Reed) 11 s Carey 

Fay John T. clerk, 87 s Washington 

Fay Joseph, carpenter, 1 Race 

Fay Joseph J. clerk, 48 Centre Market sp 

Fay Lawrence, cigarmaker, 401 e Lombard 

Fay Patrick, laborer, 31 Foster al 

FAY & REEL). (John C. Fay, John A. Reed) 

attorneys, 75 w Fayette 
Fay Thos. machinist, 401 e Lombard 
Fay Winfield S. 369 e Baltimore 
Fay Winfield S. framemaker, Brown's hotel 
Faye James R. salesman, 234 Linden av 
Fayette-St. M. E. Church, Fayette nr Fremont 
Fealraear Fred'k. lab'r, 69 James la 
Feame Geo. provisions, 440 Saratoga 
Feasing Henrv, tailor, 76 s High 
Feast John, (John Feast & Sons)295 Lexington 
Feast John E. (Samuel Feast & Sons) n e cor 

Franklin and Gilmor 
FEAST JOHN &SONS, (John Feast, I^innjeus 
Feast and Loudon Feast) florists, 295 Lex- 
Feast Linnaeus, (John Feast ^- Sons) 327 n 


Feast Loudon,(J. Feast & Sons)295 Lexington 

FEAST SAMUEL & SONS, (Samuel Feast jr. 

John E. Feast) florists and nurserymen, n 

w cor Franklin and Gilmor,and 55 n Charles 

Feast Samuel jr. (Samuel Feast & Sons) n « 

cor Franklin and Gilmor 
Feath Philip, carpenter, 331 n Central av 
Feathers James, carpenter, 166 s Fremont 
Fecher John I. shoemaker, 351 s Charles 
Fechteg (has. basketmaker, 57 Albemarle 
FECHTIG GEORGE F. druggist, n w cor Fay- 
ette and Central av 
Feddeman ;\Irs.Mary A.groc'y,311 e Lombard 
Feddeman Richd. C. painter, 311 e Lombard 
Feder Geo. shoemaker. Low and Front 
Feder Geo. stonecutter, 80 Granby 
Federleicht Abraham, cloths, &c. 161 Lexing- 

ington, dw 27 s Eutaw 
Federleicht Jacob, clerk, 27 s Eutaw 
Federleicht Lewis, clerk, 27 s Eutaw 
Fedou Francis, tailor, 107 n Calvert 
Fee Caleb, machinist, Clifton nr the Park 
Fee Henry, expressman. 85 Hollins 
Fee Jacob sr. machinist, Stockton nr Cooke 
Fee Jacob jr. express driver, 488 Saratoga 
Fee James A. conductor, 93 Conway 
Fee Wm. stonecutter, 25 Somerset 
Feehan Mrs. Martha, hoarding, 299 Eastern ar 
Feehan Patrick, laborer, 3 Willow 
Feehley Patrick, laborer, ]28 Boyd 
Feelemyer Andrew, blacksmith, 176 n Exeter 
Feelemyer Griffith. clerk, Second adj. Post OfSce 
Feelings Ann E. 114 Hughes 
Feelings Mary A. 114 Hughes 
Feelv James, laborer, 67 s Oregon 
Feely Mrs. Mary, 123 Elliott 
Feely Michael, laborer, 18 Lemmon 
Feely Patrick, laborer, 123 Elliott 
Feely Wm. laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Feemyer Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 218 Preston 
Feenan Mrs. Margaret, 18 Preston 
Feeney Geo. carpenter, 16 Hammond al 
Feeney Jas. carpenter, 16 Hammond al 
Feeney James, hackman, 108§ Ensor 
Feeney Margaret, 16 Hammond al 
Feenev Mrs.Margaret,B. &0. R. R. nr Strieker 

WM. H. READ'a Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. Gray and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Feenev Nicholas, B. & 0. R. R. nr Strieker 
Feenhagen John. 72 s Washington 
Feenhagen Capt. Thos. mariner, 72 s Wash- 
Feeny Francis, laborer, 127 Elliott 
Fefel Geo. W. huckster. 513 w Lombard 
Fefel John, huckster, 513 w Lombard 
Fefel Mrs. Joseph jr. restaurant, n e cor Balti- 
more and Strieker 
Fefel Joseph sr. 797 w Baltimore 
Fefill John, coppersmith and plumber, Rollins 

nr Mount 
Fefill John jr. coppersmith. HoUins nr Mount 
Fegel John, laborer. 7-i Frederick av 
Fegelin Joseph, potter, 387 s Charles 
Fegges Nicholas, butcher, 87 Lexington mkt, 

dw 106 Jackson sq av 
Feglein Chris, carpenter, 65 L McElderry 
Fehle John, tailor, 90 n .Ann 
Fehley John, laborer, 23 Boyd 
Fehley Patrick, laborer, 28 Boyd 
Fehleisen Chris. L. morocco dresser,45 Granby 
Fehler Herman, butcher, Penna av ext 
Fehner Joseph, laborer, 186 s Ann 
Fehrig John, cooper, 223 Frederick av 
Fehseufeld Diedrich, tobacconist, 69 e Balti- 
more, dw 62 
Fehsenfeld Lewis, tobacconist, 77 Thames 
Fehte August, coach trimmer, 37 Albemarle 
Fehte Fred'k, tailor, 39 Albemarle 
Feichtenbeiner Gotfried, carter. 24 Barnes 
Feichienbeiner Mrs. Rosanna, 24 Barnes 
Feick Adam, shoemaker, 121 Vine 
Feick Hecry, furniture, 82 Druid Hill av 
Feidler John, laborer. 24 Port 
Feiee Wm. baker, 75 Bond 
Feiertag Benj. teacher, 152 George 
Feig Andrew, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Catherine, tailoress, 91 n Eden 
Feig Ferd. tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Geo. A. clerk tobacco warehouse No. 5, 

389 Light 
Feig Joseph, tailor. 6 n Greene 
Feig Joseph, tailor, 6 n Dallas 
Feige August H. tavern, 49 n Frederick 
Feige August J. cigarraaker, 49 n Frederick 
Feige Chas. L. barkeeper, 49 n Frederick 
Feige Mrs. Elizalieth, seamstress, 6 Spring-st ct 
Feige Frederick, restaurant, 3 Water 
Feige Frederick sr. 49 n Frederick 

Feigline Mrs. , 144 n Central av 

Feih Johu, laborer, 45 Barnes 
Feild Thos. L. clerk. 247 Linden av 
Feindt L. stove mounter, 1 Fountain 
Feindt Louis, blacksmith, Ih Fountain 
Feindt Valentine, laborer, 7 Essex 
Feik Fred'k, laborer, 357 s Sharp 
Feik John, polisher, 237 Lee 
Feinour Chas. clerk, 496 w Fayette 
Feinour Edward. 170 w Biddle 
Feinour Robert, 682 Saratoga 
Feinour Dr. Thomas, 496 w Fayette 
Feinuss Henry, laborer, 89 Cambridge 
Feistel John G. F.. Harford av nr Point la 
Feit Anton, shoemaker, 255 e Pratt 
Felber - dward. fancv goods, 193 s Broadway 
FELBER LOUIS. (L' F. # Co.) fan.y goods, 

167 s Broadway 
Felber Louis & Co. (L. Felber, C. T. .Fackson) 

fancy goods and notions, 67 Hanover 
Felber Simon L. salesman, 67 Hanover 
Felbinger John, shoemaker, 77 s Chapel 

o ^ 





r ?^ 


? / 








3 -.0 


-! -3 



Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Felbush John, tailor, 128 n Central av 
Felder Mrs. Catherine, 412 Eastern av 
Felder Mrs. Margaret. 131 s Dallas 
Felder Mrs. Mary, beer, 174 s Caroline 
Feldhaus A. J. tobacconist. 98 Light, and 204 

e Baltimore, dw 204 e Baltimore 
Feldhaus Bernard, shoemaker, 305 Columbia 
Feldhaus Chas. B. cigarmaker. 71 n Spring 
Feldhaus Chas. P. restaurant, 5 Centre Mar- 
ket sp 
Feldhaus Eberhard, clerk. 48 Josephine 
Feldhaus Ferd. telegraphist. 28 e Fayette 
Feldhaus Ferd. A. tobacconist, 28 e Fayette 
Feldhaus Fred'k. cigarmaker, 2S e Fayette 
Feldhaus Jos. C. restaurant, 13 n High, dw 

263 e Monument 
Feldman Annie, confectionery, 223 Canton av 
Feldman Bernard, tailor, 239^ Gough 
Feldman Christian, laborer, 12 Curley 
Feldman Henry, sexton, 223 Canton av 
Feldman Henry, tobacconist. 269 Hanover 
Feldman Henry, laborer. 11 s Cannon 
Feldman Johnj laborer, 146 s Regester 
Feldman John, huckster, 162 s Regester 
Feldman Mrs. John, 162 s Regester 
Feldman Max laborer. 211 William 
Febiner Michael, 224 Canton av 
Feldpusch George, barber, cor Howard and 

Feldpusch Henry, tailor, 265 n Central av 
Felger Jacob, laborer, 270 s Caroline 
Felger Gotleib, wheelwright. 22 s Dallas 
Felger Marcellus. milk, 36 Barnes 
Feigner Edward L. clerk, Madison av nr 

Northern av 
FELGNER FRED. W. manuf. tobacco, 90 s 

Charles, dw Madison av nr Northern av 
Felix Peter, l.iborer, 227 Forrest 

Felko Mrs. , 79 Johnson 

Fell Mrs. Frances A. 204 s Ann 

Fell Jacob, helper. Bolton depot 

Fell John. 227 Harford av 

Fell Mrs. Mary, 227 Harford av 

Feller Casper," lager beer, 125 McElderry 

Feller Mrs. Catherine, 11 Goodman al 

Feller Charles, cooper, s e cor Gough and 

Spring, dw 111 s Caroline 
Feller George H. paperhanger, 116 Saratoga 
Feller George, restaurant, 38 Bank, and cooper 

131 s Spring, dw 38 Bank 
Feller John, cooper, 12 Brown's la 
Feller Valentine, lager beer, 116 Saratoga 
Feller Wm. cooper, 51 n Dalhis 

I— I 





WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder is magical, as sore 
throats almost vanish at its touch, from Rev. J. Foley, Baltimore. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st. 












Fellheimer Jacob, millinery groods, 352 w Bal- 
timore, dw 31 n Howard 
Felling Ernest, filemaker. 121 n Bond 
Fellino; Henry, tailor, 121 n Bond 
Felling Henrv jr. tailor, 121 n Bond 
Fellman John R. examiner C. H. 90 n Howard 
Fells George, carpenter, 154 Mulherry 
Fellvock Frederick, mariner, 288 Aliceanna 
Fellvus James, shoemaker, n w cor Sharp and 

Fels Abraham, (Fels ^- Co.) 24s Greene 
Pels cj* Co. (Lazarus and Abraham Fels) soap, 

60 s Sharp 
Fels L.izarns, (Fels & Co.) 24 s Greene 
Felte Conrad driver, 221 Battery av 
Felter John, porter, 32 Bennett 
Felthousen Henry D. tinner, 252 Eastern av 
Felthousen John H. tinner, 252 Eastern av 
Felthonsen ilrs. Susanna, varieties, 105 Cross 
Felthousen \Vm. H. 60 Hamburur 
Feltner Dora, grocery, 652 Light 
Feltner Frederick, laborer, 652 Light 
Feltner Louis, laborer, 326 s Charles 
Feltrow Henry P. conductor, 76 s Exeter 
Feltz August, cutter, 93 JefFer.^on 
Feltzman Joseph, baker, 272 Canton av 
Female Christian Home, Mrs. Mary R. Cassels, 

matron. 86 n Paca 
Fenhy Theodosia, dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Fendrich Chas. 38 n Liberty, d w 2 n Broadway 
Fendrich Davis, cooper, 183 Forrest 
Fendrich Francis, 2 n Broadway 
Fendt Henry W. laborer, 96 Penna av 
Feney Catherine, laundress, 134 Vine 
Feney Kate, 2 West Falls av 
Fenge Amelia, 11 Brune 
Fenge John, tailor, 231 s Paca 
Fenhagen Chas. D. (McClerman, Clark &Co.) 

318 e Fayette 
Fenhagen Jas.C.( Whitelaw k F. )31 8 e Fayette 
Fenhagen John, stonecutter, 72 s Washingtan 
Fenhagen Tiios. stonecutter. 72 s Washington 
Fenimon Isaac, (Kuster & Co.) 143 Franklin 
Fenker Louis, shoemaker, 16 n Pine 
Fennell .Maurice, clerk. 85 Columbia 
Fennel! Thomas, painter, 159 Jefferson 
Fennell Weslev, lumber agt. Union dock, dw 

42 Fawn 
Fennell Wm. clerk, 42 Fawn 
Fenneman Ferdin'd, grocery, 375 e Baltimore 
Fetmeman Henry, clerk. 36 s Poppleton 
Fenneman John T. tonic beer, 20 s Pojjpleton, 

dw 464 Lexington 
Fenneman Susanna groceries and provisions, 

36 s Poppleton 
Fenner Mrs. Emma, varieties, 103 e Fayette 
Fenner George, shoemaker, 280 w Pratt 
Fenner Henry, shoemaker, 235 Hamburg 
Fenner Henrv, shoemaker, 23 Peach al 
Fenner Jacob, laborer, 49 s Monroe 
Fenner John H. slujemaker, 103 e Fayette 
Fenner John, hoilermaker, 22 Concord 
Fenner Wm. H. coachsmith, 23 Peach al 
Fennish Daniel, laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Fensley Wm. boots and shoes, 131 s Broadway 
Fentoi'i Aaron. ( Drakely & F.) 307 w Fayette 
Fenton James, driver. 111 s Spring 
Fenlon John J. painter. 110 Hollins 
Fenton .lolin, tailor, 110 Hollins 
Fenton John, laborer, 98 L. Montgomery 
Fenton Wra. laborer, 8 Cotton row 
Fentraff Fred'k, carter, 143 s Bethel 

Fen wick Henry A. bookkeeper, 44 Franklin 
Fenzel Frank, laborer, 199 s Regester 
Fenzel John, tailor, 285 n Central av 
Ferber Adam, laborer, 11 u Durham 
Ferciot Emelie P. fluting and lace, 71 n Charles 
Ferdman Annie, confectioner, 22:-i Canton av 
Ferdman Fred'k, grave digger, 223 I'antoaav 
Fergus W. C. com. mercht. 64 s Gay, dw 158 

Ferguson Mrs. Ann, 45 Marion 
Ferguson Mrs. Eliza, 217 St. Paul 
Ferguson Mrs. Elizabeth, 101 n Fremont 
Ferguson Mrs. Elizabeth. 284 w Fayette 
Fergu.-;on ' phraim, moulder, 36 Ramsay 
Ferguson Geo. C. shoemaker, 208 e Lombard 
Ferguson Geo. H. 217 Si. Paul 
Ferguson James, brickniaker. 602 Light 
Ferguson James, carpenter. 198 Madison av 
Ferguson James A. stonecutter, 314^ Mulberry 
Ferguson James P. clerk, 159 Hamburg 
Ferguson James R. H. laborer, 263 e Madison 
Ferguson J. D attorney, 32 Law Buildings, 

dw 130 Dolphin 
FERGUSON J. HENRY, real estate broker, 

80 w Fayette, dw 168 Park 
Ferguson J. Henry jr. clerk, 168 Park 
Ferguson John, grocer, n e cor Brune and 

Ferguson John, fireman, 8 Lemmon 
Ferguson John shoemaker. 46 .James la 
Ferguson .Mrs. Lavinia, 214 Mulberry 
Ferguson Mrs. Mary, 159 Hamburg 
Ferguson Matthew, 255 n Charles 
FERGUSON ROBERT, boots and shoes, 314 

n Howard 
Feryuson Mrs. Rhoda, 112 s Chester 
Ferguson Samuel, carter. 59 Scott 
Ferguson T. B. (Gantt k F.) 192 n Charles 
Ferguson Theodoric, carpr. 236 e Madison 
Ferguson Wm. tinner. 17 s Republican 
Ferguson Wm. (Hamilton k F.) 112 s Sharp 
Ferguson Wm. J. carp'tr, Ramsay nr Strieker 
Ferguson Wm. J. papercarrier. 101 n Fremont 
Furguson Wm. M. hoilermaker. 263 e Madison 
Fergussoii Charles, sr. (F., Tyson & Co.) 274 

Linden av 
Fergusson Chas. jr. clerk, 274 Linden av 
Fergusson JIargaret, Ijoardinir. 55 e iladison 
Fergusson Nehemiah, 165 Oileans 
FERGUSSON, TYSON & CO. (C. Fergusson, 
H. G. Tvson, A. J. Palmer) wholesale gro- 
cers and com mercht's. 121 w Lombard 
Ferley Patrick, brassfinisher, 207 Chesnut 
Fernan Edward, clerk. 140 s I'^utaw 
Fernau John, laborer, 384 s Charles 
Fernandez Jose M. 98 n Broadway 
Fernheimer Samuel, butcher, 21 Fell's Point 

market, dw 188 Aliceanna 
Fernsner Fred'k laborer, 58 William 
Fernsner Lewis, glassflattencr, 58 William 
Ferrandini Cipriano, hairdresser, Calvert, un- 
der B.irnums hotel, dw 250 e Baltimore 
Ferrandini Francis L. engineer. 25u e Baltimore 
Ferree Alex, shoemaker, 165 s Greene 
Ferrell Elisha. ironmoulder, Clinton nr Boston 
Ferrey Dr. M. J., Turko-Russian baths, 158 w 

Ferrie Mrs. Charity, Clinton nr Boston 
Ferrie Mrs. Mary, st'amstress, 41 n Wolfe 
Ferring Capt. John, mariner, 193 e Jlonument 
Ferris Daniel, tailor, 202 n Holliday 
Ferris Thomas, 96 n Ann 

WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Anctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Ferris Wni. H. clerk, 60 Conway 
Ferry Daniel, carpenter, 191 n Exeter 
Ferry Hugh, stonecutter, 191 n Exeter 
Ferry Jno. stonemason, Frederick avnr Monroe 
Ferry John W. carpenter, 738 w Baltimore 
Ferry John, 43 Lee 

Ferry Wm. S. clerk, Fayette and Republican 
Ferry AVni. carpenter, 859 w Baltimore 
Fersch Elizabeth, grocery, 341 s Howard 
Fersh Ghas. painter, 168 n Spring 
Ferste Michael, shoemaker, 44 s Regester 
Fert Anton, grain runner, 286 n Central av 
Fertlig John, baker, 276 Canton av 
Fertlig .Martin, clerk. 276 Caaton av 
Fessman Philip, confectioner, 9 L. Gough 
Feslin John, blacksmith. 304 s Caroline, dw 302 
Festeuhaven Conrad, Clinton opp. Elliott 
Fester David, cooper, 80 Henrietta 
Fester Joliu, police, 42 Liberty al 
Fester John, laborer, 44 Liberty al 
Fester Wm. laborer, 42 Liberty al 
Fethe Herman, shoemaker, 13 Frederick av 
Fetsch John M. stonecutter, 337 s Charles 
Fetsch John T. stonecutter, 337 s Charles 
Fetsch Nicholas F. stonecutter, 337 s Charles 
Fetsch Valentine, tanner, 81 Watson 
Fette Henry, boot and shoemaker, 28 n Eutaw 
Fetter John, tailor, 113 e Lombard 
Fetter Martin, tailor, 113 e Lombard 
Fetter .Martin, tailor, 50 s Bethel 
Fetter Samuel goldbeater, 34 Albemarle 
Fetters John F. carpenter, 150 Canton av 
Fetting Anton, jeweller, 169 e Baltimore 
Fetziug Philip, turn, wagon, 103 n Fremont 
Feuchter Joseph, shoemaker, 248 s Dallas 
Feuerbaum John, tavern, 13 Second 
Feuerbaum John F. cigarmaker, 13 Second 
Feuerstine Lewis, cooper, ,'i9 Johnson 
Feulner Frank, tailor, 73 n E.xeter 
Fuerhard Fred laborer, 51 s Monroe 
Feus Adam, laborer, 15uChoptank 
Feus Theodore, shoemaker, 197 Aliccanaa 
Feurst Geo. S. (C.L.Grund & Co.) 72 Hanover 
Feuss Andrew C. bookkeeper, 162 s Paca 
Feuss Henry 0. bookkeeper, 162 s Paca 
Fey Geo. brass finisher, 101 Eastern av 
Fey Gustave, pianomaker, 26 Jasper 
Fey Valeniine, laborer, 470 Canton av 
Fezel Patrick, laborer, 20 s Amity 
Fichtner Geo. laborer, 5 n Chapel 
Fichtner Margaret, tailoress, 5 n Chapel 
Fichtenbiner Rosanna, 25 Abbot 
Fichi Achaiius, cord'ectioner, 21 n Paca 
Fick Augustus H. (A.H.F.& Co) 169 German 
Fick A. H. &; Co. (Augustus H. Fick, P. Al- 
iens) oyster packers, 176 German 
Fick Chas. F. bookkeeper, cor Lombard and 

Fick Edward, jr, clerk, 128 Barre 
Fick Edward oyster packer, 128 Baire 
Fick Erhardt, tailor, 9 n Chapel 
Fick Geo. A, shoemaker, 104 Cross 
Fick Geo. A. shoemaker, 287 Lee 
Fick Geo. pianomaker, 237 Lee 
Fick J. Charles, porter, 88 s Bethel 
Fick Wm. G. rigger, 54Pbilpot 
Ficke John H. 182 Pearl 
Fickenger John, laborer, 19 Chesnut al 
Fickenscher Henry, shoefindiugs,lll Saratoga 
Fickenscher JohuG. laborer, 32 Guilford al 
Fickey A. J. salesman, 83 n Liberty 
Fickey Frederick, sr. 83 n Liberty ' 


- (M 

FICKEY FRED'K Jr. adjuster of averages and ^ 

losses bv fire, and pres't Baltimore County fj^ 

Marble Co., 8 Md. Building, Second, dw 83 CO 

n Liberty p^ 

Fickey W."H. ins. broker, 8 Md. Building, i—{ 

Second, dw 83 n Liberty ^ 

Fickner Wm. finisher, 13 Sterrett 

Fiddis Levi, lime, cj'C.s side basin, dw 62 Barre tin 

Fidgett Andrew, laborer, 14 Armistead la 2^ 

Fiedler Geo. tailor, 173 Sarah Ann ^ 

Fiedler Michael, ironworker, 298 Eastern av ^ 

Fiege Henry, grocery, cor Boston and Clinton W 

Field Abiathar, 309"w Lombard P^ 

Field Mrs. Abiathar W. 300 w Lombard 

Field Alex. C. feed, 19 w Lombard, dw 25 s H-, 

Field Chas. W. genl. com. merchant, 13 Pat- 
Field Clarence. clerk, Huntington av nr Charles 
Field Lieut. Edwd, U. S. A., Fort McHenry 
Field John A. jr. dry goods com. 9 German, 

dw Huntingdon av nr Charles 
Field M. B. k Co. (M B. Field) flour, grain ^ 

and feed. 19 w Lombard 
Field -Mitchell B. (M. B. F <^ Co.) 25 s Bond > 
Field Samuel M. dentist, 117 u Charles, dw '^ 





cor Saratoga and Charles 
Field Thos. lieut police, 130 n Exeter 
Field Wm. mariner, 231 e Pratt 
Fields Capt. A. B. mariner, 243 e Fayette 
Fields Alex. H. brassfinisher, 46 Liberty al 
Fields Caroline, 5 s Durham 
Fields Chas. W. 178 Walsh 
Fields Chas. W. merchant, Mallhy house 
Fields Chas. cardriver, 5 s Durham pt* 

FIELDS & GILMURE, (Jas.- Fields, Richard ^ 

Gilmore) merchant tailors, 81 Thames r- 

Fields Jas. moulder, 46 Liberty al .5 

Fields Jas. pilot, cor Lombard and Chester ci 
Fields Jas. (Fields & Gilmore) cor Lombard Jr 

and Chester O 

Fields Jas. E. machinist, Lombard and Chester ^ ., 
Fields Jas. W. paperhanger, 158 Orleans ^ 

Fields Jas. W. paperhanger, 95 n Caroline ^, 

Fields John, huckster, 2 L May "-^ 

Fields Jos. K. mariner, Lombard and Chester fc 
Fields Mrs. Mary, 67 Cambridge 
Fields Mrs. Mary, 46 Liberty al 
Fields Rebecca, 180 Lemmon al 
Fields Robt. brassfinisher, 46 Liberty al 
Fields Mrs. Susan, 258 s Charles 
Fields Thompson, sergt. police, 150 n Exeter"! 
Fields Virginia, 26 New Church 

H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltlmore-st. 


Dust and 










Fields Wm. T. carpenter, Fayette nr Bond 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, Eislein nr Fre- 
mont, dw 206 s Paca 
Fields Wm. M. sheet iron wk'r, 41 s Exeter 
Fields Wm. T. carp. 243 e Fayette 
Fierheilly Geo. shoemak. 187 s Bond 
Fierheller Godfrey, baker, 22 Thompson 
Fierst Adam L. ironworker, Eastern av nr 

Fifer Adam, sawyer, 4 Harmony la 
Fifer Archibald S. engineer, 282 n Eutaw 
Fifer Geo. F. machinist, John and Dolphin 
Fifer Godfrev, (Fifer & Wix) 357 Cathedral 
Fifer Jacob, 337 Cathedral 
Fifer John, machinist, 82 Dolphin 
Fifer & McNeil, (Wm. T. Fifer, Thos. McNeil) 

stone quarries, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Fifer Nicholas S. coach trimmer, 1 Hudson al 
Fifer Robt. S. engineer N. C. R., 157 Preston 
Fifer & Wix, (G. Fifer, H. A. Wix) coachma- 

kers, 50 German 
Fifer Wm. T. (Fifer & McNeil) 337 Cathedral 
Fifth German Reformed Church, Canton av nr 

Figel John, butcher, 383 Penna av 
Figgat Moncure T. salesman, 245 w Baltimore 
Fiber J. Knsigg, teacher, 256 s Broadway 
Fiker John, butcher, 383 Penna av 
Filbert Geo. jr. grocery, 210 Hanover 
Filbert Geo. shoemak. 388 n Gay 
Filbert Henry, clerk, 388 n Gay 
FILBERT M'ICHAEL, groceries and butter, 

384 n Gay 
Filbin Michael, lab'r, Hull nr R. R. 
Filbin Patrick' lab'r, 183 Vine 
Filchner Chas. lab'r, 390 Hanover 
Files Jos. keeper drawbridge, 137 s High 
Files Wm. H. painter, i4 Bennett 
Files Wm. shipcarp. 33 Cambridge 
Filhol Edmund, barkeeper, 67 w Fayette 
Filling Edward, boxmak. 5 Dawson al 
Filling Frederick, lab'r, 4 Dawson al 
Filling Henry, lab'r, 493 w Pratt 
Filling John, carter, 196 Cross 
Filling John, lab'r, 246 s Sharp 
Fillinger Jas. L. barkeeper, 39 s Paca 
Fillinger John C. confectioner, 606 w Pratt 
Fillinger John M. collector, 286 n Howard 
Fillinger Mrs. Mary M. 286 n Howard 
Fillinger Paul, bootmaker, 606 w Pratt 
Fillinger T. Matthew, 606 w Pratt 
Fillinger Wm. H. V. clerk, 287 n Howard 
Fillmore Geo. cooper, 38 Ridgely 
Filz John, cutter, 261 Mosher 
Finarran Mrs. Mary, liquors. Cathedral ext 
Finch Geo. J. bookbinder, Mosher nr Park av 
Finch Jas. cigarmaker, 122 n Bethel 
Finch John, bricklayer, 65 n Poppleton 
Finch Mary Ann, sboebinder, 101 Jefferson 
Finch Henry, shoemaker, 13 s Central av 
Finch Henry, tailor, 492 Canton av 
Fincknaur Wm. grocery, 85 n Paca 
Findlay Chas. clerk, 79 w Centre 
Find lay Henry D. A. 79 w Centre 
Findlay Jno. V. L.( Phelps & F.) 223 Linden av 
Findlay Wm. florist, 7 Baker 
Findling Wm. tailor, 78 Frederick av 
Findran John, shoemaker, 154 w Lombard 
Finegan Henry, driver, 173Hollins 
Fiuegan Jos. telegr'ph linesman, 159 Henrietta 
Fineing Patrick, lab'r, 26 Elizabeth la 
Fineritz Mrs. Johanna, 77 Richmond 

Finety Michael, lab'r, 356 s Charles 
Fingerno John, butcher, 905 w Pratt 
Fink Alfred J. carp. 204 n Fremont 
FINK, BROTHER & CO. (Joseph Fink, H. S. 
Fink, R. Woods) grocers and com. merchts. 
s w cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Fink Bernard, lab'r, 4 Fountain 
Fink Mrs. Catherine, 191 s Chapel 
Fink Chas. tailor, 25 e Lombard 
Fink Chas. H. shoemak. 64 n Washington 
Fink Chas. tailor, 55 n Chapel 
Fink Mrs. Clementine, dressmak. 56 Division 
Fink Fdward, lab'r, 300 s Dallas 
Fink Geo. shoemak. 245 s Dallas 
Fink Geo. lab'r, 192 s Castle 
Fink Geo turner, 154 Raborg 
Fink Geo. tailor, 18 Walker 
Fink Henry, printer, 265 e Madison 
Fink Henry, lab'r, 191 s Chapel 
Fink Henry, carp. 227 s Ann 
Fink Henry, lab'r, 96 s Wolfe 
Fink Henrv, carp. 298 n Central av 
Fink HenrV S. (Fink, Bro. & Co., and Fink, 

McSherr'y & Co.) 110 n Greene 
Fink Jacob jr. cigarmak. 245 s Dallas 
Fink Jacob, lab'r, 245 s Dallas 
Fink Joseph, barber, 265 e Madison 
Fink Jos. (F., McSherry & Co.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Jos. (Fink, Bro. & Co.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Julius, cigarmak. 87 Eastern av 
Fink Lewis, butcher, 739 w Lombard 
Fink, McSherry & Co. (J. Fink, J. A. Mc- 
Sherry, H. S. Fink, J. Harley) prop'rs mer- 
chants' sugar refinery, Buchanan's whf 
Fink Peter, (Paulus, F. k Co.) 244 n Caroline 
Fink Simon, shoemaker, 39 Barnes 
Fink W. J. druggist, 110 n Greene 
Fink Wm. tailor, 138 Penna av 
Fink Wm. lab'r, 182 s Chipel 
Fink Wm. L. shoemaker, 146 e Lombard 
Fink Wm. lab'r, 399 Canton av 
Fink Wilhehu, (Paulus, F. & Co.) 325 e Mon- 
Finke Fred, varnisher, 247 s Paca 
Finkeldey Henry J. currier, 145 Hamburg 
Finkeldey Henry C. currier, 217 e Madison 
Finknauer John, butcher, 905 w Prrtt 
Finlay Mrs James, 107 Cathedral 
Finlay John J. leather, 66 Harrison 
Finley Eliza J. grocer, 66 Harrison 
Finley Francis H. tobacco'st, 336 n Broadway 
Finley John F. broker, 240 Madison av 
Finley Mrs. Mary, 617 Belair av 
Finley Robert S'. (F. B. Loney & Co.) Eutavr 

Finley Thomas, shoemaker, 67 Granby 
Finley Thos jr. salesman, 67 Granby 
Finley Wm. tobacconist, 11 n Front 
Finn Mrs. CMiheriue, grocery, 131 s Exeter 
Finn Cornelius, foundryman, 191 s Chester 
Finn Daniel, laborer, 98 Goodman al 
Finn Mrs. Ellen, boarding, 174 s Central av 
Finn .leremiah, drayman, 6 Bank 
Finn John, laborer, 20 Addison 
Finn John, tailor and scourer, 65 Bank 
Finn Margaret, 465 Canton av 
Finn Michael, watchman, 131 s Exeter 
Finn Michael jr. clerk, 131 s Exeter 
Finn Michael laborer, 139 Peirce 
Finn Michael, laborer, 131 s Exeter 
Finn Patrick, laborer, 4G5 Cjinton av 
Finn Patrick, carter, 45 President 

WM. H. 

READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Agent for 

Offices, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling 




Finn Thomas, drayman, 6 Bank 
Finnall Wm. 48 Richmond 
Finnan Bernard, grocery, 104 n Calvert 
Finnan Bridaet, laundress, 120 Harford av 
Finnan Matthew, blacksmith, 31 Harford av 
Finnan Patrick, grocery, 31 Harford av 
Finnaran Mrs. Mary, liquors. Cathedral ext 
Finnegan Bernard, laborer, 24 Neighbor 
Finnegan James, coachrakr, rear 70 Harrison 
Finnegan James. laborer, 72 Buren 
Finnegan John, hackraan, 14 East 
Finnegan Jos. lineman, 90 Columbia 
Finnegan & Lynch, (0 Finnegan, M, Lynch) 

wheel wg'ts, blacksm's and coal. 88 Xorth 
Finnegan Lawrence, laborer, 156 ' hesnut 
Finnegan Lawrence, dry goods, 329 n Gay, 

dw 42 Valley 
Finnegan Mrs. Mary, 42 Valley 
Finnegan Michael, ca-penter, 22 Arbel al 
Finnegan Michael, drayman. 164 n Front 
Finnegan Owen, (F.ifc Lynch )4L Constitution 
Finnegar James, laborer, 195 Vine 
Finneman John, gilder, Baltimore and Chapel 
Finneren Martin, tavern, 39 Centre Market sp 
Finnerty Michael, laborer, 161 West 
Finnerty Thos. laborer. Federal nr Hudson al 
Fiunessee D ivid, laborer, 6 East 
Finney Robert, carpenter, 176 n Eden 
Fintling Wm. tailor, Frederick av nr Price al 
Finsteruald Henry, clothing. 65 L Church 
Fiorillo Otto, imp'r dye stuffs, 340 w Balti- 
more, dw Gen. Wavne hotel 
Fire Department: 

Relief No. 1, 16 n Paca 

Reliance No. 2, Barre near Sharp 

John S. Hogg No. 3, e Lombard nr High 

John Cushing No. 4, 26 North 

Victory No. 5, Ann bet Pratt and Gough 

Hope No. 6, intersection Gay and Ensor 

Baltimore No. 7, corner Eutaw and Druid 

Hill av 
Comet No. 8, Mulberry nr Oregon 
Hook and Ladder No. 1, Harrison nr Bal- 
Hook and Ladder No. 2, 18 n Paca 
Fire Inspectors Office, Chas T. Holloway, in- 
spector, over 44 Second 
MORE, n e cor South and Second, Henry P. 
Duhurst. pres't. — \^See />. 3 Advertiseme?its.'\ 
Firman Alb't, siIverplater,McHenry nr Monroe 
Firman Matthew, boilermaker, 161 Forrest 
Firmeu Wm. butcher, 227 e Chase 
Firustein Valentine, shoemaker, 194 n Eutaw 
Firor Uriah S. carpenter and builder, 144 

Peirce, dw 409 Lexington 
Firoved A. H. grocery, 55 s Schroeder 
Firoved B. 282 Franklin 
Firoved Benj. K. supt. 282 Franklin 
Firoved David, grocery, 140 n Fremont 
Firoved John, grocery, 53 s Schroeder 
Firschel Michael, shoemaker, 44 s Ann 
First Bajitist Church, n e cor Sharp & Lombard 
First I ongregational Church, Eutaw nr Hoff- 
First English Lutheran Church, Lexington nr 

First English Reformed Church, Aisquith nr 


Office, 26 Post Office Ave 


First Presbyterian Church, n w cor Park and 

First Reformed Church. Calvert nr Read 
First United Presbyterian Church, cor Madi- 
son av and Biddle 
Fischbach Fred'k, shoemaker, 186 William 
Fischbach Henry, laborer, 75 Grindall 
Fischer Abraham, salesman, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Abraham H. salesman, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Mrs. Adelaide, tailoress, 83 Grindall 
Fischer Andreas, whitewasher. 342 Canton av 
Fischer Andrew, laborer, 4 Winans' row 
Fischer Andrew, expressman, 129 s Paca 
Fischer Anthony, tinner, 62 n Ann 
Fischer Anthony, (F. & Rossmaessler) Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Fischer August, shoemaker, Gough and Ann 
Fischer Benj. expressman, 129 s Paca 
Fischer Mrs. Bertha, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer C. Frederick, grocery, 19 Rock 
Fischer Chas. blacksmith, 83 Henrietta 
Fischer Chas. lager beer, cor Calverton and 

Frederick rds 
Fischer Chas. tailor, 322 Franklin 
Fischer Chas. pianomaker, 304 s Sharp 
Fischer Chas. laborer, 70 Eastern av 
Fischer Chrislof, carpenter, 503 n Gay 
Fischer Conrad, packer, 74 Camden 
Fischer Conrad, clerk, s w cor Baltimore and 

and Washington 
Fischer Daniel, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fischer Edward, bricklayer, 129 s Paca 
Fischer Mrs. Elizabeth L. seamstress, 44 3 Cen- 
tral av 
Fischer Erhardt. laborer, 299 Aliceanna 
Fischer Francis M. stoves and tinware, 14 w w 
Lombard r- 

Fischer Fred'k, clerk, 5 New Church ,5 

Fischer Fred'k, carpenter. 184 Lee c3 

Fischer Fred'k. (Brockmeyer, Walz ^ Co.) 86 fj- 
Front n of Foundry O 

Fischer Fred'k, tin and sheet iron worker, 14 ^ 
w Lombard ^ 

Fischer Geo. baker, 171 e Lombard ^ 

Fischer Geo. shoemaker, 65 North 
Fischer Geo. grocery, 87 n Eden 
Fischer Geo. wagoner, 210 Preston 
Fischer Geo. F. baker, 145 Canton av 
Fischer Godfrey, tailor, 79 Bank 
Fischer Godfrey, tailor, 76 Granby 
Fischer Gotleib, butcher, 422 Penna av 
Fischer Gotleib H. butcher, 56 Belair and 46 
Hanover mkts, dw cor Eden and Lanvale 

I— " 





WM. H. READ'S Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds and Hoarseness, 
a Grand Remedy, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st- 





I— I 





• S 




Fischer Mrs. H. midwife, 135 Camden 
Fischer H. P. shoemaker, 13 Frederick av 
Fischer Henry, laborer, 134 Hamburg 
Fischer Henry, cabinetmaker, 17 e Lombard 
Fischer Henry, tailor, 509 w Baltimore 
Fischer Herman, expressman, 129 s Paca 
Fischer John, laborer, rear 205 s Bethel 
Fischer John, iiianomaker, 168 West 
Fischer John, pottery, 196 Eastern av 
Fischer John, wagoner, 269 s Bond 
Fischer John, engineer, 217 s Bethel 
Fischer John, shoemaker, 9 Comet 
Fischer Justus, junk, 266 s Bond, dw 139 s 

Fischer Justus, sausagemaker, 74 Camden 
Fischer Louis, wheelwright, 83 Henrietta 
FISCHER LOUIS C. attorney, 31 Lexington, 

dw 187 St. Paul 
Fischer Louis H. musician, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Ludwig, tailor, 269 s Bond 
Fischer Mrs. Margaret, 129 s Paca 
Fischer Mrs. Mary C. 147 Peirce 
Fischer Mrs. Mary, 166 Sarah Ann 
Fischer Michael, laborer, 416 Eastern av 
Fischer Peter, shoemaker, 274 Light 
Fischer Peter, laborer. 167 e Lombard 
0. Rossmaessler) German books and sta- 
tionery. 58 n Gay 
Fischer Wm. blacksmith, 25 York, dw 83 

Fischer Wm. sheetiron worker, 14 w Lombard 
Fischer Wm. clerk, 83 Henrietta 
Fischtner Geo. laborer, 5 s Chapel 
Fish Allen, mariner, 30 Milliman 
FISH k EARL (John Fish, Wm. Earl) props. 

St. Nicholas Hotel, 27 n HoUiday 
Fish Geo. W. claim agt. 94 s Eden 
Fish John (P. & Earl) St. Nicholas hotel 
Fish Mrs. Sarah, 30 Milliman 
Fishiick David, stonecutter, 221 George 
Fishack John, stonecutter, 221 George 
Fishback Rlrnest, cigars, 198 Cross 

FISHER A. & SON (G. W. Pisher) 
Grocers and depot for Fisher's 
Mince Meat, 39 Penna av 

Fisher Abraham clerk, 50 n Bond 
Fisher Ada, saleswoman, 188 Penna av 
Fisher Albert F. salesman, 92 n Gay 
Fisher Alfred J. (F. & Denison) New York 
Fisher Andreas, stonecutter, 121 Low 
Fisher Mrs. Ann E. 124 Greenmount av 
Fisher Mrs. Annabella, 119 w Monument 

D. Fisher, B. Wagner) shipping and com. 

merchts. over 25 s Gay 
Fisher Casper, laborer, s end Clinton 
FISHER CHARLES, stoves and tinware, 92 

n Gay 
Fisher Chas. shipcarpenter, 217 Light 
Fisher Chas. wagoner, 234 Barre 
Fisher Chas. D. (Barker & F.)Biddlenr Charles 
Fisher Chas. K. bricklayer, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher Chas. W. laborer, 6 E. Falls av 
Fisher Christ, farmer, e Madison nr city limits 
Fisher Christopher, gardener, cor Mine bank 

la and Monument 
Fisher Conrad, shoemaker, 259 Light 
Fisher Elizabeth, tavern, 200 Canton av 
Fisher Emanuel, dry goods, 105 n Eden 

Fisher & Denison (A. J. Fisher, T. H. Deni- 
son) booksellers and publishers, 64 w Bal- 

FISHER EMIL, Dyeing and Scour- 
ing, 1-39 w Fayette 

Fisher Ferd. F. carpenter. 379 Franklin 

Fisher Ferd. shoes, 258 s Charles 

Fisher Frank, stevedore, 213 s Bethel 

Fisher Fredk. tinner, 293 e Eager 

Fisher Fredk. baker. Baker ct and Cove al 

Fisher Fredk. taiior, 8 Chesnut al 

Fisher Fredk. tinner, 23 Constitution 

Fisher Fredk. porter, 34 Liberty ct 

Fisher Geo. lager beer, Pratt and Monroe 

Fisher Geo. bricklayer, 38 n Strieker 

Fisher Geo. cooper, 138 e Pratt 

Fisher George, barber, n w cor Lombard and 

Fisher Geo. tailor, 213 s Eutaw 
Fisher Geo. H. laborer, 213 Chesnut 
Fisher Geo. furn. wason, 210 Preston 
Fisher Geo. W. caulker, 40 Warren 
Fisher Geo. W. processer, 56 Aisquith 
Fisher Geo.W. (A.Fisher & Son) 39 Penna av 
Fisher Geo. W. carpenter and builder. Grant 

nr Baltimore, dw 55 Columbia 
Fisher Harry (Wm. Fisher ^ Sons) n e cor 

St. Paul and i-ager 
Eisher Henry, marb. dresser, 69 e Monument 
Fisher Henry, clerk, 58 n Bond 
Fisher Henry, butcher. Clinton nr Hudson 
Fisher Henry, tailor, 312 e Monument 
Fisher Isaac, huckster, 30 Orleans 
Fisher Isaac, clerk, 50 n Bond 
Fisher Isaac, laborer, 76 Payson 
Fisher Jas. B. mariner, 305 Light 
Fisher Jas. D. caulker, 4 Warren 
Fisher Jas. I. 32 Pleasant 
Fisher Jas. M. clerk, 11 Barnet 
Fisher .1. Harmanus (Wm. Fisher ^ Sons) Mt. 

Fisher John, laborer, 162 e Eager 
Fisher John, grocery, 140 S Howard 
Fisher John, bookbinder, 174 Peirce 
Fisher John, carter, 242 Cross 
Fisher John, confectionery, 140 s Howard 
Fisher John, tailor, 5 New Church 
Fisher John, tailor. Chase nr Dallas 
Fisher John, laborer, 196 Eastern av 
Fisher John, carpenter, 133 n Gay 
Fisher John A. shoemaker, 4 Comet 
Fisher John B. grocery, 329 Harford av 
Fisher John C. paperhanger, 200 George 
Fisher John H. huckster, 299 n Central av 
Fisher John M., Calhoun nr Rarasav 
Fisher John T. clerk, 33 n Eden 
Fisher John W. carpenter, rear 27 Lexington, 

dw 366 Lexington 
Fisher Jos. cooper, 97 Leadenhall 
Fisher Jos. laborer. Cathedral nr North av 
Fisher Jos. confectionery, 169 Hughes 
Fisher Jos. 301 Harford av 
Fisher Jos. P. driver. 80 n Ann 
Fisher Lewis, laborer, 262 s Bond 
Fisher Leonard, lab' r, Cathedral nr Northern av 
Fisher League, lab' r, Cathedral nr Northern av 
Fisher Louis, wheelwright, 154 Pine 
Fisher Louisa, confectionery, 18 e Baltimore 
Fisher Mrs. Mary, 119 w Monument 
Fisher Mrs. Mary, junk, 262 s Bond 

WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltimore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

Auctionesrs and Commission Merchants. 




Fisber Mrs. Martha, dressmkr, 225 n Bond 
Fisher Michael, driver, 33 n Durham 
Fisher Martin, raoulder. 363 e Eager 
Fisher Mary A. cakes, 13 Spring ct 
Fisher Matthew, lab'r, Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Fisher Nicholas, shoes, 445 Lexington 
Fisher Otto, hair dresser. 62 s Kutaw 
Fisher Parks, (W. Fisher & Sons) 257 St. Paul 
Fisher Richard D. (F , Bros. <fe Co.) ii w cor 

St. Paul and Pleasant 
Fisher Roh't A. (F., Bros. & Co.) 32 Pleasant 
Fisher Robert E. caulker, 148 Johnson 
Fisher Samuel, teamster, Frederick av nr toll 

Fisher Dr. Samuel B. 52 Saratoga 
Fisher Sarah, 234 Montgomery 
Fisher Sarah, hat trimmer. 161 e Monument 
Fisher Solon, contractor, 654 Lexington 
Fisher Thos. A. huckster, 347 Eastern av 


MINCE MEAT. Its Superiority 
Established. Principal Depot. No* 
39 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Fisher Walter A. F. clerk, 39 Penna av 
Fisher Warren, canrakr, 234 Barre 
Fisher Wm. A. n e cor Decker and Northern av 
Fisher Wm. H. huckster, 281 Eastern a.v 
Fisher Wm. L. mariner, 44 Montgomery 
Fisher Wm. G. cake baker, 18 e Baltimore 
FISHER WM. & SONS (J. H., E. and Parks 

Fisher, W. W. Remington) stock brokers, 

32 South 
Fisher Wm. grocery, n w corner Mosher and 

Penna av 
Fisher Wm. tailor, 90 n Caroline 
Fisher Wm. J. sailmkr, 42 Henrietta 
Fisher Wm. H. printer, 238 Park av 
Fisher Wm. H. tobacconist, n w cor Greene and 

Lexington. d\v 31 n Pine 
Fisher Wm. H. painter, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher Wm. L. salesman, 176 Druid Hill ay 
Fisher Wm. T. carpenter, 188 Penna av 
Fisher Wilton, tobacconist, 57 n Calvert, dw 

Pine nr Fayette 
Fisher Wilton, jr. clerk, 32 n Pine 
Fishlage Geo. iron ore mines, 130 s Fremont 
Fishpaugh Henry, farmer, 104 St. Mary 
Fishpaugh Rebecca A. huckstress, 104St.Marj'^ 
Fislein John, edge tool maker, 304 s Caroline, 

dw 302 
Fisk Azariah, saddler, n e cor Mount and Mc- 

Fiske Chas. F. clerk, II n Eutaw 
Fister Geo. carpenter, 430 Canton av 
Fitch Joseph, gasfitter, 29 Harrison 
Fitch Mrs. Mary L. 121 Saratoga 
Fitch Mrs. Mary A seamstress, 29 Harrison 
Fitch Wm F. patent building paper, 2 North, 

dw 80 n Carey 
Fitchett Dixon, shipcarp'r, 66 Battery av 
Fitchett John, tinner, 410 n Central av 
Fite Mrs. Catherine. 154 s Washington 
Fits Frfd'k, pianomkr, 257 s Sharp 
Fite George, tailor, 54 s Wolfe 
Fite Conrad R. real estate broker, s w corner 

Charles and Fayette, dw 86 n Charles 
Fiteman (Feichtman) S.housefuniishing g'ds, 

china, stoves and tinware, 80 n Eutaw 
Fitschen John, shoemkr, 10 Ramsay 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Fitser Mrs. Jennie, milliner, 172 McHenry 
Fitser Jonathan, carpenter, 172 McHenry 
Fitton .lohn, supt. cotton mill, 163 Harford av 

Fiis Mrs. , 37 Low 

Fitzberger Henry, locksmith and bellhanger. 

Park nr Clay, dw 1 16 Linden av 
Fitzberger Mary, flour, 72 Bank 
Fitzberger Martin, cooper, 72 Bank 
Fitzenberry Henry, laborer, 7 Winder al 
Fitzeuburger John, laborer, 36 Cross 

com. and ship'g merchants, 6 s Gay 
Fitzserald David, clerk, 17 s Regester 
FITZGERALD EDWIN, agent Va. and Tenn. 

Air Line Railway, 154 w Baltimore, dw 105 

n Charles 
Fitzgerald Frank, engineer, 490 Light 
Fitzgerald Geo. W. groceries, Harford av ext 
Fitzgerald Harry, shoecutter, 89 s Sharp 
Fitzgerald Henry, oyster packer, 219 Bank 
Fitzgerald Henry, laborer, 219 Bank 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, 184 Ramsay 
Fitzgerald James H. clerk, 50 Hill 
Fitzgerald .James J pictures, &c. 55 n Gay 
Fitzgerald Jeffrey, laborer, 7 Cuba 
Fitzgerald Jeremiah, mariner, 142 n Holliday 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 640 w Pratt 
Fitzgerald John, silver polisher, s e corner 

McMechin and Division 
Fitzgerald John, tavern, 67 Thames 
Fitzgerald Mrs. Kate, vestmkr, 142 n Holliday 
Fitzgerald Martin, tinner, 30 s Exeter 
Fitzoerald Michael, grocer, s e cor McMechin 

and Division 
Fitzgerald & Moale, (T. B. Fitzgerald, F. L. 

.Moale, ) gold, stocks, bonds and foreign ex- 
change, 23 South 
Fitzgerald Mrs. Bichard B. 190 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Stephen, carp. Pennsylvania house 
Fitzgerald Thomns, laborer, 129 Elliott 
Fitzgerald Thos. A. police, 97 u Fremont 
Fitzgerald Thos. B. (F. & Moale. 86 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Wra. H. bookkeeper, 59 Hollins 
FitZiierald Wm. F. engineer, 146 .Montgomery 
Fitzgerald W. B. clerk, 358 n Eutaw 
Fitzgibboiis Patrick, laborer, 12 Patuxent 
Filzhugh A. W. salesman, Howard house 
Fitzhugh Geo. carpenter, 142 s (Jaroline 
Fitzhugh Thos. painter, 44 Henrietta 
Fitzmorris Walter, laborer, 41 York 
Fitzpatrick Alice, dressmaker, 70 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 146 Front n 

of Foundry 









WM. H. READ'S Diarrhea Syrup for Dysentery and Summer Diseases, 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore. 

JOSHUA HORNER, jr. & CO., Manufrs & Com. Merch'ts. 










Fitzpatrick Bridget, grocery, 104 Dolphin 
Fitzpatrick Bridget, 8 HoUins 
Fitzpatrick Catherine, 202 Light 
Fitzpatrick Catherine, dressmkr,288 n Howard 
Fitz[)atrii;k Edwd, butcher, 325 Harford av 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Eliza, boarding 30 n Front 
Fitzpatrick Hugh, wagoner, 26 McKiin 
Fitzoatrick Hugh, porter, cor Exeter and Bal- 
FitKpatrick Hugh, wagoner, 58 e Baltimore 
Fitzpatrick Jam^s, laborer, 80 n Front 
Fitzpatrick James, 2 Ariuistead la 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 8 Holland 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 4 Wilcox 
Fitzpatrick Jas A. machinist, 118 n Broadway 
Fitzpatrick Jeremiah, laborer, 179 Vine 
Fitzpatrick John, stonecutter, 318 Forrest 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer. 2i)2 Lig'^t 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 8 Armistead la 
Fitzpatrick John, stonecutter, 27 w Lombard 
Fi'zpatrick John, laborer, 191 Vine 
Fitzpatrick John, bricklayer, 466 Light 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, clerk, 30 n Front 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Julia, 2 Armistead la 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Margaret, 59 North 
Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmaker, 70 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary, laundress, Curley nr 

tzpatrick Mr.s. Mary, 204 Lexington 
tzpatrick Mary E. tailoress, 430 e Monument 
tzpatrick Patr'k, boilermaker. 240 German 
tzpatrick Patrick, laborer, 3 e Monument 
tzpatrick Peter, liquors, 197 Cathedral 
tzpatrick Peter, huckster, 27 Chew 
tzpatrick Philip,laborer,Curley nrO'Donnell 
[tzpatrick Philip, laborer, 7 Grace's ct 
tzpatrick Rebecca, seamstress, 312 Light 
tzpatrick Thos. 58 n Republican 
tzpatrick Thos. tinner, 156 West 
tzpatrick Thos. wagoner, 110 s Howard 
tzpatrick Thos, H. bookk'r,58 n Republican 
tzpatrick Wm. laborer. 57 McElderry 
tzpatrick Wm. laborer, 116 York 
FITZPATRICK WM. P. agent Virginia ex- 
press Co. 37 Low 
tzpatrick Wm. 131 n Howard 
tzsimins k Eden, (James F., James Eden) 
saddletree makers, 125 s Front 
zsimins Ella, dressmaker, 110 n Calvert 
tzsimins James, (F. k Eden) 7 Plowman 
tzsimmons Christopher, laborer, 166 Lee 
tzsimmons Edwd. grocery, 20 n Oregon 
tzsimmons Hugh, hackman,823w Baltimore 
tzsimmons John, carpenter, 90 Pay son 
tzsimmons John D.marblecutter, 42 n Paca 
tzsimmons James, laborer, 160 L. Greene 
tzsimmons Richard, bootmaker, 1 27 n Front 
tzsimmons Thos. finisher, 34 s Schroeder 
X Chus. restaurant, 67 w Fayette, dw 183 w 
Fix Henry, laborer, McHenry nr Monroe 
Fizone Jacob F. coal and wood, 476 u Fre- 
mont, dw 472 Penna av 
Fizone Jacob, clerk, 472 Penna av 
Flack August, beer, 129 s Fremont 
Flack Barney, laborer, William nr Fort av 
Flack David H.(T.J.F.& Sons)168w Lombard 
Flack Geo. N. butcher, 80 Centre and 57 Lex- 
ington markets, dw Jenkins' lane nr Green- 
mount cemetery 
Flack Geo. W. (Lentz & F. ) 142 Mulberry 
Flack Geo. W. jr. clerk, 142 Mulberry 

FLACK, HALL & CO. (J. W. Flack, J. B- 

Hall) com. merch'ts, 5 Spear's whf 
Flack Henrv, butcher, 167 Stirling 
Flack H. H^ (T. J. F. k. Sons) Republican nr 

Flack Jacob, tinner, 207 s Eutaw 
Flack James W. (Flack, Hall k Co.) Repub- 
lican and Townsend 
Flack Joeph, boilermaker, 14 Leramon 
Flack Mrs. Martha A. 151 Lanvale 
FLACK THUS J. k SONS, (H. H. and D. H. 
Flack, John E. Morris) whols. liquors, 52 
Flack Thos. J. pres't Asso. Firemen's Ins. Co. 

4 South, dw lf)8 w Lombard 
Flackenschild John, laborer, 28 Bank 
Fladung Bernard, lager beer, 150 Low 
Fladung Conrad, shoemaker, 535 Canton av 
Flager Lewis, laborer, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Flagg Geo. W. engraver, 45 n Holliday dw 31 

s Eden 
Flagler F. W. dry goods, 64 n Charles, dw 55 

Flahart Chas. M. printer, 41 Greenmount av 
Flaharty Thos. watchman, 839 w Pratt 
Flaharty Wm. E. carpenter, 31 n Eden 
Flaherty Andrew J. police, 454 e Lombard 
Flaherty Barthol'w, laborer, 19 Armistead la 
Flaherty Bridget, 34 Preston 
Flaherty Bridget, 2 Armistead la 
Flaherty Edw'd, whf builder and sparmaker, 

24 s Ann 
Flaherty Edw'd F. magistrate, 25^! J s Broad- 
way, dw 30 Binney 
Flaherty Mrs. Eliz ibVth, 168 Bank 
Flaherty Francis, shipcarpenter, 30 Bennett 
Flaherty James, laborer, 335 Columbia 
Flaherty James, shipcarjienter, 157 s Eden 
Flaherty John, laborer, 55 Preston 
Flaherty John, grocery, 119 s Chester 
Flaherty John A. printer, 375 w Lombard 
Flaherty Martin, laborer, 346 Eastern av ' 
Flaherty Mathias, laborer, 136 Vine 
Flaherty Mrs. Mary E. tobacconist and sta- 
tionery, 102 s Broadway 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, 34 Preston 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, 98 Peach al 
Flaherty Michael, shipcarpenter, 259 Bank 
Flaherty Michael, carpenter, 10 s Chapel 
Flaherty Patrick H. painter, 102 s Broadway 
Flaherty Peter, laborer, 197 Ramsay 
Flaherty Peter, shipcarpenter, 117 s Chester 
Flaherty Stephen, shipcarpenter, 313 s Chester 
Flaherty Stephen, laborer, 323 Eastern av 
Flaherty Stephen, laborer, 133 s Chester 
Fbiherty Thos. 30 Bennett 
Flaherty Thos. shiiicarpenter, 197 s Chester 

s Howard 
Flaherty Wm. surveyor, 102 s Broadway 
Flaherty Wm.E. carpenter, rear 39 Lexington, 

dw 39 n Fden 
FLAMM GEORGE & CO. (Geo. Flamm, A. 
Oberiidorf ) oyster and fruit packers, n e 
cor Hughes and William 
Flamm G?o. H. cigarmaker, 32 Holland 
Flamm Geo. (Geo Flamm & Co.) !6 Hill 
Flamm Magdalena, confecfy, 88 Lexington 
Flamm Mrs. .Mag,dalena, grocery, 32 Holland 
FLAMM PETER, confectioner^ 88 Lexington 
Flamm Wm. baker, 44 e Fayette 
Flanigan James, drayman, 62 King 

WM. H. BEAD'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboratory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Offices, 54 S. G-ay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Flanigan Patrick, watchman, 241 Hamburg 
Flanuagan Mrs.Ella,trimm'gs, 41 Harmony la 
Flaunagan James, carpenter, 59 Columbia 
Flannagan John, enginer, 4 Mott 
Flannagau Johii, laborer 41 Harmony la 
Flannagan Patk, laborer, Hudson e of Potomac 
Flannagan .Mrs. R. 70 n Eden 
Flannagan Thos. laborer, 267 Forrest 
Flannary John, cellar digger, cor Wilson and 

Flanuery Frank J. plasterer, 148 Townsend 
Flannery Huuora, dressmaker, 290 Lexington 
Flannery James J. clerk, 167 Vine 
Flannery Julia, dressmaker, 290 Lexington 
Flannery Michael, laborer, 558 \v Lombard 
Flannery Michael, plasterer, 804 \v Baltimore 
Flannery Patrick, carter, 65 s Oregon 
Flannery Patrick, plasterer, 7 n Poppleton 
Flanuery Patrick, laborer, 372 Ostend 
Flannery Richard, laborer, 4 China 
Flanuigan Andrew, mariner, 31 McHenry 
Flannigan Bridget, laundress, 267 Forrest 
Flannigau Fredk, laborer, 18 Potomac 
Flannigan James, drayman, 52 King 
Flannigan Mrs. Nannie, 31 JIcHeury 
Flannigau Patrick, laboier, 111 Dover 
Flannigan Patrick, carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flannigan Wm. driver, 125 Albemarle 
Flant Joseph, carpenter, 162 Penna av 
Flashell John, moulder, 76 Lancaster 
Flasheil W. moulder, 107 s Bond 
Flashman Joiin, shoemaker, 3u9 n Central av 
Flaier Samuel, milkman, 544 Light 
Flaum Frederick, laborer, 134 West 
Flathmauii Henry, grocery, 50 Haw 
Flathmana Henry jr. shoemak. 50 Haw 
Flaunlacker Saml. clothier, 72 Centre Market 

sp. and 184 Cross, dw 27 Aisquith 
^Flaxcomb Chas. H. cigarmak. 8 n Schroeder 
Flaxcomb Wm. C engineer, 8 u Schroeder 
Fhi} hart Chas. M. prmter, 41 Greeumount av 
Flayharl Joshua, carp. 206 Forrest 
Flayhart .Mrs. Mary, 84 e Madison 
Flather John, painter, \\ averley, Vork rd 
Flather Jos. W. painter, Waverley, York rd 
Flatley Bernard, lab'r, 61 s Oregon 
Flatley Patrick, lab'r, 61 s Oregon 
Flatmau Geo. H. grocery, 50 Haw 
Flebult Chas. lab'r, e Monumeut ext 
Flech August, lab'r, 93 Elliot 
Fleck Mrs. Elizabeth, 225 s Dallas 
Fleck Jacob, tinner, 207 s Eutaw 
Fleckenscbildt Henry, lab'r, 34 Bank 
Fleckenstein Adam, cooper, 3u7 Canton av 
Fleckeusteiu August, cigarmkr. 167 e Lombard 
Fleckenstein John, tailor, 257 e Eager 
Fleckenstein Louis, lager beer, 69 n Gaj- 
Fleckenstein Peter, lab'r, 167 e Jjombard 
Fleckenstieu Andreas, lab'r, 74 s Wolfe 
Fleckeustieu John, lab'r, 106 s Durham 
Fleckeuschult H. lab'r, 61 President 
Fleckman Joseph, beer, 89 Camden 
Fleddi-rman Elizab. trimmings, 8rfJ Mulberry 
FLEDDERMAN HENRY G. merchant tailor, 

24 n Howard, and hats, 113 n Howard, dw 

156 Saratoga 
Fleehearty Amanda, seamstr's, 214 e Madison 
Fleehearty Hugh, officer at penitentiary, 214 

e Madison 
Fleeheirty Jane, teacher, 214 e Madison 
Fleehearty John T. clerk. Central av ur John 
Fleet -Mrs. Ann E. boarding, 42 n Calvert 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave 

Fleet Levin H. cabinetraak. 42 n Calvi.'rt 
Fleet Washington, gasfitter, 42 n Calvert 
Fleichell John F. painter, 275 s Paca 
Fleicher Heniy, tinner, 343 Franklin 
Fleidung Conrad, blacksmith, 535 Canton av 
Fleischell John F. painter, 40 Warner 
Fleischell John A. moulder, 288 e Lombard 
Fleischell W. moulder, 107 s Bond 
Fleischer Andrew, carp. Payson nr Lombard 
Fleischer Barbara, 24 Warner 
FLEISCHER E. & BRO. (E. and S. Fleischer) 

whols. furnish'g goods and notions, 283 w 

Fleischer Emanuel, (E. Fleischer & Bro.) 167 

Fleischer Fred'k, nightman, 556 w Pratt 
Flei.'^cher S. (E. Fleischer k Bro.) 35 n Exeter 
Fleischer Wm. C. baker, 125 n Front 
Fleischman Adam, tailor, 332 Raborg 
Fh ischman Andrew, boxmaker,.82 Leadenhall 
Fleischman Ferdinand, cutler. 211 w Fayette 
Fleischman Frcdk, shoecutler, 305 n Gay 
Fleischman Geo. shoemak. 92 s Regester 
Fleischman Geo. F. shoemak. 289 n Gay 
Fleischman John, shoemak. 285 s Dallas 
Fleischman Jno. mar'nr, 34 Aliceanna, Canton 
Fleischman John, tailor, 8 Anthony 
Fleischman Martin, lab'r, 34 Aliceanna, Canton 
Fleischman Mary, 35 s AVolfe 
Fleischman Michael, carp. 49 s Wolfe 
Fleischman Moses, butcher, 41 Fell's Point 

market, dw 110 s Wolfe 
Fleischman Philip, lab'r, 34 Aliceanna, Canton 
Fleischman Sebastian, shoemak. 305 n Gay 
Fleischman Wolfgang, lab'r, 33 s Wolfe 
Fleisheimer Benj. clerk, 91 Orleans 
Fleming Andrew, cattle driver, 53 s Monroe 
Fleming Andrew J. 53 s Monroe 
Fleming Edward, fruit packer, 142 n Charles 
Fleming Mrs. Elizabeth, 240 w Hoffman 
Flemins; Henry, (J. C. Mahoney & Co.) 142 n 

Fleming John, lab'r, 3 Brannan ct 
Fleming Robt. B. furn. goods, 89 n Eutaw, 

dw 137 w Madison 
Fleming Saml. B. plumber, 137 w Madison 
Fleming Wm. F. clerk, 2u7 e Pratt 
Fleming Wm. S. (Thompson, F. & Co.) Phila 
Flemm John, shoemak. Winan's disiillery 
Flemmiiig Chas. H. bookkeeper, 121 n Gay 
Flemming Mrs. Catherine, 40 Hillen 
Flemming Douglas, blacksmith, 1 Raborg 
Flemming Mrs. Elizabeth, 78 n Charles 






WM. H. READ'S Mineral Water Depot, 181 W. Baltlmore-st., Agent for 
the sale of Marble Soda Fountains. 

LAWRENCE D. DIETZ & CO. 308 W. Baltimore-st. 











Flemming Mrs. Elizabeth A. 78 n Charles 
Flemming Mrs. Emma, boarding, 54 s Sharp 
Flemming F. A. brewer, 13 Watson 
Flemming Harr}- K. clerk, 78 n Charles 
Flemming Henry, laborer, 18 Baker 
Flemming John, coachman, 5 Pleasant 
Flemming John, lab'r, 34 e Pratt 
Flemming Mrs. Margaret, tavern, 43 Centre 

Market sp 
Flemming Michael, laborer, 12 Stiles 
Flemming Thos. lab'r. 523 w Lombard 
Flemming Richard, mariner, 2 s Carey 
Flemming R. R., fancy goods and trimmings, 

89 n Eutaw, dw 137 w Madison 
Flemming Saml. bricklayer, 2 s Gist 
Flemming Wm. 32 n Front 
Flemming Wm. tavern. 24 w Lombard 
Flemming Wm. H. police, Broadway and Mon- 
Flentje Fred'k W. musical instrument maker, 

87 Ensor 
Fierlege John B. lab'r, 146 Stirling 
Flescher Julius, clerk, 145 Hill 
Flescher Nathan, second hand goods, 145 Hill 
Fletcher Mrs. Elizabeth R. 270 s Charles 
Fletcher Ferdinand G. mariner, 382 e Fayette 
Fletcher Harry D. 254 w Fayette 
Fletcher Helen S. school, 77 Cathedral, dw 137 

St. Paul 
Fletcher Mrs. Henrietta, 241 Light 
Fletcher Jas. huckster, 30 Oxford 
Fletcher Jas. sailmak. 241 Light 
Fletcher Jeremiah H. clothier, 140 w Pratt, 

dw cor John and Caroline 
Fletcher Jeremiah H. (F. & Mitchell) cor John 

and Caroline 
Fletcher John D. clerk, 270 s Charles 
Fletcher John, 6reman, 287 Cross 
Fletcher John, ropemaker, 448 Light 
Fletcher John T. ropemaker, 45 Gittings 
Fletcher Margaret, 343 Franklin 
Fletcher Mrs. Mary A. 145 n Bro idway 
Fletcher .Mrs. Mary J. millinery. j70 s Charles 
Fletcher & Mitchell, (J. H. Fletcher, F. A. 

Mitchell) mercht. tailors, 134 w Pratt 
Fletcher Philip, baker, 214 Montgomery 
Fletcher Saml. 254 w Fayette 
Fletcher Mrs. Sarah, 141 s Sharp 
Fletcher Thos. W. manager Md. Cigar Co. 

Fountain hotel 
Fletcher Mrs. Wm. bet. Harford av and Ais- 

quith, nr Point la 
Fletcher Wm. ropemaker, bet. Harford av and 

Aisquith nr Point la 
Fletcher Wm. laborer, 404 Harford av 
Fletcher Wm. T. carpenter, 382 e Fayette 
Fletcher Wm. G. gunsmith, lOO William 
Fleury Charles, wood moulder, 66 s Howard 
Fleury Fred, boxmaker, 390 Hanover 
Fleury Joseph, carved moulds, over cor Lom- 
bard and West Falls av, dw 66 s Howard 
Fleury Mrs. Julia .\. shoebinder, 220 German 
Fleury Sue V. teacher, 46 Conway 
Flick Bernard, vinegar maker, 59 President 
Flick Wm. N tobaconist, 492 w Baltimore,dw 

92 HoUins 
Flick John, laborer, 184 s Regester 
Flicker John, clerk, 38 Stirling 
Fligge August, brickmaker, 39 s Monroe 
Flinch Kate, hoopskirt maker, 82 St. Peter 
Flinder Chas. E. barkeeper, 49 Ensor 
Flinge August, brushmaker, 39 s Monroe 


Flingsbach Henry, tailor, 222 s Bond 
Flink Jacob, 246 Hanover 
Flinn Morris, laborer, 125 Dover 
Flinn Thos. laborer, 169 s Central av 
Flinspach Ferd. W. agent hides, leather. &c,, 

122 Light, dw 77 e Fayette 
Flint Jas. machinist. 178 e Monument 
Flint Wm. machinist, 94 n Front 
Flint Wm. bookkeeper, 136 Cathedral 
Flintze Fred. W. music, 87 Ensor 
Flister Sidney, butcher, 126 Jackson sq av 
Flodt Fred'k, hair goods, 183 n Eutaw 
Flohr Henry, blacksmith, 738 Penna av 
Flohr Maurice, tinner, 224 s Ann 
Flood James, laborer, 639 Light 
Flood Mary Ann, 190 George 
Flood S. S. tinner, 59 Pearl, dw 190 George 
Flor Fred'k, laborer, 183 s Wolfe 
Fiorcke John, cooper, 11 Somerset 
Floring Philip, tailor, 40 Milliman 
Flory Chas. porter, 48 Carlton 
Flory Chas. cooper, 48 Carlton 
Flory Geo. milkman, O'Donnell nr Clinton 
Flory Michael, milkman, O'Donnell nr Clinton 
Floss S. William. Howard house 

Keys, manager, 49 n Charles 
Flour Inspector's Office. 274 w Pratt 
Flovd Mrs. Ann, 145 Park 
Floyd, BruflF & Co. (Jas. G. Floyd, John W. 

BrufF) grocers. Charles nr Lombard 
Floyd Chas. T. carpenter, 127 Linden av 
Floyd Clement, shipcarpenter, 40 Cross 
Floyd Frederick, clerk, 145 Park 
Flovd Geo. M. boilermkr. Columbia and Scott 
Floyd Jas. G.{F , BrufiF& Co.)283 Madison av 
Floyd Jas. F. runner Merchants' Nat. Bank, 

54 Saratoga 
Floyd James H. laborer, 30 Hill 
Floyd Jos. L blacksmith, 118 Battery av 
Floyd Marion, boilermkr. Scott and Columbia 
Floyd Wm. printer, Lanvale and Division 
Floyd Wm. S. sale-man, 145 Park 
Floyd Wm. T. police, 227 Light 
Fluck Chas. laborer, 235 Frederick av 
Fluegel Sylvester, nightman, 184 s Caroline 
Fluharty.'Hamill & Gwynn, (Wm. R. Flu- 

harty, R. W. Haraill, H. Gwynn) Druid oil 

works. Canton, office over s w cor Lombard 

and South 
Fluharty Jas. foreman, 250 Lanvale 
Fluharty Thos. J. sect'y Tyson Mining Co. 

250 Lanvale. 
Fluharty Wm. R. (F., Hamill & Gwynn) 248 

Flusky John B. rigger and tavern, 41 w Lomb'd 
Flutermuth Henry, laborer, over 72 Centre 

Market sp 
Flynn Bernard, laborer, 95 Conway 
Flynn Bernard, clerk, 165 n Exeter 
Flynn Mrs. Bridget, 16 Fish Market sp 
Flynn Chas. stonecutter, 454 Canton av 
Flynn Daniel, hackman, 114 Aisquith 
Flynn David, stonemason, 46 Tyson 
FLYNX <|- EMRICH, (J. Flynn, J. P. Emrich) 

machinists, cor Saratoga and Holliday 
Flynn Mrs. Ellen, 95 Conway 
Flynn Mrs. Ellen, grocery, io3 n Front 
Flynn James, helper, 9 Cotton row 
Flynn James, laborer. 23 Carlton 
Flynn James, laborer, 95 Conway 
Flynn James, laborer, 41 President 

H. READ Manufactures the Grand Duchess Cologne, best in the 
world, and very cheap, 181 W. Baltimore-st. 

Anctioneers and Commission Merchants. 




Flynn Jas. (F. &Emrich) 178 e Monument 

Flynn James, laborer, 1 Jenkins al 

Flynn John, drayman, cor East and Front 

Flynn John A. printer. 164 w Baltimore 

Flynn Jolin, capper, 148 s (^astle 

Flynn John, latDorer, 26 Hamburo; 

Flynn John, laborer, 91 Cambridge, Canton 

Flynn John W. tinner, 148 s Castle 

Flynn John A. tinner, 190 Conway 

Flynn John M. machinist. 190 Conway 

Fhnn John, driver, 103 n Front 

Flynn Kate, 218 Chesnut al 

Flynn Lawrence, boilrmkr. 159 s Washington 

Flyan .Mary E. dressmaker, 1 Jenkins al 

Flynn Mrs. Mary, grocery, 51 Elliott 

Flynn Matthew,' laborer, 51 Elliott 

Flynn Michael, laborer, 69 s Chapel 

Flynn Michael, conductor, 8 n Oregon 

Flynn Michael, laborer, 186 Gough 

Flynn Patrick, porter, 147 Albemarle 

Flynn Patrick, grocery, 84 n Holliday 

Flynn Thos. J. driver, 3 Spring ct 

Flynn Thos. J barkeeper. 3 Spring ct 

Flynn Thos. laborer, 26 Hamburg 

Flynn Thos. laborer, 129 Battery av 

Flynn Wra. laborer, 143 Albemarle 

Flynn Wm. puddler, Cooksie nr Beason 

Foard Addison K. sec. Md. Life Ins. Co. dw 

149 w Biddle 
Foard Dr. Andrew J. oflBce 176 e Pratt 
Foard &Bro. (J. W. and O.S.Foard) pro- 
visions, 244 e .Ma'iison 
Foard Clarence L. printer. 176 Aisquith 
Foard Henry, caulker, l31 William 
Foard James H. carter, 171 s Paca 
Foard Mrs. Jane. 176 Aisquith 
Foard John W. (F. & Bro.) 244 e Madison 
FOARD JOSEPH 0. & CO.(J.O. Foard)sbip- 

ping and com. merchts. 16 Bbwlv's wiif 
Foard Joseph 0. (Jos. 0. Foard & Co.) 308 

Madison av 
Foard .Mrs. K, 308 Madison av 
Foard Llovd, caulker, 131 William 
Foard Mrs. Mary E. 171 s Paca 
Foard X. E. editor Sun Office, 176 Aisquith 
Foard Oliver S. (F. &Bro.) 244 e Madison 
Foard Thos. F. caulker, 131 William 
Foard Wra. G. 308 Madison av 
Foble Henry, ornamental plasterer, 374 w 

Foble Henry, jr. tobacconist, 374 w Lombard 
Focke Christopher, laborer. 12 Union 
Focke Conrad, tailor, 110 s Durham 
FOCKE EDWARD L. trimmings and furn. 

goods. 284 w Baltimore, dw 322 Mvrtle av 
Focke Harry S. clerk, 322 Myrtle av 
Focke Joseph, tailor, 30 Barnes 
Focke Wm. F. clerk, 50 s Broadway 
Foerster J. Gotleib, painter, 33 Albemarle 
Foerster John, grocer, 25 EUicott 
Foerster Paul, tailor, 11 Harrison 
Foerster Wm. jiainter, 66 Ridgely 
Fogarty Nicholas, laborer, 13 Sterrett 
Fogaus Eugenio, fruit stand, cor Gay and 

Baltimore, dw 63 President 
Fogel August, laborer. 23 Gough 
Fogel Francis, blacksmitli, Hammerbacb ct nr 

Fogel Geo. shoemaker, 235 s Eutaw 
Fogel Nicholas, musician, 204 .\liceanna 
Fogelson Philip, police, 96 Johnson 
Foger Jno. G. conductor, 272 s Ann 

Office, 26 Post Office Ave. 

Fogerty Mrs. Honora, grocery, 14 Addison 

Fogerty James, laborer, 14 Addison 

Fogerty John, 13 Sterret 

Fogerty Michael, laborer, 13 Sterrett 

Fogerty Nicholas, porter, 13 Sterrett 

Fogerty Patrick, porter, 27 Ringgold al 

Fogle Frederick, brickmaker, 14 Fountain 

Fogle Henry H. bookkeeper. Maltby house 

Fogle John H. painter, 94 MuUikin 

Fogler Mrs. Mary, 235 s Bond 

Fogler Mrs. Martha E. seamstress, 38 Ramsay 

Fogler Nicholas, , tailor, 23 n Dallas 

Fogler Solomon T, clerk, 100 Columbia 

Fogler Solomon, carpenter. 100 Columbia 

Fogieson Fred. Chas. butcher, Point la near 

Greenmount cemetery 

Fogt laborer, 336 s Sharp 

Fohnar Henry, baker and confectionery, 296 

Peuna av 
Fohner Francis, wheelwright, 172 n Central av 
Fohr John, glazier, 272 Canton av 
Fohr Peter, laborer, 272 Canton av 
Fold Valentine B. barber, 8 n Wolfe 
Foige Adolph, shoe store, 64 n Ga,j 
Foit Franz, laborer, 22 Barnes 
Fo'ey Mrs. Ann, rear 183 Bank 
Foley Catherine, chambermaid, Three Tuns 

Folev Charles, laborer. Curlev n of O'Donnell 
Folev Dan'l J. (D. J. Foley,' Bro. & Co.) 72 

St'. Paul 
FOLEY D. J. BRO. cf- CO. (D. J. Folev, M. 

J. Foley, J. W. Hunter, J. J. Rocheford, ) 

wholes, grocers and com. merchts. 50 South 
Foley David R. moulder, 310 Light 
Foley Elizabeth, chambermaid, ThreeTuns hotel 
Foley Francis R. clerk, 21 Valley 
Foley Rev. John, cor Fulton and Fayette 
Foley Mrs. Maria, 21 Valley 
Folev Martin, machinist, 295 McHenry 
Foley Matthew J. (D. J. Foley, Bro. S^ Co.) 

81 w Centre 
Foley Mrs. Matthew, 43 Mulberry 
Foley Michael, wholesale liquors, 140 Franklin 
Folev Michael, porter, 61 Buren 
Foley M. F. clerk. 216 Chesnut 
Foley Michael, laborer, 135 Chesapeake 
Foley Patrick, jiorter, 216 Chesnut 
Foley Presley G. clerk, 546 Lexington 
Foley Richard F. 666 Lexington 
Foley Thomas, laborer, Ramsay nr Calhoun 
Folger Edward F. president Md. Steamboat 

Co. 98 Light, dw IS Jackson sq av 

H " 








-4— ' 








WM. H. READ'S Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder, almost infallible. 
Laboi'atory 181 W. Baltimore-st. 


Dust and 





r— I 



r— I 








Folk Jacob, cabinetmaker, 83 s Chapel 
Polk John, shoemaker, 224 s Bethel 
Folk Charles, cabt. maker, 14 Durst al 
Folks Augustus N. clerk, 164 Forrest 
Folks George F. carpenter, over 15 n Sharp, 

d\v York road, nr 1st toll gate 
Folks John E. carpenter, Waverle3',York rd 
Folke Wm. blacksmith, 218 s Durham 
Folks George F. jr. bookkeeper, York rd nr 

1st toll gate 
Folks Robt. F. carpenter, 208 Hanover 
Foil Frank, laborer, 209 Battery- av 
Foil Henry, rigger, 163 s Ann 
Foil John, brickmaker, 209 Battery av 
Foil Nicholas, sawyer, 209 Battery av 
Follansbee Joseph V. clerk, Calverton hotel 
FoUer John, beer and l>arber, 74 Frederick av 
Foller Paul, laborer, Cemetery la n of Fred- 
erick road 
Foiling Wm. H. laborer, 205 s Castle 
Follis Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 123 e Eager 
Foil mars Casper, laborer, 232 s Dallas 
Follmars Louis, baker, 297 n Central av 
Follmer Henry, baker, 300 Penna av 
Follmer John, porter, 49 Forrest 
Follmer Jno F. laborer, 281 Aliceanna 
Follrath John, shoemaker, 227 Aliceanna 
Folsom Frank, milhvright, 124e Eager 
Foltes Robert F. carpenter, 208 Hanover 
Foltz Henry, drayman, 43 Marion 
Foltz Jacob 0. clerk, 47 Marion 
Foltz Wm. R. ironmoulder, 47 Marion 
Fomme Christn, tailor, 177 e Lombard 
Fonbery Theresa, 77 Eastern av 
Fonce Geo. W. brickmaker, 10 Wyeth 
Fonce Jacob, fisherman, 2 Russell 
Fonce Mrs. Mary, 181 Columbia 
Fonder Richard, painter, s e cor Gay and Har- 
rison, dw 115 n Caroline 
Fondermost Arnold, tobarnst, 86 s Central av 
Fonerden Clarence A. 144 Hanover 
Fonerden Mrs. Jessie, 50 Courtland 
Fonerden John, jr. clerk, 50 Courtland 
Foiiraden Louis, mariner, 82 s Wolfe 
Fontaine John L. merchant tailor, 215 w 

Pratt, dw 25 s Broadway 
Fonts He'iry J. carter, 15 Brown la 
Fontz Jacob, 8 Barney 
Fontz Nicholas, laborer, 704 Light 
Fooks Ebentzer H. barrels, 173 e Baltimore 
Fooks Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 Warren 
Fooks F. E. apothecary, 173 e Baltimore 
Fooks John, plasterer, 250 e Eager 
Fooks Jonathan J. clerk, 15 McElderry 
Fooks Capt. Levin S. mariner, 24 Warren 
Fooks Capt. S. J. mariner, 24 Warren 
Foos Bertha, hoopskirtmaker, 12 Callender al 
Foos Caroline, 48 n Exeter 
Foos Charles, plasterer, 8 s Oregon 
Foos Christian, tinner, 12 Callender al 
Foos Cordelia, seam.stress, 230 n Eden 
Foos Edw'd A. bricklayer, 143 s Bond 
Foos Mrs. Fanny, 48 n Exeter 
Foos Geo. W. police, 159 e Fayette ' 
Foos Helen, 48 n Exeter 
Foos James, bricklayer, 99 n Caroline 
Foos James, 272 Driiid Hill av 
Foos John, laborer, 302 Mulberry 
Foos John C. jr. tinner, 415 Lexington 
Foos John C. sr. tinner, 77 n Oregon 
Fobs John S. bricklayer, 197 e Baltimore 
Foos Joseph, laborer, 109 e Lombard 

Foos Louisa, saleswoman, Eden nr Madison 

Foos Mrs. Mary Ann, 193 n Caroline 

Foos Matilda, saleswoman. Gist nr Lombard 

Foos Susan, seamstress, 230 n Eden 

Foos Thos. bricklayer, 353 e Monument 

Foos Wm. finisher,' 12 Callendar al 

Foos Wm. A bricklayer, 353 e Monument 

Foos Wm. C. painter, 269 e Monument 

Foose Chas. plasterer, 8 s Oregon 

Foose Edward A. bricklayer, 143 s Bond 

Foose John, tinner, 399 Franklin 

Foose Thomas B. bricklayer, 269 Druid Hill av 

Foote A. L. engineer, 93 s Eden 

Foote Elizabeth, 352 e Chase 

Foote Geo. L. tinner, 320 s Sharp 

Foote Geo. L. laborer, 320 s Sharp 

Foote Geo. A fireman, 93 s Eden 

Foote John P. pilot, 11 n Bond 

Foots John, laborer, 36 Fell 

Fopless Jas. R. clerk, 304 Greenmount av 

Fopless Jas.S.scrollsawyer, 153 Greenmountav 

Fopless John, watchmaker, 118 n High, dw 107 

Greenmount av 
Foran John, hackman, 5 s Caroline 
Forbes Alex, carpenter, 148 s Chester 
Forbes Mrs. Fanny, 574 Lexington 
Forbes Gordon, boarding, 97 St Paul 
FORBES & GARWOOD, (M. L. Forbes, C. 
Garwood) real estate agents, over 87 Second 
Forbes I. T. (Langley & F.) 96 McCulIoh 
Forbes Jas. J. tobacconist, 681 w Baltimore, 

dw 334 w Lombard 
Forbes Jas. S. builder, s w cor. Eutaw and 

Hoffman, dw 328 n Eutaw 
Forbes J. Harris, teller, Bank of Commerce, 
sec'y Baltimore Stove, Range and Hollow- 
ware Co., Bank of Baltimore building 
Forbes Mathias L. grocery, Baltimore and 

Strieker, dw 20 s Strieker 
Forbes Rev. Mathias L. (F. & Garwood) 20 s 

Forbes S. H. agent Continental Life Ins. Co. 

42 Postoifice av, dw 96 .McCulloh 
Forbes Capt. Wm. H. mariner, 121 s Ann 
Force Moses, clerk, 506 Lexington 
Force N. N. 506 Lexington 
Ford Mrs. Alice R. teacher, 120 s Broadway 
Ford Mrs. A., Belair av, opp Balto. cemetery 
FORD MRS. A. T. tea, cottee, &c., 71 Hanover, 

dw Merchant's hotel 
Ford Anthony, laborer, 286 n Dentral av 
Ford B. S. prest. Chester River Steamboat Co. 

pier 7 Light st. whf. dw Queen .Anne co 
Ford Bros. (Chas. J. and John Ford) Merch- 
ant's hotel 
Ford Catherine, 217 s Paca 
Ford Chas. huckster, 116 Stirling 
Ford Chas. J. (Ford Bros.) Merchant's hotel 
Ford Chas, S. clerk, 71 Hanover 
Ford Chas. E. engineer, 100 Battery av 
Ford Chas. T. watchman, 212 Conway 
Ford David, laborer, Hudson al nr Federal 
P'ord Edward, lettercarrier, 29 L. Church 
Ford Mrs P^liza H., Cumberland nr Penna av 
Ford Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 326 Light 
Ford F. P. salesman, 68 Lexington 
Ford Geo T. 101 s Ann 
Ford Geo. B. clerk, 125 e Monument 
Ford Gustavus M. despatcher B. k 0. R. R., 

Camden Station, dw 554 w Baltimore 
Ford Mrs. Helen M. 19 Lexington 
Ford Henry J. clerk, 45 Pearl 

WM. H. READ, Syrup of Liverwort for Coughs, Colds & Hoarseness, 
A Grand Remedy, 181 Baltimore-st. 

OiSces, 54 S. Gay and cor. Chew & Stirling. 




Ford Henry, engineer. 57 Granbj^ 
Ford Henr}' W. bricklayer, Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 
Ford Hear.v, rigger, 269 Walsh 
Ford Henry, clerk, 45 Pearl 
Ford James, huckster, 17 Diamond 
Ford James B. 311 Peuna av 
Ford James, sergt. jiolice, 14 Poultney 
Ford James A. oysters, IJ Richmond market, 

dw 278 n Eutaw 
Ford James R. treas. Holliday st. Theatre, dw 

286 Lexington 
Ford Mrs. Joanna, 36 Bennett 
Ford John D. engineer, D. S. N. 97 Aisquith 
Ford John, cigarmaker, Harford av nr Point la 
Ford John, blacksmith, 38 Marion 
Ford John, laborer, 15 Fish Market sp 
Ford John L. conductor, Cumberland near 

Penna av 
Ford John F. expressman, 66 e Lombard 
Ford John N. tinner, 145 Orleans 
Ford John T. laborer, 80 Stirling 
Ford John T. propr'r Holliday-st Theatre, dw 

cor Gilmor and Liberty rd 
Ford John P L. clerk, 71 Hanover 
Ford John, (Ford Bros.) Merchant's hotel 
Ford Joseph Y. tailor, Fayette nr Gay 
Ford Joseph Y. clerk, 7 Holland 
Ford Martin, engineer, 36 Bennett 
Ford Mary, 50 O'Donnell 
Ford Mrs. Mary, I Columbia 
Ford Michael J. harnessmaker, 55 n Front 
Ford Nicholas S. carj). Maryland house 
Ford Robert R. clerk, 45 Pearl 
Ford Roger, drayman, 2 n Poppleton 
Ford Samuel C. shoemaker, 145 Orleans 
Ford Mrs. Sarah, 145 Orleans 
Ford Thos. clerk, 19 Lexington 
Ford Thos. H. clerk, 19 Lexington 
Ford Thos. T. wheelwright, Starr hotel 
Ford Thos. F. mariner, 244 Li^-ht 
Ford Thos. N. tinner, 144 s Bond 
Ford Thos. laborer, 204 w Madison 
Ford Thos. C. books and stationery, 199 n 

Gay, dw 125 e Monument 
Ford Thos. G. police, 293 s Durham 
Ford Wm. E. lettercarrier, 29 L. Church 
Ford Wm. G. bricklayer, Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 
Ford Wm. H. tailor, 23 n Howard, dw 154 w 

Foreman Chas. R. (F. & Schaubb) carpenter, 

82 1 w Baltimore 
Foreman Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 n Eden 
Foreman Mrs. Elizabeth, 38 Laijrel 
Foren;an Evan M. clerk, 9 Holland 
Foreman Francis, carpenter, 431 e Lombard 
Foreman Geo. A. 580 Penna av 
Foreman Henry, livery stable, 1 n Strieker, 

dw 874 w Baltimore 
Foreman Jas. H. of f